White Collar (2009–2014): Season 5, Episode 5 - Master Plan - full transcript

Neal must go undercover as a butler to expose an imposter who aims to inherit a Manhattan family's fortune.

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If Mickey Mantle
had this much water pressure,

he'd have hit 60 before Maris.

After that, all you can talk
about is baseball and plumbing?


Oh, this game's going extra innings.

You think you can knock it out of the park?

- Oh, I know I can.
- Oh, yeah?

Oh, yeah.

You okay?

Yeah, that was weird.
I just got a chill.

Did you get your flu shot?
There's a bug going around.

I haven't been sick since 1996.

Now, come on, I'm up to bat,

- and you...
- You feel hot.

You look hot.

Well, this game's rained out.

- I'm taking your temperature.
- Oh, honey.

No, please, come on.
We can play through this.

All right?
Come on, batter up.

Open up.

Colony collapse, Neal.

That's what we're dealing with here.

Apis mellifera are dying off

in terrifying proportions.

Timmy Nolan Park.

People for the awareness
of near earth objects,

and now the plight of the honeybees.

Our nation's agriculture
depends on these drones.

Without pollination, there's no strawberries,

- no almonds...
- No grapes?

Is this about wine?

You have room for three hives.

That's three more beehives
than I want on my terrace.

I mean, is beekeeping even legal in New York?

Across all five boroughs.

I mean, where's the danger?

Swarms spring to mind.

Although a hive would be a decent hiding spot

for contraband.

And an excellent business opportunity.

Pollen, propolis, and honey

have been known for their healing properties

since Ancient Greece.

And Cleopatra bathed

in milk and honey, and, take it from me,

what it did for my undercarriage...

Okay. Start with one hive.

See you later.

Probably just allergies.

All those trees dropping pollen everywhere.

I do love how leafy this neighborhood is.

What is Neal doing here?

Does he have a tracker on you?

Told him I was walking you to work.

- Morning, Peter.
- Morning.

- Elizabeth.
- Morning.

Want me to carry that for you?

- You're casing her art.
- What?

You're casing my art?

You guys qualify

- for the friends and family plan.
- I don't know what that means.

Speaking of families...

Oh, yeah, that's unbelievable.

Figure your kid's dead...

Then after 15 years, Patrick
shows up at the front door.

How does a 14-year-old
evade an international manhunt?

When was the last time you saw him?

The summer before my junior year.

Oh, I fell in love with Europe.

We were going to museums in every city,

and it was one of the best
tutoring jobs I ever had.

But then he ran away from
boarding school in Switzerland,

and I never heard from him again.

Must be nice to have a father

who welcomes you home with old masters.

He wanted a lot of new pieces
before the homecoming party.

Oh, well, it will be nice to see him

and William, and, wow, Bea was just a baby.

- And of course Stanton.
- Who's Stanton?

The butler.
He was kind of the glue

- that kept the family together.
- Just one butler?

- Very frugal for gazillionaires.
- Okay, I'm leaving.

Hey, by the way, I'm gonna be
putting alarms on the art.


- Just one.
- What's going on?

- You sick?
- Come on.

The Mortensen Real Estate
scandal's not gonna solve itself.

I wish it would.

Mrs. Burke.
Do come in.

Stanton, you still can call me Elizabeth.

Unfortunately, I cannot.

Good day.

Dad, you can't fire him.

I'm telling you it's a violation
of labor rights.

Bea, when you have graduated
from Harvard Law,

we'll continue this conversation.

But Stanton didn't do it.

- Elizabeth.
- William.

- Is this a good time?
- Of course.

This is my daughter Bea.

I met you when you were a baby.

I've heard the stories.

And I'm not going to law school.

Elizabeth, my apologies.

Bea spends so much time
with her head stuck in novels

that the realities of life
are all the harsher.

Is it true about Stanton?

- What happened?
- He leaked the truth

about my health to the press.

It was damaging to my business
and a personal betrayal.

I'm really sorry to hear that.

How are you?

Well, blood sugar spikes like the market,

ticker's on Mile 24, but screw the doctors.

Now that Patrick's home,
I feel like I'm 40 again.

And? How is he?

Well, he's Patrick.

As you know, art was
the only thing we had in common,

and I'm still hoping
that's a way we can connect.

Liz Mitchell.
I'm coming in.


- You're taller.
- And lost the blue hair.

I like this better.

You are as beautiful as ever.


Yeah, that got us kicked out
of the Accademia in Florence.

