Young Hercules (1998–1999): Season 1, Episode 3 - The Treasure of Zeus: Part 3: What a Crockery - full transcript

If you were any good
at being bad,

you'd dare what no god
has dared before:

destroy a mortal son of Zeus.

You mean Hercules.

My uncle's the reason
why I'm here.

He used to tell me about this place...

and a cave up on the mountain.

They got a chalice there...
made by Zeus himself.

Wedding present for Hera.
But they say he wants it back,

now that they don't see much
of each other.

- It looks like water.
- Ah.

I think
we should get out of here.

Why did you send me
to the Phoenix Cave

to get the chalice?!

I'm sorry about getting you guys all this mess.

What mess?

So, what are you gonna do
with Hera's chalice?

I'm taking it to my dad.

- What?!
- Mother, I thought you knew.

I... really had no idea

you cared so much
about the chalice.

I want the perpetrator!

Dead? No can do.

It was Hercules,

and you know how Zeus
feels about little bro.

Daddy's put his protection
on him,

preventing us gods
from killing him.


Am I missing something here?

Zeus made a promise to me
when he made us that chalice.

Anyone who takes it
from its rightful place...

is condemned to death.

Then by Zeus' own words,
his protection of Hercules is off.

Well, well, well.

Finally, little brother is
on his own, and he is all mine.

Thank you, Mother.

Thank you for the chance
to destroy Hercules.

In an age of light and darkness,

Zeus, king of the gods,
ruled the universe.

He had a son, young Hercules.

Half-god, half-man,

young Hercules longed
to find his place in the world,

the father he's never known,
and what it means to be a hero.

Before the man
became legend,

before the legend
became myth,

came the greatest adventure
of all!

Young Hercules



If you're gonna make it
to Olympian status,

you're gonna have to stop letting
half-gods kick you around.

Chill, Unc, I was just
getting warmed up.

I saw what you were warming up.

Yeah. Is she phat or what?

What, are you kidding me?

No, Uncle, not "fat".

She's a real Persephone,
you know? Fly, dope..., def.

Anyway, I was just...

Did I give you any indication
that I care about your life?

- No.
- Then don't share it, please.

Where is my mother's chalice?

Hercules has it?

And what is Hercules
doing with it?

his personal space?

He's taking it to Zeus' temple!

That's not good.

We need to get some pain
and suffering and misery

- out of that chalice.
- Ooh! Twist my arm, Unc.

It cannot... reach the safety
of Zeus' temple

or be put back
in Hera's cave.

Tell me, Strife...,
have you ever seen Hera angry?

I mean..., when laying waste
to an entire city

wouldn't begin
to satisfy her fury?

Yeah, only in my dreams, Unc.

She starts to glow...

as if there was a cold fire
burning inside her.

- Yeah?
- The winds rise,

the Earth trembles,
animals run in fear.

Ooh. Yeah?

And no force in existence,
not even almighty Zeus,

- dare cross her path!
- Oh, yes. Yes!

Well, Strife..., there is a truly...
sublime level of suffering...

waiting for whoever has
the chalice when my mother finds it.

Well, I have
some nasty ideas, Unc.

- Strife?
- Yes, Uncle?

Try to be subtle.

So, what're you gonna say to Zeus
when you meet him?

Yeah, "thrown any good thunderbolts

"Nice robe.
Who's your tailor?"

I don't know. I mean...,
what do you talk to dads about?

Ask him how his day was?

See if you can borrow
the reins to the chariot?

Nah. Why he's never
been there for you?

Hey, Hercules,

why don't you tell him
how tough your buddies are, huh?

Yeah, like when we
nailed Strife at Kora's.

Uh, Herc...
nailed Strife at Kora's.

That is a minor technicality.
If I'd had a shot at him,

he would have gone down.

Hey..., guys.
You know what I'm thinking?


- Yeah!
- No, no, no, no.

We gotta get the chalice
to the temple, right?

Oh, what? You can't handle us?

Ah, I thought you were
mighty Hercules,

conqueror... of the gods!
Gods! Gods! Gods!

Okay. All right.

I guess if we get the chalice
to Zeus' temple this week,

I have time to, uh,
teach you two a lesson.

- Come on, Hercules.
- Come on, you big mouth.

Go inside.
Go inside, go inside!

I said inside!

He went to a lot of trouble
to prove you can't play, huh?

I told you to go inside.

I thought you meant
the other inside.

Yeah. Well, maybe next time
you won't mess with the, uh...,

- mighty Hercules, huh?
- Hmm, it's a good melon.


What do you want, huh?
Another whipping?

Oh, no, I couldn't fight you,
Hercules, you're way too strong.

How about the, uh,
little blond one?

- Hey, who's little?!
- Whoa, Iolaus.

He's after something again.

No. No, no, no.
More like I already got it.

- The chalice.
- Haha!

Now you see it.

Now you... don't.

What did you do with it?!

Oh, like I'm just gonna
tell you!


That's all right.
We'll find it ourselves.

Better move fast. Hera
knows it's missing and, uh,

I wouldn't wanna be around
when she goes looking for it.

- Where?
- Ooh, good home, nice family.

I promise you, Strife..., you put
one innocent person in danger...!

You know, I wouldn't have thought
of Alcmene

- as bein' all that innocent.
- Mother?


Subtle enough for ya, Unc?


My arm!

Are you all right?

