Yong Pal (2015): Season 1, Episode 9 - Episode #1.9 - full transcript

Yeo Jin regains her strength and gets closer to Tae Hyun. Tae Hyun tells her how his sister ended up with liver damage. A local woman needs Tae Hyun's help.


It's really morning.

Finally, I became free.

But I'm afraid...

that I will lose him.

Good morning.

It's too heavy.

So? You want me to feed you?


Goodness, sorry.

You almost had me there.

Don't look at me like that.

This is an exercise for your arms.
Feed yourself.

Then I'll eat it all.

You're so immature.

Am I a child?

This is a super soft

and fluffy omelet made
with nicely stir-fried ham

and onions, and mixed with milk

that a doctor made himself.

Good girl. But...


It's cheating to eat such a big piece.

This is an exercise for your arms.

What is this?

When will I finish all of this?


Take it slowly.

I'll try walking by myself.


Are you all right?


Good job. You've improved.

Are you going to stay like this?

We can rest a little
and continue the exercise.

This isn't exactly a position for resting.

Dear Lord.

We were practicing walking.

You skipped morning mass.

You're always like this.

What do you mean?

This is rehabilitation.

I'm serious.


When was your last confession?

About three years?

Let's go.

- Pardon?
- For your confession.

In the name of the Father,
the Son, and the Holy Spirit.


Believe in the Lord's mercy and grace,

and confess truthfully of your sins,

and free yourself from their shackles.

I prayed to let me kill all of my enemies.

Is that what you still want?


For the past three years,

I asked for death
if I couldn't get revenge.

But God...

did not give me either.

The Lord...

answers our prayers
in ways we do not prefer.

You prayed with a heart full of hatred,

but the Lord has answered with love.

Sister, do you

love the person...

who is with you now?

Do you love him?


I think so.

Your prayers have been answered.

Be grateful for the Lord's grace.

But I am afraid...

that because of my love,

I will lose him.

People cannot change...

that which the Lord has decided.

Then what must I do?

Ask the Lord for mercy,

and love him even more.

Although he may become miserable
because of me?

Love your enemies,

then your soul and his will...

receive salvation by the grace of God.

Will you do it?


I will.

- Hello.
- Hi.

Is this Kim Young-mi?

- Yes.
- Open the door.

Dr. Kim Tae-hyun is her attending--

- He's on sick leave today.
- I see.

Open the door.

Is there a need?
Her condition hasn't changed.

I don't want to be here either.

Yes, sir.

How is she?

The same.

Did anyone come to visit her?

Of course.

Someone came just two days ago.


She heard her daughter
was taken in a Hanshin ambulance,

so she searched the entire hospital.

- So?
- It's obvious.

Administration denied it
and kicked her out.

Poor thing.

I'm sick of doing this now.

Administration will
take care of it, so don't worry.

It doesn't look like I need to
make rounds here,

so call me if anything happens.

Yes, sir.

Hey, the coast is clear. Get up.

Hey, get up.


You're a piece of work.

How can you fall asleep?

How can I not? What?

Forget it. Get upstairs.

I had a nice nap.

Do I need to come here and sleep...

during evening rounds, too?

Yes. Sleep well.


Process the discharge
for the client in Room 1218.

Yes, sir.

But Chief, have you heard?


Nurse Hwang passed away.

What? How?

It was a hit-and-run.

She was in a phone booth,

and a truck drove right through it.


Did they catch the truck driver?

No, they didn't.

Was her cell phone battery dead?

Why was she in a phone booth?

I feel bad for her.

What? Nurse Hwang?

Yes, Nurse Hwang
who looked after Ms. Young Ae.

Yes. Come in.

Did you get enough rest, sir?

Hello, Chief Lee.

Have you heard about Nurse Hwang?

- Yes, I've heard.
- Was it really an accident?

I know what you're thinking,

but it couldn't be.

Director, that's not it.

Maybe they're trying to...

get rid of all of us.

What? Get rid of us?


you can't take this so lightly.

Think about it. Yeo-jin is dead.

Chairman Han may want
to eliminate all of us

who looked after her, once and for all.

Chief Lee, calm down.

What would happen
to Hanshin Hospital without us?

And the 12th floor?

