White Collar (2009–2014): Season 6, Episode 1 - Borrowed Time - full transcript

Kidnapped, Neal tries to turn the tables on his captor by helping him pass a test to get into the elite group of thieves known as the Pink Panthers. Aided by Mozzie, Peter tries to find Neal before it's too late.

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Previously on White Collar...

- The hope diamond...
- We're looking for its twin.

- They want me in D.C.?
- Job's yours.

When we first started
talking about Washington,

I reached out to the National Gallery.

They just called me and
offered me a position.

I made a call to Bruce in Washington.

He's meeting with the FBI Director
to put your release in motion.

You asked me to trust
you. You can trust me.

Who is she, Neal?

Her real name is Rachel Turner, MI5.

Neal, she's in love with you.

We found it.


Don't come any closer.

Where are you going?

He's gone, and he's not coming back.

Every law-enforcement officer in New York

is headed here right now.

You have to stop running.

The FBI Director won't release you

'cause you're such a big asset.

The Bureau doesn't want to lose you.

Now you don't want to go to D.C.

- It's all bureaucracy, El.
- I'll commute back and forth.

I want my freedom.

Give me a week, and
we'll be back in business.

Why are you following me? Who are you?

I'm about to become
the last person on Earth

who knows where you are.

All clear.

Turn over every mattress.

Check behind every frame.

Doesn't look like a man
who planned to leave.

Neal wouldn't have left any clues.

He and Mozzie should be long gone by now.

I know it's not a perfect resemblance,

but we ca...

This looks like a bad time.

I'll come back later.

Stay right where you are, Mozzie.

I can explain, Suit.

I'm so very lonely.

You're gonna tell me where he is.

I know all your interrogation
techniques, Suit.

I'm never gonna crack.

I'm also aided by the
fact that I have no idea

what you're talking about.

We both know Neal ran.

Of course we do.

Now, where exactly do we know he ran to?

That's what you're gonna tell me.

The answer, dear Suit,
is that he didn't run.

And the evidence is right in front of you.


He wouldn't run without me,


We found the anklet.

It was in the back of a
truck headed to Pennsylvania.

Thanks, Jones.


At 12:52 P.M., Neal cut his anklet.

He's gone.

You're gonna tell me where he went.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, 12:52 P.M. today?

- That's right.
- That's impossible.

I was with him minutes before.

We were talking about...

the future.

I bet you were.

I saw the body double.

The FBI betrayed him.

What else would you expect?

You're not helping your case.

We wouldn't do it like this.

If we ever ran, it would
be a well-crafted plan...

no loose ends...


Suit, you know something
doesn't feel right about this.

I promise you, Neal didn't run...

which means someone must have taken him.

Thank you.

Excuse me?

I was gonna run, but, you know,

figuring out how to dodge the FBI,

get rid of the anklet,

find an untraceable place to lay low...

that takes time.

Instead, you took care of
it already, so thank you.

This is the best thing that
could have happened to me.

You know you're cuffed to a chair, right?

I do, but I won't be once you realize

the opportunity in front of you.

Yeah, she said you were good.


Well, she didn't have any friends,

no one she trusted.

She told you about me, she needed you.

You're the guy in the helicopter.

Rebecca reached out to me...

a cut of the diamond for a way out of town.

And you really thought
Rebecca would give that to you?

I don't think either
of us expected the other

to keep up our end of the bargain.

Now I don't have to.

Oh. You want the whole thing for yourself.

And you are going to get it for me.

Getting a little tired
of how happy you are.

The FBI has the diamond.

But you work for the FBI.

She told me that too.

You can get it from them.

And what's the value of it then?

No one's gonna touch something that hot.

You can't sell it.

Who says I want to?

This isn't a conversation.

More of a "you do what I say,

or I push you down the elevator shaft".

You keep checking your watch.

You're playing calm, but you're sweating.

And instead of threatening
me in increments...

fingers, toes, that kind of thing...

you're going straight for the drop.

You're on a clock.

Question is, whose clock are you on?


Prisoner should be here any minute, Boss.

Thanks, Diana.

How are you holding up?

I'm torn between being
afraid Mozzie's right

and hoping he is.

What do you think?

I think Mozzie would
rather be anywhere but here,

and the fact that he's
still around says a lot.


Does he know who we're bringing in?


We need to keep it that way.


Don't use our own listening devices on us.

It's rude.

Well, someone has to do something.

This is the problem with bureaucracy.

It takes far too long
to discover the truth...

I believe you.

Then why are we standing here?

We have to find who took him.

We will.

You go home.

You let me know if you hear anything

from your side of the world.


