Yellowstone (2018–…): Season 3, Episode 10 - Episode #3.10 - full transcript

"The World is Purple" shows John Dutton negotiating the future of the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch with both friends and enemies at the table.

You must've been really
drunk to do that.

Do what?


Why in the hell
would you do that?

It's kind of a long story.

I got time.

Oh, shit.
No, I don't.

Get moving.

Laramie, let's...


Hey, hey.

Hey. Laramie.
Wake up. We're late.

Let's go.

Gonna be a long day, Lloyd.

Didn't get much sleep.

If you're looking
for a connection to this place,

you're not gonna find it.

This is just a rental.

It's not a connection to
this place that I'm looking for.

Do I have any brothers?
Cousins? Sisters?

- What are you trying to decide?

Who my family is.

Well, that's already
been decided.

You got a couple cousins
in east Montana

and a half brother somewhere...

Your grandfather is holed up
in a nursing home in Fargo.

Bastard's nearly a hundred
and he is living proof

that only the good die young.

And there's me.

You know what I am.

And your mother...

I remember I'd been out

long-hauling goddamn cattle.

I came home,

and I found you screaming...

'cause you were
fucking starving.

You had a hold of
an old crack pipe

and you were sucking
on the tip of it

like it was a nipple...

in between screams.

And I found her
bent over the sink

by some fat piece of shit...

and I knew that you
had only one chance

in life, and that was
without her in it.

So, I did what I did...

I took her life
and gave up mine.

For you...

Looking at you now, I would say
that it was probably

the best choice I could've made.

John Dutton may have raised you,

but did he love you, son?

Does he love you now?

He loves a goddamn ranch.

That's all he's ever loved.

You standing in my yard
tells me you already knew it.

I'm your family, son.
I'm the only one you got.

- Everything that I worked for.

Everything that
I thought I was...

I'm going to lose.

I was raised to run that ranch.

I built it into
what it is today.

Then run it.

It's not mine.

It's not for sale.
Not that I could afford it.

Nobody can afford Yellowstone.

Yellowstone ain't a ranch.

It's an empire.
Empires you take.

I don't know how to do that.

Oh, it's the simplest
thing on earth.

You kill the King.

I'm not a killer.

You've never killed?

Yeah, you've killed.

Of course, you've killed.

You're a Randall.

And killing is our only gift.


Don't be sorry.

It takes time.

Guess I know what it
feels like to be you now.

Yeah. In more ways than one.

You know, we moved to
the ranch to be with you

and now you're never here.

This, uh... this
livestock thing.

It's a full time job.

You like it, don't you?

I like having somebody
to fight for.

Rather than some thing.

When you fight for a thing,

the thing don't care
if you win or lose

because the thing ain't alive.

But when you fight
for people, they care.

Yeah, that's what
I like about it, too.

But I think a thing can care.
I think the land cares.

I know you do, baby.

That's what I love about you.

The U.S. will ban visas

for officials linked to
the allegations

if they do not cooperate
with the U.N.

Even with the global slowdown
that we're seeing,

it seems structural credit
won't get hit

like it did last time
in the recession.

What we're really concerned with
is high yield and leverage loans...

Interest rates globally have been in secular
decline for the past 25-plus years...

Businesses around the globe
are looking for a way to get yields.

Now even with all that said,
the markets...

Leave me a message
and I'll call you back.

Just checking in with you

'cause you haven't
checked in with me.

The Fed dropping interest
rates for the second time...

You know, your office
has a balcony.

From the balcony,
I see the parking lot.

From the roof
I see the reservation.

I like the view
of the parking lot better.

You know, you can wish we
weren't your people, but we are.

That's not what I wish.

What do you wish, Angela?

I wish I could go back in time

and tell our people to
sell every weapon they have.

Every horse.

Then take that money
and go to New York

and hire the biggest
law firm in the city.

If I could do that,
we wouldn't be standing here.

