Wire in the Blood (2002–2009): Season 5, Episode 4 - Anything You Can Do - full transcript

Tony Hill assists the police in investigating a series of murders. His profile suggests that the man committing these crimes may come forward as a potential witness and the police soon focus in on Bernard Kelly. In his mid-30's and still living at home with a domineering mother, he seems to fit his profile, but Tony has nagging doubts as he finds significant differences in style between some of the attacks. During this time Tony has a house guest, his old friend from university Jonathan Good who is also a psychologist. As time goes by however, he begins to behave erratically. DI Alex Fielding is up for promotion to DCI but is having doubts, as it would likely mean having to relocate to a new city.

Grace Donovan
Loyal Wife and Loving Mother


The term 'sibling rivalry' was only invented
in 1941

but it's been part of our psyche since
Cain and Able.

Psychologists think sibling rivalry is
about competition for resources.

the right to exist, if you like.

Adler thinks it's more about birth order.

The older child feeling usurped by
the younger

But there's one crucial element ignored
by both these approaches. Andy?




The parental response.

Who is that/

Consciously or unconsciously the parent responds
differently to each child's demands...

...and consciously or unconsciously each
child knows the difference.

Hello, Tony, how are you?

Folks, we're honored to have with us
today professor Jonathan Goode.

...he wrote THE book on sibling rivalry.

In fact he should be giving this lecture.
No, thanks, jet lag...

and you're doing a great job.

So professor Goode postulates that parental
response is the crucial element.

& that a child is not just seeking food & warmth,
but approval and a sense of worth.

& a sense of self.

I'm on leave house hunting, because I've been
offered a chairmanship in psychology.

You're coming home!!
A little louder, please, they didn't hear
you back in Harvard.

It's great to see you're getting the recognition.
You're doing OK yourself, quite an authority
in your field.

There might be a new paper on
personality shifts.
I'd like to read it.

Where are you staying?
Not sure, my brains still mid-Atlantic.

Well stay at mine-- I can offer you a bed.
Not mine, of course.

Yeah, I'll take you up on that, thank
you very much.

Alex, hold on.

You're busy, don't worry about it.
I should be home by two.

I'll put the kettle on--see you later.

Victim is JuIie Hopton,
73 years old, lived here alone.
Social Services found her.

She was a bit of a recluse.
No family or friends.

Looks like he talked his way in.

Possibly posed as police or security guard.

She was aware of the danger, but
opened the door anyway.

Handbag was emptied.

That's just staging. He didn't come here
to rob her.

The bag wasn't just to suffocate her, it was
used to depersonalize her as well.

She became someone else. She reminded
him of someone else?

His mother?
It's her underwear.

Possible parafobia, or the urge to humiliate.

We're checking for signs of sexual assault.
I doubt it, Kevin.

He's not a teenager, or she wouldn't have
let him in. My guess is, mid-30s,
meticulous, organized.

He brought the bag himself. She does
not shop at SuperCheap.

& I doubt you'll find any prints.
Looks like he wore gloves.

Maybe he wasn't always so careful. Might
have done time.

Previous conviction for assault when he
was a teenager.
Can you...

Well he knew this place wasn't ever locked,
so he's almost certainly local.

So this person is in uniform, has the
trappings of authority, but he can't
function in a team.

He works alone.

You start knocking on doors.

Tony, thanks for coming.
No, you were right, Alex.

This wasn't personal. This wasn't
an assassination. This was

So he'll want to do it again?

He'll fantasize about it for a while.
Might even come back to relive it, but...

Memories fade.

Yeah, he'll do it again.

Go around again, I want an answer from
every house.

Kevin, pull the security cam tapes,
check the personnel records.

Alex, have you heard from the
promotion panel yet? I do hope
you've had time to prepare.

With this murder case, you need any
help from my lot just let me know.

Haven't you got a brothel to check in at?

You up for promotion, Chief?


What are you doing?
I thought I heard something.

You keep that window closed, ma,
with all these dodgy types around.

Hey Tony, you got 10 minutes? It's
not about the case.
Yes, I'll be right with you, come on up.

Come on.

Hey, he's cooking dinner. Don't worry,
I've got the fire department on standby.

Sorry,Jonathan Goode, old friend
of Tony's.

DI Fielding, I've heard all about you.
Glass of wine, AIex?

Go ahead.

Donovan, let me in.
Open the door, please

Open the fucking door, Donovan!

Open the door before I count to three.

One, two, three....

So did you two work together?

Jonathan headed the department of
experimental psychology where I did
post grad...

Don't laugh.

Do not...laugh.

Who's the girl?

That is the bright & beautiful Erica.
Jonathan & her worked at Harvard.

They offered me a chance to
extend my research into prenatal
development and identity

So what are you working on now?
Other stuff.

Tony, you want to keep that.

And for you...

Cute, I don't think I have students with
brains smaller than this.

You here on holiday?
I'm here to renew our friendship.

Tony helping you with a case?

Yes, an old woman was murdered last night.
Tony reckons the killer will strike again.

He has found his niche. He has
affinity with the abnormal mind

He's a bit wierd like that, embarrasing
even, until you get to know him

and you realize he's as smart as
we'd ever meet.

Yes, his misunderstood genius

It never ceases to amaze me how many
attractive intelligent women fall for him.

More wine, AIex?
No thanks, I'm driving.

Nice to meet you, Jonathan.

Everything OK? I know Jonathan can
be a bit intimidating.
No, everything's fine.

What'd you want to talk about.
That can wait.

Listen, there's a briefing at 9
tomorrow, if you can make it.

I'll see you tomorrow.

That Alex is a good-looking woman.

Is she married?
She was.

It didn't work out, just made
her wary.

She was bringing some fascinating
case studies.

You know these are real people in pain,
and they're taking it out on strangers,
like Julie Hopkins.

