Yong Pal (2015): Season 1, Episode 5 - Episode #1.5 - full transcript

I said not to call.


How much is it?

You thieves.

After all that I made and paid back?

I have another guard now.

How can I pay that back, jerk?
I can't even moonlight now.

I'm throwing out this phone
that you gave me.

And he

has a soul that can be bought with money.

It never ends.

Do you want me

to give you that money?


my time is drawing near.

Request the court to demand visitations.

That would be declaring war.

If it's an unavoidable war,

isn't it better to attack first?


Did nothing happen overnight?

- Yes.
- Good. She's behaving now.

She has seizures once in a while.

I see.

It's the resistance response.

Do you want me

to give you that money?


Do you want me

to save your little sister?

Maybe that's a better question.

Han Yeo-jin.


If you press that button,

you can't

get the money or save your sister.

Think about it

and wake me up.


It's too dangerous.

Don't refuse.

You'll end up waking me.

What's wrong?

- It's nothing.
- What a fool.

It's okay. Take your time.

- Are you done?
- I'm sorry.

I can't see your vein.

It's fine.

And it's understandable

to make seven mistakes
while inserting an IV drip.

It's my fault for being so sexy

that you can't hold the needle steady.

So take your time.

Yes, sir.

You can take your time,

but let's not make it eight mistakes--

That hurts!

Lady... Concentrate!

I did it. It went in.

It did?

I'm so thankful I didn't have
to be pricked nine times.

- I'm sorry, sir.
- It's okay.

I'm fine.

You ignorant fool.

How dare you raise your voice?

Do you think inserting a needle

is like a thug using a knife
where you stab just anywhere?

Please forgive us!


I'm the one who should say sorry.

I'll... leave you to rest now.


Good job.

Oh, my.

I came here to live,

but I may die because of her.

Hey, learn to knock. Be civilized.

What did you do
to that nurse who just left?

She's pale as a ghost.

Don't you know the saying,

"Even if your sausage is crooked,
you should pee straight"?

She stabbed me eight times

to insert an IV drip.

Would you like that?

And do you think the Legendary Du-cheol

would have yelled

at a young girl

or scared her?

Then, why is she so pale?

I'm sure young women

are distracted when they

see my sexy body.

So, Boss...

why is a healthy man getting an IV?

When are you leaving?
You're not even sick.

Of course, I'm sick.

My whole body aches

and my heart is broken.

My boys are scattered
and many were arrested.

My heart is bleeding right now.

I'm going nuts.

Hey. Do you want to hear
some really good news?

- What?
- Bring it over.

Yes, sir.



Gosh. This punk even gambles?

- It serves him right.
- Right?

I was going to frame this article.

This? Why?

Don't tell me you did this.


How bad

is her condition?

She would've...

had Uremia.

Luckily, your dad found her

before it was too late
and brought her to the hospital.

But the problem

is the suppressants aren't working

because of her immune antibody.

How long

can she last?

I don't know.

If the dialysis goes well,
maybe a month or two?

Even if she can last that long,

it will be tough.


Your sister is about to die,

but you look good.


Please step outside

for a while.

Why you brat...

You'll hit me at this rate.

Damn it.



I told you to go
to your dialysis sessions regularly.

This happens when you don't listen to me.

Tae-hyun. Make up with Dad now.

When I die,

Dad will be the only family--


Stop talking.


Don't get angry.

But I feel bad for Dad too.

If you keep saying stupid things,

I'm leaving.

You listen to me too.

You're supposed to listen
to a dying person's last wish.


Are you going to keep this up?

I was so happy I met you in this life.

In the next life, I'll be your big sister.

I will...

take good care of you then.

I'm sorry for this time.

You did all you could.

Please stop now.

Everyone has their own time to die.

Humans can't change

when heaven has decided to take a life.

That sounds like

you're saying

that you have no fault in Mom's death.

I am...

nothing like you.

I won't be a coward and avoid the blame.

I won't

let So-hyeon go.

You did all you could.

Please stop now.

Is something wrong?


did you get any calls from the US?

From the US?

Right, they'll call
when the time is right.

Who is that patient
that you'd bug me morning and night?

Did you check this morning?

What? You got an email, right?

Really? Is it possible?

Let me read it first.

They said

it's possible.

Is it, really?

They say it's doable.

They have a matching donor too.

There are so many donors there.

Who am I? I'm Cynthia--

Thank you.

Thank you so much, Cynthia.

Who is she, anyway?

How valuable is this client
that you're so happy?

How valuable?


how much will it cost?

They said about one and a half.

One and a half--

Million. One and a half million dollars
just for the procedure.

With everything else,
it will be about two billion won.

And that's excluding my fee.

What? This isn't expensive.

Plenty of simpler procedures cost more.

Water. Bring me water.

Who are you?

What is it?

What? A visitation demand?


"A request to demand a lift
on the ban on visitations."

Please calm down.

Calm down?

You said this wouldn't happen.

I'm sorry.

