Yellowstone (2018–…): Season 3, Episode 3 - An Acceptable Surrender - full transcript

Jamie plays cover-up and damage control with Hendon; Governor Perry hears a $6 billion pitch for a development right on the Yellowstone, and later makes some political maneuvers; Jimmy competes in a rodeo competition.

- Good morning, Grandpa.
- Shhh.

- What?
- Shh.


It's a cow elk.

What's she doing?

She's a smart one.

I don't see her.

- You won't.
You won't.

She's leading that wolf
away from her baby.

Where's her baby?

Laying in some sagebrush
right in front of him.

When elk are babies,
they don't have any scent.

So the only way
the wolf can find it

is if it loses faith
in its mama,

makes a run for it.

I'm feeling a little
sentimental, grandson.

I'd like to see
that little elk live.

What do you say we tip
the scales in his favor?

Stay right behind me, okay?

We get too close,
it'll make a run for its mama

and then we've screwed
the whole deal.

How are we gonna help it?

We're gonna mark a little
territory, grandson.

Get to it.

Just in the one spot?

- Everywhere you can.
Let her rip.

Whoa, hey.

Don't mark me.

Is Tate up?

Uhh. Yeah.

What's he doing?

- Irrigating.
He's fine.

Get back in here.

Yeah, well, that...

that should fix him for a while.

What should we do now?

Well, I guess...

Guess we should
check on the cattle.

Cattle look good.

We done checking on the cattle?


What now?

Now we can do whatever you want.

I don't know what I want.

Let's go on a walk.

That's a great idea.

Thought ranching
would be tougher.

- This isn't ranching, grandson.

This is the spoils of it.

What's that mean?

It means this is
the reason we do it.

Ranching's a...

Ranching's a terrible
business, grandson.

- Terrible?

Well, where do I start...

We can't control
the price of beef,

or hay, or the diesel it takes

to take the cattle to auction,
or the hay out to the cattle.

There's, uh, federal regulations

and state regulations

and county regulations

and these people
in the city suing us,

and complaining about the way
we raise the food they eat.

What else?

Then there's blizzards
and droughts

and half the herd is trying
to kill itself in the river

and the other half looking
for a hole in the fence

so he can go stand in the
middle of the highway

and get hit by a car.

Or wander into the forest

and get eaten by a wolf

or a grizzly...

or a big, stinkin' Sasquatch...

- What the hell is a Sasquatch?

I don't know.

There's no such thing
as a Sasquatch, is there?

Well, I've never seen one.

Well, if ranching's so hard,
how come we do it?

Because it's one hell
of a life, Tate.

One hell of a life.

You know, when you boil
life down, it's funny

just how little you
need, isn't it?


It's a shame that
in a few more generations

this won't exist.

People have been saying
that for a hundred years, Beth.

I mean, they thought
that barbed wire

was gonna ruin the frontier,

but there it is...

The frontier is all around us.

- That's not the frontier, Rip.

- You can call it what you want.
But that's what it is.

I gotta go to work.

See you.

You know, you're smarter
than you look.

Not saying much, but you are.

Well, you're as smart as you
look and that's saying a heap.

- The AG is here.
- Thank you.

Hello, have a seat.

This should be good.

Depends on your perspective.

I just hung up with the
President's Chief of Staff

and they're appointing Miss Reid
to Deputy Attorney General...

- Of the United States.
She's 30.

I'm aware.

They're rebranding
in Washington.

They're looking for youth.

Well, they sure got it.

I need to appoint an interim
and host a special election.

I'm three weeks
from the golf course, lady.

- No.
- What are my options?

Can you please just stay on
until I figure this out?

Send him in.

Now you can help me navigate
this next quandary.

Governor Perry, a pleasure.

Likewise. This is
Attorney General Stewart.

- Hey.
- Ellis Steel.

Hi. Have a seat.

Okay, where to begin...

You've looked over our proposal?

I have. Yes.

- This the airport?
- Mm-hmm.

What investment are you
requesting from the state?

We want the land.

You retain ownership, we
operate on a 30-year lease.

The airlines are
assuming construction costs

on their respective terminals,

we'll build the infrastructure,

contract management
and operations back to the state

for obvious reasons.

Our build costs are
just over a billion.

