Young Wallander (2020–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Episode 4 - full transcript

Hemberg orders Kurt to take some time off after the assassination of their chief suspect. The public considers the case closed but Kurt keeps probing.


A man in every building now!
Shot came from this roof or that one.

Four uniforms with me.

Wallander, with me!

Get off the street!

- Get off the street!
- Up to the roof!

- Get down.
- What the hell?

- Up there!
- Fuck!

This way! Around the corner!

Clear the street!

Get off the street! Over there.

Get off the street!


No time to wait. Stairs.

It's here.

Do you see something?

- Oh, fuck's sake.
- Oh.

Should we wait?

Police! Hands on your head!

Put your hands where we can see them!

Two steps back. Now!

Turn around, slowly.


Oh, you're fucking kidding.

On your knees.

On your knees.


An eye for an eye.

We had him.

What justice
would there be for my boy?

Rickard Lundgren, you're under arrest.

What part of "no further comment
on the incident" do you not understand?

Kurt... your new detective ID card.

Oh, fuck!



No, he's, um,
he's not at his desk right now... Yeah.

I'll get him to call you straight back...
And switch his mobile on.

Come. Yeah.

Well... who's taking the shooting?

Malmo North.

They'll need us available.

Any news from the hospital?

Dead on arrival.

- How the fuck did Lundgren know?
- A leak, obviously.

Internal Affairs will be all over this.

- Huh?

Rickard has a friend in SAPO.

How would SAPO know so fast?

It must have originated in this building.

Close the door.

I thought you flagged Rickard as a danger.

Welfare patrol at the family home.

- But I knew it was more than that.
- Bit late now.

Next time, trust your gut.

Zemar said someone coerced him
into killing Hugo.

How would this someone do that?

- He was threatened with deportation.
- Fact of life,

living in this country illegally,
one would have thought.

He was trying to protect
the mother of his unborn child.

The guy was desperate.
He didn't seem like a murderer.

Oh, did he not?

Where's the other half now?

She's at the hospital under observation.
She's in shock.

Let's have her here.
She can be in shock later.


Rask. Hang on. You should get Yara here.

My sincerest apologies
for bringing you here

under these circumstances.

I'm going to ask you
some background questions.

We found an asylum application
under the name Zemar Bangesh.

Can you confirm that
that is the deceased's name?

According to the application,

Mr. Bangesh and his wife-to-be
escaped Afghanistan under threat of death

because of the...
inappropriate nature of your relationship.

I take it that means
you fell in love with him

- and your family didn't approve.
- Did you get the man responsible?

- We have Rickard Lundgren in custody.
- Not him.

You're talking about the man
Zemar said made him kill Hugo, right?

He's the one responsible.

How would someone go about doing that?

Do you know what it means...

to truly have nothing?

No home, no job, no future?

- To not even have a name?
- No.

Zemar would go out every day
looking for money.

Laboring jobs.


Anything to provide for this baby.

One day, he came back
with hope in his eyes.

Everything was going to be okay.

A man gave him a job as a driver...


What-What man, Yara?

I don't know.

For a time...

everything was good.

But one night Zemar arrived late...

going crazy,

saying over and over again
that the job changed.

- It wasn't what he was told.
- What was he told?

Pick a guy up from a nightclub...
and drive him to a warehouse.

Nothing more.

Hugo Lundgren from The Cube.

But when he got to the warehouse...

this man gave him new instructions.

Zemar would never harm
another living thing.

- But he did.
- Because the man threatened him.

He said we'd be deported
if he didn't do what he was told.

How long did Zemar work for this man?

Maybe two months.

And in all that time
he didn't sense anything wrong?

Just came out of nowhere.

Maybe he did,
but didn't want to worry me.

Why even bother with this?

We all know the case is over.

You've got them the killer people want.

- The illegal, Sweden-hating immigrant.
- That's not true, Yara.

- We believe you and we're gonna find him...
- Kurt.


This is the system.

Did Zemar ever mention explosives?

Ever mention the name Eman Dodovic?
Physical description of this man?

I've told you everything I know.

All we wanted... was to be together.

What'll happen to her now?

- Migration Authority'll take it from here.
- What does that mean?

- Don't tell me she's getting deported.
- I genuinely don't know.

He was helping us.

- He died on our watch. Now we abandon her?
- That's all for now. Thanks for coming in.

We will follow this up
and be in touch if we need to.

You've got the details.
And I'll be in touch.

- Thank you.
- Thanks.

Lundgren's taking full responsibility.
Zemar's DNA is on its way to the lab.

