Young Wallander (2020–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - S01e05 - full transcript

You want something to eat?

No, I'm-I'm good. Thanks for seeing me.

Which part of "take a couple of days off"
wasn't clear?

I tried.

Don't make any plans
for the next 30 years, son.

You've got the bug.

Still, seems I should send you home
more often.

Do you think Isak's right?
It was all about this drug debt?

No. Neither do you.

Drug dealers
don't kill people to get paid.

Bad for business. So what've we got?

I think Gustav Munck's involved.


I can't say exactly.

Don't be shy, Mr. Wallander.

There's Rosengaard,
the church, now the death threats.

All of which make him seem
more like a target.

But, then, Gustav knows Hugo
and never mentioned it. Why?

He probably knew Zemar as well,
and definitely had access to him.

And then this dog,

killed using the same method
as Hugo, at his party.

Might have been a trial run.
The dog for Hugo.

All I'm saying is, he's too involved
for it to be a coincidence.

There's no such thing as coincidence.

So let's bring him in for questioning.

Going after the Muncks
is what's known as a career ender.

They're not the richest
and most influential family

in Sweden for nothing.

So what, then?

Watch and wait.

He'll lead us to it.

That could take forever.

Welcome to the job.

Unless you can think of a better way
to get close to Gustav Munck.


You know, Gustav was gonna send me
a much nicer car than this one.

I have a siren.


- Maybe look back at the road now.
- Right.

You're very sweet
offering to come with me.

- I wanted to talk to you about that...
- I mean, you do owe me,

seeing as I've nursed you
back to life twice.


No, I...

So just to give you a heads up...


Me and Gustav used to have a thing.

So he might be a bit weird with you.

I've kind of noticed he was into you.

- No.
- How come you broke up?

Must be tempting.

A handsome billionaire
who even helps people.

Sounds like you wanna date him.

Just saying. Most people
wouldn't walk away from that.

Have you been talking
to my mother?

But, honestly,
what was wrong with him?

Gotta be something, right?

All that money and privilege,

messes with your head.


It's a wonder he turned out
as normal as he did.

- Good evening.
- Hey.

My invitation only says for one,

- but I called ahead to explain.
- Just a moment, please.

Our guest's arrived with an extra person.
Is that all right?

- Have a pleasant evening. If you could...
- Thank you.

Go through here,
and park on the left for me?

- Thank you.
- Thanks.

I admit defeat.


You look amazing.

Thank you.

- Are you actually doing it?
- Mm-hm.


Well done, me.

Okay. Let's go.

- Welcome, miss. Welcome, sir.
- Thank you.


Is it black tie?

- Uh-huh.
- Is...

Did you know that?

It said on the invite. But, hey...
you look great.

And, uh...
at least people will notice you.

Just what I was going for.


Is that them? The King and Queen?

They midsummer with the royal family.
As you do.

- The belle of the ball.
- Hi.

How are you?

Oh, you brought the policeman.

Beautiful house you have here.

It's a little ostentatious,
let's be honest, but it's home.

- How's your dad?
- Ah.

Resenting every second of this,
but he'll be delighted you're here.


No, I'll... stay here.


Aren't there any women
in this family?

First time?

How can you tell?

Of course, there aren't any women.

Everything is secondary
to the fideikommiss.



- A real businessman...
- Yeah.

Hey! Hey.

Uh, ladies and gentlemen, if I could just
get your attention for a moment, please.

I just wanted to say

it's-it's heartwarming to see
so many friends here tonight. Uh...

A warm welcome to everyone else.

Uh... My-My father is a man
who abhors public speaking

as much as he does, uh, hosting parties,

but he's been strong-armed
into saying a few words,

so, please welcome Leopold Munck.

I am a lucky man.

I have two sons.

The oldest, about to give me a grandson.

And the youngest, who's been doing work
of which I am immensely proud.

Even if the board of directors
would rather he'd kept quiet.

He has shown character
I didn't know he had.

Ladies and gentlemen, a toast...
to my sons.


