Yong Pal (2015): Season 1, Episode 6 - Episode #1.6 - full transcript






A 31-year-old woman.

She fell from a gantry
at Hanshin Electric's factory.

A factory?

Is she really our client?

We'll know when we get there.

This way.


What were you thinking?

You should have called an ambulance
if she was in this condition.


It's hemothorax.

I must deplete the blood now.





We don't have any.

There should be a thin needle.
Give me that.

As you must know,

you can't tell anyone

about what you saw or did here.

That's why we called

Hanshin's 12th floor.

We know that.

We're not interested
in the patients' personal lives.

Personal life?

You call this personal life?

Look at your face.

At least, wash the blood off
before we go back.

You seem to recognize me.

What is it?

You may let your guard down.

I'm on your side.

As long as Han Do-jun
remains as the chairman,

these accidents will keep occurring.

You can't say you don't share

part of the blame.

You're right.

As one of the executives,

I'm an accomplice.

I'm doing this to correct the wrong.

I started at Hanshin
as an entry-level employee.

Back then, I had a dream

when I worked with the founder,

Yeo-jin's grandfather,

as we went through

all sorts of hardships
to build this company.

But back then,

we never imagined the world
would come to this.

What do you want?

What do I want?

What I want...

I'm old now

and I've had

and enjoyed as much as I could.

What more could I want?

If there is one thing I want,

it's to push Han Do-jun out

and create a company in which the dreams

of the woman who jumped today
and other employees come true.

I want to create a world like that.

In order to do that,

we need Han Yeo-jin.

Just as you have a person

to protect even if people mock you

for being a money-grubbing miser,

I have a dream I must make a reality.

If you don't mind, may we switch

and make each other's dream come true?

I'll save your sister, So-hyeon.

In exchange,

make my dream come true.

Did you come to Hanshin Hospital

with this motive from the start?

Pretty much,

since I got paid from both sides
from the start.

And leading me into the restricted area

was also that old man's plan?

I wouldn't put it that way.

You could say we
discovered your potential.

He's very thorough.

You can say that,

but you can also say he's been preparing

for a very long time.

What's the dilemma?

It isn't a difficult choice
for someone naive like you,

who likes to see justice done.

Do you believe it

when someone says he's old
and has had and enjoyed

as much as he could? And that he wants...

nothing more?

Think of your sister first.

You need to send her to the US.

If you can't walk to your throne,

you can't sit on the throne either.

How have you been?

I'm sorry that I haven't visited often
as your big brother.

Is this really

the only way?

You're so frustrating.

It's not for me to decide.

The other side won't withdraw
their visitation demand

and keep trying to get to Yeong Ae.

We have no other choice.

And you know the chairman's temper.


why must I do it myself?

Then, who else is there?

We can ask Kim Tae-hyun--

Hold your tongue.

Come on now.

Everyone has their duty to do.

She has

a history of attempting suicide,

so if we stage it as a suicide...

It must be a table death.

In the OR?

She'll have traces
of the anesthesia in her blood.

If they do an autopsy--

An autopsy? No way.

Chairman Han is her only family.

If her family doesn't agree...

Do you really...

trust Chairman Han?


Let's stage it as an attempted suicide

take her to the OR,

and say she died under anesthesia.


Chief Lee, once this is over,

let's live in peace.

You'll be compensated generously.

I'll talk to Chairman Han about it.

You are here.

I'm so tired.

Who is she that you called me
in the middle of the night?

I'm sorry. But...

how is she?

It will be tough.

She's still alive

because you did the emergency treatment.
If it weren't for you...

But who is she?

She doesn't seem
to be from the 12th floor.

Just someone

whom I feel sorry for.

President Ko himself?


I wonder...


do you really

trust President Ko?

What does that mean?

Based on my experience,

those in power are too busy looking
to profit off everything--

I am

their biggest profit.

- I trust that.
- But what if...

they do the same thing to you

as what your brother did?

At least,

I have Do-jun then.

My legal guardian.

I'm standing in the middle
of their balancing act.

Thus, whomever I hold hands with,

the scales will tip in their favor.

That's why they must kneel before me.


are you worrying about me?