We'd be standing at
the gates of Yellowstone

and still calling it home.

We'll stand there again.

Not with you we won't.

There's no such
thing as morality.

There's own the land
and there's lose the land.

That's all you'll be judged by.

Not how you do it.

Winners are never
judged by "how".

They save that for the losers.

You had a long night.


Thank you, sweetie.

Who'd you kill?

Don't ask me that, Beth.

Who'd you kill?

What did I just say?

We don't get to do that anymore.

What's that?


We don't get those.

There's things I do,

and then there's things
that got to get done.

You don't want to know them.

It's not a secret, Darling.
It's a favor.

How many?


How many?

It's a big ranch, Beth.

And our enemies don't
fight fair, you know that.

How many?

I don't know. Honestly.

Don't pretend like
you don't know how we fight.

Oh, I know how you fight...

I subscribe to Nietzsche's
thoughts on right and wrong.


He was a German philosopher
who died of syphilis

after he cornholed
some prostitute,

so not exactly a life
to model yours after,

but his thoughts on
right and wrong, good and evil.

There's no such thing.

That, I believe.

I believe in loving
with your whole soul

and destroying anything that
wants to kill what you love.

That's it.

And destroying anything that
wantThat's all there is.ove.

I believe in the same thing.

I take it back.

You can keep this secret.

Now if you'll excuse me...

I gotta kill someone, too.

You ready for this?

They fucked with
the wrong bull, daddy.

Yes, they did.

I'll see you there.

- That thing you wanted back.
I got it.

Want me to put it some place?

Naw, I don't want it.

Just didn't want him
to have it...

He's not gonna come
looking for it, is he?

No, sir.

That train only runs
in one direction.

You find out who was
holding his leash?

It's a guy by
the name of Roarke.

I don't know who he is.


Want me to start asking around?

No. No need.

When people lose their dogs

they ask everyone
if they've seen them.

He'll show up soon enough.

Yes, sir. Let me know
if you need anything.


Well, it's nice to see a plan
work out for once.

I guess your
plan did work out, Dad.


Not my plan. My...

My dream, maybe, but...
Your plan.

Your plan for me, if you
want to get down to it.

All right, well, if you
want to get down to it,

it don't matter what my plan
was if it ain't your destiny.

I don't believe in destiny.

Yeah, right.

Even you aren't that naive.

Hey, Dad.

Have a good day.

I won't, son.

I believe I'm all out of those.

- Come on, Laramie.
Let's go.

I'm coming.

- You have everything?
- Yeah.

- Horses loaded?
- Oh, yeah.

We're all set.

- What?
- Nothin.


Go ahead, why?

- It's kind of hard to explain.

- Yeah, I'd think so.
I can't make sense of it.

Walker has one, too.

But he could have his asshole on
his chest and I wouldn't care.

That is one fine son of a bitch.

Do you know what a brand means?

- Means I'm a part of something.
- No, that's not what it means.

You brand something
so that if it gets lost

everyone knows
who it belongs to.

That's why you do it.

- Hi.
- Good morning.

Once the entire party
is here I will escort you in.

The entire party is here,
I assure you.

We're still waiting
on the Governor.

You've got to be
fucking kidding me.

Decided to start the day
with a little theater, did you?

Just a little.

It's good to see you again.


Please, have a seat.

There's coffee,
some orange juice,

and some assorted pastries
over there

for anyone willing
to brave gluten.

I, for one,
am not afraid of gluten.

Could you make me a plate,
please, and some coffee?

Well, I say we just dive in.

Mrs. Hayes, would your
team like to start?

The forest service lease
has been secured.

FAA has approved both the
airport and runway plans.

The airlines have agreed
to finance the build

of their respective terminals.

Our leases with retail
vendors are in place,

which allows us to fund
the airport build...

...without using state funds,
which negates your requirement

to place the bond on the ballot,
because we don't need the bond.

- Did you see this?
- We just need...

