Yellowstone (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 9 - Enemies by Monday - full transcript

The Duttons gear up for a final fight with the Becks; Beth helps Monica out of an uncomfortable situation.

[crickets chirping]

- How do I arm it?

- Once you drop it down.


- This used to make me
sad when I was a kid.

Preparing for winter.

- Still makes me sad.

How'd it go?

- You'd better not
make up with them.

There's no stopping it now.

- There's no making up.

- I remember you talking
about what a fight it is...

this place.

Always like that?

For your dad?
And his?

- And his before, son.

It's the one constant in life--

If you build
something worth having,

someone's gonna
try and take it.

[theme music]

- Honey, don't run,
you're gonna--

- I'm fine.

- See you after school, Lucky.

- It's a pretty big bruise.

- It's old.
Week or so.

- So, not related?

- Possibly.

Could be a stroke
initiated by the trauma.

Could be on blood-thinners.

An internal bleed
will show up on a CT scan.

- Alright.

We treat it like a crime scene
'till you say different.

- We're trying to locate
a next of kin.

- I've arrested
the next of kin 15 times.

- Hey if you're not gonna help,

could you at least
get out of the way.

Explain this day-working
thing to me.

Because it seems to me
like you live here now,

but you only work
when we move cows,

and we already shipped out
all the fucking cows,

so...what now you get paid
to just do nothing.

- That about sums it up.

- Hey Jamie, tell your dad
I'm a day worker now.

- I think my father just
forgot that he's still here.

- So now you're
gonna run remind him.

- Not my place.

- You know Jamie,

of all the dipshits
in this outfit,

you just might be alright.

- Commander.

He's up at the house.

- Not here to see John.

Looking for Jimmy Hurdstram.

- Um, what's he
being charged with?

- Not being charged
with anything.


It's bad news.

We found your grandfather
this morning...

- Found him?
What do you mean?

- It seems he'd been
assaulted recently,

and it appears a blood vessel

in his brain
ruptured as a result,

and he had a stroke and...

I'm sorry.

Were you aware of this assault?

Know anyone who would
want to hurt him?

He have a disagreement
with anyone?

You think of something,
you let me know.

We need you to go
the coroner's office

and sign some paperwork.

I'm sorry for your loss.

- What happened?

- They killed him.

I paid and they
still killed him.

- What?
- I fucking paid.

And they still
fucking killed him.

[Jimmy shouting]

- What the hell is he doing?

- [shouting]

- C'mon.

- Ahhh!

Rip: What are you doing?
- I need a truck.

- Hey, tell me what happened.

Hey, hey Jimmy.
Hey, hey.

What just happened?

- They killed him.

They killed him
and it's my fault.

- Who did, Jimmy?

Talk to me.

Lloyd, Lloyd.
Go on.

- C'mere, C'mere.


Go on and tell
me what happened.

What happened?

- I owed money.

- So they beat your old man
to make you pay.


Why'd you owe money.

Why'd you owe them money, Jimmy.

- My past life.

- You owe anyone else
from the past?

Okay. Give me the rifle.

- I'm gonna to finish this.

- Hey. You look at me.

You finish it like this,

you end up in fuckin' prison
for the rest of your life.

I'm going to show you
how to get rid of problems

so they don't
become new problems.

You hear me?

Now hand me the rifle.

Hey, c'mere.

Go inside.
Let me talk to Kayce.

We need to take care
of this tonight.

- We got a lot
going on right now.

May have to wait.

- I'm fine with waiting.
But he ain't.

Then we're gonna have to
clean up that fuckin mess too.

- Yeah.

We do it tonight.

[phone buzzes]

- Hello.

Christina: We need to talk.

- About what?

- Not what you think.

- Okay.

- Meet me at the coffee shop.

- When?
- Soon as you can get here.

- I'll head that way.

- Should we go
somewhere more private?

- Absolutely not.

Have a seat.

There's convenience, Jamie.

And then there's this.

Look me in the eye and tell me
this was an accident.

- I don't know what it was.

- So what becomes of me?

I know what she knew--

- Nothing.

Nothing is gonna happen to you.

- Don't lie to me, Jamie.

And stop lying to yourself.

Do you think you're
a good man, Jamie?

- I don't know.

I'm trying.

- Well, try harder.

If you want to be a part
of our child's life.

- Our.

What can I do to help?

- I'm going to face this
on my own.

I need you to respect that.

- I will.

- You have nine months
to figure out

what kind of man you are.

And how to be a father
worth having.

- Christina.


Wait! Wait, wait, wait.

Don't go.

- I wouldn't tell anyone
the child is mine just yet,

just let me--

I don't know how
my father's gonna react.

- Meaning what?

- Meaning...I don't know.

- You're going to
have a choice, Jamie.

Serve your father's family

or serve your own.