Hey, what happened to the
dispassionate scientist?

It's not enough to interpret the world.
The point is to change it.

Marx, 1867.
It was you, actually, in 1993.

Pretty good.

I always remember you with some leggy

begging you for help with
an essay.

Yeah, and the women were even worse.

We talked to 43 out of 50 local

Two people saw a thick-set man in a high-vis
jacket in the street around the time of the

That, I'm afraid, is as good as the
description gets.

These 3 men fit Dr. Hill's criteria:

local, early 30s, criminal record,
and working security guards.

These 2 have good alibis, but this
guy doesn't.

Bernard KeIIy, 31 , did 2 years for burglary
& assault when he was 19.

Now works as security guard for Bradfield
Plastics. He lives with his mom a few
streets away.

How does that fit the profile?
The man who did this isn't married...

Lives in low-income accommodation,
& then it's with his mother, it'll be a
seriously disfunctional relationship.

So do we lift this guy?

We need more evidence. We've got
no forensics, no motive, no witnesses...

Make an appeal for witnesses?
That doesn't inspire public

The point is, the killer might turn up.

...Police looking for help, he'll be getting
off on it, he'll have a feeling of power...

He'll want to know what's going on,
might even put himself forward
as a witness.

Only he'd be lying.
And the more lies he to us.

The more evidence he'll give.

How long's your friend staying?
Jonathan? As long as he likes.

You don't like him, do you?
I like him fine.

You're a hopeless liar. You need to
work on your technique, Alex.

I get the impression he wants to be
the center of attention.
He deserves to be, he's my inspiration.

So why's he turned up now, after
all these years without a word?

Well, we're men. We don't do
keeping in touch.

What did you want to talk about
last night?

I'm up for promotion.


It means I'd have to leave Bradfield.

And Ben is set so well here.

Well Ben, he'll be fine as long
as you're alright.

You should go for it.


You want me to advise?

No, you're alright. Go home. Your friend
Jonathan needs you more than we do.

You alright, ma?

What is it?


Don't you lie to me. I know what
you've been up to.

You disgust me.
I'm sorry.

I only borrowed them.
I want my things back.
Do you understand?

Watch the wall.

This won't take long. Bend down.

Are you watching it?

Yes, ma.

Watch the wall. There's a good boy.

She never talked,
visitors never came

Excuse me.

He's here.

...wearing his uniform.
Well he's incredibly sure of himself, or...

How should I proceed?
Treat him like any other punt.

You local?
Yes, well MerryhiII

Were you in Merryhill?
I wasn't down there.

Monday night, around 7:00? You sure?
Pretty sure, yeah.

I only came there 'cause my ma, worried
about all those crack heads and hoodies.

about all those junkies and crooks

Do you live with your ma?

Aren't you there in the evenings to
look after her?

Were you in the area on Monday?
I came through yesterday.

I was on the late shift at Electronica.
Got a sale on.

If he sees me talking to you...

I have to live around here.
If who sees you?

Him. The guy in the uniform. He was
outside her house Monday night.

Guv, I really can't...
Right, why don't you just relax here...

Have yourself a cup of tea, we'll have
a talk in a minute.

We have someone place Kelly at the
murder scene.
We need to arrest him.

Not time enough, I've gotta get
off to work.
Mr. Kelly, just let me ask you...

Out of my way--laser op.

Quiet, don't get into a fuss. We just
want to ask you a few questions.

You know about the GBH 12 yrs ago.
More recently he was bound over for
threatening behavior.

Police think he torched a neighbor's
car as well, but noone will testify.

What did your witness say, exactly?
That they saw Kelly outside the
victim's house.

What was he doing there?
Well he was coming home from work.

His name's Donovan. He works as
floor supervisor in a superstore in Marion.

From what the manager says, his story
checks out.

Lemme get it straight, he said that he
went to work Monday night.

But records say he didn't clock on
'till 10 PM.
Yeah, Monday night.

So where were you between 6 & 8?
This is bollocks. I don't remember.

You don't remember where you were
three nights ago?

When you were 19 you were caught
burgling a house.

Is that the house owner, a woman, you
put a pillow over her face?
I just wanted her to shut up.

Do you know what time you smell it?
Peers through walls.

Where were you Monday evening?

You wanna be eliminated from our
inquiry, you've gotta give us some

How old is your mother?
Your mum, how old is she?

My mum, what's she got to do with this?

Does he like livin' with her?
What are you, 31? You still live
at home?

Sit down, please, Mr KeIIy.
I have rights, I don't have to
put up with this.

I could arrest you. I just didn't think
your employers would be too thrilled.

So where were you Monday evening
between 6 and 8?

Chief, there's a Mrs. Kelly at the front desk,
his mother. She says her son was with her
all evening.

I cooked his tea and I drove him to work.

What did you have for your tea?
The usual.

Chicken and chips or sausages, whatever.

She's finished with telling lies, she's
keeping it vague.

We have tea together most evenings.
He's a good boy.

What do you mean by that?

I'm his mother. I know him.
But what about his record?

He's got previous convictions for burglary
and GBH.
He's done his time.

I wouldn't have told him to go to that meeting
if I'd known you lot were gonna pick on him.

Typical coppers, round up the usual suspects,
piss of down the pub.

And that is the 2nd rule, go on the offensive.

You were seen near the scene of the crime
at the time it was committed.
- He's walking down that street all the time.

Your witness probably got the days
muddled up, or you told him what
to say.

Is there anyone else that can vouch for him?
I don't need anyone else.

You're the one trying to prove something. So
either charge him or I'm gonna take him home.

So let's arrest him anyway. Maybe it'll rattle him,
give us time to work.

He's already clammed up, he knows
how little we have on him.

What about an identity parade? We do have two witnesses.
They just placed them on the streets, they're no use to us.

Shit, we let 'em go too early.
Yeah, but why her, why Julie Hopton?
Why would Kelly chose a victim like her?

