Yellowstone (2018–…): Season 4, Episode 2 - Episode #4.2 - full transcript

♪MTV... ♪


Come on, boy.



Just making sure
I didn't spring a leak.

You know, there's a decent
chance I'm gonna

come unstitched
and fall in a dozen pieces

on the ground right
in front of you.

Just letting you know in advance
it ain't your fault.


Here we go.

What in the...

Oh, goddam, it.
Are you trying to die?

What in the hell are you doing?

Well, the doctor said soak
in a warm bath twice a day.

I think he meant in a tub,
not on the top of a mountain.

And you're not supposed
to be riding, either.

He said "no driving."

Never mentioned nothing
about horses.

Well, I promise you
horses are on the list of

things that
you shouldn't drive.

You got shot.
You're on a horse.

I only got shot twice --

Well, then you win the
getting-shot-least award, Kayce.

I don't know what to tell you.

No one ever got well
sitting in a fucking bed.

One thing I know about life:
when you stop moving, it's over.

So if riding back from
here kills me, so be it.

So, you can go on home, sonny.

I'll come back when I'm
goddam good and ready,

and if I don't you just
bury me where you find me.

I ain't going nowhere.

And if you die on the ride home,

I'll bury you next to Lee
and then I'll sit on your grave

and I'll tell you
'I told you so.'

All right, that's a deal.



Damn, that feels good.

People been coming to heal
here for 15,000 years.

Damn right, it feels good.

You know what I think?

I think...

God or nature or whatever
you want to call it,

gave us all these places,
these herbs, these minerals,

this... this mud,

all these things to fix
what happens to us

because God knew what a fucking
wreck we'd make of ourself.

Beth thinks it was Jamie.

Yeah, I know she does.

What do you think?

I think if even Jamie wanted
to hire the militia

they'd never do it for him.

They did it for themselves.
It's what we did to them.

You know, he didn't sell
that land for the airport,

he leased it to 'em.

He did that to keep
the ranch together.

And he did that for you.

Killers don't seek
their victims' approval.

So you think they
did it on their own.

I do.

How many are in that militia?

About half as many
as there used to be.

That's a half too many,
if you know what I mean.

I agree.

Use Jamie for the warrants.

We'll learn real quick
where he stands.

You're a good man, Kayce.

But sometimes good men
have to do real bad things.

Doesn't change who you are.

I just want to be really
clear about what you're asking.

I ain't asking anything.

I'm telling ya
we're gonna kill 'em.

We're gonna kill every
Goddamn one of 'em.

How many acres?

A thousand under this fence.

Another section
across the highway.

Warm Creek runs through
the back of this parcel,

and you got river
on the other side,

so there's water for
your stock year-round.

Doesn't freeze in the winter?

They call it Warm Creek
for a reason.

The fences look good.

Got a brand new set of
Priefert pens down there.

The Cattle are fat as ticks.

And it all goes with the sale:

the pens, the cattle,
the tractor, the furniture,

the plates in the cupboards,
all of it.

Why are they selling?

Owner died.
Left it to his kids.

One kid wants to keep it,
one doesn't.

One can't afford to buy the
other out, you know the deal.

Horses and cattle may
be how the West was won,

but death and taxes
is how we're gonna lose it.

No doubt about that.

What do you think?

Run pairs across the road,
hay this side.

You'll make money every year.

Gonna have to buy some horses.

Don't waste your time
with horses, son.

A Kawasaki Mule and a few good
border collies is all you need.

A ranch without horses is...

All them Kawasakis
eat is a little gas.

They don't get sick
and they don't buck you off.

Everything conveys?

If you pay asking price
it all conveys.

It's time you grew
your own shadow, son,

and you stop living
in someone else's.

Write up the offer.

I heard
Yellowstone was breaking up,

but here you are buying more.

That's what I get for listening
to the buzzards at the diner.

I'm not buying this
for the Yellowstone.

I'm buying this for me.


What is that?

Don't know.
Watch out.



It's got painting on it.


Ho-ho, hey, ha!
Look at this!


Oh, shit.
Hold up.

Hold up. Get up on out of there.
We need to call this in.

She's in the FBO.

You're late.

Your flight was early.

I am never early.
And I am never late.

I am the constant
your time adjusts to.


What a fucking mess, Ellis.

It's gotten complicated.

It's going to get
real simple real fast.

Get my bag.

Talk to me about relics.

The procedure is to notify
the county coroner

as well as
an archeological team,

and the Native American
Heritage Commission...

