Wire in the Blood (2002–2009): Season 1, Episode 3 - Shadows Rising: Part 1 - full transcript

Dr. Hill strives to deduce the connection between the bodies of two teenage girls dumped in a lake and the motives for their murder.

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Not just the hostages,

but also the likelihood of
self-harm by the kidnapper.

And the development
of Stockholm Syndrome,

named after a 1973 bank
robbery that went wrong,

where the hostages ended
up helping their kidnappers

against the police.

In extreme circumstances,

victims can develop
an emotional empathy,

an understanding with the people --
with the person that's harming them.

Examples to back up that theory?

Uh ... Patty Hearst!
Originally kidnapped,

locked in a cupboard and raped

by members of the
Symbionese Liberation Army.

Ended up robbing banks with them.

Good. Why is it we do that?

What drives people like
Patty to that position?

Well, isn't it victimization
to the point of compliance?

Don't we all do what it
takes not to be the victim?

Is that how you approached
the Angelica Bain case?

I hadn't thought... um...

I was just prepared to
do anything rather than...

... end up dead.

So your motivation
was self-preservation.

So why do you still see her?

It's a unique
opportunity --

my torturer is now my patient.

Oh! Tony Hill.

What state is the body in?

Not good. We've recovered some

bones, but identification's
going to be difficult.

Of course. I've asked
Tony Hill to take a look.

The last time I felt we could
have done with him much sooner.

An early opinion could prove useful.

The two of you had a chance to catch up?



Uh, no, no, we haven't spoken.

Did he say how he felt
about coming back to us?

After what he went through last time?


Never mentioned it.

Can I tempt you, Jack?

No, no, no, too early for me.

Oh! He always says that.

Just the weekends.

Right, how am I doing? Am I a bit, um -

A wee bit flaky, as usual, darling.

Oh, gosh, speak for yourself, Granddad.

Right, next week, we will
be doing the battle of

the chefs, so join us.

And The Ecstatics perform
their new hit single.

And we will discover the
sex secrets of Hollywood.

- We'll see you then. Bye-bye.
- Bye.

Bye. That's it, thank you
very much, studio -- off-air.

Don't worry about it.

Three times a week is
a major opportunity.

You become the show to be seen on.

Now, Jack, I need you
n Norwich by seven,

so if Jason's ready
for you at half three?

Yeah, no problem.

I just want to avoid
overexposure and overkill.

What was that in Norwich again?

You're opening a charity football match.

Jason will be there; you
just turn up and be you.

That's why they love you.

What will we tell 'em?

I don't know. Ask Beth; she's in charge.

Oh, and sign this, will you?

The hospital wants to auction
it at their charity ball.

Uh! Wait a minute.

This is the new stripes, not
the one I wore when I played.

It says "Scotland," it's got your
name and number. Does it really matter?

Yeah, it does matter. That's the
sort of thing the fans notice.

The real fans, maybe, but not
to those who pay 250 quid...

... for a black-tie dinner.

Thank you.

All right, folks, best behavior.

Okay, tits and teeth.

Right, thanks.

- What's your name?
- Rachel.


Don't push. We'll get to everyone.

Hi. Who's that to?





No. Just yours.

Jason, let's go. Bye!


- Six weeks?
- Mm-hmm.

And the network don't
mind me being away?

No. No, in fact, they're all for it.

Good publicity for
going three times a week.

But I thought I was promoting the book.

You will be -- it gives you an added
angle for the local radio interviews.

You know how much
time they have to fill.


the publishers have come
through with places and dates.

It's comprehensive, exhausting.

- And that starts next Thursday?
- Uh-huh.

And while she's away, Jack,

I need you to do a
couple of things for me.


It's the same person.

What does it say this time?

I thought we were weeding these out.

Sorry, I must have missed it.

You okay?

I think you get used to them.

Why should people think like that?

Why should they feel
the need to be so --

Beth Morris.

Yes, hello.





I did want to call and see how you were.

Why didn't you?

I did.

Really? I didn't get
your message. I'm sorry.

I didn't leave one.

Not very good at that sort of thing.

Yeah, me neither.

You still seeing her?

My Angelica? Yeah.

We all have to face our demons sometime.

