Wire in the Blood (2002–2009): Season 6, Episode 7 - The Dead Land: Part 1 - full transcript

Another serial killer is at work. This one kills homeless men by stabbing them through the heart but a bizarre ritual is also at work because the bodies are bathed and wrapped up in paper before they are left around the town's business area. Alex is called away and her place taken by the young Oxbridge graduate Hall,of whom Tony is initially suspicious but he turns out to have a psychology degree and to be a big fan of Tony's work. A more sinister fan,clearly Bryant,is leaving 'presents' on Tony's door-step.

I can't let you in.
You have to help me!

You know the rules.

Go to your GP, speak to them.
They'll refer you back to us.

I'm sorry, there's nothing I can do.

I'm looking for my son.
Have you seen him?

He's my son. I'm looking for my son.

Have you seen him?

Take a look at him, please.

Have you seen him? I'm looking for
my son. Take a look, please.

It's James Williams. He's my son.

Did you ever express the view
the prisoner known as Michael

was a danger to those
he came into contact with?


I was very clear.

If you read Paragraph One
of my initial analysis,

I state exactly that.

If I remember, I also went on,
"This offender's highly intelligent
and manipulative

and at no time should anything
he says be taken at face value."

You also talk of him never being
allowed to control or dominate.

What did you mean by that, Dr Hill?

Killers such as Michael thrive by
their ability to get others to act
in the way they demand.

In a secure hospital no-one
should ever give him an instant
answer to a direct question.

That way
a response can be evaluated.

You also retain control.

And that didn't happen in this case?

I don't know.

But he convinced someone
to give him a bible

whose pages he then used as a weapon

by forcing them
down the chaplain's throat.

Do you feel in any way responsible?

If my advice had been taken,
he wouldn't be out there now.

You seem very angry.

Words can not describe
how dangerous Michael is.

And while he's still out there,
more people will die.

How angry do you want me to be?

Good of you to lay the blame
firmly at my door, Dr Hill.

Very sweet of you (!)

You were right, Tony. Sorry.

Any drinks for you?
No, thank you.

He shouldn't be long.

WOMAN'S VOICE: (I know you listen.)

(I can hear you whispering.)

Good evening, sir. Can I help you?
Yes, I'm er...

Uh, we... She's er... I'm late.

I got lost.
Well, you're here now.

I thought you said it was
in Marston.

White wine?

Excuse me.
Dry white wine, please.

So, how are you?

How was your evidence
to the inquiry?

Me? I'm fine. Inquiry? Er...

..not so fine.

How long's this place been here?
Just opened.

I'm fine too, by the way.
How do you know what they are?


So, how have you been?

Oh, sorry!

Soya beans and salt are really nice.

You know, it will come to you
if you wait.

Want some?

So how did they react when you
laid the blame on the Secure Unit?

Well, how could they react?
You warned them, I warned them.

They let him escape.

It's not rocket science.
You treat dangerous psychopaths
with caution.

I'm sure I've ruffled
a few feathers.

You know, I once had a patient
who suffered from periodical,


It just struck me as funny that
we work together for two years

building very detailed
profiles of people,

and I still don't know
anything about you.

Like what?

Like anything.

You're wearing lipstick.


Idiot! "Wearing lipstick."
She looked really nice.

She looked really nice.

Ah, Fiona!

All we know is that he's male,
probably under 40.

We haven't found anything
in his pockets,

and Kerwin isn't sure yet
how he died.

How was he found?

He was on the earth floor of
the foundation space.

Covered by a piece of cardboard.

It is murder, yeah?
Oh, yes.

But my initial thoughts are
that he didn't die here.

The top part of the face
is flattened due to settlement.

But he was lying on his other side
for some time after death.

So he was brought here, then hidden.
Any cameras?

There's one on the outside
covering the entrance and exit
and one inside.

Get me the tapes?

Whoever brought him here
must have had a car.

Judging by the state of his clothes,
it's safe to say our victim's

But I've seen this somewhere before.

This is everything?

Well, what else do you need?

Cheque books, paying in books,
bank statements...

Oh, I see.

Look, I pay tax!
Er, yes...

on your salary from the university.

What you've not been declaring
is your self-employed income.

Like the work you do
for the police...

Oh, not that, no!

It's the police.
Shouldn't I answer it?

But... just declare your income.

Haven't you got
anybody at home who -


Know anything about Schedule D?

No, me neither.

Three months ago we had in
the partially decomposed body

of an unidentified male.
As yet still no ID?

But the cause of death
is what's strikingly similar
to what we have here.

Both men were stabbed
with a long-bladed knife,

to the left of the sternum
and up and under the rib cage.

Definitely upwards in motion?

The angle of entry is 45 degrees.

What's interesting is he wasn't
stabbed through his clothes.

There's no hole.

So what, he was dressed in these
after death?

Do we know these are his clothes?

No, his pockets
were completely empty.

They are the clothes of
a homeless male,

but what's odd about this
is he's clean.