And this will
halt our construction.


Until the coroner establishes
a date of the remains

and the archeologist removes
all artifacts from the area.

How long will that take?

Depends on whether a
university will provide funding

or the state must ask
the assembly for funds.

Explosions and ambushes
in broad daylight.

Educate me on exactly on what
the fuck I'm stepping into.

The violence against
the Duttons

is unrelated to
our conflict with them.

You really believe that?

Willa's mistake,
and your mistake

was trying to intimidate
people who'd blow up

a building at 3 o'clock
on a Friday.

This land is all they have.

Living in Montana
is just poverty with a view,

You threatened
to take that view.

From now on,
we stop stoking their fears

and feed their greed.

Yes, ma'am.

How long before Mr. Rainwater

files a lawsuit
to stop our build?

I expect a subpoena
by the end of the week.

We'll start with him, then.

Uh, Mr. Rainwater has been
unwilling to negotiate.

Unwilling to
negotiate with you.

Who the hell's this?

Let's find out.

Really puts on a show,
doesn't he?

Chairman Rainwater,
I'm Caroline Warner,

I chair Market Equity's
Board of Directors.

One leader falls
and another rises.

I'd hardly call this news.

They seem to think it's news.

Just because someone died here
doesn't make the land sacred.

Argue it just like that before
a circuit court, would you?

I don't want to
argue anything.

Would you walk with me?

I have a proposal.

I'm all ears.

We rescind the cease
and desist order.

You're free to resume building.

We can't secure our loan

without a guarantee
that you won't file another.

We'll fund the build for you.

Why would you do that?

So we have influence over what
you build, and who it caters to.

A casino at the center
of this development

brings an element to this
community people don't want.

Are you suggesting
that we don't build a casino?

I'm suggesting you build
a casino that caters

to the people
who can afford to live here.

Five star accommodations,

Michelin-rated restaurants,
world class entertainment.

Build a casino that is
a destination unto itself.

I'm talking about people
from across the world.

flying in here to ski here
at the finest resort

in the world.

Spending a thousand dollars
a night at your hotel,

another thousand for dinner,

another thousand for
tickets to see Elton John,

before they drop
twenty-five thousand

at your blackjack table.

Build that casino,

and we will fund your project,

and make your reservation
the richest in the nation.

In exchange for what?

Stop holding up the thing

that will deliver
your customers.

I'll have a contract drawn up
by the end of the week.

I look forward to seeing it.

Watch out for the elk scat.

I cannot wait to pave
this place over.

So what did she say?

She offered me something
that's too good to be true.

Then it isn't.

Goddamn, I love when
Travis comes to the ranch.

We work both those reds,
mine and the baldy.

You're from where? Texarkana?

Yeah, Texarkana.
Which side of the river?


That is not Texas,
that is fucking Arkansas.

Don't tell people
you're from Texas.

Whatever you say, sir.
Don't you fucking do it.

Hey, brother, congratulations
on that derby win.

Thank you, brother.
That's a hell of a horse.

When you gonna
show him next?

I sold his ass
at the back gate.

You sold that horse?

You out of your
fucking mind, Travis?

Brother, my goal
is to leave every horse show

with an empty trailer.

Had Andy Masci
make you something.

Oh, yeah?
What's that for?

Little wedding present.

How'd you figure that
out, motherfucker?

I'm a horse trainer, brother.

When a woman goes off the market
I get a fucking email.

Tammy Joe!
Bring him.

What's this horse?

Oh, shit this is that Dual Rey
Geoffrey Sheehan was showing.

Hey, Arkansas, you study
real hard in school,

and save your allowance,

one day you might
get a horse like this.

But I doubt it.

Teeter, come grab
these horses.

Did Doc say it's okay
for you to be riding?

Yeah, well, I didn't ask.

Goddam, he gets the livestock,
doesn't he?


What are you all shopping for?


Look at the
King Ranch down in Texas.

825,000 acres.

The land around there
is so thick

with oil you
stab the damn ground

with a shovel and you find it.

How is that ranch still there,
that's the...

that's the question.

Yeah, you'd think some
big oil company

would have bought it up by now.

Well, that's cause they
got ahead of it, you know?

Started their own oil company
before one could get to 'em.

Their own breed of cattle, hell,
their own breed of horses,

not a damn horse in that arena

you can't trace
back to the King.

They made such a name
for themselves you can buy

a damn truck with their
brand on the seat.

That's what we're going to do.

Outside this valley,
who knows we're even here?

I'm gonna let the world
know we're here.

