Yellowstone (2018–…): Season 4, Episode 1 - Episode #4.1 - full transcript

♪ MTV... ♪



Baby, go to
the bunkhouse now.

Kayce? What's happening?

Now! Into the bunkhouse.
Right now.

Mom, what happened?

What happened?
We gotta go, turn around.

Get down!
Stay down!

Jesus Christ.
Get down!

Rip? Get everyone back
to the ranch.

Someone just--
Your dad's been shot.

Every-fucking-where, Kayce.

Listen, I want you to look
for a blue two-tone van

headed northbound on 540.
You understand?

How bad is he?

I'm an hour from the hospital.

He ain't got a
fucking hour, Kayce.

Fuck! Send me your location,
and I'll send a CARE flight.

Let's do
Hemet's pasture on 89.

Tell the chopper I'll fucking
be there, you got me?

We're looking for a blue
two-tone van.

Going north on 540.

Give me a CARE flight
to Hemet's Pasture.

Hemet's Pasture, now.


I need you two units
to stay here, you come with me!

[helicopter whirring

Can I have one of those?

I'm gonna need a light.



Come here.
Come on.

Let's go.
Come on.

There's a man in the house.

Get to the bunkhouse.

What's happening?

I don't know.
Just get to the bunkhouse.

Come on, Tate.


Dispatch, we're eastbound
Mill Creek road, on 540.

Advise MHP,
send every available unit.

Where the fuck
are you hiding?

Third one back.
Blue van!

Kayce, you can't
do this here.

There's too many goddamn people.

Kayce, there's too many people.


Kayce, red Honda!

Hold your position!

Kayce, you good?


Officer down!
We got an officer down!
Multiple GSW!

Code 3, my location.

There you are.

Mr. Wheeler,
this is Care flight seven.

Yeah, I know,
I see you.

I'm coming around right now.

Don't you die on me.
John, don't you die on me now.

Not like this.
You hear me?


Tate, get behind me, now.




Jimmy! Jimmy!

Oh, no, no, no, no.

Oh my God!

I got two guarding
the house.

Yeah? How's Ethan?

He'll be all right,
Teeter took him to the vet.

Where are the bodies at?

In my truck.

Well, get fuckin'
rid of 'em, Lloyd.


What's burning?

Sorry, Rip, I just...

Didn't have the heart
to tell ya.

Let's go.



Why aren't they on
the reservation?

I don't know.

Do you know the way home?

All right.
Stay here.

What do we do?

We do what he said.
We stay here.

What do they want?

I don't know.

But they got a man at their camp
who speaks English.

Do you trust them?

Son, I don't trust anyone.

Till they've earned it.

Y'all stay close to me.

This your land now?

It is.

Used to be ours.

I'm not the one
that took it from you.

Doesn't matter.
Still got took.

You here to try
to take it back?

Here to ask a favor.


My father was born here.

This is where he'd like to rest.

So you want to bury him here?

I want to put him in that tree

where the wolves
won't dig him up

and he won't
spend the spring in the mud.

Where relatives can come visit.

He could find peace
in that tree a long time ago.

Now there is no peace.

Maybe you sell this land
or lose it to a bank.

Then someone finds this tree
and scatters his bones.

Steals his sacreds.

Then he has no peace forever.

So, I will bury him here
if you'll let me.

I'll let you.

Where do you want to bury him?

Someplace no one finds him.
You included.

It's a long ride
from the reservation.


Eight sleeps.

These horses look hungry.

They are.

You look hungry too.

I'm used to being hungry.


It's been a hard winter.

All winters are hard.

This one...

This one is punishment.

Your horses can graze here

while you choose a spot
for your father.

I'll leave you a beef.

Your family can graze, too.

Thank you.

Boys, let's push these cattle
out of here.

Cut out a steer for 'em,
all right?

I'm sorry for you
being punished.

We are, too.

Come on.



Let's go, boys.

Let's go, boys.

That's a disconnect code.

Dietician's in there?

No one's in there.

Oh my God.

Oh my God, no.

What is today?


The month.


You need to lay down.

Been laying down long enough.

We have a code three.
422 I.C.U.

What's a code three?
You are.

I'm not asking.


What happened to you?

Same thing that
happened to you.

Who else did it happen to?

Happened to all of us.

Mr. Dutton, we need to get
you back to bed.

Who did we lose?

Define lose, Daddy.
Who did we lose?

Get me some Persantine.