- Mrs. Hayes, is there an issue?

Problem, Willa?

Take that you fucking bitch.


Uh, I need to step
out for a moment.

Roarke has the authority
to speak on our position.

Roarke. Which one is he?

That's me.

Once you put a name to this
face, you will never forget it.

No, I don't believe I will.

Now... What this
provides the state

is the added tax revenue from
the airport, from ticket sales,

car rentals,
hotel taxes, fuel sales...

and all with zero investment.

It's a perpetually
renewable resource

that doesn't cost
the state one dime.

Which brings us to you,
Mr. Dutton.

The land most suitable
to the airport build...

is this tract.

If you're discussing purchasing

land from the Yellowstone, you
will need to discuss it with me.

Actually, you have
to discuss it with me.

I have power of attorney
over the estate.

If the estate were in Utah.

That's where you
filed the documents.

The State of Montana
does not recognize

power of attorney issued
by other states.

The land is in Montana.

- Mm-hm.
But her authority is in Utah.

I mean, if she was an attorney,
she would know that.

As it stands, I am the
legal authority representing

the Yellowstone, and I approve
the sale of that tract.

The hell you will.

Yes, I will, because if
I don't, the Land Commission

will condemn it and you
will get paid one tenth

of what it's worth.

And you will also lose
millions on attorneys

because I cannot
represent the ranch

and condemn it at the same time.

Then don't condemn it.

- It's not my choice.
It's her choice.

It's your choice?

What do you choose, Lynelle?

There is no choice
anymore, John.

There are only options.

Could I see the environmental
impact report?

The forest service report
is in your packet.

- Not the forest service report.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife
report on the impact

of an airport beside the river

that feeds our
oldest national park.

The one flowing beside
runway one, right there.

That will be the basis
of our lawsuit,

in case anyone was curious.

It will be a class action suit

because it impacts
native land and park land.

We'll meet with attorneys from

the Greater
Yellowstone Coalition,

Sierra Club, you know.

All the gang will be there.

Best of luck.

We stopped wolf hunting
for a fucking decade.

What do you think we're
going to do to an airport?

We don't need luck.
See you in court.

- That's your angle, too, John.

How does this impact your land?

Join our suit.
It won't cost you a cent.

You won't have
to hire an attorney.

We'll do it for you.

A little curve ball
from the Reservation.

That land is mine.

And no one can sell it but me.

- I'd say that as much as
you can: "that land is mine".

Get it all out of your system.

Lose your pets, Roarke?



You think you're
winning this game,

you don't even know
the goddamn rules.

I'm gonna teach them to you.

You don't say hello,
you don't say goodbye.

You got nothing to say
to me, son?

He never has
anything to say, Dad.

Oh, I have plenty to say, Beth.

Oh, yeah?

Well, I'm all fucking ears.

That's what I thought.

Well, I'd say
we pulled the band aid.

Yeah. The, uh, lawsuits
are a concern, though.

We put a pipeline
through their reservation,

and we did it with the
Army Corps of Engineers.

They talk about being
too big to fail,

they're talking about us.

Governor. Jamie.


That must have been difficult.

Not really.

Well, one day he'll see.

He's gonna know that you
did this for him.

No, I didn't.

Not anymore.

From now on,
what I do is for me.

Another great run
for Brianna O'Barry.

For a score of 15.885.

15.885 for
Brianna O'Barry.

Oh, shit, I forgot my, uh,
Show Sheen in my groom bag.

I can grab it.

- Hey, Jimmy, you all healed up?

Yeah, we're getting there.

When you gonna be
back on the circuit?

Doc said I'm not
supposed to ride anymore.

Shit, Jimmy. Doc has told
us all that before.

Here at Miner Creek
Stampede, we are approaching

our go time
for the final horses...

Are you quitting rodeo?

Mr. Dutton told me
I'm not supposed...

Mr. Dutton, he's the one who
stuck you with that hot iron.

That Mr. Dutton?

