Yellowstone (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 10 - Sins of the Father - full transcript

The feud with the Becks comes to a head as the Duttons scramble to save one of their own.




["Daddy Doesn't Pray Anymore"
by Chris Stapleton plays]

- We should say goodbye
to your mother.

- She's not here, Dad.

- ♪ Daddy doesn't pray anymore ♪

- Thank you for doing this.

You're a good boy, son.

- ♪ Guess he's finished
talking to the Lord ♪

♪ He used to fold his hands

♪ And bow his head
down to the floor ♪

♪ But Daddy doesn't
pray anymore ♪

♪ I remember even when
the times were bad ♪

♪ He'd thank Jesus
for everything he had ♪

♪ For a good wife
and three children ♪

♪ And the food upon our plates ♪

♪ Everything was right
and he said grace ♪

♪ Daddy doesn't
pray anymore ♪

♪ Guess he's finished... ♪

- Don't let them take
it away from you, son.

Not a goddamn inch.

♪ He used to fold his hands ♪

♪ And bow his head
down to the floor ♪

♪ Daddy doesn't pray anymore ♪

- I'm gonna miss you.

- No, you won't.

You'll miss who
I was a long time ago.

Odds are, I was never who
you thought I was anyway.


And when you get my age...

Only thing you miss
is being young.

A chance to
do it all over.

See that look of wonder in
your grandchildren's eyes.

The look in your eyes
when you was a kid.

- ♪ He used to fold his hands ♪

- I'm gonna miss all this.

- ♪ And bow his head down
to the floor ♪

♪ But Daddy doesn't
pray anymore ♪

- I miss...
I miss your mother.

And your brother, goddammit.

Guess I miss
more than I thought.

I'm tired of talkin', son.

- Only took 90 years.

- [groans]

- Hey.

Come on.

It's alright.
It's just the whiskey.

- ♪ Listen to the preacher
read God's word ♪

- Just the whiskey.

- ♪ We sang his favorite hymn
and Daddy didn't make a sound ♪

- You thought nobody ever knew.

- Knew what, Dad?

- Sneak in every night...
steal a cookie.

And you thought
nobody ever knew.

I knew.

- ♪ Daddy doesn't pray anymore ♪
- [laughs]

♪ I guess he's finally
walking with the Lord ♪

♪ He used to fold his hands ♪

♪ And bow his head
down to the floor ♪

♪ Daddy doesn't pray anymore ♪

- My whole life
is just a long...

series of losing
things I love.

But I'm not
gonna lose this one, Rip.

Not this one.


- It's 5:47.

All quiet out here.

You should get some sleep.

- I'm not paying you

for your fucking opinion
on my sleep habits.



[door closes]


[music continues]





- Ah!


[music continues]

- Wait.


- I have every right
to be here.

I have every right.

I have a right.

This is--

This is America.



- Okay.

- What do we do?

- First I...

I need you
clean of this, Beth.

- No one's clean of this.

- You can't know
what we do, honey,

and Tate's gotta
come home to something.

Give me this, please.

- What he's doing
is irrational.

He's not
considering consequences.

Maybe it's from arrogance or--

- "Why" doesn't matter.

[somber music]

This is going to be
the end of us.

But we're going
to do it anyway.

[police radio chatter]

[police radio chatter]

[camera shutter clicking]

[police radio chatter]

- Believe me now?

- Now what?

- Now you choose sides.

- They've got me over
a fucking barrel, John.

- I understand, Donnie,
but they have my grandson.

- Fuck.
I can't clean this up.

How do we hide this?

- You trust me every
step of the way.

- They are never
gonna tell you where--

- Yes, they will.

Choose, Donnie.
- There's no hiding this.

- This isn't what
you'll have to hide.

How long can
you keep it quiet?

- A day, tops.


- What kind of security
do the Becks have?

- They use off-duty officers.

Rent them through
the department.

- Are those officers
your friends?

- They're my cousins.

- You tell them to stand down.

- John, I gotta...
- Donnie, I--

I don't have time to play
this game with you, Donnie.

Have 'em stand down.
- All right. All right.


If you're going
to do this, John,

you gotta do it right:

you gotta make it about cattle.
You gotta get a warrant.