We expect it to match
what we found in the van.

This man, how do we find him?

- If he exists.
- What? You-You can't think she's lying?

I didn't say that.
Zemar might've lied to her.

If Hugo and the church are connected,

- this person could be how.
- Guesswork.

Oh, you think Zemar planned Rosengaard
and pulled it off himself?

It's our job to find the truth.

It's speculative, but we'll investigate.

- Does that meet with your satisfaction?
- Why did you shut me down in there?

- Making promises you can't keep.
- No, I was trying to give her hope!

Keep your emotions out of it,
and do your job.

What, are you a fucking robot?

- Fuck off.
- Enough.


Couple of days.

Regain some perspective.



Hey! Ibra.

- Fuck's sake!
- What was that you gave him?

- Don't worry about it.
- What did you give him?

Hey... haven't you got a case
to be working?

He's out five minutes,
you get him on the old routine.

You're out of your depth, brother Kurt.
Look around you.

Let's go.

The name of the victim
is Zemar Bangesh,

a 23-year-old Afghani national
and the suspected Rosengaard killer.

After today's dramatic developments,

Malmo Police are suspected
to close the investigation

into the Hugo Lundgren murder.

Several commentators warned today
of the rise of vigilante justice.

Sweden First leader, Carina Franson,

called Bangesh
"a Sweden-hating terrorist."

is kind of a proxy war,

and maybe a last stand for Swedes,

that unless dramatic action is taken,

their grandchildren will live in a country
that is alien and hostile.

This country belongs to Swedes,
culturally, politically, socially.

What he did was wrong,
but at the same time...

We fled war and misery to find
a safe place, and then... this happens.

Could you just, yeah...

go through it
from start to finish for me? Yeah.

Thanks. Hold on.

Sorry, can you repeat that?

Well, I don't understand
why you can't release that information.

Can you at least just tell me
where she's having the baby?


Well, how long will that take?


Yeah, you've been no help at all, thanks.

Kurt, what happened?
Why didn't you answer any of my calls?

I came here to say I'm sorry.

I convinced you to trust me,
and I let you down.

- I made promises I couldn't keep.
- Kurt...

I'm devastated about Yara.

I'm-I... Mona, I'm sorry.

I was just calling
to see if you were okay.

If I'm okay? Yeah.

Are you?

Yeah. Yeah. No, yeah.

Yeah, I'm okay.

I'm okay now.


I should get going, all right?





Finally. I was worried.

Has something happened?

- Okay.
- Lots of things. How-How is he?

Pigheaded and stubborn.

Oh, great. Back to his old self then.

- Wow.
- This is it.


- You like it?
- Pfft.

- Yeah.
- I haven't unpacked yet.

He's in here.

Now he sleeps.

What have the doctors said?

That he's remarkably unscathed.

Don't tell him that.

He's already talking
about returning to work.

And how are you bearing up?

He's home. That's all I care about.

I'll come back another time.

Oh, no, you don't.

I have a billion things to do.

Your shift starts now.

Right. Of course.

Out with it, Kurt, come on.

I guess I've been avoiding this.

You know,
having to tell him what happened.

I already told him.

You weren't around, and he kept asking.

What did he say?

Kurt, he loves you. He's your best friend.

Hey. She gone?

You're faking.

Bro, it's like fucking
North Korea in here, man.

I'm under constant surveillance.
Look at this.

You know, she won't even let me watch TV
in case I bloody get headaches.

I thought I'd never hear you bitch
about your perfect wife again.

Listen man, we need to talk
about how things went down.

You did what you had to do.

- Really?
- Yeah, really.

The case comes first
now that you're in the majors.


What? Hemberg fired you?

Sent me to cool off.

I overstepped the mark pushing a theory.

- Why, he wasn't buying it?
- I don't have enough.

Well, you got the case files?

Aren't you supposed to be resting?

Oh, not you as well, bro.

Come on, let's face it. You owe me.


I just need to say it, you know.

But you found nothing
out of the ordinary

- about Hugo Lundgren?
- No.

He liked to party a bit, played football.

Hung out with his friend Isak.

Uh, but you think there's a link

between the Hugo murder
and the attack on the church?

Yes. Rosengaard and the church
are both Munck Foundation projects.

Both attacks were meticulously planned.

Yeah, I mean,
setting off the fire alarm

to create an audience in Rosengaard,
and then... inciting the Nazis,

in time to hit the march
for maximum publicity.

- The MO matches.
- Right.

- Same MO, same target.
- There's someone pulling the strings, Rez.

