Young Wallander (2020–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Episode 6 - full transcript

Kurt, Rask and Hemberg try to connect their new suspect to a shipment of plastic explosive - and determine where and when the bomb will go off.

Karl-Axel was capable of torture
at age 14.

- The Muncks must've known about it.
- They did. They had Von Rosen sign an NDA.

So, Gustav was suspended

- for something his brother did.
- Mm-hm.

And Karl-Axel was home-tutored
from then on.

Von Rosen won't have been the first.

You don't take a kid out of school
altogether for one incident.

Mm. So Karl-Axel's too dangerous
to leave around the other kids,

but instead of getting him help,
they keep him in the Munck bubble.

Leopold decided.

I believe Camilla left him

because she thought fideikommiss
was too much pressure for a kid.

Particularly one
with psychopathic tendencies.

Leopold Munck refused to break tradition
back then. What changed his mind?

Karl-Axel's behavior must have continued,
escalated even.

Like murdering Isak's dog
as a trial run for Rosengaard.

Yeah, but... that would have been
over a period of years.

- Why now?
- He-He found out he's dying.

- Leopold?
- Yeah.

That will focus the mind.

Okay. So, Karl-Axel finds out

that Daddy's changed the law
leaving everything to the brother.

So he puts a hand grenade
in someone's mouth.

How does that work?

It's him.

We still have to do
a small thing like prove it, Kurt.

I'm telling you. It's him.

Find me something concrete
I can take to the prosecutor.

Go after Karl-Axel.

Don't get too close, or their security
will make you in a second.

And if that happens, Karl-Axel's gone,
and we're directing traffic

the rest of our days.

Hemberg out.

This is a waste of time.

Wherever Karl-Axel goes
he has his special ops guys with him,

and I can't get near enough
to learn anything.

Patience, Mr. Wallander.

Surveillance is how
we anticipate his next move.

- Well...
- Any better ideas?

No. Keep at it.

No. Okay.

I have two sons.

The oldest is about to give...

and the youngest, he has shown character
I didn't know he had...

- two sons...
- He's dying.

I am immensely proud.
Ladies and gentlemen, my sons.


Wait here.

Excuse me, sir,
this policeman is asking to see you.

He's busy,
but you're welcome to wait.

I will.

Now he's ready to see you.

Thank you for seeing me, sir.

I really wanted to come
and apologize in person...

for what happened at the party.

You were there with Mona.

That's right.

Smart cookie, that girl.

And she spoke highly of you.

That buys you a few minutes.

In my concern that Gustav

wasn't taking this death threat
seriously enough,

I may have forgotten I was off-duty.

I will consider your apology...

if you tell me what you think

our ex-special operations
security people are missing.

What do you know
about the danger to my son?

Are they aware you're changing
the inheritance into Gustav's name?

That is family business.

Well, if I have found out,
others will too.

And if Gustav has enemies,
it could be provocative.

What would you suggest, detective?

Get ahead of the story.

Give a reason why you've chosen
one son over the other.

- Why did you?
- Wallander, isn't it?

- Mm-hm.
- Sit.

- What does your father do?
- Uh...

- He's a painter, sir.
- Ah.

So what happened to you?

He's asking the same question.


One of the hardest things
about being a parent...

is trying not to impose
your own will on to your children.

Is that why you took the fideikommiss
away from Karl-Axel?

Can't imagine what the pressure
of growing up as the Munck heir

- might do to someone.
- This has nothing to do with Karl-Axel.

- No?
- No.

He understands that I am rewarding Gustav
for his work at the foundation.

He built it up from nothing
and showed great leadership.

- You think the public will buy that?
- Why wouldn't they?

I didn't know fideikommiss
was based on merit.

It is when I say it is.

Thank you for seeing me, sir.

Kurt Wallander.

Yeah, yeah, I know him.

Gothenburg! I'd be happy to.

I see, yeah. No, no, he's...

He's cleared.

He has absolutely nothing to do with it.

Morning, Wilma.