His hair smells of almonds.


Tell me about the first victim.

Was he killed
without his clothes on?

It's difficult to tell. His clothes
were in a terrible condition,

but apparently,
there's no puncture holes.

No items were found on him either.
What environment was he found in?

A disused lift shaft.

The investigating officer
put it down to a...

drunken turf war
over sleeping rights.

So why have you brought me in?

Probably the easiest thing
with homeless murders
is sweeping them under the carpet.

No-one knows who they are,
they don't belong anywhere,

they don't have anyone who cares.

Except us.

Probably about the only thing
we agreed on last night.

Yeah, I'm sorry about that.
Socially, I get confused.

Maybe we could try again.

We'll see.

So what did you make of what
Kerwin had to say?

Well, if what he says is right,
this is no turf war.

I mean, if it was a turf war...

..it'd be more chaotic,
more random, more violent.

It'd be multiple stab wounds.

A single stab wound indicates
the killer knew what he was doing.

He was clean.

What if the other one was clean?

You know that all the drop-in
centres have showers and baths?

We know he was killed
without clothes, so why?

Was he naked,
or was he wearing something else?

I've transferred the car park CCTV
onto DVD.

I've got some stills. Poor quality,
but at least it's something.

Now, I've got three stills
of a car being parked

near where the body was found,
around 11:30 the night before.

The entrance and exit camera
was down.

In one, the car boot is raised.

No sign of a driver, but activity
round the doors and the boot

indicates that he's around.

We think it's a Honda,
but I can't be sure.

Run that forward, let the car go.

Why choose there?

Of all the places to dispose
of a body, why there?

A car park.

Why not a field, a stream, a ditch?

A busy... underground car park.

Maybe he likes risk.

Or... maybe it's because it was
as far down as he could go.

Where was the cardboard found?

So, knifed, dressed, dumped...


Was there nothing underneath him?



First victim.

Where was the body?

Just here.

Covered or hidden?
Full view.

But the door was locked.
Who has keys?

Management company.

The grille up there
was wedged with a pallet.

We found fibres of his coat
in the metal.

Well, whether the fire was lit
before he was killed,

I've got no idea...
We bagged the remains anyway.

Was there a fire
at the underground car park?

Can't remember seeing one.

I'll have to check
the scene of crime report.

Maybe they're spending time
with the body.

Maybe they like to sit and look.

Well, whatever it is...

..it's someone who likes
small spaces.

Both buried underground.


Both victims.

We're at ground level. Bodies.

Thank you. Half a mile apart.

Both stabbed, both homeless.

So do you think someone's
having sex with homeless men,

and then killing them?


We're on our way.

Possible ID on the car park victim.

So, second victim. Not known at
any of the drop-in centres.

they'd have recognised him.

So he didn't use the showers?

However, when we showed the photo
amongst those sleeping rough,

the same name kept cropping up.

Robbie O'Donnell.

Spoken to the tech boys.
The CCTV footage of the car

can't be enhanced.
That was as good as it got.

Right, show it to the manufacturers.

They'll be able to recognise
their own shapes and outlines.

Oh, and there was evidence
that a fire had been started

at the underground car park,
about ten metres away from the body.


..tell me about Robbie O'Donnell.

Slept on the same patch as me.

I'm here, you know?
Keep myself to myself.

He's further down there.

How long had he been there?

I don't know.
About last summer some time?

Got any more of these?
I might have.

Do you recognise these
as his clothes?

Looks like 'em, yeah.

Did anyone come and see him?
Did he go off with anyone?

Frank, listen to me.

On the night Robbie disappeared,
did anyone approach him?

On foot or by car?

I don't even know what I was doing.

I mean, one minute he was there,
next he wasn't.

Then you lot come asking questions
about him.

Do people ever come round
where you sleep and offer you money
to have sex with them?

Sometimes. I never have.

I mean, I'm no oil painting,
but I've got standards.

What about Robbie O'Donnell?

I wouldn't know.

People do what they have to.

We're talking to Janet Williams
whose son James

disappeared three years ago.

He just walked out of the house
one morning...

..and never came back.

Had he ever threatened
to do this before?

No. It was completely
out of the blue.

My husband and I
couldn't understand it.

And... how did the police
respond to his disappearance?

They took down his details, but...

in the end they said there was
nothing they could do.

He was over 18.

They said he wasn't vulnerable.

But I won't give up.

I know he's out there somewhere.

Well, we're taking your calls
right after this.

Oh, and James, if you are listening,

do give us a call, let your mum
know you're all right.

# JOSS STONE: You Had Me #

Kerwin's initial tests.

No evidence of sexual activity
on O'Donnell.

No sperm in his urethra
and no evidence of penetration.

Still doesn't mean the motive
wasn't sexual.

DI Fielding's asked me to
put together a list

of known homosexual offenders
with a predilection for violence.

There's no burn marks on the victim?


There's no struggle, no bruising,
just clean?

So is he passive?

Or is he cleaned after death?