It's not very pleasant.

There's no need to protect
me. I've seen bodies before.

I don't know how much help I can be,

but we'll only know by
confronting the situation.

So, shall we?


Female, dark-haired. Five foot four...

Fifteen or sixteen. Been dead awhile.

Six, maybe even seven years.
A test on the spores...

... from the gut should
narrow it down a bit.

On those parts of the body not
decomposed, no distinguishing marks.

Some missing hand bones,

again due to decomposition.

How did she die?

Difficult to tell. The
water was deep and very cold,

but my guess is that her throat was cut.

This also seems to tie in with marks

in the muscle tissue still
present around the neck,

but don't quote me on that.

She'd also received a compound fracture

of the cheekbone prior to death.

Obviously, you can't
tell if she was raped?


And there are no clothes
to identify her? No?

I photographed and imprinted the teeth.

So... dark-haired missing teenager.

Not the shortest list in the world.

She hadn't had
any children --

that might narrow it down a bit.

She was wrapped, preserved, protected.

But apart from that, until
you know more about a victim...

there's not a lot more I can tell you.


What about the other one?

What other one?

The other bones you found?

They were metacarpals
from her missing fingers.

Unless she had three thumbs,

one of them's from another body.

- I'm going to grab a shower, okay?
- Okay.

Great, what does
everyone want for lunch?

Hello? Thanks for calling back.

Not too spicy.

Oh, no, the dog hasn't
got out again, has he?

Haven't seen him.

Chester! Chester!


- I'll call you back.
- No!


What is it?

Oh, my God.

Yes, it's her.

She's your victim.

Her name's Louise Locke.

Age 15 when she went missing in 1996.

Never turned up to school
one day, was seen...

... on the train with an overnight bag.

The feeling was she'd run away.

Where's she from?

I suggest we go for the
families up in Marston.

We'd better get up there. Where's Tony?

He's gone. He had to see a patient.

Well, we'd better get onto him.

I don't want to have
to brief him later ...

Good, you're still here.

Not for much longer, sir.

We've just had an I.D.
on the girl in the tarn.

You have?

Well, that means the investigation
should carry on without you.

I'm sorry?

I need you on another inquiry, Carol:

Jack and Amanda Vance. They've
been receiving hate mail,

but it's developed into
something different.

They came home to find their
dog with its throat cut.

Amanda Vance? I'll comfort her.

Well, now you can see why you
were the only man for the job.

Thank you, sir; that's so reassuring.

Don't know why you're
smiling; you've got Tony Hill.

You got any cigarettes?

You can't smoke in here.

Afraid I'll die of
cancer before my trial?

The fag wants a fag, you fuckers!

Wouldn't want to lose you, Angelica.

Course not. I'm the torturing freak.

A celebrity. You said you
wanted to be part of me.

Well now you've got me,
I hope I don't disappoint.

Is it confinement that makes you angry?

You tell me. I like a captive audience.

You're the one who gave
me the most pleasure.

You still took the most pain.

But now our roles are reversed.

You're the one being
held against your will.

You're not the only person
in my life, Angelica.

And you got this today?

In the mail opened for the show.

And it came here.

Usually Jason weeds them out.

Today was a studio
day, it didn't happen.

How long has this been going on?

Um, about five or six months.

It comes with the territory
of being on television. People

let you into their homes,
not all of them like you.

Normally, you don't
think anything of it.

They'd become increasingly
more disturbing.

Jack and I decided it was
best if Amanda didn't see them.

I'd like to see them if
you've still got them.

I'll have them sent over.

As soon as you can.

At the moment, they're
all we've got to go on.

Have you noticed anyone
loitering outside the house?

We get the odd person,

walk up the drive out of curiosity.

And did you know that the
alarm was switched off?

When we're late, we sometimes
forget to switch it on.

And when you came back, there
was no sign of a break-in.

It was just you two and Jack, yeah?

And Jason.

And where is he now?

With Jack in Norwich --
Jack didn't want to go,

but we felt it was too late to
cancel it if I had stayed ...

And have all these letters been
targeted at you, Mrs. Vance?

I don't know,
I've only seen --

Yes. Yes, they have.

Mr. Vance hasn't received any letters?

