Yellowstone (2018–…): Season 3, Episode 9 - Meaner Than Evil - full transcript


Is it bad?

- Come on.
Shh, shh.

I know, I know.

When we get back,

the doctor, he'll fix you up
just right.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

That wasn't so bad, was it?

No. Not too bad at all.

You should've fucked me
while I still had a face

but that's all right,
we'll work on yer timin'.

- Can I get some water, please?

That song you just sang.

What was it about?

Well... I reckon
it's about death.

You know death?

Kind of a expert on it.

You look like you're kind
of a expert on it too.

Pretty much.

Well... then that last
song was for you.

Where you headed?

Headin' home.

Where's that?

Ain't picked tonight's home yet.

Can I pick it for you?

I think up on that stage
is about as good as I get.

I'm afraid I ain't got
much left to give.

I'll do the giving.

If I weren't such
miserable fucking company,

I'd damn sure
take you up on that.

That's how you make
a fucking biscuit.


What's wrong?

Just sore.

Every muscle.

Every one of them.

I know the feeling.

I felt like that after every
op for ten years.

Didn't get used to it?

Little bit. But you don't
need to get used to it

'cause you're never gonna pull
that shit ever again. Right?

No, I got that out of my system.

Well, the best cure for
the soreness is sleep.

So why don't you just
go back to bed, baby?

No, I gotta take
Tate school shopping.

Tonight is a meet
the teacher night,

I want you to be there.

I don't know anyone
in this valley

and I don't want
to be there by myself.

You shouldn't go at all.

We should home school him.

Everything he needs
to learn is right here.

And why do we send him to school

when the best teacher in the
whole state is his mother?

Because his mother's
got classes of her own.

I'm not ready
to give up my career yet.

I'm not asking you to.

But if his future
is running this place,

then this is all
he needs to be studying.

And who's going
to teach him that, you?

My dad.

Hell, he's got nothing
else going on.

He's got us running everything.

That's what
grandpas are for, right?

Yeah, I don't think
your father and I share

the same parenting values.

He never spanked me once.

No. Just burned
his brand into you.

He was different then.

So was I.

I see it different now.

I understand it.

Well, I'll never understand it.

And you gotta promise
me something, baby.

Promise me you'll see
that for what it was.

Don't ever see it different.


I promise.

Yeah, fuck it.
I'm going back to bed.

What time is this meet
the parent deal?

Doesn't matter.

'Cause we're not going.

The lessons
he learns on this ranch,

no school could ever teach.

I'll talk to your
father about it.


Got a minute?

For what?

Rip's got something
he needs to show you.

Is it bad?

Couldn't be much worse.

He's out at the New Barn.

- Jump in.
I'll drive you down.

Nah, I think this
is between you and him.

What's going on?

Found something that
you forgot to get rid of.

What's that?

Where was he?

Singing in a fucking
bar in Dillon.

We need to know
who he told and what, Kayce.

And then I got to put that
problem in the ground.

But before I do that,
you're going to tell me

why the fuck that problem
is still breathing.

You'll never meet a man
who's killed more men than me.

But I ain't never murdered one.

I never will.

Just bring him into the barn.

- All right, let's go.
Get out.

Stick around, Rip.

Let's just figure this
all out right now.

- Back at this fucking place.
Go figure.

You gave me your word.

- I kept it.
I ain't said shit.

You said you were going
to leave the state

and never come back.

Here you are.

I'm on parole, Kayce.

I gotta check in every
couple weeks

or else I'm just running for
the rest of my fucking life.

What happens when you get in
your next bar fight, Walker?

The police got you up
against the wall

and the only thing that you
can trade for

your fucking freedom is us?

Ever think about that, Kayce?

Want your job back, Walker?

Hell, no.

This motherfucker trying
to crack my skull

every time I turn around?

I'm trying to find
a way out for you.

You gotta help me, here.

So do you.

Kayce, I got no problem with
a man that does what he's told.

But he won't.

Nah. He's gotta give us
something as good as he knows.

You want something you
can hold over my head?

You're gonna have
to prove yourself, Walker.

Once you do, the choice
to stay or leave is up to you.

Beats dying.

As far as I see it, that's
the only other option right now.

This fucking place.

It's a magnet for everything
wrong in this fucking world.

Well, it drew you back.

What's wrong with you?

I ain't gonna offer it again.

- Door's open.
Come on in.

Pardon the way I'm dressed.

Just finished my yoga.

In a robe?

Do it naked.

Clothing restricts
the body's natural movement.

It'd be a better world if
we went about our days

just the way God made us.

Have a seat.

So how's it going?

We've been
pushing them pretty hard.