And how did he meet her if she was
a recluse, unless their paths crossed.

In the shops, the post office?
Try it.

So do we nick him?
Think he'll try anything if he knows we're
on to him?

If Kelly's the killer, it's unlikely.
He might do a runner.

He won't get very far. Send him home, he can
run with Mother Teresa.

Hello, Alex. Thanks for agreeing to see me.

Sorry it's so late. Where do you question
people by the way, down in the basement?

Yes, it tends to get too distracting

What I've got to say is....

It's kind of personal, but with us being
strangers, it's easier.

It's Tony.

Tony & I go back a long way. In fact
I'd say I know him better than anybody.

He has tremendous focus, trememdous

but the corollary is that he has a tendency
to obscess, to the point of monomania.

Are you saying we're working him too hard?
No, no.


It's not the case he's obsessed in,
it's you.

He talks endlessly about your qualities, about
the cases you've worked on together.

He's infatuated. I've seen this before
when he was younger, and it's never
ended very well.

Sorry, maybe you already knew this.

No, no, I had no idea.

Right, well in his head, you've already made the commitment,
and you need to be aware of that.

So what do you suggest I do?

You often go around to his place to discuss
cases together. You musn't do that.
You need to disengage.

The domestic context substantiates his fantasy.
Are you saying I encourage him?

No, of course not, not deliberately,
but you are enabling his emotional

And believe me, it could get very
messy very soon.

I see.
Well, that's it.

If Tony asks, we never spoke.
Thank you for not dropping by.

Yes, who is it?
The media support.

Bloody thing.

So you remind him of his mother.

There's love, there's affaction.



You would do anything to protect
him, wouldn't you?

His guilt is your guilt.
The guardian and the tyrant.

Round up the usual suspects.
You might be right. What if that's
what we're doing?

Start with a suspect, match him
to the crime.

We must look to the crime.

Got in late last night?

Yeah, well I was out exploring the suburbs.
Did you know the prices in this town
are horrendous.

I can just about afford something in the
red-light district.
- Erika will be thrilled.

You should ring her.

Not a good time. She'll be entertaining
one of her many lovers.

Dr. Hill, it's Paula. There's been another
killing, Fountain Street.

Two victims this time, an elderly couple.

Just two victims. You sure it's the
same guy?

We think so, yes. We'd be happy if you'd
come take a look.

PauIa called me up.

His name's Jeffrey Madison, retired
civil servant.

Knocked down with a vase from the side table
Tied up with a bag over his head.

Whose tie is that?
His, taken from around his neck.

The underpants we think were taken from
a laundry basket upstairs.

This is his wife, Edith.

I looks like he went for the husband first.

Restrained him and then went after the wife.
She was the real target.

The mother figure.

And then came back to finish him off.
Over here.

This same perpetrator?

The signature is the same, yeah, but

It's about the fantasy, what you can
get from the act.

That rarely changes, if ever.

Well the MO has changed.

I mean he didn't talk his way in, he forced his way in.

Why is that?
Maybe the old man didn't fall for it.

The killer lost it, so he beat him
as he lay dying.

Any more of these bags around?
There's a kitchen drawer full of them.

So he might not have brought them.
No telling.

Why two victims. There are plenty of
single old women. Attacking a couple
is far riskier.

I mean I know they're old, but either one
of them could have raised the alarm or
fought back.

This is not about mother.
What, acting out against both

Retaliation against childhood neglect, or abuse?

I mean his rage, his fury. I mean
he's out of control, he's completely disorganized.

There's a good chance he left traces this time,
fingerprints, DNA.
Come see this.

Size 10 rubber-soled working boots came this way.

Perhaps he know his escape. Suggests
that he was local.

Or he sussed out the place in advance.

Alright Tony, try this on for size? Kelly left those clues. He
beat that couple as they lay dying.

because he knew we're onto him, and he
doesn't give a damn if that company

He's getting his kicks when he can, because
I didn't nick him when I had the chance. I wound
him up and then let him go.


Two of you with me.

What the hell are you lot up to?
We have a warrant for the arrest of
your son.

He's not here.
Get out of the way.
He's not here!!

Is this your bedroom, or his?
- Out of my house now.

Bernie Kelly, I arresting you on suspicion
of murder. You don't have to say anything
but it may harm your defense

He's been with me all evening.
Turn around here, please.

It may harm your defense if you do not
mention when questioned something that
you later rely on in court...

Anything you do say may be given
in evidence.

Get dressed.

Where were you yesterday evening?
Home with my mom.

Do you have any other witnesses
besides your mother?

What time did you go out?
About ten.

What time did you leave the house?
Twenty to.

Did anyone see you leave the house?
How should I know?

What did you have with your tea?
Chicken and chips.

Then we watched TV half asleep,
so I don't know half the time.

That's rule 3: When telling lies, don't
answer questions you haven't been

How many pairs of boots do you have?
Just one.

And another pair, your work pair.

He was in bed with his mom when we picked him up.
You sure?

I don't have any other boots.
I've got slippers.

Ask him why he still lives with his mom.

Does it bother you that you're still
living at home with your mom at
your age?

I've been trying to buy a house
around here.

Has he ever tried to move in?
Have you looked for a place on your own, then.

She needs me.

Does he say they're close?
Are you close, you and your mon?

Does he feel trapped?
Do you ever feel like a prisoner?

How does he feel about his mother
running his life?

You ever resent it, her running you life?

She doesn't...

Do you wonder why you haven't made friends?
Do you want to have a girlfriend?
I could have a girlfriend.

But you don't there, I mean how can you
bring a girlfriend 'round

when she still treats you like a kid?

It's humiliating, isn't it. You ever feel
like you just can't stand it anymore?

Alex, careful.

I mean you're trapped. You can't leave

You can't be a man because she won't let you.