Not of a threatening kind, no.

His are mostly from teenage
girls and housewives.

I'll arrange for an
officer to stay with you.

Would you?

Uh, can we discuss it with Jack?

We might want to
increase our own security.

Yeah, of course.

Mrs. Locke?

- Yes.
- Detective Sergeant Don Merrick,

Bradfield police. This
is Dr. Tony Hill --


I'm sorry.

What do you remember about
that morning, Mrs. Locke?

Mrs. Locke?

It was ordinary.

And that's what I'll always remember,

how an ordinary day can
suddenly change your life.

We got up, I got up.

That day, I didn't have to wake
her; she was already in the bathroom.

She had breakfast. I came
down, and she reminded me

that she were going to
Laura's after school.

And then she left. And
that were the last time...

And I hate it... that ...

the last thing she told me were a lie.

S-she didn't go to Laura's.

She got on a train.

But she was a bright girl, wasn't she?


She were doing that GCSEs.

Well, a hard worker.
Usually home on time?

You didn't row?

So she was a lovely girl.

She was. A good girl.

Then maybe we shouldn't hold
that one lie against her.

Her clothes.

She took a toothbrush
and one change of clothes?

Skirt and top.

When would she normally have worn those?

They were her best.

Girl from a one-parent family,
no real pressures at home,

not a drug taker, never been in care,

and loved her mother.

Who one day hides a bag from
her with her best clothes in it.

I don't think she'd run away;
she left here to meet someone.



Oh, good, you saw the note.


You know, Amanda should
never have got that.

I know, but Jason's normally so
comprehensive at sorting them out.

But it won't.

... It's your responsibility.

Yes, I know.

Sleep okay?

Beth gave me some tablets.
Didn't even hear you come back.

Yeah, I was late. You know
how it is. How you feeling?

Police seem certain it's this
bastard who sends the letters.

Yeah, I heard --
spoke with Beth.

Listen, Amanda, I don't
think we can take any risks.

We need to get some outside
security until it's all over.

And when is it over? When he kills me?

When they arrest him. And they will.

Try not to think about it, all right?

Try not to think about
somebody breaking in

and murdering our dog?

Try not to think about
somebody hating me,

despising me, wanting me dead?

What sort of person is this, Jack?

Someone who's sick.

And nothing's going
to happen, all right?

Well, I'm not hiding.

Don't think I'm going to
stay locked inside this house,

because I'm not giving this weir do the
satisfaction of controlling how I behave.

Okay. Okay. That's fine.

That's absolutely fine.

All I'm asking is don't
do anything reckless, yeah?


- Here you are, sir.
- Thank you.


For Detective Inspector Jordan.

From Jack and Amanda Vance.

DI Jordan? I'll take it, I'm going past.

All right, Kev.

Cheers, mate.

We've got one body -- Louise
-- and part of another body.

- Yeah.
- We know Louise got on a train.

We also know she had
a fractured cheekbone.

And we know where her body was found.

Louise left home to meet someone.

Whoever she met, it was illicit.

Otherwise, why lie to her mother?

Well, maybe her mum didn't approve.

When I was her age, I did loads of

stuff my mum wouldn't have approved of.

But your mother didn't approve

because she had knowledge of the
person you were going to meet.

Louise's mum didn't.

Now, Louise lied to protect the
person she was going to meet.

My guess is, if we find
this other body, it's female,

same age, and died in
exactly the same way.

You sure?

Well, the chain of events
that led to Louise's death

are already very distinctive
-- she changed her habits.

Someone influenced her behavior.

So it's a reasonable assumption that if

the killer follows
the same pattern --

The victims do, too.

We just need to know where they died.

Yeah. The tarn's our dump site.

So where was the sighting on the
train? And where was she going?

And did she get there?

Excuse me a moment.

Kevin. To what do we owe this pleasure?

From Jack and Amanda Vance.

Suppose they couldn't afford a pigeon

so they used the nearest life form.

So ... three months' salary;
must have been quite a setback.

Well, it could have been worse.

Could have been fined
and put back into uniform.

Thank you for speaking for me.

I'd hate to see a good
officer go to waste.

Hopefully, you'll never do
anything quite so stupid again.

