White Collar (2009–2014): Season 5, Episode 13 - Diamond Exchange - full transcript

Neal and Peter race against a criminal mastermind to unearth an invaluable treasure hidden in New York.

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Previously on White Collar...

And the Burkes are going
to Washington.

I have some news of my own.

I reached out
to the National Gallery.

They just called me
and offered me a position.

No more handlers,
no more cases,

no more anklet.

I've talked to a lawyer.

A recommendation
from you is critical.

The Mosconi codex.

If this book is a puzzle,

maybe these are the pieces.

Take a look at the pages.
Rain man it.

- I got it.
- This is the idol of Sita.

The idol had eyes
made out of rare diamonds.

The Hope diamond.
We're looking for its twin.

Mosconi symbols
aren't a message.

They're numbers.

Real name is Rachel Turner.

She is the prime suspect

in the murders of Curtis Hagen

and Agent David Siegel.

Neal, she's in love with you.

You're under arrest for murder.

I'm impressed, Neal.
That was well played.

- What's the threat?
- I'll see you soon.

- This is Agent Burke.
- Peter, what is it?

Rebecca escaped.

We have an inmate loose.
Repeat, inmate loose.

Prisoner RK4431 is no longer
in her cell.

The Metropolitan Corrections
Center is reporting

an armed and dangerous escapee
in the vicinity.

Name: Rachel Turner,
A.K.A. Rebecca Lowe.

Is this some kind of message?

"Anything you can do,
I can do too"?

I doubt it.

She walked right out the door

in uniform,
same way you did once.

Hey, I didn't have to hurt
anyone to break out of prison.

The C.O.'s
in pretty rough shape,

- but she'll survive.
- When did this happen?

When she was escorted
to the yard

for her hour of exercise

She used a stethoscope

she cribbed from the infirmary
to strangle her.

Another 30 seconds,
she'd have been dead.

former law enforcement.

She's got the skill set
of a trained agent.

With the instincts
of a criminal.

This is what we do, Neal,
you and me.

Let's track this.

Her first step on the run.

What would it be?

On the run,
the first thing she'd do

is change her appearance...
quick hair cut,

decent dye job.

She'd want to be invisible.

She'd also need to be mobile.

She'd get a car.

But something
that doesn't stick out,

something non-descript.

She'd also need
new credentials.

Who would she go to
here in New York?

She doesn't need
to go to anyone.

She's a professional,
and every professional

- has a go bag.
- We already have hers.

Well, I underestimated her.

Anyone this good would have
several ready and waiting.

Driver's license, passport,

currency...she'll have
everything she needs.

But if I'm her,
I'm not leaving this city

- without the one thing I want.
- The diamond.

Yeah, she killed Siegel,
used and murdered Hagen,

manipulated me and everyone
in my life to get to it.

You don't go through all that
for nothing.

Hey, June.

We'll be right there.

Oh, thank goodness,
thank goodness.

I tried to call 911.

Which, as we all know,
is a joke.

Truly, there's no need.

What's with all
the extra wing-tips?

You said Rebecca was here.

- What happened?
- I was asleep,

but I heard a noise.

She must have come in
through the balcony.

I didn't see her.

I was leaving you
a voice message

when...I don't know.

She knocked me out.

The least I can do
is make you some tea.

Something a little stronger.

Wing-tips, would you like
some coffee?

Yeah, give us a moment.

- Thank you, June.
- Of course.

What's going on with your arm?

It's been sore since I woke up.

It's a needle mark.

She injected you
with something?

It could be sodium pentothal.

Truth serum?

I could be under
its influence right now.

Break any laws recently?

Absolutely none.

Definitely not truth serum.

What if I told her
about my breakthrough?

She could have taken
the next step.

She might have the diamond.


Or should I still
call you Rebecca?

Don't bother trying
to keep me on the line.

This is a simple trade.

I'm not making any deals
with you.

The diamond
for your friend's life.

- What?
- I gave him a lethal dose

of a highly toxic poison.

Very soon,
he'll start showing signs.

Five to six hours from now,
he'll be dead.

You're lying.

You can take him
to the hospital if you like.

By the time the doctors are
finished running their tests,

he'll be long gone.

Get me what I want.

So now you can't even
do your own dirty work?

I've got a few people
looking for me.

Better you find the diamond.

