Yong Pal (2015): Season 1, Episode 7 - Episode #1.7 - full transcript

August 20th, 2015.


Han Yeo-jin went into shock

from losing too much blood

and died during surgery.

You finish up.

What's wrong with the world?

Thieves are so proud.

I hear people take from others

and pretend it is theirs too.

Hey, yes.


Oh, my goodness.

My poor sister.

I'm sorry, I had to take this.

I just got the news

that my sister was in the OR

getting surgery

and she died.

Good job.

You did great.

I didn't think you'd do it,

but you pulled it off.


I think it's time to negotiate.

He's bleeding badly.

- Move him.
- Yes, sir.

It's okay.

I can go by myself.

Hurry. We don't have time.

Yes, but are you sure she isn't dead?

She can't be.

Can Tae-hyun make it in time?

He definitely will. Hurry.

It's not.

I won't let that happen.

Trust me.

I'm Yong Pal.


Hang in there.

You can do it.


It's too late.

Even if Tae-hyun comes,

after ten minutes,
the likelihood of survival is...


What's her temperature and duration?

Thirty degrees. Twelve minutes.

Good. That's enough.

What? Even after ten minutes--

- Do you have the artificial vein?
- Yes.

I'll do the transplant.

Watch for my signal and get ready.



are you all right?

You don't look--

Let's start.

That bastard.




- Call the chief!
- Call.



What is it?

Cardiac arrest?

So what?

It's more dangerous for her

if she undergoes surgery.

She can't survive surgery
on her current condition.

Isn't there a doctor on call?

Then, why are you calling me?

I'm hanging up.

It's meaningless.

She'll go into cardiac arrest again.


You operate.


Are you out of your mind?

The chief said it won't work,
but you want me to do it?

We'll both die then.

Call the chief.

How can I do it without permission...

What are you doing?

Call Dr. Kim Tae-hyun.

What? Why?

Tell him to go to the OR

for an urgent... x-ray.

What does that mean?

An x-ray in the OR?

Just do it. He'll understand.



You're bleeding!

Doctor, what happened?

I'm fine.



Dr. Kim, there you are!

What are you doing here?

Dr. Kim...

What? He's busy!

I have an urgent x-ray patient.


Wait next door.

I'll come when I'm done.


You're all crazy.

They'll kill me...

in the OR...



In the OR?

It's all over.


It's not.

I won't let that happen.

I'll be right there.

Nobody dies

on my operating table.

Trust me.

I'm Yong Pal.


How many times did you give it to her?

Four times.

Just one more time.

If four didn't work...

That's enough.

No. Don't turn off the lights.


It's suffocating.


stay here for a while.


Damn it!

You know,

even if I...

were to die now,

I wouldn't be upset.

I've lived this much longer

thanks to a great brother like you.

Let's stop.


Then, my sister dies.

You did all you could.

Please stop now.

Everyone has their own time to die.


A doctor is the one who saves a patient.

Blaming it on money and guardians
is nothing but an excuse.

If you have the will to save the patient,

you'll find a way.

He has no pride
in being a surgeon whatsoever.

It's as I heard.

You know where the money is.


You got to avoid annoying surgeries

and get tips from clients like you wanted.

Did you expect a pot of gold or something?

Sorry but

you're just a moth that flew into a flame.


Stop. You'll faint.


It's good.

They all died.

All the people I loved died.


be friends.

What really scares me

is sleeping here forever.

- Tae-hyun!
- Get him off of her.

Tae-hyun! Snap out of it!

You'll die too!

Let go.


- Tae-hyun!
- Wake up!


Give him a blood transfusion quickly.

Yes, sir.

Kim Young-mi!

Kim Young-mi!

Dr. Kim! She's in cardiac arrest!

Now that Ms. Young Ae has passed away,

I finally get to come in here.

Do we still have matters
to negotiate about?

The winner has already been decided.

Is that what you think?

The winner

can't be decided until the game is over.