Well, I'll see you around.

What's that?

It's for the Vance case.

- Who?
- Amanda Vance, from the television.

Married to Jack Vance,
also on television,

ex-Scotland football player.

Oh, yeah.

She's got a stalker's killed her dog.

This is hate mail.

Oh, why didn't you say?

You want me to have a look?

Guv -- the divers
found a pelvis.

It's from a young female.

Anything else you want to go through?

Oh, sorry.

It's a weakness I have
when people leave the room.

I might have noticed it again.
I know how obsessive you can be.

I don't think I'm obsessive.



Apart from your work, your patients,

and Angelica, what else is in your life?

Why? What else is in yours?

Come on then, what do
you make of these letters?

They come from all over the country.

Well, obviously. So they
either travel with work, or

- Legenda n?o traduzida -

they stalk Jack and Amanda as
they move around the country.

I'll get a copy of their schedule.

There's no doubt that these
are from the same person?

None at all. It's the same
handwriting, same language strands.

"Bitch die, die bitch."

What we have here is
a delusional stalker.

"Get out of our lives ... We hate you."

- "We want you to die."
- Us?

- Two people?
- Oh, no.

The stalker's fixation is
singular; it's theirs alone.

You know, they perceive a
relationship where none exists.

It's stalker and victim.

When he has a third
party -- we, ours, us --

Amanda is the object of hate.

And the stalker's fixation
is with someone else entirely.

So Amanda is not the
person being stalked;

she is the person being hated.

Exactly. The stalker believes
they're in love with someone and

feels they're being kept apart, and
for that, they're blaming Amanda.

So who's this other person, then?

Well, it could be anybody.

John Hinckley shot Ronald Reagan to

show his love for Jodie
Foster, who he'd never met.

So she's in that much danger?

If Amanda worked in a close assignment,

like a school or an office,

it would be easier, but
because she's on television

... and available to millions

violence stems from a
perceived snub or rejection.

The stalker's felt that
-- they killed the dog.

Any more rejections,
yes, she's in danger.

Oh! You all right?


It has to be the same person.

It could have also been a
simple road traffic accident that

happens to coincide with these threats.

She did a u-turn in
the middle of the road.

Someone could have just
hit her and then drove off.

But whichever it is, I promise you,

we'll get the person responsible.

Look, yesterday they were
in here killing our dog.

Today they're ramming Amanda's car.

I mean, what do you think
they've got planned for tomorrow?

We're doing all we can.

Aye. Let's just hope it's enough, eh?

Have you ever seen anyone following her?

People follow us all the
time. It's part of the job.

Pick out the usual faces,
but they're no problem.

We'll be in touch as
soon as we have something.


What are you after?

I know what I did was wrong.

I know it's down to me, and I'm
prepared to carry the can, but...

if you could just give me something.

Ahem, you know, anything, to
prove to you, to upstairs, that...

I'm better than this.


Some bloke's driven into Amanda
Vance's car and then just driven off.

check the street cameras.

It's already been done, but
they may have missed something.

Yeah, local businesses have cameras.

Good. I want that car found, understood?

And you'll have a word
with Brandon for me?

One step at a time, Kevin.

You'll notice that we've got
exactly the same type of compound

fracture of the cheekbone
that Louise Locke had.

Not done by a sharp instrument.
Something flatter but with

considerable force.

Is it from the same body
as the pelvis and hand bone?

They're the same age.

They're in the same
condition and look to

have been there the same amount of time.

Also, it's female, like the pelvis.

My hunch is, yes, they
belong to the same body.




If we knew who she was,

we'd compare characteristics
with Louise's.

This gives us the killer's method,

and with a method, we
have personality ...

And with a personality,
we have a profile.

We're doing all we can, Tony.

There are no shortcuts.

I think there's something
else with this girl Louise.

Same age, same fracture to
the left side of the cheekbone,

and I don't think it ends there.

And for that, we need an I.D.

Can we reconstruct her --
her face from her skull?

Well, usually we wouldn't do that
till after we'd done the lists,

TV, press appeals...

In the meantime, he's out there, he's
selecting, he's choosing and killing.

What she looks like is all I need.


