Young Justice (2010–…): Season 3, Episode 17 - First Impression - full transcript

The Reach are back, terrorizing small-town America - unless the Outsiders can stop them.


M'GANN: Okay, Garfield,
you called this meeting.

And I appreciate
you hearing me out.

Kaldur, though the Justice
League ranks are divided,

you stand center-stage
defending a world

seemingly committed
to stopping your good works.

And, M'gann, you lead the team
against our adversaries

while avoiding the spotlight.

Despite all obstacles,

you're both making a difference.

But something is missing.

Okay, I'll bite.

A public version of the team.

Young heroes rebelling
against the system

to fight the good fight
in clear view.

No, we do not put
those kinds of targets

on our underage heroes.

That is what
the Justice League is for.

The League can't do what we need

because you're playing
on the Light's game board.

Have you seen
the headlines lately?

Lex Luthor's grip
on the United Nation,

the public fear of meta-humans,

meta-teen trafficking.

Bad guys like Granny Goodness
and Baron Bedlam

are capitalizing on all of it.

We've lost the hearts and minds

of the people
we're trying to protect.

Demagogues and fearmongers
have caused folks

to give up on the heroic ideal,

the reason the Justice League
was formed in the first place.

Great, now I'm
thoroughly depressed.

Don't worry,
I've got you covered.

See, we're gonna break the
rules the League can't.

We're gonna connect with people

in ways that can't be
blocked by governments.

We're gonna quiet
the fears of the public

terrified by
the meta-gene generation.

And we'll do it all
by inspiring that generation,

because we are them,

raised alongside them

in the fallout
of a scary meta-human world.

We can be the heroes that empower
them to conquer their fears.

That's a great speech,
Gar, sincerely.

But how's that any different from
what the League's trying to do now?

The League and the Light
are fighting spin campaigns,

and the Light's winning.

That's not
what I'm talking about.

Look at this.

Without even trying,

these actions have generated
something organic,

something beyond spin.

Something that can ever emerge

from under the thumb
of Luthor or Granny.

It's something relatable.

It's something we can build on

by giving people something
they can brand,

something they can own
on social media,

something that makes them
part of the story.

We're gonna be highly mobile
and accessible.

And together, we're gonna
start a revolution.

A... A small one, anyway.

You have given us
much to consider.

No, we haven't.

Get on board
or get out of the way.

- You all heard the story.

You guys built this team?

It's time to take it
to the next level.

Are you sure you're ready
for this kind of spotlight?

Green skin, can't hide.

The Reach outed me
two years ago.

Kid Flash is out too
from back in Wally's day.

Public doesn't always get
that I'm a different guy.

Plus, I never really grew out of the
whole secret ID thing anyway. You?

Markovia and the world
already know what I've become.

Now I want to show them
who I have become.

And there was no way

I was gonna let this be
a no-girl squad.

The group needed a little color.

Hey, brown skin here.

- Might as well be blue skin with that face plate.

And the rest of you?

Not ready. Not yet.

That's just fine.

I was afraid I was
losing my entire team.

And I'm guessing we're too old.


Wow, when did that happen?

Huh. So it is decided.

The covert team will now consist
of Miss Martian, Superboy, Tigress,

Halo, 13, Forager, and Tara.

While Beast Boy will lead
Wonder Girl, Blue Beetle,

Kid Flash, Static, and Geo-Force

in this new public squad.

But still, covertly answer to
the League through Miss Martian.



Oh, and there's one more thing
I got covered.

Welcome to the premier building,

the new squad's
base of operations.

I call this the Hub.

Holographic computer interface,

secured link
to Watchtower systems.

Basically, our mission room.

When not in service,

it'll double as our
super stylin' living space.

KID FLASH: This is so crash!

BEAST BOY: And whether
you're with the squad or not,

there's enough space
upstairs for me,

Brion, Tara, Violet,
Vic, and Fred,

to have our separate bedrooms.


I mean, thank you.

BEAST BOY: Got you covered, B.


BEAST BOY: And if anyone's
hungry, got that covered too.

And just like Mount Justice,

we'll eventually
have a medical bay,

a science lab, a gym,

even a Zeta Tube.

Wow, it really is starting to feel
like the Cave back in the day.

But, um... (CLEARS THROAT)

Who's paying for all this?

Ha, Gretchen Goode.

She might still have me
locked into a contract,

but that means old Granny
has to pay me,

enough to finance the mission
to take her down.

Now that's what I call payback.

Huh? Huh?

Yeah, this is a sympathy bump.

