Young Sheldon (2017–…): Season 6, Episode 2 - Future Worf and the Margarita of the South Pacific - full transcript

Sheldon and Missy try to help out with the Cooper family's financial troubles, while Mary struggles to deal with life outside of the church.

Previously on Young Sheldon...

Mary Cooper...

I want to sex you up.

I have good news.

Good. I could use it.

I got a job at
the bowling alley.

Working with Brenda?

Every day.

I am so sorry about today.

I just hate to see you walk away

from the Lord. Feels like

He's walking away from me.

What is that?

Hamburger Helper.

It's official. We're poor.

We're not poor.

There's hamburger in there.

There's hamburger
in there, right?

I like Hamburger Helper.

It really does help your
hamburger make a great meal.

Well, it's a good
thing you like it,

'cause you're definitely poor.

Like us. We're fine.

Actually... Just eat.

Do we still say grace? Why not?

Mom's been taking a
break from the church. Mom?

Well, I hadn't really
thought about it.

We can if you want to.

Let's not.

As meaningless as it is,

I do find the ritual comforting.

Well, somebody make a
decision. That slop's getting cold.

No, it's good cold or
hot, like Grape-Nuts.

Ooh, can I say it?


Bless us Lord for the food
we are about to receive

and bless the hands
that prepared it.

And let me have a good
hair day for school pictures

later this week.

Let's see, what
else do I want... Wrap it up.

And please let my
dad find a full-time job

before we lose cable. Amen.


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how's it going with this whole

no church thing?

It's a little weird,

but I'm figuring it out.

Think you might go back?

I don't know yet.

Maybe find a different church?

I don't know, George.

I'm gonna get a beer.

You, uh,

care to join me

like the good ol' days?

Just 'cause I'm
not going to church

doesn't mean I'm
suddenly a drinker.

Okay. Well, then I guess

me and my friends
will say goodnight.

We need to talk.

About what?

You do their taxes.
How bad off are we?

Based on their part-time income,

we're going to run out of
money by the end of the year.

Before or after
Christmas? Before.

Not what I wanted to hear.

Anything we can do to help?

Perhaps we could sell our stuff.

But I like my stuff.

I like my stuff, too.

Let's keep thinking.


Connie. Grant Linkletter.

Hello, Grant.

What can I do for you?

Well, I looked at my calendar
and realized it's been six weeks

since I last asked you out, so

I thought I'd give
it another shot.

You ask me out every six weeks?

Used to be nine, but we're
not getting any younger.

I'll tell you what...


Really? Why not?


But I want to be clear,

this is just one of
those... Whatcha call it...

Uh, platonic things.

We're just having dinner.

I'll take it.

Now, would you
prefer a restaurant

or some good home cooking?

I make seven kinds of soup.

I think I'll just stick
with a restaurant.

Fair enough,

but one day,

you'll try my mushroom barley,

and your taste buds will swoon.

Good night, Grant.

The secret is how long

I cook the onions.

Chicken coop, now.


What are we doing?

What are you doing?

What, you hired Mary

to work at the bowling alley.

She needed a job.

I was being nice.

Well, you don't
think it's a little weird?

This right here...

It's all weird.

Are you drunk?

Not nearly enough.

You and Mary working together
is a bad idea considering...

you know, you and me.

We haven't done
anything, George.

But there was considering.
You know there was.

What do you want me to do?

You want me to fire her?

No, no. That'd be weird.

Which is exactly where
we started. Good night.

You understand what I'm saying.

Okay, so what are you good at?

I'm popular.

That is not a skill.

You can't do it. Fine.

Oh, you could go on Jeopardy!

Never. I don't like answers
in the form of questions.

I like my answers in the form
of answers, and my questions

in the form of
questions, thank you.

Ooh, perhaps I
could sell story ideas

to TV shows like Star Trek.

Do you really think
they'd listen to a kid?

My voice has gotten deeper.

The other day, I
answered the phone,

and they didn't
mistake me for Mom.

Star Trek's not gonna
buy your stupid ideas.

We'll see about that.

I have one where the Enterprise

falls into a time tunnel,

and Worf becomes a Worf

from 12 minutes in the future.

We could let people
punch you for a buck.

No, all our profit would
just go to medical expenses.

Hey, Brenda, I was trying to

do the books for the
quarter, and I was having

a little trouble
making sense of it.

You know, Mary, if...

if it's too big of a mess, and

you'd rather work somewhere
else, I'd understand.

No, I'll figure it out.


So happy you're here.

Hey, there.


Hi, Mary.

Finally found an
eight-pounder that's not pink.

I didn't know you bowled.

I didn't know you did either.

Actually, I, um,

I work here now.

Oh, sure, okay.


I'm so sorry

about how things

went down at church.

If it helps at all, the place
has gone to heck since you left.


I sure do miss working with you.

Well, we can still be friends,

even if we don't work together.

I'd like that.

You find a kiddie ball yet?

It's not about
the weight, just...

I have small fingers.

Oh, uh, Mary, this is Shannon.

Shannon, this is

Mary Cooper. Hi.