You love her, but she uses that to control you.
How does that make you feel?

None of your sodding business, you slag.

I cook chicken & chips, that's his favorite.
Sat down together to watch telly.

He dropped off like statues to
snoring like a pig...

went to work at 9:45.

It's worthless. Send her home.
She wants to wait.

She'll be waiting a long time.

Any news back from the lab
about the boots?

The results don't match the prints
at the scene.
He must have another pair.

Check his workplace.

Piece of crap!

They told you how long
they're going to be?

What? These tossers don't tell you
anything. I mean they drag you all
the way out here, then...

...they make you take a taxi back.

Ah, it isn't just problems at school.


Oh, anything he does is my fault.

Tell me about it. They can't even
discipline them these days.

Bet he wasn't as bad when he was
younger. He was top of his class
in primary?

My Bernard was pretty bright, began
to walk at nine months.

Bet he was a handful.
Oh yeah.

You know, mine used to give his dinner
to the dog, little bastard.

This one used to mess his trousers,
just to wind me up.

Yeah, they do that, don't they?

I soon put a stop to that.
Yeah, tighten the trousers?

No. I used to make him wear his pants on
his head every day so all his little
friends could see it.

He soon got the message.

Yeah, I'll bet.

Kelly's mother toilet trained him by
making him wear his pants on his

No wonder he's screwed up.
Yeah, but is he screwed up enough?

What did forensics say?
Not back yet.

Once we get a detailed witness statement
and we find those other boots, we've nailed

Two pairs of boots, you've got one for work
and one for murdering people?

What are you saying, Tony?
I'm saying maybe we've made up
our minds too soon about Kelly.

He fits your profile.
Well profiling's not an exact science,
Alex, you know that.

I've got a seminar this afternoon. Why don't
you come around to mine tonight & we
can go through the case from scratch.

I'm sorry, I'm busy.


Maybe you're working too hard on this. You
know if it were sort of done. Why don't you relax?

Well the killer might still be out there, Alex,
and there might be more victims.
I don't think so.

Look, Tony, go home, watch a
movie, catch up with friends.

I see friends all the time. I see you.
Yeah, but that's professional.

I see what you mean.

But Jack, if we need you, we'll
give you a call.

Why the television?

Did they watch too much TV, or did
they not view much.

I hope she's paying you overtime.

Actually I'm off the case.
AIex, she thinks I've done my bit.
And you don't.

I'm just worried we've fixed on a theory and
we're selecting data to validate it.

That is not what Alex wants to hear.
The way she talked to me it was like
she was pushing me away.

But Tony, don't you get it?

She knows you're attracted to her and
she's keeping you at arm's length. That's
how women like her operate.

You're not the stuff her dreams
are made of.

Why did you say that?
I didn't, she did.

I think actually the term she used
was embarassing wierdo.

And you know what, I think she meant
it affectionately, I don't know.

Know what, Tony, all Alex cares about
is her next promotion.

One day you'll go into her office and
she'll have moved on without so much
as a goodby.

If it were me, I'd enjoy it while it lasts.

I've given you a statement, I've told you
everything, and I don't want to testify
in court.

We might need you to, Mr. Donovan.
We can arrange protection if

Believe me, once he's inside, he's not
going to be able to hurt you.

What about his friends, his relatives?
You going to lock them up as well?

The police can't do their work without
public cooperation.

I know it's scary, but you're doing the right
thing for the community. People respect
you for that.

People don't give a toss, close the blinds,
turn the TV up.

Look, I want to help, really. If I remember
anything else, I'll tell you.

I just don't want that guy Kelly turning
up on my doorstep.

That's not going to happen.

Jaz, are you downloading something?
It's hogging all the bandwidth.

So, you think she'll get it, this promotion?
- She deserves it.

Maybe. What happens to us?

DI Fielding just stepped out.
No, I just brought back the case files.

Tony. Yeah Alex, you've gone about this the
wrong way. You have selected a suspect and
you're rigging the evidence to fit.

I am?
Yeah, I tried to tell you this last night.
You tried to ask me back to your place.

To talk about the case, Alex.

I know I'm disfracsic (crazy) and socially
inept with no dress sense, but I am
not a wierdo.

Alex: I don't want to hear another...
Tony: I'm sorry I've embarassed you.
Alex: This is embarassing.Tony, I know how you feel.

What? How I feel?
You have no idea how I feel.

Guv, sorry, but we've got two more bodies.
Last night in Newbridge.

Emma Johannsen, 28, an illustrator.

Her husband's upstairs. Jaz Johannsen,
30, website designer.

Talked his way in.
Coffee might have been planned.
Same signature, MO.

Same as the first, but not the last.
Underwear came from the washing machine,
still damp.

And this, it's more of the signature. This is graffiti on an overpass.

What d'you mean by graffiti?
Tag, stroking.

Boasting to us, taunting us.

Any forensics?
So far we've just found traces of latex,
probably from gloves.

No, he wouldn't have worn latex gloves at
the door. Would have made him suspicious.

It's more like he put those
on after he killed them.

Then he wiped all the surfaces
clean that he had touched.

So it's possible that you might miss something?
Possible, but unlikely.

This is like the first murder,
it's calm, methodical.

It's the setup screen for a wireless router.

Caller might have claimed he had a
problem with his wireless network.
Is it still working?

He cut the cable before
he rang the doorbell.

So Emma goes to make the coffee,
Jaz, he turns his back on the caller and...

The bag would have been too slow.

You take it off you might find he's been garroted.

The caller comes down, comes across Emma...

Drops the coffee, runs to the door,
catches up with her...

...overwhelms her with a bag that he's
specifically brought for that purpose.

Retracts his steps, wipes his prints,
and leaves.

Why's he so fastidious,
switch off the computer,
clean up the coffee?

Because he knows the more he tries to cover
up his tracks, the more clues he leaves.