- You want me to leave.
- Very much so.

Which is why I should stay.

- Mozzie.
- What are you hiding from me?

Of course. It was Rebecca.

She has the most reason to hurt Neal.

Which is why we're gonna talk to her.

Excellent. I'll lead the interrogation.

You aren't going anywhere near her.

She tried to kill you.

Which is why I will be a
properly motivated bad cop.


There's too much on the line.

Peter, you need me.

Mozzie, you need to trust me.

Tell Woodford I need more time.

I know I...


I'll have it.

No more talking.

You're going to get me that diamond.

You don't need it.

Or maybe I just cut my losses.

Okay, you're trying to
join the Pink Panthers.

Look, I heard you mention Woodford.

He's rumored to be the
head of the Pink Panthers,

the greatest thieves of our time.

To join the group, you
need a heist as an offering.

I think you told them
you'd deliver the diamond.

Then you understand my problem.

I met with the Panthers. I saw their faces.

Now I either join them or die.

There's always another way.

What, I steal something else?

No. We steal something else.

Neal's been kidnapped.

Well, if you think I did it,

you've got far too much faith in me.

I don't think you did it,

but you may know who grabbed him.

You're gonna tell me who
it is you're smiling about.

For the right price.

You want us to let you go?

Get an anklet? Help us find Neal?

I'd settle for a room with a view

in a low-security prison,
but if you're offering...

I'm not.

Here's what I'm offering...


So why would I help you?

My wife is moving to Washington...

Left today, actually.


She's moving there, and I'm staying here.

It's gonna be hard on us.

It's my fault.

She got a job in Washington

because I was being transferred there,

but then I decided to stay.

Cold feet?


He was supposed to get
a deal for his freedom.

It fell through. I stayed.

So you chose Neal over your wife.

I chose to do what's right.

So that's your angle here?

You want me to do what's right?

You have no sense of right or wrong.

I know that.

So what's this all about, Agent Burke?

You may be a cold, calculating murderer,

but I know you love Neal.

Both of us would do whatever it takes

for the people we love.

And deep down,

I think you realize this
may be all your fault,

but it doesn't have to be.

There's still time to save Neal.

So no deals.

I will, however, offer you an opportunity.

I'll fix this for you...

but you need to give me a name.

Whatever the heist is
needs to impress Woodford

even more than the diamond.

That's not an easy task.

- How much time do we have?
- 24 hours...

not enough time to scout a location

and prep for a heist.

Unless it's somewhere
you've already scouted.

Is Woodford here in New York?

Either my plan works,

or I fall down this elevator shaft.

It doesn't hurt to tell me.

He's here.

Working out of the Kessman Building.

You think robbing the
head of the Pink Panthers

will get me in?

Are you insane?

You promised something incredible,

to prove you're as good as
they are, and you failed.

Now you have to show
you're better than them.

You have to rob the robbers.

Why should I trust you?

I meant what I said earlier.

I need to leave town.

If Rebecca contacted you,

it means you can provide a way out.

I can.

Then this is a simple business arrangement.

I help you, you help me.

All right, how about a gesture of faith?

It'd have to be a hell of a gesture.

Any minute now, the FBI is gonna storm

into this building.

We need to be out of here before they do.

They'll never find this place.

You did a great job of
getting off the grid,

but Peter Burke is
leading the investigation.

He'll find me.

We're lucky he isn't already here.

Look, if I wanted to go
back to that life, I'd stall,

buy my time with promises and lies

until Burke breaks down that door.

But I don't want to go back.

Your options are prison,
death, or trusting me.

What's it gonna be?

FBI! Go, go, go, go, go!

- FBI!
- Go! Go!

- Go, go!
- Back's clear.


Damn it.


Someone was just here.

Not of their own free will.

Rebecca said she made contact
with a man named Boothe.

Jones is running background on him now.

You think he wanted the diamond?

If it was him, I'd guess so.

Hey, hey, hey, I'm with the band.

It's all right. Let him in.

See, I told you.


If you'd listened to me sooner, Suit...

There's no evidence yet.

We're running some tests
to see if Neal was here.

If his captor was any good,
he'd have wiped everything down.

Maybe not everything.

What do you see?

Wood shavings.

Why would there be wood shavings?

He didn't make them
trying to set himself free.

Neal knew you'd find this place.


Kessman Building, downtown.

That could be where they took Neal.

It's not the kind of
place you take a captive.

It's the kind of place you rob.

The Kessman Building...

the offices are owned by a who's who

of the overly rich and powerful.

Why would Neal lead us there?

Jones, what do we have on the suspect?


Jim Boothe... he's a thief for hire.

