Young Hercules (1998–1999): Season 1, Episode 4 - Herc and Seek - full transcript

You're sure you have enough food
to feed all the cadets?

You're not going to get rowdy,
are you?

Us? Rowdy? Nah,
we're model citizens.

And, uh, we still get
a group discount, all right?

- Is Cheiron gonna be here?
- Yeah. - No. - Maybe.

Uh, we don't know yet.

Well, I'm gonna need at least
one responsible adult here.

Uh... Just give us a second?

- Who do we got?
- Fiducius.

But he's the only one around.

Oh, come on, he's
the world's biggest party-pooper.

Well, that automatically
qualifies him as an adult.

All right. It's settled then.

- We'll bring Fiducius.
- Fine.

- You gonna be helping out, curly?
- Oh, I'm gonna be...

If he says yes, does that have
any bearing on our deal?

Well, I'll need
a larger security deposit.

I'm telling you guys, this is gonna be
a day that we will never, ever forget.

The boss is right;
this couldn't be easier.

While the toy soldiers
are here partying...,

we'll be at the academy
stealing all the tuition money.

Hey, guys. How are ya?

This seems like an awful lot
for food.

We made a deal for 36 dinars.
That's good.

37. No, not 37... Where was I?
Um... Twe-Twenty...


- I'll have to start over.
- Ah.


- Okay, boss, everyone's in position.
- Good.

Nobody moves
until I give the signal.


- This is gonna take forever.
- 11.

Lilith, listen, can you go tell
the others to start for Kora's?

- We'll meet 'em there, all right?
- Okay.

- 12.
- Thank you. Iolaus, just, uh...,

- 13.
- keep Fiducius counting, all right?

- And whatever you do,
- 14.

don't let him start over again,


Let's get the rest of the survival
kits we hid in the stables.

- 16.
- All right.

- 17.
- 18. 18.

Okay, guys, listen up.
You go ahead to Kora's,

we'll see you there.

Let's go!

Oh, we didn't mean
to startle you.

We're looking for a friend of ours,

He's inside.
I'll get him for you.

Oh, no. Oh, we'd much rather
this were a surprise.

Whoa, whoa.

Who are those guys?

- 22.
- Hello?

- I better see who that is.
- Ah, no, no, no!

You keep counting. 22.


- Cratus?
- Iolaus, old buddy.

- Hey, how you doing?
- Good.

- Huh. Keeping out of trouble?
- Hmm. Of course.

So, um...
So, what're ya doin' here?

Call it... a reunion...
of the old gang.


Iolaus, what's up
with your friends?

- Meletus, saddle up their horses.
- Yes, Cratus.

We will be leaving soon.

The Loax... They're the most dangerous
gang of thieves around.

Iolaus used to run with them.

Well, what are they doing here?
There's nothing to steal here.

There's just...

Tuition money.

Of course.
Cheiron's back at his village.

We're supposed to be at Kora's
with the cadets.

They're stealin' our money.
Let's take 'em!

Whoa, hold on a second.
Listen, you're forgetting,

we still got Lilith and Iolaus
in there?

We push these guys too far,
we don't know what they will do.

I'll run after the cadets...,
send one to get the magistrate

- and come back with the rest.
- All right. Perfect. I'll stall 'em.

How're you gonna do that?
You're all alone.

Yeah, well...,
they don't know that.

Listen..., good luck.

In an age of light and darkness,

Zeus, king of the gods,
ruled the universe.

He had a son, young Hercules.

Half-god, half-man,

young Hercules longed
to find his place in the world,

the father he's never known,
and what it means to be a hero.

Before the man
became legend,

before the legend
became myth,

came the greatest adventure
of all!

Young Hercules

Ah, this medallion's
gotta be worth something.

- Tie them up and gag 'em.
- What?! What are you...?!

Cratus, what are you doing?!
These are my friends!

Oh, what a shame. I thought
we were your friends.

- Tie up Iolaus too.
- What? No...


The horses!
You stay here with the money!

Bring him with us!

What are you doing?!

I got it covered.

By the time the magistrate gets here,
we'll be long gone.

- Did you plan on them?
- Boss, let's get out of here.