I'll give you the antidote
in exchange.

Leave a message on this line
once you have it.

Oh, and, Neal,

it's nice to hear
your voice again.

Presbyterian isn't far.

- If we go now...
- No death centers.

It's a hospital.

Oh, they'll have
a bar-coded tramp stamp on me

before the first I.V. drip.

Moz, will you please
be reasonable?

Why are we wasting
our time arguing?

We are on the verge
of discovering the twin

of the Hope diamond.

Your life is on the line.

Rebecca's probably bluffing.

I feel...
absolutely okay.

Look, we can find the antidote.

I'm taking you
to a hospital right now.

The diamond is the antidote,

and you need my help
to find it.

Who knows more about
masonic lore than yours truly?

All right.
Fill me in.

Neal said you had
some kind of breakthrough

with symbols?

- Yeah.
- Slow down.

We've been looking at them

as letters,
when we should be looking

- at them as numbers.
- Numbers from where?

An old Hindu numerical system,

probably Mosconi's inspiration,
given the origin

of the diamond.

Do we have any idea
what they mean?

I'm working on it,
but it's tough.

These last two,
I don't know what they are.

They're the only ones
that don't correspond.

They're coordinates.

You have 14 numbers.

Seven and seven
in a particular order.

- Latitude and longitude.
- Could be.

And these two symbols
you can't decode...

probably cardinal directions.

I think Mosconi was telling us
where he hid that diamond.

Punching in the numbers now
starting with north by east.

- Kyrgyzstan.
- Doubtful the diamond

is in my least favorite
parliamentary republic.

Oh, they still have
a practice there

called marriage by capture.

- Sounds familiar.
- Keep working.

Trying south by west,

which leads us
to somewhere in Chile.

Mosconi never had any kind
of history there.

Try north and west.

It's a stone fort.
In Queens.

Probably made by masons.

Fort Totten was built
in 1862 for the civil war.

So it existed when Mosconi
was in New York City.

If I have a priceless diamond
that needs safekeeping,

what better place than
a U.S. military installation?

I'll let the FBI know
we're checking it out ourselves.

Let's go.


Hey, that was Peter.

There's a problem
with Caffrey's pal.

It's serious.

Something's happened to Mozzie?

He was poisoned
by Rebecca Lowe.

He's okay for now,

but apparently he only
has a few hours left.

You okay?

Do they know what it is?

No. Not a clue.
It's a mystery.

And I guess they
don't have enough time

to wait for the blood test.

Let me check all recent
NYPD incident reports

for any thefts
at a doctor's office, pharmacy,

or lab since Rebecca's escape.

She had to get the toxins
from somewhere.

All right.
Here we go.

A few residential B&Es.

Convenience store robbery
in Williamsburg.

- Mugging in Midtown.
- That's interesting.

Hanawalt Pharmaceuticals?

Looks like some kind
of greenhouse.

Yeah, a lot
of prescription meds

start out as poisonous plants.

Robbery happened
after the main lab closed.

Yeah, this could be it.
And, according to this,

NYPD's currently on the scene,
which is where I should be.

You want to come with?

Hey, if you need me,
you got me.

Peter Burke, FBI.

This is my associate,
Neal Caffrey.

This is my...Mozzie.

Agent Burke, right,
your offices called,

said you were on the way.

I'm Hopper.
Alan Hopper.

Ranger Hopper, actually.
What's all this about?

We believe
there's a vital piece

of information inside
that could lead us

to the capture
of a known fugitive.

- We're in a bit of a hurry.
- Copy that.

Let's take a bad guy
off the streets.

Structure's named
after Joseph Totten,

U.S. army officer and engineer
known as the father

of brick fortification.

Foundation's mostly granite.

Well, he had to make
some modifications

when the rifled-bored cannon


Well, I think we can
take it from here.

I really appreciate
your cooperation.

Anything I can do to help.

You know, if you could
coordinate with my offices

and keep me apprised

of any developments,
that'd be great.

I'll get on the horn
right now, chief.

Let's start looking.

Mosconi must have left
some kind of trail.

There are a million different
hiding spots in this place.

- We need some direction.
- Yeah.

I don't see any distinctive
markings or clues.

Keep looking.
We've come too far.

"Death is nothing,
but to live defeated

and inglorious
is to die daily."


An unwavering man,
he would stop at nothing

to find the Hope diamond's
twin rock.