I don't want to live the rest
of my life in a wheelchair.

Then don't.

Even if you do, come here.
Turn around.

Give it hell, Amberley.

That's all I ever give it.

She's paralyzed
from the waist down,

and she has
whipped me more times

than I can remember.

When I saw you rodeo,
I saw a really happy man.

I saw a man who risked his life
to do what he loved.

And I fell in love with him.

Be that man and you can have me.

But be this one,
and I'll see ya later.

Hey, I'm scared.

I'm fucking...

I'm fucking scared.

Who ain't scared?

Hell, I'm scared
every time I run out there.

But I cowboy the fuck up
and I do it anyway.

If you're so desperate
to belong to something,

then belong to me,

and we can rodeo our way across
this whole damn country.

Belong to that.

But don't be one of
that rich man's cattle.



Now go get my groom bag.

I look pretty good
leaving, don't I?

Pretty good.

Naw, really good.

You have a window, you know.

A window to what?

In a room full of his enemies,
you look like his friend.

But you're not his friend.

No, I'm not.

You have an opportunity
to free that land of him.

And it will look like
everyone but you who did it.

I'm not a criminal.

It's only a crime by their laws.

By our laws, which have
outlasted an ice age,

it is duty.

To protect our land and
preserve our way of life.

It is religion.

Or did you buy into
their religion

when you bought into their laws?

I will beat them
with their own rules.

They make their rules
to be broken.

The United States has broken
every rule it has ever made.

From its first treaty with
France to every treaty with us,

to their last treaty with Iran.

They only hold others
to their rules.

They make war when they want,
where they want,

they take what they want,

then make rules that keep
you from taking it back.

They make rules for the slave

and they make rules
for the masters.

You're following
the slave rules.

But if you follow
the masters' rules,

then you'll kill him,
and give us our land back.

You travel with a
man from a warrior clan,

but you do not let him make war.

You make him a slave, too.

Maybe you've heard enough
that you don't ask permission.

Maybe you go and make war
for our people.

And then... we go home.

- Chairmen of the Stockgrower's
Association are in your office.

- Which one?
- All of them.

How you boys doing?

Better, with you in office.

- Oh, well...
Appreciate that.

No, we appreciate it.

How can I help you?

- Well, we're thinking maybe...
maybe we can help you.

And help ourselves
in the process.

- Governor's termed out.
She's got two years left.

Time to decide who
replaces her is now.

- We're thinking that's...
that's you, Kayce.

Hey, we're serious.

I ain't no politician.

- You're damn right, you aren't.

You say what you mean
and you do what you say.

I'm not sure my brand of justice

is what this state wants.

It's exactly what
this state wants and needs.

Some bastard goes
and steals your cattle,

you don't punt it
to the sheriff,

you just go over there
and shoot the son of a bitch.

I don't think that's much
of a campaign slogan.

Hell, son. You could print
"I killed a cattle thief"

on t-shirts and sell
'em in church.

- Not anymore.
Times have changed.

- Maybe so.
But Montana hasn't.

Bozeman, Missoula,
they don't decide the Governor.

Great Falls decides.

Dillon decides.
Miles City decides.

Those hippies will
bitch and protest

and Twitter out bullshit

about not paying off
their school loans,

but they won't vote.

They're not gonna stand in line
and put their money

where their mouth is when
there's snow on the ski slopes.

They start holding
elections in May, we're fucked.

But until then, we decide
who runs this state.

Kayce, these things take time.

Time to plan.
Think about it.

Governors don't have to stand
when people leave the room.

You just sit there
and shake hands.

Take care.

When the board is ready
we'll conference in,

this is a hatchet job.

Okay, the caller isn't
even an employee.

- How can you know that?
The caller is anonymous.

She looked me in the fucking
eye and told me it was her!

Should have hired her
instead of firing her.

Can you give us a minute?


You need to start playing dirty.

- I've been playing dirty.
They play dirty right back.

