White Collar (2009–2014): Season 5, Episode 4 - Controlling Interest - full transcript

Peter sends Neal undercover with a psychiatrist who may be manipulating her patients into committing robberies.

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Previously on White Collar...

Curtis Hagen was granted
early release from prison today.

The Mosconi Codex.

You want me to risk jail
for a little light reading?

Special Agent David Siegel.

You must be my new handler.

Must be.

Does the name Teddy Winters
mean anything to you?

They found me.

Well, we kept you
out of prison.

Yeah, that cost me everything.

The codex.

This relationship
is working wonderfully.

- When does it end?
- When I get what I want.

We'll find out
who did this, Neal.

I promise.

David Siegel.

Found on the corner of Linden
and Central in Bushwick.

Cause of death was a gunshot
wound to the sternum.

He bled out instantly.

We retrieved a shell casing
from the scene.

9-millimeter caliber round
from a Smith & Wesson 539 series.

This image was taken
from a traffic cam in the area.

The subject
is still unidentifiable.

15 days have passed,

and we are no closer to figuring
out who did this and why.

The working theory stands
that Agent Siegel was a victim

of an indiscriminate mugging
gone wrong.

His wallet and firearm
are still missing.

Our division has dedicated
all of its resources

to this investigation.

But the truth is
we had caseloads beforehand,

and those caseloads
still need to be resolved.

So the joint operation center
will remain in this building,

and a team of agents will
continue to pursue all leads.

The remainder of you will resume
your active assignments.

The best way
we can honor David Siegel

is by doing our jobs.

Counseling remains available to
anyone who still needs to talk.

That's all.

You okay?

Yeah. I am.
What's going on?

You got any updates
on Caffrey's status?

His house arrest
is still in effect.

Yeah, well,
he can't stay there forever

if you're gonna use him.

He needs a handler.

Ah, bonsoir.

What's with the bathrobe?

The water pressure's weak
in the guest room.

I needed to borrow your shower.

How much longer
are you staying here?

Just until I get myself on
some financially secure footing.

Okay if I air dry
on the terrace?

No, Moz.
Tell me how I can help.

Big Brother burned
through all of my resources.

No safe houses, no capital.

What's worse,
the Federal Bureau of Invasion

has confined you
to this impenetrable dog pound.

- It's my apartment.
- A sublimely spacious cell.

Does that make you my cellmate?

I prefer the term

That sounds like
you just won a prison pageant.

A, I could.
B, I'll think of a better term.

Still working on the codex?

I'm trying to keep
my mind occupied.

And it's not working.

I can't stop
thinking about Siegel.

Can't stop wondering
if it was my fault in any way.

- If Hagen somehow...
- Stop right there.

The body was found in Bushwick.

That's where Hagen and I met
a few hours earlier.

It's not a coincidence.

is fate's favorite tool.

You're condemning yourself

because there's
no one else to blame.

I can't do anything
while I'm stuck here.

I'd be better off
with a new handler

or even thrown back in prison.

The Suit will never
let that happen.

New assignment?

The department
needs a few wins right now.

Is that why you called me in?

- We're going back to work.
- We?

Oh, Peter, thank you, but you
don't have to do that for me.


I make decisions around here,
and I've decided

that I'm going to
actively pursue investigations.

- That's what we do.
- Where do we start?

- Accounting scam.
- Can we start over?

You don't get to choose.
I choose.

Our first case
should be a good one.

This is a good one.

- Now, look here...
- I just fell asleep.

Don't grab me.
I'm cooperating.

Well, calm down,
or I'm gonna throw you in cuffs.

Hey, what's going on?

Guy strolled into the lobby
two minutes ago.

Said he needs
to talk to the FBI.

Found this on him.

I need to confess to a crime.

Looks like it is
gonna be a good one.

Nate Griffith.
In and out of lockup since '98.

Liked to knock off banks
for a while there, didn't you?

That was a long time ago, okay?

I had dues to pay,
and I paid 'em.

- Mm-hmm.
- I've been trying to do right

by my family ever since.

- Your family.
- I've got a son.

Andrew. He's...
he's seven.

Why don't you
walk me through this?

Okay, okay.

So I'd heard about this
securities vault in Manhattan

that supposedly had
2 million in cash in it.

Who told you about it?

Just heard.
I don't know.

Look, the more you withhold...

