Young Wallander (2020–…): Season 2, Episode 1 - Episode #2.1 - full transcript

How'd you find me?

Where else were you gonna be?

It's been a while.

Eight years.

Oi. What the fuck?

- Still a fucking lunatic.
- Oh, fuck off.

You need to be careful.

Look, it's just two guys
having a drink, innit?


I'm finally out.

There's something I have to tell you
about what happened.


There's something I have to tell you.

- What's wrong with you?
- Not here.

Fuck is wrong with you?
Come on. We're here, so talk.

- There's too many people.
- What?

We're not supposed to be seen together.

Call me tomorrow.

- There's things you don't know.
- Yeah, what?

There's things you don't know.

Everything cool, boys?

Come on, give 'em back.

Well, I personally think
that everything's fantastic.

These two fine young gentlemen over there
just bought me a beer,

so you can

fuck off.



- Fucking three of 'em?
- You, out.

Do yourself a favor, mate, leave it.

- Don't you put your hands on me.
- We're going home. We're going home.

We're out. Don't...



Ah! All right!

Can I get a napkin?


- Can I bum one of those?
- Yeah, sure.


Oh, shit, are you...

Are you all right? You've got...

It's nothing.


Rough night?

It's not as bad as it looks.

I think... Do you know what?
I think we should get a drink.

After tonight with...

Yeah. I deserve one.

Yeah. I mean, it's only fair.

I've been needing this.
It's been a long night there as well.



Sweet. I'm Katja.


- Hi.
- Hi.

- Tequila's a good choice.
- Tequila?


- Have you tried mezcal?
- Yeah, love it.

The place is through here.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

- So it's a good place.
- I'm up for some fun.

Not too picky, you know?

- I'll go for anything.
- Yeah?


♪ I'm no winner ♪

♪ Please forgive us ♪

♪ We're just taking in our lives ♪

♪ Maybe I am new ♪

♪ Maybe I'm alive ♪

♪ Maybe I'm just mean ♪

♪ Somewhere deep inside ♪

♪ I just love the wind
When it speaks to me ♪

♪ There's no where to be
When it calls on me ♪

♪ And the rain, it falls again ♪

♪ Maybe this is the coldest winter ♪

He was looking right at me. I...

I froze.

Don't do that to yourself.

I don't understand how everyone has
moved on as if nothing's happened.

What? Nobody's moved on.

I read that the bomb had something to do
with Hemberg's response to a gang dispute.

If that bullshit theory catches on,
they could close down the inquiry...

Listen, don't lecture me
about the inquiry, all right?

You just fucking left.

Have you been drinking?

That's great, Kurt. That's really good.

Newsflash. Life isn't fair.

The difference between me and you

is that I'm here
trying to do something about it.

Yeah? Let me know
how that works out for you.

Fucking kid.

What the hell is this?

- Hey.
- Hello, officers.

- Did you call this in?
- Yeah.

What did you see?

Um, something up there,
I don't know, like a body.

- Like a body or it is a body?
- I think it's a body. I'm not sure.

- All right, stand here.
- All right.

- I'll check it out, Fred.
- You all right? Stand right here, man.

What's your name?


Just out.

- You been taking something?
- No, no, no, just alcohol.

Yeah, I'm sure.

- I think we got something here, Fred.
- Coming up!

Stand there so I can see you.

It's not looking good.

Oh, Jesus Christ.

Your resignation request,

I didn't hand it in.


I thought I'd give you a chance
to calm down, but I can't do it forever.

If you don't turn up soon,
you're gonna lose your job.



Okay, I'm on my way.

What is it?


And they're asking for a detective?


You can't win the fight
unless you get back in the ring.

Good morning.

- You were talking in your sleep.
- Was I?


What did I say?

I couldn't tell,
but it sounded like a nightmare.

And you were sweating.

Are you sure you're okay?

I'm great, now that you're here.



So I was thinking...


Maybe you could move in here,

now that you can't keep your sublet.

Would you really put up with me,

sweating, shouting in the night?

If you made a fuss of me every so often,
I could probably put up with it.

Did you hear back about that security job?

- Yeah.
- That's great.

Are you gonna take it?

Or I could help you find something else.

Strip-o-gram cop maybe?



You miss it, don't you?

Brother Kurt.

You're leaving us.

Yeah, I'm moving into town.

Good. Good.

I'm happy for you.

And I think they need your wisdom.

From what I hear,
there's a lot of shit going down there.

If we let the day traders run wild,
what kind of society would we have?

Go clean the place up, like you did here.

Build your bridges.

Hey, Kurt.

Take care of yourself.

You're not too bad

for a cop.

Back to work.


What are you doing?

I'm coming. Go back to bed.

It's four o'clock.

I know being a cop has its downsides.


I just need to accept that every now
and then I have to do things I don't like.

But this time, I won't let it get to me.

And I promise you
I won't let it come between us either.