They are playing
a zero sum game,

they're doing it with
my fucking career.

I will not have it.

Don't feel much like a
land deal in Montana, does it?

No. It feels like
an oil deal in Yemen.

And from now on,
that's how we treat it.

Can you do that?

I can do whatever you want.

Got a flat?

Yeah, I'm trying
to call a tow truck,

but I don't have any signal.

You got a spare?

- I don't know.
It's a rental.

Let's open her, find out.

Guess how old I am.


Not my first rodeo, son.

Look. You got the whole kit
right here.

I... I don't have any money.

I'm just saying... I don't
have anything to give you.

Ma'am, where are you from?

- Encino. That's in California.

I know where Encino is.

Out here, we do things because
they're the right thing to do

and that's the only
reason we need.

You wanna learn a life skill?

What's a life skill?

It's something that'll
keep you from standing

on the side of the road hoping
for a phone signal.

Sounds handy.

And how...

Never thought I'd have
to do this for you again.

Yeah. Me neither.

How bad is
she gonna look, Terry?

Well, it's hard to say.

Depends on how good
the embalmer was.

If he was good, then, uh,

she might look like
she did when we buried her.

But if he wasn't, then, uh...

It could be bad.

Let's just hope Eddie
did the embalming.

Yeah, it was Eddie.

Hey, Mama.

I met somebody.

I'm gonna spend the rest
of my life with her.

I could have gone to some store

and bought her
some fucking ring,

but what does that mean?

Shit, I'm sorry.

Shouldn't curse.

I want her to wear yours.

Maybe you can, uh...

Maybe you can know her
a little too, somehow.

I don't know...

I love you, Mama.

Thank you.

Hey. Come on. Come on.

Come on around.

All right there, right there.

You fall off the horse,
you just get back on.


Hey, come on.

Don't like that, huh?

Just give me a couple good bucks
and I'll let it loose.

Come on.

Reports that attorneys
for Mr. Rueben are prepared...

Do you want anything
from the supply room?

Uh, yes.

I want the pens, the pencils,
the paper,

the coffee, the creamer...
we're taking everything.

I want it all.

...has confirmed that
CEO Willa Hayes

will be placed on leave

until after an
independent investigation

has been conducted.

Hayes was accused of what
is being called and I quote,

"workplace misconduct."

Miss Hayes and her lawyers
were unavailable

for any type of comment...

- Do you want this in your car?

Oh, that's not mine.

It's addressed to you.

Ever since the charges
surfaced earlier this morning.

The prominent investment firm
is currently trying to figure out...

- Weird.
A box within a box.

Wait, I don't know what that is.


I'm not saying I'm gonna do it,

I was just telling you
what they said.

Everything you've been
doing for the past three years

is something you said
you didn't want to do...

And now you just keep doing it.

Fine, I just won't tell you
what happens during my day

and the secrets
can grow and grow.




Alright, now.

Go hand me them lug nuts.

I don't know where they are.


That was your only job.

- I set them down when I pee'd.

- Now we're getting somewhere.
Where'd you do that?

- All right.
Go hunt 'em up.

Thank you for helping.

It's what people are
supposed to do, isn't it?

But they don't.

Some don't.


We got it figured,
thanks for stopping.

Hey, you're John Dutton,
aren't you?


- Your call has been forwarded
to an automatic voice message...


- Jamie, hey.
I can't find anybody.

Not Beth, not your dad,
not Kayce. Nobody.

Rip, I don't think you
should call me anymore.

Son of a bitch.


Damn it, hey!

Get the fuck out of here!

Get the fuck out of here!

Go on, get!

Go on! Hey! Go! Hey!

Go on, get the fuck
out of here, you piece of shit.


I hate shooting horses.

Easy, easy.

Easy, boy.

I'd rather kill a thousand men
than shoot another horse.

Now you can fucking eat him!

Whole fucking valley's
dying today.

Doesn't that fucking figure.