I'm not trying to, I swear.

What's the name of the company?

It's Kaplan Securities.

So I-I figured out
how to bypass the lock system

in the rear of the building.

I just went straight to
the vault, and I cleaned it out.

What did you use
to crack the vault?

I think I had the combination.

You think?

I'm telling you the truth.

All right, look,
you gotta understand,

this whole thing...it's like
some sort of bad dream.

It's only coming back to me
in bits and pieces.

But all I know
is that I couldn't stop.

Where was
the rest of that money?

It's...it's in Grand Central
in a locker, um...

in number 941.


Yeah, see, this isn't a game.

With your priors,
you're looking at ten years.

I know that.

Look, an hour ago, I was
walking to Grand Central

to get the rest of the cash,
and I just...

I kept thinking
about what I'd done,

how I'd broken that promise
to myself and my family.

And then bam...I get hit
by this cab, outta nowhere.

That's how I got this.

Look, it was a wake-up call.

I cannot set
a good example for my son

if all I'm gonna do is relapse.

We found those in Griffith's
bag...could explain his behavior.

He's got a pill
for every color of the rainbow.

Xanax, valium, ativan...

Heavy doses too,

all authorized
by the same psychiatrist.

Dr. Mara Summers.

Here. Drink this.


You don't seem
like those other guys.

That's 'cause I'm not.

In fact, I used to be
a lot like you.

You robbed banks?

I did a lot of things.

The point is I was able
to turn myself around

just like you're trying to do.
You can be straight with me.

Is there anything else
you remember?

I know
you're trying to help me,

but I honestly can't,
Mr. Caffrey.

Don't ever call me
Mr. Caffrey.

It's Neal.
Come on.

All right, keep looking.
Update me in 20.

I sent a team to check
the lockers at Grand Central.

There's nothing there.

This gets stranger
by the minute.

I don't like it.


Guy walks into the FBI
with stacks of cash

and begs you to cuff him.

- I'd think that was your catnip.
- I don't have catnip.

- Oh, everybody has catnip.
- Yeah? What's yours?

Real Housewives.

Can't get enough.

Money has Griffith's prints
all over it.

We're running
the serial numbers.

What do you have?

Texture feels funny in the
top-left corner of every bill.

I'm gonna need a closer look.

Marked bills.

Cash could've been used
in a controlled buy or payoff.

Or it's from another score.

Yeah, is it possible
our guy stole money

that was already stolen?

I think Neal and I
should check out that vault.

FBI here to see the manager.

That's him there.

Familiarize yourself
with the database

starting with the client roster
on your desktop.

After that,
I want you to categorize

this month's financial packages
by date and time.

- Are you getting all of this?
- Yes, sir.

Back to your desk, then.

Apologies, gentlemen.

It's his first day.
How can I help you?

Special Agent Peter Burke,

and this is
my coworker Neal Caffrey.

How you doing?

We're here about the break-in
that happened last week.


This morning a known felon
walked into our offices

to confess to emptying the
contents of vault number four.

Oh, impossible.

None of our clients
have reported anything missing,

and I assure you
our security is top-notch.

you could use an upgrade.

The U.L. approval
on your vaults is class I.

That means they can be breached
in 30 minutes or less.

I mean, you need
the right cutting wheel

and carbide drill, of course.

- My advice, go class III.
- Could I see the vault?

Uh, we're very protective

about our clients' possessions
and anonymity.

Without a warrant,

this is all the info
I can give you.

Feel free to call
if you have further questions.


Well, if the cash in the vault
was illegally obtained,

it makes sense
that whoever owns it

wouldn't want
to report it missing.

Unless they want
to go to prison too.

But this is all speculative.

It's not good enough
for a warrant.


If we can't
get a look at the vault,

maybe we can find out
who owns it.


Thank you.

What's the play?

Well, Kaplan Securities
is going to have

more than one
new employee today.

- You still have that brochure?
- Yeah.



- Watch your fingers.
- Peter...

You've done this before.

Instant glue.

Well, it'll do in a pinch.

You frighten me.

Actually, you're usually
the frightening one.

You have any pictures
in your wallet?

Can I help you?

Eric Roberts.
I'm your supervisor.

Mr. Epstein didn't
say anything about you.

- I have to call and...
- What, you and Mr. Epstein

are the only employees here?