Kerwin wants to see us.

A significant amount of food
was found

in the stomach of Robbie O'Donnell.

The timings would suggest he had
a meal about an hour before he died,

Which tallies exactly with
the first victim.

Do we know what type of food it was?

First victim, too much time
has elapsed.

But with him, I'm sending
some tests in now.

Do you know if he was cleaned
before or after death?


He bled profusely down his abdomen.

When he was stabbed, the knife went
straight through his pericardium
into his heart.

Perversely, if the knife had
stayed there, he might have lived.

But when it was taken
back out again,

the heart had shrink-wrapped
around the pericardium -

a bit like being wrapped
in clingfilm.

What happens is the heart keeps
beating, but the blood gets trapped.

Eventually, the heart drowns
in its own blood.

I just want to thank you
for your little present.

I don't know what you're
talking about, Dr Hill.

Oh, come on, Fiona.

"Very sweet of you" -
those were your exact words.

If only your evidence to the inquiry
had been this incoherent.

Oh, so you haven't sent me anything?
What do you take me for, Tony?

I'm in enough trouble already.
Sure, I know.

I'd like you to know if this goes
the way it undoubtedly is,

I'll be resigning from my post.

Someone's head has to roll
for Michael being on the loose.

So you didn't send me this?

No. Whatever it is.

Been good working with you.

And you.

Paula's list of
homosexual offenders.

Ah, thank you.

What's this?
It's nothing.

Where did you get it?

Someone left it on my doorstep.

I was going to say, "how strange,"
but then most things about you
are strange, Tony.


why don't we try again tonight?

Dinner and conversation?

I'd love to.


OK, maybe not.

Could try that
Japanese restaurant again?

Great. What time?

Eight o'clock?
See, you can do it.

DI Fielding.

Go on.

I'll be there straightaway.

Another body?

My mum just passed away.

Why is my life surrounded by death?

Do you ever wonder, Tony...

what it's all about?


I've organised a new SIO.

You won't even know I'm gone.

Look, if you need to talk...
you know my number.

Any news on who'll be the new SIO?

Detective Inspector Andy Hall.

What's he like?

Fast-track graduate.

Quick and smart,
just how you like them.

WOMAN'S VOICE: (Where are you?)

(I'll find you.)

Yeah, Fiona - Tony. I know you're
giving evidence right now,

but could you give me a call?

I've been sent another one
of those presents.

Thank you.

Come and meet -
What have you got?

Well, after the honeycomb
came the bee.

Where is it, where's the bee?

Oh, it escaped.

Yes, sought refuge in my curtains.

Did you go through the known
homosexual offenders list?

Yes, I want to talk to you -
Dr Hill?

Detective Inspector Andy Hall.
I'm the new SIO on the case.

Good to meet you.

So, Tony... Can I call you Tony?

Cool. As you know,
I've been parachuted in here.

It's not quite
dead man's shoes, but...

..it's as near as, damnit.
I need to be brought up to speed
as quickly as possible.

I've heard the operational side,
now I want to hear yours.

One thing
you should know about me, and...

I'd rather you hear it from me now
than two weeks down the line
from somebody else.

In itself, it means nothing.

I'm mentioning it because it might
help communication between us.

But I read Psychology...

at Oxford.

Just wanted to...
get that out of the way.

OK, so why don't you tell me
where you think we are?

Perhaps I shouldn't have
mentioned it.

No, no, mentioning it is fine.
Psychology - good degree.

I've got one myself.

It's good to know you have
a qualification.

But what puzzles me is why Oxford
is in any way relevant

other than to add a status
which you obviously feel

marks you out as special.

I don't care where you went
or where you're from,
Detective Inspector.

All I care about is what you know.

Forensics have been on,
found something on the clothing.

Yeah, that's salt.
On both the victims.

They probably got it
sleeping in the streets.
They use salt to grit the roads.

It's not that kind of salt.
This is domestic cooking salt.

Do we know how much and what part of
the clothing it was on?

Not a lot, but it was
quite diffused, spread across
the clothing.

Front or back?

But on Robbie O'Donnell's clothing
it was more pronounced
on the right hand shoulder.

Was the salt found at the dump site?
Not in anything we've been given.

So it's most likely to be found
at the scene of death?

Maybe they were taken to a kitchen?

Do we know if the clothes
were washed?

No, both sets hadn't seen
a washing machine for ages.

We also found residues of paper

on the skin of Robbie O'Donnell.

Probably stuffs his clothes
with newspaper to keep warm.

This wasn't newspaper.

What, it was all over him?

Even around the genitals.

Is it possible they'd been sleeping
in cardboard boxes that previously
contained salt?

Yes, it is.

Don't think it's likely, do you?
No, I don't.

There's too many other parts
to the jigsaw.

Either it's being done deliberately
or it's just part of the
kill-and-grab environment.

No, there's a process here.

By their sheer nature
all the victims are vulnerable men,

and I believe the killer
is giving them something they need.