Neither will we.

Are you okay?

Yeah, perfectly fine.

It's just a little hot
out here.

My pulse is up a little.

It's probably just the heat,

We may have to drag him
to a hospital,

kicking and screaming
if need be.

He says he's feeling fine.

Moz insisted on coming.
That's his choice.

But understand, I look at him
as more than a resource.

You think I'm using him?

Yeah, I think you'll do
whatever it takes

- to catch Rebecca.
- 33.

What's 33?

33 steps.

The winding staircase, Peter.

Did you just call him Peter?

Who, the Suit?

Okay, maybe he's worse
than I thought.

Look, your symptoms
are manifesting.

What's manifesting
are the answers.

To the masons,
the winding staircase

was considered
a theological ladder.


Yeah, representing an ascent

from a lower sphere
of consciousness

to a higher one.

We need to climb!

Moz, hold on to the rail.

26, 27, 28, 29...

I don't see anything.

But I'm certain that Mosconi
wanted us to notice.

- Notice what?
- I don't know!

- Okay, okay, stay calm.
- Stay calm?

I'm hours away
from palming St. Peter a 20

to get past the gate.

Calm is not an option.

Freemasons may control
the world,

but not my fate.

They have their hand

the all-seeing eye
of the $1 bill,

the Washington monument,

MJ's Dangerous album cover.

We're here.
The 33rd degree.

The magic number.

The highest level
of understanding.

- So why can't I see?
- Moz!


Now I see.



Whatever it is
has been in his system

for about four hours now.

The doctors will run tests

as soon as we get him
to the ICU.

He doesn't have time for tests.

Go to the hexagon.

Find my antidote.

I called Elizabeth.

She's gonna be
at the hospital with you.

You're not gonna be alone.

We have to move him now.

When he fell, he saw something.

Yeah, he said,
"Now I see."

He was looking at the ceiling.

This is the hexagon he saw.

It's made of brick,
not granite.

Yeah, and it's unlike
the rest of the fort.

Does a hexagon mean anything
to the masons?

Not that I remember.

They were masters of geometry,

but the shape they were
obsessed with was the triangle.

Six triangles form a hexagon.

Yeah, if we look at this
as six triangles,

they all meet
at the same point.

Moz said this was
all about ascension...

the 33rd degree, the highest
level of enlightenment.

You think we need to go higher?

Yeah, I think we need
to get up on the roof.

She's playing with us.

She knew we'd track her here.

It could take days
to test him for all of these.

And by then,
whatever it is will be listed

as the cause of death.

Beautiful and clever enough
to con Caffrey.

Hell, even I could have fallen
for this psychopath.

Yeah, me too.

Right there.
I think I saw something.

You see how she moved out
of camera range

and stepped back in?

- Let's see what's back there.
- All right.

All right, I'm pretty sure

this is directly above
where we were.

It's an old flag pole base.

Any idea what it could mean?

Back when this fort
was operational,

they used wind flags to discern

how best to fire a cannon.

How do you know that?

We used wind flags for
firearm training at Quantico.

Essentially, this is a compass

centered around 360 degrees.

Hey, it's all about degrees.
33 to achieve enlightenment.

What are you getting at?

I think we need to look
33 degrees

- from this position.
- All right.

If true north is 0 degrees,

then 33 degrees
points to there.

That building.

Notice anything about it?

Yeah, it's brick,

and it's another triangle.

This was a gunpowder room.

Yeah, probably
the most guarded place

in the entire fort at the time.


What do you have?

This part of the wall
isn't brick.

- It's clay.
- Looks like brick, though.

It's pretty hardened.

Some alkaline textures
can thicken over time.

Especially when
they're coated in oil.

Oil, as in oil paints?

Mosconi was a great artist.

I think he painted
over the clay

so no one would
notice this spot on a first

or even a second glance.

This is a faux painting.

There's something
behind this wall.

- Still have your lockpick set?
- Always.

Care to do the honors?

We found it.

I don't know about you,

but I'm feeling
pretty enlightened right now.

It's the Mona Lisa of gems.

Every museum and collector
in the world will want it.

How much is it worth?

60 million.

Or the life
of a paranoid bald man.

It's voice mail.

Rebecca, I found it.

I'm holding it
in my hand right now.


I knew you'd find it.

