Yellowstone (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 7 - Resurrection Day - full transcript

Tensions escalate as the Beck brothers become frustrated by the Duttons' unwillingness to play ball; Jamie looks for a fresh start at the ranch.

- What's going on?
Is there a problem?

- Are there problems?

Everywhere I turn, son.

- So where you headed
- You know,

the only time I'm solely
focused on the present

is on this horse.

Just need a long ride
to remind myself

of what we're fighting for.

- Want some company?

- You have a few problems that
need fixing first, I'm afraid.

- Well, ain't that the thing
about problems, Dad?

No matter how long
you're gone,

they'll be right here
when you get back.

- Grab a horse.

- Well, I just
got to find someone

to watch Tate real quick.

- I'll wait for you out here.

- You don't got to wait on me.
I'll catch up.

- You think, do you?

- Just tell me what
direction you're headed.

Come here much?

- Every chance I get.

- It's been 20 years.

- No. 21.

21 years and it
feels like yesterday.

I still feel her,
smell her.

Been half a man without her.

It's not an excuse.

I was just a better father
when she was with me.

I hope you never know
what that feels like, son.

- I already know
what it feels like.

- Thing's getting
so dry today.

- That's disgusting.

- Open that curtain, Graham.
Wake his ass up.

Tate, what are you doing here?

- Dad went off with Grandpa.

Told me to stay here.

- I guess your dad
forgot what here's like.

Let's go. Come on.

- I blame myself.

To a degree.

You know what's so dangerous
about you, Jamie?

You justify every act
before you commit them.

You're consumed with
the world's perception of you.

What kind of man I am,

that's not a question
you ever ask yourself.

What does the world
think of me,

that's the only
question you ask.

Morality, loyalty,

not part of the equation
for you.

But you've finally
done something

that makes you see yourself
the way the world does.

The way I see you.

The way he sees you.

And no amount of scrubbing
is going to change that.

I got to tell you something

and it comes
from a place of love.

You should really consider
killing yourself.

- Never seen anything like it.

- That's saying a lot, Ben.

Got an ID on the victim?

- Dave Blackbull.

- From the casino?

What happened?

- You got to see it.

- What's the cause of death?

- He was strangled.

- You've seen that before.

- More times
than I care to count.

- Why is there blood?

- Yeah. This I haven't seen.

You know what
that looks like to me?

- A message.

- My dad used to do this.

- Oh, yeah?

- When he breaks colts,
he does it.

- Yeah?
- Why do you do it?

- Well, I want to get
all the shit out of his system

so I can get on him.

- You owe me a dollar!

- I ain't paying
you a fuckin' dollar.

- So you don't
go ass over teakettle?

Yeah, that's right.

Here, here, here, here...

See that, Tate?
That's him submitting.

- What does that mean?

- That means he's ready
to go to work.

Hold on. Go nice and easy.

You can pet his face now.

There you go.
Right up...there you go.

That's a good boy.


All right, what do you say?

Should we get another one?
- Yeah.

- Go get the gate for me.

Whoa, whoa.

You can add babysitting
to my list of talents.

- Got to say, I didn't
see that one coming.

- Me neither.

- We need to talk.
- Yes, sir.

- I need to talk
to you first, Grandpa.

It's very serious.

- All right.

- Do I need to be part
of this conversation?

- You ain't got any money.
Gotta be him.

- This should be good.
Come on.

- Thanks for watching him.

- He's a smart kid.
You can see it in his eyes.

- Got that from his mother.

- Yeah, kind of figured.

- All right, grandson,
let me have it.

- So I've made a decision.

- Is that a fact?

- I'm going to be a cowboy.

- Well, that's a good thing.

This ranch needs you to be one.

Someday this is all...
all gonna be yours.

- Well, that brings me
to my problem.

- Okay.

- I don't have a horse.

I can't be a cowboy
without a horse.

- Yeah. Pretty tough
to cowboy without a horse,

that's for sure.

