Yellowstone (2018–…): Season 3, Episode 8 - I Killed a Man Today - full transcript

Beth continues her battle with Willa Hayes, and brings John a lucrative offer. Monica has a harrowing ordeal.

[ music ]

[ music ]

- Tate.

Let's get down for breakfast.

- He's at the fairgrounds.

He's watching the cowhorse guys
with your father.

- Cowhorse guys?

Oh, Jesus.

He's horse shopping.

- Well, he should enjoy
his retirement.

If a horse makes him happy,
he should buy it.

- My dad ain't retired.

- Here's what he does all day:

he goes on walks with Tate,
he goes riding with Tate,

goes fishing with Tate.

He plays baseball with Tate.

Meanwhile, you're
working sixteen hours a day

doing his job.

Both of his jobs, actually.

The man is retired.

- You painting the house today?

- Huh?

- Why you dressed like that?

- Doing some volunteer
work today.

- Like a car wash?

- Something like that.

You're lucky he's
horse shopping.

When a man in your
father's position retires

he usually gets a 25
year-old girlfriend,

then buys them a sports car
and a condo.

- 25 year-old girlfriend,
a sports car,

and a condo would be cheaper.

Trust me.

Damn, you look good.

- Go save your father
from himself.

[ music ]

- ♪ I can't see any angels
doesn't mean it's all hell ♪

♪ I had heaven once
and like the devil I fell ♪

♪ It's another empty promise
and another broken heart ♪

♪ It's another regret
and another first start ♪
- [ laughs ]

♪ I can't see any angels
doesn't mean it's all hell ♪

♪ I had heaven once... ♪

- You gonna buy him?

- Maybe.

- But we already have
a lot of horses at home.

- I got a lot of using horses.

There's two ways
to make money on a ranch:

sell cattle and market horses.

I don't have a horse to market.

- How do you market a horse?

- Send them down the road
and see what they can make.

So, I ain't just looking
at the horse today.

I'm looking at the rider, too.

- Are these the best riders?

- Best in the world.

Nice horse, Bob.

- Thank you, sir,
he's a good one.

- You gonna keep him on the road
if I buy him?

- You know, I'm trying
to enjoy my life.

If you buy him, you show him.

- Don't wanna show him.
I'm trying to enjoy mine, too.

- You know, you've got
an arena full

of world champions out here.

You could close your eyes, throw
a stick, and hit a winner.

[ music ]

- You wanna make big money on
a horse, learn how to do that.

Learn how to be an artist.

- You running her in the cow
horse or the reining?

- I'd show her
in a chariot race

if there was enough prize money.

You still pal around
with Travis Wheatley?

- Shit.
Against my better judgement.

- That son of a bitch...
If you were stuck in quicksand

he'd charge you for the rope
before he pulled you out.

- That's for damn sure.

- Sure a lot of fun
at the bar, though.

- That's his special skill.

- [ chuckles ]

- Any of those boys are going to
work for you, you know that.

I've got a beach in my sights

I'm gonna stick my toes
in the sand.

- Save me a seat, would ya?
- You got it.

- He don't look too done
to me, does he?

- Dad, we do not need...

Wow. That's a nice horse.

- Expensive taste
runs in the blood.

- That's the only way my dad
would get it

'cause he's broke as hell.

- Hey. Stay away from
the bunkhouse.

- Headed to the office, huh?

- Yeah.

- Pretty quick investigation.

- I just wanna get
through some paperwork.

Not really cleared
to go back out just yet.

- Boys are all right, though?

- They'll live.

- What are you guys
talking about?

- Just work stuff.

Wow, look at that horse, buddy.

[ mouthing ]
- Monica doesn't know.

- Pretty short sighted,

it's already in the...

[ mouthing ]

- She don't read that.

- Well, if you want to
talk about it later...

- What's there to talk about?

- I think there's plenty
to talk about, son.

- Gotta go.

- You know where to find me.

- Why were you guys
talking in secrets?

- I don't do that.

Secrets are like
a callus on your heart.

- What's a callus?

- Feel that, right there.

- That's hard.

- That's a callus.

And every secret feels
just like that.

Tell enough of them,
and before long...

Your heart won't feel a thing.

[ music ]

- Because she baited
them into it!

Every hedge fund manager in
New York is shorting us now...

It doesn't matter if it's true!

The boulder is rolling
down the hill

and I can't do anything
to stop it.

Look, set a call
with shareholders.

We need to start a buy back.

I know. I know...

I fuck--

I know.

[ chatter ]

- We'll set the call, and
issue a tender offer at 75.

Once the price starts to turn,

start buying Schwartz and Meyer
shares in blocks of 25,000.