GEO-FORCE: The bedrooms
are quite spacious.

I must say, I will not miss
the confines of the bio RV.


The new place is great, Gar.

But there's no way six
teenagers are gonna live here

alone and unsupervised.

Yeah, who knows
what might happen.



I would be happy,

honored to move in
and act as a den mother.

I'm already working with Victor,

so it would help
to stay close to him.

Plus, I've been living in a
hotel for the last four months,

and, well, it's not for me.

That would be
a tremendous help, Helga.

Thank you.

Got a bedroom with
your name on it, Doc.

Well, uh, not yet,

but let me get a pen
and an index card.


It'll be so nice
to finally be together.

Like a family.

I doubt any of us will
miss our prior accommodations.


Evening, Gaby.

Need a lift home?

No, thanks, Sheriff Maguire.

I was just on my way
to study with Big Words.

- I mean Antonia.

Get down!

(GROANS) What... What is that?

I don't know.
We're getting out of here.

Gar, take a look at this.

It just showed up
and started shooting.

If anyone's seeing this,
please send help.


Is that a Reach ship?

Sure looks like one.

This is so loaded.

Oh, man, this could be it.

I'm hitting the Troub-Alert.


Mother of God,

that ridiculous alarm
is even louder up here!

Dude, this better not be
another Troub-Alert drill.

No drill, the Reach are back.

No, just no.

M'GANN: Hold up.

Looks like the League's
already on it.

Someone's here.

I think it's... Aquaman?




Oh, no. Aquaman's hit!




Oh, my gosh!

Those things killed Aquaman!

- Oh, no, no. No, wait.

Aquaman's okay!

Chill, Aquaman,
we got you covered.

Wow, it's Kid Flash.

And there's Blue Beetle.

A flying girl? And a...
And a green bir...

Oh, my gosh,
I think that's Garfield Logan!

Garfield Logan is in Brooklyn!


Blue, can you confirm they're Reach?

Scarab confirms it.

I can deactivate them
on contact.

But only one at a time.

BEAST BOY: Great, we'll distract
them so you can attack... Whoa!



That stung.

(WHIMPERS) Oh, my spectacles.

Uh... Oh! Gratitude.

Um, stay calm, citizen,

and stay inside
while we swat these bugs.

Well, I'll be super-amalgamated.

Geo-Force, coming your way.

Consider it covered.



TOMMI: Whoa!

Shutdown confirmed.


Blue's done it.

One down,

two to go.


GEO-FORCE: Let's get the
pilot out of the cockpit.

I think one went down
in the park.

Please, miss,
you must get to cover.

And Kid Flash is leading
another one away.


That was
flabbergastically fabulous!

Shutdown confirmed.

Mode crashed.



Two down, one to go.




Shutdown conf... Whoa!

Maybe it was bad idea
to do this in mid-air.


Coming in hard!


Got you covered.


That was amazing.

Can you believe it?

They saved the town
and we covered the story.

Like real reporters.


(GASPS) It's media celebrity
Garfield Logan.

GABY: Yes!



Ah, so weird seeing
a team mission televised.

Guess we'll just
have to get used to it.

And I'll have to get used
to not having you two around.

Uh, I thought you thought
the house was too crowded.

I think we came to like crowded.

Well, Lian and I are really
gonna miss you both.


So, how about one last sleepover

with ice cream?

Garfield, you just saved us
all from the Reach.

Thank you. (GIGGLES)

First, call me Beast Boy.

Second, don't thank me,

thank my squad.

That's Static and Geo-Force.

Hey, you're that
Markovian prince.

Uh, Brian...

It's Brion Markov. Yes.


Here's Kid Flash
and Wonder Girl.

Wonder Girl?

As in sidekick to Wonder Woman?

We prefer "protege."

And over there is our
not-so-secret weapon

against this Reach invasion,

Blue Beetle.

I knew this didn't feel right.

This is no Reach invasion.


- I am gobsmacked.

She's human.

Her name's Whisper A'Daire,

and she works for Intergang.

- They all do.
- Intergang?

Criminal organization
that deals in alien weaponry.

And we would've scored big time

if you heroes
hadn't gotten in our way.





Sheriff, arrest these
costumed delinquents.

The Justice League
did not go through

the proper channels
to be in Brooklyn.

Excuse me.

But these young heroes are not
members of the League.

Oh, so they're vigilantes?

They just saved the whole town.

Saved it?

Look what they've done
to our library.

Dad. Uncool.

Don't you "Dad" me,
Tommi Tompkins.