Now, we're looking for
400 million in land

and a tax subsidy
of 500 million over ten years.

Talk to me about numbers.

The park has roughly
4 million visitors a year,

the majority flying or
driving through Jackson Hole.

Now, Cody, Wyoming sees
the most automobile traffic.

We feel once ski resorts
are operational,

the airport could see
2 million guests a year.

Has the forest service agreed
to the lease for the resort?

They have.

12,000 acres will be
developed in three phases.

The first resort will
be open in eighteen months

with roughly 2000 beds available
through our three resorts.

Ancillary building:

condos, hotels not under
our umbrella,

those things lag by another
18 months to two years.

Well, here's my concern:

uh, I don't really look
at Jackson Hole

as a model for
responsible development.

You have multimillion dollar
second homes

that are pricing the locals
from living there.

Jackson has multiple
bedroom communities

to absorb the displaced.

Paradise Valley
doesn't have that.

- Livingston is ripe for growth.

Our urban planners feel the town
could absorb 40,000 people

in the next decade,
and it needs to:

Multimillion dollar second homes
paying property taxes

into the community without
drawing on its services

is exactly what
this valley needs.

And we're talking about
between 3 and 6 billion

in annual tax revenue
generated by these developments.

Have you chosen
a location for the airport?

Initially, we thought
the golf courses

at the Paradise Valley sporting
club could be repurposed,

but the FAA feels the valley
there is too narrow.

The FAA chose this location.

This area here.

That's the Yellowstone.

That's a seven-generation ranch.

He'll never sell.

Then you'll invoke
eminent domain.

It's been attempted.

He beat it.

Mm-hmm, for a three-hundred
unit condo complex.

That was a land grab.

Did seven generations
of ranchers infuse

6 billion dollars
into the economy?

That's progress, Governor.

And progress has a price.

Kate, will you cancel my lunch?


I knew you'd be money
well spent.

What do you got?

- They're building an airport.

So they say.

Do you know where?

The Sporting Club.

- Not the Sporting Club.
Not anymore.


Turn that off.

Can only turn it off
when he meets his attorney.

I am his attorney.

Shut camera in three.

What the hell, Jamie? Hm?

All I did is what
they told me to do.

What you told me to do.
And now...

Shut the fuck up!

Now, you need to tell me
exactly what happened

from the moment you arrived.

Little barrel racer girl,

she was all just beat to hell.

And the deputies,
they took these two old boys

and they put him
in a horse stall.

In a horse stall.

Not the squad vehicle?

In a horse stall.

And told me to send
a message with 'em.

And so we threw 'em in the back
of the victim's horse trailer.

And I just drove them around.

And I worked
the brakes pretty hard.

Too hard, I guess...

Who loaded them in the trailer?

Um, the deputies did.


Is there a chance
that they were assaulted

prior to your arrival?

No, I didn't see...

Is there a chance?

- Sure.
Yeah, there's a chance.

Yeah. All right.

You loaded them in the trailer

because your vehicle cannot
accommodate two perpetrators.

They had indicated to you that
there were other horses stolen.

So you loaded them in
the trailer so they could

lead you to the location
of the stolen horses.

- Are you telling me...
- Listen.

While driving to this location
another vehicle

pulled in front of you

so you were compelled
to make a defensive move

for your safety and the safety
of the two men in your custody.

After avoiding the accident,

you checked on the accused

and you realized they had
succumbed to the injuries

sustained by the deputies
in the horse stall

at the fairgrounds.

Do you recall the events
I am repeating to you?

That's what happened.

It was just like that.

- Burn it in your fucking brain.

I'm either on a boat
or in a river

or maybe I just don't want to
talk to you... Have a blessed day.

A blessed day.

Fucking douche.

I'd be easy to assassinate.

Don't tempt me.

I'm not trespassing.

It's not our land.

It's not the first time
you've done that.

You know, I ran out of things
to do for the first time

when I was 20.

That paints quite a picture.

Yeah feel free
to beat off to it later.

But who am I kidding, you only
do that in front of the mirror, right?

- Only if the light's right.
- Yeah, I figured.

Where the fuck are you
putting that airport?

I told you, I'm not involved
in the day to day...


I drive this road every single
day, you're never here.

And now you're here every day

while attorneys sit
with the governor

to decide what
properties to condemn.