Once you hit half a million,
start reaching out to the funds.

We are squashing
this bug today.

- What in the...

What now?

[ chatter ]

- Just wanna shake your hand.

Thank you.

- For what?

- For protecting what's ours.

And for risking your
life to do it.

[ music ]

- Donny...

- He never had that.

He had their respect.
He had their loyalty.

But that...

I don't even know what
you call that.

- I don't either.

Gratitude, I guess.

That shooting was justified.

- My office won't question it.

- Well, you should probably
question it.

I'm just letting you know
what you're going to find out.

- I need some advice, brother...

If I can still call you that.

- 'Til the day you die
you better never

call me anything else.

- There's an arms race
going on in this valley,

and the weapon is land.

Market Equities has
a forest service lease

on 12,000 acres
to build a ski resort.

They have a lease agreement
with the FAA

to build an
international airport.

The Land they have earmarked
are pastures 12 through 32.

- Of our land.
- Our land.

There is a meeting with
the Governor, myself,

the land commission
and the board

of Market Equities next week.

Now, the fact that this
meeting is even set

means that Montana wants it.

I do have an offer
from Market Equities

at ten thousand per acre.

- There's fifty thousand acres
between those pastures.

- It's half a billion dollars.

If we turn this offer down,
then the attorneys

for Market Equities are
going to push the government

to seek eminent domain.

I will be recused
from representing

the state because...

It's our fucking land.

There is public need:
the jobs, the revenue...

- Is there any kind
of a solution?

- We sell it to them.

Right now, the ranch
has enough money to keep up

with taxes and operations
for another year.

Maybe two.

Then we're selling anyway.

- And you've explained
all this to dad?

- Beth has poisoned me to him.

And if you explain it to him--

- The last thing he wants
to hear from me is numbers.

- It has to come from Beth.

- Can I see the offer?

- Well, it was a verbal

- I need to see it, Jamie.

She's not gonna believe it
unless she sees it on paper.

Even if it's coming from me.

- Yeah.
[ clears throat ]

Can you get me Willa Hayes
from Market Equities?

[ sighs ]

[ wind blowing ]

- Broke down, huh?

- Yeah, it's the radiator.

The hose, I think.

Don't have a spare, do you?

- You gonna fix it
all by yourself?

- Do you have a spare?

- Not for a Nissan I don't.

But I can give you a ride
up to Billings.

I'm headed that way,

- Yeah, that would be great.

- Climb in.

One sec.

[ music ]

- We don't have a choice, Bob.

Bob, this is what
you pay me for, okay?

So just fucking listen to me.

I need you to buy puts
at a strike of 185.

Okay? And do not stop...

Do you understand me?
Do not stop.

- Yeah, we have a charge
on our stock.

Market Equities.

Can you get it out?

Thank you.

Do I look like I need
a fucking cup of coffee?

- Oh God, uh...

- Is that's all it takes
to shake you?

You're fucking fired.

- I'm...
- Yes, you're fired.

Go fucking teach yoga,
you fucking pussy.

Angela: Sounds like you're
having quite the day.

- Yeah, you want
make some money?

- I love money.

- All right, well,
I'm telling you this

before the press release
is out...

Market Equities
is going for a run.

- Well, that's not nice.

Where's your preferred?

- I go after the common.

- I don't take nibbles, Beth.
I take bites.

- Well this is at 220, Honey.

- Let me make a few calls
and see who's hungry.

Just think, in a week
we could be partners.

[ music ]

- Look at Market Watch.

[ laughs ]

- The balls on this woman.
What's our number?

- Down seven to sixty-four.

- After I get this bitch fired,
we should hire her.

- Attorney General Dutton
of Montana.

- How can I help you?

I can do that.
Do you have an email?

I can have it drafted
and sent within an hour.

Thank you.

- After we get to 150, dump it.
Every fucking share.

- He priced right?

- Yeah, right enough.

- Well, you sure you won't take
him down the road?

- It's been a while
since we've done it.

Rest of the world
is forgetting we're here.

Time to remind them.

Thought I told you to run
that sorrel over to Steiner's.

- No, no, no, I did.
They didn't like him.

He didn't buck hard enough
for them.

- Didn't buck hard enough?
- No.

[ laughs ]
He bucked hard enough for me.

- Well, what do you want to do?

You want to put him
through a sale?

- No. He'll end up
in a slaughterhouse.

Can't have him killed

just because he doesn't
want to be ridden.

Hell, I don't want
to be ridden either.

- All right, well,
I'll figure it out.

- That's it?

- Hm?

- Anything else you feel
like discussing?

- [ sighs ]

- If you're joining the family
can you please be the one person

in it who fuckin'
talks to me?

