Yellowstone (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 8 - Behind Us Only Grey - full transcript

John and Rip seek revenge; Monica ponders the consequences of her living situation on the ranch; Jimmy clears old debts.

♪ Well I moved into this room ♪

♪ If you could call it that
a week ago ♪

♪ I never do what
I'm supposed to do ♪

♪ I hardly even
know my name anymore ♪

♪ When no one calls it out
it kinda vanishes away ♪

♪ I can't get
to sleep at night ♪

♪ The parking lot's
so loud and bright ♪

♪ The A.C.
hasn't worked in twenty years ♪

♪ Probably never made
a single person cold... ♪

- Yeah.

- Come with me.

- Two flakes a horse.

Then you muck
out the paddocks.

But use a different

Green ones are for hay.

Black for manure...

It wasn't my idea
to make you low man.

So don't read too much into it.

- I read it for what it is.

It's fine.

I deserve it.

- Might need it,
but you don't deserve it.

Just lose yourself
in the work, Jamie.

Try to forgive yourself
and move on.

That's all you can do.

- Do you forgive me?

- I'm your brother, Jamie.

- Didn't answer my question.

- Yeah, I did.

- Hey, we should wait
for everyone else.

- Grandpa never makes me wait.

- You're waiting.

- If you wait for everyone
to sit at this table,

you'll never eat.

- Told ya.

- How you feelin', honey?

- Like I just left
the fucking spa, Dad.

- Hey Gator...
- Yeah?

- Would you mind making me
a smoothie please?

- Sure.
- What kind of smoothie?

- Two scoops of ice cream,
three shots of vodka...

- Two scoops, three shots.
- Got it.

- And would you mind bringing
it to me on the porch?

- Of course.
- Please.

You should see the other guy.

- Excuse me.

- Lecturing me on how I behave

in front of the school teacher
would be a mistake daddy.

What are we gonna
tell Jason's parents?

- Jason's family is not
my concern, sweetheart.

You are.

- Our grandfathers
camped right here.

Slept on the ground.

Hunted this valley.

For ten thousand years.

Then John Dutton's grandfather
built a house on it.

Called it theirs.

- Maybe we'll sleep
here again someday.

What are they doing?

- I think they call that
"coveting" in the Bible.

- What are you up to?

- I'm gonna finish what they
started with you, honey.

- Your smoothie, Miss Beth.

- Bless you.

- The Becks do that to you?

- My face was just
the appetizer.

- Oh...
- I'm sorry.

- What doesn't kill us, Dan...

- I don't believe that.

I don't believe
it makes us stronger.

Harder, perhaps.

- Hard is the goal.

- I don't think you can get
much harder.

- I'm shooting for Teflon.

- I understand your father
better now,

being here
on this ranch.

You, too, I think.

- That's interesting.

When I'm here,
I understand me less.

- Thank you for coming.

Now you know what
they did to me.

- They did something
similar to me.

- Mm? What did they do to you?

- They pulled my liquor license.

They're putting me
out of business.

I don't see the logic in it.

Attacking all three of us.

- They want you to leave.

They want him to quit building,
and they want me to make him.

At this point, I say we all
have played fairly dirty.

But no one's attacked my family
on behalf of your business.

And No one's attacked yours
on behalf of mine.

- Nothing any of us say here
is gonna change our goals.

Our paths will always collide.

We fight.
One of us will win.

But you've been
a good enemy, John.

A fair enemy.

- I don't know
if I agree with fair,

but you kept your fight with me.

I respect that.

- But now we face a new enemy.

And they don't play fair.

They'll find the thing
you care about most

and they'll kill it.

- So what do you
recommend we do?

- I'm open to suggestions.

- If you're going to be honest,

be honest, John.

You've already decided
what you're gonna do.

You want us to be part of it

so we don't use it against you.

Just say it.

So we can figure out how
to do it.

Say it.

- What do you want me to say?

- I want you to say
that we should kill them.

- Is that what you want?

Just what
you want me to say.

- You didn't tell me
what you wanted me here for.

This is for my protection.

All right?

I'll say it.

We should kill them.
We should kill them.

- Hand it to me.

This is like a blood oath,

except we make the cut later.

I'm not like you.

If Montana's Livestock
Commissioner breaks the law,

it doesn't change the
way an entire nation

thinks about livestock

If I break the law,

every Chairman of every
National Tribe...


My people suffer.

And no one life is worth that.

But I will say this,

when things get lost
on the reservation,

they don't get found.

