Yong Pal (2015): Season 1, Episode 8 - Episode #1.8 - full transcript

You're his girlfriend, right?



What a shame.

He's the best guy I've ever met.

He's a bit naive,

but that's also his charm.

So if you can, hold onto him,

Han Yeo-jin.

If you're going to live in hiding,

you need someone like him.

Enjoy the coffee with him.


Where's that woman?

What's wrong?

Did something happen?


have I done?


Stop it.

Why? It's fun.

If I sneeze and pop my stitches, I'll die.

Pop your stitches and die?

You'll die from being so happy.


Do you like Vender that much?

- Vender?
- Lavender.

No, they say lavenders

are very effective
in stabilizing the nerves.

So, lavender is more effective
than a tranquilizer at an ICU?

I should submit this
to the academy, right?

- You're right.
- But

why is Dr. Kim so flushed?
Do you have a fever?

Should I get a thermometer?

Stop that.

Including my medical school years,

I've never seen anyone
perform CPR so hard before.

Do you want to die? Gosh.

I can't bear to watch.

Be quiet.

He is

on a different path from us anyway.

What do you mean?
We're in the same hospital

and the same surgery department.

That's enough.



Dr. Kim, you're popular.

Are you feeling better?


I'm sorry.

I had no choice.

I know you did it to save my life.

I was slightly touched,

but you're still despicable.

I apologize.

Fine. Since you saved my life,

let's call it even.

Thank you.


you'll have to repay me
for saving your life.

- Saving my life?
- Oh, my gosh.

You ingrate. Do you think
you survived on your own?

I got every doctor here
to treat you to save you.


I'll repay you for that.

How will you repay me?

Excuse me, whatever I'd do,

this isn't it.

You look even better than before.

What are you doing?

Lower your voice,
other nurses don't know about you.

I'm laying you on your side.

Comatose patients

must be repositioned like this

every two hours to avoid getting bedsores.


I'll come in every two hours.

Let me know if you need anything.

This is rice water.

You could drink this much, right?

Kim Young-mi.

Leave it there.

What's wrong with her?

- What?
- I mean Vender.

Did you do something wrong?

What are you doing?

I'm fine. I shouldn't be in bed.

Are you sure?

I'm fine as long
as I don't pop the stitches.


You're a doctor. You should know.


You'll die soon too.

Very soon.



Murderer. You'll die soon too.

You'll die soon too.

Murderer. You'll die soon too.

Murderer. You'll die soon too.



Hey, you came.


Did you just say, "Hi"?

Thanks, Boss.


that's not like you.

I can't leave the hospital now.

You know that, right?

Of course.

You're a patient.


Another shot?

Let's just get out of here, sir!

Another shot.


We're the police.

We're looking for someone.

Who are you looking for?



I've never seen them before.

Check with the administration.

We did, but they said

they aren't in the hospital records.

They may have used fake names.

Then, we can't help you either.


other than general surgery,

is there somewhere else

where gunshot wounds can be treated?

I don't know. The ICU?

You should check
cardiothoracic surgery and orthopedics.

I see.

Then, do any of the doctors

make house calls?



Who does that in this day and age?


It's absurd, right?

Not necessarily.

May I ask who you are?

He's in charge
of the general surgery residents.

I see.

Do you

have some time to talk with us?

Have you

heard of Yong Pal?

Yong Pal?

He's an infamous master quack.

But this asshole... I'm sorry.

But this jerk

makes house calls to treat criminals.

I see.

As you know,

criminals must come to the ER
for us to catch them.

But you can't catch them
because they are treated elsewhere?

Exactly. That's it.

Then, shouldn't you look elsewhere?



I think

this punk is a real doctor

in this hospital.

What? Why would a doctor
from our hospital do that?

I know.

Actually, the pay

is pretty sweet.

Did you think of something?


We don't have anyone like that here.

If you don't tell us now,

you may be subpoenaed later.


You must not say anything further.

And write down
everything you said thus far

and submit a report.


Hold on.

Whoever you are,

this may be obstruction of justice.

Hey. It's me.

He's here now.