You know, paying state officials

for information is a felony.

You've never done it?

I've done about all
you can do to make money.

So have you.

You have broken companies,
ruined families,

ended careers

and now you stand there

looking at me with
those big, mad eyes

because someone's
doing it to you.

And all we're going to do
is make him one

of the richest men in Montana.

Oh, the tragedy.

- It's not what he wants.
He wants the land.

You know the trick
to never losing your land?

Find land no one else wants.
That's the only way.

I'm gonna stop you.


You gonna move
another river, Beth?

We'll just move it back.

None of us want to spend
a year in a courthouse

but we will.

We can afford it.

How about you, Beth?

Can your family afford it?

Can you afford to fight
the army we'll march in there?

Make us a proposal.

Make it very fair
to your family.

We'd prefer to avoid a fight.

But we aren't
scared of one either.

County Attorney Randy Harper
to see Commissioner Dutton.

- He's expecting you.
- Yeah.

- You got a lot of fucking balls
summoning me into your office...

Are you out of
your fucking mind?

Out of my mind is me
testifying in court,

to the phone call you made to me

asking me to send
an agent to assault detainees.

What phone call?

The one I recorded, you asshole.

Think this is my fucking hobby?

An agent of my office was
sent to retrieve two assailants

who had visible marks on them
when loaded onto a vehicle

by your deputies...

A vehicle my agent had every
right to hold as evidence.

If your agent takes
the fall for this,

we're all clear.

Yeah, sure.

I guess all he has to do

is spend the rest
of his life in prison

while his wife and two kids

rot in some fucking
single-wide in Belgrade.

You want to pitch him that idea

or are you starting
to smell the reek

of an immunity deal
with state prosecutors?

I just told you to
teach them a lesson.

Yeah, you sure did, Randy.

I mean, that's exactly
what you said.

Are the perps local?

One's from Louisiana,
one's from Missouri.

Last known address is a
oil camp in North Dakota.

Toe tag them as John Does,

say your deputies
pulled them from a truck

in a bar ditch with
three times the legal limit

of alcohol in their system.

What about the victim?

She saw everything.

That was quick.

Sheriff said they'd
need it for a while.

How can she rodeo without
a truck and trailer?

That's what I said.

But they said they
needed it for...

For what?

- Guess one of the deputies took
it too far with those assholes.

- Uh... not one of the deputies.

What I'm telling you could
put my agent in prison.

It could put me in prison, too.

Maybe you shouldn't tell it.

My sister was beaten to
within an inch of her life.

Whatever else they did...
I can't say.

She won't either.

But I can say this:

a man who puts a hand
on a member of my family

never puts a hand
on anything else.

Is a beating all she got?

I don't know.

She won't talk about it.

I got half a mind to
stand outside the courthouse

with a shotgun

and wait for those sons
of bitches to get out on bail.

You don't have to do that.

Everyone says that, but...

everyone's daughter
isn't beat to shit

and God knows what else.

So don't tell me
what to fucking do.

It ain't your daughter.

I'm not telling you what to do.

I'm saying you don't
have to do that.

Eighty years ago we could've
hung them from a tree.

But today...

this is the best I can offer.

I can promise this:

they're never getting arraigned.

You should run for governor.

Let's just focus on today.

You did that for me?

I did that for every father

who would be sacrificing
their family if they did it.

So they're gone.

They're done.

I don't know you, sir.

And I'm showing you
a lot of trust.

I need you to show me the same.

I just want to be clear
about what this means.

You've been plenty clear.

This makes you an accessory.

Your daughter needs
to understand that.

My daughter won't say a word

and it makes me more than that.

Don't worry about this:

soon as the grounds dry,
it never happened.

But between you and me...

Time'll come you'll need a favor

and I can't wait to give it.

I might ask for it.

Kate, get me John Dutton
on the line, please.

Yes, ma'am.

It went straight to voicemail.

- Try Jamie.
- - Yes, ma'am.

I'm putting him through.

- Jamie?
- Governor.

What can I do for you?

I need to sit down
with you and your father.

Oh, okay.

Can you give me
the broad strokes

of what we'll be discussing?

- Sorry, no broad strokes today.

When can we meet?

Actually, governor, can
I get back to you tomorrow?