You voluntarily

discarded Ms. Young Ae, your royal card.


it's time for a real negotiation.

A win-win situation for the both of us.

What happened to him?

What? This is a gunshot wound!

Oh, my gosh.

How long has it been?


So, to put it simply,

let's say Yeo-jin is alive

and split her shares?

Why would I?

Have you heard

of the strategy in a war

where one destroys one's own food supply

and transport ships?

I know.

What will you do now?

You'll starve,

and your transport ship sank too.

It's okay.

Unfortunately, for you,

what I destroyed

was your food supply

and your ship.

You focused

on dropping the stock price

of Ms. Young Ae's shares
to reduce the inheritance tax.

We have been contributing quite a bit

to your cause.

You can say

we've worked together
to destroy the company.


We worked together?

We haven't announced it yet,

but if Ms. Young Ae's death
is announced tomorrow,

we will also announce all
of our losses and debts.

If that happens,

you will be quite shocked.

Circuit break. Sidecar.

I guarantee it.

By tomorrow morning,

Hanshin's stock price
will hit rock bottom.

Now, do you understand

whose supplies and ships I destroyed?


Will you

let us on your boat now?

And share your food with us.

You can ask your Harvard

and Stanford graduates
to run a profit and loss simulation.

So you filed

the visitation demand
to eliminate Yeo-jin?

That was your plan?

Of course,

if she were in our possession,

the situation would have been different.

Anyway, thank you very much

for doing the hard job for us.

If you join us,

you can get rid
of the troublesome subsidiaries

rather quickly

and hold Ms. Young Ae's funeral

with gladness and fanfare soon. How is it,


Had I known there was such a good plan,

I would have worked with you sooner.

Thank you.

Are you awake?

Who are you?

Where... am I?

You'll find out who I am soon

and this is the OR supply room.

Listen very carefully.

From now on, your name is Kim Young-mi.

You're in a coma in the ICU.

So you must never open your eyes, okay?

You've been doing it for a while
so you can do it, right?

- Who are you?
- Me?

I'm Dr. Kim Tae-hyun's fan.

- Fan?
- That's all you need to know.

But Dr. Kim is fighting

to stay alive because of you.

I'll hold you responsible
if anything happens to him.

- Okay. Let's go.
- Wait.

What happened

to Tae-hyun?

He's undergoing surgery,

but he lost too much blood.


Is that Ms. Young Ae?

Who else?

That's such a relief! Great job!

It was nothing.


It's okay.

He's with us now.

Yes, sir.


Are you all right, sir?

It really looks like a person.

You're right.

Take good care of my sister.

Yes, sir.

Check her face one last time.

Is it her?

Yes, it's Ms. Young Ae.

As I told

the anesthesiologist and resident,

Ms. Young Ae did not die.

Yes, sir.

You must keep everything you've seen

and heard today confidential.

- I understand.
- Or you'll end up in here too.



It's time for your injection.


Don't worry. This goes into the muscle.

I won't need to stab you eight times.

Okay, here I go.

What? But...

Oh, my gosh. It's the wrong medication.

What? Wrong medication?

I'm sorry. I'll get the right one.

It hurts!

Oh, no.

I'm so sorry!


Help me.

Help me.


He barely turned back
from the gates of the afterlife.

I heard he got a shot.


I'm sorry.

How is he?


I hope he doesn't enter a vicious cycle.

He's resilient,

- So take good care of him.
- Yes, sir.

Let's look at Kim Young-mi.


She's off of the respirator already?

Wow, she's resilient too.

- She made it.
- Yes.

She went into cardiac arrest too.

See? If they're meant to live,
they will live.

- Unwrap the gauze.
- Yes, sir.


This patient

is no longer your patient.

- What?
- The 12th floor claimed her.

- Who says?
- Administration.

Hanshin Electric requested it.

You shouldn't touch her.

Those people...

Not that we've barely saved her life...

Fine. Good for her.

Let's go.

The chairman is here.

How is he?