Thank you, son. Thank you.

Is something wrong with the old man?

He's dying.
Something to do with his liver.

Talk among yourselves.
Don't mind us.

Gustav's having a really hard time
dealing with it.

Congratulations. Hell of a party.

Thank you.

Any news on the death threats?


I'm still alive.

I'm impressed.

Many people would freak out
knowing someone got so close.

Our security people are top-notch.

Good. Good.

Still, maybe ease off
on the crazy parties for a while.

You know, the ones out in the woods.
The ones Hugo Lundgren used to go to.

Did he?

So his friend Isak tells me.

I just... find it strange
you never mentioned that.

Mentioned what?

- That you and Hugo knew each other.
- Why would I?

I fail to see how Hugo attending a party
has anything to do with his murder.

I suppose not.

But then Isak told me about his dog.

Some psycho murders it

and a few weeks later,
Hugo gets killed in the same way.

I mean,
wouldn't you think to mention that?

First I'm hearing about this dog.

A grenade goes off on your land
without you knowing about it?

Gustav, it's odd. Everywhere I turn
in this investigation, there you are.

Are you suggesting I'm somehow involved?

Of course not.

That wouldn't make any sense, would it?

One thing's for certain.
It's an improper topic of conversation

- for my father's birthday.
- What is?

Your boyfriend was just letting
his jealousy get the better of him.

What's going on?

What are you hiding, Gustav?

This is why you refused
our help with the death threat, isn't it?

So sorry to do this,
but I can't have someone

come into my family home
throwing around accusations.

- It's a simple question.
- This gentlemen was just leaving.

- Time to go.
- What are you hiding?

Didn't want the police
looking into your life,

- Gustav?
- Sir...

- Kurt!
- Afraid of what we'd find?

Hey, come on.

It's not your fault.

Mona, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I di... I...

You came here for the sole purpose
of interrogating Gustav.

- Int... Interrogating is...
- Why didn't you tell me the truth?

I-I was going to, but then I...
I wanted to keep you out of it.

I wanted to protect you.

I've been doing fine on my own. Thank you.

It wasn't meant to sound...

Wait! Mona, wait!

What? What?


I can't talk to you
about the case.

Oh, but you can question me
about my relationship with Gustav?

You think he's got something
to do with the murder?

Are you out of your mind?

You used me to get close to him.

Give me the keys. Kurt! Keys!


Wha... Mona, wait, wait.
What are you doing?

Where are you going? No-No!

Stop! No, stop!


What did you do?

I didn't do anything, man, just chilled.

Yeah, for real.

- Brother Kurt.
- I saw Ibra with this new lot.

You did, huh?

Take my advice. Stay out of this.

I'm looking out for him.
You should be, too.

Come on, Bashir.

- Hey.
- All right.

Where are you?

You look stressed out, brother Kurt.

Why did Ibra leave your gang?

Losing the contract spun him out.

Needed someone to blame
and chose the people closest to him.

Made him ripe for recruitment.

This lot would've promised him
more protection, fast money.

Do you know what Ibra's doing
in the initiation?

Punishing a former member for treason.

That's a bit dramatic.

There's rules out there, Kurt.

You already know that.

So, how are we gonna handle this?


You, brother.

I can't get in the middle of this
without sparking an all-out war.

No, I wouldn't want that.

That's what I thought.

Okay, Kurt.

You be careful.

Mind how you go.

Get moving, brother.

You can go.

Do you wanna go?

Smile, buddy, smile.

Go on, then.

Hit me!

Get up, Ibra.

Stop! Police!

Get away from him.

Get away from him.

Hey, stay where you are.

I said, stay right there.

Did I hear you right?

Yeah, you did. Malmo PD.

Don't you know the rules?

No feds permitted.

I'll get out of your hair.

- I just want Ibra.
- No can do, Officer.

- He's being punished.
- Ibra?

This little bitch bottled
his initiation. He's our now.

Just like you, bruv.

Fuck him up!

Everybody... chill.

Put the weapons down.

