Young Sheldon (2017–…): Season 6, Episode 3 - Passion's Harvest and a Sheldocracy - full transcript

Sheldon must choose sides in an ethical dilemma. Also, Mary tries her hand at writing and Mandy needs a new place to live.

Previously on Young Sheldon...

What is happening to our family?

Mom, getting kicked out
of the church.

Georgie having a baby
out of wedlock.

We really are white trash.

But the church is still
your family.

I'd just hate to see you
walk away from the Lord.

Feels like
he's walking away from me.

You looking for a new church?

Not yet.

'Cause I can see you
going Catholic.

You got a "get thee
to a nunnery" vibe.

Oh. Mom. Really?

Passion's Harvest?

The main character's name
is Passion.

She's inherited
her daddy's farm,

and there's a stud
in the stable.

Oh, that's terrible.

Read it, then tell me
how terrible it is.

I'm not reading this trash.

So you're literally judging
a book by its cover?

All right.

Fine. I'll give it a look.

How come you've dog-eared
all these pages?

You'll see.

♪ Nobody else
is stronger than I am ♪

♪ Yesterday I moved a mountain ♪

♪ I bet I could be your hero ♪

♪ I am a mighty little man ♪

♪ I am a mighty little man. ♪

Ethically, can science
ever go too far?

Just because we can
do something,

does that mean
we should do something?


I haven't finished.

I'm sorry, go on.

should science have
any limitations?



What about human cloning?

More of me? Yes, please.

Well, what about more of
everyone else?

No, thank you.

What about, uh, dinosaurs?

Herbivores, yes.
Carnivores, no.

Well, what about the herbivores
who can squash you like a bug?

Good point. No dinosaurs.

So, cloning is unethical?


But what if we were
to clone Albert Einstein?

That would be swell.

At some point,
I'm going to need a sidekick.

So, cloning is ethical?

Right, because Albert Einstein,
unlike the dinosaur,

harmed no one.

I think the victims
of the atomic bomb,

which his discoveries
helped create, might disagree.

So, what's the right answer?

That's why we're here,
to find that out.

Why don't you just tell us?

Why don't you?
I asked you first.

You're it, no backsies.

This is such trash.

♪ You can't judge an apple
by looking at a tree ♪

♪ You can't judge honey
by looking at the bee... ♪

Oh, Passion, not the stable.

That's where the horses do
their business.

♪ You can't judge a book
by looking at the cover ♪

All night long?
Who wants that?

Who's in there?

Uh, me.

I'll just be a minute.

I really need to go!

It's occupied!

♪ I look like a farmer ♪

♪ But I'm a lover... ♪

I could write
a better book than this.



What are you doing here?

I was at the grocery store and
I picked some things up for you.

Thanks, but I can buy
my own groceries.

I know,
but you're eating for two.

I thought I should help out.

Three kinds of pickles?

Everybody knows
pregnant ladies like those.

Okay, I'm throwing up enough
as it is.

Why is it so dark in there?

No reason.

What's with the candles?
Are you on a date?

You think I'd dress like this
on a date?

I think you look good.

Well, I don't,
and if I was on a date,

it'd be none of your business.

Then why are you
sitting in the dark?

Okay. It's not a big deal.

I was a little short
on the power bill this month.

How come?

Well, waiting tables
and morning sickness,

not a great combination.

Definitely got reflected
in my tips.

Don't worry.

I'll pay to get
your power turned back on.

I'm not a charity case.
I can figure this out on my own.

But you can't even watch TV.

What kind of life is that?
It's fine.

I can hear the neighbors fight.
That's almost as good as TV.

Hmm. Well,
I'll leave you with this.

There's some ice cream in there.

You might want to
make that a priority.

Okay. Good night.

I got you the kind
with three different flavors

'cause I didn't know
what you liked.

Bye. It's chocolate,
vanilla and pink.

Chapter one.

When Marie stepped into the bar,
she knew she looked good.

But not in a vulgar way,

more for what she didn't show
than what she did.

♪ ♪

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Well, hello.

♪ Woman ♪ Dusty.

♪ Take me in your arms... ♪
That's not a name.

That's a poorly kept house.

What's your mother call you?


I like that.

And you are?


What are you drinking, Marie?

A dirty martini.

Really? How dirty?



♪ And let the loving start. ♪

Dr. Sturgis.

I don't think I
can do the assignment.

Why not?

Just pick either side
of any ethical argument

and present it.

But how do I know
which argument to present?

Any one you want.

And how do I know
which side to take?

Any side you want.

But I want to
take the right side.

Maybe there is no right side.

This is torture,
and that can't be ethical.

There you go!
You picked a subject.

And a side.

Oh. Good.
Torture is unethical.