Look, I know you have those
financial packages to work on,

but this man takes precedence.

Mr. Wilcox is
a premier importer and exporter

up and down the East Coast,

and he'd like
to open an account.

He would.

That means start-up papers.

That isn't protocol.
We have a system.

- You better make this work.
- Very good, Mr. Wilcox.

I've been here for five years,

you've been here
for five seconds.

Start up paperwork.

Third office, down the hall,
left-hand side.

Of course. Of course.
I'll be right back.

All right.
Vault number four.

Keep a lookout.


Technically I should
get a court order

to go through that computer.

Well, good thing
your CI doesn't need one.


There are 250 clients
in this database.

Narrowing it down
by vault number.

I found it.

Vault number four.

That's strange.

It's not registered
to a person.

To what, then?

To a corporation.
Niteowl Holdings.

- Thank you.
- Thank you very much, sir.

That's good enough.


It's a dummy corp.

Someone is using Niteowl
as a front.

Whoever Griffith stole from
covered their identity nicely.


Gentlemen, I got a lead
on those marked bills.

Two months ago, a Manhattan
mutual truck was cleaned out.

Now it's the bank's policy
to mark all currency

in case any kind
of theft occurs.

NYPD had a suspect,
just couldn't nail him.

Shane Jacoby.
Priors for assault.

And likely CEO
of Niteowl Holdings.

So Griffith and Jacoby
don't know each other,

but they're linked.

I might've found that link.

Shane Jacoby received
a court-ordered treatment

from a psychiatrist who
prescribed Griffith his meds.

Dr. Mara Summers.

There are
five common stages to ICD,

beginning with the impulse
and ending with guilt

or lack thereof.

It is that final...

This is an interesting area
of expertise.

Yeah, I can see
why Griffith went to her.

I found the patient
who experiences guilt

from his actions
is most likely to fall back

into the original
destructive pattern.

This is generally the case with
the bulk of reformed criminals

I've worked with in my studies.

More on that
in tomorrow's lecture.

Thank you all for coming.

She's got clients prone
to commit crimes,

and she's got
access to their heads.

She could be manipulating them.

Or she could
just be doing her job.

Only one way to find out.

- Excellent, thank you.
- Thank you.

Dr. Summers.

I'm sorry, you are...

My name's Neal Caffrey.

I'm a convicted felon,
and I need your help.

Your work and research on ICD
is impressive, to say the least.

I have a predilection
for its study.

Oh, Dr. Summers, this is
the man I told you about, Peter.

My parole officer.

How long have you been
keeping an eye on Mr. Caffrey?

- Eternally, some might say.
- I have to be honest.

Most of my work with
reformed criminals is pro bono.

Right now
I simply don't have time

to take on any new patients.

Oh, I'm not asking you
for a free session.

- I'm expensive.
- Won't be a problem.

Peter, would you mind briefly
giving Dr. Summers my resume?

Briefly? Right.

Well, Neal's been convicted
of bond forgery.

He's also been implicated
in over four dozen

works of counterfeit art.

And there's also the fact
that he's still a suspect

in several ongoing high-profile
federal investigations.

- For what, exactly?
- Pick something.

Bottom line, money may not
be a problem for a guy like me.

I didn't hear that.

My office,
1:00 P.M. tomorrow.

I look forward
to working with you.

Nice job.

Two criminals,
same psychiatrist.

I think she's looking after
herself more than her clientele.

It's possible she had a patient

steal from another patient,

but it's the how of all this
that bothers me.

You can't put the idea
of a heist in someone's head

without them knowing about it.

Peter, it's not that odd.

Think of a number
between one and ten.

No, I hate it when you do this.

Just think of a number.

Two, three, four, five,

- You got it?
- Yup.

Now say it out loud
in your head.

"Seven, seven, seven,"
for example.

I know what you're doing.
It's not seven, Neal.

No, it's nine.

Okay, how did you do that?

Before I asked you
to think of a number,

I used the word "odd"
in a sentence.

So naturally,
you'll choose an odd number.

- Then?
- Then I made your mind

subtly cross off options
by saying

"two, three, four, five"
and "seven" aloud.

Which leaves
the numbers one and nine.

And nobody chooses one
because it's too obvious.

Nine is more obscure,
so that's what you go with.

That's good.
Okay, but the point of all this.

In less than 20 seconds,

I got you
to the number I wanted.