This meeting has
to happen tomorrow.

Time is not on our side.

I'll get back to you first
thing, then. Thank you.


Did you talk to anyone?

No, I did everything
the way you said to do it.

Is there a problem?

I don't know.

Jamie, if there's a problem
I need to know about it...

There's no problem.

The lie is the truth now.

The lie is the truth
and it is the truth forever.

Do you understand me?

You're on your fucking
own with this.

Make up your own truth.




Well, what do you think?

We should have
done this years ago.

We can run stockers
out here 'till December.

That your new hire?


How did she get up there?

Shit, I haven't figured
that one out yet.

She ran up it
like a damn beetle.

Never seen anything like it.

Colby, what time it is?

You know, Jimmy, when
the sun's directly above you,

what time do you think that is?

Jimmy, you got somewhere
you need to be?

Oh, no, it's just the qualifier

in Livingston starts at 3.

So if we're done here,
is it okay to...?

What's the matter,
I don't pay you enough?

No, sir.

No, I just been saving it up.

Finally got enough
to get my pro card, so...

Tonight's the first
rodeo that counts

toward my standings.

It's a rough way to make
a living, Jimmy.

You break an arm
chasing buckles,

it's hard to...

it's hard to stay
on any man's payroll.

Yes, sir.

Here goes the day.

Governor wants to see us.

You mean the Governor
wants to see you.

I'm retired.
And enjoying it.

She said both of us.

I can bring
the chopper out here.

We can be in Helena in an hour.

Sounds important.

Sounds like it.

If it's that important, she
shouldn't mind coming to see me.

And I'll be at the rodeo
in Livingston.

Well, we can get back by...

I said I'll be at the rodeo.

I'm sure her voters
would enjoy watching her

partake in something
they actually care about.

Rip, decide who's stayin'
with the herd tonight.

I'm gonna take this
outfit to town

and we're, uh...

we'll go watch Jimmy rodeo.

Okay. Hey, Teeter.

You're with the herd tonight.

Colby, you stay with her, too.

Who am I to come between
you and nature, Colby?

Hey, real, quick, who's on top?

I don't think there's
any debate about that.

We're gonna go get cleaned up,
go into town.

You have a great night, buddy.

Don't do anything I wouldn't do.

You know, I want both
of you to just drop dead

right in front of me right now.

That would be a dream.

- Oh, I think you're gonna have
a new dream in a little while.

All right, you all have fun.

And take care
of our friend, okay?

And go slow, he's a romantic.

Hey, hey, you look like a
plucked mother fuckin' chicken.

Boc, boc, boc!

- Thank you.
Don't fall.

Okay? You're really high up.

That one's got
a real mouth on her.

Yeah, I like that girl.

Let's have a round of applause

for tonight's flag rider.


PRCA judges include
saddle bronk rider

and gold card member Tom Reeves.

He'll be one of our
judges tonight.

I guess everyone thinks

I'm the dumbest man
in the valley.

You can hold her damn hand, Rip.

Thank you, Daddy.

As if something could happen
on my ranch I don't know about.

Jesus Christ.

Pickup men please
report to, uh, gate 3.

Kid drew No Name.

- Oh, shit.
That's a nasty bronc there.

That son of a bitch last year
bucked ten rounds at the NFR

and he threw every
one of them in the dirt.

A hundred thousand
dollar bucking horse,

right there, probably, huh?

Better get his head in the game.

Oh shit. Jimmy?

Ain't gonna say nuthin'?

Yeah, I didn't really plan
this out past walking up here.

Um... I saw you
in Three Forks.

Scored an 89.
Beat my brother.

Yeah, I didn't see you
or I woulda remembered.

I was in the stands.

Um, you are Jimmy Hurdstram.

You, uh...

You know my name?

- Like I said.
I saw you in Three Forks.

I'm Mia.

Very professional of us.

I'm trying real hard to think
of something to say.

And just nothing's coming out.

You could ask me on a date.

I could. I could do that.

So, do it.

Wanna go on a date?

Yes. Yeah.

Shit, that's kind of easy.

Ain't supposed to be hard.

- It's usually pretty hard.
I don't know.


- That your dad?
- Kind of, yeah.

- What's your draw?
- Third.

I'll be cheering for you.

I'll give you something
to cheer for.