Let the kid go.

You don't want to make nothing of this.

These are crazy times
we're living in.

You think any of you
are gonna walk out of here?

Like I said, chill the fuck out.

Another time, Bashir.


Hey, brother.

Bashir, I'm so sorry.

You didn't go through with it,
Ibra. You made the right choice.

You got this?

What did you show them?

The tattoo?

Don't worry about it, brother Kurt.

Come on, Ibra.

Are you all right?

You have to eat.




losing your contract was a hurdle.

And what do we do with hurdles?

- We jump over them.
- Like you did tonight.

- You made good life choices.
- What life?

I might as well be dead.

I play football. That's all I can do.

- But that world isn't there for me.
- That's not true, Ibra.

- You were cleared.
- A bad kid from Rosengaard.

That's how they see me.
That's how they'll always see me.

Get in the shower, my boy.


Thank you...

for being there.

You should thank Bashir, not me.
I was kind of making a mess of it.

You remember what our life was?

What we had to look forward to?

This is my life now...

because one Swedish boy went down
and took us all down with him.

I swear to you,
I'm going to find the man responsible.

He will see justice.

- What's this?
- Legal text.

I'd prefer a summary.

The Fideikommiss Commission has been
handling changes to the Muncks' deeds.

What kind of changes?

Well, the only one that matters.
Who gets the inheritance.

Can we pretend for a second
I'm not an expert on inheritance law?

Difficult as that is to believe, I know.

Fideikommiss was outlawed a few years ago,

with the exception
of a small group of families

who still pass everything
on to the firstborn son.

- Land, business, money, everything.
- It's been that way for hundreds of years,

until now.

"Leopold Munck has enacted
a change in the law,

cutting his eldest, Karl-Axel,

out of the inheritance in favor
of his second son, Gustav Munck."

What if this is about
proving to his father

that he's the right man
and not his brother?

- How does any of this achieve that?
- I don't know, but...

at the party, Leopold gave this speech

about how he was surprised
by Gustav's strength of character.

He was impressed by what man he'd become...

No, it still doesn't answer the question.

Maybe not, but...

the Munck Estate
is valued at over three billion.

- That's a hell of a motive.
- So what about the other brother?

He's the one losing out.

Does he even know?

At the party, he didn't seem like a man
who just lost his fortune.

Gustav lied about knowing Hugo,

whose best friend's dog
was blown up by a grenade.

Then Hugo is killed in the exact same way.

Quite the coincidence.

Someone who manipulates Zemar
into putting a grenade into Hugo's mouth

is by definition a psychopath.

No motive or rationale required.

And this ain't their first rodeo.

Right... Behavior like this
doesn't come out of nowhere.

You bring me...

something, anything,
to show me Gustav is even capable of this,

and then we'll talk.

- What's he doing here?
- Going through mugshots, drug dealers,

seeing if any of them fit the profile
of the men who threatened him.

That whole thing's in his head.

Listen, for what it's worth, I agree.

It's unlikely that drug dealers
killed someone to get their money, but...

at this point we don't have the luxury
of which leads we choose to follow.

There's one more thing.

DNA results are in.

Match on Hugo, match on Zemar...

and a third.

Unidentified, not in our system,
male, possibly 30s.

Gustav. I know it.

Excuse me?


What, this is one of the guys
you owe money to?

I've seen him with them.

You know him?

This guy beat the shit out of me
and threw me out of a moving car.

Good. You know him.

Deals at The Cube, right?

Well, let's go pay them a visit.

- The Cube's closed down.
- Have they? Since when?

This weekend.
Place has been struck.

- Everyone's gone.
- Dodo.

Eman Dodovic.

Surveillance has been running
ever since the information came in

- that he imported the C-4 and the grenade.
- But he was clean.

- They didn't find anything.
- Maybe they did, they just didn't know it.

Can I go now?

- No.
- No.

Eman Dodovic.

He's been smuggling weapons
into Malmo for years,

and exploiting gangs of young people
to sell them all for profit.