Where do we make the exchange?

The drinking fountain
at the northeast corner

of Washington Square Park.

One hour.

I get the stone,
you get the antidote,

and Mozzie will live
to pontificate another day.

All right, I'm leaving now.

And, Neal,
if there's any tricks...

if I spot one FBI agent,
and you know I will...

I disappear, and your friend
will have a slow, painful death.

Can't wait to see you.

- What are you doing?
- Getting backup units ready.

We can't take that risk.

It's a simple exchange.

We give her the diamond,

she gives us the antidote.

What makes you think
she'll keep her promise?

Because she won't
do anything to hurt me.

That includes letting Moz die.

As long as we have
the diamond, we have control.

With criminals,
control is everything.

I know the buyer
she'll contact.

I can find her.

You're an expert
at being a criminal,

and I'm an expert
at catching them.

We can save Mozzie

and put her back
where she belongs.

This is Agent Peter Burke.
I'm calling in a tactical alert.

Escaped prisoner
Rebecca Lowe will be

at Washington square park
in one hour.

Set up an invisible perimeter
two blocks from the park.

I want spotters on every roof.

- Wait.
- But no one enters the park.

No one.
You got that?

- It's too easy.
- Tell them I'm on my way.

Rebecca's smarter than this.

She has to have another plan.

Right again, Neal.

Hands where I can see 'em,
Agent Burke.

You too, Neal.
Hands up.

Move it, Burke.
Keep going.

Caught you
with your guard down.

Not the first time.

Nice haircut, by the way.

Ah, it's the real me.

Give me your gun, Agent Burke.


Okay, no problem.

You can always count on love
to cloud your critical thinking.

First with me,
then with Mozzie.

I doubt you could relate.

You'd be surprised.

Peter, don't.

Play nice, Agent Burke.

Killing feds does not
keep me up at night.

Just give it to her.

It's sweet how much Neal cares

about the man who shackled him.

Now your phones, both of them.

Now, are we carrying backup,
Agent Burke?

Show me the diamond.


I held up
my end of the bargain.

- Now tell me the antidote.
- I will. I promise.

As soon as I'm safely
out of the city.

- That wasn't the deal.
- It is now.

Let's go.

In you go, Burke.

Ah, one last thing.

Now I know what people mean
when they say

their skin is crawling.

Never bothered you before.

You're the boy scout
of con men.

Always prepared.

Get in.

We can't stop you now.

Just tell us the antidote.

One mistake I'll never make
again is underestimating you.

Bye, Neal.

Could have had a hell
of a time.

Ricinus communis.

Ricin is produced
from its beans.

Very deadly.

Based on the footprints,
it looks like she spent

some time with this plant.

This could be it,
unless she thinks

we're dumb enough
to follow them here.

Yeah, that's
what's bothering me.

A lot of footprints
around this one.

Yeah, but none over there.

And it looks like the dirt
was brushed over.

Atropos belladonna.

Commonly known
as deadly nightshade.

So it's definitely poisonous?

As little as two berries or
one leaf can kill a grown man.

Rebecca was trained by MI5,
but we learned

- from someone far sneakier.
- Caffrey.

- It's a misdirect.
- She was trying to lead us

towards those plants
and away from this one.

Things are getting really bad.

He thinks he's someone named
Marquis de Grouchy,

and he's talking to Napoleon.

Actually, that's the name

of Napoleon's top general
at Waterloo.

We think she gave Mozzie
atropos belladonna.

Tell the doctor
to give him a drug

- called physostigmine.
- Physostigmine?

- Are you positive?
- No.

But it's our best shot.

They said to give him a drug,
physostigmine, now.

Right now.

for belladonna poisoning.

We haven't got the results
from the test back yet.

Doctor, please.

The side effects
could be serious...

irregular heart rhythms,

even epilepsy.

I'm not giving it
until the tests come back.

- It might be too late.
- I'll tell them to rush

the tests on belladonna.

He could be dead by then!

Give it to him!
Give it to him now!

Prepare 50 milligrams
of physostigmine,

but have injections
of lorazepam

and epinephrine standing by

in case he has a bad reaction.


I've seen you slip out
of handcuffs

in less than a minute
with nothing.

When they're on my wrists.

an old escape artist trick

I use when
they're being put on.

Pump the veins and muscles
in your wrists and hands,

and when you relax them,

they're smaller and you
can slide off the cuffs.