Oh, yeah. Thanks.

Who's he with?


Is that normal?

Not unless somebody seriously cocked up.


I went to see Leopold Munck.

Oh, Kurt.
Hemberg gave you orders for a reason.

Detective Wallander, get in here!


Both of you!


I went there completely of my own accord.

- Superintendent Hemberg had no idea...
- If you think that reflects well on him,

it doesn't. Do you have the first idea

of how much money the Muncks have invested
into outreach projects?

And the size of the hole it would leave
were we to lose it?

Youth centers close, kids on the street,

crime goes up, elections are lost.

Do you get where I'm coming from?

Yes, sir.

Have the Muncks
threatened to pull the funding?

Leopold suggested
I question my priorities.

- A-After I spoke to him?
- That's correct.

He knows we're closing in.
He's spooked and trying to bury the case.

- Kurt.
- Closing in on what?

The idea that Karl-Axel Munck is involved?


Even if Karl-Axel
is losing an inheritance,

he's still richer than Croesus.

This isn't about money.

It's about who he is,

who he's been since the day he was born,
and to have that ripped away.

So he sticks a grenade in someone's mouth?

No, of course he gets someone else
to do it for him.

That's what these people do.

So how does murdering Hugo Lundgren
persuade his father to stick with him?

- It doesn't.
- Well, I'm glad we've cleared that up.

Not on its own.

He also uses the Nazis to reveal
that Gustav's hiding illegal immigrants.

And sends a fake death threat.

All of it to show the board
that Gustav is bad publicity.

Look at Gustav's interview
after the Rosengaard murder.

He pissed off half the country,

and the Muncks saw their stocks
drop in the market because of that.

With all due respect, sir,

the board of directors
over at Munck Corporation

are conservative, to put it politely.

If you were to make the case
that Gustav was untenable as a CEO,

then this wouldn't be
a bad way to go about that.

To second-guess Gustav's reaction,
it has to be someone close to him.

When you're about to tell the prosecutor

you're gonna take the Munck family
to court...

give me a call.

I don't wanna miss that.



Tommy, if the kid's right,
Karl-Axel has to act now.

Once the inheritance is ratified,
he's done.

The bomb's still out there, Tommy.

That's on your head.

You got nothing, Joe.

He's right.

We're all icing and no cake.

Don't you start.

Karl-Axel must be a match
for the DNA in the van.

Why would he even set foot in the van?

He might have prepped Hugo,
painted the flag,

handled the grenade, touched Zemar.
It's one mistake.

Either way, it doesn't matter.

We can't arrest him without his DNA.
Can't get his DNA without arresting him.

Why would Leopold go after this
if he didn't have something to hide?

- Because Kurt pissed him off.
- Yeah.

Remind me to fire you when this is over.

Yes, sir.

But, seeing as
you've started the ball rolling...

Let's go.


Get some Munck DNA.


Karl-Axel can't know that we know, okay?

I mean it. Only chance we've got
to pressure him is getting a DNA match,

but this isn't exactly by the book.

Coffee cup, water glass,
anything with his saliva on it.

Got it.

Hemberg... there's something
I've been meaning to say to you.

Yeah, you appreciate
everything I've done for you,

sharing the benefit of my wisdom...

Believing in this crackpot Munck theory
of yours is gonna get me fired.

I get it.

I fucking hate opera music.

I look forward to seeing...

Come in.

Thank you for seeing us.
I know your time is precious.

- Yours too, Superintendent.
- I think you have met Mr. Wallander.

Sorry about the party.

I'm sure you thought
you were doing your job.

Which is why we're here today.

Do you know a man called Eman Dodovic?

I do.

We're in business together.

I need to put this delicately. He's a man
we've been following for sometime.

I know about his past.

But I have to confess, I like the guy.

He's lived through war, seen things
most men can't even imagine,

and still turned himself
into a damn fine businessman.

What would any of us have done?

Very true.

Normally, I wouldn't go near
a guy like him, but...

he's one of the good ones.