It's the only way for you
to control the narrative here.

- Fair enough.

John: No, I can see it coming
through now, Mitch. Thanks.



- Don't worry, dad.

This is about
the only thing I'm good at.


I'm going to get him back.

- I will not face
this world without him.

You understand me?

- I'm gonna get him back.

- After you do, I want you
to promise me something.

- Okay.

- Promise me you'll kill them.

- I'm gonna kill them both.

I promise.

- My brother's still there.


[siren blaring]

- Sir?

- Yeah, pull over.
See what they want.

[police radio chatter]

- Morning.

- Is my tail light out?

- No, tail lights are good.

- Mm-hmm.

You know this isn't your
kind of game, Donnie.

Too many skeletons
in your closet.

- Pop the trunk for me, please.

- Do you really think
I'm that fucking stupid, Donnie?

- This thing needs to come to
a peaceful resolution, Malcolm.

And soon, it's the only...

This thing is just going to
bring it down for everybody.

- You just called me by
my first name.

Who the fuck do
you think you are?

You wanna know what
I wish for, Donnie?

I wish to God that
you had children.

Now go fuck off.
Let's go.

- You have a good day.

- Motherf...

Fuck. Shit.

- You've reached Teal.
Leave a message.

- Get out of the house.
Go to Great Falls.

The Sheriff
isn't our friend anymore.

- The boy's not
with Malcolm, John.

And you better keep
your word to me here,

or I'm a fucking dead man.


[phone rings]

- Yes?

Female: John Dutton
is on line one.

- Things aren't going well,
I hear.

- No.

- I heard from
Monica's grandfather...

It's always the innocent
who pay most dearly

for the things we men do.

- I recommend staying on the
reservation until this is done.

He got Dan.
He'll try to get you too.

You more than anyone...

- I'm ready for that.

I'm sending you someone.

If you're doing what
I think you're doing,

you'll need him.

And that lets you know
where I stand.

On this, I stand with you.

- Thank you.

- I hope you find him, John.

And I hope he's safe.

- Yeah, so do I.

- Do it.

- How many in the house?

- Just him.
As far as we know.

I need to
see the warrant.

All right.

[paper rustling]




- Where's my son?

Where is he?

- I don't know.


Stop! Stop!

- There's a lot of stuff
I can shoot before you die.

- The Montana Free Militia.

They're who we used.
They got him.

- Where do they camp?

- Base of the Crazies.

The Crazy... Crazy Mountains.

- You ever been up there?

- Yeah. Up 284.

Just before Diamond City.
There's a...

There's a little
beat up house...

...behind a bunch of junkers.

Oh, fuck.

Oh, oh...

Oh, man.
I'm shot to shit.

- Don't you know
about my family?

You didn't think
we'd fight back?

- No.

Nobody ever fights back.

- Until now.

- Oh, please. Please.

Not on the toilet.

I don't want to die
on a fucking toilet.

- I promised my wife
I'd kill you.

All a man has is his word.

- Okay, good.

- You're okay, though, right?

Thank God. Come home.

- What did he say?

- You need to make an amendment
to the trust, Beth.

Read this.
Then do what it asks.

I know who loves me.

I know who's loyal.

I always have.

- What does it say?

- None of your fucking business.


- Come on, boy.

All right, it's your turn now.

Come on, boy, come on.

Feel kind of silly,
feeding animals today.

I should be helping.

- No matter what we're going
through, they still gotta eat.

- What's going on, Beth?

- Walk with me.

- You know
we have horses, right, Beth?

- All right, just...

- What are we doing?

- I'm going to read to you.

- Okay.

"My great grandfather
had a dream.

"All of his sons
on the same road.

"The same ranch.

"Working toward the same goal.

"That dream survived
a hundred years.

"Until me.
With me it died.

"I didn't have enough sons.

"They just kept dying
or quitting.

"Then one day,
not too long ago,

I realized that I have
enough sons after all."

- I don't understand, Beth.

- He's saying it's yours.

- Mine.

- Yours.


- Well, there's
no accounting for taste.

But I guess
it's the thought that counts.

[exhales deeply]


- Will you read the, um...

the end of his letter again?