Now think of Griffith
and Summers.

With that much
time and influence,

she could make him
do anything she wanted.

This guy's innocent.

I need more, Neal.

When you're with Summers,
find something tangible

that links her or Griffith
to Jacoby's cash.

What are you gonna do?

I've got
Shane Jacoby's work address.

I'm gonna go down there and see
if I can find a connection

between him
and Niteowl Holdings.

Neal, be careful.

I do not want this therapist
getting inside your head.

I'm a wall.


Tell me, what kind of change

are you looking to make
with your life?

I guess I'm looking
for some normalcy.

Thank you.

And what if
that's not possible?

That doesn't sound
very encouraging.

I'm not here to encourage you.

I'm here to help you discover

the truth about yourself,
so you can accept it.

I have to accept
that I can't be normal?

You're too interesting
to be normal.

What makes me so interesting?

Your pathological assumption
that you need to be

the smartest person in the room
at all times.

Maybe you're the one
assuming things.

According to all these diplomas
on your wall,

you're a lot smarter than me,
but then again,

those are just papers,
not people.

Do you think
you're good with people?

- No more than you.
- It's my job.

Mine too.

You have
an aggressive approach.

And you're already withholding.

But that's natural.

We need to know one another
better to build trust.

You don't think
I'm being honest?

Not yet.

But you will be.

In time.

Mr. Jacoby!

Peter Burke, FBI.

What do you want?

I'd like to talk to you

regarding your vault
at Kaplan Security.

Don't know
what you're talking about.

Okay, let's try that again.

Where were you
on September 4th of this year?

NYPD tried to pin
that truck on me.

They had nothing.
Same as you.

All right,
all right, calm down.

I don't like accusations.

Well, then you
shouldn't be a criminal.

I especially don't like
that accusation.

It's not an accusation.
It's a fact.

Read your rap sheet.
Aggravated assault.

You busted the nose
of a security guard

and three of his fingers.

That's not who I am anymore.

Tell me about Niteowl Holdings.

Never heard of that either.

You're talking to the wrong guy,
Agent Burke.

Well, that's doubtful,
but one more question.

How did those court-ordered
anger management sessions go

with Dr. Mara Summers?

Either take me in on something,
or let me get on with my day.

Nice hat.

You went
to Brooklyn Residential High.

What sport did you play?

All state in wrestling.
Are we done?

Mm, not quite,

but you can get on
with your day now, Mr. Jacoby.

Oh, you know that vault
that was in Kaplan Security,

the one
with the $2 million cash in it?

It's all gone now.

But you knew that.

Or you didn't know that.

Well, now you do.
Have a good day.

- Job.
- Confined.

- Jealousy.
- Weak.

- Money.
- Prop.

- Women.
- Hope.

- Peter.
- Worthy.

- Theft.
- Capable.

- Caught.
- Oops.

You make something from that?

It's too early to diagnose.

But you've got something.

Your answers
are unique in summation.

I assure you
I can handle it, doctor.

Your behavior is sociopathic.

I'm sorry?

You work on perception,
the perception of others.

How you think they'll feel.

This influences
your actions and thoughts

more so than your own emotions.

Deceit and manipulation are
the essential characteristics

of the disorder...
you excel at both.

Deceit and manipulation
are generalities

that can apply
to anyone who lies,

and everyone lies,
including you, Dr. Summers.

That may be true,

but not everyone
believes their own lies.

Why would I delude myself?

Because you don't want anyone
to see your vulnerabilities.

I don't strike you
as confident.

Confident people
admit to their flaws.

You don't.

Instead you smile a lot.

You're confident.
What are your flaws?

I can be aggressive,
like you pointed out earlier.

I also pick at my nails
when I get nervous.

Nobody's perfect.


The harder a person
fights to be perfect,

the more he suppresses
his true nature.


I'm reformed.

Are you?

Just because a person
starts doing good things

doesn't mean he wants
to stop doing bad things.

Of course not.

Because everyone
has done something bad

at some point in their life,
even you.

This is not about me.

I thought confident people
could admit to their flaws.

- You're redirecting...
- So are you.

Because you're uncomfortable.

You don't think
that I can change.

I'm asking
if you really want to.

I'm sorry.
I don't feel well.

Like I said, try to relax.

I have a few more questions
for you.

What's happening?

We're using
a new form of therapy.