Zemar claimed someone was controlling him.

So then that's our guy.

You're seeing that, too?
Please, tell me I'm not going mad.

The problem is motive.

Why would someone wanna target
a charity organization?

- To create media frenzy?
- But what for?

- Well, then you don't have enough.
- Thanks, Hemberg.

Anything else connecting
the Muncks to this?

I don't know, Rez.

Maybe I'm reaching
for something that isn't there.

The interview given by Gustav Munck

in which he appeared to call
the Swedish public "blind and ignorant"

has gone down badly with the markets.

I refuse to believe the people
of this country would be so blind

as to allow the insane actions
of one or two individuals...

Munck Corp. shares
have nosedived ever since.

Maybe people don't like being told
what to think by a billionaire.

And now...

- Mr. Bjork?
- Uh-huh.

Detective Kurt Wallander, South Malmo PD.

Yeah, he's not in.

Your son, Isak?

Well, you aren't here for me.

His phone's off.

What a surprise.

You have five minutes?

So, old Rickard, huh?

Killed that bastard.

Hi, guys. Welcome back...

- Well, I can't say I'm surprised.
- Why not?

- Well, Rickard was always a bit...
- uptight.

Between you and me,
I think he's a little repressed.

You know?


That poor woman.

So, if Hugo's murderer is dead...
what do you want with Isak?

Just tying up some loose ends.

What time are you expecting him back?

Your guess is as good as mine.

What do you mean?

Well, he doesn't spend much time here.

Where does he spend time?

With his football mates, his cousins...

Wherever he pleases.

Mr. Bjork,
when did you last see your son?

I don't know. A couple of days ago.
A week. Maybe a bit more.


I need the phone numbers
of his friends, his cousins,

- anywhere you think he might be.
- Okay.

Would you mind
if I take a look in his room?

Is Isak all right?

You're his father. You tell me.

I'll, uh, I'll get those numbers for ya.

Here you go.

Contact me if you hear from him.
It's important.


Hello, Kurt.

Is he back home?

I tried to talk to Bashir.

It's not Bash who's the problem.

What do you mean?

I asked Bashir to try
and get through to Ibrahim.

- What?
- Because I can't.

No, I-I-I saw Bash give something to him.

Money. He's trying to persuade him
that he doesn't need this other lot.

Which other... Who?

A gang. From the rival estate.

They're trying to recruit him.

I don't understand.
We got Ibra out. Everything was fine.



- The club canceled his contract.
- No way, they can't do that.

He was free from blame.
Everything was fine. He was cleared.

"No smoke without fire," they said.

And now he's lost all hope,
and I'm losing him too.


Hey, go home. Go.

Hey, I owe you an apology.

I'm a victim of police profiling.

Presumption of guilt,
not to mention assault.

I should sue.

But really it's my feelings that hurt.

- What'll happen to Ibra now?
- Ah, out of my hands.

He lost his contract,
so he's no longer useful to you.

There you go again. Presuming shit.

- Then tell me how I'm wrong.
- Do you have all night?

Do you know these...

- these people he's in with?
- Ah, younger. New breed.

Impulsive. Lots of anger.

Problem is, I trust Ibra with my life.

They don't even know him.

To gain protection of the group

- you must prove your loyalty.
- Initiation?

Stab a rival gang member,
throw acid, rob some place.


Once he's done it, he's theirs.

We have to stop it.

No, I can't get involved.


See, what you are doing now
is inciting gang violence.

I'll see what I can find out.

- The things I do for you.
- This isn't for me.

You sure about that?

Are you going somewhere fancy?



But it's going to be hideous.

Leopold Munck's 70th.

- Hm.
- Hm.


Wow, I never realized
you were such a highflier.

Leopold insisted I go.

He likes me.

You don't think the age gap
would prove difficult?

No one says no
to the all-powerful Leopold Munck,

so, now I have to go
and get patronized by people

who have never done a day's work
in their lives.

You wanna come?

I'm kidding.
I wouldn't inflict that on you.

Are you late?


You've made me late.
I hope you're pleased with yourself.

A little.


I'm so behind
on the shelter opening.

I'm so behind.

I feel so sorry for you.

Is that your pathetic attempt
at an apology?


Please, sit.

- I'm sorry...
- You're not supposed to be here.

I know. I need your help.

Well... you better have more buns.

Look at this picture.

Gustav Munck and Isak together.

Isak's missing, Rask.

Isak's missing.

He's involved, and he disappeared
right after Hemberg and I spoke to him.