- So can you buy me one?

- Well, if I buy it,
how you gonna pay me back?

- I'll clean out the stalls
or sweep out the barn.

- Well, that's a start.

Your dad's gonna
have to train it.

Because I don't have time
for that shit anymore.

Who's gonna feed it?

- Um, I...I will.

- Okay. You don't,
it don't eat.

You don't water it,
it doesn't drink.

I don't want to have
to hear otherwise.

You understand?

- So is that a yes?

- If it's a yes
from your father,

it's a yes from me.

- Daddy! Daddy!

You gotta train my horse!

- Can I help you, sir?

- I'm sure you can.

Dan Jenkins,

your liquor license
has been suspended

until your revocation hearing.

- And when is that?

- Well, the Liquor Control Board

has recessed until next year.
So we should be

able to get something
on the books by spring.

- We need to confiscate
all alcohol from the premises.

- Of course, you do.

- Uh, Beth...

- What time is my conference
call with Mountain West?

11:30. Beth...

- Who's that?

- It's Malcolm Beck.


- Okay.

- Not for him, Jason.
For me.

- Right...

- I have a full day.

If you'd like
to make an appointment,

I'll have my assistant
schedule one.

- This won't take long at all.

You're buying up quite the...

swath of land
here in the valley.

- You're a long way
from Billings,

aren't you, Malcolm?

- I don't consider any part
of this state beyond my reach.

- Not sure the state would
agree with you on that, buddy.

- Hmm.

Your father is...

is not a reasonable man.

I respect that.
I'm not either.

So I want to be clear
about something.

I will not have a casino built
at the gates of Yellowstone.

- Oh, we don't want one either.

- But you won't
help me stop them.

- I'd go back to Billings,

We'll take it from here.

- Huh.

You see, I just can't...

I can't trust that
you will stop them.

Your family has
the political resources

to guarantee this
build never happens.

And yet you won't offer them.

- I think my father's reputation

should warrant a little trust.

- The only thing he cares about
is his ranch.

Now when that property
tax quadruples,

the only way he'll
be able to protect it

is find a new revenue stream.

- That's my job.

- I'm well aware of that.

I'm also aware
that the likeliest

source of electricity
for the casino

comes from damming
your tributary.

Now your father may
not have thought about that,

but I guarantee you have.

And I am positive that pretty
face has done the math

figuring out how much
money you will make

turning the Dutton ranch
into the Dutton Power Company.

Do you know the story
of Susan Rawlings?

- Real estate attorney
from Hamilton.

- That's right.

We had a mutually
beneficial relationship

until she figured out
a way to bend the law

to benefit her business
more than my business.

That's the problem
with playing dirty, Beth.

Because when someone
plays dirty back,

there's no one to cry to.

There's no charges to file.

There's nowhere to scream about
the injustice you endured.

Because if you do,

all your filthy laundry
just spills right out

in the open
for everyone to see.

Susan finally realized that.

We moved her
somewhere in California

where they could help
her move past the trauma.

It's uncanny how much
you look like her.

- You know,
I was a pretty bad teenager.

Working through
some trauma of my own.

One might say I had
a tendency to "act out".

At church one Sunday,

I was feeling
a little naughty

sitting next to this skinny
little boy nobody liked.

Out of pity, or boredom,

I unzipped his slacks.

I pulled out his penis

and I gave him a hand job
in the back pew.

It's uncanny how much you
look like that boy's dick.

- All that tough talk, Beth.

I got the cure for that.

We'll see how tough you are
after I give it to you.

- Challenge accepted.

- Ma'am.

- I'll feed it every day,
I'll brush it every day.

I'll bathe it every day.

I'll even learn how to braid,
so I can braid it.

I'll ride it to school,

I'll ride it every morning.

And I'll muck its stall out.

I'll even clean out his poop.

This is gonna be awesome!

It might be a paint.