- You drugged me.
- I'm helping you.

I'm helping you.

What I want is for you
to simply tell me the truth

about who you are,
what you really do,

and why you're really here.

I am ready to begin
when you are.


You okay?

What happened?

We began to practice
hypnotherapy technique.

You were out
for quite some time.

You had trouble waking.

Are you sure?

Perhaps you could use
something to eat

or a glass of water.

No, I should go.

Would you like me
to call you a cab?

No. No.

I'm fine.

- Peter.
- Yeah.

Got this from Brooklyn
Residential's archives.

The year Jacoby graduated.

That's him.

That's the team
that won all state. The Owls.

I remembered the mascot
when I saw his hat.

Championship year for the Owls,

led by team captain
Shane Jacoby.

for his aggressive takedowns

and late-night practices,

earning him the nickname
the Night Owl.

And there is our link
to Niteowl Holdings.

Call NYPD, have
our nostalgic friend brought in.

Sounds good.

Summers is onto me.

What are you talking about?

I don't know,
but she dosed me with something.

She got me to talk, I can't even
remember what I said to her.

I passed out.

Do you know what it was?

No, I have no idea.

She must've slipped it
into my water.

Okay, we're gonna
get you a tox screen ASAP.

Peter, if that's the case,

we have enough
to arrest Summers right now.

If we bring her in now,
there's a good chance we won't

find the money she stole.
Griffith won't be cleared.

That's how she made you.

Yeah, I saw
Dr. Summers again.

And you told her
I was an FBI agent.

Yeah, and he was a consultant.

What are you up to?


Look, I didn't know
you were investigating her.

How could I have known?

Look, I had to talk to someone
after everything that happened.

Jacoby's not at his residence
or any known location.

Looks like he went off-grid.

We're gonna have
to track him down.

Look, I-I didn't mean
for any of this to happen.

Look, you did the right thing
coming here.

Only after the fact.

What if I can't change?

What if I can't be
anything more than...

A criminal?

Good night, Cinderella.


Oh, it's a drug.
Good night, Cinderella.

It's most likely what Summers
spiked your drink with.

Very popular
with the working girls of Rio.

I've heard stories.

You've heard them or have them?

What's the difference?

The difference is
you've been using my towels.

What did you put in my fridge?

Oh, I made some hongeo.

- Can you please unmake it?
- It's a delicacy.

It's rotted Korean skate fish.

Fantastic with, um,
kimchi and rice wine.

I thought you'd like some.

All right,
if you are gonna live here,

you can no longer cook here.

Jealous of my refined palate?

I am surprised
that one even exists.

Good night, Cinderella.
You were saying.

Oh, it's a combination of GHB,
ketamine, and flunitrazepam.

The girls give it
to their Johns,

and then they do whatever they
want while under the influence.

Empty out their bank accounts,

hand them the keys
to their car.

Next day, most guys
don't recall anything happening.

They just chalk it up
to having too much fun.

And you think
Summers knows about this?

Well, anything's possible
with pharmacology.

She's a psychiatrist.

She does have
a degree in the field.

She's working with
so many so-called criminals,

she could've picked up
a trick or two.

I need to find out
what I told her.

I could've told her everything.

And not just about this case.

What if I said
something about Hagen?

- Or Siegel?
- There's a way to find out.


- Recovered memory therapy.
- What do you know about it?

It's simple.

I drink too much wine,
I forget things.

In order to remember them,
I drink more wine.

I'm sure you do.

To recover a memory,
it's often most effective

to recreate the conditions
one was experiencing

at the time
of that memory's loss.

So what you're saying

is I need to go back down
the rabbit hole?

Look, even if I were
gonna consider this,

would you be able to find
this stuff on the street?

No, of course not.

I'd have to make it for you.

You're sure this is the exact
combination that Summers used?

Mm, pretty sure.

One of the few certainties
in life

is that persons of certainty
should certainly be avoided.

That does not
make me feel better.

I made a few modifications.

I added a mild stimulant
to prolong your vision quest.


The more time you spend awake
in this altered state,

the better
our chances of success.

And there are
no lasting effects.

No, in fact you'll be

in complete control
of your faculties,

thanks to my added
potassium stimulant.

As long as I wake up
when it's over.

Neal, you'll be fine.

I am your Sherpa guide.