Like it or not,
that choice is coming.

- Jeez.

- These fucking students.

Can I help you?

- Oh, just looking for something

that's more appropriate
for school.

- As if you factor
in appropriate.

Excuse me.
Uh, excuse me.

- You have got to be kidding me.

- I need to look in your purse.

- Then get a warrant.

- Call the police.

This isn't my first rodeo
with you people.

- And what exactly
are my people?

- Police are on their way.

- In for it now,
you little bitch.

- I've never
seen this glass break.

Did you throw
something through it?

- Yes. My face.

[phone buzzes]

- Hi.

- I need help.

- Why are you calling me?

Why aren't you calling
your husband?

- Because if my husband
came in here,

he'd kill somebody.

- Where are you?

- On Main Street.
Some boutique.

Sorry, what's the name
of this shithole?

- You didn't even bother
to look at our sign,

you little thief?

- On Main Street.

Just look for
the police cars out front.

- I'm on my way.

- Feel free to keep those,
if you like.

- You're a student
at the teacher's college?

- I'm a teacher
at the teacher's college.

- Yeah, right.

What are you, twenty?

- Twenty-six.

Pretty young to be a professor.

- What can I say,
I'm an overachiever.

- I don't see anything
in her purse.

- I saw her.

She either stuffed
it down her pants,

Or up her shirt.

- Can we see the footage
from these cameras?

- They don't work.

- We can go to the station
and search you there

or if you agree we can search
you right here on the premises.

- May we use one
of your dressing rooms?

- Be my guest.

- Step into the dressing room,

- If I say no?

- You'll be arrested
for shoplifting.

- What happened to "innocent
until proven guilty"?

- If you were innocent, you'd
be offering ways to prove it.

- Remove your shoes, please.

Place your hands against
the wall and spread your legs.

- She doesn't have anything.

- I saw her.


- Did you take a ring?

- Fuck you.

- Turn around and face me.

Will you remove
your shirt, please?

Remove your pants, please.

Turn around, face the wall,

and remove your underwear.

- Beth, we're closed
at the moment.

- Where is she?
- Who?

- My sister-in-law.

I'm no lawyer, but I believe
it's the 4th Amendment

that deals with unlawful
search and seizure.

- This search is voluntary.

- Sure doesn't look
voluntary to me.

[camera clicks]

Leave her alone.

Get dressed.

I went to high school with you.

And you, you babysat
her husband.

- On her driver's license,
her last name is Long.

- I doubt that's gonna
save you, buddy.

- Let's go.

- Thank you.

- Wait. Don't go.

You'll miss all the fun.

Well, I'm here.

Might as well shop.

Oh, that's nice.

Nah. Not for me.

And you.

You fucking cunt,

I remember when you
gave out hand jobs

for lunch money, Veronica.

That was before the boob job

and the dermabrasion

and the doctor dumb enough
to marry you.

That's lovely.

Model it for me, would you?

Oh, I think we're well past
dressing rooms, don't you?

Try it on here.

You know, it's not
a "have to," Veronica.

I can just
keep smashing shit.

Try it on.



What a shocker.

You know you had an ass like a
12-year-old boy in high school,

What happened?

Now we're getting somewhere.

Well, you're not a real blonde.
What a surprise.

- Stop.

Doing it to her doesn't
undo what she did to me.

I didn't steal from you.
And you know it.

You judged my skin.
Just say it.

- I judged your skin.

I'm sorry.

- You're lucky
she has a conscience.

I was gonna get you
to fuck that mannequin.


I could've done this
all fuckin' night.

Oh, well.

Guess there's always tomorrow.

Why don't we go somewhere.

Get a drink,
wind down for a bit.

- I don't drink.

- Then you can watch me.

- They're all staring.

- Let 'em.

- Doesn't bother you--
what they're thinking?

- They're probably thinking
some asshole

worked off his twelve pack
on my face.

And they're not wrong.

You know, I certainly understand

why he fought so hard for you.

You have a kind soul.

The whole world can see it.

Some of the world's
gonna hate you for it.

Today was probably more
about that than anything.

She looked at you, and she...

Younger, prettier...


And she fuckin'
hated you for it.

Willing to hurt you for it.

Well, she's the one hurting now.

And you--you'll forget
about her in a few weeks,

but she'll never forget you
forgiving her.

That's gonna haunt that bitch
for the rest of her days.

- Haunting her wasn't my goal.

- That's why it will.

You know, Kayce isn't like you.

His center isn't set,

you know what I mean.

He has the potential
to be just like my father.

And you owe it to Kayce
and your son

to do everything in your power

to prevent that from happening.

My mother was the...

My mother was the spine
of this family.

She was the center.

Without her, he's...

Well, the best of him
died with her.