No, he thought this through,
followed the plan precisely.
Not like the last time.

Why the last time, why was it so different?
Don't know.

Kelly's been bound up 28 hours,
this couldn't be him. Well I did say you
were selecting evidence to fit the suspects.

It was your profile that identified him.

The profile fitted Kelly,
and it also fits this killer.

Yeah, well you said it was about his mother.
How does that fit your theory?

It doesn't, OK? Do you need my help any more.
Yes I do, we need to catch this guy.

No telling, lets forget it, I've got it wrong.
Two people are dead because I didn't get it,
still don't get it, so find someone else.

I don't want anyone else, Tony. I don't
trust anyone else. Look, Tony, I don't know
what's gone wrong between us.

please, can we put it aside for just now?

Do I get my clothes back? They're being examined,
you can wait for them if you want.
Keep them!!

I'm surprised you didn't
charge him with something.

There's no law against being a prick,

This started off about your mother, and then your
parents, but not anymore.

Different kind of gratification.
Is it the thrill of the chase?
Not that you know we're after you.

So why are you taking all these risks?

Risks, risks, look at the risks.

Risks, low-risk location, low-risk victim, low-risk location...

Two victims, increased risk.

Young fit couple, low-risk location,
but high-risk victims.

You're cranking up the danger.

I thought you were taking those files back.
Not just yet.

Oh, God, yeah, I know about your young couple.

Well, puts you Oedipus theory
off the mark, doesn't it?

Sorry Tony, but that's what you get if
you put intuition before rational analysis.

What, you think there's a rational
explanation for all human behavior?
Of course, or what are we for?

What did Alex say about me, exactly?

Don't do this to yourself, Tony, please, listen, anyways, it's not what people say...

It's what they don't say, I know.

What are you not saying to me?
Well you know it's true, don't ya, anyway you just transfer...

How come you never kept in touch,
you didn't write? No email, you did nothing.

So now you're presuming to be upset with me because I didn't write?

You haven't written a thing in years.

When was the last time you published in a journal?

I think it's time I moved on.

You don't have to leave, Jonathan.
You just have to tell me what's going on.

Just trying to help, as a friend.

If you don't trust me, I shouldn't be here.

Yeah, but Alex isn't using me
to boost her career.

Right, OK, listen, if you'd rather listen to her,
that's absolutely fine, I understand totally.

But what if you've now become useless,
what if you've become a liability
rather than an asset?

She dumps you and she's really sorry...

She dumps you and she moves on.
Still talking about me?

If Erica calls, I'm at the Four Seasons, OK?

And will she call?
When this is over, get in touch, OK?
I promise not to say 'I told you so.'

We all make mistakes, Tony.
Mine was coming back. I'll see you.

Good night.

I thought you were going to keep me informed.
We sent an officer to your flat and
your place of work.

Kelly tried to kill me, I know it was him. Were there any
witnesses? Do you have any evidence to prove this?
Oh, for God's sake.

We will follow up this incident, Mr. Donovan,
if you make a statement about the attack.

What's the point? I gave you
a statement about that murder.
It wasn't enough to hold him, I'm sorry.

He's been kicking my door, shouting through the letterbox.
We'll arrange for some officers to watch your house.

No, that'll just make things worse.
We're going to speak to Kelly about
this incident.

Now if he threatens you again or
harasses you in any way, I'll arrest him.

Here's my card.
Is there anyone else I can talk to?

A senior officer?

That's my mobile number.
You can call it day or night.

You go anywhere near one of my
witnesses again I'll have you,
screw the evidence.

Tony, I'm busy.
You need to send a forensics team
around to check my doorstep.

I think he's written to me.

Photocopy paper. Sold in reams in
six big chains across the UK.

They're trying to ID the batch as to the ball-point pen.
Also trying to check the saliva on the envelope.

Don't think there'll be any,
no hairs or prints or skin flecks.

Mrs Hopton was a harmless old dear,
but she awoke the memory of someone
I'd rather forget.'

I mean it's very lucid, very articulate.

It's too articulate.

It's contrived, it's eager to please,
and that's how he talks his way into
people's houses.

'With a carrier bag I was wiping out
the part of me that will always be her.'

Who is 'her.'

It's his mother.
Tony, we've been over this. The Johannsens
weren't about his mother.

To understand the killer, look at the first victim.

He identified her as his mother, the
woman who will always be a part of him.

and that he will hate and fear,
and he'll want to kill it over and over.

So now that he's got a taste for it,
he's picking victims at random.

'Sorry for urinating on your carpet.'

Did he urinate on the carpet?
At the Madison's? No.

Then why's he saying he did?
Has he forgot what he's done?

Or maybe he's not forgetting.
Maybe he's inventing, revising,
creating a false memory.

'The responsibility's all mine.'
Whose else would it be?

I think he's protesting too much.
The responsibility, it's all mine.

And rule 4: When you're telling lies, don't over do it.

And if he didn't wet the floor at the Madison's,
who did he think did?

Did someone tell him that?

You're saying?
There's two of them, Alex.

Two killers?
That's why the MOs are different.

This one is calm, the other one is
angry and inarticulate

and that's why he couldn't talk his way
into the Madison's.

So they're working together.

I think it's a competition and his game of dare.
When you look at the victims...

You know you've got elderly woman, elderly couple, then young couple.

The risk, it gets higher with each attack.

You said that a serial killer was triggered by
an external event, loss of a job, a partner...

Usually, yes.

So two different killers triggered by the same event?

Similar events, death of their parents perhaps?

Two killers with the same signature?

Yeah, it started off as a signature
but now it's become something else,
it's a badge, it's a flag.

I was here.

And this one wrote this letter to steal this guy's
thunder because he knew this guy couldn't
express himself in this way.

But how does he know that you're involved?
He could have insinuated himself into the investigation.