Most significantly, the killer
isn't welching on the deal.

No, he's delivering on his promise.

And how do we know
the killer's male?

The victim's get food and a bath,

so they go with the killer,
get what's promised

then end up dead
with a single stab wound.

With a frenzied killer,
he wouldn't be able to hold back.

They would go with him,
turn a corner, end up dead.

That isn't happening.

Organised killer,
emotional detachment...

It's extremely calm.

So salient questions here are -
Why are they all male?

Yeah, and is the offer of food
and a bath part of the lure?

Or is it something else?
Is it homoerotic?

Exactly. Is the offer of food

on the condition that the killer
is allowed to watch them bathe?

So what we need to look at is -
The measure of escalation.

Yes. Pleasure and release
being the driving forces

behind human sexuality.
Each time you indulge in it,
you'll want to take it further.

That doesn't appear to be
happening here.

In both cases, the killing is the
same, the disposal is the same -
right down to the salt.

But if there is an acceleration,
it's in an area we know
nothing about.

Well, I thought we only cared about
what we knew?

Maybe the escalation
is in what he asked them to do

taking them and killing them?

Maybe it's not present at all.
And if it isn't...?

Then the motivation's
completely different and...

Or -
Or you think it could be a woman?

And knives aren't the preserve
of male killers.

Homelessness makes the victims
more vulnerable, easier to dominate.

Sorry if I forgot to mention this...

but I also got a Masters degree.

And you get a mention in
my bibliography.

You're one of my heroes, Dr Hill.

Right, Paula, check out
all the homeless charities,

the charity workers,
the soup kitchens.

Someone might be pretending
to be them.

Dr Hill and I are going to construct
a previous offence profile.

Haven't found him yet.

I'll keep looking.

I'm sure I will.

Sure I will.

OK, but park the uncertainties
to one side, right.

What I want is a clear line
of thinking for each possibility.

If the motive is sexual, what
previous convictions would fit?

There are so many
sexual proclivities.

In this case there's only one
weapon. I mean, come on, Dr Hill -

What book of mine did you read
for your thesis?

You'll probably bite my head off,
but... what the hell!

Why don't you look at it?

Let me know what you think.

'Clinical Psychology as the Centre
of the Investigation.'

What did you...?

If it's a homosexual killing,
we're looking for someone

who's used knives
in a sexual context.

(SIGHS) Although, if they see the
knife as a phallic object,

I'd expect to see
more than a single knife wound.

If someone worships the knife,
they'd use it over and over.

But if they get their kicks
passively, by watching

then the frenzied attack
as a substitute for penetration,

that's less likely?

So we could be looking for someone
who's actively seeking partners

to do things to them.
A submissive?

But only in the sexual act.

So they would dominate
and orchestrate.

Our homeless victims would
allow them to do things sexually,

but still always remaining
the submissive partner,

so false imprisonment is likely.

With that having gone wrong,
they're likely to have changed
their behaviour -

Luring, capturing,
but not letting go.

See, what doesn't make sense to me -
the fires.

Maybe staging? Creating a theatre
for us to find the bodies in.

Then why go to all that trouble
to move the bodies out the way?

You'd display them, wouldn't you?

Yeah. I would.

Irish police have come up trumps
on Robbie O'Donnell.

28 years old, from County Mayo,
middle class and educated,

but with convictions for violence.

He beat up his girlfriend.
This is her?

Yes. Siobhan Murty.
Taken five years ago.

Why didn't he fight back?
Violent man, comes naturally to him.

Well, either
he's a willing victim, or...

they took him by surprise.

Remnants of the first victim's fire
have come back.

All seem to be
small personal effects,
just like Robbie O'Donnell,

but nothing that hints at
an identity.

Any idea yet on how they were lit?

Yeah, definitely an accelerant.

You're right.
These fires don't make sense.

You're dumping a body
in a public place.

You've taken everything out their
pockets, imperative is to get out of
there fast, but they don't.

They set light to the contents.
Now, if you do that,
you spend more time with the body.

Where was the fire?

Body there, fire... there.

Then how does that correspond with
Robbie O'Donnell?

It's a different configuration.

There is no set pattern
in relation to how

the body was left?
What is going on?

No idea.

I'd like...
I'd like to make a statement.

There was a systematic failure
in my department.

Unfashionable though it is,
I feel responsible
for the death of an employee

and for the escape of the killer
known as Michael.

Someone's head has to roll -
I believe it has to be mine.


Morning, can I help you there?

Can I take some of these brochures
about what you do?

Just help yourself.
Oh, thank you.

Oh, is it OK if I take some...
Yeah, no problem. Feel free.

Norimuri Bank, can I help you?
Oh, may I...?

Norimuri Bank, can I help you?
Norimuri Bank, can I help you?


East again.

Obsessive compulsive...? No, no!

If it was obsessive compulsive,
it'd be neater than that.

Be uniformity of body disposal,
that's not there.

So what is there?

What's on your mind, hm?

Big Issue?

