Young Justice (2010–…): Season 3, Episode 20 - Quiet Conversations - full transcript

Victor Stone reaches a crisis point. And he's not the only one.

[fireworks exploding]

[cell phone ringing]

- Stone.
- [Silas] Victor, it's me.

How did you get this number?

- Does that matter?
- Does it matter?

I didn't want to start the new
year without my son in my life.

Meaning what I want
doesn't count, right?

If I ask you a question,
you don't answer.

If I beg you, beg you to come
to a game, you don't show!

If I tell you I need space,
you ignore my wishes!

- Victor!
- Goodbye, Dad.

- Don't call back.
- [cell phone beeps]


[Victor screams]

Victor Stone!

Oh, Fred Bugg has been
looking everywhere for...

Victor Stone...

Help! Hive drones!
Victor Stone needs help!

- Fred, what is it?
- [Victor groans]

I'm okay. Not murderous
or anything, but I guess...

I guess Father Box
isn't done with me.

- If it can't take my mind...
- [gasps]

It will transform
my whole body

until I'm nothing but
a walking, talking Father Box.

[Theme music playing]

Season 03 Episode 20

Episode Title: "Quiet Conversations"

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[Dr. Irons] [sighs] You
seem stable for now, Victor.

Doesn't feel that way.

- [Mother Box clangs]
- [Dreamer] It shouldn't.

Your condition is anything
but stable.

Guys, this is Dreamer,
of the Forever People of New Genesis.

Figured we might need her help
to figure Vic out.

[Mother Box clangs]

Mother Box has run
a diagnostic.

She believes
your only hope is to place you

in the Mobius
Chair of Metron.

The what of who?

The New God Metron.

He invented
Mother Boxes, Father Boxes

and boom tubes
among other things.

His Mobius Chair
is the only thing with

a powerful enough
connection to the Source

to purge Father Box's soul from
the technology contaminating you.

- [Tara] She's gone!
- [Fred] Violet Harper

has left the building!

I'll see what this is.

What's going on?

Violet Harper/Halo is gone!

"Thank you. Sorry.
Don't try to find me. V."

[sighs] M'gann said something's
been troubling Violet.

I tried to get her to talk to
me, but she wouldn't open up.

We've talked,
but never about her leaving us.

[Tara] It is our fault.

Violet confessed to us that
Gabrielle accepted a bribe

to allow our parent's killers
into the palace.

[sighs] Uh, well,
even if that is true,

that was Gabrielle,
not Violet.

- They're two different people.
- I know.

But I did not react well.
Neither of us did.

Okay, go back in.
I'll find her.

I... I'd like to come with you.

You're the doctor.
Vic needs you here.

I'll bring Violet back.
I think I know how.

You both need to
get ready for school.

No. Forager must stay
with Victor Stone.

And I need to help you
find Violet.

It is the least I can do.

Extraordinary circumstances.

[Dreamer] Do nothing.
Your resistance is low.

The slightest stress could
allow Father Box's advance.

I will leave Mother Box with your friends,
so that they may bring Metron to you.

- You're not coming?
- I must return to New Genesis.

Hold your ears, Earthlings.

[Mother Box clangs]

Also, Bear struck Metron
last time we saw him.

The presence of the Forever
People might not be helpful.

Mother Box will take you to Metron
and return you upon your request.

- Thank you.
- [portal closes]

Mother Box,
please take us to Metron.

[Mother Box clangs]

Y'all are giving me
a headache.

No more boom tubes
in the house.

Please be careful.
I... I need you.


The feeling is mutual.

Is Brion Markov coming?

- Is that him?
- I think so.

Metron! Stop!

[Conner] Metron!

[Forager gasps]

My brother and I
were roughhousing.


Miss Megan.
Have you heard from Violet?

She isn't in school.

Violent's run away
from home, Harper.

A lot of people
are worried about her.

Do you know where she is?

No, I don't know.

Though... It must be great to have
a lot of people worried about you.

Sphere, can you
help us find Violet?

[Sphere hums]

I'll take that as a yes.

[knocking at door]


Speaking Arabic...

[Nadia] Gabrielle? Gabrielle!

Speaking Arabic...

[muffled talking]

I am sorry.

Since surface languages were not
designed to be spoken underwater,

I know being understood
has been difficult.

And I imagine the last few
weeks trapped in this tank

have been worse
than difficult.


Are you certain
you want to go?

You are very brave.

[automated voice] Recognized,


Chants in other language...

Has it worked?
My translation magic is quite rusty.

Did you just speak Hindi?
Or am I speaking English?

[chuckles] We are both
speaking Atlantean.

