White Collar (2009–2014): Season 6, Episode 2 - Return to Sender - full transcript

In order to cement his trust with the Pink Panthers, Neal must align with a dangerous enemy from his past and obtain an extremely valuable artifact. Peter finds it difficult to keep their secret from Neal and Mozzie.

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- Previously on white collar...
- You're trying to join the pink panthers,
the greatest thieves of our time.
To join the group, you need a heist as an offering.
We have to rob the robbers.
Woodford-- he's rumored to be
the head of the pink panthers.
- I could have you killed for this.
- Or you could acknowledge the skill
you need for your team. I want in.
- I'm pregnant.
- We're pregnant? - Yeah.
- I want a contract.
The pink panthers for my freedom.
It has to be ironclad.
- They promised you freedom before.
What makes you think this time they'll deliver?
- Who says that's all I'm after?
[Metallic clang]
- Ow.
- Everything okay under there?
- Yep.
- Sweetheart, you do realize that it's 8:00 in the morning.
And I love your enthusiasm for wanting to fix things
around the house before the baby arrives,
but I'm sure she-- - or he.
- Can survive without liquefying table scraps
for another decade or so.
- [Grunts]
[Chuckles] Whoo!
- Okay. All right.
How much is a new disposal going to be?
- Oh, I'll fix this.
Yeah, you watch.
This baby will puree a small Chevy by the time
I'm done with it.
- I'm really glad to be home.
[Knocking on door]
- That's Neal.
He's concerned that since you're not around,
I can't even brew a cup of coffee for myself.
- Well, don't forget--don't let the cat out of the bag.
- No, my lips are sealed.
- Hi.
- Elizabeth, hey.
- Oh, I'm so glad you're safe. - Thank you.
What a nice surprise. How long you in town for?
- Forever.
D.C. wasn't for me.
- Really? - Yeah.
I realized I can follow my dreams right here
in New York City.
- Yeah, change of heart.
And it did give me a chance to make headway on some projects.
- Mm.
- Leave this guy alone for two seconds,
he goes all home depot on you.
[Both laughing]
- All right, I wouldn't touch anything.
- Bye. - Bye.
- I'm talking to David pillar at the bureau
to discuss your deal.
You bring down the pink panthers--
- I get my freedom. - Once and for all.
I'll let you know what the FBI brass says
as soon as pillar talks to them.
- Yeah, about that,
I've recently lost my trust in the spoken word.
For years I've been promised my freedom,
only to have a technicality or a change of heart
sink the whole thing.
- What's that?
- It's a contract.
I consulted the finest legal mind I know.
- Mozzie?
Mm, certainly seems...
- I think comprehensive is the word you're looking for.
- I was going to go with abusive.
- The FBI doesn't sign that,
then I stop helping with the panthers.
And if they do, it's legally binding.
I won't hesitate to take them to court
if they try to find a loophole.
- Well, I can assure you the FBI has no interest
in a scenario that ends with a cross-examination by mozzie.
Neal, I want this for you and for the bureau.
I just want to make sure you understand
what you're getting into.
This isn't without risk.
- My formal introduction to the pink panthers
is in an hour.
Something tells me a bulky geolocating anklet
might tip our hand.
- Remember, this isn't freedom.
- Yeah, I'm well aware.
It's more like a furlough. [Electronic click]
- He's clean.
- Keller.
- Neal Caffrey. The catch of the day.
[Rock music]
¶ ¶
- you're aging like one of your fine wines, Neal.
Time--it's mellowed you, taken the edge off.
Caffrey here, he has quite the resume.
Why don't you tell the boys?
Oh, what's the matter, you got shy?
You want me to? I got it.
Egyptian antiquities, yeah.
He looted Nazi art from a submarine.
A frickin' submarine, guys.
You know how hard that is?
Those were impressive scores, Neal.
Then, over time, the FBI, they took notice,
didn't they, Caffrey?
And he was so good, in fact, that it took them a while
to catch on to him, but catch on to him they did.
And our boy here flew a little too close to the sun.
But he served his time.
It's good to have you back, Neal.
I mean that.
- Reunion's over, kids. Dry your eyes.
Let's get to work.
Mr. Caffrey, when our new recruit here,
Mr. Keller, heard about your stunt in my building,
he couldn't stop raving about your previous exploits.
I hope the past is prologue.
Your first assignment.
- This another test?
Penetrating your impenetrable office
wasn't enough to convince you of my abilities?