That greedy Chairman Han
would never give up the hospital.

You really think so?

Of course. Don't worry.

Nurse Hwang was giving me
the creeps anyway.

Regardless, it's a good thing for us.

I see.

Your feet are swollen
from walking that little.

You don't need to...

At times like these,
you just say, "Thank you."

Try it. "Thank--"

Forget it.

You know...

what was the name
of the Boy Frog's girlfriend?

- Aromi?
- Yes, Aromi.

Your nickname is Aromi from now on.


You look alike.

My face?

Your toes.

Fine, I have frog's toes.

- Forget it. Stop.
- I'm just kidding.

Thank you.



At the rate, you're recovering,
we can leave soon.


We can't stay here forever.

Where will we go?

Well, anywhere.

I'm fine as long as I'm with you.

And you?

Me too.

Okay. All done.

Give me your phone.


I want to look for an apartment.


This looks nice.

What do you think?


Why aren't you guys playing
instead of just sitting here?

They said it's best to stay still
when it's hot.

Kids should act like kids.

Do you guys want to play with me?

Don't you have any friends?

I'll buy you ice cream. Let's play.

You should cut loose Hanshin Electric...

and Hanshin Chemical.

What if you send President Kim
of Chemical to...

Hanshin Energy as their new president?

Since you can trust President Kim.

President Ko, I mean...

Director of Reorganization Ko.

What are you saying?

What do you mean?

Hanshin Electric is the group's cash cow.

You want to sell that?

That's why it will be easy to sell.

- What?
- Who cares if it's Hanshin's cash cow,

if the chairman can't own Hanshin?

We need to sell something
that will bring in cash

and increase the chairman's shares

in the holdings company.

He has a point.

Even if that's true,

we can't send President Kim
to Hanshin Energy.

Then what about Hanshin Energy?

There is no one there.

We have many of our people
to fill that role.

By "our," do you mean...

I see.

You mean Ki-jo.

I thought you meant "us" right now.

Sure, it's time for us
to change our concept...

and be more broad-minded.

Thank you, Chairman, for understanding
my dedication.

No matter how smart
the consultants may be,

in this crisis,

older people with more experiences
are better.

He said not to let anyone in.

Madam Lee...

- What is it?
- Madam Lee...

It's okay. You may go.

Hey, fire him.

He can't stop one woman.
You call that a guard?

So you were playing cards.

President Ko, did you win a lot?

Right. Will my dad
keep his position this time?

Oh my, Madam Lee. You jest.

What are you doing?

What else? I missed you.

Then, we'll wait outside.

Yes, let's take a break.

Who's next?

- Next?
- After Nurse Hwang.

Why? Are you worried about Kim Tae-hyun?

Yes, I am.

Oh my gosh.

Don't tell me you really love him.

- Do you?
- Of course.

He's my precious toy.

No one may touch him
until I get bored of him.

That's the terms of our contract.


I'm worried about you.

Me? You're worried about me?

I'm so honored.

Thank you for worrying about me.

You reek of blood now.

When you begged your dad

and forced a small company's daughter
to marry you,

at least you smelled of breast milk.

After killing your sister,
you have no restraint now.

If you don't shut up now,

you may end up like Yeo-jin.

If you had the courage,

I may have loved you.

Kill everyone. I don't care.

Just leave Tae-hyun alone.

If anything happens to him,

you'll have to kill me.

And you know what happens...

if you kill me.

Daejung will hear immediately

that you intentionally killed Seong-hun.

Dad, find someone for me.

Kim Tae-hyun.

It's urgent. He's in danger.

The chairman asks you to come back in.

Looks like Madam Lee will...

find Kim Tae-hyun for us.

- Watch out, Ali.
- Ali!

- Hey.
- Be careful.


You got hit, so you're out.

No, this is Princess Dodgeball.

They call it Running Man style.

I'm fine as long as you don't get hit.

Protect me.

- Pass!
- Pass!

Oh my...

- Are you all right?
- Are you all right?

Are you all right?


I hope it doesn't get infected.

Don't worry. I'm a doctor.


Yes, he's really a doctor.

He'll treat her well.

All done.

Thank you.

They're so cute.

I've never played this before.

Everyone plays in school.

You never played?