A couple of high-profile
smash-and-grabs in Europe,

a ruby heist from the
Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

Usually works alone.

So we have a thief not known for kidnapping

and a building that's more
target than safe house.

What am I missing here?

This is usually where Neal says something.

Look where that's gotten him.

Neal knows where he's headed...

not typical of a captive.

You think they're working together?

I'm saying he may have adapted
to the situation at hand.

So Boothe wants a treasure he can't get.

Neal redirects him to something he can.

Who in this building
would have that something?

It's target-rich.

There are over 60 tenants in the building.

- It could be any one of them.
- Yeah.

All right, if we can't
narrow it down to who,

let's figure out how he's getting in.

- How would you break in?
- Nice try.

I know a trap when I see one.

Look, Mozzie, it's not a trap.

I tell you how I'd do it,

then you arrest me for
intent to commit a crime.

Aren't you a lawyer?

You do know that isn't how it works, right?

What's the security like?

It's top-notch... guards
at all entrance points,

thermal I.D. and corneal scanners

to activate the elevators.

For this to work, Woodford
can't know you're going in.

That means we can't con our way up.

If the lobby's impregnable...

That means I'd go in through the roof.

Yeah, but you'd still need
to get past the elevators.

Security's focused on keeping people

from getting up, but
elevators have to go down.

Fire code is a thief's best friend.

So we wait for night and make our move.

No. Day.

When everyone can see us?

Well, at night, Security's on high alert.

During the day, they won't
be patrolling the offices.

Motion sensors will be off.

So how do we get to the roof?

Pull a Man on Wire.

In 1974, Philippe Petit
used a bow and arrow

to shoot a cable between the
World Trade Center Towers.

Then he tightrope walked across it.

But today's security has
a man on every rooftop.

We'd never make it.

So then what?

I'd need a faster option.

Bring up the image of the building.


Can you zoom into the left image?

Ah, bingo.

Shoot an arrow from that building

past the Kessman to the
building on the other side.

Then it's just a simple zip line down,

- drop onto the roof, and I'm in?
- That's right.

And I'll keep an eye on the rooftop guard

from the second building.

One problem.

I don't have the equipment
for something like that.

- I know just the guy.
- What's his name?

I can't tell you that.

Why not?

Neal told us to go to the Kessman Building,

not to rat out a trusted ally.

Mozzie, right now we're
following bread crumbs.

We need to get ahead of this

so we know what we're dealing with.

Neal led us to the building. He has a plan.

And I don't work by Neal's plans.

- Suit!
- No, Mozzie, no more excuses!

If you want me to keep Neal alive,

you're gonna give me that name.

Fat Charlie.

His name is Fat Charlie.

And you're gonna take me to him.

- I get it now.
- What's that?

Why Neal likes working with you.

With every new case, he gets to think

of how he would commit the crime.

He gets the thrill of invention
without the threat of jail time.

Maybe I'll put an anklet on you next.

I would gnaw my leg off.

Oh, listen...

Fat Charlie is kind of a
tricky guy to deal with,

so you should really let
me take the lead, okay?

By all means.

Mozzie, what do you need?

You Fat Charlie?

- Yeah.
- Really?

- Yeah. Who the hell are you?
- Here's the deal...

disappear for 24 hours,
don't tell a single person,

and I'll forget I ever saw this place.


What the hell was that?

We don't have time to
protect your relationships.

Uh, ignoring that, that was Fat Charlie.

What happens when Boothe and
Neal come looking for him?

Boothe, I'd like you to meet...

an old friend of mine.

Hello, Neal.

- You're Fat Charlie?
- I am.

Where's the rest of you?

Never heard that one before.

Who's this guy?

Someone new I'm working with.

It's good to see you.

You know I'm always here for you.

How can I help?

What's happening now?

Peter's giving Neal an opportunity

to pass a message...

if Boothe has backup, hidden gun,

anything we need to know before we move in.

Neal has a plan.

We're interrupting it.

What if he doesn't want Peter moving in?

He'd need a damn good reason not to.

Oh, you care to make a wager on it?

- What?
- If I'm right

and Peter lets Neal continue with his plan,

I get to ask you a single question

that you must answer honestly.


And if I'm right, you never
set foot in this van again.

Easiest bet I ever made.

Let me take a look.

All right.

We're good.

All right.

Bunker buster arrow, primer cord...

are you sure?

About what?

Primer cord.

You know that stuff's highly combustible?

That's exactly why we need it.

It's worth the risk.

I'll get what you need.

All right, you win.

So what's the question?

Oh, that's the trick of it.

I didn't specify when I was going to ask.