- Procuring that stamp is of critical importance
to our larger mission.
- It's 19th century, Swedish.
Looks to be in pretty good condition.
Obviously valuable. What's your bigger game?
You going to take down the postal service?
- [Laughs]
- Everybody in this group has an assignment.
This is yours.
The stamp's going to be auctioned by a woman named
Bianca esteverena tomorrow night.
You have 48 hours to return it to me.
Find Bianca,
get the stamp, or you're out.
- Thanks for making it out from D.C., David.
- The pink panthers.
Every law enforcement organization in the world
has been trying to infiltrate them.
What are they planning? How many members do they have?
- Trying to figure all that out. It's still early.
- Caffrey actually earned their trust.
- He's meeting with them now, in fact.
- The FBI's number one asset up against
international public enemy number one.
[Chuckles] Quite a case.
- It is. It is.
I've, uh... I have a favor to ask.
- Oh, whatever you need, Peter.
I want to bring all of the bureau's resources
to bear on this: Extra manpower,
overtime approval, surveillance gear--
whatever you need. - I don't need any of that.
Neal knows this world.
If we get more agents involved,
the panthers will disappear just like all the other times
anyone's tried and failed to bring the panthers down.
- Peter-- - Neal and I do this
with a small team, or we don't do it at all.
- This is a high-profile case... - Mm-hmm.
- With international ramifications.
Everyone will be watching you to see how you handle it.
You use the resources we have at our disposal,
your ass is covered if everything goes South.
- Well, I've never been one to duck and cover
when the ground starts shaking.
- We're not talking about a bad mark
on your year-end evaluation.
We're talking about the end of your career.
- I know the stakes here.
- So your favor... What do you want?
- A signature.
We all let Neal down the last time--
made him a guarantee, and we couldn't honor it.
- That's not exactly-- - if we pull this off,
Neal deserves his freedom, and I promised him that.
He wrote up a contract.
It needs the Attorney General's signature.
You want to bring down the pink panthers?
Contract's on your desk.
Neal, what's wrong?
- We have a problem.
Look, I don't know how it happened,
but it happened. - What?
- Matthew Keller, he's here.
He's running with the panthers. - That's impossible.
Keller's locked away in a Russian prison.
Whatever-- - I saw him.
It's him.
- We're going to put an end to this right now.
- Wait, Peter. Peter, listen to me.
He had the chance to rat me out, and he didn't.
He needs something from me.
- Are you out of your mind?
There's only one reason Keller
would lay eyes on you and not sell you out.
He is setting you up.
- But think about it. If Keller wanted me dead,
I would have caught a bullet before I ever saw him.
- There's no good reason why
I shouldn't put him away right now.
Are you forgetting what he did to my wife?
No case-- no case is important enough
to let a psychopathic kidnapper run free.
I have...A lot to protect.
[Picks up phone]
[Phone thuds down] - I will get you Keller.
I will--I will hand him to you on a silver platter
when we take down the panthers together.
This could be the biggest bust of your career.
You think Keller is the head of the beast? He's a fingernail.
You take him down now, the panthers will scatter,
and the FBI will never get a chance like this again.
And I won't get my freedom.
You can protect Elizabeth.
Get your best agents to watch over her 24/7.
- You don't understand.
It's more personal than that.
- Well, it is personal for me too.
Keller's day will come.
- [Sets phone down]
You're damn right it will.
- Neal, we've already been playing in the big leagues,
but this?
- Peter doesn't call them the Yankees
of the criminal world for nothing.
- This isn't just any old yankee squad.
This is like the 1927 team--
a team which not coincidentally
was referred to as murderers' row.
- Yeah, I'm up to the plate,
and Neal's in the batter's box, but you, mozzie,
you're stuck in the nosebleeds.
Maybe if you're lucky, I'll buy you a bag of peanuts.
Now scram.
Caffrey and I have got a lot to discuss.
- It's okay, moz.
- Alone at last.
You know, it was a real Kodak moment when you saw my face.
- What the hell are you doing out of prison?
No one gets released this early from a 20-year sentence.
- Let's just say I've got a benefactor.
You know, Neal, some things change, some don't.
For example, I, uh...
I know you and Peter Burke are still attached at the hip,
or should I say the ankle?
- I'm clean.
Technically I still work for the FBI, but in reality,
they don't have confidence in me anymore.
I'm just keeping the meter running until my time is up.