I'll put him on.


- Hello?
- You idiot!

- Yes, sir?
- You want to lose your badge?

Don't drag me down with you!

- Excuse me?
- Do you know what you're doing now?

I'm sorry.

Yes, sir.

Yes, sir.

We'll leave now.


What on earth?

You should have just told us.

This wasn't necessary.

It would have hurt my mouth.

Your mouth can hurt if you talk much.


I'm sorry we couldn't be of help.

We're busy, so--

If you think of a doctor
who may do something like that,

give us a call. Please.


- I will.
- Yes.

I can't believe you.

I told you,
you can't touch places like this--


He's definitely in this hospital.

Okay. So what?

You're about to lose your job.
What will you do?

What else?

I set fire to the rabbit hole,
so now I wait.

Yong Pal!


How's your injury?

- Fine.
- Good. I was very worried.

There's no need for that.

Please excuse me.

He won't give up.

- Pardon?
- That detective.

I have a message for you.

The chairman has invited you and Chief Lee

to dinner tonight.

Is that all right?

If it isn't all right, can I not go?

The car will be waiting at 5 p.m.

Wow. This

is surprisingly addictive.

After being in the OR for seven
to eight hours straight,

I crave this so much.

Drinking this while standing in the OR.

It's awesome.

If you've starved for three years,
it must taste so good.

Here. Try...

just one sip.

I'm sorry. I was wrong.

I didn't know Chief Lee
would use a trick like that.

But you're alive.

You need to live first.

I'm tired.

I'd like to be alone.

Is it because you
haven't escaped the hospital yet?

- Are you disappointed?
- No.

I'm just tired.

Once you get better, let's leave.

- But until then--
- I said I want to be alone.

I know

you risked your life
to get me out of the 12th floor.

And I know it's wrong,

but I hate you.

I can't...

return to my rightful place anymore.

Is it because

I didn't join President Ko?

- Whoever it is.
- Once you get better,

we can try--

You really are naive.


is not justice.

I'm dead now.

And the power will be revaluated.

Since Do-jun and President Ko
have joined forces,

there's no room for me.

I'm their mutual enemy now.

Even if I show up alive,

I'll be...

just a powerless nuisance.

The media will be controlled,

and the government
will hand me back to Do-jun.

And only a few people from the hospital

who opposed them will be hurt.

And you'll be hurt the most.

And I

will be locked up again

or killed.

Are you saying I should have

handed you over to President Ko?

- Probably.
- Don't you get it?

They are both crocodiles.

They wanted to tear you apart.

I'm also a crocodile.

Crocodiles are supposed

to live among other crocodiles.

But because of you,

I was pushed out of the water.


Hello, Madam Lee.
Thank you for the invitation.

Don't thank me.

I know that you aren't that comfortable
being here.

Hold on.

You should take Chief Lee.

I'll take Dr. Kim.

- Yes, Madam. This way.
- Sure.

There are two reasons
why he invites people over.

To bribe them or threaten them.

Or both.

Don't be scared.

I'm not scared.
I have nothing to be scared of.

I'd be grateful if it were a bribe.

You are so cute.


Thank you for having us. It's an honor.

What honor? It's just a meal.

- Come and sit.
- Yes, sir.


You did a good job.

Thank you, sir.

Are you feeling better?

Yes, thanks to you, Chairman.

Thanks to me?

It isn't thanks to me,

it's thanks to my wife.

Isn't thanking her also thanking you?

Your time with the gangsters
taught you good reflexes.

Good work.

- Thank you.
- Gangsters?

I didn't think Dr. Kim was like that.

Is he a scary person?

Right, he's very scary.

Especially when it comes to his sister,

he can be a scary person.

Send her to the US right away.


She needs treatment.
I heard there isn't much time.

Thank you, Chairman.

It's a bribe.

It's nothing.

I heard President Ko was supposed
to send her anyway.

No, sir. I dare not say that.

Good thinking.

You chose well.

He's different on the inside
from what he shows.

Right, dear?

Really? President Ko?

I see.

Right. How's the director?

He's much better.

This guy got up right away
after being shot.

