Young Justice (2010–…): Season 3, Episode 18 - Early Warning - full transcript

Project Rutabaga threatens to create an international crisis for the Outsiders.

This is Courtney Whitmore,
your very own star girl

reporting on today's
hottest stars,

the Outsiders, led by Beast Boy,

AKA Space Trek star
Garfield Logan.

The Outsiders include Geo-Force,

better known as meta-Prince
Brion of Markovia,

plus Blue Beetle and Kid Flash,

and two brand-new heroes,
Wonder Girl and Static.

They've already made
heroic splashes

in Taos, New Mexico, Brooklin,
Maine, and Chicago, Illinois.

Well, #WeAreAllOutsiders
has been trending non-stop

for nearly
two solid weeks in the U.S.

It's bigger than
Big League, gang.

So, the question is,
where will the Outsiders show up next?

Santiago de Cuba,

Miss Martian says a meta trafficking
lab there needs busting up now.

We'll rendezvous with Wonder Girl,
Static and Bio Ship, in Happy Harbor.

Then, it's Outsiders away!

Recognized Beast Boy...

Fred, Violet?

Time for school.

Mother of goat. I am glad this is
the last day before winter break.

I cannot understand
why you three

insist on attending school
in Happy Harbor.

Waking up this early
on the West Coast

in order to zeta to the East Coast
does, uh, suck,

but we have friends
at Happy Harbor High School.

Violet, a moment, please.

I have difficult news.

Did Brion find out Gabrielle
Daou helped kill his parents?

No, no. This is
about your origins.

Oh, you mean that
I am Gabrielle's corpse

brought back to life by the living
energy of a dead Mother Box.

Yes, that.

The ramifications
created some concerns.

So, I tested hair follicles
from your hair brush

to check your DNA, and...

Well... There's just
no easy way to say this.

I'm sorry, Violet,
but you're dying.

How can I be dying?
I can heal myself.

But your cells are not
regenerating as they should.

Every time you use your Violet
aura to heal a new wound,

it is at the expense
of your overall health.

At your current rate
of deterioration,

you have only a few months left.

- Months?
- But the situation is not hopeless.

I've been consulting
with my mentor,

and I truly believe we'll have
a solution soon, so...

- So?
- So, it's up to you

whether we worry the others
with your current diagnosis.

In a week or two,
we may have much better news.

Yes, I suppose we should wait.

The Outsiders, or in any case

those not attending the funeral,

are en route to Cuba.

Gar's group? Alone? Seriously?

- They can handle this.
- And they were our only option.

The mission is, potentially,
too public for the team,

and neither the U.N. nor Cuba would
allow the Justice League to intervene.

Are you forgetting
who they're up against?

Kaldur, if you can't find
Fate, I have to go.

Zatanna, you are a Leaguer.

We dare not risk
an international incident.

I'll try and stay
under the radar.

Zatanna, 2-5.

Stop worrying.

Project Cucumber
is right on schedule.

Rutabaga? Please.

This is a top-secret operation
for the Light.

Who'd choose the name
Project Rutabaga for that?

Well, if I named it
Project Rutabaga,

then Project Rutabaga it is.

Now, stop trying to ruin
my fun, Teekl.

And what's more fun
than tormenting children?

Yes, tormenting puppies is fun,

but I wouldn't say
it's more fun.

Quiet! I know what to do!

That's right.
I use magic as a catalyst

to activate the metagene
in kidnapped teenagers.

Stupid metagene.
This one can't even breathe out of water.

Oh, well, step one completed.

Step two,
apply mystic control brand.

Hmm, let's put her
with the others.

Truth is, none of
the metas we've created

have been that much fun.

Not separately, anyway.

Now, that's a Rutabaga!

Deploy Beetle mini drones.

We need to know
what's going on in there.

Transferring signal to Bio Ship.

Not something you see every day,

and we've seen
some pretty weird days.

All right, let's do another.

What do you mean we're all out?

I want more kids to play with!

I want 'em! I want 'em!
I want 'em!

Perfect time for Bart
and Jaime to go AWOL.

- Dude, funeral.
- Oh.

Man, yeah, I'm sorry.
I... I totally spaced.

And Mrs. Garrett
was so crashed, too.

But we've got another problem.

Cuban authorities incoming.

Klarion goes ballistic
over any authority.

keep the Cubans at bay.

Static, Wonder Girl,
we're going in.

Outsiders, away!

Dude, that catchphrase,
it needs work.

See, Teekl, I told you
we had some meta-teens left.


They're trying to steal
my magical metas?

You, flesh monster, crunch them!

Hey, did you see that?
That thing, it's made of kids.

Static, Wonder Girl,

hold it off without hurting
it, um, them.

I'll deal with Klarion.

Oh, fine time for you to be
knocked unconscious by an elephant.

Now I'm losing grip
of the mortal plane.


- Yes, Zatanna's in the house.
- No, not in the house.

I thought Leaguers
weren't allowed in Cuba.

I'm not, which is why
I'm not in the house.

My glamour spell hides me
from any non-Outsider.

Or any non-Chaos Lords.

We see you. You're a witch!

Guys, distract Klarion
while I deal with that.

Pack off, pachyderm.

Beast Boy!

Foolish mortal.

Klarion is chaos personified.

He cannot be constipated!

Yeah, yeah, contained.