- I love her, sir.

I'll always take care of her.

- That's why I said yes.

- You know why, uh,

people don't come
and talk to you?

'Cause they're scared
they're going to let you down.

I know I am.

- Well, if you're
marrying Beth,

you've already proved
you're not scared of anything.

- [ chuckles ]
Yeah. Yeah.

- That horse needs a home.

It just ain't mine.

Go find him one.
- Yes, sir.

[ music ]

- He doesn't mind that?

- Hell, no.
He loves it.

It's like fucking candy
to him.

It helps their guts...

Keeps 'em from getting ulcers
and from colicking.

The last one.

- Jimmy, go hook up the trailer

and load up that sorrel,
will you?

When you're done doing what
you're doing,

come out to the truck, Lloyd.

- What for?

- I want some company.

[ music ]

- What're you doing?

- There's a spot up here
you can get great cell service.

Figured you might want
to call home.

Let them know you broke down.

- I'd rather call from town.

- Oh, no, no,
it's just right up here.

- Walk right up there,
we get great service.

- All right, you go ahead
and I'll stay here.

[ beeping ]

- Come on.

Come on.

[ music ]

[ panting ]

- Ah! Ah!

[ struggles ]

[ struggles ]

- Don't!
[ man groans ]


- I'll never understand.

Just let it happen!

[ gunshot ]

[ gasping, coughing ]

[ music ]

- Monica.
- I'm fine.
- Monica.

- I'm fine!

[ panting ]

- Slow everything down.

The EMS is at
the tactical center.

I'm having them come up.

[ panting ]

- You're a brave woman.

- Thank you for not missing.

- I wouldn't do that to you.

- I'm sorry.
I didn't realize.

Oh, shit.

[ sobbing ]

[ blows whistle ]

- They found remains.

- People talk
about making a difference.

But they don't.

Because they don't try.

They don't risk.

You risked.

And today you made a difference.

[ whistle blows ]

[ whistle blows ]

[ music ]

Newscaster: As rumors
of an attempted takeover

of the investment firm Schwartz and Meyer sent Wall Street

into a frenzy, running that
stock up 110% to 158 per share.

[ phone ringing ]

Market Equities Group CEO,
Willa Hayes,
dismissed the rumor

and the stock plummeted down
to 26 percent below its open...

- Well, you win some,
you lose some.

- This is Bob Schwartz's

Mr. Schwartz is flying up
to Bozeman and would like

to meet with you
tomorrow afternoon

at the Yellowstone Club.
3 p.m.

Can you confirm
that time is acceptable?

- Fuckin' A, lady.

Whatcha got there?

Wait, let me rephrase that--

What did Jamie give you?

[ music ]

- Thought you said
you wanted some company.

- Mm-hmm.

- What for?

We been driving for six hours

and you ain't said
a fuckin' word.

- Lloyd, I'm trying
to choose my words.

- Shit, shoulda been able to
write the fucking song by now.

You old softy.

Been kicking the shit
out of this Bloomer

ever since we left the ranch.

- He deserves to have his last
trailer ride in style, Lloyd.

Easy, boy.

Didn't seem to like
living with us, did you?

And I gotta say:
the feeling is mutual.

Hope you like it better here,

'cause you ain't welcome back.

I'm getting married.

- Yeah, I've been wondering
what's up with you lately.

- I need a best man.

- Kayce's her brother.

Fixin' to be yours.
- Hmm.

- You should ask him.

- Probably so.
But I ain't.

I'm asking you.

[ music ]

[ police radio chatter ]

- They have your car ready.

- They know how to
replace the hose, right?

I don't want to go
through this again.

- You'll have an
escort to the ranch.

- Don't need one an escort
to the ranch, just, um...


- Would you like me
to call Kayce?

- Didn't tell him
I was doing this.

And based on how today
worked out, I'm not sure how.

- How did he tell you?

- Tell me what?

[ scoffs ]

It's no wonder
we're married, huh?

We think exactly alike.

- You ever wonder why there's
leezards in the mountains

but nee snikes?

- Uh... No.

But I do wonder what the
fuck you just said.

But I always wonder that, so...

- Whoa, whoa, whoa,
hold the fucking gator.

- What?

[ water running ]

- You wanna go skinny dipping?

- Skinny dipping?

- You ain't wondering what
I said now, are ya?

- No, we got a whole
fence to fix.

- Fence ain't goin nowhere.

Come on, baby.
Let's get naked.

- This is a test.

Yeah, just a test.
Yeah, okay.

Think with your big head.

The big head.

Fuck it.

[ music ]

- Hell you looking at,

This ain't no free titty show.

