Young Justice (2010–…): Season 3, Episode 19 - Elder Wisdom - full transcript

The Outsiders face Lex Luthor's machinations. But Lex isn't the only one trying to manipulate them.

No, G. Gordon,

we're not holding the United
Nations Climate Conference

in Bwundasa simply because
my company owns this hotel.

I own hotels in many cities,
many cities.

Then why Bwunda, Lex?

What's wrong with
bringing good old

boondoggle bucks to
the good old USA?

Because Bwunda's leader
in perpetuity,

General Simon M'Barra,
invited us.

Global warming affects us all.

And with the new year,

comes a new chance to
set the world right.

Now, let's get that photo-op.

You've been away a long
time, Diana.

Cassie will not say it
but she misses her mentor.

And do not get me
started on mother.

I know Troia,
but I'm needed out here.

Please tell them both
I'm thinking of them, always.

Of course, sister.

Do you need to get back
to the conference?

Talks do not start
until this afternoon,

and I'm happy to skip
another photo-op with Luthor.

Smiles, everyone, smiles.

Speaking native language...



Sister, are you all right?


Answer me!

Season 03 Episode 19

Episode Title: "Elder Wisdom"


We speak for the Bwundan
Independence Front.

The United Nations
and Lex Luthor

legitimized the tyrant M'Barra
by holding these talks in Bwunda.

In consequence,
you ambassadors are now...

Outsiders, we're up.

Everyone, get down.

Speaking native language...

Get him.

General M'Barra,
do I have your permission?


will not be denied!

"B-I-F?" BIF?

Bif, bif, bif!

You guys do your own
sound effects.

Thanks for the lift, Ed.

That's El Dorado,
the golden one.

Right, right.
Thanks, ED.


Troia, what's going on?

Do not worry, Wonder Woman,

the team will
protect your sister.

Terra, look out!

Argh, gone.


I am fine, Diana.
Just angry.


- Now, now, now.
- No more skewering...


You okay?

Feeling a little moded.

But with my accelerated
healing, I'll be fine.

Careful, Mr. Godfrey,

we don't want to spoil those
telegenic good looks.

No, indeed, we do not.

You okay, Kid?

I'll be fine.

Flash to Watchtower,
the Bwundan crisis is over.

No need
to send reinforcements.

I got an assist
from the Outsiders.

Excuse me,
who assisted who here?

This isn't
about who gets credit.


But Flash, I thought the
League was barred from Bwunda.

I called in the Justice
League, Ambassador.

- You?
- Of course.

I requested permission
from General M'Barra,

and a Leaguer was
here in minutes.

The system worked.

These amateurs who clearly
entered this country illegally,

were not required.

As a result,
a child was badly hurt.

I'll be fine!

I'd like to thank
the real hero here, the Flash.

The Justice League
is always happy to help.

But I'm not gonna be a part
of your Dog and Pony show.

That's our cue too.

Outsiders, rendezvous
with the team at the Bio Ship.

And let Lex
have the last word?

This isn't your
arena, it's his.

Not for long.

I didn't want to do it.

But I had no control
over my actions,

over my own mind.

We know.

It's okay, Lia.

You're among friends.

Will you let us help you?

M'gann's intel warned about a BIF
attack on the entire delegation.

But I'm pretty sure
Garth was targeted.

They drugged him
so he couldn't use his powers,

then moved in for the kill.

Ambassador Troia
was also targeted.

And Lex is good.

But he seemed almost
prepped and ready

to call in the League
and slam the Outsiders.

It felt like we were set up.

Oh, you were totally set up.

Channel encrypted and secure.

Yes, Ms. Savage,
you have questions?

Perhaps it's not my place.

How will you learn
if you don't ask?

All right, the Atlantean and
Thymisceran survived, did we fail?

Well, it would've been nice to
eliminate my main UN adversaries,

but defaming the Outsiders
was job one.

That's why the Light
planted seeds on the darknet

suggesting a BIF attack
was imminent.

We wanted the Outsiders
to show up and they did.

So, mission accomplished.

The Outsiders are
still trending positive.

Trust me, they're playing
right into our hands.

They captured Briggs.

She'll tell them
it was a set up.

She cannot confirm
my involvement.

Respectfully, sir, they'll
know you were involved.

My dear, knowing and proving
are two very different things.

It'll be all right, Lia.

They can help you here.

Halo, I understand you
attacked without a shield.

Racing in,
taking crazy chances.

I heal.

You were nearly beheaded,

I doubt you could
heal from that.

Besides, you still haven't
said a word about your arrest.

You can talk to me,

you can talk to Artemis,
you can talk to Helga.

But you have
to talk to someone.

Until you do and until I know
what's going on with you,

you're benched from the Team.

I saw you on television, hijo.