Fine, I'm calm.


What will we do?

The judge hasn't been assigned yet,

but we'll make sure
the request is not granted.

I sent our legal team to the hospital.

President Ko will not see Ms. Yeo-jin,

so don't worry too much--

That's not what I'm asking!

I'm sorry, sir.

They definitely know something
about Yeo-jin.

Otherwise, they wouldn't
file a request just to see her.

I'll have...

to kill her.

Call the director.

Tell him to kill Yeo-jin right now.

No, Chairman.

Then, everything we've done
over the past three years

will be for naught.

And there is no indication

in the request that they know

about her condition.

Stop acting smart

and kill her if I say so!

I'll give you 48 hours.

Take care of that request.


I'll bury you along with Yeo-jin.

Yes, Chairman.

He said, 48 hours?


All of the crazy things I did

were nowhere near enough.

You did all you could.

Please stop now.

Do you want me

to give you that money?


Do you want me

to save your little sister?

Maybe that's a better question.

Think about it

and wake me up.

It's him.

It's been 1171 days since I got
locked up in this glass bottle.

The moment

I've been waiting for is finally here.

Yes, right now, I am...

dreaming of dreaming.

I'm going to check on Ms. Young Ae.

Yes, ma'am. Right.

Dr. Kim just went in.

Yeo-jin, open your eyes.


Open your eyes, please!


Our lovely client,

This is Consultant Kim Hae-young.
Are you free to talk?


stop calling me!


Get up.

What are you doing in here? Get up!

Leave me alone.

I had to make a house call last night too.

- I'm exhausted.
- What?

Are you insane?

How dare you?

What do you think you're doing?


Can't I take a nap here?

It's nice and quiet.

Do you know what place this is?

What is this place?


A crime scene
where you're forcing a healthy person

to sleep?

Why do you look surprised?


Will you report me?

To the director?

I see, higher up?

The chairman?

That's good.

Then, report

that you made a mistake and woke up

Ms. Young Ae last week too.

When she cut her wrist
and tried to commit suicide

and ended up in the OR.

Turn off the lights on your way out.

Don't mess with me.

If you hang out with gangsters,

you become half a gangster yourself.

Get out if you understood.
I need to sleep.

What am I doing?

Not bad.

It's too bad I had my eyes closed

and couldn't see her expression.

What do you want

from me?

That's not right.

You thought about it over for a week

and secretly woke me up.

So I should be the one

to ask that question.

Tell me what you want.

Money for your sister's treatment?


Hand me your phone.

Why do you want...

You want the money, right?

How do I make a call?


Press this.

From now on, if I asked you something,

answer with words.


Hello, how can I help you?


check my client code.

Just a moment.

Please go ahead.


Yes, madam. It's been a while.

Please tell me your password.

Are the lavenders

bloom in Provence?

He could do that?

Let me talk to him.

He's sleeping?

What time is it there?

I see.

What about you? What were you--


your email.

It's an anonymous deposit confirmation.

Don't be too happy yet.

Without the password,

it isn't money yet.

I'll give you the code

when I get out of here.

What do you think?

That's fair, right?


As long as I'm asleep here,

your sister can't be treated.

Then, what should...

What should I do?

Yes, Chief.

How long have you known
that Yeo-jin was in an induced coma?

The night before I went up
to the 12th floor,

I saw her in the OR.

I see.

Then, you've been acting
like you don't know?

You're so polite,

my cunning Tae-hyun.

About Nurse Hwang...

good job.

I couldn't stand her

acting like she runs the world
just because she knew the chairman.

You got her good for me.

But don't agitate her too much.

She's dangerous.


You flirted first, didn't you?

Did I upset you?



I'll make you pretty.


There are so many eyes on you.
How did you...

Whose idea was it
to request the visitation demand?

Based on the shareholders'
common opinion--

Call it off right now.

- What?
- Or

Do-jun will kill Yeo-jin.

What was that?

Madam, this decision was based

on pressure from domestic
and foreign investors.

If we ignore them, it's a breach of trust.

A brother

wouldn't kill his own sister.

And a wife wouldn't

stab her husband in the back
like I'm doing.

What do you mean by killing Ms. Young Ae?

If the chairman did that,

he would

waste most of her shares in taxes.

What if he has a reason
to stop the visit at all cost?

Do you know...

what that reason is?

Who knows?

President Ko.

Let's talk in private.

Please excuse us.


Chae-yeong, don't worry--

This is not personal.

Yes, please go ahead, Madam.

President Ko.

You know how much
my dad trusts you, right?

Of course, I do.

But I don't.

The request?

I know it's your plan.

What do you mean?

I can't permit you
to proceed however you wish.

Don't do anything that would put us

or Yeo-jin in danger.

Put Ms. Young Ae in danger?

That would never happen.

I'm holding a double-edged sword.

The thing is,

I don't know if it will cut you

or Do-jun.

Don't trust me too much

as I don't trust you.

I reduced the sedative to half the dosage,

so you should be more alert.