Big Issue, mate?

Christian Frasier, 27 years old.

Three convictions
for sexual assaults on men
he picked up in bars.

Victim one was tied up and branded

with the flat blade of a knife
heated over a flame. No.

Peter Baldock, 45.

Released from prison
three months ago.

Convicted of male rape after
threatening the victim with a knife.

Put that on the maybes.
This one's promising. John Kiernan.

33, no fixed occupation.

Worked as everything from
a stage hand to a lorry driver.

Five convictions.
Always carried knives

and two of his victims
were homeless men.

You're paper, dirty, clean.

Dirty, clean. Dirty, clean,
dirty clean, dirty, clean...

And not obsessive.

Last known address of John Kiernan.


They're not sexually motivated,
they're ritual killings.

How certain are you, Tony?

Cos we're about to move on a suspect
here and my arse is on the line.

I'm absolutely certain.
This is nothing to do with sex
and everything to do with ritual.

Has any of your suspects
followed precise
repeated patterns of behaviour

in any of their
previous convictions?

Then it's not them.

I'll call you in the morning.

So what are we doing?

'Killers such as Michael thrive in
their ability to get others to act

in a way they demand.'

'This offender is highly intelligent
and manipulative

and at no time should anything
he says be taken at face value.'

'Good of you to lay the blame firmly
at my door, Dr Hill.

Very sweet of you (!)'

Paula, it's Tony.

I think something terrible
has happened.


Fiona, it's Tony.

'Someone's head has to roll
for Michael being on the loose.'

# AMY WINEHOUSE: Back To Black #

How did you know Michael was back?

I couldn't work out who'd
been leaving me all those things.

Then I realised.

What would give Michael
most pleasure?

Attending an enquiry
about how he escaped.

Oh, he was there.

He bumped into me
as I was talking to Fiona.

What had she done?

We need to give you some protection.

We can't risk what happened to her
happening to you.

What, to me? No.
Yeah, he will. You know he will.

He wants to prove himself to you.

Are you licensed for that?


Curtains remain closed at night.

I need you to keep away
from the doors and the window.


I've never lived with anyone before.

Don't worry, I'm not your bitch.

"DS Geoffries. Over."

"Now in position. How's it there?"

Yeah, we're settling down. Over.

What have we got out there?

Two cars.

One at each end of the road.

So it's not Michael
who's playing some sort of game,

killing these homeless men?
No. Completely separate.

Are you worried?

He was left below ground level,
like the other victims.
Single knife wound.

The remains of one, to the east.

Jack Armfield. Big Issue seller.

What kind of ritual
are we looking at, Tony?

Not everything is precise.
Look at this.

It doesn't matter to the killer
about the position of the body.

In all three the head position
is different.

It's like the body is irrelevant.
The killer's not interested in it.

But what seems to be important
is the position of the fire.

It's in the east.

And that the body is left
below ground.

Results so far.

Forensics have confirmed traces
of salt on Jack Armfield's clothing

and Kerwin says
he'd also recently been fed.

Do we know what kind of food it is?
Yes. None had been digested.

All vegetable matter.
Some rice and no meat.

Same as Robbie O'Donnell.
What about the paper on the body?

Yes, also confirmed.
And there's one other thing.

They've found make-up in his hair.

Make-up? What kind?

White, oil-based.
Like they use on stage.

A woman downstairs says her son is
missing. He may have slept rough.

Today she received
some of his hair in the post.

Why would someone send me this?

Does it mean my son is dead?
No, no, not necessarily.

I told you he was alive.

I told you
and nobody listened to me.

The officers you spoke to
did listen, Mrs Williams,

and did the usual checks.

Over 30 people a day go missing
in Bradfield.

We look for all of them.

Every year we fail to find about 1%.

I'm sorry
your son was amongst those.

Well, it wasn't enough.

He was alive all the time
I've been looking for him.

And now he's dead.
Why are you so certain?

I read the newspapers.

You still haven't identified
one of the victims.

No, we haven't,
but as part of that process,

we've eliminated James from the ID.

You might not think
we're looking for your son. We are.

So why have I been sent this?
What else can it mean?

Did James ever self-harm?

Did he ever talk of suicide?

Who are you?

The psychologist.
I'm just trying to understand

why your son would leave home one day

and never make contact
with you again.

Forgive the assumption, but I take it
James was never in care?

How dare you.
My husband was a vicar.

James doesn't even know
his father's dead.

What I mean is your son was not
a vulnerable missing person.

He's been living on the streets.

I know it.
Just bear with me

and you'll see I'm on your side.

He doesn't come under the categories
of normal missing persons.

He should have been listed
as suspicious.

Why would someone from
a completely normal background

suddenly disappear one day?

That is what you've asked yourself
for the last three years, isn't it?

I would be lying if I said
this didn't matter.

You are right to be concerned
about this.

And if somebody has done something
to James,

they'll contact you again.

We've got his DNA, dental records?
Yes, we do.