It might be a buckskin,
an appaloosa.

If it's blue,
I'll name it Blue.

If it's red,
I'll name it Red.

If it's a girl, I'll name it...
- Oh, my God, son.

I'm gonna help you train
the horse, okay?

I'll train it during the week

and then I'll teach you
on the weekends.

- Grandpa said I need
to feed it every day.

So I have to live
on the ranch with you.

- Shh. Quiet.

Can't let your mother
hear you talking like that.

- No, he's right.
He should live on the ranch.

- Now you done it.


Where you going?

- Depends.

- On what?

- You.

- How does it depend on me?

- Why don't you go to your
room for a minute, okay?

I--I've tried to
move on from you.

Tried to get closure, but...

there's no such thing.

You're a part of me.

You're a part of my soul.

And I just hope
you'll forgive me...

- Gross! Stop!

- You're gonna make a baby.
I know it.

- Rip!

- Sir, I don't think
he would have walked this way.

- How much of it did you do?

- I mean,
I can't talk about that.

It would make you an accessory.

- Oh, you're a lawyer now,

All it makes me is
an accessory after the fact.

I'll take those odds.

- Well, I didn't do any of it.

I just tried to
make it go away.

- This ain't ever going away.

- No, sir.
I don't think it will.

Sir? Sir?

- Wait here.

You know the thing
about suicide...

you don't just
kill yourself.

You kill every memory of you.

This'll be all everyone
remembers, Jamie.

Every second you spent
on this earth

will be reduced
to how you chose to leave it.

No one will mourn your loss,

because this
isn't losing your life.

This is quitting it.

- Yes, it's quitting.
I quit, Dad.

- I won't let you.

- Why not?
What do you care?

- Because it's selfish!

It's the single most selfish
thing a person can do!

- This cannot be fixed.

I fixed.

I'm married to it.

- Your grandfather
used to say that you...

that you can't fix
a broken wagon wheel.

But you can use the parts
to make a new one.

I should have never
sent you off to school.

You needed more time here.

I can--I can
still give you that.

But you need to give me
that rifle, son.

The old you is dead
the moment you let it go.

Now we start working
on the new one.

- Beth?

- Yeah?

- You need to go easy
on your brother.

- I always go easy on him.

- Your other brother.

- I can't do that.

- Beth, I need you to set aside
whatever it is...

- Dad, when you asked me to stay
and fight for this family,

you said fight everyone.

I know you don't want
to see it, Dad,

but he's the one we should
be fighting the hardest.

- He was gonna
kill himself today.

- Well, give me a week,

and I'll have him ready
to see it through.

- I don't want him
to see it through!

- Look me in the eye
and tell me that you love him.


What you feel for Kayce.

What you feel for me.

- This is silly.

- Come on.

- Just do me one hand,
just one time...

- Okay. Um...

- Yeah! Damn, all right.

- Looking for a bunk?

- The lawyer's gonna try
his hand at cowboying, Lloyd.

- Bet's to you.
Ten to play...

- This is you here, Jamie.

All right, come on.

- Let's see the last card.

- Yeah, flip 'em.

- Jamie, you want us
to deal you in?

- What's the...

What's the buy?

- Whoah!
- Twenties!

- We're just working
girls here, huh?

Well, I mean,
you shave your nuts.

- You shave your nuts, bro.

- Yeah, with your razor.

That's what men do.

Everyone's good?

- Mm-hmm.

- Oh, yeah.
- Mm-hmm.

- Check.

- In, in, in...

- Let's go.
- Hmm.

- Don't have to tell you, Jamie.

- Sure.

- He calls?
- Ooh!

- I do have one of those.

- All right, here comes
the turn...


- Bet's to you, Ethan.
- All in.

- Bet's to you.

- I fold.

- Yeah, you made
the right decision.

- I know.

- You're gonna do fine, Jamie.

- Need one?

- No.

- You think it's a problem
for you? Alcohol?