You're going back.

That's great.

We've lost touch
with the people we signed up to serve.

These days,
they grow up mistrusting the police.

They learn not to cooperate, not to talk.

People are afraid of us.

I've known innocent men and women
who would rather face jail

than cooperate with the police.

Perhaps because they've already
been mistreated by us,

or they're afraid they will be simply
because of how they look, how they sound,

where they're from.

What does that say about us?

Should the language a citizen speaks
be more important to us

than their safety and protection?

We need to regain their trust.

The way to do that is to follow protocol
in every decision and every encounter.

We need to look ourselves in the mirror,
and we need to be proud of who we see.

Now, the good news is
we are the change we've been waiting for.

That change starts today.

I've got ideas,
but I'd love to hear yours.

My door's always open,

and I look forward
to meeting you individually

in the coming days.

Thank you.

Can you please come over here?

- Are we done?
- Yes.

Thank you.

Well, look at this. Shit. Goddamn.

Come here, man.

Welcome back, man.

I want to apologize.
I've been a real arsehole, okay.

You've been an arsehole your whole life.

Nah, listen,
it's been a tough few weeks for everyone.

Come on, man.

- So, the new guy's landed.
- Mm-hmm.

- You gonna behave yourself?
- I'll try, do my best.


Well, listen, Jaz has been stressing me
about this Mona situation.

She wants to meet the girl. She wants
to cook dinner and have you round.

- No, no. It's my turn. We'll cook for you.
- Look at you all grown up.

Check with Jasmine when's a good time,
and I'll check with Mona.

I will. She's gonna be so excited, man.

But no talk about my single life

and nothing about any exes, all right?

You're acting like your life
is that interesting anyway. All right.

I'll call you.

All right, man.
It's good to have you back.

I've got it.


Detective Wallander
keeps his own schedule?

You read the report.
You know what he's been through.

I know he left a colleague during a riot
to pursue an armed man on his own.

That man was a suspect
in a terrorist attack.

Rosengaard. Teenage boy,
hand grenade in his mouth.

He almost got himself and a colleague
killed. There's a reason we have protocol.

Internal Affairs have cleared him
of any wrongdoing.

Yes, they have.

I'll be making my own assessment.


Wallander just needs a chance
to get back in the game.


Look who decided to show up for work.

Right, come on. I want you to check out
last night's hit-and-run with me.

Hit-and-run? Isn't this Major Crimes?

Well spotted.

Reza sent me over the case file.

To be honest, in hindsight,
something feels a little bit off.

Besides, I thought
we could ease you back in gently.

Save the serial killers for next week.

I thought you'd be
next in line to run the unit.

Just make sure you impress him.
Believe me, you need to.

There are no tire marks.

No ID on the victim.

His face was destroyed
beyond all recognition.

He put his hands down

to try and stop himself
from being dragged,

tore the skin right off. I know.

No wallet, a few quid in his arse pocket,

and a pay-as-you-go mobile,
which disintegrated on impact,

and some keys.

Uh, here.

This is where we found the smashed glass
from the headlight.

Hard to believe the driver
didn't see the guy in here.


That was Officer Al-Rahman's theory.

A few kids, out on the town, pissed,

music up too loud.

- Uniforms checked for CCTV?
- Yeah.

Camera's broken.

I don't know.

This alley's barely wide enough for a car.

And if the car hit him there,
why didn't he...

I get it. Why didn't he just jump
behind the scaffolding? I know.

You're right. It doesn't make any sense.

Let's focus on trying
to ID our boy for now, shall we?

The shirt that he was wearing
probably means he was on a night out.

I've dropped some comparable images
in your inbox.


- Start with the local bars and clubs?
- I'll do that. Great.


That way.

- Hi. Did you work Friday night?
- Yeah, I did.

So I'm looking for a guy
wearing this shirt.

- No idea.
- You sure?

- Yeah.
- Thank you.

I'm looking for a guy,
Friday night, this shirt.


We're closed.

Licenses are all up to date.

Not why I'm here.

The hit-and-run?

I noticed you have CCTV cameras
at the entrance.

Yeah, we can take a look.

The quality's not great.

Yeah, the cameras are more for show.

- Can I get a copy of this anyway?
- Yeah, sure.

What's this?

Customers can post pictures
of their mates, send messages.

All comes up here.

And it's all on our social media.

Make sure you give us a like.

All right, gentlemen.

Time to give it up.

Hi. This is Anton. Leave a message.


Where are you?

Yeah, how's the face this morning?

Listen, are we
still gonna meet up or what?

Yeah, well,
you just give me a call, all right?

Love you.


I'm looking for a guy from last night.
He was wearing this.

He was here
with one of the girls from Kitchen.

Hi, you work here, right?

- There was a hit-and-run here last night.
- Yeah, I heard.

- We're looking for witnesses.
- Sorry, I didn't see anything.

You sure?