All right, Mr. Dutton,
we're going to sit you down.

Can I see your right hand?

Got to put this
back in, okay?

Mr. Dutton, count back from
a hundred for me, okay?


What are you doing?
No, Dad. No!

What are you doing?

You tell me he'll never wake up

and when he does you put
him back to fucking sleep?

If he has a blood clot,
and I can promise you he does,

Get your fucking hands off me!

Movement can dislodge
it and send it into his heart

and then he woke up for nothing.
Let me do my--

Let me do my job.

Keep her out here
until I say otherwise.

What happened to your face?

What happened to yours,
you insensitive little fuck?

Nothing happened to mine.

You should go find a mirror.

My dad's dying.

So is mine.

What's killing yours?


What's killing yours?

The Twenty-first century.

You mean like... time?

Yeah, something like that.

How does time kill?

With my family it sort of
takes the kitchen sink approach.

Don't know what that means.

You need to study harder
in school, kid.

I dropped out of school.

Why'd you do that?

Cause... Fuck it.

That's a winning attitude.

Well, you know what they say:

the world needs
ditch diggers, too.

You got another one of those?

You're pretty cool.

Let's be honest, you're
probably going to be in jail

in a few years.
What's a cigarette gonna hurt?

Why do you say that?

Because your
life is a mess

and you're perfectly
fine with it

because you've had
no one to admire.

No one to set an example.

Now you're a lazy piece
of shit, right?

But you're handsomish
and charming

and smart enough
to bullshit your way

out of any trouble
you get into.

But one day you are gonna find
yourself some trouble

that you can't bullshit
your way out of.

You a therapist?

I am the rock therapists
break themselves against.

You're pretty good at it.

Well, you're pretty
easy to analyze.

I used to love guys like
you in high school.

Give me a troubled loser
with blue eyes

and I'd dry hump a hole
in his jeans.

What's dry hump?

How old are you?


Give me that
fucking cigarette.

The fuck?

Jesus, I thought you were 17.

You need to come inside.

Am I in trouble?

No, you're not in trouble.

Are you a friend of the family?

I guess I am now.

You should come, too.



So when these lines
move vertically,

it's reading the electrical
impulses of the brain.

And when they level
in this manner here,

it is displaying a--

Just tell him, dude.

Well, there's no
brain activity.

The only thing keeping your
father alive is the machine.

What does that mean?

Well, the lack of brain
activity would suggest--

It means he's gone, honey.

Can he have some time
to say goodbye?

There's a protocol
we should discuss--

Yeah, no.
Not today there isn't.

Get the fuck out.

Get the fuck out
so he can say goodbye.

Don't know what to say.

Say whatever you feel.

That's what you say.

Fuck you.

Fuck you for leaving
me in this place

with nothing and nobody.

If there's a hell,
you're in it

And I'll see you
when I get there.

Son of a bitch.

That was a good speech.

I like your style.

I don't have a style.

Yeah, you do.

Hit me.

Come on now.

Come on, come on now, baby.
Woo hoo!


Come to papa.

Mm! There you go.

Big spender.

You're welcome.



I tip you every time I win
and all I been doing is winning.

The least you can say
is thank you.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

Ungrateful motherfuckers, man.

We give you casinos,
free college,

free fucking medical care.

Don't know what
else you people want.

Gee, I don't know...
Maybe our land back?

Think you can MacGyver
that up for us, Wasichu?

What's that mean?

Ain't a compliment.

You fucking people.

Take, take, take, take,
take, take, take.


I've done more to
get your land back

than anybody in
the past century.

We don't have our land back.
John Dutton has our land.

Yeah, and where's he at?

Rotting in a fucking bed,
waiting to die.

So, you know.
You're welcome.

Are you saying
you shot John Dutton?

I'm just a
party planner, baby.

I just put people together.

What they do
is what they do...

And what they did
was clear your land.

You want it back?

Stop your bitching, deal me
cards or go fucking get it.


Meter maid?

Excuse me, sir.

Could we speak to
you for a moment?


You gonna speak, fucking spea--

Sorry for the intrusion.

So who is he?

His name is Chester Spears.

Dishonorable discharge
from the Army

in 2006 for conduct unbecoming.

Did three years in
Rock Springs for robbery.

Another five years in Red Lodge
for aggravated assault.

Has arrests for check fraud,

wire fraud,
two DUI convictions.

TheGreat White Hopeless.

Why am I looking at him?

He said he knows
who hit the Duttons.