It's my first time.


I couldn't get hurt, so I wasn't
allowed to play like this.

What did you do for fun
when you were little?

I liked tennis.

I was always on the same team
as my brother.

Then one day...

I got hit in the eye by the ball
from the opponent...

- and Do-jun was scolded by our dad.
- Yeo-jin!

How were you playing

that her eye is all swollen?

You should have played better!
Why are you doing that to her?

I got you a private instructor!

What is your problem?

You used to play well!

What is your problem?

You should protect her!


I'm sorry.

I should have blocked the ball.

I'm sorry, Do-jun.

It's my fault...

We had a good time like that, too.

After that, I quit tennis.


Many people come
to the hospital with black eyes

from playing tennis.

That isn't comforting.

Kids! Gather round!

Let's go!

- Okay!
- Okay!

We're going to the stream. Come with us.

Hurry up!

A stream?

Do you like streams?

- Yes.
- Have you been to one?


"Lee Hae-in"?

What? Who is she?


She's Ms. Young Ae's new nurse.

- What?
- You didn't know?

Who is she? Which floor was she from?

She isn't from our hospital.

I think the chairman hired her.

- Wow. Look, it's a marsh snail.
- Wow! Marsh snail!

It's a marsh snail.

Hey, stop!

Stop right there!

That stings! It's cold.

Are you okay? Do you want the wheelchair?

No. I want to try walking.

- Here?
- Yes.

It'll be slippery.

It's okay. I have you.

Hey, knock it off!

It's refreshing.

My feet tickle.

The water is very cold.

- Should we go out?
- No.

I'm so happy right now.

Let's stay a little longer.

Let's go.

What did he say?

Come with me.

How did you know about this spot?

Ali said to come here
because we were in the way.

He really said that?

He said he couldn't stand us.

I want to walk.

Really? You won't be tired?

I need to exercise...

so I won't be a burden to you.


You walked a lot today.
Get on my back now.

- I'm really fine.
- Just get on.

Aren't I heavy?

Do you need to ask?

Put me down.

Just kidding. You're not heavy at all.

I carried So-hyeon on my back
ever since we were young...

so I'm used to it.

So-hyeon was sick ever since she was born?


I made her that way.


My mom and dad always came home late
because they were working.

- I was watching So-hyeon that day, too.
- So-hyeon, let's eat now.

Hey, I told you to get up.

I don't feel well.

You have a fever.

You should eat and take some medicine.

Get up.

I was trying to act like a mom.

Or maybe it was like playing doctor.

- Take your medicine.
- I don't want to!

You have to. You're sick.

You need to take this
to get better quickly.

She didn't want it...

but I made her take acetaminophen.

It was my father's painkiller.

If a small child takes it,

it severely damages the liver.

It looked just like the medicine our mom

- Try and sit up.
- gave us whenever we had a fever.

Stop playing...

and get up.




I was scared...

so I ran like crazy

to the neighborhood clinic.


Doctor! Open the door!

My little sister is sick! Help!


Doctor, help!

My little sister is sick!

- How?
- Hurry!

How long has she been like this?

Since she took the medicine.

What medicine?

This one.

Oh my.

Get her up.

I don't know if she'll be okay.

- So-hyeon...
- Mom!


So-hyeon! What happened?

So that's why you became a doctor...

to save So-hyeon.

I wanted to become rich.

I wanted to be...

someone with power.

The poverty
that couldn't treat So-hyeon...

The Poverty that turned my dad
into an abuser.

I hated that.

But I ended up...

being heavily in debt and a criminal.

Why is it that...

the more I try to gain power,

the weaker I become?

Am I...

reaching for too much?

We are all...

weak to somebody.

We just don't realize it.


At least you studied hard

and became a doctor on your own.

And eventually...

you saved So-hyeon on your own.

You did the best you could.

I wish I had a brother like you...

This must be the spot.

It's beautiful.

This is...

Wind Hill.

If lovers kiss here...

they can return here.

And if they return and kiss here again...

If they kiss again?

They will be...

together forever.

Let's come back here tomorrow.


You're a murderer.


Do-jun will kill you too.

I've never seen him before. Hey.

Hold on.


Director. I need to talk to you.







Chief, are you going somewhere?

