Young Hercules (1998–1999): Season 1, Episode 5 - Girl Trouble - full transcript

Secure the main sail!

Put your backs into it!

No one... double-crosses me!

Throw him in the hold!

Please! Please, sir!

No! No, please!
I... I beg you!

Looks like our cargo
won't be needin' dinner tonight.


Ugh. What is it?

Your guess is as good as mine.

That's it.

I'm not eatin'.
I'm going on a hunger strike.

You gonna eat that? Hmm.

You know?

You picked a really bad time
to go on a hunger strike

with the harvest festival
coming up.

All you can eat?
All weekend long?

- No, thank you.
- Hey, don't worry about it, Jason.

Cheiron promised us
a new cook, remember?

That's right.

There she is.

A girl in the academy?

A babe... who can cook.

Aw. I've died and gone
to the Elysian Fields.

No. No, wait! No!

- I saw her first!
- You were busy stuffin' your face!

Huh? I'll show you
how to stuff your face; come on!

Guys, guys, guys, guys.
Listen, are we really gonna fight

over a beautiful woman, huh?

- Yes!
- A-A-All right then, gentlemen,

and I use the term
so very loosely...,

there's only one way
to settle this.


Through the arch..., off the ladder,
over the roof...,

off the well, off the wall...,
down the steps...,

nothing but pigpen.

It'll never happen...,
but good luck.



Uh, guys, he's out cold. Somebody
get some water, all right? Hey, hey.

- Nice work, Iolaus.
- Hey, it wasn't my fault;

- that guy stepped right into it.
- Listen, you gonna be okay, buddy;

- you all right?
- Yeah.

- Yeah?
- Hey, never mind that;

just get him on his feet
before Cheiron sees us.

I mean, the last thing we want
is old "Mr. Pearls of Wisdom".

"Look, you boys look silly
with that ball and..."

He's behind me, isn't he?


- Huh.
- You all right, Arcus?

Sure..., no problem.

Looks like I've lost
a messenger.

Which means... you boys
are going to Athens.

What's in Athens?

Find us a new cook.

Uh, a c... Uh, oh.

Well, we thought that,
you know, a, uh,

well, if Arcus was gonna go find
the cook, then, uh...,

who's she?

I'm Lilith.

Gentlemen, meet
our newest cadet.

What?! Aw...

Oh, come on, she's... she's...

- What?
- She's... gonna be just fine.

So... you cadets always use
messengers for target practice?

You know?

There's no need for us all
to miss the harvest festival.

Hmm. Later.

Hey, uh... No, I was...

I was... I-I...

Let's go.

In an age of light and darkness,

Zeus, king of the gods,
ruled the universe.

He had a son, young Hercules.

Half-god, half-man,

young Hercules longed
to find his place in the world,

the father he's never known,
and what it means to be a hero.

Before the man
became legend,

before the legend
became myth,

came the greatest adventure
of all!

Young Hercules

We are missing
the entire harvest festival

'cause we're stuck
lookin' for a cook.

Like this is all my fault.

- You knocked out the messenger.
- Not on purpose.

Ah, there's gotta be a decent cook
closer than Athens.

Yeah. Hey, Herc, Zeus must know
some pretty decent cooks.

Why don't you just get him
to zap one down here?


I don't even talk to my father,
never mind ask him for favors.

It's gonna take a week
to walk to Athens and back.

Yeah, well, the shooting contest
wasn't... my idea.

Hey..., what was I supposed to do,
huh? You two were about

to deck each other
over our new classmate.

How could we know
she was a cadet?

Yeah, she didn't look like a cadet.

- Whoever heard of a girl cadet?
- Yeah, exactly.

Girls are supposed to be...
sweet and gentle.

Why is that?
Is that all you can... handle?

That's assuming
he can even get a date.

- Hey, I got an idea.
- Huh? Oh, not again.

Ah, look, let's hire a boat.
We'll get to Athens in no time.

And... it'll give us a chance
to, uh..., check out the sights.

If you catch my drift.

- We can't afford a boat.
- Who needs money?

I'll just turn on
the old Iolaus charm.

The old Iolaus charm, huh?

What? We're on a boat,
we're headed towards Athens...,

- aren't we?
- By the time we get there,

we're gonna be too tired
to do anything.


How you doin'?

- Good.
- You thirsty?

- What?
- Huh?

That's enough!

Who died and made you captain?

The name's Zared.

If you want to stay
on board my boat,

you'll do your work...,

stay out of my way.

And never!... get near my cargo.


Friendly guy.

What a freak.

- Hey, hey!
- What?

Oh, right, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Iolaus, what's your problem?

I've been thinking.

I wanna know
what's in that cargo hold.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, look.


Listen, I know what you're thinkin',
Iolaus, okay? Just forget it.

Aw, come on, Herc.

Aren't you just a little bit curious
to find out what's in there?

Sure he is. So am I.

But you heard Zared.
Keep your nose out of there.

Jason's right, all right?
Rules are rules.

- Iolaus.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Rules are rules.




He's going for the cargo.

Iolaus(!) No...

My cargo!


Stop them!


Get the barrel.

I'll get the swords.

We have to get Iolaus.

Lock the hatch!


What have you Amazons done
with Iolaus?

Nah, not enough, if you ask me.


- You okay?
- Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.