He's still lying in bed
after being stabbed by a tiny knife?

He is older, so--

Then, tell him to retire
and get plenty of rest.

You can be the director.


No, how could I--

Don't be so modest.

You planned to become the director anyway.

No, but...

Maybe later,

but the director
is still healthy and competent, so...

Fine. I won't tell the director.


Let's eat.


do you remember?

I first met you at a barbecue party too

in New York.


You probably don't remember

since I went there
because Yeo-jin asked me to go.

Oh, yeah.

Seong-hun was there too.

You were popular among the kids
who studied abroad.

You weren't interested
in Yeo-jin's stepbrother

who stopped by on an errand,

were you?


I was pretty popular.

Dad should have sent me
to study abroad too.

It didn't cost much,
but he was so against it.

Since I was supposed

to live as Yeo-jin's underling anyway.

I'm sure he meant I shouldn't try
to fit in with the kids

of such powerful people.

Although I was my dad's eldest son,

in Hanshin Group,

I was nothing but the child of a mistress.

That's why

even the daughter
of a mere vassal like you

didn't notice me.

Chairman, I think
you should stop drinking...

Anyway, I feel bad for Yeo-jin.

She only suffered.

But then again,

it's better for her.

She finally got to be with Seong-hun
as she wanted.

Come to think of it,

I killed them both.

Chairman, I think you drank too much.


I'm fine.

When else would I drink?

Right? And

what's wrong with drinking?

These people

are all my accomplices.

And to be honest... What?

Did I

kill anyone myself?

Or did I ever give her
a strange medication?


You're right.

Of course, not.



if anything happens, kill them too!

That will solve it.

I was just kidding.

Why do you look so pale?


Do-jun will kill you too.

- Chief Lee.
- Yes?

Don't worry.

We'll have Yeo-jin's funeral soon
and she'll be cremated.

So it will all be good.

Thank you.

Soon? Then, we don't have time.

We'll cremate her

and send her to the cathedral
where Seong-hun is buried.

They wanted to get married there.

We'll bury her next to him.

Shouldn't I do that much
as her big brother?

Of course, sir.

If only Seong-hun

had kept his promise with me,

he wouldn't have died like that.

Chairman, why don't you go inside?

You had a little too much.

Please go home now.

Hey, I'm not drunk.



Okay then.

You go first.

I need to talk to Dr. Kim.

Of course.

See? I was right.

Bribe and threat.


why don't you treat the chairman nicer?

He seems

to be deprived of affection.

What? Deprived of affection?


You're right. He's deprived of affection!

You really are a doctor.

But what should I do?

I don't have any affection left
to share with him.

To be honest, I need affection too.

So? Will you share some with me?

For the first time, I feel...

sorry for you.

Anyway, what was that Seong-hun like?

Choi Seong-hun?

He was cool.

Tall, handsome, and smart.

But someone like that

was also the eldest son of Daejung Group.

That says it all.

If he wasn't from Daejung,

he would have been perfect for Yeo-jin.

Maids like me couldn't even look at him.

But people like that

recognize each other and fall in love.

A true love
that no one could dare to have.


Are you awake?


What happened to him?

Where is he?

I'm sorry.

You took away the person
most precious to me.


I will take away

the most precious person to you.

No! Yeo-jin!


Seeing her sleep,

she looks just like my loving daughter
from before.


- Yes, sir?
- Until the day I die,

don't let her wake up.


Can you do that?


yes, I can, but--


Until I die,

I want her to keep sleeping
as my pretty daughter.

She wants to die because she hates me.

So once I'm gone,

she won't try to kill herself.

Yes, we will do as you say.


I don't understand.

Who knew how much longer he'd live?

He was in the final stages
of pancreatic cancer.

I see.

And Father

built the restricted wing
where Yeo-jin would sleep...


He built a huge castle
in which the princess would sleep

and passed away six months later.

And Yeo-jin

never woke up

because of Do-jun's schemes.

Yes, Do-jun may be right.

She wanted to be with Seong-hun so badly,

so it may be for the best.


she loved him so much

that she would rather die with him.