Like Kelly did by coming to the meeting?

Or befriended a policeman,
picking up in a pub for a pint?

I'll need to warn the team.

We'll up surveillance on Kelly.
Hold, Alex, I don't know that it is Kelly.

Do you know that it isn't?
Maybe your profile's right.

How's Jonathan?

He moved out. We had an argument.
What about?

Does it matter?

You know, maybe you were close once.
I'm not sure you even know him now.

Kevin, anything new from forensics?
Not that I know of.

Then go find out.

You want to know anything about these cases,
you come and ask me.
We were just chatting, that's all. Don't get paranoid.

Two killers?
In competition with each other.

It's possible that Kelly is one of them.
I want to set up surveillance.
I want to know who he talks to.

I've requested a tap on his phone, but if he uses
an internet cafe, or drops off a letter to someone,
I want to know about it.

What if he goes for Donovan again?
Then nick him, and get him off the street.

And another thing, it's possible these killers
are trying to get inside information,
so be on your guard.

Could be a casual aquaintance,
someone you met in a pub,
or someone in this nick.

I want to know.

Paula, start my motor. Kevin, in my office.

So what was DI Lockhart asking you about?

The case, how we're getting on.
And what did you tell him?

Well not much, it's not his department. Yet.

What'd you mean 'yet.'

Well you're both up for promotion.
Either he goes upstairs or you do
and then he ends up running this squad.

How do you feel about that?

Well I like being part of a team that gets results.
Besides, he's an ass kisser.

Careful you don't refer to a senior officer like that.

Thanks, Kevin.

He is up to something, maam, Lockhart.
He's nosing about.


Hi, it's Tony Hill.

Yeah, I'm fine, I'm fine.
How are you?

No, I didn't know.

It hasn't changed much, has it, the old post-grad research institute.

Fading wallpaper, washed-up drunks lining the bar.

I spoke to Erika.
Ah, yes.

Vagina dentata.
Why didn't you tell me you split up?

There's no job, there's no university chair, is there?

What were you trying to achieve with these rediculous lies?
You believed them, Dr. Tinyhelk.

expert of the criminal mind.

I could piss down your neck and
tell you it was raining.
You are a triumph of mediocrity made flesh.

Real talent, that is disruptive.

No, you weren't fired because you were talented, Jonathan,
you were fired because you were drinking too much
and screwing your students.

I wasn't screwing the students.

A little bit of Monica Lewinsky never did
any harm, though it is quite fattening.

Why did you come back here, Jonathan?

I wanted to feel like a genius
hanging out with a moron.

I admired you.

I still admire you.

Is that it? You're looking for
a reason not to hate yourself?

Do you know you're absolutely right.

Where are you going?

I'm going to find a therapist,
open my heart, actually, drink
all his booze & then shag his mother.

But first.....to whiz.
Did you read those case files?

Did you discuss them with anyone?
Has it occurred to you that might
be too awful?

I know so much about this case
it's scary.

See you later.

He's finished his tea.
She's just taken away the tray.

Do I really need to do this?
Oh, I'm sorry, are we keeping you awake?

These two are just gross.

Simon, have you got the back door?
Yeah, it's covered.

Kevin, come in?

He's here, he's outside.

He can't be.
He's getting into the dark blue Ford Focus.

S645 KHG.

Paula, it can't be Kelly, just hold your position.
It's definitely him.

I intend to follow.

You keep watching the house.

He's heading north up Beechwood Avenue.

He may be heading to Donovan's place.

He's now heading north on the A324.

On my way.

Turning into the Tyburn estate.

He's pulled over on Francis Lane.
I could really use some backup.

Paula this is Kevin, I'm nearly there.
Are you sure it's him?
Yes, I'm sure it is...

...Kelly. He's getting out of the car,
he's changing his jacket...

Kevin, where are you? Hurry up, he's...

Damn it!

He's going into the building,
we're going to lose him.
Kevin, where are you?

Kevin, do you copy me?
I'm here.


Get out of my house!!

Get out of my house!!

She's mine. Get out!!

She's mine, hands off, get out!!

The lady's mine.

We nearly lost him, slipped out of his mother's house.
He knew we were watching him.

Yeah, but he still had to go.
What language is that?

Croatian, apparently.
We're awaiting an interpreter.

Kelly won't tell us who she is or
what she was doing there.

Hope you will help with that.
You know that blouse, I've seen it before.

I think it's his mum's.

That property was owned by Michael Ryan.
What happened to him?

Tell me about Aruen Bannah[?]. How long did you have her
chained up there?

It's his mother's clothes...

We got the wrong end of the stick, Alex,
just tell him that.

Look, Bernard, maybe we've got this wrong.

Why don't you tell us what happened, maybe we can help you.

He dressed her, he fed her. So he felt she wasn't a prisoner.

He felt he was protecting her.

I mean obviously you cared about her.

He loves her.

Do you love this woman?

I couldn't let her out, she'd have been picked up and deported.

So she's an illegal immigrant.

Try not to be too judgmental, Alex.

Where did you two meet?
Bloke in a pub introduced us
a few months back.

A people smuggler?
And he rescued her.

And you rescued her?

He told me all the things girls end up as tossed serve as whores.
I gave him 2000 pounds to let go.

Why didn't you tell us this before?
You wouldn't have understood.

Did your mom know about her?

My mom thinks I take her clothes
so I can wear them.

She's been covering for me more because she loves me.

Not like Bella does.

Damn you.

I know this wouldn't have come up, but Donovan fingered me.
Is that why you tried to scare him?

No, you're not going to deport her, are you?

She's the victim of a crime. Probably not.
She was kidnapped, chained up...

...raped repeatedly month after month by you.

Rape? No, it wasn't rape!

We love each other.
What have you done?

You're a vile slag!!

I feel sick.

You interviewed her?