Because most of the time,
there's no one to look.

There will be no one to look.

Your turn.

- You didn't say it, John.

- I don't have to say it.

No one here's doing it.

- I know some people in LA...

No. Nobody from anywhere.

If I need your help...
Either one of you,

I'll expect you to give it.

No questions asked.

- May I sit?
- Mm-hmm.

We don't know
each other very well.

- We don't know
each other at all.

Don't worry, Monica.

It wasn't my father
and it wasn't my boyfriend.

This was business.

- What kind of business
does that?

- The family business.

With that face, I recommend
you stick with teaching...

Don't judge us

for the way we protect
the thing we're giving you.

- I'm not judging.

I just...

I don't understand this place.

- I wouldn't try doing that,

- Tell you what,
I'll call you back later.


- You know, this gets any
bigger, people gonna...

Gonna start to notice.

So how far do you want
to take this thing now?

- He's not leaving us
much choice.

We take this all the way.

- Well this thing doesn't
just stop with John Dutton.

He runs this thing
with his children.

I said...

all the way.

- Alright.

So who do you wanna start with?

- The one he loves the most.

- I wanna do it.

- We'll get you a chance, buddy.

This takes a lot of practice.

Moment of truth.


That it?
That all you got?

You've got a good mind,
don't you?

- I picked a good one.

- You sure did, buddy.

- Everyone just disappeared.

House is so big you can't tell
when someone leaves it.

- You get used to that.


Don't do that.

Don't have doubts.

- I don't have doubts.

I have worries.

- Don't have those either.

- How can I not?

- By believing me.

That I'm doing
what's best for us.

I'm just asking you
to trust me.

- I have class.

- We didn't have school today.
- It's a holiday.

- It's a holiday
on the reservation.

And we are very far
from the reservation.

It's a field trip.

I'll be home late.

- How late?

- Real late.

- What do you have?

- I got nothing, sir.

I've been to every damn airport.

No one rented a plane
to transport hay.

I can't even find a feed store
that sells clover.

Hell, I even ran Dan Jenkins'
name through the FAA database

to see if he owned
a plane... nothing.

This did just come through

from the packing house in Butte.

- Been right under
my goddamn nose.

Look up Malcolm Beck
on the FAA's site.

- Yes sir.

- Out of Billings or Butte.

- He's the authorized signer
for a Montana Gaming LLC,

which has a Cheyenne 403
Cessna caravan cargo plane...

- Three what?

- Three Cessna
caravan cargo planes, sir.

People use them for skydiving.

He's got 'em hangared here
at the airfield in Billings.

- He used his own plane...

- Sir?

- Nothing.

I'll take it from here.

- Yes sir.

- You guys are gonna love this.

Running through the rez
like a brand new colt.

That's how we do it out
on broken rock.

This is real freestyle baby
It's hip hop.

Yes, homeboy, this is my
nine to five...

- Hey, I've got all these guys.

Yeah you know it's my plan.

From here to there
It's indigenous land.

Yeah homie
This is my presentation.

To get my nation
off the reservation.

- Let's go.

- Hi, how are you folks tonight?

- Thank you, enjoy your concert.
- Thanks so much.

- Thank you for coming.

- What the fuck
are you looking at?

- Are we safe here?

- You'll be fine.

- Enjoy your concert.
- Thank you.

- Thanks for coming.

♪ Like coyotes
in the desert heat ♪

♪ I feel no pressure
on my own damn feet ♪

♪ Strings on the door
Spiders in their web ♪

♪ It isn't just a fight
inside my head ♪

♪ Said one, two
I'm gonna rap for you ♪

♪ Tears of blood
and sweat for you ♪

♪ And I saw that,
in the Northern Lights ♪

♪ Shine really bright
like evolved advice ♪

♪ Can't hold 'em back ♪

♪ Follow these demons
to save your soul ♪

♪ And hear the coyotes howling ♪

♪ Singing to the moon
a lonesome song ♪

♪ If I knew that
you'd walk away ♪

♪ Without even looking back ♪

♪ I'd be sorry to you ♪

- Hey!

First you should know that I
have risen through the fire.

In colorful buckskin
the object of my desire.

Is the color of my skin.

So divided are my kin.

Watch me turn the tables til
we eatin' like some kings.


Big chief in the building
Everybody take your place.


Remove your feelings
if you wanna ride with me.


We about to go to war right now
No petty ass beef.


When it all go down
Who's gonna ride with me.