- "They just kept dying
or quitting.

"Then, one day,
not too long ago,

I realized I have
enough sons after all."

- He called me his son.

- Yeah, baby.

He sure did.


- I was sent here to help.

- Go get Rip.

I can't risk you, son.

- What do you know, Kayce?

- He's with a militia.
In the Crazies.

We don't have any time.

- How can I help?

- It's a big ask:

can't attack
a fortified position

without knowing
the strength of our enemy.

In Afghanistan, we'd send an
armored vehicle into ambushes.

Draw fire to know
how many we're fighting.

We don't have any
armored vehicles..

I'd do it myself, but..

- I know.
I'll draw your fire.


- You don't want a rifle?

- I'm best with my pistol.

- Pistol won't pierce armor.

- I won't be aiming
at their chest.

Got any more of that?

So he sees danger.

So he is sure-footed.

So the bullets bounce off.

So he moves fast.

- You sure you don't
wanna draw on me some?

- Won't work on you.

- Yeah, I figured.

- You know, of all the days
to ask this of you...

I'm sorry it's today.

- I can't think of
a better day for it, sir.

- I'll be covering you
on your right.

- Yes, sir.

- Let's get in place.

- You think they got
night vision?

- Yeah, and thermal.
You can bet on it.


- I love you.


- Livestock Police!
Drop your weapons!


- Come on!


- Livestock Police!
Drop your weapon!

- Down!
On the ground, now!

- Get the fuck down!

- Livestock Police!
Down on the ground!

- All the way!
All the way down!

- Where's my son?

Do you know
where my son is?

- I sure do.

- No!


- Hey!


- Ah!


[grunts and groans]

- You deserve
a lot worse than this.

- God!

Fucking cocksucker!

- There you go.

Get it all out,
you son of a bitch.

Tell me where my
grandson is,

and I'll get you
to the hospital.

You have my word.

Go on, scream.

Scream 'till whatever
makes you want to hurt a child

to hurt me leaves you.

If there's a heaven,

and I sure hope so...

- [grunts]

- This is your last
chance to do something

that just might get you in it.

You know, I think a lot
about the ten-or-so years

I've got left before
there's not much left

for me to do
but sit around and reminisce.

You, on the other hand,
have to cram a lifetime

of reminiscing into
the next thirty minutes or so.

Or you can lay there and...
not telling me

where he is will
be your last thought.

Not whoever you may have loved

or your brother's
ninth birthday.

None of that shit.

Your entire lifetime's gonna be
reduced to my grandson's face.

It's up to you, Malcolm.

- What's he doing?

- That's Jupiter, up there.
The bright one.

Did you know that?

- Carter Meads.

That's his name.

Whitefish, Montana...
Whitefish, Montana.

- I'll call for a chopper.
Get you to the hospital.

- I ain't gonna make it
to a hospital.

- I gave you my word.
- I won't hold you to it.

- You want company or
do you want to be alone?

- Alone.

I w...
I wish we'd never met.

- Yeah, I bet you do.

[ Heavy Metal Music Playing ]


- Tate!

- Kayce, I need you
to step back.

Give my guys a minute.

You don't want to see him
like this, okay?

- See him like what?

- No, no, no, no!

- No!

- We got a trauma
specialist on the way.

Look at me.
Look at me buddy, it's daddy.

- No!
- It's daddy!

- It's daddy, hey.

Hey, hey, Tate.

Look at me. Look at me, buddy.

Look at me.
It's daddy. It's daddy.

It's daddy.
Are you okay buddy?

I know you are.
I know.

[guitar music]



- You're never far away,
are you?

- Nope. Never far.

- We're going to lose
this place, you know.

- Maybe so.

- I can't fucking wait.

What will you do?

- Shit, I don't know.

Probably the same thing
I'm doing here, just ...

Somewhere else.

What about you, Beth?

What are you gonna do?

- Sleep.

For a year.

- Yeah.

- Well, if you want
some company.

You never know.

- I will.

[door opens, closes]


["The Weary Kind"
by Ryan Bingham plays]

- ♪ Your heart is
on the loose ♪

♪ You rolled them sevens
with nothing to lose ♪

♪ This ain't no place
for the weary kind ♪