Your spirit animal

for this fantastic voyage
you're about to embark upon.

Trust me.
This is the solution.

Boa noite Cinderela.

Remember the office.

The shapes,
the textures, the view.

Dr. Summers is sitting
across from you.

She's waiting for you
to lose your inhibitions.

What is she saying?

I'm ready to begin
when you are.

Take a deep breath,
and stay calm.

You won't remember what you tell
me once the narcotic wears off.

Yeah, she wanted...

she wanted to...

What does the FBI know?


What can the FBI prove?

Ah. Nothing.

Did you ask her any questions?


You stole the 2 million.

For the same reason you steal.

Because it was there.

This isn't gonna work.

- I can't think straight.
- That's exactly the point.

Think circular.

No, I mean Summers.

She was right.
I'm not reformed.

I mean, I like doing
the things I do.

You know,
I like working with Peter,

I like working with the FBI.

Okay, that's simply
the drugs talking.

But I also like
working against 'em.

I like doing things I shouldn't,
and I don't feel guilty,

I don't feel remorse,
I don't feel anything except...

Okay, too much stimulant.

Maybe you should take
some of the solution too.

Yeah, it could
help you remember.

- Remember what?
- Who you are.

What are you doing here, Moz?

You should be out on the streets
rebuilding yourself.

You are smart,
you are resourceful.

You can do anything
without a height requirement.

It isn't so easy.

Has big brother really finally
just cornered you into defeat?

I'm gonna get a pen and write
some of this down for research.


Okay, we should take it fr...

Oh, no.

- Burkes.
- Neal.

What are you doing here?


I just came to get
some stuff off my chest.

I was in seventh grade,
I didn't know any better,

but the money was
sticking out of her purse,

and boop, mine.

It was the same thing with the
Garrido self-portrait in Belize.

I mean, I wasn't
taking that out of a purse.

It was more like
a highly secured wing

of a Central American
antiquities center.

Am I talking too much?

- Is he okay?
- I have no idea.

I am conducting an experiment.

I am trying to remember

what I said to Summers
when I was under...

It's hot in here.

What did you do?

I talked to Mozzie,
and he gave me a solution,

and I drank that solution.

I don't understand.

He drugged himself
in some ridiculous experiment

to recreate what he said
to the psychiatrist.

Neal, are you hungry?

You look like you could
use something to eat.

I'm actually
not hungry right now,

but if you have any of those
fantastic game hens you make,

maybe later.

Ooh, no meat loaf, though.
I'm not a fan.

Honey, could you
excuse us for a minute?



Do you know
what happened to Siegel?

You're not answering
my question. Siegel.

I don't know
what happened, and...

What aren't you
telling me, Neal?

Oh, good.

For the love of Thoreau,

you can't simply wander off
into the woods like that.

- Hey, Moz.
- What're you doing in my house?

He ran away
like an impudent child

after an untethered balloon.

What happened?

We tried something,
and it worked.

He was starting to remember
parts of the conversation

when Summers had him under.

But you only have
about 15 minutes left, at best.

Then he's gonna want nap time.

All right, let's do this.

- Neal.
- Yeah.

Take a deep breath.

- Close your eyes.
- Yeah.

Just try to remember
where you left off.

What does the FBI know?

Summers asked me
what the FBI knew.

She realized we have nothing.

What did she ask next?

She asked about...


Will the FBI prosecute?

They will soon.

That's good, Neal.

Stay focused.

After that, she stood up.

Where did she go?

To make a phone call.

Who did she call?

I saw the number she dialed.

It was a 212 area code.

Three fives...

0, 1...

Two more digits, Neal.

0, 1...

8, 4.

Nice work.

Let's find out who she called.

This is Jacoby.
Leave a message.

She called Shane Jacoby.

Neal, we're gonna have to...

grab you a blanket.

I'll take him.

What, are you gonna carry him?

I'll have you know I've been
doing a lot of wrist curls.

You've done plenty.
I'll take care of him.

Jones. Hey.

I want to see
Griffith tomorrow,

and I'm gonna need you
to come with me.

Now's not really a good time.

Make time.

You don't know Shane Jacoby.

I told you guys, no, I don't.

Well, he may know about you.

Summers made contact
with him yesterday.

I've told you
everything that I can.

I'm...I'm really sorry, guys,
but you're gonna have to leave.

I have to pick up
my kid from school.