Making headline news, causing
an international incident.

We saved lives, we did good.

What did you think
we were going to do?

That's the problem.

I understood intellectually.

But seeing it live
was very different.

Your friend was injured.

I'll be fine!

He has a meta-metabolism,
he heals fast.

You don't,
what if you're hurt?

You can't walk away so easily.

Watch me.

You didn't even
have to be there.

The League was called in.

By Luthor,
he set it all up to target us.

The most powerful man in the
world has made you his target?

Do you even hear yourself?

Let's remain calm.
Maybe take this inside.

You already gave permission
for me to join the Outsiders,

it's too late to object.

It's not too late for me
to rescind my permission.

I've spoken with some
of the other parents.

Behind my back?

I can't even talk to you now.

Halo, get us out of here.


Solidarity, you know.

Happy new year!

Everyone ready for training?


These guys are already doomed,
they just don't know it.

Where are Violet and Fred?

Violet's upstairs and Fred
went out to look for Vic.

Gosh, I forgot about Vic.

Even when I'm here,
I never see him.

I live here
and I never see him.

Violet, I just ended
another call with my mentor.

I'm afraid we've still
found no cure for this

cell death that's...

killing me.

Yes, I see.

We're not giving up.

Thank you.

Dr. Jace, if you would
give us a moment.

Of course.

Violet, please, you've been
different, distant.

Won't you tell me
what's going on?

I'm sorry, Violet,
but you're dying.

I have a boyfriend.

Maybe I'm not
a very good girlfriend.

Violet does have her issues.

Still, this is your
first serious relationship,

and her first
relationship, period.

First loves are very sweet.

But the truth is,
they rarely last.

Ha, see? Doomed.

- Uh, training.
- Just a sec.

So crash, #WeAreAllOutsiders
is still trending.

Mom, I just left you in DC.

How'd you get here?

Mi padre's

He used to work
for the Erdel Initiative,

and the Justice League

He hacked their access

and they zeta'd through
the I. WayneTech tube.

We did.

Because the three of us
compared notes

and agreed we needed
to talk to the Outsiders.

Guys, look, one of Professor
Ivo's robot monkeys and this girl.

She's reaching out
to us for help.

It's exactly what I
hoped would happen.

Check her profile.

- Wait.
- Got it.


She lives in Dublin, Ireland.

And I'd hit the troub-alert,

but we're all
geared up and ready.

So the Outsiders
are out of here.

No, none of you kids
are going anywhere.

Not till we hash
this thing out.

Um, see, Jay,
I really respect you.

But the fact is,
I'm an emancipated minor

and Jaime and Virgil
are both 18.

But Eduardo, Cassandra
and Bartholomew

do not have
our permission to go.

- Jay!
- Mom!

Sorry, guys,
hope you can work this out.

Brion, you coming?

You had better
go without me.

I think this is the
LittleMatchGirl's father's store.

From her post,
I'm pretty sure she lives upstairs.

We're closed, you...

You're the Outsiders!

You're all my
daughter talks about!

we came to see her.

But she's gone.

I've called all her muckers
and no one's seen her.

Did you call the police?

Aye, but I bollocksed it up

by telling them about them
bloody monkeys.

They wouldn't believe me.

We will.

All this showboating,

can't you find other ways
to get attention?

We aren't doing this
for ourselves.

The meta-teens at the Youth
Center need role-models.

So that's how you help them?

By encouraging these children
to place themselves in danger?

- Brion.
- I'm sorry, Violet,

I don't know what's wrong.

I don't know
if I did something...

- No.
- Then talk to me.

I can't just give up
on what we have,

what we mean to each other.

Not without a fight.

It's not you...

Please don't say,
"It's not you, it's me."

But it is me. I...

I kissed a girl at school.

Well, she kissed me,
but I didn't stop her.

Do you have feelings
for this girl?

She's just a friend.

All right.

Then I forgive you,
and we can get past all this.

I thought
we were past all this!

Now, suddenly, you're upset
about me being a hero?

I've been on the Team
for two years!

It was one thing for you
to be a part of a covert unit,

but, now, you've put
a target on your chest

that rightfully belongs
to Wonder Woman.

You're in the crosshairs
for all of her enemies.

If not all of the League's.

Damn it, you'd think you kids have
never been to the Watchtower's grotto.

Most of the memorials
are to kids like you

who never
got the chance to grow up,

marry, or have children
of their own.

Wally was like
a grandson to me.

And I don't want
any more holograms.

Ah, Jay...
That's not fair,

none of us want that.

Tara, there's something I need
you and your brother to hear.

I've seen these before.

They're Lex Luthor's

And these are
Anthony Ivo's monkeys.

Help me, please.
I want to go home.

All right, we're both here.

What do you need to tell us?

It's about Gabrielle
and who she really was.