I'm worried about me.

What if your brother catches us?

Because of the money?

Don't worry.

If I get out of here in any way possible,

I'll give you the code.


cooperate with President Ko.

That's our best bet for now.


But you know...


Why are you speaking so casually to me?


we're friends.

Okay then.

We're starting rehab today.


Hey, stop whining.

I'm being very gentle.

That hurts!

I didn't even touch you.

Don't be a crybaby.


I'm Manager Shin in charge of CS.

This is your first visit, right?

Yes, nice to meet you.

Please come this way.

Did you get the paper?

Yes, sir.

- What's wrong?
- Sorry?

What's that look on your face?

It's nothing.

What's nothing?

I just saw newcomers

in the lobby just now.


This isn't a prison.

But sir,

they look seriously vicious.


You've got to be kidding me.

Do you have a special power?

You can see if someone is vicious?

People like that can't come here.

Stop the nonsense and scratch my back.

Yes, sir.


Lower. Yes, right there.

That's nice.

But it's not all that different.

This isn't a prison,

but I feel it is somehow.


Did you get some rest?

Yes, thanks to you.

You have been overworked.

That's why you
were so sensitive last night.

I'm sorry about last night.

I'll make sure it doesn't happen again.


This is all...

because we've all hit our limits.

It's time to stop.

I mean you need to do well.

Nothing happened, right?

Yes, sir.

Are you all right, Chief Lee?

You don't look well.

Of course, not.

We have new clients.

Yes, they're not our members,

but guests of a client.
To keep them quiet.

We can't keep taking those.

The client is very high up.

Let's go.


I see that you're all here.

What's the matter?

Well, we're fine.

It must have been hard for you.

We'll take good care of you.

Take care of their meals. Ms. Shin.

Yes, sir.

Let me take a look.

Where did you get the cast?

It must have been a rush job.

Whoever did this
didn't even know the basics.

There are still places like this?

We'll redo them.

- No!
- No!

Are you afraid it will hurt?

You're adults. Don't be scared.

Let's take our time.


Let them rest
and call orthopedics to redo them.

- Yes, sir.
- If you need anything,

page us at the station. Please excuse us.


Are you...

I've been drinking too much,
so my face is swollen.

Cynthia, I look horrendous, don't I?

You? Not at all.

You're so beautiful and slim.


Anyway, my face is all swollen

and my body aches all over.

Goodness. That's not good.

Call the dermatologist
and schedule physical therapy.

And take special care with her meals.

- Yes, sir.
- It's okay. Don't make a fuss.

I should get skincare
at a specialist's clinic.

I'll just do the physical therapy.

Yes, Madam.
Call the physical therapist over.


Wouldn't a doctor be better
than a physical therapist?

Then, call an orthopedist--

I don't need an orthopedist. Forget it.

Why don't you do it for me, Dr. Kim?


Yes. That's a good idea.

Dr. Kim?

Yes, sir.

Why is she here again?

Who knows? I guess
she has business with Dr. Kim.

With Tae-hyun?

What about?

What happened to Daniel?
Now, it's Dr. Kim?

Dr. Kim is lucky.

I see.

That feels good.

The other way.

Madam Lee,

we have physical therapists for this.

Good. This side now.

Press my back.

- Okay?
- My gosh.



Is that enough?

You met President Ko, right?

Don't be obvious.


Yeo-jin is in danger.

Do-jun will kill her soon.


Don't be obvious.

President Ko is aggravating him
so that he'll kill Yeo-jin.

Aggravating him?

The request for a visitation demand.

The visitation demand.

They wouldn't do such a thing.

If they did,

I wouldn't be alive right now.

If he doesn't withdraw the request
by noon tomorrow,

Do-jun will kill Yeo-jin.

But President Ko
will not withdraw the request.

President Ko thinks
if he can't have Yeo-jin,

it's better if she were dead.

Now, do you get it?

I'm the only one
who wants to save Yeo-jin.


you want me
to hand Ms. Young Ae over to you?

Take Nurse Hwang's keys

and take the elevator in Yeo-jin's room
to lower level three.

I'll be waiting.