Bragged about
putting it together.

Putting it together?

Ask him if he knows
who killed Kennedy.

Probably tell you
he planned that, too.

He's a drug dealer, Mo.
At best.

Drug dealers don't
gamble wads like this.

Can't afford to lose it.

He didn't win that?

These are his winnings.

See if you can help him
separate fantasy from reality.

How much pressure
before we let him cry uncle?

What they did
to John Dutton

hasn't been done since
they did it to us.

We need to know who's
trying to take his land

because they're coming
after ours next.

No uncles for that one.


But tradition,
I won't abandon.

Do it the way we used to do it.

Do it the way our grandfathers
did it.

I'm gonna fucking kill you!

I know your face!

I know your fucking face!

You can't fucking do this!

Why not?

You've been doing it to us
for five hundred years.

Then kill me, motherfucker!

Go on and kill me, then!

Spend the rest of your
fucking life in a prison cell

until they shoot bleach
in your veins

and you piss yourself on
your way to fucking hell!

My mother was killed
by two white men

who offered her a ride
when her car ran out of gas.

I sat strapped
in a car seat for three days

before someone found me.

Hell is all I've ever known.

What are you doing?

What are you fucking doing?

We can talk about it.

So, you're the party planner.

Tell me about this party
you planned for John Dutton.

I'm hurt here, man.
You really hurt--

Now you're hurt.

Tell me about this party.

Who wanted you to plan it?

If I tell you I'm a dead man.

You're already a dead man.

Only question is how.

I don't wanna
fucking die, man.

I don't wanna fucking die.

You a father?

Love them?

We're at war, you and me.

When you die, I take the war
to your family.

Stop thinking about yourself.

Think about your family,

and tell me something
that will save them.


Take Jake and Ethan
and head out to pasture nine.

Start moving them heifers.

Three guys and
you're going to take seven

to doctor these few cows.

Lloyd, the boss
is coming home today,

and I want people around.

You keep that between you and I.
Go on.

Jake, Ethan, you're with me.
Come on.

All right, come on.

Colby, Teeter, Walker, let's go.


There you go.

I can do--
I can do this myself.

Didn't think I was going
to make it, did you?

Never doubted it for a second.

Yeah. Liar.

Everyone else doubted.

Not me. Not once.

I can...

We need you to lay down.

I know the drill.


How's the ranch?

We'll talk about the ranch
when we get there.

Good. Okay, let's try
the other side.


Back up.


Oh, it's almost massage time.

Then a bath.

What happened to him?

Dr. Plunkett,
Dr. Plunkett.

It's on the list of things
we need to discuss.

A list of things.

A long list, Daddy.

Come on.

All this for us?

I'll see you at the house.

All right, you don't
want to ride

in this piece of shit anyway.

Can we turn these
flashing lights off?



All right, come here.

He's coming in!

One, two, three.

All right, I can walk
from here.

Ow, God damn it.

Put him down.

I didn't get shot in my damn
legs, for hell's sake...


Now what you going
to do, smarty?

Two, three.

This is more fucking
dangerous than walking.

No, no.

Dad, you wanted to come home,

this is what they
required to release you.

I'm released now, all right?

Their requirements,
they don't matter.

Get all this shit out of here.

Sir, we're required
to provide you

with the same standard of care

that you received
in the hospital.

Beth, get all this
shit out of here.


Oh, God, no.
Let me do it.

He's got it.

There. You comfortable?


Okay, he is all yours.
Have fun.

I'm Maggie.
I'm here to take care of you.

You need anything,
just give that a little press.

Okay, we'll have lunch
in a couple hours

and then we'll get you bathed,
how does that sound?

Just get some rest.


Oh, Mister Dutton!
No, no, no.

No, go back to your room.


You're fired.

I think you should
stay in the lodge

until I figure this thing out.

We've, uh... moved
into the Foreman's house.

Good. Good.
Cabin's too remote.

Cabin's gone, Daddy.

They decided to kill that, too.


What else...

What else did
they decide to kill?

You're home.

I'd like to end
this day on a victory.

We'll talk defeat tomorrow.

What are you hunting?

Whatever's hunting us.

No one will talk to me.

Nobody will tell me
what happened.

I don't have the heart.

They came after all of us.

But we beat them.

All of them?

Every one they sent.

Well, you haven't got anything
until you get the sender, son.

Don't know the sender.

That's what
we figure out next.


Goddamn, why does it feel like
the whole

fucking ranch is on fire?