But every one of the evenings the murders
took place, he was with her.
How did you know?

She scratched a calendar on the wall.

You are right.
Kelly's not involved in the murders.

You were right about Jonathan.

He's lost his job,
marriage is over.

And he's suffering from depression. And
now I can't believe I didn't see it.

He's your friend, not patient.
You saw what you wanted to see.

I was not a friend, Alex.

He was like my big brother.

I think there'll be another murder soon.

The first killer, he'll take up the challenge with
his time and it won't be about apparent things...

... it'll be about the danger. He'll find a victim
or victims and he'll raise the stakes.

He'll increase the risk.
Raise them how?

He'll find someone young, fit, like the Johannsens...

this time it could be outside
where they can run, shout for help...

It could be anyone anywhere.

To understand the killer, Tony, look at the first victim.

She reminded you of mummy.
You smothered her with a bag--why a bag?

She's bringing the shopping home for some tea...

She's unpacking the groceries, put away the bag...

So what does she do with the bag?

What did she do to you with the bag?

Was it that? Was it this? In your revenge, you killed the others.

How can that happen to you both?

This bloke working this dog
found the body at first light.
Nobody's touched it yet.

What is it?

It's Jimmy Lockhart.

Paula says it was a colleague
of yours from college.
We weren't exactly friends.

Hands were bound from behind.
Yeah, his body was beaten
like the Madisons.

Maybe he was meeting someone,
contacting a source?

Or someone he wasn't afraid of,
someone he felt safe turning his back on.
He knew the killer?

Well, he thought he did.
Don't you guys have records of
sources at the office?

Found these about ten feet from the body.

Yeah, they're mine.

I lent them to a friend.

Do you have a Jonathan Goode staying here?

AIex, what took you so long?

Jonathan Goode, you are under arrest
on suspicion of murder. You do not have
to say anything

but it may harm your defense if
you do not mention when questioned
something which you later rely on in court

Anything you do say
may be used as evidence.

Is that clear?

Is that clear?

I think you've had enough of that.

Tony, you shouldn't be on this case.
I should be on this case. Go home, now.

Can I have a drink?
Tea, or coffee?

No, a drink.

A cigarette?

I suppose a line of coke is out of the question.

Said keys known to be in your possession
were found at a murder scene this morning.

Well I suppose I might have dropped them.

after I strangled that detective.

Can I remind you you're under caution.

Inspecteur Lockhart didn't like the progress
you and Tony Hill weren't making

So I decided to give him
the benefit of my expertise.

Not quite the sort of expertise
he had in mind, but...

Ok, let's start at the beginning.

Oh, with the Madisons you mean? Well
I thought you hate the way old people smell.

I nearly lost my lunch
going through that laundry basket.

Why did you attack them?
Let's call it...

...vivisection of the human psyche.

And when that bloke smothered that old tart Julia Hopton

He might have left it there if I hadn't intervened.

I thought: now I can do better than that.

I wanted to see if I could
get in to raise his game...

...and I did.

Do you know him?

And I got to watch Tony Hill profile me.


inarticulate, disorganized...

Now don't blame yourself, Alex.
You weren't well advised.

You both wanted revenge and
you both suffered in the same way.

Brothers in arms.

You shouldn't be here.

He's confessed to me,
not to all murders,
just to half of them.

Chapter and verse, crime scenes,
the methods, the evidence.
He got that from the case files.

You showed him the files, Tony.
Come on, it wasn't him, Alex.

I saw you give him the house keys.
He could have thrown them
from the overpass, or the perimeter.

The man is having a breakdown.
The man is in self-destruct mode
and he's going to take me with him.

And he's going to succeed.
Well Jonathan he doesn't have brothers.

The killers, I think they're brothers.

That's why they leave the same signature.
Both suffered the same trauma as children.

And that's how one event can trigger them both.

And that's why they're playing this game.
They were both rivals as kids.

So why kill Jimmy Lockhart?
A police officer--you talk about form.

You told me you weren't exactly
friends with Lockhart.

We were up for the same promotion.
Maybe he went behind your back
trying to solve the case himself.

That's just what Jonathan said.
It wasn't him, Alex, and I can prove it.

I think I know how to end this.

No point in wearing a wire, he's not going to confess.
Standard procedure, Tony.

This is insane. How do we know
he's going to target to Dr. Hill?

We've got two brothers playing a game of dare,
and each murder involves progressively higher risk.

The last victim was a police officer.
The only way he's going to talk about it
is my going as one of his team.

Why you, why not one of us?
This is one who wrote me the letter.

It wasn't just to mislead us, it was there to make me feel special privilege, so I'd drop my guard.

He was lining me up as a target.

In broad daylight, at the university.
Yeah, that's where I work.

Numbers are good, right.
Campus is fully covered by CCTV
for total visual contact.

We'll have officers stationed all around and
the minute he approaches you
give the codeword and we'll pile in.

You sure about this?
Yeah, get him to come to us.

He might suspect what we're up to.
Yep, he might.

But he'll still want to try.

Tony, you getting this?

Loud and clear.

You know you're not supposed to
cycle on the pavement.
Get fined for that.

There's a caravan 60 meters away.
It looks like...

... campus security.
Who sent them?

Tony, stay in the open.

In a minute I'm going to stop to tie my shoe laces.

Interference. Could be from the lab, building.

Tony, you getting this?

Tony, you've gotta clear the area.
Tony, do you hear me?

Tony, can you move away from that building.
There's something blocking the camera.

Alex, it's that guard again.

Dr Hill, I'm Frank Donovan.
Someone's following me.
I think he just ran up across there.

No signal.
Tony, you getting this?
Tony, come in.

All units move in. Get him out of there. Move it!!

Calm down. I only want to talk.

Alright, let's talk.
You see this?

No radios, no mobile phones,
just you and I.

Alright, you wanna have a go, Donovan?