Good. Keep pushing.

I ain't trying to
go back to prison

and I ain't trying
to get killed.

Everything you've done
has been justified:

they harassed our livestock
and you ran them off.

That's the way this will play
out in a court of law.

Now keep pushing
until he does something else

we can use in court.

I'm going to bring
some more men on.

I don't want a dozen
of his wranglers

dragging me through
the sagebrush.

Bring on whoever you like,

but somebody had better get
drug through the sagebrush.

We can't sue for damages
if there aren't any damages.

You don't know
John Dutton like I do.

That's why the job pays so well.

So keep poking him till
that son of a bitch

does something
he can't take back.

Let's go.

What the fuck happened?

Those dude-string cowboys.

She needs a doctor.

- Okay, come on.
Give her to me.

- They ran us down on horses.
Tried to trample us to death.

Lloyd, call the vet.

- Sorry, sir.
You're not eating breakfast?

No, I slept in today.

For the last time,
I got a feeling.

Can I have some Choco Chimps?

Yeah, sure.

That sounds pretty good.

How about two of those, Gator?

You don't want some
tasty bacon or I got...

No, I think Choco Chimps
this morning.

Seems I'm not the only one
sleeping in these days.

My alarm didn't go off.

And why... why are you
setting an alarm?

My mom's my alarm.

She goes off at 6:00 A.M.
whether I like it or not.

Today, she slept in.

God, I love summer.

I do, too.

I hate for it to end.


This is, for the record...

- It's going to be fine, Gator.

- Milk?
- Just a little.

Can I finish my breakfast?

It's important.

I thought you were at work.


Do me a favor, today,
buddy, and stay inside, okay?

Inside the house?

- Yeah, just...
Watch a movie or something.

I'm going to finish my
breakfast, then I'll be down.

Meet me at the barn.

Something's wrong.

Looks that way.

Hey, it's gonna get soggy.

That bad, huh?

Could have been not much.

And it takes rifles to fix?

It might.

Let's go outside.

When did that drifter
wander back?

This morning.

He involved in this?

It's two separate things.

What happened to them?

Your friend Wade Morrow's
what happened to them, sir.

He ran them down.

On our side of the fence.

- Boys are pretty hot.
They want to go after them.

He's been goading our ass
ever since he got here.

He's been goading me
pretty good, too.

That piece of shit
is a bully and a coward,

but he ain't stupid.

His job ain't riding
tourists by buffalo.

This is what he was hired to do.

Well, sir, what
do you want to do?

Can't call the sheriff.

No, they've already
thought about that

and already have a reason
or an excuse or an alibi.

We got to do something.

- I have more reason than anyone
to go after that piece of shit.

You don't send them
off half-cocked.

You be smart about this.

You figure out
a plan that works,

and you take that trash
to the fucking train station.

Yes, sir.


That son of a bitch has
something that belongs to me

and I want it back.

Miss Dutton, there's, um...

That's my desk.

- Not anymore.
It's my desk now.

My computer.
My office furniture.

My office.

What's that saying cowboys use,

"fuck with the bull
and you get the horns."

Well, you fucked with the bull.

I bet you practiced saying
that in front of the mirror.

- For an hour.
I prepare for everything.

I anticipate every
possible outcome.

And I would have expected
the same from you,

but if you had given
this any thought,

you would have known
every possible outcome

leads to me sitting right here.

When you find yourself
standing on the wall

of the Alamo, Willa, the outcome
has already been decided.

The only thing left to do
is to kill as much as you can

before they kill you.

I respect that.

And you certainly
got your kills.

You little bitch.

Cost my shareholders billions.

But now, as a result,
my shareholders

are majority owners
of Schwartz and Meyer.

And you, you're fired.

So thank you for all that land
around your father's ranch.

We have big plans
for this valley.

And after the sting
of this fades,

you should give me a call.

You could do very well
working for me.

When all this is over...

I'm gonna hang your diploma
above my toilet

in my guest house.

You have my word.

Like I said,
you gotta let the sting fade.

Then we'll talk.

- The sting never fades with me.

It is a painful lesson.

And one you're about to learn.

I really like her.

Excuse me.

Excuse me.

Are you Garrett Randall?

Who wants to know?

The attorney general of Montana.

That who you work for?

That's who I am.

What do you want with me?

I just want to look at you.

See if I recognize
anything in myself.


That's not my name anymore.

Well, that might not be
what you call yourself

but that's your name.

Let me look at you.

You got your mother's eyes.

Don't you mention the woman
you killed to me.

I see, you got it all
figured out, huh?

You... you know the score.

Your mother and I were
strung out on so much shit.