Not without the money.

They're just a bunch
'a wannabe warriors.

Inside! Now!

- Move it!
- Spread out!

You've heard him!

- Post somebody at every opening!
- Okay.

- Move!
- Cover every opening!

Go! Go! Move!

Hey, uh, you do know that bunch
of wannabe warriors is led by Jason.

Jason, as in the crown-prince-
of-Corinth? Jason?

Boss, maybe we should
talk this over.


Jason, can you hear me?
I got hostages in here.

If you don't want any of them
hurt, you won't do anything foolish.

We should attack now,
before they fortify their positions.

No; we can't afford to rush in.
All right! We're not comin' in!

No tricks.
Stay where we can see you.

This was supposed to be easy!

Hit the academy while
the students were at Kora's...!

And now you're trapped in here.

Stay cool. We just leave
a little later than planned.

Oh, how're we suppossed
to do that?!

I'm workin' on it.

Okay. Post Guillen as a lookout.
He's our best archer.

Take the girl to the dining hall.
Put the old man in the dorm.

He... stays with me.

Get in there.

Get another gag.


- What'd you see?
- Just what you thought.

They're moving the hostages
to different rooms.

Ah, smart move.
Makes it impossible to rush 'em.

We wait.
Hurry up, Hercules.

What's the matter?
Your plan falling apart?

Why don't you keep quiet?

How about you tell
your buddies out there...

to let us take the money
and leave?

Oh, that way,
nobody gets hurt.

- Well, how 'bout you just leave?
- How about you help us?

Come on. You must have snuck out
of this dump plenty 'a times.

- Now..., why would I help you?
- Remember Dorfus?

Yeah, he beat me up for a whole
week; I remember him.

Till I showed you
how to keep him from picking on you.

I was there for you
when your old man wasn't.

Yeah, and I thank you
for that.

So why are you being a jerk

Well, the way I see it...,
I'm the reason they gave you

the choice between goin' to jail
and joining the academy.

- Ah, they couldn't prove anything.
- That's because I didn't talk.

So I figure... you owe me.
We need a guide outta here.

They are not just gonna
let you walk outta here.

We're waiting until it's dark,
and then we're sneakin' out.

And you're leadin' us.
I'm gonna check on the others.

Make him comfortable.

- (Hercules?)
- Hi.

Sh-sh-shh. Sh-shh.
Listen. Over there.

- I've got a point.
- No. There.

I gotta p...?
You gotta point?

- Huh?
- Yeah. Uh... You've got a point.

You know, you gotta leave
when it's... dark,

so, uh, so they won't...
see you.

Shh! Listen to me.

The chest.

(Oh, the chest?)

(Okay, okay.)

Get them... to walk away,
walk away.

- Uh... I'm-I'm walking.
- No, no. Not you, not you.

We're walkin' a-away.
Walking... Walking away?

- What?!
- Uh...

Y-You'll be... walking away,

you know, wh-when
you've got the money,

you'll-you'll, uh,
be walking... away.

Get out the back.

- Uh-uh.
- Out the back.

- I got something on my back?
- No, not your back, the back.

- You got something on your back?
- No, not my back, the back.

You've got through... through
the back? Oh, through the back!

Through the back what?

Uh... Yeah, yeah,
I was just thinkin' out loud.

You know, uh...,
ways ta... help your plan?

- I knew you'd come around.
- And I was thinking,

if you, uh..., want to dig
an opening in the back wall,

then I could... show you
where to do it.

You know, if you promise...
no one gets hurt.

- Well, you've got my word.
- Okay.

For now.

I know you, Cratus.
There's more to your plan

than just... crawling out the back
when it's dark.

Did I forget to tell you
about the fire?

Oh, just a little diversion
to keep the cadets busy.

We'll get a few of the boys
to spread a little lamp oil around.

Ya know, I'm n-not sure,
but I think... it's over here.


No? Huh. Okay, uh... Well, maybe
it's over here somewhere.

This... better be the place...
or the next hole we dig...

- is gonna be for you.
- It's over there.

We're losin' the sun.
Hercules, where are you?

Boss, why don't we divvy up
the money now?