Wow, you still have your scar too.

What was that name of the horse again?

- Cheval Chase.
- Yes.

Threw me clear over the fence at Stony Hill.

And that was the first
time I thought I'd lost you.

- I'm gonna go check on Bea.
- Okay.

All right, kid, I've got a lot of questions.

After mom died, I begged dad
to let me stay in the city

with him and Bea.

I was so sad about your mom.

Dad wanted me to go to Le Rosey.

- But I wasn't ready.
- Is that why you ran?

I was tired of living on his terms.

You were just a kid.

- How did you do it?
- Saved my allowance.

On a ski day, I snowboarded
from Zermatt to Cervinia,

sold my gear, hopped on a
train, and never looked back.

You put your family through hell.

What made you come back?


Rumors that he was sick
were all over the papers.

I came back for him, not for this life.

He's trying.

By buying me art?

It's his way of bonding.

- Let him.
- Okay.

Well, I remember your tastes.

We have Dutch masters, baroque,
abstract expressionists.

That one.

The Picasso.

The Homme Au Cornet?

I put this in as a joke.

Do you remember the Reina Sofia?

You called Guernica a bastard child

of cubist-surrealist mentovem

and accused Picasso of crimes against beauty.

I was a kid.

Tastes change.

You sure?

Yeah. I love it.

Well, I'll have the gallery send it over.

How's Downton Abbey?

I know this is gonna sound weird,

but I don't think Patrick
Wolcott is Patrick Wolcott.

It's his eyes.
They're the right color,

but it doesn't feel like him.

- You think he's an imposter?
- So it's possible.

Yeah, missing rich kids are a subset.

You got your Patty Hearsts,

your John Paul Gettys,
talented Mr. Ripleys.

William Wolcott is a perfect mark.

A very sick, emotionally fragile mark.

Will you look into it?

Yeah. I have
to run it by Peter, but...

How he's holding up?

I will find out.

How are you feeling?

Tip-top. Million bucks.

Even if he is a ringer, you're telling me

William Wolcott wouldn't know his own son?

Emotion is a con man's sweet spot.

And I have good reason to believe

that that is not the real Patrick.

- Better be good.
- It is.

- Better be damn good.
- It is.

Does your wife's intuition count?

- El called you?
- I did say you guys were

on the friends and family plan.

Is this some elaborate ruse
to avoid the Mortensen case?

Okay, that hurts my feelings,
because we're looking

at potential identity theft, fraud.

A family's fortune is at stake,

not to mention the charitable foundation.

Based on what?

Pablo Picasso.

Kid hated his work, and now he's
pushing Elizabeth to buy one.

You want me to launch into an investigation

based on a Picasso snafu?

Peter, this is like you
suddenly becoming a Red Sox fan.

I'd have to be...

I'm... you'd have to what?

I'd have to be a different person.

- Thank you.
- It's hot in here.

Yeah, you really don't look good.

- You should go home.
- I'm not going home.

I'm not sick.
I've never gone home sick.

You're gonna have to give me
more than Picasso.

Also suspicious...
Mr. Wolcott fired his butler

of over 30 years.

- Good help is hard to find.
- Or he was set up.

The smart move is to jettison

anyone who intimately knew the real Patrick.

We'd need a DNA test.

His father hasn't ordered one.

But Elizabeth could grab a hair
when she's over there.

Okay, I'm not sending
my wife in as a secret agent.

- So send me in.
- How?

The Wolcotts need a new butler.

- I can buttle.
- Buttle?

Yeah, it's a verb.

Neal Caffrey at your service.

I don't air dirty laundry.

I see that it's cleaned.

I did not speak with the press.

Oh, thank you.

Would you like one?

Excuse me.

One pours from the right.

Always from the right.
May I?

- Are you feeling warm, sir?
- I am.

But I've got my own, thanks.

Stanton, you're not under investigation,

but we do have questions about Patrick.

Do you have any reason
to believe this isn't him?

He's grown, of course.

But the mannerisms...

If it isn't, he's a brilliant study.

If he is a fraud, you could have exposed him.

He might have sabotaged you.

We need physical evidence.

A DNA mismatch would prove he isn't a Wolcott.

Thanks to Elizabeth's recommendation,

William hired me as your replacement.

Excuse me.

Rhett Carlyle, domestic artist.

He buttled in a castle in Hampshire.

It's a verb.

I am aware.

How long did you work in Hampshire?

Till he was caught with a princess.

Never caught.

But the evidence was overwhelming.