I'd lie there some times,
I'd stare up at the ceiling

and think the son of a bitch
was melting on top of me.

But at one time, we had hope.

We dreamed about a future.

Those goddam drugs took
it all away from us, so...

Why did you do it?

You don't need to know that.

Yes, I do. I need it.

For my soul.

To understand who the hell I am!

You wanna know who
the hell you are?

Your mother sold
her body for drugs

and I killed her for it.

That's who you are.

That's where you come from.

Look what you've
made of yourself.

See, there was good in
your mother at one time.

Good. There's good in her,
good in me, too.

Thank God those are the parts
of us that he gave to you.

I'd say I'm sorry, but if
things hadn't happened

the way they did, you'd be dead,

you'd be in prison or you'd be
welding pipe fence with me.

You got put on
the road you belong on.

You stay on it, son.

John Dutton never
should have told you.

He didn't.

I found out myself.

Oh, well, that's a shame.

Now you're gonna
want to know me.

I've killed everything
I ever loved

and everything that
ever loved me.

You don't want
to know me... son.

I need to.

I've never known who I was.

I've never felt like
I was whole.

I need to know you.

Or I will never know myself.

You want some coffee?


Come on.

- Hey.
- Hey.

You need to go.

Jimmy, what happened?

Can't really talk about it.

Okay, we're headed to the
rodeo in Pocatello, then Ogden.

I'll just call you when
we swing by this way.

Where'd you come from?


Life just likes to
hunt up fucking trouble.

Throw it at me.

A poet.

All right, let's go.

All right, get up, let's go.

Don't do anything stupid.

Y'all need to stay clear
of here for a little while.

- You understand that?
- Yeah, I got the memo.

All right, Jimmy, let's go.

You, okay, let's go.


You don't have to come.

Oh, no. I wouldn't miss this
for the fucking world.


This place is losing
its luster to me.

I don't know, I think there
might be a little luster left.

They're sure slow
to get the message.

Yeah. Maybe we ought to
get the boys up here

before we mess with these
assholes any more.

It's one fucking guy.

You know, we're getting paid to
stir trouble, let's stir some.

- Shit!
Clint, turn back!

I'll shoot every one of
you sons of bitches!

You got off easy,
you piece of shit.

Feels wrong, sitting here
eating dinner

when we should be down
there dealing with...


Dealing with what?

How was your day, honey?

I got fired.

I guess we won't talk
about that either.

Let's just continue
with the illusion

that we're one big,
happy family.

That's exactly what
this family is.

Well, that's exactly
what it was.

I don't know what
the fuck to call it anymore.

- That's it.
That's fucking it.

No, please.

Allow me.

- Come on, Tate.
Let's go.

And that's why
we don't talk about

business at the dinner table.

Won't do it again.

I'll go check on Tate.

You do that.

Let's go, Jay, keep his
ass moving.

Come on. Come on.

I need a name.

What name?

The motherfuckers
that hired you.

I'm not gonna ask you again.

I'm just gonna start
cutting shit off of you.

Named Roarke.

Market Equity son of a bitch.

Let me down.

Why would I do that?

I'm gonna kill you,
you son of a bitch.

But before I do,
I'm gonna take something back.

You don't deserve to wear
this fucking brand.

Walker, over here.

This is your last chance.

You prove yourself
and you have our trust.

You turn your back on me now

and I'm gonna take something
from you, too.

Mister, I don't know you.

But if you're wearing that
brand, you must be a bad man.

And if these motherfuckers
want it back,

you must be even worse.

Karma comes in
all shapes and sizes.

Looks like it's me today.

Y'all best hold him.

All right.

- You all wanted revenge.
Well, now you got it.

But there's a price
to pay for revenge.

Now you gotta pay it.

They're all fine.

Sorry... to, uh...

to bring that up at
the dinner table.

Well, there shouldn't be
things like that to discuss

in the first place,
but that's life.

In case you haven't noticed,
it is cruel and uncaring.

You can't reason with evil, son.

Evil wants what it wants
and won't stop

until it's won or you kill it.

The only way to kill it
is to be meaner than evil.

That's going to be
your last lesson, son:

how to be meaner than evil

and still love your family.

And still enjoy a sunrise.

Why y'all dump them here?

'Cause no one lives within
a hundred miles.

It's a county with no people,
no sheriff,

and no twelve jurors
of your peers.

So how many people
y'all dumped out there?

Everyone from
three states around

dump their secrets
off that cliff.

You want to know how
the west was won?

The skeletons at the bottom
of that canyon is how.

Now all you gotta do is figure
out how to not be one of them.


You ready?