That's clearly
the correct position.

I agree.

But what if there's a bomb

hidden underneath the city

and someone says that the only
way to find out its location

is through torture?

Answer that.

Let's see.

Batman plays
by Gotham City rules

and would use torture,
but Superman's got

those Midwest values.

I hate ethics!

Haven't seen you here before.

Well, I'm just passing through.

Tonight, I'm here.

Tomorrow, who knows.


Guess we'll have to make
the most of tonight, then.

I guess so.

What do you say...

we get out of here?

What do you have in mind?

I don't know.

I was thinking
maybe we take a walk.

You can tell me more
about your hopes and dreams.

What's going on in here...

and all the way down here.

You really want that?

To know who you really are?

There's nothing I want more.

Oh, my.


Hey. This is a surprise.

Sorry to just drop in.

No. No, it's okay.

Let me just...


The cleaning lady didn't come

- Your mother?
- Good one.

So, what's going on?


So, you know how I said
I had everything under control?

Things have changed.

I wasn't just short
on the power bill.

I was also short on the rent,

and, uh, now I'm short
on a place to live.

Oh, okay, well,
you're welcome to stay here.

Mi garage, su garage.

It'd just be for a little while.
Stay as long as you need.

You got stuff in your car?
Should I go get it?

Yeah, about that, um...

All my stuff's in the apartment
and my landlord padlocked it.

That ain't right.

He said when I pay the back rent
he'll let me in.

Hell with that,
I'll go get your stuff.

How are you gonna do that?

Don't you worry about it,
make yourself comfortable.


Oh, you hungry?

You want some SpaghettiOs?

I'm sorry, that was rude.

There's your clean spoon.

Can I change the channel?
Well, I'm watching this.

I miss when you had a real job
and were gone more.

Can you two help me
with my homework?

Did I hear him right?

Yeah, he asked for help.

With his schoolwork?

How long have you known him?
All my life.

Has he ever asked for help?

Hang on.

Is this some kind of prank?

It's not a prank. I just
need help with my homework.

Did a bully take it from you?

Is it real heavy?
You need help lifting it?

No, I need your opinion
on an ethical dilemma.

Should robots have
the same rights as humans?

That depends.

What's "ethical" mean?

♪ ♪

Don't shoot!
I'm not a robber!

Turn around real slow.

How's this?
'Cause I can go slower.

You picked the wrong apartment,
little man.

Ain't this 208?

It's 207.

I'm in the wrong apartment.

I just said that.

I can explain.

My girlfriend... well,
she's not really my girlfriend,

but she's having my baby.

She got evicted,

and I came to get her stuff.

Are you talking about Mandy?


You're the dumb bastard
that knocked her up?

Yes, that's me!
Not a robber, dumb bastard!

Aw, hell.

Put your hands down.

I ain't gonna shoot you.

I saw the padlock on her door.

Yeah, and all her stuff's
in there.

I came to get it for her.

I like that girl.

She's a good one.

I agree.

Why don't you marry her?

I'm trying. She don't want to.

So, you think getting her
toothbrush's gonna change that?

Couldn't hurt.

So, what do you say, can I go?


Thank you, sir.
Good night, sir.

Sorry to bother you, sir.

Nice kid.

Glad I didn't kill him.

♪ ♪

Sometimes I feel like,
at my age,

I should have
everything all figured out.

But I don't.

Nobody has it all figured out.

You ever get scared?

Oh, yeah.
All the time.

I mean, like right now, I...

I'm scared you won't like me.

Oh, Dusty.

You don't have to
worry about that.

You promise?

With God as my witness.

Well, I hope he's not watching
right now,

'cause I'm about to kiss you.

♪ ♪

What you writing?

Oh. Uh,
just making a list of chores

that need to get done.

Well, that doesn't
sound like fun.


one of them is.

I'll get to the rain gutters.

You just got to...

Mm. Mmm.

What's happening?

Why don't you come
to the bedroom and find out?

Weird day.

Did you have any problems

getting into the apartment?


In the right window,
out the right window.

Easy peasy.

You can hang your dresses
and whatnot on the barbell.


So we're clear, uh,

just 'cause we're
sleeping together

doesn't mean we're...
"sleeping" together.

I understand.

If you want, you can take the
bed and I'll sleep on the floor.

Oh, I can't ask you to do that.

It's okay. I got a sleeping bag,
and I'm young.

We'll share the bed, just, uh,
keep your hands to yourself.

Works both ways.
You keep your hands to yourself.

I'll manage.

Well, if you find you can't,
that's okay, too.

Hey, uh, what's
the bathroom situation?

Oh, I pay rent. You can use
the one in the house.

Good, I was afraid
you were gonna say that sink.

The sink?