One of the good what?


Sir, I need to ask that...

what I say next
will stay within these four walls.

Of course.

In the past month,
Eman Dodovic has imported a metric ton

of C-4 plastic explosive into the city.

Our intelligence is rock solid.

I don't know what to say.

Well, naturally, from our point of view,

anything suspect
in your dealings with him...

You'll be the first to know.

I appreciate that.

That's all.

Well, I'll see you gentlemen out.


Well, with any luck, our lawyers
should still be able to void the deal.

Will you miss all this
when your brother takes charge?

- Excuse me?
- Isn't Gustav taking over the business?

I see the Munck rumor mill never rests.

Oh, it's not true?



Why did you stop the meeting?
I almost had it.

It's okay.

Notify the lab.

How can he be so calm?

The things he's done.

He doesn't feel emotions like you and me.

And because he's not finished yet.

You heard him.

He still thinks
he's getting the inheritance.


Guys, straight down to the right,
down the corridor.

There's a law against stalking.

I know a policeman.

I just... I just wanna talk.


I'm sorry I used you to get to Gustav.
I should've been honest with you.

And you expect me
to be okay with that?

I don't think he's involved after all.


You know what really sucks?

That I had to meet you now,

at the worst possible time...

when I have this case on my shoulders.


After the shelter opens,
I think it's... time for me to move on.

From the Munck Foundation?

And Malmo.

So where, like... Stockholm?

Like the big, bad world.


grand opening tomorrow.

Lots to do here.


This is Bash.
Leave a message.

This is Bash. Leave a message.

This is Bash...


Now I know how you did it.

Got Ibra's gang to back off.

No one messes with one of Dodo's boys.

- Had a bad night, brother Kurt?
- No, I've had worse.

No one died... yet.

Are you threatening me?

I thought we were friends.

I can't be friends with someone
who's about to commit mass murder.

- The fuck are you talking about?
- Don't bullshit me. I saw you last night.

Tell me what you know.

I'm new, a driver.

Not exactly
consulted on the... big decisions...

Listen, if you don't do anything
to stop this,

- your hands are on this, too.
- On what?

A bomb,
big enough for multiple casualties.

I wanna know where,
and I wanna know when.

I've heard nothing about any explosives,
all right?


Tell me what the meeting was about.

It'll never get back to Dodovic.
I give you my word.

- Word of a policeman?
- What about Ibra?

Haven't I proven I can be trusted?

You know, this isn't sustainable.

You and me. You're going one way,
I'm going the other.

- We're both compromised.
- I know.

All right, let's make a deal.

You tell me what the meeting was about,
then I promise you that's it.

We're done.

Seems like that's how it has to be.

I'm gonna miss
your weird-ass ways, brother Kurt.

Now tell me.

My source says

whatever Dodovic
is doing for Karl-Axel,

it will happen today.

It has to be the bomb.

- Where is Karl-Axel now?
- He's been having lunch with friends

for over an hour.
Played squash beforehand, had a massage...

If he's planning on blowing something
up... he's pretty chilled.

Well, it's not like
he's gonna lift a finger to do it himself.

Still need eyes on. You never know.

We need urgent surveillance
on Dodovic's men.

There's no time.

How can Karl-Axel
damage Gustav's reputation with a bomb?

Come on. We need the target.

Oh, shit.

- What?
- If Karl-Axel's making a last push

to discredit Gustav, then...

- What are you doing?
- The homeless shelter.

It opens today.

High-profile, lots of people,
Gustav's pride and joy.

It has to be there.

- Come on. Answer.
- Hey, this is Mona.

- Leave a message.
- No fucking way. Come on. Let's go.

Bomb squad'll meet you there. Go.

Answer the phone.

- This is Mona. Leave a...
- Shit.


Hey, man, how are you?

- Yeah, I'm good.
- Have you seen Mona?

Yeah, right.

- Mona, Mona, come here...
- Kurt, not...

- Come here. Come...
- Whoa! What's going on?