This type of stalker will
repeatedly visit sites

of special importance to the
object of their fixation --

where they live, where they
work, where they go on holiday.

So even before they'd killed the dog,
they would have been to that house.

They would have been in the house. In
the garden -- they'd have been everywhere.

They're a walking encyclopedia
of knowledge of this person.

And he's not afraid of taking risks.

He believes they have to be together.


Oh, the language is definitely male.

He's certainly known to the police.

Previous convictions, ABH,

assault on men and women.

So he's sexually confused.

Well, sex, that's got
nothing to do with it.

He's delusional about
a relationship, not sex.


if Amanda's the person who's
preventing this relationship,

who is he fixated with?

With Jack.

She's his wife.

Could be.

So this skull, you said
you had something on it.

Uh, cheekbone fracture,

always on the left side.

So he's right-handed.

They're facing him when he hits them.

Try it.

Try hitting two people
in exactly the same place,

inflicting exactly the same injury.

Well, that's virtually impossible.

Unless you're restrained, tied up.

And these similarities between
the girls you keep talking about?

We'll know when we see the face.

I've only got the first four
digits of the number plate,

but when you cross-reference
those with the

which belong to a flame-red Ford
Fiesta, paint residue results,

I've come up with these.

- Good.
- What's going on?

Three possibles, Don.

Check these names out
against previous convictions.

I already did that.

Graham Ian Dowling,

previous convictions for
burglary, indecent exposure, and

and assault on a woman.

Don, Annie?

It's the police, Mr. Dowling.

Mr. Dowling?

Ladies and gentlemen,

will you please give a big warm
Dilton welcome to Mr. Jack Vance!

Take it easy; you'll all get a chance.

Let them through.

There you are.

What's your name, darling?

- Donna.
- Donna.

Donna, Donna, Donna, Donna.

That's my mother's
name, you know, Donna.

Where's your boyfriend, eh?

I haven't got a boyfriend.

Yeah, no problem.

Okay, sweetheart.

I'm next!

Easy mate, easy.

- Easy, easy.
- Me!

It's Graham.

Stop pushing!


No manners, Jack.

- There you go, pal.
- There you go.

Thank you very much.
Let him come through.

How accurate is it likely to be?

Oh, fairly accurate.

Bone structure is everything.

I adjusted the plaster cast of the skull

to eliminate the
fracture to the cheekbone.

It's incredible, Sandra.

Thank you.

Just didn't want to say it.

Say what?

It's the same girl.


it's a different girl.

A woman who looked like these two girls

was once important to our killer.

And probably rejected him.

The way he injures them,
I think, is revenge for

the pain and suffering he felt.

They're about the same
age, late teens, early 20s?

I think the age of the
victim's only relevant

because girls of this age...

they're impressionable and malleable.

And the fractured cheekbones
that's bound up with rejection.

We think we've got an
I.D. on the second victim.

She matches the description of
a Sonia Wilson, 16, from Devon.

Left home to go to school
one day, never showed up,

took one change of clothing?

Presumed runaway, yeah.

Went missing in 1995.

If she died shortly afterwards,
Tony, then you're right,

she was the first victim.

Of those we found.

With each of these
victims, he's refined his

method of disposal. With Sonia,

simply weighted down in
the water, but with Louise,

he's shown more care, he
wrapped her and he preserved her.

And in six years, there's no way
this killer has not been active.

Learning with each victim,

he'll have found a
new method of disposal.

Might even keep them close to home

to minimize the risk.

These killings are planned.

Vell, we're looking at a
male from mid-20s upwards.

Okay, listen, time's of the essence.

Cross-check any disappearances
in similar circumstances.

See if anything matches
up with Sonia or Louise.

Oh, they trusted him.

You don't travel to meet
someone if you don't trust them.

Okay, listen, how are we
doing on finding Dowling?

That was exactly what I needed:

sleep, sleep, and more sleep.

When you were taken to hospital,

I was so frightened. I thought...

Don't think, Beth.

I feel fine, I am
fine, he didn't get me.

The police reckon they've got a suspect.

They know where he lives and it
will only be a matter of time.

Then we can just carry on, can't we,

as though nothing's happened.

There's no need to cancel the book tour,

there's no need to change anything.