And the same thing will happen
to Kayce when you leave
him again--

and you will leave him again.

You're too good for this place.

You're too good for this family.

But the next time you leave,

you take Kayce with you.


'Cuz he's too good
for it, as well.

- Mr. Dutton?

- Yep, over there.

- Why do that?
Why ride them in circles?

- Just keeping 'em fit.

Last little bit of training

before they're turned out
for winter.

- My daughters want horses.

- There's an old saying
out here:

"If your daughter's
riding a horse,

no one's riding her."”

- [laughs]

- So beautiful.

Every direction.

It's just like a painting.

All I wanted was

give people an opportunity
to see it, you know.

In New York, pick the direction

no matter where you look,

you can't find the horizon.

At night, the sky is purple.

No stars.

The noise is constant.

Nobody's from Montana, John.

We're all immigrants.

I have just as much
right to be here as you.

As Rainwater.
As anybody else.

- No one has a right.

You have to take the right.

Or stop it from
being taken from you.

- Buy me out, John.

Buy the club,

turn it into a landfill.
Whatever you want.

- I don't have the money.

I'm not a rich man, Dan.
Contrary to popular belief.

I would if I could.

For both of us.

But I can't.

And I can't let
you sell it either.

Then it's someone else
building something else.

At this point,
you're the devil I know.

And I'm stuck with you.

- You can't stop me
from selling, John.

- Dan, you haven't learned
a goddamn thing, have you?

- So...

enemies by Monday again, huh?

- We're enemies now.

- I suppose we are.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- Tate in bed?

- I think he's being

- I swear he gets
more affection in one day

than we got in our
entire childhood.

- That's not funny, Kayce.

That's something
you should examine.


Where you headed?

- I got some more work to do.

- You know, I grew up
on a ranch, too.

I don't remember so much of
the work being done after dark.

- Baby.

I can't do this right now.

- Does it make you happy,
this work you're going to do?

- No.

- But you have to.

To protect the ranch.

- Yeah.

- Know what you need, baby?
You need a different ranch.

- Can't afford
a different ranch.

- I don't think you can
afford to stay on this one.

In here.

- Can we talk
about this tomorrow?

- If we'll really talk about it.

- We will, okay?

We'll talk about it.

I promise.

[ "Fast Stack"
by William Wild playing ]

- Rip, can I have a word?

- Now's not the time.

- I want to go with you.

- No, you don't.

- I'm already in
this place so deep.

- He wants you clean.
You carry a badge.

- The badge hasn't
kept me clean.

- If you want in,

it's all the way in.

- I know.

- All right, go get your coat.

Come on Jimmy.

- Ryan. Ryan.

What are you doing?

- He doesn't wear the brand.

- He will.

- Where are you going?

- You know the trick

to living a long time
in this deal

is knowing when
to quit an outfit.

And if you had a lick of sense,
you'd quit it, too.

- Now can I have ice cream?

- Nah, one more bite.

- [sighs]

- There you go.

Wait a minute.

Did you feed your horse?

You think it's fair
that you have your dessert

before he has his supper?

- I'll be right back.

- You hurry up then okay?

You don't want that
ice cream to melt, do ya?

- Uh-uh.

- Go on.

- Lucky.

Goodnight buddy.

Enjoy your supper.

[rock music playing inside]

[gas hisses]

[loud music continues]

- Jimmy, what are you doing?

- Hey, get the fuck off
the balcony.


- Jimmy just went
fucking inside.

- Jimmy?


- You don't get
to sleep through this.

- Jimmy! Let's go!

- Get the fuck off the balcony,
it's gonna blow.

Back the fuck up.

- Jimmy!
Son of a bitch.

- Jesus, Jimmy,
are you okay?

- Jimmy. Hey.

What the fuck is wrong with you?

- It's mine, I won it.

- You gotta be
fucking kidding me.

You risked your life
for a fucking belt buckle?

Lloyd get him in the truck.

- Monica.


Sorry to bother you.

Just checking to see
that Tate's in there with you.

- Tate?
No, he's in his room.


- Something happened.

- Jake?
The fuck is going on?

- Can't find the boy.

- My little boy?

- Kayce, we can't find him.

- Jimmy.
Get flashlights out the back.

- Tate?
- Tate!

- Tate.

- What's going on?
- Baby, he's gone.

- What do you mean gone?

- He came down here
to feed his horse.

I thought--
I thought he came back.

- Alone?

You let him come
down here alone?!

- No one's alone on this ranch.

There's a dozen
wranglers down here.

Or there's supposed to be.
Where the hell have you been?

- Oh please.
Argue about it later.

Let's just find him.

- Tate?

- Tate!
- Tate.

- Tate?
- Tate!

- Tate?

- What is this?

Did any of you drive back here?!

- No sir.

- What?

What is it?

- [screams]