I didn't steal the silverware.

There is more to private service

than consorting with the landed gentry.

In addition to scheduling
valet and chauffeur duties,

one needs to develop
an acute sense of observation.

You wear your Oxfords
with a luster, not a shine,


Carpal tunnel in your wrist,

probably from years
of pouring from the right.

- And, Peter... Peter.
- Yes.

Muscle fatigue, dry lips,
watery eyes, nausea...

I am a brilliant study,
and this man has the flu,

so you might want to keep your distance.

My life's work has been
protecting that family.

I want that to matter.

Then tell me everything I need to know

about taking care of the Wolcotts.


Chauncey's ready for his walk.

Thank you, Miss Bea.

There's a reading of Franny
and Zooey at the 92nd Street Y.

I managed to secure you two tickets.

Mid-century American fiction.

My weakness.

Come on, Chauncey.

- Hey, Bea.
- Hey, Patrick.

Say hi, Chaunce.

How was your ride?

Every morning there's
something else I remember

- about this city.
- May I take your helmet, sir?

No, I am gonna fix the strap.

May I take your jacket?

No, I got it.

You must be thirsty.

My father thinks people need servants.

I don't.
I can take care of myself.

Of course.

Mr. Wolcott, the Times,
Herald, and Guardian

all open to the financial
section, and your Amaranth toast

with almond butter's in the dining room.

My blood sugar and I thank you, Carlyle.

- Elizabeth, good morning.
- Good morning, William.

- Carlyle.
- Good morning, Mrs. Burke.

Carlyle is wonderful.

- Where did you get him?
- Oh, he actually worked

for a family that I'm very close to.

The Picasso's coming this morning,

and I have a De La Tour to show you.

Let's have a look.

Nice uniform, slick.

The family hired a team
of private investigators...

worked with Interpol...

Hey, Peter, you try acetaminophen?


The daytime stuff, the nighttime stuff?

What about the pink stuff?


- Peter Burke.
- Yeah, stay in there.

- You're kicking me out?
- No!

No, no, no,
just... just taking

the appropriate medical precautions.


You can see the map, right?

Everything's good?

Patrick got out of Germany on a barge.

The family paid a ton in tips.

Most of them happened
right after he ran from school.

He was first spotted
at the train station in...


Peter, go home.

We got this.

Caffrey is doing his thing.

Go home.

Oh, I got my tie.


And it's the bottom of the eighth inning...

- Neal, hey.
- You sound terrible.

Where are you?

I'm working from home.

Mr. "No Sick Days"
went home.

Did you get the evidence?

It's gonna be harder than we thought.

I dusted Patrick's glass.
He wiped it.

- You sure about that?
- Yeah.

Hairbrush is clean.

and razor are sanitized.

The surfaces are spotless.

Either this guy's a total neat freak...

Or he has a reason to be living

without leaving a...

Is he this careful all over the house?

Yeah, he wouldn't even hand me
his bike helmet.

He's careful.

I think Elizabeth's right.

She usually is.

- I gotta go.
- He onto you?

It looks great, you guys.

Thank you so much.

Sorry, Liz.

Didn't mean to scare you.

It's okay.
I was just admiring the Picasso.

Remember those guards who threatened to call

the Policia when my manifesto
against cubism got too loud?

And I used every Spanish word
I knew just to charm them.

You promised that we would go to a bullfight

if I kept my mouth shut, which was a lie.

But we did go to Tapas at Casa del Abuelo,

and you let me have a cana,
which was sent over

by that matador who took a shine to you.



It all came back to me.



- Miss Bea?
- Would you mind keeping it down a little bit?

I'm working on a genealogy project.


I mistook it for snooping.

Seems we have
a pot-kettle situation.

No comment.

Find anything interesting?

Travel journal.

Fairly informative.

You know, I grew up hearing

all about my brother,
and now that he's actually here,

he's only told me things I already know.

Maybe you could ask about his travels.

It doesn't seem like
he really wants to talk to me.

I'm sorry, Miss Bea.

And now Stanton's fired,
and dad's really sick.

Soon he'll be gone too.

And then it'll just be me and Patrick.

And you don't want to be left
with someone you don't know.

Why are you in here?

I thought you could wear this
to dinner tonight, sir.

Tell my father no matter
how many designer coats

he crams in my closet, I'm not wearing one.

May I ask, how does a teenager
evade an international search?

Doctored my dorm mates' passports,

used 'em to cross borders,
and then traded 'em

when I needed supplies.