No room for the weak
and the type of speech

that brings us down
Need them soldiers to be strong.

When the bad man comes to town.


When it all go down who's
gonna ride with me.


When it all go down who's
gonna ride with me.


When it all go down
who's gonna ride with me...

- Put your fists up like this.

Make some noise if you're proud
to be who you are today, fam.

- Hey.

- Hey.

- God I wish...

they would come back to life

so I could kill 'em again.

- That would be what you wish.

- Monica...

This won't do.

- What won't do?

- You not speaking to me.

It's like we're right back
where we started.

- What happened
to your sister?

- My father used to
tell me stories

about people trying
to take this place.

About all the wars he had
to fight to keep it.

I never believed him.

I believe him now.

There's people who...

All they care about is more.

How to get more.

Take more.

And they'll stop at nothing.

As long as it leads to more.

- This place isn't
a home, Kayce.

It's a giant Alamo.

You're a prisoner here.

So is your sister.

So is your father.

Now we're prisoners, too.

This isn't us, Kayce.

My relatives live in smaller
houses than this room.

- If you want to live in town,
we can live in town.


I can drive to work
just like everyone else.

I don't care where I live
so long as we live together.

- What about your father?

- Of all the problems
he has right now,

this is the smallest.

- Thank you.

- We're gonna need to get
a bigger apartment

if we keep doing
this every night.

- You better start looking...

- Does it hurt?

- Like hell.

But I was built
to go through hell, Beth.

Yeah, you were.

Where are you going?

- Back to the bunkhouse.

Before I get too used to this.

- Well the doctor
said stay in bed.

- Theres's beds
in the bunkhouse.

- Can I borrow a truck?

- What for?

- Check should've
cleared by now.

- That money's just burning
a hole in yer pocket ain't it?

- It's for my grandpa.

- Wait, Jimmy can you drive?

- Lloyd, you are a gambling man.

- Feel like you'd be better off
taking a bicycle.

- We can throw some
training wheels on it

for ya there, Jimmy.

- Hardy har har.

- What the fuck does that mean?
- What the fuck does that mean?

- It's like a sarcastic laugh.

- You alright?

- No.

- Would you like
an envelope for that?

- No.
- Thank you.

Is Ray here?

- Got any cigarettes?

- No. No cigarettes.
- Is Ray here?

Well, well, well.

What have we here?

- Can we send him
for cigarettes?

- Up for a store run, Jimmy?

- Where's Ray?

Smells like your new cook

doesn't know what the fuck
he's doing.

- I'm the new cook.

And I know exactly
what I'm doing, quitter.

Where is it?

Jesus, Jimmy.

I didn't know goat-fucking
paid so well.

- We're done.

Leave my grandfather alone.

- Look whose balls
finally dropped.

We're square
on the money, Jimmy,

but your bitch still owes me

for that little bear
spray stunt.

- How much is that gonna cost?

It's hard to put a price on it.

Maybe you bring her over.

We'll figure something out.

Uh-oh, Jimmy's mad.

Maybe you want to repay her

How good do you suck?

I'm just fucking with you,

Another grand
and she's off the hook.

- I just gave you
all the money I have.

- That looks like
it's worth something.

- Are you gonna ride him today?

- Probably not today, buddy.

- Tomorrow?

- Can't be in a hurry
with horses, buddy.

- The day after tomorrow?

- Spend most of my days
wondering why I bother,

then see something like that.

And it all comes back to me.

Don't like it here, do you?

- I love this.

But like you said...

how often is it this?

If every day is a fight...

Literally a fight...

I don't want my family
to be a part of it.

These things don't
happen in the city.

- Of course they do, Monica.

Every day.

The scale may be smaller.

It may only be
your purse or your car

someone tries to take.

But they try
with the same force.

You going to tell me those
things don't happen in Bozeman

or the reservation?

- No, I can't tell you that.

- Give us a chance.

That's all I ask.

Can you do that?

- I can do that.

- You're supposed to be in bed.

- Shit, I've slept more
in the last two days

than I did all last year.

- Yeah, well,
just take it easy.

- I will.

- We're starting to have a few too
many things in common, big fella.

- You got any more of them
pain pills left over?

If I take any more banamine,
I'm gonna fucking whinnie.

- Thank you.

I mean it.

- I know you do, sir.
- I know.

- You close to being done there?

Need a word.

- Well we were
just getting started.

- You know what, I'll take care
of him sir, all right?

- I said easy.