You used to be Mary Tucker.

Oh, not in a long time.

You remember me?

Sorry, no.

Shannon Dixon. You
used to babysit me.

Is that so?

She was so great.

She would let me stay
up late and watch TV

while she would make
out with her boyfriend.

I don't... remember any of that.

Oh, I'm not surprised. You
used to hit my dad's liquor cabinet

pretty hard. Well, Mary Cooper.

I was... young and
hadn't found the Lord.

You two have a great time.

Here's that invoice.

Oh. Great.

I see Pastor Rob's here again.

Oh, does, uh...

does he come here often?

Not with that one.

She's new.

Well, good for him.

Single, good-looking pastor.

In a small town like this,

he might as well
be Roger Staubach.

Oh, my God. The Dallas Cowboys.

Oh, sure, course.

Um... hey, if you need me,

I'm gonna be in
the office doing...

office things.

What are you doing here?

I ran out of beer at home,

didn't feel like
driving to the store.

Oh, so you just waltz
in and help yourself?

'Bout sums it up.

I'm changing the locks.


So, how's my daughter doing?

Eh, she seems okay.

Still trying to
figure things out.

I got to be honest,
I'm not exactly upset

about less religion
in the house.

I hear you.

Although, Jesus
making her forgive me

has come in handy
more than a few times.

Yeah, I played that card, too.

Then again, I remember
Mary before God

got His mitts on her, and...

she was pretty wild.

Don't have to tell me.

I was the person
she was wild with.

Oh, she was wild long
before she ever met you.

What do you mean?

Did you think that you were the
first person she was wild with?

Well... yeah.

And just when the
Enterprise is about to be

assimilated by the Borg,

another ship appears,
piloted by Wesley Crusher.

Uh-huh. It's surprising because

Wesley Crusher left
the show years ago,

so it's a big deal.

If you say so.

I have more. Commander Data...

I'd like a reservation
for dinner.

Yes, I'll hold.

You want to do this
over dinner? Okay.

I'm taking your
grandmother out tonight.

She didn't mention it to me.

Maybe because it
doesn't concern you.

My meemaw, my professor...

Who's in the middle
of that Venn diagram?

Yes, two people at 8:00.

8:00's a little late for Meemaw.

What time does she like to eat?

Well, she's old like
you, so 6:30 at the latest.

Can we make that
6:30? Wonderful.

Hold on. Does she
like French food?

I'll call you back.

Anyway, Commander Data...

Let me ask you a question,
if this Commander Data

were taking your meemaw out
for dinner, where would they go?

Almost certainly the holodeck.

Sounds trendy.

Is that in Houston?


What's up?

I saw your "help wanted" sign.

I'd like to help, please.

How old are you?

How old do I need to be?


Do I not look 14?

I don't care. Perfect.

So, when do I start?

All right, hold on, do you
even like comic books?


What's your favorite?


And the cool thing about
the X-Men is not just

that they have
superpowers, but they act

as a metaphor for outsiders...

outsiders trying to find
their place in society.

Who's your favorite?

All of them.

Mine, too.

And I got the job.

You can't work at
the comic book store.

If anyone should work
at the comic book store,

it should be me.

Sorry, we're not hiring.

Do I at least get a discount?

I do.

Oh, hey, hi.

Oh... You okay?

Not really.

It's been a... rough
couple of days.

I'm sorry.

Thank you.

Makes you feel better,

I've had a pretty
good couple of days,

and I'm still gonna get drunk.

Want to join me?


That would be nice.

More sad than nice,

but let's go. Okay.

So... this is unexpected.

Well, I know you
like margaritas,

so my first thought was
a Mexican restaurant.

Good thought.

But I assumed other men had come

to that same conclusion.

They have. Which led
me to Polynesian fare.

I like to think of the Mai Tai

as the margarita
of the South Pacific.

You don't do anything
on a whim, do you?

Did once, didn't like it.

I have an idea

for a Star Trek episode

I'd like to present to you.

Why me?

Because I'm hoping to sell it,

and since it's going to
be broadcast television,

I want to make sure the
common man can understand it.

Well, I understand
I was just insulted.

Excellent, I came to
the right common man.

We start on

a gas giant in the
vicinity of Rigel IV,

then see a shuttle craft,

a dot of silver against the
inky blackness of space.

Inside the shuttle craft,

we see Lieutenant Worf
struggling to breathe.

He's been infected by a
vicious intelligent fungus.

Where are you
going? I'm listening.

Cough, cough.

Worf is choking on spores,

but not just your
everyday spores,

these are spores with their own

evil agenda. Uh-huh.

And, as he sinks

into a coma, a mysterious figure

in a spacesuit approaches.

He lowers the visor of
his helmet revealing...

Future Worf. Are you hooked?

Oh, yeah.

Main titles.

Cue theme song
and the soothing voice

of Patrick Stewart as
Captain Picard says...


"The final frontier."

Who's Patrick Stewart?

Feeling better? I'm fine,

just having a little
moment earlier.

Oh, yeah.

All right.