Bartered to conserve cash.

Colored contacts, a baseball cap.

Switched up your accents
and avoided Portofino in July?

Santorini was more my style.

- Is that your journal?
- Tales of my travels.

Looks like it got wet.

Dropped it in the Aegean.

You're lucky, sir.

- Why's that?
- After all this,

your father will take you back.

Why not put on a jacket,
make the old man happy?

Carlyle, you are something else.

Enjoy your dinner.

'Cause I got your print.

Honey, herbal tea.


And I got ginger.

And oscillococcinum.

I don't eat things that I can't say.

At least tell us how you lifted the cuff link

while I eat things I can't say.


Public display of affection?

Elizabeth, can I use your jacket?


I'm not sure I like this.

Clip this to your left sleeve.

This is not going to work.

Oh, it's gonna work.

I'm gonna steal something
right off your wrist.

- Watch.
- Oh, I'm watching.

Proximity manipulation.

Diversion technique.

Attention control.

Proximity, diversion, attention.


It's still there.

From your other wrist.

I even told you what I was gonna steal.


You have a gentle touch.

Oh, oh, that's enough.

Hey, Jones.

Oh, better.

Got it.

Well, do you have a magic trick
that can turn bad news

- into good news?
- Why, what's up?

The prints on the cuff link

were perfect, except they belong to a person

who's never committed a crime.

And it wasn't common to fingerprint kids

when Patrick was younger,
so he's not in the database.

I could send it to Quantico
for a mitochondrial DNA test.

That takes too long.
I can get some actual DNA,

and we can run the test here.

Return the cuff link and try my technique.


- G.A.F.
- Grab a fork.

literally steal the silverware.

You're a cliche.

Get over it.

He's grumpy when he's sick.

Lean back.

- Hey, what's up?
- Oh, hey. Yeah.

How's life on Golden Pond?


And I see you opened the Brunello.

Oh, yeah, I saved you...

- Enjoy.
- Thanks.


Oh, for once I'm not the only one in the room

- with a buzz.
- It's loud for one hive.

I may have acquired three.

Skinny Gianetta got nabbed,
so his wife put out feelers.

So in addition to me
being undercover as a butler

and taking care of Peter,

I'm now the guardian of orphan bees.

What ails the Suit?

It's that flu that's going around.

That's perfect.

It seems fitting that a man of his persuasion

should be my Guinea pig.

18 amino acids packed into an antimicrobial,

honey-based tonic

that will rid you of your symptoms

and also cure warts, elevate your mood,

and enhance performance.

Thank me later.

- Or don't.
- Don't.

I'm supposed to drink this?

One now, the second in two hours,

and the third within four hours of the first.

Oh, I must be crazy to even consider this.

Could you feel any worse?

Probably not.

I got to get to the Wolcotts.

Feel better, Peter.

I'll stay here and observe.

Observe what?
What's gonna happen?

Well, the first 15 minutes...
well, let's see.

- Well, it's going to happen.
- Dad, it's not what I want.

It's what I want.
Consider that.

My attorney is sending it over.

- May I take your cup?
- No.


So this conversation's over.

In my mind it is.

Let's talk about something else.

Did you know that Picasso used
to burn his own work for warmth?

That's right.
He did.


Oh, this was a mistake.

It was supposed to go
to the business manager.

Here you go.

- Thank you.
- Good afternoon.

Time for vial number two.

Where'd Mozzie go?

He needed to check on his queen.

Assuming he meant bee,

- but with him...
- You never know.

This came for you.

I can't open it.
It's for William Wolcott.

But it's addressed to Peter Burke.

You know, I think your wife

had to open it for you
because you're extremely sick.

Besides, no one will ever know.

We can just reseal it.

Neal's a very bad influence on you.

- Oh, yes.
- Wow. That was perfect.

Neal found out

what Patrick's after...
a trust fund.

He was supposed to inherit it when he was 21.

They're redoing the paperwork today.

- $40 million.
- Yeah.

Honey, if he gets that, he's gonna disappear.

William's heart can't take that.

I got to let him know what's going on.

Bring William to the FBI.

I want to talk to him.

I'm not sure what this Patrick is capable of.

He could be dangerous.

Babe, look, this is
a hard conversation to have

with a father, and it needs
to come from a friend.

Besides, you need to take it easy.

No, I don't want to take it easy.

- I feel better.
- Well, that's great.

I'll let you know how it goes
at the Wolcotts', okay?

Besides, I want you to lay down.