Be careful not to get caught.

I'll check on Ms. Young Ae.

Yes, ma'am.

Is Ms. Young Ae not feeling well?


What is she doing? Is she hazing her?

I think we should act first.


What do you mean?

They have no intention
of canceling the request.

- They may--
- Chae-yeong.

I'm nervous.

Becoming enemies with President Ko--


It's an opportunity for us.

If we can get Yeo-jin in our possession--

She isn't an object.

And even if we do,

why would she help us?

We'll use the same method
Do-jun has been using.

You don't need to know yet.

The daughter is better than the father

although that is resulting
in her cutting her life short.

Remember her face.

She's the first target.



are doing this on purpose, aren't you?

You're doing this on purpose

to torment me, you brat!

What are you doing?

Let go!

Let go.

Calm down!

Let go!

Let go!

What are you doing?

Let go!

Have you calmed down now?

I'm sorry.

Something is wrong with the sensor.

It looks fine.

Nurse Hwang,
take the nights off for a while.

Alternate with Tae-hyun.

I'm fine.

It's not for you.

Fatigue leads to accidents.

But in this situation--

Go home and rest!

Before I report you.

It's easy to turn

a normal person into a madman.


She is completely insane.

You've been in bed for three years,

but you don't have

a single bedsore. Do you know why?

That woman

took care of your body more than her own.

Like a doll.

If you knew the things
that woman did to me,

you would faint from shock.

No way.

I don't lie.


no one has ever talked to me that way.


Then, get used to it.

This is how I talk.

- You have no manners.
- I'm not fake.

Dysphemism is also evil.

Don't forget
that I'm the only person who can

save your sister.

You're right.


you should also

not forget

that I'm the only boat

that will take you to the outside world.

And this boat

is not a cruise ship.


the chairman's wife wants to see you.



I don't know.


Keep in contact with her.

I will.

I'll go now.

Don't go.

Why not?

Do you have something left to say?

No. Don't turn off the lights.


It's suffocating.

You don't like

the chairman's wife?

It's not about liking or disliking her.


Chae-yeong's dad

worshipped my dad.

If he was devoted to Do-jun,

he wouldn't seek me out.

That much, I can trust.



He's weak.

He can't

take on Do-jun on his own.

And if Chae-yeong wants to see me,

it's probably because her desires
are unfulfilled

while living with a man she doesn't love.

How have you been?

I'm sorry that I haven't visited often
as your big brother.


there are still people out there lined up

to see you.

There are people who wanted to see me.

People who need my power

to fight Do-jun.

Contact them first.


Not long ago,

there were people who tried to visit you.

But your brother sent them away

in front of the restricted wing.

Do you know who they were?



Give me your phone.


Was he there?

Hold it yourself.

You get angry if I take the phone away.


That's right, he was there.

He's President Ko
of the construction company.

He's devoted to my mom's side.

He's on bad terms with Do-jun.

I'm sure

he's been trying to see me.

I heard them talking
in the elevator before.


They want to request the courts
to demand a visitation?

A visitation demand?

That's it.

They were discussing
whether or not to do it.

I wonder if they did.

They wouldn't do such a thing.

If they did,

I wouldn't be alive right now.

Is this man


He's strong.

Isn't there anyone you want to see

other than people like them?

- No.
- Come on, now.

You were locked up for three years.

Don't you miss anyone?

They all died.

All the people I loved died

because they loved me.


what do you want to do most

when you get out of here?

Destroy this place.

I'll destroy this place

along with the people who locked me up.


I get it.

I get it.


must be craving something.

Mom's soybean stew.

Damn it.

Why soybean stew?

There's kimchi stew, tofu stew.

Of all the stews out there,
why soybean stew?

Kids who don't have their moms

are so obvious.

You're being obvious too.

Am I?

Do you have any friends?



are people who have mutual interests.

I'm lying here like this.

A relationship like that isn't possible.

So, you don't.

Why wouldn't I have friends?

I have plenty of alumni

and many subsidiary presidents
who follow me.

That means you don't have any.


do you have many friends?


I don't have any either.

I was poor when I was young,

so I had nothing to give
and only pity to receive.

So I have no friends either.

I have one more wish.

- What?
- Even the genie grants three wishes

when you free him from his lamp.


The deal has been finalized.

At least, listen to my wish

and grant it if you want.
Or don't if you don't want to.


I'll hear you out.

My second wish is...


be friends.



Yes, friends.

Neither of us has friends.


how old are you?


Age is nothing but a number.
Don't you know that?

And I love

people with money and power.

So let's be friends.

You're shameless.

You struck gold.

A pauper like you

got a rich friend like me.

Then, we're friends now.

Well, we can always cut ties later

if it doesn't work out.


Then, starting tomorrow,

let's begin rehab.




I'll do it after I reclaim my place.

If you can't walk to your throne,

you can't sit on the throne either.


I found the reason

to put you back on the throne.

Subtitle translation by Seul-ki Kim