Good luck.

Hey, Dipshit.

Pardon us, ma'am.
We've got a rodeo to win.

Yeah, I hope so.

Can't believe I kissed you.

I'm not that forward.

I liked it, so...

Jimmy, Jesus.

Ever had a girl look at you
and your whole world just stops?

Every Saturday night.

Now, come on, focus.

Get your ass in there.

- Did you see her?
- Yes, we saw her.

Looks like we have
a special visitor tonight.

Montana's very own
Governor Perry.


You don't make it easy, do you?

- Well, never my goal, Lynelle. Tonight
in Livingston concession proceeds

You, uh, want a beer?
...will help fund our food bank.

Why not visit them now?

Sure. Let's have a beer.

Hey, buddy, you hungry?

Let's go get you a corn dog.

We're going to go
get something to eat.

- So, um... First event of the evening,
saddle bronk riding.

- Governor.
- Jamie.

Can we just enjoy the evening

and talk about
the problem tomorrow?

Come on, Lynelle, that's the
one good thing about problems:

they'll still be
problems tomorrow.

You want to walk me through
the plan behind that dirty grin?

Well, that all depends.

On what?

On how big
your security detail is.

- How's, uh... forced retirement?
- Bliss.

The PRCA also proudly supports
youth rodeo, education camps,

and financial assistance to young standouts
prepared to enter the professional ranks.

- I'll make you a deal.
- All right.

- As supporting allied organizations
such as "Tough Enough to Wear Pink,"

- I'll give you the solution
tonight and the problem tomorrow.

You agree to the solution, - "Mrs. Rodeo
America,""The American Quarter Horse

- and we can play teenager for the remainder of the night.
- Association,"

- All right. What's the solution?
- And the Pro Rodeo

- I appoint Jamie interim
Attorney General - Hall of Fame.

And Jamie appoints
a person of your choosing

to run the Livestock Commission.

Livingstson's Summer Spectacular
is A PRCA sanctioned event.

It's brought to you by
"Wrangler," "Carhart,"

Something happened.

"Cactus Ropes,"
"Justin" and "Coors".

Is what I'm proposing
best for the state?

I don't know.

Is it best for you?

Is it best for
the people in this valley?

I... I think so.

In my heart, I think it is.

And we do all this
with what goal in mind?

To negotiate
an acceptable surrender.

First draw of
the night, Michael Murray,

will be riding
"Flies too much."

What are we surrendering?

You wanna go skinny dipping
down in the river?


Wanna backrub?

- I don't.

You wanna give me'un?

No, I don't.

Shit, you don't
like girls, do ya?

Bet you want to pile drive

one of them boys
in my posters, don't ya?

No, I don't want to pile drive

one of the boys in your poster.


Can you not?

It's all right, baby.

Championship night
here in Livingston.

As we go to Danny Primrose.

He's on Raising Cain.

Hey! Hey! Hey!

That was a good ride.

Let's see what the judges think.

Jimmy's next.

- The problem... there's plenty...

But problem number one is:

I don't have anyone
to replace Jamie.

The PRCA also proudly supports youth
rodeo, education camps, and financial

- What about the war hero?
- ...assistance to young standouts prepared to enter

- Already asked him. He won't do it.
- The professional ranks.

- You've never asked anybody for anything in your life.
- As supporting allied...

- You tell.
- organizations such as

- I'll ask him.
- "Tough Enough to Wear Pink," - "Mrs. Rodeo America,"

- And he won't say no.
- "The American Quarter Horse - Association,"

- If that's what you want for him.
- And the "Pro Rodeo - Hall of Fame."

It's all
I've ever wanted for him.

Then let me put a little
sugar on this pill.

John Dutton admitting
that he can't do everything.

I admitted no such thing.

Third draw rider Jimmy Hurdstrum

will be riding "No Name."

- Okay, come on, kid.
Come on, Jimmy.

He pulled "No Name." That's
$100,000 bucking horse right there.

He was in the NFR last year,
and he pulled

half the riders to the dirt.

Wake the fuck up, Jimmy.

- Ready, ready, ready.
- Better be. Get your bind.

Let's go, Jimmy.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no!

Oh man, Jimmy Hurdstrum.

He's one tough cowboy.

He took one
heck of a shot down there.