Thinking of putting
Travis on the road.

You know him best,
what do you think?

I mean, that fucker doesn't
do anything but win, sir.

Can we trust him?

I mean... He puts the "whore"
in horse trainer, Kayce.

But if he's riding for the Y,
he'll be true to it.

But mind you, he will fuck
everyone else, sir.

I mean everybody.

Hey, John.

How's he priced?

Through the roof.

Well, what if, uh...

What if I was to put him
on the road with you,

then what does he cost?

Well, the cost is the same but
he'll pay you back in a year.

I'll take him.
Now show me more.

How many more?
How big you want in?

When people think of horses

I want them to think
of the Yellowstone.

John, look, you know
this deal, all right?

There's no money in the oak.

All the money's in the acorn.

So, let me go find you
a stud. give me three years--

Don't have three years.
Just get me in now.

Find me acorns on the way
to that winner's circle.

All right.
You want cutters?

I want all three.

That's going to
cost a lot of money.

All right? It's gonna take
a few million to do that right.

Can you win it back?

You know what we should do?

If we're gonna do this right,
then let me do it right.

Let me build you a team.
All right?

I'll get you the best
of the best in all three,

and I will stack checks
on your desk

thick as a fucking phone book.

Do it.

All right.
I'll start making calls.

We can't afford to do this.

Yeah, well, we can't
afford not to, son.

Not anymore.

Oh, now you show me respect?

Don't bother.

Let's keep this civil,
shall we, Beth?

Civil, you fucking coward?

I burned for you, Bob.

And when I say "burned"...
I mean it.

Care for a drink?

Uh, double Tito's,
three olives.

You mean a martini?

No, martinis have vermouth
and are enjoyed with friends.

I don't like vermouth
and these aren't my friends.


What are we talking about?

Your severance package.

You fucking vultures.

Here's an idea:
don't honor the contract,

and see what I do next.

We aren't concerned
with the pay out.

We are concerned
with the parameters.

In particular,
the non-compete clause

and the non-disclosure

Yeah, that should concern you.

You have a history
of malicious intent--

Oh, you have no idea, buddy.

I doubt they can shrivel any
more, but it was worth a shot.

I made you a fortune.

A fortune.

And when my family was in the
fight of its life, you quit me.

Here's what I recommend,

Retire before I take
everything you fucking have.

Schwartz and Meyer owns
half the land

on the north side
of the Yellowstone:

you shouldn't pick a fight
with the bigger bear, Beth.

You co-own the land, Bob.

You gotta read
the fine print, Bob.

I'm the bigger bear.

Let's try the right hand, now.

Better today.

That's really good, Jimmy.

All right.
Now for the tough stuff.


Back down.


How many are we doing?


Can't we just fucking walk?

Walking doesn't work the
muscles we need worked, Jimmy.

You're getting
so much better, baby.

All right.

I'm really encouraged
by the scans.

You're making good
progress in PT.

I think we've reached
that point, Jimmy.

What point?

Your movement must be
restricted to physical therapy.

You can go to the bathroom,
you can walk from

one room to the next,

but any physical exertion
must be supervised.

And the thoracic brace stays
on 24 hours a day.

Two most dangerous places for
you: stairs and the bathroom.

A slip in the shower,

we're right back
to square one or worse.

Got it?
We got it.

Discharge will take
a couple of hours.

Oh, I let the ranch know in the
hopes they could arrange a ramp,

and what-do-you-know,
the bunkhouse already has one.

That's how dangerous
your job is.

You need to think about that.

You called the ranch?

Who did you talk to?
What did they say?

Said they were sending a car.

What's the matter, baby?
Why aren't you happy?

Need to show you something.


This boy any relation to you?

What did he do?

Tried to rob a convenience
store with a screwdriver.

You can see how that
worked out for him.

What are you going
to do with him?

Well, I was going to put
him in foster care

but he, uh... he claims
that you're his guardian.

I'm his what?

That's what he says.

No bullshit,
what are his odds?

Odds on what?

A future.

That's his future.

The world's lucky if it's drugs
that send him to prison

and not murder
or something worse.

Look, it's a horrible
thing to say,

but the best thing
for this world

is if he goes to sleep tonight

and doesn't wake up
tomorrow morning.

Hello, dear.
Hello, darling.

I made dinner.

Dinner, huh?


Thank you.
What did you make?

Hamburger Helper.

You didn't have any hamburger
so I used tuna.

So Tuna Helper.

You put tuna
in the Hamburger Helper...