Put the knife down.

pulling his gun

Armed police, get on the ground.

I'm sorry, it wasn't me.
- Stand up.


Worked here for years, and still getting lost.

I should have let you talk to him
when he came forward as a witness.

I should have asked.

Thank you.

He does work as a floor supervisor, as they call security guards.

Didn't his manager give him an alibi?

Yeah, but he was confused with one of his colleagues.

What about a criminal record?

His fingers are in the computer.
His file is coming

I wanted Dr. Hill to help me.

I saw his name in the newspaper.
I thought: Maybe he can

I was scared, Kelly was after me & you lot wouldn't do anything.

You attacked Dr. HiII with a knife, tried to kill him

In front of witnesses.

That was rather unfortunate,
but I believe I was provoked.

How did he provoke you.
Well, let's not go into that.

Tell us about Julie Hopton.

She came to the store wearing that rancid old lady's perfume.

I found it evocative.
Evocative of whom?

My late lamented bitch of a mother.

Her car hit a tree six weeks ago & burst into flames.

There wasn't enough left of her to dig up.

But I left my own personal tribute.

Ask him about the Madisons.

Tell him about the second incident,
the Madisons

I enjoyed it so much the first time
I thought I'd expand on the theme.

So you planned and committed both murders.

And urinate on the carpet?
Why did you do that?

I had a weak bladder as a child.
That's one of the things my mother
loved the most about me.

So you killed them all?
Julie Hopton, Edith and Goeffrey Madison

The Johannsens, Inspector Lockhart of course

I start taking the credit, the blame.
He's protecting his brother

You've got a brother, haven't you?
Actually I have two.

Which one of you went to prison?

That would have been Leo.
I was away at the time.

Are you still in touch with Leo?
- Not often

You were in competition, weren't you?
Who could take the biggest risks.
Kill the hardest targets.

Why do you protect him?

Inspector, I'm the one you want. I killed them all.
Why make this more complicated?

We don't think that you did kill the Madisons or DI Lockhart.

Some of the detail that you gave us is inaccurate.

His brother lied to him.
Exposed him, he's sabotaged his confession.

Leo lied to you to catch you out.
He wanted you to look stupid.

And he managed.

Where's is he? Where's Leo?

He comes and goes

You know this competition isn't over yet.
You could still win.

He'll be alone on the outside, crowing.

You might try our parents' house.
- I need an address.

Kevin's going to continue to question him.
-We need more time,
there's something else going on.

We don't have more time.
His brother could vanish any minute
and start killing again.

The competition is over.
The competition will be over, Tony,
when I've got them all in here.

When you volunteered as a witness,
was it to get closer to the investigation?

To pick up inside information.

I didn't volunteer.

What does he mean by that?

Yes you did.

I was there, it was me you spoke to.

Wanna see the file on Donovan?

He said his brother went into prison, not him.
Is that true?

No, this says he spent two years in
Scrubs when he was 19.
There's no mention of a brother.

That's the house. Come on

Deputy Inspector Lockhart was extremely helpful.

Though admittedly he did
have his own motives.

Meeting Frank was his idea.
Sadly, it was Leo who turned up.

Hold on a second. You said that Lockhart
arranged to meet Frank

My brother, Frank.


Be careful, he's dangerous.

Has he ever used an alias, Donovan?
Not according to this.

Read it. Read what it says on the file.

Frank Henry Leo Donovan.

He is all of them

When you gave that statement, you gave your name as...

Dr. Hill, your friend here seems confused.
I am Henry Donovan

And I want to speak to Leo.
As I explained to that chap...
And I want to talk to your brother, the person who did this.

And I want a pony for Christmas, but
I don't think I'll get it.

Hold his arms

What are you doing? You can't do this.
- I want to talk to Leo

What are you talking about? He's not here

Please don't.
It won't take long.

Dr Hill ...
- I want to talk to Leo.

I want to talk to the dirty little boy
who made this mess. Hold your chin up.

Piss off.

I don't have to...

She's going with me, the bitch.

Alex, get out of there, the place is.....

Who is that?
- Frank Donovan, the witness

He's weak, frustrated, insecure.

He can even barely function, hold down a normal job
as long as he's not stressed.

And if he is stressed?
He becomes someone else.

Henry Donovan. He's the calm, articulate one.

But he can talk his way out of trouble
and into people's homes.

And Leo Donovan, he's the child.

Beaten, brutalized, incoherent rage

And Frank, he has to believe
they exist outside his mind.
Otherwise the truth is...

...just too awful to contemplate.

Multiple Personalies.
Well nowadays, it's called
dissociative identity disorder.

So the child abuse, the torture, the rape.
This way, they all have disorders.

Mrs. Donovan's trick was to place a plastic bag over her son's head

while her husband turned up the sound on the TV
to drown out the screams.

And when she realized she had
created such distinctive personalities,
she encouraged it...

played them off each other, played games with
his mind until it disintegrated.

Who has told you all this?

They did.

In-depth forensics are coming back.
DNA's all match one man: Donovan

Not two. I was way off base.
You were right on the money.

If it wasn't for you...
You would never have been offered that promotion.

I heard a rumor...
It isn't official yet.

If it's made official, will you accept?
- I don't know.

I used to want to excel at everything,
out-perform everyone,
but that isn't important now.

Besides, Ben and I have made friends here.

Yeah, I'm sure he finds that easy.
- He does, I don't.

Is that his wife?
- Yep, that's Erika.

She's taking him back to the States.

Thanks for dropping the charges.
- I'm just glad to see the back of him.

Did you really tell him I was an embarrassing wierdo?

It was taken out of context.
OK, here's rule five for telling lies

Always stick as close to the truth
as you can get away with.
So what did you tell him about me?

Does it matter anymore?
You're blushing.

I'm out of time. I have to pickup ben from school.

Thanks, Tony. I'll see you around.