That's kind of gross.

I'll be right back.

Looks like
you're just a sink again.

Oh, George.

Mm, you like that?

I love that.

How about
we turn the lights off?

Yes, please.


Get out. Get out.


I'm using the sink.


Good morning.

Did someone have a sleepover?

Mandy's gonna be staying with me
for a little bit.


It's not like that.

Didn't say it was.

Go ahead and take a seat, I'll
make you some scrambled eggs.

Since when do you make eggs?

I can make eggs.

He can't make eggs.

my stomach's a little queasy.

How about just some toast?

Great. Toast, I can do.

Good morning, everyone.


I'm sorry, what?

It's an honorific
I came up with to

describe a woman who's carrying
my future niece or nephew

but is not related to me by law.

You remember Sheldon.

I do.


I'm glad you're here.

I have a question
about robot ethics

I was hoping
you could help me with.

Sheldon, leave her alone.

No, it's okay,
he can ask me a question.

I'm his, uh... What am I?

Niblingo. What's your question?

Ethically, should a robot
be programmed to never kill,

even if killing
would save lives?

Where's the dang toaster?

Welcome to breakfast
at our house.


What? What? Where?

You know, thanks
for keeping an eye on things.


I didn't get much sleep.

Oh, you and Mary fighting again?

Oh, no, we're getting
along real good.


I mean... real good.

Yeah. I-I said okay.

It's like she's
a different person.

That reminds me of a film.

A lady fell off a boat,
she hit her head,

and when she woke up, she was
a completely different person.

What's your point?

Did Mary fall off a boat

Not that I know of.
Well, you should ask her.

We're not boat people, Dale.

Something strange is going on
in the bedroom.


I mean, I'm happy about it.

You know,
it's actually pretty great.

I just...

I don't understand why.

See, now I'm with you there.

When I was married to June,

she was going through
the change. Hmm.

She became downright frisky.

I think Mary's a little young
for the change.

Well, you'd think.

Nature's curious.

I went to school with a kid
whose hair turned gray

in the tenth grade.

We called him Whitey.

He used to buy us liquor.

Oh, anyway,

what I'm saying is that

have the family medic
do a once-over on her.

You know, kick the tires,
see how she's rolling.

Yeah, thanks, Dale.

I tell you my wife wants
to have sex with me,

you tell me
she needs to see a doctor.

Well, I'm sorry.

You making a woman hot,
that's completely normal.



I thought you were working.

Oh, I'm on lunch break.

Brought you something to eat.

Oh, thank you.

Oh, I also got you
some ginger ale for your tummy.

Why do you look
like you're gonna cry?

'Cause I am.

What's wrong?

My whole life.

A year ago, I was a TV
weather girl in San Antonio,

and now I'm living in a garage
with the 17-year-old

who got me pregnant.

I'll be 18 before you know it.

But not before you're a father!

Okay, well, what can I do?

Nothing, you're doing great.

That's how screwed up
my life is right now,

you're the best part of it.

Thank you.

I'm really trying.

I know you are.

It's gonna be okay.

Is it?

I peed in the sink last night.

Trust me, I'll fix this.

Now, here's the guest room.

Make yourself at home.

Thank you so much.

It's only temporary, I promise.

Oh, no problem.

Stay as long as you need.

Bathroom's right down the hall.

Oh, boy, a bathroom.

I'll go get
the rest of your stuff.

Thank you.

Question about your TV...

I want it.

I started
working on this presentation

to address specific
ethical dilemmas.

The laws of robotics,

whether torture
can be justified,

and cloning people
for fun and spare parts.

But I realized before resolving

any of these moral quandaries,
the real decision is

who gets to decide.

Do we put it up for a vote?

Does everyone get to decide
for themselves?

Should it be by committee?

Is that committee

elected or appointed?

You see where I'm going?
You probably don't.

For the smartest decision,

we need the smartest person.

Ladies and gentlemen, in
the field of scientific ethics,

we can't rely on

democracy or plutocracy.

We need an autocracy,

or to be more precise,
a "Sheldocracy."

♪ ♪

Um, I don't think
this was the assignment.

Sorry, Dr. Sturgis,
I pick the assignments now.

Everybody, for next class,

I want 500 words
on what you can do

to further the Sheldocracy.

Punishment for typos
will be severe.

Class dismissed.

Hey, that's my line.

No, it isn't.

Why don't you see me
after class.

Class dismissed.

♪ ♪

And I'm telling you,

your feelings are valid.

I don't know.

Hey. Hey.

Look at me.

I know.

Now, tell me about
the rest of your day.


I think I'm done talking.

Do you mean...?

I do.

♪ ♪

Mom, I've really got to go!

Use the sink in the garage!

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