- What about the mouth
on this one?

- You scrub her behind her ears
she might be worth a twirl.

- You're on the wrong
side of the fence.

- Looks like the whole world
is on the wrong side

of the fence for you today.

- You need to move on now.

- Why don't you just go ahead
and get the fuck off our ranch?

- Oh, it's your ranch now.
Is it?

- I want you to give John Dutton
a message for me.

- Oh, yeah? What's that?

[ horse neighs ]

- Yah!

[ shouting ]

- Go!

- Close the door, please.

- Rough day?

- How was your day?

- Mine are all the same, baby.

- Are they?
All the same?

What goes through your mind
when you're lying to me?

You're protecting me?
From what?

After all I've seen you do.

But I can't be angry
because that's why I lie to you.

- What did you lie about?
- What did you lie about?

- I didn't want
to tell you because

it's always the same story
with me.

I'm always in a position
where I need

to kill or be killed.

Hell, it's my job now.

I don't want to say
anything because...

I don't want you to think
I'm a bad man.

Even if I think it.

I don't want you to think it
because if you think it,

then it's true.

- It's been your job
since I've met you, Kayce.

And I believe in my heart
that every man you killed

has made the world
a safer place.

That's how I feel
about the man I killed.

[ music ]

I-I killed a man today.

[ sobbing ]

- That's not the glow
of a blushing bride.

- Oh, Dad...

the blush was fucked out
of me years ago.

- Jesus.

Baby, I love our man-to-man
talks, but...

We need to set some
goddamn boundaries here.

I can't unhear that, honey.

- It was a metaphor, sort of...

Look, I gotta
show you something.

But before I do, I want you
to know this about me--

I know you already know it,
but I got to say it again.

Everything I do is for you.

To please you.

To protect you.

And I can tell you
what I think is best,

with data and facts
and zero emotion,

but I will do whatever
it is you tell me to do.

- Okay.

- And you believe this
offer is legitimate?

- They will wire
ten percent earnest money

tomorrow with
a seven day close.

- Now you're going to tell me
all the reasons I should do it.

- I don't believe in should.

All I'll tell you is the
consequences of not doing it.

And all I ask is
that you listen.

- I'll listen, honey.

- If you don't accept,

they will press the state
to condemn the land.

They will file a motion
to recuse Jamie

from representing the State

because of his financial
interests in the ranch.

They will bring in
outside counsel and Jamie,

and oh how much I hate him,

he is the litigator
for the state,

and he will no longer
be available to us,

unless he resigns.

And even I can see the value
in having him in office

at this particular moment.

They will condemn this land

and they will pay you
fifteen cents on the dollar.

If that.

And what remains of the ranch
will be taken from you

in a similar fashion, which
doesn't really fucking matter

because the property taxes
will most likely

erode your savings within
the next three to four years.

Now I can cover them
for a couple more,

but in the end you're
just selling off land

to pay the taxes
while making nothing.

So the cycle will continue
until the ranch

is whittled down to its
least valuable parts.

Then you'll die,

and there will be no way for
Kayce and certainly not Tate

to make a living from it...

and just like that,
seven generations

of our family legacy will be
carved into little ranchettes,

where people will
spend the summer

wondering what
this place looked like

before they got there
when it was ours.

- I don't doubt a word
you're saying, honey. Not one.

But I...

I can't sell it.

- You wouldn't be selling
the ranch, Dad, just the land--

- Not an inch. Not one.

It's the last thing he asked me.

There's gotta be another way.
- There isn't.

- Nah, there's always
another way.

- Please don't let pride factor
into this decision, Dad.

It's just too big.

- No pride, honey. It's just...

I made a promise.

And I'd rather lose it
than break it.

And he'd rather...

He'd rather me lose it too.

I think I'm gonna turn in
for the evening, honey.

- Okay.

[ music ]

- Could we get a couple
Yellow Jackets, please.

- Thank you.

- To your life with her.
- Cheers.

- You're smiling.

- Shut up, will ya?

- Well, you know,
you did something

that no one does, Rip.
[ music playing ]

You've outlived your past.

- Maybe so, Lloyd.
Maybe so.

- ♪ Take me to see
the voodoo queen ♪

♪ Let her put a spell on me ♪

♪ A little bit of change
to ease my pain ♪

♪ Gonna set a young man free ♪

♪ I've been down through
your hometown ♪

♪ And all across
this distant land ♪

- He's supposed to be dead.

- ♪ Honey, I'll be gone ♪

♪ Tell my mother
I miss her so ♪

♪ Tell my mother
I miss her so ♪

♪ Tell my mother
I miss her so ♪

♪ Tell my mother
I miss her so ♪