- Enough, Neal.
If we can't have an open and honest conversation,
then I'll go tell woodford a more complicated version
of our history together. - It's the truth.
They yanked me from undercover work and stuck me
on some backlogged loan scandal.
Banks don't really like seeing a convicted criminal
walk through their doors, so the FBI cut my anklet,
which gives me the chance to build a little nest egg
on the side for when the seasons change.
- Tell me, why would I ever believe you?
- Why wouldn't you?
Peter Burke has violated my trust over and over again.
You know that.
This score is what I need to break free from the FBI.
- I'm not going to lie. I could use you.
I appreciate your work, Neal. I always have.
I know you respect mine.
- Respect isn't the word I'd choose.
- Let's do this together.
Come on, Caffrey.
That a boy.
[Elevator bell dings]
- Hey. - Hey.
- You get those agents approved to protect El?
- Two in the front yard, two in the back.
If El goes anywhere, they escort her.
- I bet she didn't get that perk in Washington.
- Yeah, home sweet home.
What about the benefactor Keller mentioned?
He say anything else about it?
- It could be woodford or someone else
in the pink panthers.
- All right, I'll have Jones get on it.
You can never assume you're in safe waters
even if Keller says he needs you.
- You can never assume anything with Keller.
I walked into the meeting assuming I'd be tasked
with a huge score. Instead...
- You're Mr. shipping and handling.
You know, you have to admit,
the stamp is a pretty exhilarating mission.
- I don't think exhilarating and stamp
have ever been used in such quick succession.
- My dad and I spent Sunday nights
poring over his stock books-- magnifiers, stamp tongs,
hinge mounts. - Aww.
Wally and the beav ever stop by to join in all the fun?
- You laugh, but I still have my membership card
to the American philatelic society.
- I hope you realize how lucky you are
to have ever kissed a human female.
- This is the treskilling yellow,
a Swedish stamp from 1855.
Now, it's usually printed in bluish-green,
but someone messed up one day
and made a small print run in yellow.
- An error printing.
Extremely sought after in the collectibles world.
- Yeah, well, there are only two of these stamps left
in existence, and one of them was sold a few years ago
to a private collector for $2.3 million.
- Ooh, none of my stamps were worth more than 60¢.
- I wish any of my mistakes were that valuable.
- The other specimen, the one woodford is after,
is being auctioned off by this woman,
Bianca esteverena, 32, an immigrant from Argentina.
Now, her father left the family when she was five,
so she was raised by her grandfather,
a Professor who laundered art stolen during world war ii.
- Nazi profiteers. Sounds like a sweet family.
- Yeah, seems as if grandpa esteverena taught
his granddaughter the ropes of the business,
'cause now she's the sotheby's of the black market.
- Thieves bring her stolen art.
She auctions it off and takes a healthy cut.
- Exactly, I mean, the auctions are
opulent, organized, and incredibly secure.
This is totally secret.
We have zero intel on where these events go down
or what the security measures look like.
- We did come through with a warrant
on Bianca's phone records.
She screens any potential client in person
before sending them an invite to the auction.
- The text messages we intercepted show
she's vetting five new clients today.
Now, most of the individuals are highly visible
and would be difficult to impersonate
because Bianca does her research.
But we got lucky. [Device beeps]
This guy's a different story.
Nathaniel dietrick comes from an incredibly private family
in orange county.
Put it this way-- there are more photos of bigfoot
than there are of him.
It's even hard to find photos of his family
because they're notoriously camera shy.
- Dietrick left California when he was 18.
All we know is he spent years in the turks and Caicos,
drinking, spending his family's money.
- And doing not much else.
Now he's back and wants to take over the family business.
- The prodigal son returns.
- Dietrick arrives at jfk today at noon.
He's set to meet Bianca in a cafe at 3:00.
- He's not going to be there.
Let's have airport security pick him up
when he comes off the plane.
- Yeah, stall him with an interrogation.
- Precisely. Conspiracy to commit art crime.
In the meantime...
- Say hello to Nathaniel dietrick,
playboy extraordinaire.
- don't get me wrong.
I'm elated that my friend and drinking partner
has returned to the New York metropolitan area,
but you had the opportunity of a lifetime.
- Moz, you were only interested in scoping out the art
that I was responsible for.
- I can neither confirm nor deny
this baseless yet intriguing allegation.
How's the wine?
- Oh, it's great. It's really good.
