Young Justice (2010–…): Season 3, Episode 22 - Antisocial Pathologies - full transcript

The betrayals come fast and furious, and with them, a reckoning.

It was a motley assortment

who came to rescue Grayson,
Pierce, and Motherbox.

Clearly, Earth's various teams
of heroes are cooperating

more than they have revealed
to the public.

So it has always been.

And I had them all at my mercy.

But they escaped.

Thanks to a Boomtube-Boy
and that Halo-Girl.

You need not
concern yourself with Halo.

I already have plans
for her capture and beyond.

is not the only one

to express interest in the girl.

Securing her is my operation.

And per the Light's traditions,

that gives me
first rights to her.

I see.

And what of the Markovs?


Easy, Princess.

What are you doing?

I could ask you the same thing.

See, I know you haven't
reported all you know

about either Halo
or Victor Stone.

Explain yourself, girl. Now!

Nothing to say?

You've gone soft
on those people.

You're soft, Princess!

That's why
those meta-traffickers

were able to grab you so easily.

But I promise
I can toughen you up.

I am not soft.

I didn't report
on Violet or Victor

because they're both
developing situations.

I'm still gathering intel.

I can't tell if you're trying
to fool me or yourself.

And I can't decide
which is worse.

You think those heroes
are harmless.

Goody-two-shoes types
who care about you.

You've clearly forgotten
how much Brion cared

when he invited you to London,

then went clubbing while
you were being abducted.

How much your parents cared

when they did next to nothing
to track you down afterwards.

How much Jace cared when she
dunked you into Bedlam's Tar.

You think your new friends
are any better?

The moment they decide
you're out of line,

the moment they fear
they can't control you,

they'll slap an inhibitor collar

or a control chip on your neck.

Look, kid,

have I ever been anything
but straight with you?

Tough, sure. For your own good.

But straight.

So take this.

Just in case.

His temperature's spiking.

Help me strap him down
so he doesn't hurt himself.

I don't understand.

I mean, yeah, Granny's X-Pit
was pure torture,

but I recovered.
Why is Dick in such a bad way?

I wish I knew.

His brain is swelling.

Doctor Jace says we need ice
to bring down his temperature.

We're on it.

Ice is on the way.

And then what?

It's a fair question, Courtney.

But the three of us
hope we're making a difference

by inspiring young metas

Showing them that
the possibilities are...

Well, infinite.

Mother of Goat!

This Infinity Incorporated

is poaching on
the Outsiders' turf.

Oh, take it as a compliment.

We inspired them.

They wanna inspire others. Mmm.

And that's a good thing, right?

Always looking
on the bright side.

I need that.

Frankly, I'd be lost without it.

Without you.

Not in a pancake mood?

It is difficult to
enjoy pancakes

when my powers can do nothing to
pull Dick back from death's door.

Didn't you just say she always
looked on the bright side?

I think we all feel a bit guilty

we're here enjoying a meal
while Dick is so ill.

What else can we do?

Doctor Jace asked us
to give some space

to his oldest
friends and family.

That reminds me.

Who is his family?

Is Grayson's father
Bruce Wayne...

Look, can we
talk about Gretchen?

She's the reason Dick's...
Well, you know.

She almost killed Jeff
and Motherbox too,

using some serious
Apokoliptan tech.

You know she's got
something else cooking.

And I'm not talking
about pancakes.

We need to take her down!

His temperature's down.
He's stable for the moment.

Take a break, Doctor.

We'll call you
if anything changes.


You're a lifesaver.

I think that's your job.

I'm in way over my head, Jeff.

I'm here for you.

Anything you need.

- Is everything...
- There's no change.

Alfred's with him.

Kaldur, M'gann. A word.

It's a shame
it takes something like this

to bring everyone together.


A shame.

I'm sorry, but I hereby

tender my resignation
to the Justice League.

Since when are we
working for the League?

We're not.

I want nothing to do
with Batman Incorporated.

The truth is, I don't trust you.

Son of a...

You were all working together!

Mr. "I Don't Join Teams" Grayson
takes me on a rogue mission

to Granny's house,

where we're rescued
by the co-chair

of the Justice League
and a Bat-Family drone!

- That's on me.
- I can explain.

Oh, I'm sure it is.

And I'm sure you can.

But it doesn't stop there.

Or start there, for that matter.

That joint op busting
meta-traffickers around the world?

Dick explained it
all so logically.

It was intel M'gann
provided to us,

to the Team, and to the League.

But, of course, it was really
the six of you coordinating.

Just how long
have you been coordinating?