Just carry on?

Exactly as before.


two of the missing girls on the list

disappeared in similar
circumstances to Louise and Sonia:

Melanie Pearson from Liverpool
and Karen Lloyd from Newport.

Virtually identical.

Similar backgrounds,
similar disappearance.

Certainly, similar death.

We've got four.


you missed out on Hull and Cardiff.

Susanne Mills and Rachel Bowman.

Also presumed runaways.

Rachel was four months ago.

How did you get onto these?

Well, you know I'm fond of the press.

I've got a friend at
one of the Nationals.

Crime desk?

No, Entertainment,

because there's another link,

apart from the fact that
they all look similar.

It was on one of the desks
there right under our nose:

Jack and Amanda Vance's
appointment diaries.

The stalker cut the
dog's throat with a knife,

and Vernon said that's
how the girls were killed.

Sorry, but I don't see the
connection between these women

and Amanda Vance's stalker.

Each of the girls has gone missing

just after Jack and Amanda

I'm thinking, I'm thinking.

I've highlighted all the appointments
after which the girls went missing.

It's all here.

All six, regular intervals.

Do we have proof that
they actually met them?

Well, no,

but if you were their age

and Jack Vance were in
your area, wouldn't you?

Not enough.

Could it be this bloke
Dowling that's killed them?



Yes, it's possible.

Use of knife, use of water.

He stalker's fixated with
Jack, he wants Jack to himself,

he wants Amanda out of the way.

If these girls meet Jack

and if Dowling sees this...

remember, this is a man reading
signals that aren't there...

he could easily misinterpret the
attention Jack gives them for...

affection ...

... and believe they
have to be got rid of.

I want this guy Dowling
found and arrested.

Is he injured or disabled in any way?

If he isn't, he will be
when I get hold of him.

Does it matter?

Doesn't explain the cheekbone.

He's proved himself to be a vicious
bastard. That's enough for me.

Did you give the police the letters?


All of them?


those they needed to see.

And those they didn't?


Why? Was that wrong?


No, I don't think so. Do you?

It scares me that that
creep knows about us.


I don't think we should
complicate things.


I just wish we could be honest about us.

So do I. It's just,

it wouldn't achieve anything.

We've worked so hard for this.

Think of what it would do to Jack.

Was your idea I married
him in the first place.

You're not thinking of
saying anything, are you?


Just once in a while,

it would be nice to walk beside
you and not behind you, that's all.

I'm going to make some calls.

What is it?

It's nothing.

It's nothing at all. Come on.

Hi, Mr. Vance.


- Hi, Jack.
- Hiya.

Didn't I just meet you
at the sports store?

That's me.

Uh, what was your name again?

Don't you remember?

I've headed too many
footballs, bad for the memory.

You, uh ...

You want me to spell it out for you?

Um ... you shouldn't be here, you know.

Don't always do what I'm told.


Jason. Could you, uh, could you

get this young lady a cab home, please?

No problem. Come on.

Whereabouts do you live?

Here in Dilton.

Then how about I give
you a lift on Mr. Vance?


Dowling, Graham Ian Dowling.

Any information you've got...

I need to speak to him.

Yes, well, if you could now,
it's very important, yes...

Graham Dowling.

Yeah, I'll hold.

If you're killing them, what
have you done with the bodies?

If you're not afraid of risk,
why haven't we found them?

Hidden in water.

Wrapped and hidden in water.

Put a dog in a bath.

What's up?

Oh, just trying to make sense of it.

Got him!

He works for a security company,

Holdfast Security.

They haven't seen him for a day or so,

but guess what he's
rota-ed to be doing...

he's meant to be protecting

Amanda Vance at a book signing.

This afternoon.

How nice to meet you.

Excuse me.

Excuse me!

Nice to meet you, and
I'm just going to be...

Come on!

Stay close, give me your car keys.

What's going on?

No, look.

Where have you seen him?

No, look at him.

He's here, he's meant
to be protecting you.

Are you sure?

Are you sure?

He's not in the building.


there's no need.

Beth's here.

Are you sure?

Night, then.




My interest in her is
strictly professional.

Yeah, yeah.

What's going on?


don't piss about. I'm not in the mood.



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