- I think so.
- Get back, Bear. Stay.

Here. Let me help you.

No. No, I'll be fine.

My horse threw me
and ran off.

Bear is not usually
so calm around strangers.

You must have a way with dogs.

Oh, I do.

I do.

You saved my life,

and all I have to give you
is this chalice.

It's not much, but I insist.

I'm sorry. I couldn't take
your gift. It's too nice.

Oh, please? You don't know
how happy it would make me

for you to have it.

But we hardly know each other.

The kindness
you've shown a stranger

tells me all I need
to know about your heart.

Oh, uh...,
I'll have to think about it.


what are you doing here?

There's big danger!
Big danger!

We... Ooh, lemonade!

Strife must have lied...

But who lied?
What's going on?

Well, we... I took something
from Hera to give to Zeus,

- and I know that I shouldn't've.
- You took something of Hera's?

Yes. But see, Strife
took it from me,

and he said that he left it
here with you.

- Was it ruby red? Glittery?
- Yes.

Looking for this?


- Ares?
- Ares?!

- He's shorter than I thought.
- Isn't he, though?

It's been a while,
hasn't it, baby brother?

How dare you come
into my house pretending to...

- Mother!
- Uh-uh!

Get me too excited,
I might...

Well, who knows
what I might do?

What do you want?
If you're here for the chalice,

just take it
and leave us alone!

What I want...
is to see you suffer.

When you grabbed Hera's chalice,
you lost Daddy's protection,

and now,
I can destroy you.

And I want your mother
to watch.

Stay... away from my son!


Well..., Hercules,
your mother has spunk.

I hate spunk.

Listen, get the chalice
back to the cave.

We're gone!

You know, I don't really care
about the chalice.

That's really Hera's thing.


Mother, come on, in the house!

You can't hide from me,
little brother!

Oh, cool. Lemonade.

Let me.
Mama's first!

Young gods, always
in such a rush.

There's an art
to torturing mortals.

Let Hercules think
he's safe.

It'll make the end
so much sweeter.

Ah, the terror of the hunted.

Ares isn't after me, he's after
you. Get yourself to safety.

I'm not leaving you here

If the gods had wanted
to hurt me,

they would have done it
long ago.

But if what Ares says
is true,

your father can no longer
protect you from them.

My father, my father!

You know, I'm really sick
of my father and his protection.

You're the one who knows him.
Why isn't he protecting you?

Knock, knock! Anybody home?!

I messed up big this time.
Listen, Mom, I'm sorry.

Goin' after the chalice
to impress Zeus

was exactly what you told me
not to do.

It doesn't matter, son.

But you need to run,
you can't defeat the god of war.

Run? Mother,
where am I gonna run?!

- Hercules.
- Mother..., I love you.

But I will not run anymore.

We put back the chalice...

...and Zeus's protection order
kicks back in for Hercules.

It's dead, right? The phoenix.
It's not coming back?

What do you think? It's gonna
rise up out of the ashes

and come back to life?

Hey, maybe there's some treasure
in there we missed before.

We're here to return this thing,
Iolaus, not exchange it.

- I know.
- And maybe save Hercules' life.

All right, Ares.
Let's end this... right now!


See, Strife?
It's just like I told you.

It's so much more satisfying
when the victim begs for it.

Everything was just fine
till you came along!

Word! Yeah!

Give it to him, Uncle Ares!

Ooh, lemonade.

- Well, that was easy.
- Yeah, too easy.

What is it with you, Jason?
Why can't anything just be easy?

- That's why.
- Whoa.


I was the favorite!


The number one, me. Ares.

Son of Zeus.
God of war.

God of war!

Well, must be so rough
for you.

Hey, hey, traveling,
ref, traveling!

Supplanted by a half-mortal.

I could have destroyed you
long ago

if not for Zeus'
special protection!

Huh? Huh?

Huh? Huh?!

You protect the chalice.

Protect the chalice?
What about me?

How's it going, boys?
Good, good.

Afraid I... can't
let you have that.

Whoa, huh. Uh, Jase?

Here, here.
Go, go. Go, go, go, go!

Inside, Iolaus!

Ares couldn't do this sooner

'cause Zeus swore he'd smash
any god who put the hurt on you!

But you blew that
when you stole the chalice.

You're mine now.

I mean, he's yours now,
Uncle Ares.

Nothing can save you now.



No!!! No!

Why protect him again,
Father?! I was so close!

What about me?!!!
I have needs!

This isn't over, brother.

I'll be back.

I'm countin' on it.

Jason and Iolaus must
have gotten the chalice

back to the cave in time.

Be thankful
for such good friends.

I am.

- Mom?
- Yeah?

You got any of that lemonade

You think Cheiron
would have accepted my excuse

about... the god of war
vaporizing my homework?

For Cheiron,
there are no excuses.

Yeah, but two weeks of kitchen
duty? That's kind of extreme.

Uh, listen, guys. Uh...
I just wanna... say that I-I...

I really appreciate what you guys
did for me, you know?

And, uh, well..., if you ever
need me for anything...

- You know what I'm tryna say.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

- Whatever.
- Yeah, thanks.

Hey, listen, when you're done
feedin' your face,

move that to the left.

- The other... left.
- Oh.

Oh! Huh.

- Oh, you didn't.
- Sorry, man.

Oh. Oh, you!

Come on.

Come on!

Come on!

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