I really hope we're wrong about this,
Mrs Williams.

I really do.

Sometimes people need the
brutal truth. She was one of them.

The hair means he's dead,
doesn't it? Absolutely.

Maybe he's a victim
we haven't found yet.

He's been gone three years.

But the lock of hair
was only sent today.

Homeless victims.

If they had homes,
we'd have connections.

But we don't.

And they don't have houses.

Only streets and fresh air.

Think, Tony. Think, think,
think, think...

Was all this rubbish collected up?


How do we know it's rubbish?

You ever played this as a kid?

Turning over the cards
and remembering if you've seen
the same thing before?

Well, let's play for real.

Pull out what you've got, then see
if the other two can match it.



Plastic drinks container.


A little cocktail stick.

Cocktail stick.

A cocktail stick.


A thing of ice.

So what does this mean?

So the killer brought those things
and left them at the dump site,

along with the body and the fire.

I thought you said
the killing was all about ritual.

Yes, and those are
some of the elements.

What kind of ritual involves
a mirror, cocktail stick
and a bit of wet plastic?

To be a ritual, it only has to mean
something to the killer.

Whatever the ritual is,
it justifies him taking a human life.

We are getting somewhere.

Ritual killers suffer
from delusional paranoia.

Not been here before?
Hm? No.

It's where I bring
all my hot dates. Mm.

Try these.
What is it?

Edamame. Soya beans in salt.

Not at all. They're very nice.

Salt. Why didn't I see it?

See what?
When we came in. Tony.

Tony, wait.

What are you doing?

No, no, no. Not eat - throw.

Throw. Japanese ritual.

To purify. Keep away evil spirits.

It's Japanese.

Hi. How you been?
What kind of sex you want today?

No, me.

Is that Tony?

No, it's Kevin.
Hi, Kevin, it's Alex.

How are you? How are things?

Not bad. So you're at Tony's.
How come?

Yeah, I am. It's a long story.

Look, I'll pass you over.


Hi. Do you want to tell me
what's going on?

No, it can wait.

Why's Kevin there?

How's your dad?

Yeah? Are you OK?


Are you all right?


Please sit.

We've read the reports
on Michael's original crimes -

vulnerable victims, torture, etc.

But this is a new phase.
Mm, absolutely.

Yep. Authority figure, possible
revenge or grandiose boasting.

We think we stand our best chance
of catching him

while he's pursuing his next kill.


How do you think
you might be targeted, Dr Hill?

You want me to advise you
on how he might kill me?

You know his personality type.

You know how he perceives you.

How might he mount his attack?

It's an unusual request, but we need
to make sure our protection of you

matches his approach.

And you know him
better than anybody.

Mm. Michael, he's bright,
he's clever.

Mounts his campaigns like warfare.

Once he's chosen his victim,
nothing gets in his way.

His approach is then layered.
The explosion was one of the layers.

It was never meant to kill.

He'll reserve that pleasure
for himself.

My guess is he'll mount
a faint attack on one flank,

when the real menace will come
from elsewhere.

And the problem you have and I have,

is knowing when something is faint
and when something is real.

Is it his? The hair.

I don't know, Mrs Williams.
The results aren't back yet.

I'll wait.

There's no need.

You go home. We'll call you.

I've waited for three years.

Another few hours won't make
any difference.

What we have is a killer
following a ritual

based on the Shinto religion.

So it's a religious killing?
No. Not at all.

Following a Shinto ritual
merely helps him to kill.

The scripts are religious,
but the crimes aren't.

And purity is at the heart of Shinto.

It's not a religion
like Christianity or Islam.

It doesn't follow set texts.
There are no moral absolutes.

There's no good or evil.

Following the ritual
is the entire religious experience.

If you follow a ritual religiously,

well, you become capable of anything.

When do these rituals happen?

In Shinto purification must take
place at the start of the ceremony.

What our killer wants
is to get rid of homeless men.

Our killer sees these people as bad.

They've disrupted the harmony
of the killer's world

by bringing and sin upon themselves.

So they must be purified and
then taken to the land of the dead.

And the stuff we found
at the dump sites?

That's just more ritual.

The land of the dead
is a subterranean cave.

Jigoku - Japanese equivalent of hell.

There's eight regions of fire.

Here, always in the east.
Land of the Rising Sun.

Water is used to wash up anything
that might pollute you.

Salt is sprinkled into the ground
to purify it.

And the little cocktail stick?

A miniature haraigushi.

Yes, it's a purification wand
waved over the person to be purified.

And the knife used...is a tanto.

It's a small-bladed sword,
traditionally carried by Samurai.

So, what kind of person
are we looking for?

My guess is he's a similar age
to his victims,

early 20s, early 30s.
A loner. Self-esteem problems.

Above average intelligence,
articulate. Can hold down jobs.

And if they're in a job,
those that work with them,

will see them as quiet, because
they can mask the rage inside them.

Because rituals ward off evil.
They avert chaos.

They reorganise a universe.

And with all rituals...

fear is the key.