I thought they were supposed to be

Yeah, well, they don't hurt
good-looking men.

We don't hurt boys, or he'd be
in chains already.

My name's Cyane, leader
of the Telaquire Amazon Nation.

- Oh. I'm Hercules.
- Um... Jason.

Um... Iolaus.
We, uh, we-we met.

Hey, you're the cargo
Zared plans to take to Athens.

People should not be cargo.

My sisters and I plan
to take over this ship;

you'll either help us
or go down with the rest.

Well..., kind of sounds
like an order to me.

It is.

- I'm in charge here.
- Oh..., well...,

with all due respect, with
those chains around your ankles,

you're not much match for Zared's men.
You're gonna need our help.

So you can join us.

But if we find
that you've deceived us...,

I'll feed ya to the sharks.

Oh, gee, that's fair.

We gotta find a way
to get those chains off.

- Yeah, if only we had the key.
- Mmm.

Wait a second.

Whoa. Hey... Whoa! Come on!

- No, no, no, relax.
- Come on, that tickles!

- Ah.
- Oh, right. That's what you wanted.

We'll unlock the Amazons,
and we'll attack in the morning.

- Morning, huh?
- Yeah.

Well, it looks like someone's got
a busy night ahead.

- Hi, I'm Iolaus.
- Three, two, one.

Ooh! Feisty!
I can work with that. Grr.

Lights out!
All lights out!

Lights out! [?]

- I don't bite.
- I know.

I just wanted, uh,
to let you go first.

You've never seen an Amazon before,


No, but I've heard things.

That we're thieves and... murderers
and baby-snatchers;

we hate all men
and corrupt all women, right?

Uh-huh. Is it true?


Thousands of years ago,
all the men in our village

were wiped out in a single battle.
From then on,

our ancestors knew
that our women needed to be strong.

So, as for men, we just...
learned to live without them.

What about your male children?

Oh, they're returned
to their fathers.

The girls stay here with us
and are raised as Amazons.

Although I only speak
for the Telaquire Amazons...,

my tribe.

- There's more of you?
- Yeah, 12 in all.

We were separated during
the great war with the Centaurs.

And one day we do hope
to reunite.

I've heard Centaurs
talk about that war.

- You have Centaur friends?
- Well, yeah.

Well, that explains your hatred
of the Amazons then.

Whoa, no, no.

See, uh..., I don't hate anybody.

So..., you haven't told me
how Zared captured you.

He didn't.
We were tricked by a god.

Which god?

The cruelest of them all: Zeus.

Are you sure?

Zeus told us
to leave our land,

and when we refused, he took us
by force, turning us over to Zared.

Wait, that's impossible.

That's the truth.

Zeus doesn't harm
innocent people.

You're naive, Hercules.

Look, I used to think
that... the gods of Olympus

were fair and just.

Now I know that they do things
out of hatred and spite.

I'm sorry.

These have been... difficult days.

It's okay.

I know a little bit
about how hard the gods can be.

Sound the morning call!

Get to work!

Land ho!

All right, let's break through
the hatch door.

Whoa. Listen to me.
Now, you do that,

and you'll have all of Zared's men
out there waiting for you.

- Well, you got a better idea?
- I think so.

We're gonna need the help
of someone sneaky...,

someone underhanded...,

somebody conniving.

I'll take that as a compliment.

Oh! Oh, we've sprung a leak!

Oh, help us!
Help us, we're taking on water!

- Well, go help!
- We're all gonna drown!

- We're all gonna die!
- Gotta do something!

- Quick! Open the hold!
- Hold me! Come on!

Oh, no, help us!
We're sinking!

Oh, oh! It's... Oh! Oh.


Anytime, ladies, anytime!

Iolaus, duck!

Behind you!

Coming through!


Get them!

Use your bows!



If I stop the leader...,
I win the war.

Goodbye, Amazon queen.

- Nice catch.
- It was okay.

Not bad...

for a boy.


We did it!

So..., where do you think
Zared and his men are now?

Well, if this wind holds,
they should be in Carthage,

where slave-trading is illegal,
I might add.

Hey, uh, Cyane.

We're headed towards Athens.
Uh... You care to join us?

Nah, thanks, Iolaus...,
but we better be on our way.

Uh... Look, I just...

I want to apologize... for...
doubting you and your friends.

Uh... No..., uh, I need
to apologize to you, you know?

I was, uh...

I was wrong about the Amazons,
and I was wrong about you, and...

I hope your new homeland
is everything you dream of.

Oh, thank you, Hercules, for...
helping us win our freedom back.

Hey, Herc... Whoa!

Whoa. Sorry.

Anyway, uh, Cyane..., maybe
when you gals, uh, ya know,

find your new home,
you might wanna look us up.

They're Amazons, Iolaus.
They don't look men up.

They conquer them.


Well..., I thought you liked
your women sweet and gentle, Iolaus.

Well, you know,
Cheiron said ya...

gotta keep your options open. Hmm.

Yeah. Sounds good to me. Huh.

Well..., we got a new cook
to find, right?

- Yep.
- Mmm.


Hey, you don't suppose one of the Amazons
might like the job.

Somehow, Iolaus, I don't think
they're the cooking kind, you know?

Hey, you think maybe
the Amazons need a cook?

- You can't cook.
- They don't know that.

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