- It is. Bold, brash.
So good... Almost as if it's lying to you.
- What?
- You've lifted that glass a half dozen times,
yet not one drop is drained.
And I should know. I'm a consistent pour.
- Moz, I think you've lost your last precious marble.
- There's only one reason
you would abstain from sharing a bottle with me.
You're pregnant.
- Moz.
Okay, yes.
We were just waiting to tell everybody
until after the first trimester.
- I knew it! - Oh.
- Oh-ho-ho!
- And we haven't broken the news to Neal, okay?
Peter cannot know that you know.
- Now, I can't name the parties involved
because of our health care system's
inane confidentiality laws,
but I have delivered a baby or two.
- [Laughs]
Okay. - Yeah.
[Device beeps]
- Communication just came from airport police.
Looks like Nathaniel dietrick's flight was delayed
and he's just deplaning with someone else,
male, 60s. What do you think?
Maybe somebody he met on the flight?
- Yeah, or it could be a business partner
we weren't expecting.
Give me details on who this guy is.
We need information, and we need it now.
- Nathaniel dietrick.
Nice to meet you, Bianca.
- Nathaniel.
Are you alone?
- Of course I am.
- My time is at a premium, Mr. dietrick.
I don't like being toyed with.
- Why would I toy with you? My family's private.
Discretion is how we've become so successful.
I can assure you, it's just you and me.
- Then I think this meeting is over before it begins.
I made myself clear.
The only person I deal with is your father.
- Fantastic. - [Sighs]
Airport security just sent this.
- Elias dietrick, Nathaniel's father.
- Any chance we can convince him to cooperate?
I can have a police escort get him here in half an hour.
- Bianca would be long gone by then.
We need someone to impersonate Elias.
- You-- - I can't do it.
I'm not old enough to play Neal's father.
- Well, neither am I. I mean, plus, call me crazy,
but the African-American thing might be a tip-off.
- Yeah.
- Look, come on. You can pull this off.
I mean, you've acted like Neal's dad for years.
- More like his slightly older, much wiser brother.
- Yeah, whatever you need to tell yourself.
- Jones, it won't fly.
We need to think of something else fast.
- All communications were supposed to be
between myself and Elias.
If he isn't going to show up, then I will have the pleasure
of neither one of your company at the auction.
- Nathaniel, how dare you?
I gave you explicit instructions to wait for me.
- Hi, dad.
- Elias dietrick.
Nice to meet you.
I've got this, son.
- We were just getting acquainted.
- Do you mind getting me a menu?
- Sure.
Excuse me.
- Please... [Murmurs]
You'll have to excuse Nathaniel.
Like many of his generation,
he seems to have lost his manners in another decade.
- I'm sorry to have wasted your time, Mr. dietrick,
but to be Frank, your son may have already spoiled the well.
- Thank you, son, I'll just be a few minutes.
Meet me at the newsstand around the corner.
- You sure?
- I've got this. - All right.
Lovely meeting you.
- I'm sorry we got off on the wrong foot.
I'm assuming you don't have any children?
- How can you tell?
- You have a glow of unencumbered youth for starters.
- Unfortunately, Mr. dietrick, flattery and come-ons
are a currency that I don't accept.
- It's not flattery if it's the truth,
and I'm happily married.
I haven't made a pass at another woman in 33 years.
I wouldn't know how if I wanted to.
Marriage is tough, but kids, they'll break your heart.
I've tried to sculpt him into the man I know he can be,
but at some point he has to grow up,
be his own man.
My own dad made it look easy.
I always thought
I'd have the same relationship with my own son,
and then one day I woke up and realized maybe I--
I don't really know him.
And I wonder if there's enough time to make it right.
- My father left us when I was five.
I never saw him again. - Oh.
- As long as he's in your life,
you will always have time to make it right.
- Ugh.
- Ah, you're starting to look your age.
- Well, while you were catching up on current events,
I got us an invite. - Really?
- Yes, really.
- The student is now the master.
- No, the master is still the master.
- No.
- Yeah, the master is the master.
Always has been. Take this.
Look, there's a hitch.
Bianca won't text us the location
until an hour before the auction,
so we can't run recon beforehand.
We'll have to run a no-huddle offense.
- You've already proven you're not too shabby at improv.
- There's still something about Keller that doesn't add up.
- Something?
- Well, I mean the fact that he didn't give you up right away.
- He knows I can be valuable to him.