I need his phone's location tracked,

but they'll put me
on the bottom of the pile.

Do you understand
why Hemberg sent you home?

Because I was an asshole.

On top of that.



Murder. Rape!

These are all your job.

A job you can't do while you're obsessing
over one case like this.

I hear you.

Now, are you gonna help me or not?

Hey, Eric, how busy are you?

Yeah, I need you to find someone.

It has to be now.


I'll send it over.

I know. Put it on my tab.

Are you coming or not?


There's two people in that photo.

Hi. We're here to see Gustav Munck.

- Do you have an appointment?
- We don't need one.

- What do you make of it?
- Sad.

What's sad is that my dad
never paints anything else.

Son of a painter.

Well, I never.

Sometimes... he paints this grouse.
Sometimes he doesn't.

But other than the bird,
he paints the exact same thing,

over and over again.

I never understood that.

Maybe he's still trying to get it right.


Mr. Munck. It's actually Gustav
that we're here to see.

We're kind of in the middle
of a situation. Please, follow me.

There has been a death threat
against my brother.

What kind of a threat?

It was a letter
on the windshield of his car.

Saying what?

Kind of a far-right message.

Unhappy with Gustav's
progressive politics.

Not helped by his being on the wrong end
of all this media attention.

- What are you doing?
- Asking the police

if they find the threat credible.

My brother's
wasting your time, detectives.

- Our security are handling this in-house.
- And I want a second opinion.

Threatening emails, tweets,
those can usually be ignored.

But in this instance,
they have knowledge of and access...

to your vehicle.

The board of directors want him
to stay out of the spotlight...

I don't care!

I'm not gonna give in to these people!

This isn't about you. Politics is bad
for business. You have responsibilities...

Yes! And I'm sure
the police have better things to do

than listen to our dirty laundry.

What was it you came to see me about?

We understand that you know Isak Bjork.


He was best friends with Hugo Lundgren.

Possibly, yeah. I've seen him around. Why?

They were always together.

Did you know Hugo, too?

Sorry to interrupt. Your father's here.

- You'll have to excuse us.
- I didn't say we were finished.

I'm sorry, detectives,
you've caught us at a bad time.

I'll have my assistant reschedule.

Did you see his face
when you mentioned Isak?


- He's definitely hiding something.
- Mm-hm. But what?

Why don't you ask him yourself?

Isak? They found him?

- Yup.
- That's fucking great.

You ask, and I provide.

Come on.

Anyone seen Isak?

Any of you seen Isak?


Anyone seen Isak?

- Who?
- Isak. You know Isak?





Hey! Isak!

Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!

- Hey! Hey!
- Ah! Don't kill me!

- Don't kill me! Please!
- Isak!

- I'll get your money.
- I'm not gonna hurt you!

This is Detective Kurt Wallander.
Remember me, come on.

I'm not going to hurt you.

Oh, God.

It's all my fault.

It's all right.


you're hiding out in fear of your life.

You can't keep this up.

Let's make this easy.

It's drugs, right?

You think the people
you owe money to are trying to kill you.

Like they killed Hugo.

Who are they?

Names? Nationality?

Come on, Isak. Talk to me.

The more you help us,
the better it's going to be.

I started by dealing a bit of weed
to my friends.

Just to get some cash to buy clothes,
go out, pay for tattoos.

Hugo, too?

No. Too shit scared of his dad.

But we were always together.


- weed turned into other things.
- Uh-huh.

Nothing hard,
just party vibes, you know?

Then one time a friend suggests

I supply these parties in the woods
outside the city.

Exclusive, invite-only kind of thing.

Full of minted people.

You figured you'd make a fortune.

So what went wrong?

I ticked a load up front. We ended up
smashing half the drugs ourselves.

And the rest we gave away to girls.

A lot of hot girls there.

And you're left with no money or drugs.

And a dead best friend.

You think these drug dealers murdered Hugo
as a warning to make you pay up?

That is quite a stretch, Isak.

I know it was them. 'Cause they killed
my other friend in the same way.


My dog.

Someone killed your dog?

At one of these parties.

I lost Doobie and went back
to search the next morning.

Found what was left of him
a couple of miles away.

Why take your dog to a party?

Protection... I took him everywhere.

Wh-Why do you think
it's the same people who murdered Hugo?

'Cause they did it with a grenade.

- Did you report this?
- I was shit scared.

I'm sorry.

Who was hosting these parties?

A rich guy called Gustav Munck.

Gustav Munck?

- You heard of him?
- Rings a bell.