I have a guest downstairs.

Call me if there's an emergency.

Yes, Chief.


Aren't you guys hungry?

- We're hungry!
- We're hungry!

Lunch is on me!

- Yes!
- Yes!

Eat up.

Thank you for playing with the kids today.

It was our pleasure.


Eat up, kids.

- Thank you!
- Thank you!

- Enjoy.
- Okay.

This is suspicious.

Are you really a rich girl?

Your favorite foods
are soybean stew or bibimbap.

Director, it's lunchtime.






Who is it?

Goodness. Ali!

What is it at this hour?

Father, my mom's sick.

Please get Mr. Kim.

- Hey.
- Come home with me.

Please save my mom.

You said you are a doctor!

Mr. Kim, please come home with me!

Doctor! Open the door!

My little sister is sick! Help!

Mr. Kim, please come home with me!

Hold on. Let me get my car keys.


- Hurry.
- Go on.

Wait here.

Please move out of the way.

He's a doctor.

Doctor, please save my wife.

- When is she due?
- A month from now.


- Her water broke.
- Mom.

We need to get her to a hospital.

It's toxemia.


No. I can't go to a hospital.

We'll get in trouble if I do.

- What?
- They are illegal immigrants.

She may get deported.

That's why she can't go.

That's better than dying.

To them, it may be worse than dying.

If she goes alone, she'll
be separated from her family.

If they are all deported,

the family will be split up
because of the debt

they incurred to come here.

It's okay... if I die.

Please save my baby.

Don't say that!

We can't live without you!

Doctor. The baby's movement...
What do we do?

- Mom...
- Take him outside.


No! I want to stay!

Mom, no!

Hey. Those jerks aren't coming!

It's not just a VIP.
It's the biggest VVIP there is!





Don't worry, Ali.

Your mom won't die.


What happened?

I'm going to have to operate.

Operate? What surgery?

A C-section.


I have no choice.

If I don't do it now
both the mother and baby

may die.

What if something goes wrong?

That can't happen.

This is crazy.

Everyone, go outside.

Go on.


Goodness, look at that.

You carry that with you?

Can you really do it?

Don't worry. I used to be a nurse officer.


- Let's turn her to her side.
- Okay.

Doctor, please save my wife.



Please save...

our baby.

I'm okay.

Please save our baby.


Up here, too.

It's an emergency,
so I'm making a vertical incision.


Aren't you a general surgeon?
You've done a C-section before?

The baby isn't moving much.

No. The anesthesia hasn't kicked in yet.


I think the anesthesia is working.

Please take our baby out. Please?

Not yet.

What are you doing?

No. If I cut her open now,

she may go into shock.

Deliver him.

Hurry up and take him out.

- Scalpel.
- Yes.

Hang in there.

I need to get it right at first go.


Yes, doctor.

- Clamp and scissors.
- Okay.


Oh, god...


He's too small. He needs an incubator.

Thank you.

Stethoscope. Quickly.

It's an embolism.

She needs to get to the hospital. Now.

Hospital? I told you she can't.

There is one hospital where she can go to.

Have you heard about the director?

How could I not? Everyone
in the hospital is distraught.

Isn't it suspicious?

He was so healthy.

But a heart attack?

Nurse Hwang suddenly died too.

- And now, the director--
- Hush.

Dr. Kim Tae-hyun mustn't come back.

Have you talked to him?

His phone is off.

- Honey!
- Don't worry.

- Oh my gosh.
- Don't worry and get inside.


Father, call us when you get there.


What do we do...

I'm sorry...

but you need to go
to the church with Sister.


I need to go somewhere.


I'll go too.

No, you can't be there.

Where is it?

Tell me.

Hanshin Hospital.

Are you insane?

Don't worry. I'll send the mom and baby

to the 12th floor and come right back.
I promise.

- No.
- I'll be right back.

We don't have time for this.

If we don't go now
both the mom and the baby...

will die.

Promise me...

that you'll return quickly.


I'll come back right after I
see So-hyeon off to the U.S. tomorrow.


Be careful.

Don't worry. I'll be right back.



Don't worry.

I'm sure the Lord will protect him.

He must be...

an angel sent from God.

Subtitle translation by Seul-ki Kim