Your life will change.

I promise.

This offer is good

only until noon tomorrow.

We don't need you.

We need to talk alone.

Yes, sir.

What happened?

As planned, it will be tomorrow at noon.

That was the order.

Chief Lee, be strong.

It was her destiny to die like this.

She'll die in a coma like this,

so she won't feel any pain.


What is it?

Die. Just die.




What are you doing?

What are you doing?

Are you crazy?


Security! Get over here!

How dare you kill my baby?

You can't.

I'll kill all of you first!

Nurse Hwang!

Are you all right? Get a gurney!

- I'm fine.
- Let go!

Bring Han Do-jun, son of a bitch.

How could you kill your own sister?
You evil son of a bitch!

Shut her up!

This way!

On my back!

Are you okay?

Are you hurt?

I'm okay.

Calm down.

They'll kill me...

in the OR...



In the OR?

It's all over.


It's not.

I won't let that happen.

I'll be right there.

Nobody dies

on my operating table.

Trust me.

I'm Yong Pal.

Those patients with casts

are President Ko's people, right?


Are you trying to kill Young Ae?

We're trying to save her.

Then, tell President Ko

to withdraw the visitation demand.

If he doesn't do it by noon tomorrow,

Young Ae will die.

Give me a minute.

If he doesn't withdraw
the request by noon tomorrow,

Do-jun will kill Yeo-jin.

- What did he say?
- He said if he withdraws now,

it will be more suspicious.

As expected.

Dr. Kim, are you worried for yourself

or Han Yeo-jin?

I'm worried for my sister.

So, we're pushing up the plan.

- The plan?
- Before I tell you the plan,

make your position clear.

Will you help us or not?

Do you want me to help you decide?

Whether Han Yeo-jin is dead or alive,

you bring her to President Ko

and the money
will be deposited into your account.

Are you relieved now?

President Ko thinks
if he can't have Yeo-jin,

it's better if she were dead.


I'll fill you in then.

Listen very carefully.

At two o'clock tonight,

a helicopter with our men
will come under the pretense

that an emergency patient is coming.

When I give you the signal,
rush to the restricted wing

and put Young Ae on a stretcher
and get ready to escape.

You have ten minutes.



When we turn off the power
on the 12th floor,

the security cameras and alarms
will be turned off.

It stays that way for three minutes.

What's wrong with that? Where is it?

What's wrong with that?

During that time, bring Young Ae out
of the restricted wing.

Then, your part is done.

Excuse me. Hold on.

Before we leave, all the hallways

except the one leading
to the helipad on the roof

will be controlled
by President Ko's people.

By the time hospital security

gets to the 12th floor,

it will be too late.


during the three minutes
while the power is out,

you'll get on the helicopter
and escape from here.

He is

very prepared.

And you hold the key

to this entire plan.

I'll ask again.

Do you really

trust President Ko?

I trust his momentum.

That man

requested the visitation demand,

knowing you could die.

It was a rational decision.

He decided your fate rationally.

I can't trust my life with someone

who can't make that call.

Aren't you afraid?


What really scares me

is sleeping here forever.

Chairman Han, President Ko,

and Madam Lee, they all

want you.

But if they can't have you,

they might kill you.

Think of it in the simplest sense.

Between the weak and the strong,

who will you choose to join?

There are no good people in my world.

There is another way.

Don't worry too much about me.

You'll get hurt too.

I'm already full of scars.

This evening, not tomorrow morning,

you'll go to the OR.

The person who takes you there

won't be Chief Lee, but me.

Oh, my.

What got into you?

I brought a souffle too.

It's your favorite.

Oh, my gosh. What's going on?

Chief Nurse, come out here!

What's gotten into you?

Ms. Song is on cloud nine.

Had I known,

I would have done it more often.

You must be happy on the 12th floor.

The floor doesn't matter.

We can't escape this world anyway.


Now, tell me what it is.

You didn't come to talk about this.

Tonight, Young Ae...

must die in the OR.


At 4 a.m. at the lower level three?

Okay. I'll set it up.

One more thing.

You must leave the hospital now

and stay out of sight until then.

Okay. Got it.