But I do not speak
Atla... Wait.

I can talk!
And you can understand me!

[laughs] Thank you!

[automated voice] Recognized.
Silas Stone. A-Four...

- Father's here! [groans]
- Victor, please!

You must remain still.

- And more importantly...
- I knew it!

You wouldn't talk to me.
So I asked Dr. Irons for a favor.

Please, Victor.
You are my son.

I had to see you.
Had to help you.

But not listen to me!

Victor, what happened?

- The Father Box tech has spread.
- Oh, you noticed?

Happened right after
I talked to you!

- So once again, you're...
- [loud clanging]

- [Victor screams]
- Victor!

[Victor grunting]


Forager's heard stories
of the old Promethean Gods.

But Forager never
thought Forager would

actually stand on
the face of Gog!

We're standing on a God?

And we were in his nose?

- [loud clanging]
- There's Metron!

[Forager] Oh, too late.

Mother Box, follow Metron!

[Mother Box clangs]

Now where are we?

[Jefferson] In the thick of it!
Take cover!

Who are Parademons
shooting at?

[Superman grunting]

My brother.

Your emotions are clearly
affecting your condition.

Don't you think I know that?

We need to slow this down.

His best option is
a medically-induced coma.

That's your solution?
Putting me in a coma?

It's temporary.
And while you're under,

you'll lose no more ground
against the Father Box.

Please. Victor.
You must trust me.


No. I should do it.

No one else should be
responsible for this.

For him.

I will bring you back, son.

I promise.

- [sighs]
- [cell phone rings]

Excuse me.
This could be important

and I know Victor's
in good hands.


- Kon-El?
- Hey, Kal.

What are you doing here?

- I mean, I'm glad to see you but...
- It's a long story.

What about you?

Well, uh, Apokoliptan forces
staged a raid here.

The Parademons attacked local miners
and while we were saving them,

the Furies boom tubed away
with stolen minerals.

It's disappointing, but
we'll get 'em next time.

There will be no next time.

The mineral taken here
was the final element

DeSaad and Granny required
for their device.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Granny?
Granny Goodness?

Hey, I know this is
a weird time to ask,

but would you be my best man?

Of course. Wait. What?

Hmm. 1.5 Kryptonians.


New God Metron must come
back with Forager

to help Forager's friend
Victor Stone.

That is not my function.

Okay. That's great.
But we have a friend back on Earth,

a human who's being eaten
alive by Father Box tech.

I see. Yes.

I must return with you.

Uh. Great.
Home, please, Mother Box.

[Mother Box clangs]

Hey, we'll talk later.

I swear, no one makes
my head spin like that kid.

No one.

I saw your brother
this morning.

He had a black eye.

[sighs] I told you.

Colin and I were roughhousing.

Look, I know the drill.

If I say anything, you have
to tell the authorities.

Colin and I could wind up
in foster care and separated.

So. Roughhousing.

Speaking Arabic...

King Orin of Atlantis,

allow me to
introduce you to...

- You never did tell us your name.
- No.

And I will not now.

It is all right, child.

You begin a new life
in Atlantis.

You may choose a new name
when the time is right.

Thank you.

Um, Your Majesty,
if I might ask,

why did you stop
being Aquaman?

Ruling Atlantis is more than enough
responsibility for any one person.

It was always my intention for Kaldur'ahm
to become the Aquaman when he was ready.

And he most certainly
is ready.

You honor me, my King.

Your work with the Justice
League honors all of Atlantis.

News of your Outsiders has
reached us here in Poseidonis.

The Queen and I
were very impressed.

Particularly with their defeat
of Professor Ivo.

Yes. They did admirable work
under difficult circumstances.

But apologies, my King.

I must take our new friend
to a promised rendezvous.

Of course.

Godspeed, Kaldur'ahm.

[Dr. Irons] Yes, I understand.

There's not much you can do if you
don't find her before it's too late.


[phone beeps]

I can't help noticing
you haven't said anything

about Halo's flight.

I understand that the truth
about Gabrielle and your parents

must have been
difficult to process.

But you should know
that the King and Queen

would be so proud of you now.

You found your sister.

And the work the two of you
have done together as heroes...

Well, it goes without saying
you are living up to

everything your mother and
father hoped you both would be.

More than that, the leadership
you've shown with the Outsiders

is having its effect
back in Markovia.

Your people are remembering
their love for you.

And you're doing
your country proud.

Who are you?

Silas Stone
is Victor's father.

Forager has seen Victor looking at
pictures of Victor and Silas Stone.

Is this the...

Can he...

This is Metron.
He can save Vic.

There has been
a misunderstanding.