- It's not a problem.

I just don't like
doing anything halfway.

- I'm not sure what that means.

- It means if
I'm drinking tequila,

I'm eating the fuckin' worm.

- I don't think you
want to see that, Dad.

- Oh, God, Beth.

You would have made
a hell of a cowboy.

- Malcolm Beck
came to visit me today.

- What'd he want?

- Men like him,
they just want to be feared.

- Well, he ain't getting that.

- No, sir.

But he's gonna try.

Goodnight, Daddy.

♪ Good in a glass,
good on green ♪

♪ Good when you're putting
your hands all over me ♪

♪ I'm alright with a slow burn ♪

♪ Taking my time
let the world turn ♪

♪ I'm gonna do it my way
it'll be alright ♪

♪ If we burn it down
and it takes all night... ♪

- Look at me.
Look at me.

♪ I'm alright with
a slow burn ♪

♪ Taking my time,
let the world turn... ♪

I took you.

- Well, you burned that one too.

- Uh-oh.
- And he calls...

- Hey.
- Come to me.

- Where are you?

- You know where I am.

- How am I supposed
to get there?

- The old Irish way.

You're still Irish,
aren't you?

- I'm Irish enough, honey.

♪ Honey I am coming home ♪

♪ I swear I won't
be gone too long ♪

♪ I'm not thinking
much about leaving... ♪

- Thought you were off of this.

- I'm off it being a crutch.

But I'll sip whiskey and stare
at the stars with you, Rip.

- Oh, thank you.

- I want you
to take me on a date.

- A date, huh?

- A date with dinner.

Maybe we can go to that music
festival after all.

- Beth, I'm way too
tired to analyze exactly

what it is that you want.
But I know it ain't a date.

- It's no test.

Just a date.

Lord knows, you can afford it.

Been wearing the same
three pairs of jeans

and jacket for a fuckin' decade.

- Yeah.

- Probably got
more money than me.

- Nah. Money's the one
thing I don't have.

- You get paid every week,
don't you?

- Mm-hmm, yep.

- So what do you spend
your money on?

You keeping a sweet
little place in town

for Saturday nights?

- Jesus, Beth.

Why is it that your
mind always stops

at the first thing
that you should never do?

- What's wrong with that?

If I was a man,
I'd buy an apartment complex.

And I'd fill it
with buxom little bunnies.

I'd start on
the first floor Friday

and end up on the roof
by Sunday.

- Hmm.

- I'm serious.

What do you spend
your money on?

- Oh, Beth,
it's a nice night.

Let's not ruin it
with the truth.

- Tell me.

- I spent $22,000
on my mom's headstone.

Stands about as tall as me.


I got the guy
to etch her face into it.

I spent 30
on my little brother's.

It stands a little
bit taller,

I dunno, guess I wanted him
to be a little closer to heaven.

But the best money
that I ever spent

was $5,000 to a gravedigger
in Forsyth.

- What did you pay him for?

- He dug up my father

and gave me his bones.

And I drove from there
all the way to North Dakota

throwing them out
the fuckin' window.

- I remember the stories
of heaven and hell in church.

Lies, a lot of it.

I think heaven's right here.

So's hell.

One person can be
walking the clouds

right next to someone
enduring eternal damnation.

And God is the land.

Don't say it.

It doesn't mean anything
on a roof,

under stars like a bunch
of fucking hippies.

Tell me...

Tell me when it saves me.

- Okay. I won't say it.

♪ Every song you sing ♪

♪ And every time we meet... ♪

There's a...

There's a remote for the TV
some goddamn place.

- Dad, I don't think
there's a TV in here.

- No, it's here.
It's here.

It's in that chest
at the foot of the bed.

You hit a button
and the fuckin' thing rises up.

- We don't watch a whole
lot of TV anyway,

so it's all right.

- It's here somewhere.

This is your room now.
You find it.

- The cabin down
the road's fine.