When I quit the Justice League
and wouldn't join Batman Inc.?

Did Dick recruit me for Markovia
just to keep me in the fold?

Holy... When the League split,

Batman didn't blindside Aquaman!

You both planned it in advance!

Created that dog and pony show

to lie to every one
of your fellow Leaguers!

And why?

So you could break the law
with impunity

while dragging me into it?

It is not as bad as...
As you make it sound.

Oh, no, I'm guessing it's worse.

Everything's a lie!

Badass Kaldur getting his bad
ass kicked in Brooklin, Maine?

That was just to make the
Outsiders look good, wasn't it?

- No!
- -That's not what happened!

Not bad enough
you manipulate me...

you had to manipulate
these idealistic kids!

Be silent, my child,
and follow me.

I don't understand.

Should we really be leaving
now, with Dick in such...

I'll explain in the car.

Brion? Tara?

What's going on?

I have good news, Violet.

My mentor has found
a cure for your condition.

My condition? But they don't...

It's all right.

I know you were having trouble

deciding how to break the news,

so I told them.

And they're here to support you.

Right, kids?

Yes, Doctor Jace.

I'm so glad you finally know.

Now there are no more
secrets between us.

No secrets.

That's my boy.
Seat belts, everyone.

No wonder you were kidnapped.

Even with your powers,

you can't seem
to take care of yourself.

Look, kid, I got you away
from your abductors,

which is something your family
and country couldn't do.

But we both need to make sure

no one can ever
hurt you like that again.

So try harder!

We were using bo staffs!

But in this world
it doesn't pay to fight fair.

I'm glad you've learned that.

I'm so proud of you, Tara.

Didn't we feel
enough of this mode

when Artemis faked her death?

Is this how Batman teaches you to
treat your friends and teammates?

'Cause I bet
Superman or Wonder Woman

sure wouldn't approve.

Uh... Diana's part of this.

And Cassie doesn't know?

You never told her?

Dude, this is gonna
end you two for good.

You know that, right?

So your little secret society
of superheroes

orchestrated events
in Brooklin, Maine?

No, the Brooklin Warbugs

and the Reach ship
were real threats.

We just kinda teed it up
for you guys.

We didn't need that!

Look what we accomplished
in Dublin!

What? You're saying
Dublin was teed up, too?

But the girl and her dad?

The girl was M'gann.

Her dad was Bruce.

M'gann! You did that to me?

I cannot believe this!

The whole point of the Outsiders

is to be in the open!

Give kids something
that's theirs.

You guys corrupted that!

Look, you may not
like our methods,

and maybe we did go too far.

But you've secretly and knowingly
coordinated the Outsiders

with the Team and the League.

- That's different.
- Not very.

You wanted to go head-to-head
with Lex and Granny in public.

We were going head-to-head

with the Light
behind the scenes.

And we did it in a way

that allowed you
to preserve your integrity.

So now you're mad at us for it?

Condiment King?

All yours.

You're not even sorry!

We are sorry we have
made you feel this way.

That's not an apology!

I am not going to apologize
for putting the mission first.

What good is the mission

if we lose ourselves
trying to fulfill it?


I think the person
you're really angry with...

is me.

My mentor
should be here any minute.

In the meantime, lie down,

and I will prep you
for the procedure.

Wait. I remember...


cerebral-leash, please.


Don't want...

I didn't know
you were bringing a friend.


Let's call ourselves associates.

I told you

trying to sedate her
wouldn't work.

It was worth a try.

After all, a control chip

might or might not
have worked on this one,

and we couldn't risk
tipping her off beforehand.

I've fulfilled
my part of the bargain.

I'm ready to depart with Brion and
Tara, as promised.

You'll get what you're owed

when we are good and ready.

Oh, stop pouting.

So you're not getting
the Halo-Girl.

When the time comes, you can have
the Boomtube-Boy to play with.

I don't understand.

We had an arrangement.

There's been
a change in plans, my dear.

But don't let it worry you.

I feel a great sympathy
between us, Helga.

You're a mother who knows how
to keep her children in line.

I admire that.

Would you care to see

what we have planned
for this Motherbox-Girl?

I admit, I'm curious.

Excellent. Motherbox, rise.


What... What is this?

This is an X-Pit.

We're safe within the Cube,

which protects us

from the effects
of the Pit's Ghost Dimension.

Said effects are
somewhat deleterious

to mind, spirit, and body.

In my proper role as matron
of my master's Orphanage,

I hone his young warriors,
and often use X-Pits

for discipline, correction,

and to prepare a subject's
brain for reprogramming.

It's quite effective...

in the short term.