The Pink Panthers...

the most dangerous gang
of thieves in the world.

Over the past 20 years,
they've stolen a total

of $1.2 billion worth of diamonds, gems,

and other valuables.

No law enforcement agency

has ever come close to catching them.

This is Alan Woodford...

long suspected to be
the leader of the group.

He's also an owner of an office

at the Kessman Building.

I think Neal plans to infiltrate the gang.

By robbing them?

Intel says that the Panthers
have an audition process.

That would make for quite an audition.

Hell of a way to get yourself killed too.

It's not without its dangers,

but Neal could have walked
away from Fat Charlie's.

He didn't.

Can I say what we're all probably thinking?

I mean, are we sure Neal's not auditioning

to join the group for real?

Mozzie as much as admitted
they were planning to run.

The FBI reneged on a deal with him.

I hate to say it, but he's pretty motivated

to turn against us.

It's a risk, I know.

But for now, we trust Neal.

That's it.

Go home. Get some rest.

Big day tomorrow.

Standard I.D. photo is ready.

I'm watching the roof.

They have a single guard
with an electronic checkpoint.

He needs to tap in every five minutes

or an alarm sounds.

That gives us a small window.


Why do you want to join the Panthers?

You said it.

They're the greatest thieves of our time.

But you've worked with Rebecca before.

That means you're good.

You don't need them.

No one in the Panthers needs anyone.

That's the beauty of it.

I looked at each one of them,

and I knew they were
capable of almost anything,

but if we could all work together,

you'd get the kind of
score you only dream about.

If everyone doesn't betray each other.

That's half the fun, isn't it?

Otherwise, why would I be working with you?

When you met with him before,
was it in Woodford's office?

Yeah. How do you think I know where it is?


The exit plan is based on you
walking out the front door.

If they see my face,
they'll know I was there.

We can figure out a disguise,

something to pass the facial scanners.

No, it won't work.

You've never been in the building.

No. That's not what I signed up for.

You want to get out of town...

then you need to go in there for me.

No, it's okay, hon.

I'm so busy with what's going on,

I wouldn't even be able to
see you if you were here.

Tell me about D.C.

Well, there's not much to tell yet.

I mean, today was all
paperwork and orientation...

oh, and a drug test.

Oh, yeah.

Well, you know, one look at you,

and they knew you were trouble.

Well, unless Pinot noir
shows up on my blood test,

I think I'm gonna pass.

Hon, are you sure you
don't want me to come home?

Don't worry. I'm fine.

Satchmo and I are bonding.

My boys. I'm jealous.

I should run, hon.

I've got an early-morning meeting.

I love you.

I love you.

Don't shoot.

I'm armed only with comfort food.

Mozzie, what the hell are you doing here?

Mrs. Suit asked me to
make sure you eat something

not made out of green
clovers and purple horseshoes.

Less magically delicious.

She knows me too well.

Next time, just use the front door.

It's there for a reason.

- I'm not eating crickets.
- Oh, nor should you.

That's mine.

Ah. Thank you.


Join me?

- Really?
- Please.

- Oh, I have wine.
- Too bad.



Van's set up and ready to go.

Tac team's on standby.

All right, I'll meet you there.

- Are you worried about him?
- No.

Just want to see it with my own eyes.

Why does it always have to be heights?

All right, I see the guard.

- He's going into the building.
- I'm in position.

Stop screwing around, Caffrey.

Caffrey, you're running out of time.

My travel broke.

I'm supposed to meet with the Panthers

in two hours, Caffrey.

Figure something out, now.

Guard's about to come
around the bend, Caffrey.

Now or never.

Caffrey, I see the guard.

He kept touching things.

If you don't want your equipment modified

- for maximum accuracy...
- We don't.

Boothe was likely acting as a spotter

from the building Neal hit with the arrow.

We're locking it down now.

Great. Take a team and search every floor

that has a view of the
Kessman Building's roof.

Time to bring in Boothe.

I'm on it.

Don't make any deals with him,

no matter how innocent they sound.

Are you sure Neal wants you going there?

I'd say the arrow pointing
at it is a pretty big clue.

Uh, we may have a different problem now.


If he goes into his office, Neal's trapped.

I could go in and flash my badge.

All that will do is let
him know something's up.

Walking in on Neal in his
office will do that too.

Yeah, what does a guy like that

come down to the lobby for?

Something he cares about.

What if we pose as an incoming business

that might be able to lure him down?

Mozzie, you stay...

Where did he go?

What is he up to?

I don't know.

I'm gonna kill him.

What is it?

I'll be down right away.

What's happened? Where is he?

Right there.

Is that from my car?