It's time your little
newsgirl legion

woke up and smell
the maple syrup.

Lex Luthor warned us
about your type,

and Brooklyn listened,

passed strict laws prohibiting
vigilante justice.

Laws designed to protect us

from exactly
this kind of mayhem.

Mr. Mayor,
you're making a mistake.

Sheriff, if you value
your badge,

you'll arrest these criminals.


This is outrageous.

Stand down, Geo-Force.

If we have to be arrested
to do good,

so be it.

Ugh, this is so moded.

No way.

Yes way.
I mean, look at us,

we're in shackles.

Quick, everyone
behind the warbug.


Scarab sensed the ship
lock on our position.

But it won't target Reach tech
'cause it's on autopilot

summoned by a distress signal
from the warbugs.

Hey, we didn't activate
any signals.

Didn't even know
those things had them.

Look, if I were you,
I'd call the Justice League.

We don't need meta-vigilantes,

we have
the United States Air Force,

which I called in, by the way.


- No!
- What do we do?

One thing we don't do

is wait for your military
to send reinforcements.

They'll bomb that ship
out of the sky.

And it'll crash down
and flatten your whole town.

- Now will you call the League?

No, no, no!

Then I am sorry.

My hands are tied.

Mine aren't.
Just handcuffed.

Squad, it's time
for a jailbreak.

You can arrest us again
after we save your town again.


Scarab says the only way

I can shut down the ship
is from the inside.

Then we're going in.




Baby girl, oh, don't worry.

Shh, it's okay.

- That thunder can't get you.

Shh, shh, it's okay.


ARTEMIS: You see how brave
Tara and Violet are?

You can be brave like them.


Oh. Baby girl, it's okay.

It's okay.

Tara, cuddle Lian.

I'll cuddle Violet.

Guess it's her
first thunderstorm too.





Woo-hoo, we're in.

Now shut this sucker down, Blue.

Good news.
Just checked every deck,

no baddies, just their bones,
we're in no danger at all.


GEO-FORCE: Uh, bad news.

The good guys are here
to blow us out of the sky.

But this ship will blow them
out of the sky,

and those jets are manned.

They're almost in range.

And it looks like the ship
has a lock on them.

- Blue?
- Good news.

I can totally cut power
to the ship's weapons.

Please, no bad news.
Please, no bad news.

- Bad news?

I can only do it by deactivating

the ship's engines
at the same time.

So it crashes down
and flattens the whole town.

- Called it.
- I think the ship's about to fire.


Blue, hit the gas.

Give us enough thrust
to clear the town,

then cut the power.

We'll crash this thing
somewhere safe.

They did it!
They're moving the ship.

And it's not shooting at us.

But it's falling out of the sky.

No, it's okay.

They're crashing it
into the park.

Except they're still in there.




ANTONIA: Yeah! They made it.
GABY: Yay!

As promised.

That won't be necessary, kid.

What? Why?


Brooklyn Statute 1660,
The Good Samaritan Law,

states that "Minor
and incidental harm

"done in the service of the
greater good is not a crime."

These kids and Aquaman

did way more good
than harm here today.

In the eyes of the law,

they're free to go.

- Hurray!

No concept of how much that thing's
gonna cost to get out of my lake?

No concept at all!

So if you're not
the young Justice League,

then who are you?

We're something new,

here to help people.

We don't answer
to bureaucrats and bad guys

trying to twist what we do
into crimes against the system.

Those types can get on board
or get out of the way.

GABY: Wow.
Sounds like a revolution.


We're definitely not playing
by the insiders' rules.

We can't.

We are all outsiders.


Hmm, catchy.

Gar may really
be onto something.


Tara, can you put
Lian to bed for me?


AQUAMAN: One week ago,

I received a tip from L'gann
about a lost Reach warship

being salvaged by Intergang.

L'gann and I conducted
a raid on the ship.

We shut down
Intergang's operation.

But not before Whisper A'Daire

slipped away with three warbugs.

Thanks to Oracle,

we tracked them to a darknet
black market auction.

Whisper planned on sparking
a bidding war

by demonstrating the
warbug's power in Brooklyn.

Aquaman was on scene
to throw the fight,

so we could send in
Garfield's squad,

knowing that Blue Beetle
would be our best bet

against Whisper's Reach tech.

Of course, no one expected

the Reach ship itself to launch.

But the Outsiders did well.

Very well.

As Gar promised.

And as their leader,
should Beast Boy not be included among us?

I don't think
he's ready for that,

for this.

He has his own mission.

AQUAMAN: Which is
most promising

for our mission as well.