He knew I meant
contained. Ow! Ow!

That this is... Ow! Stinging me.

A green hornet.

Ow! Ow!

- Wonder Girl! No!
- Yes!

- Wonder Girl, are you all right?
- Uh-huh.

I can't deactivate
your metagenes,

but I can free your souls.

Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!
What is happening?

I better get Witch Boy
out of here.

And this spell
is not going to be easy.

Beast Boy, get clear!

Not fair! That doesn't
belong to you!

You've got a lot of nerve, kid.

You're a stage magician,
and I am a Chaos Lord.

Now, what brave punishments
can we devise

for little Miss So-not-a-thing?

Look around?

At what?

This place is familiar.

The Tower of Fate?

No, no, no, no!

What if Nabu comes back?

This is his place of power.
No way.

No way I'd let him
catch us here.

Still in the Tower?

Dang it!

The Tower?

Dang it!

- All clear.
- Let the Cubans in.

I'll deal with you later.

- Outsiders?
- Outsiders. Si.

Are these gills?

You can't breathe!

Beast Boy to Bio Ship.
Need your help, girl.

Recognized. Forager. B-3-2.

Terra. B-3-3.

Where's Violet?

I thought all four of us
were training today.

I reminded her,
but when the bell rang, she...

What is the English...

Ah, yes. She blew us off to
hang with her friend Harper Row.

Violet blew us off?

That doesn't sound like her.

Still, if she's socializing,
making friends,

it's healthy, I guess.

Whoa! That's got a kick!

Whew! And so does this.

Go ahead. Can't hurt to try it.

Or is this a Muslim no can do?

I'm not a Muslim.

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Slow down, Vi.

I said try it, not kill it.

I don't kill.

I have a boyfriend.

So do I.

Here. Give it a shot.

- Whoa!
- Freeze!

Drop the weapon. Now!

Put down the weapon.
Put it down!

Vi, what are you doing? Drop it.

- Mama!
- Luiz. Luiz.

Gracias. Thank you.

What will you do
with these others?

Those with family in Cuba
can stay, of course.

But many of these kids were
trafficked here from other countries.

They'll be given
the opportunity to go home

or they can come
to the meta-human youth center

in Taos, New Mexico.

Either way,
we've got them covered.

- Much better catchphrase.
- You Justice Leaguers should not be here!

Hey, the League's cool,
but we're Outsiders.

And we're just trying to do the
right thing for kids like us.

Pero somos Outsiders.

We are all Outsiders.

We are all Outsiders.

We are all Outsiders!

Still the best catchphrase yet.

Go, while you still can.

Good. Use your
opponent's momentum.

Mother of goat!


It's all right.

You can't expect to know the
counter for every attack overnight.

Okay, let's try again.

But don't just focus on my eyes.

That might work against
an untrained fighter,

but not against
an experienced foe.

Be aware of my entire body,
hips included.

You'll learn to see the tells,
to anticipate what's coming.

- I know that.
- Do you?

I mean, I'm sorry.

I appreciate what you're
trying to teach me.

Look, I get it. You have bad
memories associated with training.

Training? Me?

Before your cage match
with Holocaust,

seemed like someone had given
you a few tips, if brutally.

Yes, my training
was a bit rough.

I understand. Trust me.
My dad, Sportsmaster,

he was just like that.

Borderline abusive on good days.

But that's not my style.

So, go again?


I appreciate the call, Bethany.

I'll make sure she gets home.

Thanks, Megan.
Say hi to Snapper for me.


Could I ask what's happening
with Harper Row?

We called her father
after checking our drunk tank

to make sure
he wasn't already here.

- And?
- We left a message,

but Harper's staying
in a holding cell

until dear old Dad
comes to get her.

So, you want to tell me
what happened, or why?

Violet hasn't texted back?

Well, maybe her
phone's dead, you know?

Got some newbies for you.
Ramp, please.

- Good work.
- There's one more.

Kind of a special case.

Okay, Bio Ship,
show us the hold.

Uh, the center is not
equipped for water breathers.

We will have to make
alternate arrangements for...

Sorry, I didn't get her name.

Hey, guys,
you missed a weird one today.

Um, not that you didn't
have a great excuse.

I mean...


I want in.

You want in?

Yeah, in to the Outsiders.

Seriously? You were never
into the whole hero thing.

I know. But the three of us

were talking after the funeral,

and this is something I need
to do for the kids here.

What part of
"We got you covered"

didn't cover them?
Them especially.

You guys are great,
but Brion's a prince and Gar's a TV star.

You three are clearly legacies,

and the kids here
just don't know you.

Great. Thanks.

Sorry, but they need to see
one of their own on the squad.

Dude, you had me at "I want in."

- All those in favor.
- Aye!

Uh, dude, is your dad
gonna be okay with this?

- Uh...
- Wait. Did I hear you right?

You're really joining
the Outsiders?

- Looks like it.
- That's amazing!

And you picked the perfect time.

- I did?
- Check your phones.

The Outsiders made
quite the splash today in Cuba.

Now #WeAreAllOutsiders

is trending
way beyond the States.

They're blowing up

- Not just viral, global viral!
- We did it.

As of right now, the Outsiders are
bigger than the Justice League.

Bigger than the Justice League?


Dang it!

Dang it!

Dang it!

Dang it!