- Yeah well, Tate will look out
for me, won't you tate?

Go on run over there.

- The Becks have
their own plane.

Is that useful information
to a soldier?

- Where is it?

- Private airfield in Billings.

- Yeah.
- It's useful.

- Then use it.

- How much do you want
to know about it?

- For this?
- Everything.

- Set a meeting.

Somewhere too far for a man
with a plane to drive.

- It needs to happen
where we can control it.

The ranch or the rez.

- Set the meeting
in Jackson Hole.

They'll fly right over us.

- Alright.

- Dan Jenkins has an SF guy
working for him.

- Yeah. I met him.

- I'm going to need
his help on this.

- I don't know, Kayce.
- I don't know.

- Him involved,
Dan can't use it against us.

I just want this
whole thing to be over.

- I don't know if this game's
ever over, son.

- Is it scared?
- That why he runs?

- No. It's instinct more
than anything, you know.

With these wild horses,
you know they...

they're trying to figure out
who the boss is,

who they can trust.

I mean a tourist will look at,
you know,

a mustang that's running around
let's just say.

And think that they're playing.
But they're not playing, Tate.

They're seeing where
they stand in the world

and who's their friend.

Here. Let me zip you up.

It's getting cold out here.


He sure is good looking
isn't he?

- Yeah.

- Wanna ride him today?

Think your dad
would get pissed off?

- Turns out he's just
a big teddy bear.

Who knew.

- Tell ya what.

I'm gonna work with you
on this horse.

We're gonna sort it out.

Make him the best horse
we got around here.

- Look how well
shoveling shit suits you.


You know one day, Jamie,

as much as it fuckin'
astonishes me...

someone will love you.

And you'll love somebody.

And I can't wait
to take that from you.

Even if I have to kill it
with my bare hands,

I will take it from you.

- Excuse me.

I'm all turned around.

This road lead to the park?

- No, should've stayed on 89...

- I think that's the first time

I've ever seen you be outfoxed.

- I'm not outfoxed.

He asked me to give it a chance,

Tate's playing with his...
new fucking horse.

- Outfoxed.

- I just don't like
being in the bedroom.

The bathroom's
a whole different story,

I mean a girl can
get used to this.

- Well let's just move
into the bathroom then.

Lord knows there's
enough room in here.

- This house makes me want
to put a baby in every room.

Kids running everywhere.

It needs chaos
to make it a home.

- Yeah, I agree.

- But then they grow up and...

it's quiet again.

This place becomes a tomb.

- Then we give it away
like he did

and Tate and his wife
move in here

and then they do the same thing.

- You've got a lot
of work to do, buddy.

- Oh yeah?
- Mm-hm.

- Better get to it.


- Shit.

- Well then there's
the downside

of having three generations
on the same ranch.

- Kayce.

Get dressed.

- Get dressed.

- Where am I going?

- I don't know.

- Get in the back.

- What is this?

- You're a lawyer tonight.

Where'd you think
I was taking you?

- It's obviously
a tribal matter.

A tribal employee
on tribal land.

- He was shot on a country road.

It's a fucking county issue.

- We'll see what
the chairman thinks.

- You do that.

- I'll be damned if this
doesn't look like you.

- This wasn't me
and you know it.

- I'm not saying it was you.

I'm saying it looks like you.

You've been real clear about
how you feel about this casino.

- Now we know who did it.

- Witnesses?
- No.

No evidence other than
the bullet hole in his head.

- So, now an investigation.

- Yep.

- That halts construction.

- Look. I know them.

And they are not gonna wait
around for a reaction.

They're already
planning what's next.

So I highly recommend you
make a public statement

saying you're halting it
on your own.

Even that's not gonna stop him,

but it'll slow him down.

And give you time
to figure out a move.

Because right now,
you don't have one.

And he's gonna
take a swing at you next.

- He already took one.

- John, you need to watch out
here 'cuz another one's coming.

If he sees deputies
outside your place.

It'll be me he's after next.
I can get State Police...

- Nothing would please me more

than them coming on my ranch.

I'll leave the gate open.

We're taking care
of this right now.

- Yeah.


What a surprise.

Jackson Hole?

During the day.
In the square.

For all the world to see.

Looking forward to it.

Who he loves the most.

♪ Well I've seen
the Devil's shadow ♪

♪ Underneath the moon ♪

♪ Keep that fire a-goin' ♪

♪ The sun is coming soon ♪

♪ I will swing my axe ♪

♪ Don't let the flames go down ♪