White Collar (2009–2014): Season 5, Episode 3 - One Last Stakeout - full transcript

Neal is blackmailed to steal a chapter from a valuable book for Hagen. With his new partner at the FBI watching his every move, Neal and Mozzie devise a diversionary heist to set up their enemy and get the book.

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Previously on White Collar...

This is a good office.

The one next door
has a much nicer view.

They want me to run
White Collar division?

Consider it
a stepping stone to D.C.

- What's the gold for, Hagen?
- Why does that matter to you?

Because I can tell
when I've stepped into a trap.

You're gonna help set me free.

My new handler,
is he in there?

Special agent
David Siegel.

Neal Caffrey
is a confidence man.

He preys on trust, desire,
and impressionability.

- I'm no lap dog, sir.
- Sure as hell fooled me.

Well, I hope
I fooled him too.

- You were playing him.
- I was handling him.

Curtis Hagen is back.

I guess an appellate court
granted him a new trial.

- You think he has a chance?
- No.

All the proof of his guilt
is upstairs.

Hey, you paid the Piper.

That's the end, isn't it?

It's just the beginning.

- Here you go, sir.
- Thank you.

I'm disappointed in you,

You're not a coffee fan?

You're never gonna fit in
in this city.


I saw by your anklet you were
out front of Midtown mutual here.

I was wondering if
I was gonna see you at work.

- I'm reformed, agent Siegel.
- Uh-huh.

Just a man trying to get his
fix on the way to the office.

You're gonna waste a lot of time
keeping an eye this close on me.

I don't plan to.

I was looking for you
'cause I need your help.

What's the case?

I'm looking
for an apartment.

Well, apartment hunting
isn't exactly my area of expertise.

But New York is. I figure if anybody
knows an area to move to, it'd be you.

Oh. Where you live in the City
reflects who you are.

So who is agent David Siegel?

Recently divorced.

Figured you already know that from
some kind of tell I have, or...

Phantom ring.

You start to play with it, then
realize it's not there anymore.

- Ah.
- Yep, just like that.

That I do.

So I'm a...
I'm a man starting over.

What better place
than New York, right?

All right.

How do you feel
about ironic eyewear?

Sad for humanity.

That rules out
Williamsburg and Greenpoint.

Gentrifying areas
with a little danger?

I prefer my danger
to be work-related.

No Bushwick then.
What's your price range?

- Price doesn't matter.
- It does in New York.

Unless you're secretly rich.

You're secretly rich.

Surprised Neal Caffrey. I guess
I'm doing something right here.

It's easy then.
Greenwich Village.

Plenty of culture,
central location.

And as a native of Chicago, you will
appreciate the best pizza in New York.

I'll check it out.

Why'd you choose
where you live?

It's in my radius.

Right, right.
Yeah, radius.

Are we talking Hilton rich?


- Do you own your own yacht?
- Not in the office, Caffrey.

I don't want anyone to know about it.
Is that clear?

All right, you want
to give a con man a secret?

You live a dangerous life,
agent Siegel.

God, the finger point again.

I'll get to work.

I guess that one's for me.

Her name was Stephanie.

What, your ex-wife?

My yacht.

- I knew it.
- All right.

- Shh.
- I knew it.

You've grown power-hungry with the
pointy fingers, you know that, right?

And please tell me
you don't do it to Elizabeth.

Curtis Hagen was granted
early release from prison today.

And like his namesake,
the Dutchman

will probably disappear
into the night again.

How'd he get off?

Some evidence was damaged
in the warehouse.

His lawyer saw an opening
and took it.

- Takes me back.
- Hmm.

Look how far we've come
since that case.

- You've come.
- Excuse me?

Well, you're in Hughes's office,
with a well-deserved promotion.

I'm still on an anklet, just with
somebody new holding the leash.

You've gone from
an incarcerated con man

to an invaluable part
of this FBI team.

That is nothing to sniff at.

Hagen's free.
I'm not.

You're right.
He's free... For now.

He's a career criminal.
He'll make a mistake.

And when he does,
we'll catch him.

Or at least
you and Siegel will.

We'll keep an eye out.


Meet me in 30

- See you later, Peter.
- See you.

Interesting choice
for a meeting place.

Are you deciding on
your next forgery?

I left that behind me,
Mr. Caffrey.


Prison changed me,
as I'm sure it did you.

It didn't, actually.

No, apparently not.
What a pity.

I did what you asked.
Hagen, you're free.

You did.
It was a lovely start.

I'm done.

It's over.

I'm the one who decides
when it's over, not you.

Is that all
you called me here for?

- To threaten me?
- Not at all.

There's something here
I want to steal.

And here I thought prison
changed you.

It did.

No more forgery, no more
getting my hands dirty.

You see, you're gonna
steal it for me.

Season 5, Episode 3
"One Last Stakeout"

So you find me amusing?

Well, you realize you've shot
yourself in the foot, right?

I'm on an anklet, which means
the FBI knows I've been here.

So if I boost this painting,
they'll know it was me.

Then I'll be back in jail
and no good to you.


Well, I suppose you're going to have
to be extra clever then, aren't you?

At which, so far,
you're failing.

I don't want this painting.

This Karen Kates is the most
valuable piece in the museum.

To some, perhaps.

The Mosconi Codex.

You want me to risk jail
for a little light reading?

This is no ordinary book.

And well worth that risk.

To you, maybe.

Yes, to me.

And what's important to me
is now what's important to you.

You have 48 hours.

This book's binding is attached
to an A90 pressure plate.

If I move it an inch, this place
is going to light up with alarms.

Don't move it then.

I only need chapter 13.

Oh, great.