Just had to follow up on this.

We're doing everything we can to
figure out what's going on here.

You don't waste our time,

Mr. Griffith,
we won't waste yours.

- I'm telling you the truth.
- I believe you.

And I know that you
have to see your kid,

so we'll be on our way.

But if anything should come up,

you make sure you call us.
You got it?

Yeah, yeah.
Got it.

We'll be in touch.

All right, they're gone.

Daddy, what's happening?

It's okay, buddy.

Back up.

Yeah, he'll be okay.

As soon as you tell me
where you stashed my 2 million.


Otherwise what?

You put your hands in the air,
and let go of that kid now.

- Peter, you good?
- Yeah, I'm good.

Get him outta here.

Remember when I said
we weren't done?

Now we're done.

All right, the first time out,

Summers manipulates Griffith
to steal from Jacoby.

Then she turns it around.

She steers Jacoby
towards Griffith.

Well, it makes sense
on her part.

Jacoby tries to kill Griffith,
lands himself in jail,

and she walks with the money.

There's still
no physical evidence

pointing toward Summers.

Only psychological

What's our best option?

Find the money,
which is probably well hidden,

or get a confession
out of Summers,

which is all the more unlikely.

Not necessarily.

There's always a solution.

I'm glad to see
you're feeling better.

I got a new perspective
on things.

Tell me about that.

Well, I can admit
that I don't know

if I can control
my natural impulses,

but that lack of control
doesn't make me feel helpless.

How does it
make you feel, then?


So you admit you still
like to commit criminal acts.

I'm gonna commit one
right now, as a matter of fact.

Where's the money?

The money
you had Griffith steal.

You can play dumb

all you want, doctor,
but it won't last long.

The drugs
will take effect soon.

That's not possible.

I removed the water bottles
and poured it myself.

You'd be surprised how easy
it is to reseal a plastic lid.

Are you picking
your fingernails, doctor?

'Cause that would mean
you're nervous.

- Are you nervous?
- You can't do this to me.

Tell me where the money is.

The FBI will never find it.

No, they won't.

I am a criminal, after all.

You helped me realize that,
so thank you, doctor.

All I need from you...

is a confession.

I'm ready to begin
when you are.

Dr. Mara Summers,
you're under arrest

for theft, possession of illegal
narcotics, and malpractice.

On the basis of what?

Your confession.

I knew Shane Jacoby
stole that money.

Idiot may as well
have had "guilty"

tattooed across his forehead.

I followed him to the vault
where he hid the cash.

This isn't legal.
You drugged me.

I think you mean you
accidentally drugged yourself.

We're gonna do a tox screen on
you that's probably gonna match

the unprescribed cocktail you
dosed Neal with at his session.

And in trying to drug me
again, Peter's going with

the theory that you made the
mistake of switching bottles,

inadvertently harming yourself.

That sounds about right.
Take her.


You do understand
you'll never be

anything more
than what you are.

But at least I'm free.

Which is more
than I can say for you.

Come with me.

So that's it?
I'm in the clear?

The bureau is not
pressing any charges

due to the psychological duress
you were under at the time.

Thank you.

- Thank you.
- Yeah, of course.

No, no, thank you
for showing me that guys like us

can be more than what we were.

Good luck.

Seems like he's feeling better.

Yeah. How about you?

How does it feel
to close a case again?

I'm not so sure
the case is closed.

Summers cracked and told us
where she hid the $2 million,

but when we went to retrieve it,
it wasn't there.

Hmm, good thing
we got a confession.

You're telling me
I can have this?

Consider it an apology

for all the things
I said the other night.

They were things
I needed to hear.

It's time to rebuild
the empire, my friend.

Word of caution.
The bills are marked.

I can get 50¢ on the dollar.
Still a pretty good haul.

I figured
it wouldn't be a problem.

This is illegally obtained
contraband from one

of your very own Suit's
federal investigations.

So why'd you take it?

Because it was there.

One day
I'll find the right words,

and they will be simple.

- Kerouac.
- Yeah.

Can't get
much simpler than that.

Not for guys like us.

Guys like us?
You coming back to the life?

So what's
your first plan of action?

Change the state of play.

I've been serving
too many masters.

I'm through being everyone's puppet.

Hagen, FBI...

what strings exactly
do you plan on cutting?

When the time comes...

all of them.