Seems like running
into Pastor Rob kind of...

kind of rattled you
a little bit.

Oh, well...

I was asked to leave the church,

and he's still there, so...

it's still a little fresh. Mm.

Yeah, I get that.

Seems like a nice
guy, though. Oh, yeah,

he's great.

Cute as a button.

I guess.

I prefer a bigger man.

Like George?

Oh, yeah. Bigger the better.

Deep within the
Enterprise's control room,

Future Worf says,

"I willingly sacrifice myself

for the good of this mission,"

then throws himself
into the warp core.

There's an
explosion of tachyons.

The Enterprise blasts free
of the gigantic field of fungus.

Fade out.

Written by Sheldon Lee Cooper.

What do you think?

If this Worf fella was
infected on the shuttles,

why would he come
back to the Enterprise

and put everyone else in danger?


Father found a flaw in my story,

my sister had a job I envied.

It was a big day for
the common man.

But then I had an idea that,

like Future Worf,
was ahead of its time.

Missy. What?

Why is a dollar worth a dollar?

Sheldon, I'm busy.

Me too. I've solved all
of our money problems.

I'm going to invent my
own digital currency.

Like, printing your own?

No. First, we assign value
to difficult-to-find numbers

and store them in a
computer database.

Then we create an algorithm
to mine the numbers,

then we encourage people
to switch from currencies

that are
government-backed to ours.

It's brilliant. I'm
going to be rich.

Speaking of,

did you know Batman is
also secretly a rich dude?

Or he lives in a rich
dude's basement.

I'm still figuring it out.

Oh, thank you, tiki woman.


what's going on at work?

I don't want to bore
you with science talk.

No, no, I'm interested.

Excellent. We're in a race
with the Finnish team to see

who can correct the
unification of the leptons.

As you can imagine,
the world waits anxiously

while we see who
crosses the finish line first.

So, the Finnish may
be at the finish line?

Oh, you're witty, too.

More cheese to bait the trap.

Maybe we should order dinner.

Nonsense, there's
food right here.


prickly on the outside,

but beautiful inside,

just like you.

And you know
that Shannon girl...

With Pastor Rob?

She was a bedwetter.

Ten years old.

That's not normal.

Maybe he'll get
a fun little surprise

on their honeymoon.

Oh, no, they're
not getting married.

Well, how do you know?

I don't.

I just think he could do better.

Mary Cooper.

Are you sweet on him?

No! What?

I am a married woman.


Well, I was married once,
too, didn't stop me from looking.

Well, I'm not looking.

Where you going?

To dance.

I didn't think you
Baptists did that.

We don't drink, neither.


Look at me. Ooh! Wow.

I'm pretty good.

Are you familiar
with the phrase,

"You need money
to make money"? No.

Well, it's a phrase, and
my clever twist on it is,

"I'm going to make
money to make money."


Now, when I say "make
money," you might think that

I'm talking about
counterfeiting, but no,

I'm talking about creating
a unique decentralized

digital currency that
people can pay to own.

Sounds like a scam.

No, it's an open-source currency

that has value due to
mathematical scarcity.

Sounds pretty scammy.

You don't understand.

I do.

You say a bunch of
fancy jibber-jabber,

people don't want to admit

they're too stupid
to understand,

then they give you their money.

Well... um... sort of.

Love it. How do we get started?

Well, all we need is a
mainframe computer.

How much is that? New,
about half a million dollars,

but I'm hoping to find
something slightly used.

Time will prove me right.

You're not gonna believe this,

but I don't go
on a lot of dates.


It's true.

Sure, I did okay as
a younger man, but

there was a war on and

most of the able-bodied
men were elsewhere.

So, you sowed
some oats, I get it.

A whole field of them.

I was the Johnny
Appleseed of oats.


But here's the thing.

Once you put off matrimony
past a certain point,

women start to think of
you as... What's the word?

Creepy? There it is.

And then along comes you,

my little Texas firecracker,

playing the game of life

by her own set of rules.

I'm a firecracker,
I'm a pineapple...

Good for me.

Can I ask you a
personal question?

Oh, I wish you wouldn't.

How would you like

to make love to a man

who shook the hand
of Albert Einstein?

And... you did.

This one right here.

I didn't wash it for a week.

Not a selling point.

Excuse me for a moment.

I have to toss my cookies.


Where you been?

Brenda and I went dancing.

You went dancing?

Yeah, and I'm darn good at it.


The kids asleep? Yep.

You want to fool around?

Are you messing with me?

I'm hoping to.

Well, hot diggity dog.

Welcome to King
Kong Comics. I'm Missy.

If you have any questions,
please let me know.

I don't have any questions.

I know more about
comic books than you do.

Okay. What you may
not know is the new

Green Lantern just came in.

Also, if you like green things,
I recommend Green Arrow,

and, of course, the
Hulk. His skin is green.

I know that.
Everyone knows that.

Uh-oh, are you
gonna smash things?

That's something the Hulk
does when he gets upset.

I'm not upset.

Cool. If you need something,

I'll be at the front
counter. Where I work.

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