And the person who sits in judgment

on the souls of male sinners

does so by reflecting their sins
back at them...

in a large mirror.

Oh, hang on.

Who is it?

So fear is the key?

Yeah. But is it real fear
or deluded fantasy?

Fear of what? Homelessness?
Material loss?

Is that
why the victims are homeless?


And there's also fear
of annihilation? Invisibility?

Fear of humiliation?

Maybe there's clues
in the choice of Shinto.

Something started this.

Some incident of perceived injustice.

Something was the catalyst.

Sir, Dr Hill,
we've got another body.

No. This one's different.

Her name was Angela Clark.

She had a history
of paranoid schizophrenia

and was known to threaten
and self-harm with knives.

She tried to hospitalise herself
a week before the killing started.

Multiple stab wounds.
Looks like it's the same weapon.

Multiple? I thought the ritual
involved one single strike.

This is his revenge,
unless she's the killer.

This is someone's idea of justice.
She's too cowardly to be our killer.

Our killer wants order.

But if she's not our killer,
then who killed her and why?

Cos she's not homeless.

She's not been buried
below ground level.

There's no ritual in her disposal.
Why the frenzied attack?




What are we looking for?

I don't know.

We've found the car.

You need to see this.

I think you're wrong.

I think it was her.

You said the killer would write
everything down.

She's not the killer.
She was a witness.

The Honda in the car park, it's
registered to a Mr Taro Akita.

He lives over in Peninsula Quay.
Japanese? Yeah.

And he doesn't live here?
No, Peninsula Quay.

He owns the penthouse there.

So why's his car here?

Certainly doesn't own
one of these flats.

Find out if he rents one.
What does he do?

He's one of the heads
of the Norimuri Bank.

Norimuri? I know that name.

Norimuri Bank are in the building
where the first victim was found.

What is it you say?
The first victim tells you
everything about the killer.

Get me everything you can
on Mr Akita.

Press cuttings, personal info -
where he shops and where he eats.

How did she witness this?

It's like she's looking
through a window.

Bradfield Police.
We're here to see Mr Akita.

Don't bother. This way? Thank you.

Mr Akita. Detective Inspector
Andy Hall, Bradfield Police.

I assume the matter is urgent.

Most people knock.

We're investigating
a series of murders.

One of the victims -
you may remember this actually -

was found in the basement
of this building.

And how can I help you?

This vehicle,
is it registered to you?

It appears to be,
but I have no knowledge of it.

I'm going to ask you to accompany us
to Bradfield Central Police Station.

On what basis?
On suspicion of murder.

Have you ever met these men?


A car like yours was used
in the disposal of Robbie O'Donnell,

this man.

I have told you,
I don't own that car.

It's over ten years old.

All of my cars are new.

Do you own, do you rent,
or do you have access

to a flat in Grange Square?


I have only
one apartment in Bradfield.

So, what are we looking for
this time?

Something like this.

Can you explain why a car registered
to you was found in the car park

of Grange Square?

No, I can't.

And why the words "I kill people"
were carved into that car?


Have you ever met Angela Clark?


Is he married?

No. Divorced back in Japan.

I don't mean to be impolite,

but this really has nothing
to do with me.

Has it occurred to you
that all of these things

might be being done in my name?

We have reason to believe you're
a regular user of prostitutes.

Another car registered to you
is constantly being picked up

by our plate recognition cameras
in the red light district.

Or is that not you either?

Dr Hill! This man you've arrested...

He's helping us with our enquiries
at the moment, Mrs Williams.

I saw the news.
He's Japanese, isn't he?

We can't confirm anything right now.

But you have to know,
before he walked out,

James went for an interview
with a Japanese bank.

He had a row with his father
about it.

Which bank was it?

Come this way, Mrs Williams.

Just wait in here and take a seat

and I'll be back as soon as I can.

Lots of it.

He went for a job at Norimuri.
What? Exactly.

The DNA report on the hair
sent to Janet Williams has arrived.


I want you to look carefully
at this photo, Mr Akita.

You've met this man, haven't you?

I've got the list of residents
at Grange Square. He's on it.

Which flat?

Can Angela's be seen from there?

Two floors above, opposite block.

And he never told you
if he got the job?


I presumed it had gone the same way
as all the others.

Which way was that?

Thanks, but no thanks.

But when he went missing,
you did ring the bank to check
if he was there?

Of course.

And he wasn't?

Why did they have
an argument about it,

James and his father?

Because James's father lost
his father in a Japanese
prisoner of war camp.

It was the one thing
he could never forgive.

And James knew this?


How stormy was their relationship,
James and his father?

Not at all.

Maybe I didn't word it well.
How violent was it?

Hardly. John would get angry -

Because he wanted the perfect
relationship with his son
that he didn't have with his dad.

That's not true.
What age did it start, Janet?

Two, three?

James was a difficult baby.

And you let it happen.

All right, so...

..so James had a difficult
relationship with his father.

It wasn't my fault.