Why not just use
the Tuna Helper, darling?

They make tuna helper?

You know what, let's just go
into town, get a bite.

What do you say?

You should try it.
Might surprise you.

The kid sure likes it.

The kid?

What kid, Beth?

I think he might be
our kid, baby.

Who the fuck are you?

My name's--

You know what?
Shut up. Just shut up.

Who is that?

You, twenty years ago.

With the same options
that you had.

Look, he doesn't
have to be here.

It's your decision, but...

you're the one that's
got to tell him.

I gotta tell him?
All right.

Boy. Get your shit
and get out of my house.

Let's go.

Sorry, kid.
We gave it our best shot.

I don't know where to go.

-You got four choices.
Pick a direction.

Fucking son of a bitch.

You went to plan B
pretty quick.

What's plan B?

Wait until everybody
goes to sleep,

rob every car and truck
on the ranch,

like a little raccoon.

Don't you have
it all figured out.

Come here, you little shit.

Damn it.

Go on.

Go lay on that couch
and you don't fucking move.

I'll just rob you
when you're sleeping.

I ain't sleeping.

I'm gonna sit in that
chair until the morning

and then I'm going to run
your ass into town.

Can he at least finish
whatever we're calling this?

Sure, why not.
Here. Here you go.

Eat up.

What an appetite, huh?

Well, I'm pooped.
Gonna head up.

Goodnight, kid.

Boy, you sure out-kicked
your coverage with that one.

All right, you little shit.

Come on, I got
a place for you.

Come on, get up.

Hey. Easy, or you're
going to get hurt.

Bed, water.

Good night.

What about a bathroom?

Here you go.

Get up. Let's go.

That'll be the last
fucking thing you do.

You can drop me off anywhere.

You don't have to
take me into town.

What, so you can rob
somebody else's ranch?

No, your ass is going to town.

All I asked for was a chance.

No, you didn't ask for shit.

You puppy dogged my lady
and she asked me.

And the answer's no.
You don't get a chance.

Ain't that the fucking truth.

Fuck you.

Get out of my truck.
Get the fuck out.

Get out of here.

Fuckin' smell it.

Word of advice?
Rob a second home, not a ranch.

Maybe you won't get
fucking shot.

Fuck you, asshole.


Come on!

Come on, motherfucker!

Life doesn't give people
like you chances, kid,

if you haven't noticed

and asking for one
is a waste of Goddamn time.

So I'm supposed to just
take what I get in life?

Get raped
in a foster home?

I've been down that road.

I ain't never going back.

Ask me for something else.

Like what?

Like a job.

Can I have a job?

Can you ride?


Can you rope?


You see that bag in the field?

Go ahead and take
your backpack off.

I want you to run out there and
I want you to grab it for me.

And just bring it back.
Go ahead.

There'll be no stealing,
you understand me?

If I catch you stealing
you are fucking gone.

You hear me?


All right, come on.

Come on.

Fuck, get it behind you.
There we go.

There we go.
There we go.

There we go.
There it is.


That a girl.

There we go.

Phew. Phew!

It's fuckin' nuts.

Get that cow.


So, I got Jake on this
Metallic Cat colt.

I want you to buy
and put down the road.

Hey, I tell you what, I don't
know how big a name

you're trying to make, but

you oughta let me call
Bobby Patton

and see if he'll sell you
a share of Metallic.

Cause that would make a splash.

When you jump in the
pool for me, Travis,

you do a cannonball.

I'll do it.
Cannonball it is.

Hey, that, uh, bald-faced cow?

The one with the white belly's
good, Corey?

Who's this?

That there is
the new stall cleaner.

Looks a little young
to be going on the payroll.

No, he don't go on
the payroll. He's like me, sir.

What's your name?

Carter, but everyone
calls me Chubby.

Don't look chubby to me.

Was when I was a baby,
I guess.

It's what my dad called me.
Sorta just stuck.

Where's your dad now?

Polluting the dirt
they buried him in.


Just like you, huh?

Go stand over there
a minute, would you?

What in the world...
this your idea?

No, sir, it's your daughter's.

You okay with this?


I said maybe.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, no,
I got it.

Come on.

What did he say?

What does that mean?
Mean's fucking maybe.

Wet shavings and manure
goes in this wheelbarrow.

I want you to dump it out there,
big old pile, you can't miss.

Wait, what about the horses?

What about them?

I gotta walk in there
with them?

No, I want you to rappel
from the fucking ceiling.

Come here.

You walk in there
with the horse.