- Well, no matter how much he admires your skill set,
there's no way he'd trust anyone who's worked with the FBI.
That's street criminal 101.
- You're a street criminal, and you trust me.
- I made an exception.
Access to your wine collection
was well worth the betrayal of my principles.
- Look, sometimes people like Keller get so desperate
for the thing they want that they don't notice
the ground shifting beneath their feet.
- Yeah, people like Keller.
- [Pats back]
- I can tie my own tie, you know.
- You say that every time,
and every time, it turns out like a wad of chewing gum.
Okay. - Thanks, hon.
- Hmm. And don't step in the epoxy
that you spilled earlier.
I don't want you to ruin your shoes.
- Oh, that reminds me.
Check this out.
[Garbage disposal whirring] - [Gasps]
Nice! - Yeah.
Only 27 more projects.
- And half a year to finish them.
Honey, stop putting so much pressure on yourself.
Look, I'm relaxed, and I'm the one who has
the human growing inside.
- Yeah, a child. - Yeah.
- What's that going to be like?
- Someone who's going to depend on us.
- No more quiet nights.
- Mm-mm.
[Knocking on door]
- Mom, dad.
- Did you tell-- - no, I didn't.
Neal had to pretend to play my son for the current case,
which awkwardly makes you his mother.
- Hmm. I'm very proud to have a son like you.
- A kid couldn't ask for a cooler mom.
- Oh, now I can ask you take out the trash, right?
- Yeah, and I've got some chores you could help me with.
- Oh, I would love to, but unfortunately,
I have a black market auction to disrupt.
Any word yet from Bianca? - Yeah. I got a text.
There is a location, a private residence.
Auction starts in an hour.
It's going to take us about that long to get there.
- This is why I keep asking the FBI for jet packs.
- [Laughs] Remember, we're flying blind,
so nothing happens without my say-so.
- Father knows best.
- Looks like the black market's in the black.
- Excuse me, sir.
[Metal detector whining]
- Where'd she get these guys, Abercrombie & Fitch?
- Elias, a tuxedo is very becoming on you.
- Oh, well, I used to wear them a lot in my day.
Makes me feel young again.
And you look absolutely lovely, my dear.
- We will be starting momentarily.
Please, have some refreshments. - Thank you.
- Nice to see you too.
- I'm starting to think she doesn't like you.
- Well, then maybe I should go wait in the car, pop.
- Maybe you should let me know what we're dealing with here.
- No cameras, light on personnel,
absence of discernible weapons. - Mm-hmm.
- Plenty of escape routes. - Almost looks too easy.
- The panthers picked a man to do a boy's job.
- All right, then all we have to do is figure out
where the stamp is actually being held.
- Well, there should be a secure room somewhere
heavily guarded.
- We find the room.
I'll distract the guards by acting lost.
- I'll slip in and grab the stamp
before they have a chance to bring it back.
- Let the bidding begin.
- Remember, wherever they're keeping the stamp,
it'll be inconspicuous, so... - All right, all right.
- Like I said, inconspicuous.
- Well, this just made things a whole lot easier.
- Uh-oh.
- What? What do you see,
big guys with guns? - No.
See the pretentious guy with the e-cigarette?
- Yep.
- Now glance to his right and look directly at the stamp.
You looking? - Yep.
What am I supposed to see? - Keep looking.
The secure room we're looking for,
we're standing in it.
You're looking at the braxnet a97.
It's the most advanced security system on the market.
Each unit is independently powered,
so cutting the house's main will get us nowhere.
A security cage rapidly descends
if the laser perimeter's broken.
It's full of redundancies and backups
developed with the help of ex-thieves.
- You're angry they didn't ask you, aren't you?
- They did.
I was in prison. - Right.
Well, I've got to call backup.
- No, that will only make things worse.
You and I are going to walk out of here with that stamp.
- How? - Simple.
We just set off the alarm.
- We can't just set off the alarm, Neal.
We'll be sitting ducks.
- I cannot get enough of these.
- I need--no, thank you.
I need you to focus.
You're taking this whole Southern California
slacker thing a little too much to heart.
- Whoa, dad, take it easy, man.
[Gavel tapping]
- Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome.
The bidding will now get under way.
Our first item up for auction this evening
is this magnificent sculpture by benedetto boschetti.
I'd like to start the bidding at $1.6 million.
Do I have an opening bid of 1.6 million?
1.6 million. Do I hear 1.6?