Dad, get the guys ready.


What is it? Why didn't you knock?

You need to take this.

Han Do-jun speaking.

What? Who?

Yes, sir?




I understand.

Don't worry.

You won't feel any pain.


Ms. Han.

You're a murderer.


Do-jun will kill you too.


Ms. Young Ae attempted suicide.

Get the OR ready for surgery. Hurry!

Yes, sir.

Ms. Young Ae attempted suicide.

Prepare for surgery.


Oh, my gosh.

- Excuse us.
- What's going on?

- Please cooperate with us.
- What's happening?

Please follow our instruction.

What are you doing?

Do you know who I am?

We're the security team. Please cooperate.


We apologize. Please get inside.

I'm sorry. Please go inside.

Please get inside.

- This way.
- You need to go in.

- What are you doing?
- This isn't my room!

Don't push me. Gosh.

What are you doing?

Please go back.

I'll find my own way. Move.


We need all the patients and employees

to go to your stations.

What? I have access.

No one may go in right now.

I said I have access.


Wait. The emergency lights will come on.

- Move!
- Yes, sir.

Stop them!

- Yong Pal!
- Move and I'll shoot.

Yong Pal! What's going on?

Are you all right?

Calm down.


Go to the restricted room.

Head to Young Ae's room!

- Go get them!
- Get them!

- Go.
- What?

You're not abandoning me.

So go.


It's not my style to sit back
and watch. Go.


- Sir.
- Come here!

Hang in there.

I'll get you out of here.


Chief Lee.

Forget that

and come help me.

They took a decoy.

And I must operate.
I am the only one who can save her.

Hurry up. Get her to the OR.

- Is she safe?
- Yes.

Good work. Load her now.

What are you loading in such a rush?

President Ko.

Why is someone of your status
in a place like this?

I like

being at the scene myself.

Wait outside.

Yes, sir.

Are you on call?

Yes, are you operating?

Of course. Who else?

Prepare for surgery.

I'll change.

Yes, sir.

What's going on?

What are you talking about?

Young Ae must die? And in the OR?

Yes, it's true.

Chief Lee was ordered by Chairman Han,

so he'll take Young Ae to the OR
and try to kill her.

But I will go into that OR

instead of Chief Lee

no matter what.


I need to stop her heart
in front of everyone

and make them believe she died.


We'll lower her body temperature
before she goes into shock

and use potassium to stop her heart

since they'll be watching.

And get me as much blood as possible.


you'll stop her heart to fake her death,

and then, revive her afterward?


she may really not wake up.


That's why

I need you.

She slit her throat.

I sealed it temporarily,

but she cut the carotid artery.

So much time has passed.

Let's start. We still have a BP.


That's a relief.

Let's begin.


But what brings you here

to the hospital?

I'm here

to pick up something I had left here.

Is that so?

But what could that be?

I'm sorry, but I've heard

that there are many thieves
in the hospital

stealing from other people.

Dr. Kim.

Hurry up.

The blood vessel was damaged too much.

It will be difficult to seal.

Should I get an artificial vein?


Let's try to seal it up first.

But we should--

You rude punk.

Her BP is too low.

Is it?

Tell them to get it ready.

Yes, sir.

What if she goes into arrest?

Maybe we should call Dr. Kim Tae-hyun--


He's very busy.

What are you doing?

What else? My employee

is bringing me what belongs to me.

Good work, Kim Tae-hyun.

We'll lower her body temperature
before she goes into shock

and use potassium to stop her heart.

She went into cardiac arrest!
Get the defibrillator!

Don't bother.


Don't bother.

We should at least try CPR--

She's in shock from losing
too much blood. There's no point.

August 20th, 2015.

At 1:19 a.m.

Han Yeo-jin went into shock

from losing too much blood

and died during surgery.

You finish up.

Yes, sir.

What's wrong with the world?

Thieves are so proud.

I hear people take from others

and pretend it is theirs too.

Hey, yes.


Oh, my goodness.

My poor sister.

I'm sorry, I had to take this.

I just got the news

that my sister was in the OR

getting surgery

and died.

Subtitle translation by Seul-ki Kim