I've given you way too much
insight into my world.

I thought you were leaving
that world.

Well, not tethered
to an anklet.

That's all you've got?
An old trick?

Unless you got a paper clip.

Step aside, Houdini.
I'll get us out of here.

Oh, if I knew you were looking
for a more elegant option.

It'll work.
Now kick.

On three, all right?

- A little teamwork.
- Yeah.

- One...
- Two...three.

You hear that?

It's the smartest way
off this island.

Yeah, which is usually her way.

- Agent Burke!
- All right.

- You were right.
- Agent Burke!

Agent Burke?

Agent Burke, your wife called.

- Is it Mozzie?
- Yes, sir.

I was to report to you that
he's been given an antidote.

He's responding to treatment.

Give me your phone now.

There's no reception
down here, sir.

We'll need to go out front.

I'm going after Rebecca.

Wait for me.
I'm calling for backup.

There's no time.

What can you do to stop her?

Give her a reason to stay.


Don't come any closer.
I won't graze you this time.

Can that helicopter
take both of us?

That diamond could buy us
a nice castle in Croatia.

We could live like royalty.

Sounds perfect.

The FBI's not listening.
It's just you and me.

And that helicopter can take us
anywhere we want to go.

How many times

do you think
I'm gonna fall for that?

You don't want me.
You've made that very clear.

I think you'll stay anyway.

Why would I stay?

'Cause you won't leave
without the diamond.

What are you talking about?

Check your pocket.

Check it.

Ah, nothing says "I love you"

like a brick.


You son of a bitch.

Hey, just a little
sleight of hand.

No big deal.

Maybe your critical thinking
got clouded.

I love how good you are.

- I hate how good you are.
- Give me the diamond.

I can't.

Neal, don't make me kill you.

I'll just take it
off your beautiful, dead body.

I don't have it anymore.

Where is it?

Local law enforcement
and every FBI agent

in New York are on their way.

Yes, sir.
I'll coordinate everything.

You just killed
your best friend.

No, Mozzie's recovering
as we speak.

Looks like
he's out of the woods.

Oh, and you're in the weeds.

Where are you going?

He's gone,
and he's not coming back.

He must have heard it
over the radio.

Every law enforcement officer
in New York

is headed here right now.

Then I'll just trade you
for the diamond.

You're going to get me
out of here,

one way or another.

Rebecca, you have
to know when it's over.

you have to stop running.

It's beautiful here.

Well, the leaf of one plant
strikes me down,

the fruit of another
restores me.

The circle of life.

Do you really think
you should be drinking

this soon after Waterloo,

Doctor's orders.

I was instructed to drink
a lot of liquids.

So where is this gem
I almost cashed in all my chips

to get?

Is that real?

They didn't make fakes
that good in 1886.

Can I hold it?

You know, after
he had the Hope diamond cut,

Louis XIV would wear it
on his pinkie.

He had
grotesquely large fingers.

So is this diamond
our path to easy street?

Yeah, who actually,
you know, owns that?

It's my duty
as a federal officer

to turn it over
to the state department.

Glad you're feeling better, Moz.
You ready?


That diamond is not meant
to be under bulletproof glass

with a bunch of tourists
in Bermuda shorts

gawking at it.

Better than being lost
behind a brick wall.

See ya.

See ya.

Hey, thanks for going

all Terms of Endearment
on the doctor for me.

It was fun.

Okay, that diamond
is ours, Neal.

We are gonna get it back.

You want to rob
the state department?

Well, it hasn't gone there yet.

It's our meal ticket.

It's supposed
to set us up for life,

in a perversely legitimate

There is no reason
to go after it illegitimately.

Come on, Moz.

It was never about the money.

Of course not,
but we could...

You think, if it goes missing,
Peter won't know

the first place to look?

My freedom is worth more than
anything that diamond could buy.

Sure it is.

Except your freedom
still eludes you.

- Am I in trouble?
- Nope. No trouble.

- Did Rebecca escape again?
- Oh, she's not going anywhere.


Then what?

Did I get a new handler?
Who's the lucky agent?

No one.

Well, it certainly isn't you.

You still look
like you're going somewhere.

I made a call to Bruce
in Washington.

I filled him in on your capture
of Rebecca Lowe.

I told him
you deserve your freedom.


