Young Justice (2010–…): Season 3, Episode 23 - Terminus - full transcript

The hunt for Halo is on. Pray the team doesn't find her.

Hal, John, now!

No Boomtubin' away
this time, poozers.

Your turn, Flongated Man.

That's Elongated Man,
and I'm movin' in.

Wonder Woman,
deploy your Squad.

But be careful.

They've initiated
no counter-measures.

It's suspicious.

He's right. It makes you
wonder who's trappin' who here.

I can see
the kidnapped kids inside.

Our rescue mission's still...


The device has been activated.
Brace yourselves!

Keep going. Fight through it.

My, what a delightful test
of the Anti-Life Equation.

The Justice League's
biggest bullies

enslaved in one fell swoop.

My dear little Motherbox,

you've done quite well
for your Granny.

Darkseid will be most pleased.

Season 03 Episode 23

Episode Title: "Terminus"

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Goode World
Studios is under attack.

Across the globe, our facilities
have suffered a rash of break-ins.

Our security
and privacy violated,

or so forensics indicate,
by meta-humans.

My heart has been
shattered by these betrayals.

Especially, after all my donations
to the Meta-Human Youth Center.

These meta-hooligans working
outside the law must be disciplined.

She's just taunting us, Gar.
Don't let her get in your head.

Forager wishes
Forager could smell out

Violet Harper as Forager
once smelled out Victor Stone.

We all wish that.

But on the point
Gretchen just jabbed us with,

you know the Team
already conducted covert raids

on all Goode holdings
to find Violet.

And no luck.

Since neither Sphere, Motherbox,
nor Victor can sense her,

she is likely off-world by now.

We'll find her.

Uh, I thought you were
confined to bed, Mr. Low-Grade Fever?

You can't keep
a boy wonder down.

Uh, and please don't mention
any fever to Barbara, okay?

It took forever to convince her I
was over my Ghost Dimension sickness.

She'd been at my
bedside for two days straight.

I finally persuaded her
to go home.


Not until after I promised
to watch over you.


You yelled at me before.

Since then, it's been the silent treatment.

Can't we just talk?

Fine. Talk.

We were losing the war.

The Light changed the rules,
cornered us into making a choice.

Protect our ideals
or protect people.

As leaders,
we chose to protect people,

including our fellow heroes from
the repercussions of our choice.

Ask Jeff and Gar how
protected they feel by your choice.

But okay, sacrificing principle
to save people,

I get why this "Anti-Light"
was formed.

What I don't get is
why you went along with it.

- Why wouldn't I...
- Agree to secretly stage events?

Doesn't that sound
a little too familiar,

or have you really forgotten
how Artemis' staged death

led you
to brain-fry Kaldur?

- No, I...
- Every time you lie

to the people you love, M'gann,
you lose a little bit of your soul.

What we were doing,
it wasn't like that.

I'm sorry, but
you can't be trusted to decide

what it is and isn't like.

Not when it was your lies
that nearly ended us.

I thought
you forgave me for that.

Yeah, well, forgiving
doesn't mean forgetting.

You know
how much I've regretted

trying to alter your mind
without you knowing.

But I didn't, I wouldn't invade
anyone's mind this time

and I didn't hurt anybody.

Lies alter minds, M'gann.

Lies hurt.


Yes, Doorman Kirby Jacobs?
How can Fred Bugg assist you?

Hey, Fred.
Uh, there's a...

a gentleman here in the lobby
to see you guys.

He says his name's Savage.

Should I send him up?

I believe you're
shepherds who have lost a sheep.

Tell us where Halo is!

That is precisely why I'm here.

I know you have a Motherbox.

I'm here to offer coordinates,

so you can boomtube
to Ms. Harper's location.

What's the catch?

The catch, as you put it,
is this.

You promise to tell her
abductor exactly who sent you.

I can't reach Thirteen.

Last I heard, she was at the Tower of
Fate, training with Zatanna.

We'll manage.

I know. But it's a team mission
to recover one of our own.

And she's part of the Team.

I'll sub in for her.

Dick, you're still...

I'm traught, whelmed,
and feelin' the aster.

I'm going.

I do not believe we could
keep him here if we tried.

You think?

Which is why I am going.

I promised Barbara
I would watch over him.

And since you're going...

I am strictly back-up.

As you said,
Halo is your teammate.

This is your team,
your mission.

I know I'm an Outsider,
but I'm going, too.

And no one can stop me.

No one's trying to stop you.

But we're headed
into the unknown here.

I need to know you can keep
your head on this mission,

for Violet's sake.

I can do that,
for Violet's sake.

Not bad.

Soundin' pretty Big Blue,
like a leader.

We both know
that's not my role.

Hey, don't look at me.
I hate being a leader.

You keep sayin' that,

but you already are a leader.

So maybe the real question is,

what kind of leader
do you want to be?

Motherbox has
Savage's coordinates.

Psychic link established.

If Vandal's intel is correct,
we'll have the element of surprise.

If not,
this could be an ambush.

Be ready for anything.

All clear.

Mother of goat,
what are those things?

The stench.


Don't let them spook you.

Remember your training and they'll
fall like any other opponent.

But Violet, is she here?

Savage was being straight.

Motherbox is locked on Violet.
She's here, and close.

That's odd.

I can't sense her psychically.

But I don't have to be psychic to know our
boomtube will attract attention, and soon.

Beta Squad, you know the plan.

We provide the distraction,
you find Violet.

you're leading Beta.

If you get in real trouble,
have Motherbox boomtube you home.

And remember...

Keep my head, do my
homework, and be in bed by ten. Got it.