- No, this is your room.

You paint it.

You can do whatever you want.

You make it your own.

♪ Morning breeze
and gentle winds ♪

♪ Wash all sins of yesterday ♪

♪ Forgiveness comes
to those who pray ♪

♪ When you're on the road
to heaven's gate ♪

♪ You can wander high
you wander low ♪

♪ Be aware of the devil ♪

♪ Or he'll steal your soul... ♪

- God damn it!

I'm not removing them.


just scooting them over.

♪ After the storm,
light will shine down ♪

♪ To bring us peace
and guide the way ♪

♪ Over the hills
towards heaven's gate ♪

- Grab him some hay, Rip.
- Yes, sir.

- His whole life's
in your hands now, Tate.

How you treat him
is how his life goes.

What are you gonna name him?

- Lucky.

- That's a good name.

- All right, Tate.

He's good looking.

I think he'll do good for you.

- Thank you.

- Excuse me. Can I...

No, no, no!

- Look at you pussies.

Bet you jacked each other off
on your way over.

- Fuck, fuck!

- Fuck!

- This is Beth.
Leave me a message.

- Fuck! Fuck!

- Jason! Jason, look at me.

Jason! Look at me!

They want to see you scared.

Don't give them
the satisfaction.

Look at me!

Don't give it to them!

- We don't care
if he's scared.

We're here to scare you.

- Best of fucking luck.
- Yeah?

- Motherfucker!

Fuck you! Fuck you!

- In due time.
- Fuck you!

- I'm fading here.

- That's right, you pussy.
Bleed out.

Bleed out, you fucking pussy!

- I heard you
had a mouth on you.

They told me I should
shut it or fill it,

whatever I choose.

- You think you could
fill this mouth?

I could fuckin' floss
with your dick, you fucking...

Who are you kidding?

You can't get hard for a woman
who isn't scared of you.

You want me to cry?

Need me to cry and scream
and try and get away?

I doubt I'll even feel it.

Go on. Pull it out.

Pull it out and let me
fucking see it!

Let me see that needle

God forced you to go
through life with.

- Fuck you and your mouth.

- That's what I thought.

- Who you gonna
miss the most? Huh?

Can you see 'em, Beth?

Can you see their faces?

Because they're never
gonna see yours ever again.

'Cause you ain't gonna have one.

I'm gonna fucking blow it off!

- Blow it off!

- You fucking scared now?
- Do it!

- Are you fucking scared!
- I'm not fucking--

- You fucking bitch!
- Ahhhhh!

- No! No!

- Hey, it's me! Beth!

I'm here now. You're safe.

Look at me. It's okay.

- Sir, I need you.
I need a doctor too,

one that nobody knows about.

I'm at Beth's office.

- Gahhhh! Ahhh!

- Fuck you, fuck you!

- Beth.

Hey, I love you. I love you.

- Shh. It's okay...

- If I can't take
him to the hospital,

I gotta get him to my office.

I need to cauterize
these wounds.

- Thank you for this.

- I don't know how
this stays hidden, John.

- It'll stay hidden.

- I want to go with him.

- Beth, did...

Did they...

- I want to go with him.

- Go.

- This wasn't a crime, Dad.

This was...
- I know what it is.

- I'll take care of this.

- Where have you been?

- There were wolves
down by the barn.

- Wolves?

- They're everywhere here, baby.

- Monica raise any issues
about last night?

- No.

Told her there were
wolves down by the barn.

- And she believed you?

- Yeah.

You got a lot to learn
about women.

- What are we gonna do about
these Beck brothers?

- We're going to kill 'em son.

♪ Hey old man ♪

♪ Where's my old man ♪

♪ Let me know ♪

♪ Before I'm an old man ♪

♪ Cut anybody off ♪

♪ Even my own father ♪

♪ Never been right
Since I was a toddler ♪

♪ Now talk about that money ♪

♪ Please don't bother ♪