He is still unconscious,

but since you are looking out for him,

I think he'll wake up soon.

Good. Take very good care of him.

I owe him a great debt.

A debt?

What does he mean?

Yes, I'll take good care of him.



operated on him myself.

You did?

Then, if he dies,

it's your fault.



I'm just kidding.

I see.


"Hanshin Electric"?

Who is she?

Then, you should put her in the corner.

People can see her.

Yes, sir. Move her.

Yes, sir. Give me a hand.

Okay, let's go.

Have a nice day.

What just happened?

Did the chairman
just come to visit Tae-hyun?

Yes, sir.

The kid really made it.

You can go first.

I'm going to see the director.

Goodbye, sir.

- Let's go.
- Yes.


Yes? What?


Can't I be assigned to Tae-hyun?


he was your mentor.


So you can kiss up to him?

- Hey.
- Yes, how could you say that?

Think about it.

He volunteered
right after the chairman visited him.

- Do you think I'm you?
- What?

Hey, you two.

What are you guys doing?

Sorry, sir.


You take Tae-hyun.

He'd like that.

Thank you, sir.

Let's go.


Oh, my. What are you doing here?

Are you sick? Is that why you're here?

Seriously, what brings you here?

- Are you sick?
- No.

I missed you.

No way.


Of course, really.


I heard there was
a ruckus here last night.

People were fighting--

Is that right?

You don't believe me.

I heard it was really scary.

You're so pretty.


Maybe the facelift
was successful this time.


I love you.

- Me too.
- No.

You don't love me.

We both know

that you don't love me.

Dear, what are you saying?
You're scaring me.

But finally,

I became the true owner of Hanshin.

What do think?

Will you love me now?

I don't know what you're saying.

Why are you being like this?

You're scaring me.

You're not scared of me.

You're mocking me.

Fine, just live like that,

acting like an idiot
and grow old by my side.

But you...

can never escape from the palm of my hand.


pity you.

How does it feel to love someone
who has never once

loved you?

Did you speak with Madam Lee?

What would that moron know?

It was all President Ko's doing.

I see.

But how did she attend Ewha University?

Stop pulling my shirt. Let go of me.

Come on.


How many streptomycins do you have?

Are you out of your mind?

Because of that quack you brought,

the surgery wound got infected.

You need to do follow-up customer service.

What am I, a pharmacist?

Go to the hospital, you idiot.

I'm upset about being arrested as it is.


I'm so happy to see you, friend.

You punk.


I really don't know.

I know you and Yong Pal

treated Du-cheol.

I'm not a doctor.
How could I treat anyone?

Not you, Yong Pal!

I know,

you didn't do anything wrong, right?

You probably just introduced Yong Pal

and took a small commission, right?

I really don't know.


I know.

But sorry.

In a few minutes, we'll be done

analyzing your phone records.

It's too late if you talk then.


Get over here.

Life is short. Be smart.

Don't give me bullshit

and tell me where he is.

If you

tell anyone about Yong Pal again,

I'll call every gangster
in the country. Got it?


Kill me if you want. Do as you please.

I don't know anything.

You're full of shit.

You'll regret it.

What would I regret
when I did nothing wrong?


I got Man-sik's call records
that you requested.

- You do?
- Yes.

It's too late.

Detective, that's not it--

But these are all

burner phones.

The numbers he called
on the day Du-cheol was shot?

They are all untraceable.

- What about the location?
- Location?

They are all in Cheonho-dong
by the room bars.


just one of them...


Is that one in...



Hanshin Hospital.

- Hanshin?
- Yes.

You said it hurts here?


Madam, did you hear about last night?

- What else?
- Even this room was a mess.

- Even this room?
- Yes.

That monster ran into this room.

Thank goodness
you weren't here last night.

You must leave the hospital now

and stay out of sight until then.

Where is Kim Tae-hyun?

Dr. Kim Tae-hyun?

He's dying now.

But he worried about you the most.