Kurt! Kurt!

Hi, we've already met.
I'm Detective Frida Rask.

- Hi.
- Are you in charge here?

- Yes.
- We need to move quickly.

How many people are on the premises?

- Fifty, give or take.
- You don't have a precise number?

It's fluid. People have started arriving.

What's your evacuation procedure?

Stop what you're doing,
leave through the nearest exit,

and head to the assembly point over there.

Here? Okay, we have to have it at least
100 meters away from the building.

- What's going on?
- Come.

We believe
there's an explosive device inside.


Like a grenade?

- Not exactly.
- Oh, my God.

It's going to be fine.
Everyone walks calmly over there,

we take care of the rest.

- Okay? You know what to do?
- Okay.


Becker. Becker, I need these people
out of here right now...

- I need you to head over to the...
- Move. You understand me, all right?

Stop the camera. I need you
out of here now.

Over here. My colleague will show you
where to go.

Go as quickly as possible.
Thank you. I'm gonna go inside.

Hey, guys, be as quick as possible.

Nearest exit.

As quickly and calmly as you can.

As quickly and as calmly as you can.
Thank you.

- That was all of them.
- Great.

- Get to safety, okay?
- What about you?

- I'll be right behind you.
- Okay.

Hey! No filming.


No, there's nothing.

- There must be a mistake.
- We scoured every meter of the place.

- There's no sign of the target.
- The person is very smart.

- The smell could be masked.
- As a rule, nothing gets past the dogs.

And maybe you're working with bad intel.


Thank God.

You don't look that happy.

If it's not here,
we don't know where it is.

I don't know how you do this job.

Sorry for spoiling the big opening.

- Ah, we were gonna have to pull it anyway.
- Why?

Gustav couldn't come.


What was so important?

Being shown around
some new shipping facility.



Don't die.

All right?


Let me guess.

Not so much as a firework.

- Nothing.
- How'd you know?

Any more controversy surrounding Gustav
is a total waste of time.

- The deal's done.
- Which deal?

Fideikommiss. Law's passed, ratified,
Gustav's already the heir.

- When did it go through?
- Last Thursday.

Meaning Karl-Axel already knew it was over

- when we went to see him.
- Mm-hm.

Yeah, but if it's already been written
into law,

- there's only one way he can get it.
- That's right.

- Oh, shit. Really?
- To him, anything's worth it

to avoid being the public shame
of the Munck family line.

- Not to mention the three billion.
- But wait. Wait, wait.

Right now, Gustav's on a tour
at the new Munck shipping facility.


Which way is it?

Which way is what?

The Munck shipping facility.

We're in it.

It could be anywhere.

How about something a bit more specific?

- Gustav drives a white car.
- A white car... That's great.

Bomb's about to go off
and we're hoping to lay eyes

- on a white car...
- Here! I saw him.

Good. Well done.

Where is it?


A number of white cars in there.

It's a sports car.

There. There it is. There.

No time to wait for the bomb squad.
You ready?


This is the fun part.


Get out!

Police! Evacuate!


Two men met him up there.


Now, approximately...

- Can I help you, detectives?
- You need to come with us.

I'm in the middle of a meeting.
Meet our architects.

- Where would you like to take me?
- Into protective custody.

I'm not giving in to baseless
far-right threats.

- This is neither of those things. Come on.
- We'll explain

once you're at the safe house.


Pick it up, gents.

Leave the estate, immediately.
Do not pass go.


You need to leave!
Police! Drop everything!

Go! There's a bomb here! Move!
Anybody in there?

What's going on?

- Everything will be explained off-site.
- I'm not going anywhere

- till you tell me what's going on!
- Hey. Your life's in immediate danger.

Can you please come with us?

Target secured.

Rask, where's the bomb squad?



Come back!

Your DNA was found
on the handle of the van

that contained Zemar and Hugo's DNA.


Can you tell us how it got there?

Isn't that your job?

We know what we think.

There's a hundred ways
I could've come into contact with it.