I'll take one second, thank you.

- Excuse me.
- Yes.

Um, just one second.


It's okay.

Do you wanna grab a coffee?

I'm sorry I ran.

I work off the books, so...

- I didn't know who you were.
- It's okay.

How did you get that cut on your hand?

Just broke a glass.

And what happened to your face?

The night of the hit-and-run,

I know you saw something.

I just had a break,
just to get some fresh air,

and a guy came past,
so I bummed a cigarette over there,

and next thing I know, um...

...a car's hurtling towards us.


Are you okay?

I'm fine. Um...

Yeah, Anton pushed me down there

really hard.

Wait, wait, wait. Anton?


Yeah, I think his name was Anton.

You were with him?
Why didn't you come forward?

You must've known
we'd be looking for witnesses.

Yeah, I'm sorry. I'm...

Yeah, you're right. I should have. Um...

But I didn't wanna get into trouble,
that's all.

You didn't see the driver?


Did you get a look at the car?

- No.
- No?

It was, um...

Was it a big car?

Old car? New car?

Anything. Anything, Katja.


It was one of those shit ones
that your dad might drive.

A sedan?


Um, I couldn't work out the color.
It was something dark.


Can I get your number?
I think I'd like to talk to you again.

Yeah. Yeah.

Hi. This is Anton. Leave a message.

Hey, listen, hi.

Where the fuck are you?

Just... Just call me back.


Can't believe how nutty she's become.

- Stressful times.
- Change things a little.

- Yeah, but anyway, I'm...
- Hi there.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Glad you're still here. Someone told me
you were moving to your boyfriend.

Yeah, I told him
that was never gonna happen.

This girl isn't ready
to leave the city just yet.

But he's so sweet though.
He packed a lunch for my train journey.

Mango yogurt and chocolate milk.

Oh, wish my girlfriend
would do that for me.

- Oh, you a bit jealous?
- Mm-hmm.

So did you get the phone
from the hit-and-run?

Yes, I certainly did, and it was in bits,
but I managed to bring it back to life.

I'll work on the algorithms,
see if I can get some more stuff.

- But the guy had Runkeeper.
- Uh-huh.

Lindängen. Anton Nyberg, born '97.

Unmarried, on welfare.

I've just sent you his address.

- You're a star, thanks.
- Yeah, I know.

Oh, and I also found this.

This is the social security office's
camera on the corner of West Street.

I can't get the plates up,
no image of the driver,

and it's impossible to tell
the exact color of the car,

but this is 700 meters north
of the end of the tunnel.

- It's a dark sedan.
- Yeah.

- When was this?
- The Runkeeper signal stopped at 3:07 a.m.

And this, two minutes later.

Yeah, I mean,
it's a lot of moving parts, Kurt,

but I thought you should have it anyway.

- Can you run it again?
- Yeah.

- The driving doesn't look erratic.
- No.

Guessing he wasn't under the influence.

But like you say, that could be any car.

Staffan, I need to go sort something out,
but I'll be back in time for counseling.

Look, your parole officer's
gonna be here soon.

- Come on.
- You need to run it by him.

Tomorrow's probably better, yeah?


Where are you off to?

Modin's got me an address
from the victim's mobile.

Well, you do know
if it's the right address,

our guy's not gonna answer the door.

Well, we've got the keys
found at the hit-and-run.

- Should confirm we have the right guy.
- No entry without a warrant though.



Who the hell are you?

A friend of Anton's.
I was just looking for him.

You're a friend of Anton's.

So how the hell did you get in?

Listen, I'm from the police.
I'd like to talk to you.

- Get off!
- Hey!

Hey! Easy. I just wanna talk.

Take it easy. Easy. Easy.

I just wanna talk with you, okay?

Hey! Wait!


Osei's just blasted out of here
five minutes ago.

He's been called to the district court.

- He wants you to meet him there.
- Me?

You sure? Why?

Absolutely no idea.

Just whatever you're doing, drop it
and get your arse over there.

And, Kurt, please, whatever you do,

try not to piss him off.

I'm on my way.

Detective Kurt Wallander.

Smarten yourself up.

- We haven't met before...
- Rask has filled me in.

Okay, great.

What's this about?

Well, that's what we're about to find out.

You've opened an investigation
into a man named Anton Nyberg.


It's not his real name, is it?

The Ministry would only red-flag
an investigation for a handful of reasons,

most likely being Nyberg was living
under an assumed identity.

- "Was"?
- Anton Nyberg is dead.

He was killed in a hit-and-run.

Well, that does change things a little.


What's going on?

We have identified the victim
of the hit-and-run.


It's Elias Fager.

- What?
- Fager...

The kids who killed their teacher...

It was Rask's first case in Major Crimes.

It was your first case?
The Fager brothers?

This stays between the three of us.

Last thing we need
is the press getting hold of this.

Do I make myself clear?

Yes, sir.