I have a bid at 1.6 million. Thank you very much, sir.
1.7, do I have a bid at 1.7? 1.7.
Thank you very much, sir. 1.8?
1.8 to you, sir. We have 1.8 million on the left.
1.9 million? 1.9 million in the front.
2 million? 2 million, sir?
Are we all done at 1.9?
Fair warning, last chance, $1.9 million
going once, going twice--
- 2.4. [Crowd gasps]
- Hey, my friend, in case you're not aware,
there's a protocol here.
We don't usually increase the bids
so drastically all at once.
- Oh, I am so sorry, amigo.
I wasn't aware we're at the penny ante table.
I'll slow down, so you can catch your breath
and count your chips.
- If you'd like to compare bank balances,
I could have that arranged.
But in the meantime, why don't you show
a little class? If you have any.
[Crowd murmuring] - Do you have a plan,
or are you just trying to get attention here?
- Dad, I think it might be time for you
to stand up for your son.
If a fight breaks out, make sure you steer it
toward the lasers protecting the statue.
- Why would a fight break out?
- Because you're going to start it.
- I have 2.4 million from the gentleman in the back.
2.5 million, sir? - 2.5.
- 2.5 million.
- 2.6, and I will throw in a tanning bed
for my friend here with the vitamin d deficiency.
- You petulant little bastard.
- What, are you going to call your bodyguard?
- Now, don't you dare call my son
a petulant little bastard.
Son of a bitch!
- Enough, enough, both of you.
[Gavel banging] [Peter muttering]
[Alarm blaring]
- Oh, stop!
Everyone, stop right where you are.
- Just let me at him. I want a fair fight.
[Alarm blaring]
- [Gasps] Cut the alarms.
[Alarms blaring]
- We've got a code red. Code red.
All units move in. Go, go, go!
- Braxnet security. Nobody move.
- Nobody is leaving this house
until I have the stamp in my hand.
Search everyone. Start with him.
- He's clean.
- As long as all of us are being searched, she should be too.
- That's right.
Bianca's auctioning the stamp on behalf of a third party.
It would be a perfect scam, wouldn't it?
Why take 25% when you can get the whole thing?
- Fine, search me.
[Crowd gasps, murmurs]
- Oh...
- But this is ridiculous.
That's an empty case. Where is the stamp?
- You got it?
Nice work, son.
- Caffrey, you have a sec?
- Yeah, what's up?
- Are you absolutely sure you saw Matthew Keller
in the flesh? - Unfortunately, yes.
- Yeah, well, then I need some help.
Because suddenly I'm very confused.
How good is your Russian?
- Good enough to know
that this is a rap sheet from moscow.
- I talked to two people at the prison,
the captain and the warden.
Both of them confirmed what's on that rap sheet.
You know what that word means?
- Incarcerated.
According to the Russians, Keller is still in prison.
- Doesn't make sense.
- Unless his benefactor is someone
who would want it to look like he's still behind bars.
- Keep the tracks covered.
Nobody would suspect you of a crime
if they knew you weren't able to commit it.
- If the panthers can pull off a sleight of hand like that,
they got their fingers in the highest reaches
of the Russian government.
- I have some disappointing news of my own.
Normally, we'd be able to use seized evidence
in an ongoing case.
But it's different when the evidence in question
belongs to someone overseas.
- The stamp.
- I tried to buy us time, but it's protocol.
The bureau had to report it to an international database.
Swedish government informed us this morning that it was stolen
from a private collection, and they're not cooperating.
- So what am I supposed to give the panthers?
- Nothing.
I can't have you walk back in there without the stamp.
I'm pulling the plug on this operation.
- No, absolutely not.
- Neal, you can't walk back in there empty-handed.
You know how dangerous the panthers are.
- We had a deal.
You can't do this to me again.
- I'm trying to protect you.
- I don't need you to protect me.
I can protect myself.
- Is your freedom worth dying for?
- It might be.
I'm taking this with me. Little motivational aid.
- I gave you my word. I will get you your freedom.
- Your word?
I'll get my freedom myself when I take down the panthers.
- This is insanity, Neal.
There's no way you can craft a convincing forgery
in the time you have.
- X-acto.
I have to try something, even if my chances are slim.
This is too important an opportunity to pass up.
- You're not presenting a knockoff remington
to some leather-faced dingbat on key west.
This is the pink panthers.
- Hair dryer.