Just help me find out
what's happened to him.

He isn't dead, Janet.

Oh, thank God.

How do you know?

The hair sent to you wasn't his.

Oh, thank the Lord.

He's alive?

Yeah, the hair belonged
to Robbie O'Donnell.

He was another victim.

I don't understand.

It wasn't James's hair
in the envelope.

But the envelope came from James.

You... You hungry? Mm?

Three years ago your son got
the job at Norimuri job.

But he didn't get it
as James Williams.

Taro Akita identified him
as William James.

He reinvented himself...

to help keep away from you.

He faked his CV, inventing a degree
that he never had.

Dropped out of university
after a year, didn't he?

Then eight months ago, Akita fired
him when it all came to light.

Why would he send me
the hair of a dead man?

Taunting. He's boasting.

Rubbing your nose
in what he's become.

What he feels you and your husband
have made him.

Your son is our killer, Janet.

Take your shoes off, yeah?

Oh, right. Sorry.
That's all right.

I need to know just how bad James's
relationship was with his father.

He's following a Japanese ritual
and I need to know

how far he's going to take it.



How many more people
do you want your son to kill, Janet?

How many more homeless young men?

Who have mothers, like you.

And do you want James
to kill himself?

Why do you think we haven't rushed
in and arrested him?

We want to catch him alive
and stay alive while we're doing it.

The truth will help.
I need you to be honest.

No more lies.

How bad was the relationship?



John wanted James to love him.

But how could it happen,

if all you ever do is associate
being loved with being hit?

"Police have released
the Japanese banker

without charge and ruled him
out of the investigation.

Police will not confirm that there's
been a major breakthrough
in the investigation."

Thank you.

It is my pleasure.

Akita described him as being
into all things Japanese.

Might he try an kill himself?
A Japanese-style suicide?

Uh... Yeah.

And take another victim
as part of the ritual.

The ritual indicates he sees himself
as some kind of warrior.

I think he's going to take
the warrior's way out.

You heard of seppuku?

Isn't that hari kiri?

It's what defeated Samurai did
on the battlefield.

Instead of losing face
they took the honourable way out.

They cut open their stomachs
in the face of the enemy.

What awaits us?
If he knows we talked to his old
boss, he'll know we're onto him.

Are you sure this will work?

No. But I think it's the only way
that gives him an option of living.

Just open the door and I'll go.

Look, I won't say anything.

No, no. No, no, no, no.

We wait, we wait.

Please, please. I beg you.
Ssh, ssh, ssh.

God of the purification order.

You that were created
when the awesome great God Izanagi

purified and swept himself
at Tachibana Odo in Awagihara

and cleansed filth!

Please, I beg you.

Ssh, it's OK, it's OK.

I'm with you, I'm with you.

You first, then me.


It's not too late
to take the hinges off.

You don't have to do this.
Yes, I do. Be quiet.

Be quiet.
You'll kill me anyway. Shut up!

Help me! Help me!

No, we need to do this now.

Are you ready?


It's me.

What do you want?

It's me.

He's got a knife,
he's gonna kill me!


What do you want from me?

Go away.


I'm sorry. I really am.

It was all my fault.

If I'd been stronger, I could
have stopped him. I let you down.

I let him hit you.

Go away! I should have protected
you. I am sorry!

That's what mothers should do
for their sons, and I didn't.

And I'm sorry. So, so sorry.

Go, go, go!

Thank you.

Are you OK?

I'm just sad.

My poor dad, he looks so lost.

Life, eh?

When are you back at work?

I've just got
some family stuff to sort out. Soon.

Thank you for coming.
I really appreciate it.

Where else would I be?

Sorry I didn't make dinner.

Another time maybe?


Sorry? How much?

I thought your job was to decrease
my tax bill, not increase it.

Yes, I know
I should have declared it.

No, I'm not happy.


It's all right for you.


I had petrol.

Oh, yeah, yeah.

No, I promise.
I filled up yesterday.

around Junction 22 to 25."

"If it's your birthday today
you share it with Joan Collins

and Myra Hindley..."



Michael's got him. Tony's gone.


Long time no see, Dr Hill.

I've invested a lot of time
and trouble in you, Dr Hill.

What do you want, Michael?
You, Dr Hill.

My star prize,
my cherry on the cake.

How will my death gratify you?

I try to live in the moment,
Dr Hill. Enjoy the now.

I so wanted you to cure me,
but in the end

you were a failure,
like the rest of them.

Surely you know by now,

I only kill failures.

Yes, here we are talking again.

You can kill me, Michael,
but you can't kill my understanding.

And you can't kill your need
to be understood.

It's too late. It's too late.

Are you familiar
with Descartes' philosophy?


Res cogitans and res extensa.

Indeed. He believed
the mind and body are separate.

I believe that, too.
No, Michael.

He argued that there should be
a fusion of the two
to make a human being.

The mind drives the body.

He also stated they can exist
independently of each other.

I think we should put
that theory to the test.



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