He agreed.

He's meeting
with the FBI director

to put your release in motion.

Once he signs off,

it should only take a call
to the Attorney General

to get it done.


Shouldn't be more
than a couple of days.

But there is one condition.


You visit El and me
in Washington a lot.

I will be the house guest

that never leaves.

And if you don't
keep your promise,

if I find out
you've pulled even one caper,

I'm gonna leave
my cushy desk job

and hunt you down.

Just like old times.

With the same outcome.

- All right.
- Yeah.

- I'll see you in D.C.
- You got it.

Not getting the diamond
changes everything.

Well, finding it
helped buy my freedom,

and that is everything.

Except you'll be broke,

without even a government check
to pay your rent.

You don't know
how good that sounds.

No worries.

There's a lot of top feeders
just out of range

just waiting to be scaled.

I'm done, Moz.

I'm giving up the life.

- Oh, come on.
- I'm serious.

No more jobs.
No more fish metaphors.

Neal, if you're not a criminal,

then what are you?

That's what I want to find out.

You know, it's been five years
since I've seen Paris,

Bangkok, Istanbul.

When my anklet's off,
we can go.

Fine, and, while we're there,
if a whale swims by,

we can throw a harpoon.

A whale is not a fish,

so that metaphor is acceptable.

Monet kept painting
even when he was too blind

to find his easel.

Mick Jagger will keep touring

until he drops dead on stage.

You have to continue doing
what you're great at.

One of the many differences
between Mick Jagger and I

is that I face prison again
if I keep going.

That diamond was supposed
to be our retirement.

The Suit took that away.

He's helping you get
your freedom,

but with a future lacking
in the finer things.

For you, that's like
cutting off your oxygen.

Paris without money.

Is not the city of lights.

Hey, honey, what time
is the moving van

coming tomorrow?


Ooh, think we'll be ready?

Well, that's the thing
about deadlines...

we have to be.

Ugh, I'm gonna tackle upstairs.

No excuses for not joining me.

This is Peter Burke.

Oh, hey, Bruce.

Perfect weather for shorts.

When I lose my anklet,
I'm gonna go out

and buy a hundred pairs.

Glad you could come by.

- Why the serious face?
- Sit down.

Oh, okay, I get it.

You pretend to look
all serious,

then tell me
how the FBI director

and the Attorney General
discussed my case,

and it wasn't as open and shut
as they thought.

It should have been.

You've never been one
for the misdirect.

The Attorney General
was never called.

The FBI director
reviewed your record.

He told Bruce you blew
any chance of an early release

because of your escape
into Cape Verde last year.

What, and everything
I've done since doesn't matter?

It likely mattered a lot.

We have the highest
arrest record in the bureau.

- Yeah.
- Bruce thinks the real reason

he won't release you is because
you're such a big asset.

The bureau doesn't want
to lose you.

I screwed myself.

If you weren't good,

they would have revoked
your deal

and sent you back to prison.

So the game was rigged.

No, this isn't a game.

Everything is.

Don't do anything crazy, Neal.

This isn't over.

You okay?

How disappointed would you be

if we didn't move
to Washington?

What's wrong?

My request to release Neal
was denied.

They want him to serve
his sentence at White Collar.

That's not fair.

He earned it.

Exactly how I feel.

And now you
don't want to go to D.C.

It's all bureaucracy, El.

I mean, guys sitting
behind desks,

making decisions
about other people's lives

without being a part
of those lives

on a daily basis.

It's not me.

Well, hon, if...

then of course I'm okay.

Maybe I'll just...
I'll commute back and forth.

We could talk every night,

and it could be fun
to catch up on weekends.

If that's what you feel
you need to do.

Babe, it's
the National Gallery.

I mean, this is a
once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

You wouldn't expect me
not to take the job

just because you changed
your mind.

I wouldn't.

So the moral of this story...
the Suit can't be trusted.

It wasn't Peter.

That you know of, but, really,
what's the difference?

Suits by any other name
are still the enemy.

The question is, what now?

I cracked your old anklet.
I can crack this one.

But the real question remains,
do you want me to?

I want my freedom.

Any way I can get it.

Give me a week,
and we'll be back in business.

Try to make it sooner.

Restock your liquor cabinet.


Why are you following me?

Who are you?

I'm about to become
the last person on earth

who knows where you are.