When everything broke out,

he first asked where you were.

When I told him you left,
he seemed very relieved.

He even called the security guards

and asked them to never let you up here.

That's because you
were always so nice to him.

Ma'am! Where are you going?

I'll see you in lower level three
at 4 a.m.

This is all I can do for you.

He did that on purpose
to protect me from President Ko?

How is he doing?

He isn't doing too well.

Then, what are you doing?

- Pardon?
- Why aren't you doing anything?

Call everyone.


Call the doctors from every department!

And request a doctors' conference
or something.

Call everyone right now!

Yes, ma'am.

Tell them

all the chiefs must come down,
and they must save him

whatever it takes.

Tell them, if he dies,

they will all lose their jobs, got it?

Yes, Madam Lee.



- Really?
- Yes, everyone knows.

- When did that happen?
- That's...

Are you heading to the conference?

- Yes.
- I see.

I heard the chairman's wife
requested it herself.

- Yes.
- And the chairman visited him too?

- See? Dr. Kim's future is set!
- That's amazing.

He's sick right now.
What are you talking about?

I mean, the chairman visited him himself,

and Madam Lee has the entire hospital
working to treat him.

I'm sure he'll be fine.

Once he awakes, his future is set.

Let's go.

Have a nice day.

You should have been nice to him
while he was here.

Do you know how good he is to me?

He bought me a latte and cake.

- Really?
- Is this a fling?

Name, Kim Tae-hyun.

He had surgery once
when he donated part of his liver.

On August 20th,
he was caught into a fight and...

Sir... What's going on here?

He didn't get surgery right away

and had to get emergency surgery later on.

He lost a lot of blood before his surgery,

and his hemoglobin level was at 6.2.

This is all I can do for you.

This is just the beginning

of all I can do for you.


You must be tired. You should go up.

I'm fine.


if you stand here,
the doctors will be uncomfortable--

Fine, I'll go up.

But you must save him.

You must.

Yes, Madam.



Who are you?


You shouldn't

talk like that.

You'll get caught.


Is this really okay?


I said not to say a word.

Okay, open your eyes now.


you can't see stars since we're in Seoul,

but how does it feel
to be outside after three years?

Was the statue of King Sejong
there back then?

Was it--

Are you all right?

Thank you,



you need to look with your heart.
Imagine it.


On the left is the Winged Horse.

To the bottom right is Aquarius.

If you go all the way right
from there, it is the Eagle.

This one. Like this.

Can't you imagine it?


I can't.

So, don't use your eyes. Use your heart.

You need to look with your heart.

There's nothing there.
What are you telling me to see?

Forget it. Let's stop.

You're so frustrating.

So frustrating!

Dr. Kim, it really is you.

- Cynthia.
- I was wondering if it was you.

I heard you were almost dead.
I guess it was a lie.

You're well enough to be out on a date.


how are you--

How what? I came to get my things.

I was looking around,
and I caught you here.

- Are you okay?
- Me? What do you mean?

I'm happy.

I got all the money
President Ko promised me.

You gave it all up

and got shot for someone else.

You're the one who isn't okay.

I'm going to the States

to finish medical school.

Although I'll never
be a humanist doctor like you.

I am not.

You'll become a good doctor.

It's nice and cool here.

Who? Girlfriend?


A patient.

I see.


Sorry, but would you get me some coffee
from the vending machine?

You betrayed me.

You should at least get me some coffee.

Wait here.

You're his girlfriend, right?



What a shame.

He's the best guy I've ever met.

Get him if you can.

He gave up a huge sum of money

for some woman.

It was more than enough cash
to pay for his sister's treatment.

Men are so foolish.

They can't think when they're in love.

He's a bit naive,

but that's also his charm.

So if you can, hold onto him,

Han Yeo-jin.

If you're going to live in hiding,

you need someone like him.

Enjoy the coffee with him.


Where's that woman?

What's wrong?

Did something happen?


have I done?

Subtitle translation by Seul-ki Kim