William, I'm not trying to upset you.

Being married to an FBI
agent has made you cynical.

It's time for your Insulin, sir.

This has nothing to do with Peter, okay?

- I was fooled too.
- I'm offended, Elizabeth!

The whole house can hear you.

- This is ridiculous.
- Patrick should have no problem

- consenting to a blood test.
- You don't believe me?

Draw the blood right now.

I don't need this, Patrick.

She does.

How many others think you're a fool?

I won't stick a needle into my own son.


I'll do it.


Test it.

The house is equidistant from the avenues,

but we don't want him to get that far.

Entry and exit points

of the Wolcott residence, upper windows too.

We're gonna have three agents
by the utility van,

- two more undercover...
- Three more.

Look, Peter, you're a biohazard.

I'm on the mend.

I swear.

And after this...

What is it?

I don't know.

- Mozzie gave it to me.
- Oh, God.

It works.

I'm in on this bust.
My wife is in there.

When it all goes down,
we'll move in for the arrest.

Good boy.
Come on, Chauncey.

It looks like Mozzie's tincture's working.

I'm coming off the DL.

Disabled list.

Did you check out the lab
they used to test the blood?

It's reputable.

I put an agent there
in case Patrick tried anything.

William had the sample
picked up from the house.

I sealed it and handed it
to the technician myself.

So Patrick didn't tamper with it.

No, but I'm sure he has something planned

when the DNA comes back a mismatch.

I want to know what it is.

Check one, two.

Check one, two.

I'll keep an eye on Elizabeth.

Come on, Chaunce.
Come on.

That's a good boy.

Everything all right, Miss Bea?

The blood tests are back.

What we have here, Carlyle,
is a real moment of truth.

Everyone, I have news,
and you need to hear it.

You've all been working very hard

to prepare for the party on Sunday,

but there's been a change of plans.

The celebration will now take place tomorrow.

I don't want to wait any
longer to welcome home my son.

I'm so glad to be back.

I shouldn't have put you through this.

- The DNA was a match.
- Also I want to thank Elizabeth

for all that she's done.

Today is her last day.

William, I'm sorry.

You know I was just thinking of you and Bea.

The days I have left
with my son are numbered.

Forcing him to do this, he could
have walked out the door,

and it would have been your fault.

I'll send your check.

What did I do?

Well, I'm fired,

and you don't have to be a butler anymore.

I can't just leave.

Maybe I'll see how French
that maid really is.

I tried to talk to my father,

but you know how stubborn he is.

Well, he's upset with me,
and I can understand that.

I already took Chauncey on his walk.

Well, I heard him coughing.

I'm gonna take him to the vet.

Well, if he's not feeling well,

- he shouldn't walk.
- It's not far.

It is if he can't breathe.

Don't worry.
I'll drive them.

I'll get the car.

Good day, Mrs. Burke.

Take care, Patrick.

You too, Liz.

Wait here, and don't move the car.

Yes, sir.

Hey, Peter.
Patrick hates the dog.

Now he's bringing it to the vet.

I heard.
You're wired.

You've gone from My Man Godfrey
to Ace Ventura.

I'm telling you, he's got another move.

Neal, recon only.

You find anything, you pull me in.

You got it.

- Hey.
- Hey.

I feel good.
Really good.

You and the Wolcotts' dog.

Patrick went to the vet for himself.

I watched the tech
remove something from his arm

- right here.
- Plastic?

- Yeah.
- Look like a vein?

I don't know.
It was about 2/3 this size.

That's a Penrose drain.

There was a case in Florida...

a guy implanted one

to fool a DNA test.

Filled with someone else's blood?


That's why Patrick drew his own.

This blood was fresh.

Which means 48 hours ago

the real Patrick Wolcott was alive.

And in New York.

You know, we're kind of good at this.


William's signing over
the trust fund tomorrow.

And once fake Patrick gets what he wants...

he won't have any reason to keep
the real Patrick around.


We pulled in the vet tech.

Of course he denies
implanting a Penrose drain.

We searched the property.
No signs of the tubing.

We're holding him on suspicion
so he can't tip Patrick off?

You better believe it.

Well, we won't get a warrant
for another DNA testing

without permission from the family.

Why don't we just grab the bastard

and tell him we know about the drain?

Tempting, but we have no leverage.

So let's get some leverage.

How do we do that?


Yeah, yeah, Picasso.

All right, our imposter
learned everything he could

about Patrick's life.

But he didn't know Elizabeth's Picasso story,

which proves he doesn't know everything.