You don't strike me
as the van-driving type.

I've done...
a lot of charity work recently,

delivering meals
to those least fortunate in society.

They often use hired vans.

Black ones, specifically.

Was it black?

Don't tell me I came all the way down here
for an easily disprovable speck of DNA.

You must at least have... a place or time.

No? Okay.

Using the immigration conflict
to attack your brother was clever.

- Muddied the waters for a while.
- Zemar was a clever choice, too.

Heavily motivated
by his pregnant girlfriend

who he'd do anything to protect,
living in fear.

Did you first see them
at your brother's refuge?

So you get... Zemar to pick up Hugo
outside The Cube.

Zemar drives Hugo to meet you...

somewhere that's deserted at night.

- Maybe the docks?
- Maybe the docks.

Loving this, by the way.

You tell Zemar
what he's really there to do?

Paint the Swedish flag on the boy's face,

- jam a grenade in his mouth...
- Or was that your bit?

- Okay, we're done.
- Shut up.

I want to hear the rest of the story.

Zemar refuses,
so you threaten to deport his family.

So he takes Hugo down to Rosengaard,
kills him there,

right by the Munck Foundation plaque.

You then pose as WhiteWash
on the Norse Protection League Forum,

give them the location
of the paperless refugees.

Doesn't take much
to incite a violent attack.

- And you send your brother a death threat.
- All designed to make him react

in a way that makes Daddy
see the error of his ways,

that Gustav isn't cut out
to be the head of the family.

But even when
he causes Munck stocks to nose-dive...

your father still thinks that Gustav
is the better man.

What must that feel like?

I mean, losing out on the money
is one thing,

but to be the only eldest Munck...

to be shamed like this...

so publicly...

in favor of your younger brother.

You realized that
your only remaining option is to kill him.

So, you have a bomb planted in his car.

You are... anthropologically fascinating.


You're totally consumed by this,
and it's all so pointless.

So insignificant, I'm actually bored.

Where is the rest of the C-4, Karl-Axel?

The what?

The bomb that killed
Superintendent Hemberg

didn't contain anywhere
near the ton that you bought from Dodovic.

Where is the rest of it?

Okay, that's enough.

Are you pressing any charges?

Then we're really done here.

Oh, um...

I forgot to offer my condolences
for the death of your colleague.

It is a... It is a... a real tragedy,

but, uh... you have the eternal gratitude
of the family for saving Gustav's life.



You're gonna pay
for the things you've done.

Your money won't always
be there to save you.

Whatever keeps you warm at night.

So, it's true. You are quitting?

Not even gonna stay to remember him.

What are we remembering?

That I couldn't save him?

That he gave his life for nothing?

He fought for the truth
and helped people who needed it.

Was justice done?

Did any of it
make a single fucking difference?

Hemberg's dead, and the guy
who set off the bomb disappeared.

So you're just gonna give up?

You were right.

I can't keep my emotions separate.

I'm not cut out for this.

You nearly had me fooled.

See you, Kurt.

See you, Rask.

Use of explosives in Malmo is now
at a level unique for a state not at war.

Wow, do we get a prize for that?

Explosions, shootings,
warring criminal gangs...

Not bad going
for a humanitarian superpower.

It's continuous injections
for the right-wingers...

He hates wearing suits...
if it's any consolation.

Yo! Kurt!


Thank you, man.

What for?

I heard IFK talked to you and, uh...

They, um...

They said yes.


Two-year pro deal.

New school, new home... all that shit.

That's great.

You earned it.

Thank you.

- It was nice to meet you.
- Yeah, and you.


You're smiling.

- Oi-oi. Hey, Mr. Police Officer.
- Whoo.


This is Mona.

- Hey, guys.
- Hey, Mona.

All right. Okay. I see you. I see you.

- You guys all right?
- Another suspect to interrogate?

See you later.

Won't be seeing you
for a couple hours.

[Mona chuckles]

- This is the last one. I promise.
- Oh, my God.


What's this?

Special pancake bread.