Seriously, I'll watch out for
them, and we'll bring Violet home.

I'm honored
you've put your trust in me.

Let's go.

They grow up so fast.


behind that ship, the Javelin.

Which means we are

almost certainly aboard
Granny Goodness' asteroid base.

The League was staging a raid here today
to liberate dozens of kidnapped meta-teens.

Sending update to Beta.

Not hearin' a battle.

I've reached out psychically.

Meta-teens, the League, I can't sense
any of them here, not even my uncle.

We know from the Markovs
that Granny can potentially use

Violet's power to control
anyone without a fight.

Then we assume
Granny's got 'em.

And we'll just add the Justice
League and several dozen meta-teens

to the rescue list.
No big deal.

Company's comin'.

Alpha Squad, take positions.

Keep base security focused on
us, so Beta has a clear shot.

I'm fine.

which way to Violet?

Forager smells someone.
No, several someones coming.

Mantis? Here?

Mantis is
the bug who threatened

Forager and forced
him to come to Earth.

Forager knew Mantis was
angry, angry with all the New Gods.

But Forager never dreamed Mantis would
leave the hive to fight for Apokolips.

Anger can cloud
one's judgement.

And we cannot always
save people from themselves.

He has made his
choice as we have made ours,

for our hive, for our family.

Let's save Violet.

Alpha Squad,
you have incoming.

Please surrender now.

One entrance sealed.

I'll close another to keep them
channeled from one direction.


Monkeys must love you
'cause you are banas

if you thought the Wall-man would
stay back at the Cave and miss this.

Kid Flash, you're here!

Well, duh.

A mission to fight
space babes and giant space bugs,

on a giant space station
in space?

Try to keep me away.

Oh, hey, the new girl.
I'm gonna keep my eye on her.

We heard that!

Oh, and you know my
fantasy first date with Miss M,

is us takin' down
space baddies together.

Well, then, KF,

looks like today is the day.

After all, we didn't come for a playdate.

Shh. Listen!

Hello, Megan!

Check, this, out!

Kid, wait!

I'm calling souvenir!

KF, you're brilliant!

Uh, Rob?

Why did my souvenir
just eject some thingies?

To subject
some space monsters

to a little Team-style
shock treatment.



Now let's ject the rest!

All right, scoot over.

Make some room for player two.

Miss Martian.

- Jected!
- Artemis.

Jected! She owes me one.

You know
I can still hear you.

Dang it!

Superboy, Aqualad.


Nightwing hacked the Javelin.

I hacked the Javelin.

Your fever dream
also hacked into old memories,

old feelings.

We all experienced it.


Um, sorry.

Don't be.

Wally's always
fighting at our side,

and always will be.

We have to move.

Dick, if you are not one
hundred percent in the game...

You kidding?
I haven't felt this good in years.

Let's go ject Granny.


Violet. She's in there.

First, the elders.
Now the children.


your friends certainly make
things easier by coming to us.

Let Violet go.


So the young prince
arrives to rescue his princess.

In these last moments,

before the entire galaxy
falls to Apokolips,

your sad story
moves even my cold heart.

Your parents
murdered by an uncle,

your country lost to a brother,
your trust betrayed by a confidant,

and now you lead
your sister and friends

to an inescapable doom,

executed by the she-thing
closest to your heart.

Granny Goodness is...

Trying to
distract me with anger

while I distract her
by pretending it's working.

I'm about to tell Motherbox to disable
the device on Violet's forehead,

so get ready to...

He cut the psychic link.

My link
with Beta's been severed.

For just a moment, I sensed my uncle's
touch upon Geo-Force's consciousness.

But J'onn's mind
was not his own.

and the other Leaguers?


Nothing on any of them.
Not even J'onn now.

No doubt they're
all under Granny's control.

Stay traught.
Just need to level the playing field.

Yes. M'gann, the moment we
enter, brain blast everyone.

Render all unconscious,
friend and foe alike.

That won't work
on everyone,

especially those
under Granny's sway.

A puppet doesn't need a mind if
someone else is pulling the strings.

Your psychic strength may be the
only way to tip the balance in our favor.

You must do to them
what you once did to me.

You are not suggesting
she brain-fry everyone.

Don't you know
the effect it has on...

Believe me, I understand
the consequences to our friends, but...

But what about
the consequences to M'gann?


what about the consequences
to the Universe?

If Granny succeeds in
using this Anti-Life Equation,

then billions throughout
the galaxy will be enslaved.

I'm prepared to sacrifice
my soul to save theirs.

Are you prepared to stop me?

How is Beta Squad
to fight the Justice League?

You're not fighting them,
child, you're joing them.

So too, the entire population
of your world,

well, the meta-population,

who are the only ones
that will survive.

Non-metas suffer
from the process

in a way that metas do not.

You perhaps noticed a difference
in the residual effect

of the Ghost Dimension
upon your Richard Grayson,

as opposed to Jefferson Pierce
or Kaldur'ahm?


imagine every non-meta in
the galaxy suffering that way,

before eventually dying.

It's truly glorious
to contemplate.


Little Prince, take heart.

You'll spend plenty of time
with your beloved Violet.

you'll spread Anti-Life

throughout the Universe
till death do you part.

Violet, please!

But enjoy this moment,

because it's the last moment you'll
be conscious of being together at all.

Overlord. Cube, please.

Excellent. Now.

Please. Hurry.

Target that device!

Well, at long last.

Rise, children,
and bear witness.

The Age
of the Anti-Life Equation

is finally upon us.

The Age of Darkseid begins.

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