Yeah, and he doesn't know
what he doesn't know.

We need to ask him

something that he thinks
only the real Patrick

- knows the answer to.
- And give him a reason

to get that answer.

Elizabeth asks him about Picasso...

the next morning he knows everything.

The bike rides.

He goes on one every morning.
It's always for an hour.

That's got to be
how he's keeping Patrick alive.

And how he got the Picasso story.

- And the blood.
- Jones, get a radius

set up in op...
car, bike, foot, whatever.

Make sure we stay on him wherever he goes.


Patrick was gone for 15 years.

He probably didn't meet
the imposter right away.

The first time he was spotted
after he ran away

from boarding school was at Dusseldorf.

And that's where Leo Kovak comes in.

Who is Leo Kovak?

He's the reason fake Patrick
has to get the answer.

Who is Leo Kovak?

I'm Leo Kovak?

You are a very angry Croatian.

You work for the Von Kesslers,

and you want to know what the
hell happened in Dusseldorf.

What happened in Dusseldorf?

It's... it's got to be
more convincing.

- What happened in Dusseldorf?
- Nothing.

But Patrick doesn't know that.

Croatians invented neckties,

and I'm sure you've got
something in your closet

that screams enraged Balkan.

I can't do Croatian.

I'm going Polish.

Let's pick out that tie.

Mr. Kovak is here to see you.

I'm a friend of the Von Kesslers.

Of course.
The Von Kesslers.

It's been a while since Dusseldorf.

Thank you, Carlyle.

I followed you and your story
in the papers, Patrick.

That's how we found you.

I'm sorry.
Do I...

You should be sorry for what you did.

- Sir, I don't understand.
- Don't play stupid.

Don't start crying.

The Von Kesslers pay me
to handle their problems.

Is there any way I can pay
them for this inconvenience?

You think you can put
a price on what you did?

That money can make this go away?

They want answers.

Compliments of the chef.

Anything else, sir?

A pen and something to write.

Call me. We can make Dusseldorf
go away.

But if you don't, I'll see you
at your party tonight.

I'll show myself out.

If I may, sir...

that threat didn't sound hollow.

I'm going for a bike ride.

Enjoy the fresh air.

He's exiting the park
at Morningside and 116th.

I've got him.

I wouldn't peg you for a fed in this car.

Perimeter is all set.

We'll pinch Patrick at the location.

While we're waiting, may I...

Thanks, Leo.

North on Manhattan.
Handing off.

Listen to that!

Hard turn, 114th.

Agent down!
We lost the suspect!

Neal, get out.

I'm a butler.
I'm trained for this.

Call an ambulance.

All agents to First Avenue and 114th street.

Agent Burke and Caffrey are en route.

Team two has him.
West on 116th.

This is 116th.


- Neal.
- Don't look.

I have to look.
I can't help it.

There he goes.

Lost sight of the suspect

at the corner of Morningside and 115th.

That must be some butler college.

Where's he keeping Patrick?

He was just here.
Got to be somewhere close.

All right, we're gonna
have to go door to door.

I want a team on this building, down there,

and a team across the street.

Team two, let's go.

- Hey, Peter.
- Yeah, what do you have?

This may be a long shot, but
Patrick said he dropped

his travel journal in the Aegean.

Not exactly the Aegean,
but let's have a look.

For the last time, Dusseldorf.

- What the hell happened?
- Nothing happened

- in Dusseldorf.
- The Von Kesslers are pissed,

and this Kovaks guy is coming after you.

I don't know any of these people.

Okay, fine.


We'll do this the hard way.

The hard way is
what's gonna happen if you don't

put that taser down.
Peter Burke, FBI.

Cuff him.

- I'm not a butler.
- Let's go.

Everything's gonna be okay, all right?

- Patrick.
- Dad.

I wanted him to be you so
much, I let myself believe.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry I let him into our lives.




You should know, I'm used
to being an only child.

Patrick and Keith...
that's his real name...

met on Santorini.

People said they could pass for brothers.

When Patrick decided to come home,

Keith offered to come with him.

He took Patrick hostage, read his journals.

That man stole his life.

And now he's got it back again.

- Thanks to you.
- Thanks to us.

Are you up for some...
some baseball?

- A night game?
- Yeah.

I figured we could pick up where we left off.

I could probably...

Oh, no.

Damn it.

I'll call Mozzie.

Wait, wait, wait, hold on.

If you've had this flu
already, I think we're safe.