Gabrielle Daou was
Quraci refugee,

a servant at the royal palace.

Bedlam abducted
and murdered her,

you inhabit her former body.

We know all this.

But you don't know the reason
she was abducted.

You see, she knew too much
after taking Bedlam's bribe.

- Bribe?
- To turn off the security system

and open the door.

Allowing Bedlam's assassin

to enter and kill
the King and Queen.

Your parents.

How long have you known?

Long enough.

This work, this life,

it's too dangerous.

The League never
should've sanctioned it.

As your legal guardian,

I never should've
sanctioned it.

- I will not let you...
- Jay.

This isn't about me.

It's not even about Wally.

This is about Joan.

You're in mourning.

Lost, alone.

But I'm not going anywhere.

There are meta-teens out there

who are also lost and alone.

Someone needs to be there
for these kids.

If not us, then who?

Mom, you're right.

Now that we're in the open,
we're targets.

But, really,
that's nothing new.

Meta-teens feel like they're
in the crosshairs all the time.

Someone has to empower them.

If not us, then who?

You and I have
had tough times,

but we always find our way.

I want nothing more than
for us to be a family.

You know families
of meta-teens

are being torn apart
every day.

Someone needs to show them

families can survive
and stay together.

If not you and me, then who?


Get back,
that Ivo bot's about to blow.

And there you have it,
faithful viewers,

the latest explosive exploits

of every punk's
favorite heroes,

the outrageous Outsiders.

We're here with UN Secretary
General, Lex Luthor.

Mr. Secretary, thoughts?

It's wonderful the girl
was rescued, of course.

But, frankly,

the local constabulary
could've managed that.

Instead, these irresponsible,
super children rush in,

and the predictable result,

an explosion,
massive property damage.


Isolated incident or pattern?

The latter, I'm afraid.

Take Bwunda,
where I personally witnessed

the near death of Kid Flash.

He and Wonder Girl
and Beast Boy,

show all the maturity of kids

putting on a show
in their backyards.

It's appalling Flash,
Wonder Woman and the League allow it.

I happen to know that
the parents and guardians

of these teenage Outsiders

are not on board
with their antics.

That's why, I call upon
the nations of the world

to authorize
a new hero registry

to catalog, unmask,
and regulate all vigilantes,

cracking down on them,
and holding them accountable,

even for the actions
of their wayward proteges.

Something like what we had
in the US, in the 1950s.

You make some
interesting points.

I call "interesting"
an understatement, G. Gordon.

Perhaps "inaccurate"
would better suit?

Based on recent social media,

it seems the Outsiders'
parents are 100% on board.

The original Flash,
Jay Garrick,

even started a brand-new media
account to post this video.

No one could've stopped me from
being a hero when I was young.

So I say,

We are all Outsiders.

Oh, and look, Mr. Garrick
must watch our show,

because he just posted this
in response to your comments.

And there's more.

We are all Outsiders.

We are all Outsiders.

We are all Outsiders.

It appears you're
on the wrong side of, well,

everyone on this, Lex.

That wasn't in the script.

The script needed changing
and you needed a wake-up call.

You took the wrong approach,
my friend,

allowing a personal vendetta
to cloud your judgment.

"Personal vendetta."

Please, we know Ivo's factory
actually belonged to you.

We know you lost a fortune
in spiderbots,

but your campaign against the
Outsiders was backfiring, badly.

Your attacks only
increased their popularity.

So, don't attack, embrace.

Embrace and co-opt.

Someone should get Superman
a print of that.

He'll want to frame it.

A publicly annoyed Lex Luthor
is a minor miracle.

How was it achieved?

It began with Oracle

who sorted her way through
LexCorp's shell Companies

to find the Dublin factory.

Nightwing, Aquaman,
and I checked it out

and discovered
Lex was using it

to store his
weaponized spiderbots.

So the six of us
devised a plan.

Oracle posted the blurred monkey
image on the Outsiders' feed,

I posed as the distraught
Matthew Malone.

While I morphed into
his missing daughter, Moira.

The Ivo drone and the monkeys?

Those were damaged bots salvaged
from Ivo's last base by Robin,

who repaired, reprogrammed,

and operated them
via remote control.

To fool the Outsiders.

Among others.

But not Lex Luthor.

No, Lex will know
this was a setup.

But knowing and proving
are two different things.

Is that your excuse?

Don't any of you see how
truly compromising this is?

This is a war, Diana.

And which side are we on?

We're not simply
hiding things anymore.

We've gone beyond lying to
our comrades and the public,

now we're staging
false events,

creating fake news,

merely to make our
opponents look bad?

Or the Outsiders,
and by extension,

the rest of us, look good?

Even with the best
of intentions,

that is crossing a line.

You must see that.

You must.

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