But you look...

Oh, my. Poor thing.

You liked Yeo-jin, didn't you?

No way.

No wonder.

True, you had the wealthy
and pretty princess all

to yourself. It's understandable.


you have a rich and handsome chairman.

Show him some love.


is just love after all.

Do you know what I first noticed

when I went up to the 12th floor?

Patients from the 12th floor

whine much more

than other patients.

I should go.


Where are we?

What are you doing?


It's what you wanted.

Where are we going?

You'll see.

This is...

Stop the car!

Stop the car!

It can't be.

Let's go.



This is where you and Choi Seong-hun

wanted to get married at.

I thought this

was the best place to bring you.

The end of the time

that you lost.

You're free now.

Get your health back here

and return to the crocodiles' world.

Chairman Han

will take care of my sister's treatment.



I'm a jerk.

Now that you have money
for your sister's treatment,

I'm just a burden to you?


You're a burden.

A heavy burden.

It's too dangerous for me

to keep you in the hospital.


You can call President Ko

or the Swiss bank with this.

Do as you please.

I'm leaving.



Nobody knows this number for now.

But once you make a call,

your location will be traced.

Think of it as your one chance

and use it wisely.

I will.


Why are you doing this?

You are

from a different world.

I had forgotten that for a while.

And I

don't want to be jealous of a dead man.


How do I make a call?


Press this.


Where is that car at the entrance from?

Why is it parked in front
of the chapel all day?

Is it illegally parked?

No, the driver is sitting there.

Do you want me to take a look?

Yes, please.




If you answered the phone,
you should talk.

If you're not here in 30 seconds,

I'll never see you again.




How dare you.

I don't know
if we're doing the right thing.

Will they come back?

I don't know.


I'm letting you stay
because I feel bad for you,

but our church won't
be very comfortable to stay in.

It's okay, Father.

Thank you.

Do you want me to find you a place?

So you can live together?


What? It's obvious.

True, they can't do that
since they're hiding.

We won't stay long.
We'll leave once she's better.

Well. Okay then.

You come with me. You're next door.

And no funny business, okay?

- Pardon?
- No hanky-panky.

Of course, not.

Please leave the lamp on for her,
so it won't be too dark.

I will.

He seems like a good person.


He is.

I don't know if the clothes will fit.

Thank you.

Nurse Hwang,

you can't keep doing this.

Of course, you wouldn't like it.

It's been two days already.

I can't wait anymore.

If you don't put me back next to Yeo-jin,

back in my place,

it will get worse for you.

Next to Yeo-jin?

Where are you? Let's meet.


Do you think I'm stupid?


If you keep this up,

everything you people have done will be--



There are people you can talk to
and those that you can't.

President Ko.


Have a seat.

President Ko.

Did you bug my cell phone?

I thought you were
in a difficult situation,

so I took care of it for you.

Bugging my phone
which is from the chairman

is like bugging
the chairman's phone itself.

That's enough. I allowed it.

Chairman, Nurse Hwang
had helped us and was loyal.

- It wasn't necessary--
- Once a pyramid is completed,

everyone who knows the pyramid's maze

all get buried together.


That's right. It's like a pyramid.


we must bury them all.


Don't hate someone who's dead.


I don't.

He died

because of me.

Because he loved me.

I still

remember everything clearly.

To others, three years

may be enough time for wounds to heal.

But for me,

the same memory

replayed itself every day
for the past three years.

I see.

Can you wait

until my wounds heal just a little bit?


didn't tell you something.

The police tracked me down
all the way to Hanshin Hospital.

And Do-jun

will soon hold your funeral.

We can't make them
think you're dead until then.

You'll get caught.

Is that

why you forced me out of the hospital?


What were you going to do for you then?


I'm a doctor.

I have my gangster clients

who are waiting desperately for me too.


were you really going to leave
if I didn't call?


why did you call me?

What about the crocodiles?

I don't know.

I dialed the wrong number.

Let's not do this kind of things
to each other.

You said I could make only one call.

A call that I can make only once.

That's you.

Subtitle translation by Seul-ki Kim