I'm not here to save
this "Vic."

I am here to watch him die.

I have never seen
a Father Box

completely override
an organic system.

Such a thing
is worthy of study.

Study it? You need to stop it!
My son is dying!

Death is commonplace.

You know,
according to Dreamer,

we don't actually need Metron.

Just his chair.

You dare, mortal?

I am a New God.
To me, you are 0.5 of nothing.

If you're really a God,
then I guess you can handle this!

Put Vic in the chair!

These are my parents.

Sha'lain'a and
Calvin Durham.

We are very pleased you will
be staying with us, child.

And I think I can
help you adjust.

I'm from the surface world
myself. San Diego, California.

Thank you, but would you mind if I
had a moment alone with your son?

- Of course not.
- Take your time.

Are you unhappy
with this arrangement?

No. No, I'm so grateful
for the hospitality.

It is more than I ever
received up there.

- But, Aquaman...
- Please, call me Kaldur'ahm.

- Or simply Kaldur.
- All right, Kaldur.

I think you are the one
who is unhappy.

I know you lied to King Orin.

- I...
- I do not know what the lie was about,

or why it mattered, and I am
certain your king did not suspect.

You think lying
makes you a bad man.

But I have known bad men.

And bad men do not feel
bad when they lie.

You are a good man,

Let's talk about the gun.

That was Violet's gun.
She was the one caught with it.

Let's say it was Violet's gun.


Why do you think she had it?

Well, hypothetically...

She may have wanted to get it
out of the house

so that the alcoholic who lives
there wouldn't hurt anyone with it.

Right. Because alcohol and firearms.
Not a good mix.

[scoffs] Well, duh.

And yet, you were
caught using both.

Harper, you of all people should know
better than to go down that path.

- Okay, we're done.
- Fine.

You don't wanna talk
about yourself,

let's talk about your brother
some more.

You know, I've seen plenty
of bruises on you, but...

I've never seen any on Colin
before now.

- Roughhousing, remember?
- Maybe.

Or maybe you weren't there to
protect him because you were in jail.

Up to this point, you've been the
rock for Colin to hide behind.

But you're a kid, too.

And the rock's cracking
under this pressure.

Ask yourself whom your
silence is shielding now.

Colin... Or your father?

I know you're afraid
of what comes next.

But I am going to be there
to help you through it.

And I believe it can be better
than what you and Colin have now.

Our dad hits us.

Speaking Arabic...

[in English]
None of that matters.

I thought my disappearance
might make you broken,

so I came here to fix you.

- Why are you speaking in English?
- And so oddly.

I don't want to upset you.
Just give you closure.

What happened to you
in Markovia?

You don't even sound
like my daughter.

I know Gabrielle would've wanted
you to see her one last time.

Now you sound like
you're not even Gabrielle.

I'll tell you everything.

But you probably won't believe me
and you definitely won't like it.


Mother Box!
Tell the chair to save Vic!

[Mother Box clangs]


[Victor yells in pain]

[Victor screaming]



Did you see that?

The soul of the Father Box
has returned to the source.

Something similar must've happened
to Mother Box-Gabrielle-Halo-Violet.


Careful, son.

Father Box has been purged.

Your Vic is
all Mobius tech now.

A missed opportunity
for study. A waste.

I'm starting to see
why Bear punched this guy.

Look. I know I'm not your
favorite human right now.

But you mentioned
Granny earlier.

Is your Granny the same
as our Gretchen Goode?

No. And yes.

You're stabilized.

You'll be all right.

I can go now.

[in English]
You killed our Gabrielle!

No, the traffickers killed
her and me.

I didn't take Gabrielle's body
until after she was dead.

And it's hazy. But I believe I was
trying to fix her when I got...

- Stuck.
- Stuck?

You possess her body,
you unholy demon!

I do not understand
much of what you have told us.

But I do understand you came
here trying to give us a gift.

The only gift you could give.

Are you forgiving this thing?

[Nadia] Hush, Samad.

Everyone reacts differently
to difficult times.

You lost your brother.

And I lost my husband
to Queen Bee's armies.

And now I know
my daughter is gone, too.

I have anger to spare.

But before today,
I did not know

what had happened to my girl.

You have given me the closure
you sought to give.

And for that, I thank you.

I hope you find peace
among your family.

I received your message.

Yes, I know my report is late.

But that's because
I have nothing to report.

It's been quiet here.
Dull even.

Of course, Slade.

I shall keep you posted.
Tara out.

[phone beeps]

Sync corrections by srjanapala

[Theme music playing]




- [objects clattering]
- [glass breaking]

Dang it!

[laughing continues]