But you've never had
the evidence to prove it.

He's an expert at staying
under the radar: shell companies, aliases.

Gets clean money through restaurants,

a construction firm,
legit import-export business.

But we never believed he stopped
the weapons. Looks like we were right.

Maybe it's been Dodo all along,
and we've been looking in the wrong place.

If Dodo's gone to such lengths
to appear clean,

why would he want to attract
the Hugo kind of attention?

He wouldn't attract the heat
if he used Zemar.

Why does he need to? He had his own guys.

Or maybe Zemar was one of his guys.

Maybe he told her he had a legit job,
tried to keep her spirits up,

but really joined a criminal organization.

Paint a bleak picture,
why don't you.

My job, kid.

So what's Dodo's cause?
Why the Swedish flag?

I don't know. You tell me, genius.

But it's looking like he's connected,
whatever we want to believe.

What is that?

Everything we've got
on Gustav Munck's life.

There's something in here. I know it.

Okay. You take care of that,
and I will deal with the Dodo stuff.

Did I ever tell you
that I love you?

Nope. Please don't.

What was the plan
when you got there?

Casually question Gustav about murder
over champagne and canapes?

I guess I wanted to catch him on the hop
and see how he'd react.

Man, how certain are you
of this Gustav thing?

I mean, before, you said he was a target.
Now you're telling me he's part of it.

He's involved, Rez. I can't say how,
but it...

- It was in his eyes.
- That's not gonna hold up in court.

Listen, I've been over Gustav's life.

Criminal records, firearm database,
education, business history, the lot.

- Wait, you got access to all that?
- Mm-hm.

- And?
- Only stains in his record

are speeding violations

and a six-month suspension
from his boarding school.

What would a Munck have to do
to get excluded from school?

- The right question.
- Well, you want me to ask it?

- If...
- Come on, I can handle a few phone calls.

Bro, I'm bored out my fucking mind here.

Gustav's teachers, his classmates,
other kids from school.

Yeah, well is there anyone else
that would've been around back then?

You never mentioned who you were.

Neither did you, Detective.

Do you mind if I walk with you?

It's a free country.

Did you enjoy the party?

You getting thrown out was entertaining.

Nice you still attend though,

considering you and Leopold
have been separated for such a long time.

Ooh, have we?

You've lived out here alone
for over 15 years.

Family is family.

Is there something you wanted to ask me?

So I can say I'm not answering you,
and we can go about our days.

Did you leave, or were you pushed away?

I left.


People change. Leopold and I grew apart.

But you never divorced.

You left just after the time
Gustav was excluded from school.

What was that for?

This is when I say
I'm not answering your question.

You left... when they were boys.

- That must've been hard.
- I have always seen my children.

But still.

I mean, normally,
children stay with their mother.

- Being a Munck is not normal.
- Especially true for your boys.

Karl-Axel growing up with the pressure
of being next in line, that's one thing;

Gustav must've felt ignored,
irrelevant even.

What damage would that do to a child?

The fideikommiss.

That's why you left, isn't it?
You thought it was wrong.

The reason Leopold
and I separated is our business.


But a mother isn't parted
from her children without a good reason.

What can you know about motherhood?

I know what it's like
to grow up without one.

I must get back.

I'm sorry about your mother.

Oh, great.

Nice car.

I hear you had to walk for miles
to get a taxi.

It was a nice stroll.

I'm looking for Mona.

Well, she's not here.

Maybe you should give her a call.

Oh, I get it.
She's not answering.

- I'll tell her you dropped by.
- Thanks.


I don't care if you celebrate midsummer's
with the royal family.

I know you're involved, Gustav.
And I'll find out how.

Just so you know.

Go fuck yourself, Detective.

I'll take an Americano, please.

- No shit.
- You better watch your back.

- You had your physical?
- Yeah, just passed it.

And Becker,
she put me straight back on duty.

- Why didn't you tell me?
- Well, we had more important things to do.

On that, a wall of silence
on Gustav Munck's school.

