Young Justice (2010–…): Season 3, Episode 24 - Into the Breach - full transcript

The Outsiders make one last attempt to save Halo...and the galaxy.

"Luck?" That's all
you're gonna say?

How did you... Oh.

Never mind.

Miss Martian and the Team
are following their lead...

We'll follow ours.

And what is our lead?

Why are we here, exactly?

Didn't the Team search
Granny's studio already?


[sighs] Okay,
for a while now,

I've been struggling to figure out the
full extent of my cyber-abilities...

- [phone beeps]
- It all started

when I intercepted a text
from Violet to Brion.

You hacked his phone?

Uh, no. The cybernetic part of my
brain just intercepted the text.

Things like that
would happen at random.

I couldn't control it.

And back then,
I didn't want to.

But after my recent
Mobius-Tech infusion,

I kinda got a handle
on this "gift".


I can reach out with my mind
to anything on the web

or the cloud or, well,
anything electronic, really.

That's how I sensed Motherbox
was in danger at Granny's house.

So ever since Tara told us
Granny took Violet,

I've been searching any and
everything related to Gretchen Goode,

Granny Goodness
or Goode World Studios.

How's that different
from what Oracle's been doing?

It's not and it is.

Oracle travels
the information superhighway.

I become the highway

Okay, Mr. Highway,
what did you find out?

- Uh, let me see if I can show you.
- [beeping]

Ooo-kay, since when
can you do that?

First time.

Doing a lot of stuff for
the first time these days.

Anyway, I jacked into the
studio's proprietary network,

and found this.

Building Sixteen,

a storage facility
for props and costumes

with no network connectivity
at all.

Gee, that's not suspicious.

Right. So I checked again

and found a clear
Apokoliptan signature,

which I could sense, 'cause apparently
that's a thing I can do now.

Didn't the Team
already search that building?

They must have
missed something.

If there's even a one percent
chance Violet's there,

we have to go in.

Yeah, but we go in smart.

And two men short?
What about Static and Geo-Force?

Didn't want to get
Brion's hopes up.

And Virgil texted he's still
with Jeff. So it's just us.

[drones and beeps]

No heat signatures in the
building, so no people.

It's safe to go.

Or, you know, "safe".

[Overlord drones]

Yes, I feel it, too.
Company's coming.

[Theme music playing]

Season 03 Episode 24

Episode Title: "Into the Breach""

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