- That way we can travel faster.
- Oh, no, no, no!

I think you should keep it together!
I think your chances are much better...

But you're not even in the gang
anymore! Remember?!

- Where's the money?!
- I don't know.

Maybe you should check
Neolun's pockets!

I've heard all I can stand
from your smart mouth!

A little lamp oil, a torch, and before
you know it, the barbecue begins.


- Hiya.
- Hi.

- I'll free Fiducius.
- No, no, no, no.

Hold on a second.
Go find Jason. Tell him

they're gonna set a fire out the back
to cover their escape, okay?

And listen..., don't do anything
until I give you the signal.

- Well, what's the signal?
- Help! Intruder!

- Go. Go!
- Help!

That's Nezus. Come on!

- She's disappeared!
- Just like the money.

- Someone's sneaking around in here.
- It was a cadet.

And you knew about it
all along!

So that's why you led us
out of the room.

So you guys ready to give up?

I mean, you don't have the money,

We still got the old guy...
and you.

Whoever you are,
your little game is up!

We have the old guy!

If you don't want him hurt,
you will bring us the money, now!

Hey, that's not the old guy.

The hostages are gettin' away!
Guillen, stop them!



- Come on!
- This way! Over here!

No lily-livered dirtbag of a cadet
is gonna ruin my plan.

Great! Let me turn
this worm into bait.

Not yet.
Hey, mystery man...,

how 'bout a trade?!
Iolaus' life for the money.

Over here;
catch me if you can!

Can't we wait
till Cheiron gets back?

We don't have time.
No, Hercules said

he's gonna set up a fire to cover
the escape out the back.

- Oh dear, the academy.
- Where's Iolaus?

He's still inside.
Hercules said to wait for the signal.

- What's the signal?
- He didn't have time to say.

Be prepared to attack
on my order. Stay alert!

Find the money. It's gotta be
in a bag somewhere.

You left us for this?
Schoolbooks and playing warrior.

Yeah, I know;
how could I be so dumb?

Just think of all the old ladies I could
'a robbed if I'd stayed with you.

Bigshot cadet...,
who's the little old lady now?

No money!

Wise guy! I guess you want
to watch your friend fry!

Get the oil!

You should've told your friend
that I mean what I say.

Your aching body'll be
our safe ticket out of here.

Oh, come on, Cratus, you're not gonna
hurt me..., are you?

- Nezus..., get the torch.
- Sure, boss.

Time for Plan B.
We won't wait till it gets dark.

Neolun, you and the others
guard the back

and cover us while we...
get this little barbecue going.


Let's see if that friend of yours
cares much about a fellow cadet.

- They're gonna burn the academy.
- That must be the signal.

- Yeah.
- Let's go! Come on!

Torch it.

- I don't think so.
- What'd you say?

Hercules! You're the one
who's been running around in here!

Well..., looks like Plan B
didn't work out as you had hoped, huh?

Yeah it did!

you got this figured out, right?

- Oh, yes, yeah.
- Get him.

Uh... Whoa. Uh...

Not so tough now,
mighty Hercules.

Herc, you wanna make this
a short fight? Huh?


Herc. Herc, come on!

Any time, Herc!

- Hey.
- Hey.

- How you doin'?
- Uh, good.


- Uh... You wanna cut me loose?
- Oh yeah, good idea.

- Ready?
- Ready.


Quickly! Put out the fire!

- Grab water!
- Quickly!

All right, lowlife!
Call off your playmates! Do it!

Okay! Enough!

Iolaus..., you owe me.
Get me out of this.

Uh... Cratus...,

you taught me how to steal...,
helped me out for a while.

But that was a long time ago.
I don't owe you a thing.

- Get 'em out of here!
- Cadets...

The tuition money!
Where'd they take it?!

Well, I don't know. You better
ask, uh, Mr. Cadet over here.

Come here.

Here's your real hero.

Well, I guess that dummy's
got a heart of gold.

- Hey, shall I take that?
- Oh, I don't know, Fiducius.

I think I should. Oh yeah,
I should count this out for the party.

Hey, Jason, guys...

- Hey!
- Hey, man.

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