- If they use Keller to verify the stamp's authenticity--
- he might let me off the hook.
- Or use it as evidence to bury you.
- Maybe you're right. I don't know.
I mean, what kind of benefactor
could possibly get you out of prison?
- And make it look like you're still there? Mafia?
- They're not good enough to pull off the cover-up.
And it's not the panthers.
I mean, they can steal pretty much anything,
but bureaucratic arm-twisting isn't one of their specialties.
- Who would have the motivation to do it?
- Motivation.
Get me the India ink and the finest brush we got.
- Stop.
- You got it?
- Would I be here if I didn't?
- He pulled it off.
This shade of yellow is a dead giveaway that it's authentic.
See, they used to mix uranium in with the ink--
it gave it a color that's impossible to fake today.
Good job.
- Unexpected, Mr. Caffrey.
Icing on the cake.
Bianca esteverena is on the cutting edge of technology.
She spares no expense.
The security system she employs is operated
by a highly sophisticated firm called brax--
- braxnet security.
I recognized the system as soon as I entered.
It's impenetrable. - Precisely.
- You wanted me to fail.
- And yet here you are.
The goal of your mission was to test braxnet's response
once the alarm was tripped.
Getting the stamp, a sideshow at best.
We set the odds 100-to-1 against.
- So you were watching.
- We had a small team at Bianca's
noting the number of guards who responded,
how quickly they arrived, their maneuvers,
their strengths, and especially their weaknesses.
It's all critical information for what's to come.
- And what is to come, exactly?
- Oh, Mr. Caffrey, one more thing that my team
noticed at the auction-- a man.
He seemed to be working right alongside you.
Who is he?
- He's a trusted collaborator.
All he knows is I was after the stamp.
He thinks I'm fencing it myself.
He's as discreet as they come.
- How long you been working for interpol?
- How did you know I was working for them?
Interpol doesn't usually advertise
the names of its associates.
- Didn't you once call me a rat for being a c.I.
For the bureau?
- A rat will gnaw through its own leg
if it's in a trap, Caffrey.
I'm less desperate, more enterprising.
- That sounds like a distinction without a difference.
- You still haven't answered my question.
How'd you know I was working for interpol?
- You know, I always heard interpol
had one foot in the future.
They don't slap bulky anklets on their criminal informants.
That'd be too inelegant, too crass, too American.
Instead, they insert chips
under the skin of their informants like dogs.
It is an ingenious solution except for the pain
at the injection sites and constant, constant itching.
- [Laughs]
You know what they call this?
- The worst walk along the water I've had in years?
- Mutually assured destruction.
Your collaborator?
Try convincing me it wasn't Peter Burke.
So you got something on me. I got something on you.
- Yeah, it's almost romantic.
- Until one of us lobs a bomb,
and the other responds with the apocalypse.
- I'll keep that under my pillow tonight.
What's your angle, Keller?
You take down the panthers, then what?
You do that, and your criminal career is over.
- Freedom, Neal.
See, I got the same deal that you do.
I bring down the panthers, I'm liberated.
Not even Peter Burke can touch me.
- And the stamp?
The panthers are expecting it to be fenced.
What are the odds you can find someone stupid enough to buy it?
- I already got a buyer lined up.
- Interpol.
- Of course.
You know, I can't say I'm happy with what you did,
and I certainly wouldn't have condoned it,
but I'm impressed. - And I'm worried.
Interpol clearly has no idea who they're dealing with.
- Keller would never go clean.
Right now we can at least
bask in a little sunshine.
Your contract.
- They signed it.
W--no strings attached?
- Attorney General came through.
It's ironclad, everything you wanted.
You help us bring down the pink panthers,
and you are home free.
- Oh, no, no, no, no.
You are the one who taught me that it's bad luck
to do a victory dance before you cross the finish line.
- You're right, I did. But come outside.
So I thought we could puff on these when I do
a security check on the laser fence I just installed.
No, this is actually to celebrate
a certain paternal capacity that has recently come to light.
- Okay, you're taking this role-playing thing
way too far, Mr. dietrick.
- El's pregnant.
[Laughs] - Peter--
Oh, congratulations. - Thank you.
- Wow! - Yeah. Yeah.
We'd been trying for years, and when it didn't happen,
we thought it never would, but then it did.
- Well, based on the 24 hours you were my dad,
I'm pretty damn sure that kid just won the parent lottery.
- Thanks.
- To the future. - To the future.
[Dog barks]