You clean up the shit,

and then you close the door.

It ain't fucking
rocket science.

Now, let's get to it.

Boss is going to want
to talk to you.

Hang out here somewhere.

Got it?

Yeah, be careful.

You get the door?

Hey hey hey hey hey!

Jimmy's back, sir.

Jimmy's back.

Is that the word?

We'll be back.

Okay, all right.
Good job.

Boy, he sure got lucky
when he found you.

No, I'm the lucky one.

No, honey.
You aren't.

Can you give us a minute?

How do you feel?

It's weird.

I don't have any feeling
in the tips of my fingers,

but they still hurt.

I don't know how
I can't feel them

and they hurt at the same time,
you know?

My grandfather lost his leg.

Said the worst pain
he ever felt was in his toes

after his leg was gone.

Phantom pain, they call it.

Yeah. I guess that's
what I got.

You broke your word
to me, Jimmy.

I'm sorry.

You broke your word.

I'm sorry, sir.

Tell you what, you know
I'm so...

I'm so Goddamn tired
of being right.

I told you this would happen.

And what did I say next--

Please don't fire me, sir.

All right, I can still be
useful. There's all sorts--

How can you be useful?

You can't ride.
You can't lift anything.

But in a few months you will

and you'll think you have
cheating fate all figured out

and you'll do it again
and I won't watch it happen.

Mr. Dutton, please.

Please what? What do you
think I'm going to do?

Kick you off the ranch?

I made a promise
to your grandfather,

and unlike you, I keep my word.

But I'm done trying to make
a man out of you, Jimmy.

I'm leaving that
to someone else.


It's the last favor
I call in for you.

You screw this up,
and you're on your own.

Get you packed up, Jimmy.

Where am I going?

Travis is pulling out of here
tomorrow, you're going with him.


Where cowboying was invented.

And if those boys can't
make one out of you,

you weren't meant to be one.

I'm sorry, Jimmy.

It wasn't my decision.

Nah, nah, nah.
Close the stall.

I'm going to teach
you a trick

so that you don't blow
this opportunity.

Don't think that you deserve it.

You don't deserve it.

And you never will.

You don't deserve it?

No one deserves it.

All right.
Come on.

♪ Every time I turn around the
man's trying to get me down ♪

♪ And I came to see
your face ♪

Jimmy, you look like you
need a beer.

Can he even drink?
He shouldn't drink.

All right, whatever.
More for us.

Did you see those
fucking horses today?

Goddamn, what I'd give to ride
one of those sons of bitches

Get your ass dashboarded
right into the dirt.

Fuck you, coming from

a guy who could get bucked
off by a fucking seesaw.

I heard riding and I heard
fucking. What are we doing?

Play cards?

You wanna lose?

Big, small is auto in to you.

Hey, Lloyd? Got Any requests?

Okay we'll go auto
in on the turn.

Well, I guess I'll pick.

Check is in the mail.

♪ I've been a-wasting
my time ♪

♪ Hell, I don't need
no more rain ♪

I put it one
beefy stick.

♪ I've been-a-gone for so long ♪

♪ I think the devil
lost my name ♪

♪ The blood drips from my nose ♪

♪ And the highway's
killing time ♪

♪ This here goodly
six string ♪

♪ Well, it eases my mind ♪

Sit down right there.

Well, Look who's back.

I was pretty certain
that you'd dropped him off

on the highway somewhere.

Oh, I did, honey.

Smells good in here.

Hamburger Helper.

Made with hamburger this time.

This looks good, sweetie.

Yeah, I think I got this whole
cooking thing figured out.

Oh, yeah?
Let me see.


That's good.



This, uh...

This makes you happy,
don't it?

It does.

Want to know why?

Cause you got a mean streak
like a fucking badger.

Here, have some more.

Oh, shit.

I'm in trouble.

What did you do?

Rip told me to be
the first to the barn.

And I'm not.

Well, I don't count.

Not working. This is, uh...

Physical therapy.

That's right, you got shot.


Bet that smarts.

Don't recommend it.

Why don't you get up here
and open this door for me?

Where you going?

Don't know.
Just going.

You were the first one here.

No, not really.

No, sir, you were the first.

That's a good sign.
You keep it up.

Rip told me the trick.


Never think I deserve it.

Yeah, well...
No one deserves it.

But you try to anyway.

That's what he said.

Well, if I don't come back
you send out the search party.

Where do I send 'em?

Don't know where you're going.

Guess they'll have to
earn the title, then, huh?