Oh, so you admit you
own the car that hit me?

- When?
- Just now!

- My car is parked.
- Terribly.

My poor bike ran right into it.

There are laws about how far
you can park from the curb

for a reason.

You know what?

I guess we'll, uh, just call it even.

You're joking.

That's thousands of
dollars worth of damage.

Uh, my bike is totally destroyed.

I can no longer work.

It's hard to be a bike messenger

without a bike, old chap.

It's fine.

Let's call it even.

Apology accepted, guvna.

Looks like it worked.

Jones, you get him?

All right.

Boothe was already gone.

He must be rendezvousing with Neal.

Neal did what Boothe wanted.

Which means he's expendable.

Did it work?

In and out with no one the wiser.

Now it's time to get what I want.

I'll give you the same exit plan

I was gonna give Rebecca.

I had a feeling it might go this way.

- Thank you.
- Not this again.

Because of you, I get to
join the Pink Panthers.

What did you do?

Freeze! FBI!

Stay on the ground!

Guy has a gun on you, and you heckle him.

I knew you guys were coming.

It seemed like a good way to buy time.

- Did you think I ran?
- No.

I figured it was something like this.

- Really?
- Really.

So, the Pink Panthers.

I may have just auditioned to join them.

Here you go.

Thank you.

How much do you think
they're worth to the FBI?

Quite a bit.

You really think you can infiltrate them?

I do, but I have conditions.

- I thought you might.
- I want a contract.

Pink Panthers for my freedom.

It has to be ironclad. No
wiggle room from the FBI.

I need to know it's real this time.

You deserve to.

I will make sure that happens.

Uh, forgetting something?

There's somewhere I need to be first.

Mr. Woodford?

- Boothe is here to see you.
- Send him in.

Well, you're not the man I was expecting.

No, I'm not.

I'm the man about to take his spot

in the Pink Panthers.

I don't know what you're talking about.

- Get him out of here.
- Check your safe.

This way.

Not the dummy one in your desk,

the real one behind the fake Mondrian.


Who told you about it?

No one. I saw it myself.

There's no way you've
been in this room before.

You almost had me, kid.

Look, I don't know what your game is...

Look closer.

If I really was who you think I am,

I could have you killed for this.

You could...

or you could acknowledge
the skill involved,

skill you need for your team.

I know the Pink Panthers are
looking for one more member,

and I know Boothe failed his audition.

Oh, and how do you know that?

Because I'm the reason he failed.

My name is Neal Caffrey, and I want in.

How'd it go?

Well, I think I passed the first test.

We'll see if Woodford calls.


Glad you made it back in time.

We've been keeping Rebecca in holding,

and the marshals are about
to take her back to prison.

- May I?
- Yep.

I was wondering if I was
going to get to see you.

I'm told I have you to thank for my rescue.

And for getting grabbed in the first place.

Call it even?

I wish I could.


I guess my list of sins
is a little too long.

Why'd you help me?

People like us...

we live on borrowed time.

We either end up behind bars

or dead.

There's always another way.


There isn't.

It catches up to you eventually.

This is as close as we can get
to a happy ending, I think...

being able to do some good before the end.

Stand up for me, ma'am.

Spend your time well, Neal.

Before you know it, it'll be gone.

You okay?



No, I'm not. You know, I...

I look at her, and I want to see a stranger

who did terrible things, but...

all I can see is the girl I fell for.


Just remember her that way.

After all, that's who saved you today.

"Before the end."

What's that?

She was saying good-bye.

She grabbed his gun. I
didn't have any choice.

Hey, hon.


What are you doing here?

- Uh...
- Mm.


I, uh...

I just had to come home.

Oh, you failed your drug test, didn't you?

Sort of.

When they took my blood, they
found something unexpected.

Honey, tell me everything is okay.

More than okay.

I'm pregnant.

- You're pregnant?
- Mm-hmm.

- We're pregnant.
- Yeah.

She made a choice.

For her, it was better to
risk almost certain death

than go back to jail.

Some birds can't be caged.

I doubt I'd be that brave if the time came.

Is that bravery?

There's always another way.

I've lived my life on the idea.

That's what we tell ourselves.

The greatest lies a con
man tells are to himself.

But if we are being honest, she's right.

We're on borrowed time.

Our sins catch up to us all eventually.

Maybe not.

I offered Peter a deal...

the Pink Panthers for my freedom.

While you were kidnapped,
I walked in your shoes.

I sat in the FBI,

felt the camaraderie.

It's compelling.

It's also an illusion.

We are who we are,

as are they.

They promised you freedom before.

What makes you think
this time they'll deliver?

Who says that's all I'm after?