Headmaster, teachers,
even the kids in his year.

You know, they remember
so little of Gustav Munck, it's...

almost like
they've been briefed to forget.


Though I did find out what typically
it would take to be suspended.

An act of violence.

Hospital records
from... 17 years ago in Sigtuna.

- Someone's down a rabbit hole.
- Can we access the actual medical files,

as in,
what the patients were admitted with?

Yeah. If we have a good reason.

We have a good reason.

What's this list of names?

Uh... pupils who went
to boarding school with Mr. Munck.

Kids go to hospital for lots of reasons.

Hope you've got a way
of narrowing this down.

Gustav was suspended April 14th.

- Let's start with two weeks before that.
- Get you!


There's two entries.

One kid with influenza,
not in Gustav's class.


Is there a police record of this?

- No.
- The school didn't report it?

This was done by Gustav.

Normally, I'd be inclined to say
you're getting ahead of yourself, but...

look what I found.

- Dodovic walking into a building?
- What's inside?

Eman Dodovic and the Muncks.

Gustav and Dodo
must be in business together.

And the plot thickens.

No! Oh, no!

It was the mansion or the desert.

Eman Dodovic.

I do apologize,
but you'll have to excuse me.

I thought we agreed
business hours were off-limits, Josef.

I don't remember agreeing to anything.

You know, your boss
pulled some moves back in the day.

Crazy son of a bitch.

I mean, he wasted years
trying to put me away.

Cost him his family.

But still, we had fun.

Show him the picture.

Why were you
in a Munck Corporation building?

- Business.
- Who were you meeting?

Why don't you ask the guys
you've had follow me the last few weeks?

They should know.

Look, I'm an upstanding citizen.

I'll throw you a bone.

Contact my lawyer.

He'll tell you why I was there.

A shipping contract.

Deal agreed between Munck Corporation

and EMD International,
a company of Eman Dodovic.

They're to handle all of their maritime
import and exports.

Smuggler gets shipping contract.
Sounds like a piss take.

It'd be lucrative enough
for Dodo to truly go straight.

- He could be telling the truth.
- If it's legit, the Munck Corporation

would've had to make an announcement
to shareholders.

Already on it.


You owe me big time, man.

- You found him?
- Von Rosen. Come on.

That's fucking great, Rez.

Can be, uh,

the recoil can become quite problematic,

and that, uh...
that is where the extra weight,

you see, of the single shot
comes into its own.

- Thank you.
- Of course, sir.

A 3.8 caliber rifle.

Just the ticket for, uh, moose,
wild deer, even bear.

- What are you hunting?
- Just the truth.

Detective Kurt Wallander.

I'm looking for Tomas Von Rosen.

Well, you've found him.
Uh, what can I do for you, Detective?

Talk to me about something that happened
a long time ago, at boarding school.

Oh... That?

- Well, it was nothing.
- That's not what your medical report says.

I take it
you didn't go to boarding school?

It's hard for outsiders to understand,


this kind of thing happened a lot.
Excuse me.

Wh-Wh-What kind of thing?

There's a hierarchy.

Older boys, uh...

play pranks on the younger ones.

This was no prank.

This was torture.

I'm sorry, I can't talk about it.


Were you made to sign something?

I'll be right there.

Because I don't want to.

Now please, leave me alone.

We're in the middle of an investigation,

and what you know
could make the difference.

So, please... I understand it's...

difficult to talk about

and painful to go back there.

Yes... it is...

when you've spent a lifetime
trying to forget.

You have a choice.
You can save lives.

More people are suffering like you did.



At the beginning, it's the usual stuff.

Put a pillow over my head,
beat the shit out of me.

You know, while you're suffocating.

They stripped me naked...

tied me to a chair with these...

thick ropes...

took turns kicking me.

Then they got bored and left.

All except one.

He had a crowbar...


he said he wanted to see
how far he could go...

without... me dying.

And, when I couldn't take it anymore...

he just sat there.

He just sat there...

and watched me...


And this person was Gustav Munck?


not Gustav.