Burning brush piles.

Why are we
burning brush piles?

We ain't burning them, Dad.

Smart bird.

It's not an annexation issue,
it's a formation issue,

and it's really a county
issue at this point, so...

I would wait until
the development is built.

Why incur the
added regulations?


Roarke, I'll have
to call you back.

Let her in.

Could I have a moment alone
with my brother, please?

So, we, uh... we had to clear
out your room.

You know, for Daddy's
hospice bed, and I found...

It's so cute.

It reminded me of when
you were just a wee lad.

Son of a bitch...

No, that wasn't it.

It was this...

Look me in the fucking eyes.

You're fucking crazy
and I will have you arrested.

I've waited two months
for this moment, Jamie.

Two months of praying
and bartering with God

for his survival.

And guess what?

He did survive.

I thought you'd like
to know that seeing as

you never visited once.

You never called once.

I called every day.
I just didn't call you.

It was you, wasn't it?

It was me what?

I want to tell you something.

And it's for me,
it's not for you...

See I want you to know it now,
so you can think about it...

and not sleep
and worry and dread.

I'm going to kill you.

But when I do it, I'm not
going to farm it out like you,

you fucking coward.

I'm going to do it myself.

You think that I would--

I'm going to kill you, Jamie.

I'm going to fucking kill you
for what you did to my family.

Think very hard about
what you're saying, Beth:

you are threatening
a state official.

I am threatening
the whole fucking state.

No picnic working here, huh?

I'm here to say I'm sorry.

And I'm here to say thank you.

I'm sorry people came
after you to get to me.

That's not what you
signed up for.

I'm sorry you...

I'm sorry you went
through that.

Now to thank you.

And I mean it from
the bottom of my heart:

thank you for fighting back.

Thank you for
protecting this place,

and protecting my family.

I'll never forget it.

Now you, uh...

you stop worrying
about fighting.

Worry about cowboying.
You leave the...

You leave the fighting to me.

Good Lord, looks like you boys
could use some beer, huh?


Oh my goodness.

You all right to drink, boss?

Lloyd, I've come to the
conclusion that the only thing

on this earth that
can kill me is me.

Any of you dipshits
feel like

losing a weeks' wages
to the boss?

Can someone explain to me how
this whole deal is working out?

Oh, that.

Well, that's what you'd call
a constant state of evolution.

Well, look at the big
words from Jake.

Are we playing Hold 'Em?

We can play anything you
want to lose your money to.

Just to let you know,
when we play cards we like to...

talk a lot of trash,

so don't get your feelings
hurt, all right?

If one of you boys think
you can insult me,

give it your best shot.

Don't mind if I do.

The game's Hold 'Em.

Three, six, king.

Got it.

Could you point me
to the restroom?

Yeah, it's just down
the hallway and to the right.

I'm going to go first.
Get me a beer.


Excuse me?

I said "women."

What about us?

Life is perspective
and you don't have any.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

I'm talking about your husband
leaving you here at the bar

to buy him a drink
and do Kiegel exercises

while he goes and
powders his nose...

when it should be
the other way around.

Why...should it be
the other way around?

Because you have all the pussy
and half the money.

That's why.

I never thought
of it like that.


It's perspective.

Where's your man?

He's on our porch
waiting for me to get home.

Why aren't you?

Because I'm in a bad mood.

I don't like to take those home.

Where's my beer?

Order your own fucking beer.

And get me a
skinny margarita with Tito's.

Oh, that cheered me up.



Can't you just sleep in?

Not today, sweetie.

Are you telling me no?

Got something I need
to take care of.

Damn right, you do.

You know, it's faster
just to fuck me

than argue about fucking me
then still fucking me.

Sweetheart, you don't know
what I have to do.

Something bad?

Yeah. Something bad.

More reason, then.

Excuse me.

This yours?


Found it up here on the bank.

It's not mine, man.

Not yours, huh?

You sure?

I said it's not mine.

What the hell
are you doing?

You sure it's not yours?

A little present
from the Yellowstone.

What? No!


Shouldn't be long now.

Good riddance.

♪ Let me die in the country
that I love the most ♪

♪ I'm a plain to see plainsman
and this I will boast ♪

♪ A heart that lie's far from
the East or West coast ♪

♪ This plain to see plainsman ♪

♪ Is longing for home ♪

♪ A heart that lies far
from the East or West coast ♪

♪ This plain-to-see plainsman
is longin' for home ♪