Excuse me.

I'd like to request a book
for study.

I can get you an application.
Which one would you like?

The Mosconi Codex.

You and me both.

- Hi.
- Hey.

So, can I check out
the Codex or...

Oh, uh, sorry.

I wish I could,
but no one can check it out.

I mean,
it can't even be opened.

A book that no one can open.

- That's cruel.
- I-I agree.

And this one,
the Mosconi Codex,

it's a riddle,

wrapped in an enigma,

wrapped in
a shatterproof glass box.

I mean, I would give
my left arm to peek inside it.

I-I'm rambling.

It's just the Codex.
It's a pet obsession of mine.

I respect a good obsession.

What makes it so valuable?

Well, so before he died,
Mosconi claimed

that the greatest wealth in the world
was within its pages.

Oh, that's an easy thing to claim
for a book that no one can open.

That's true.

I mean, it could be the key
to enlightenment

or a list
of his favorite recipes.

Why not take a look inside
and find out?

The owner gave
strict instructions

in the lending
that it can't be opened.

The owner. Hmm.
Who is the owner?

- Anonymous.
- Of course.

Adds to the intrigue,
doesn't it?

So we're just left
to judge a book by its cover.

So there's no way to find out
what's inside?

No way.

Though Mosconi did gild
the first page of every chapter,

so we know
there are 25 of them.

25, yeah.

Taunting me
with their secrets.


What, just a town car?
Is your limo in the shop?

How's agent Siegel working out?

Still checking my anklet
a couple times an hour.

That's good. That's his job,
like it or not.

I've started going to coffee trucks
outside banks and museums.

You're toying with him.

How are things with you?

Owner's box at Yankee Stadium
for tomorrow's game.

Elizabeth, myself,
and my favorite pinstripes.

- And a bunch of politicians.
- I let Elizabeth handle them.

She plays them like a violin.

It's almost as fun as watching
the baseball game.

It's nice to see you enjoying
the perks of your new job.

Thank you, but that's nothing.
I got something better.

What, are you throwing out
the first pitch?


Access to the secret
government underground streets

with no traffic
and plenty of parking.

You've got to stop listening
to Mozzie.

- He swears they exist.
- Better.

I can't imagine what
you'd think is better than that.

This is.

For tireless service
to the Bureau,

for going above and beyond
in the field,

I do hereby promote
special agent Clinton Jones

as acting S.S.A.


- Peter, thank you.
- You deserve it.

I'm just the lucky guy who
gets to give you your button.

- I'm proud of you.
- Thank you.

supervisory special agent Jones.

- Sounds important.
- Yeah, a little more autonomy.

A lot more work.

- So you're happy.
- Oh, very.

Although somehow, I think
he's a bit happier about it than I am.

Listen, we are probably
going to go celebrate.

- You want to join us?
- Next time.

No autonomy,
still a lot of work.

All right.
All right, next time.

- Congratulations.
- Thanks, man.


I'll help you
on one condition.

You want to know
what's inside the Codex.

Precisely the opposite.
I don't want to lay eyes on it.

As long as you're working with "Suit the
Sequel," I have to become a new man.

What do you think?

- Too Ringo?
- Too Bieber.

Look, if you want to redefine yourself,
you should become a teetotaler.

There's some lies
even I can't sell.

Well, look, I appreciate
your identity crisis,

but I need to focus
on how to steal the Codex.

Con suit 2.0
into removing your anklet.

Siegel's never taken
my anklet off before.

The first time he does,
he's gonna be on high alert.

I can't risk it.

Besides, it already shows me
at the museum.

I need to find a reason
to be there.

We can piggyback.

Convince someone else to rob
the museum.

Two thieves go in,
and one comes out in cuffs.

And if you're investigating
a possible robbery,

you have every reason
to be there.

Yeah, but who
do we piggyback?

I mean it's got
to be someone good enough

to pull it off, but someone
we don't mind screwing over.

- Zev.
- Who's that?

Zev is a besmirchment
on the name of con men.

Remember the de Beers
diamond vault heist?

Yeah, you spent months
working on it,

and then someone got there
an hour ahead of you.

And pulled off the heist
exactly as I planned it.

That was Zev.
That's what he does.

He's an idea-napper.

The thief of thieves. And now
we can use it against him.

And I get to cross a name
off my enemies list.

You know, for most people,
that's a metaphor.

It's not an actual list.


So, what can
we have Zev steal?

A Karen Kates painting.

I'm telling you, Barry, it's just
sitting there waiting to be grabbed.

I've got it all worked out.

It's the perfect plan.

I'll spell out
all the details for Zev.

While you do that, I'll convince Siegel
that someone's gonna rob the museum.

I'm hearing chatter.

I mean, I don't know who the thief is,
but word is it's gonna happen soon.

are time-intensive, Neal.

I mean, "soon" could mean you and me
sitting out there for weeks.

- You sure?
- Yeah, it's good intel.

Look, you know what?
I don't want to push it, so...

No, no, no.

Tell you what.
I'll run it up the flagpole.

All right.


I just feel like I should be
the one to pitch it to Peter.

Why is that?

I don't want you putting
your neck on the line.

It's my intel.

I should be responsible for it
in case it's bad.

- I'll pitch it to Peter.
- Okay.

All right, Siegel is paranoid
that I'm always pulling a con.

So we'll use that to launder
the con through him.

By the time Peter
hears about it,

it'll all sound like
it was all Siegel's idea.

- You feel good about this intel?
- I do.

My source seemed
pretty confident.

with reliable sources.

Haven't wasted any time
since coming to the City.

The wicked don't rest.
Neither should we, right?


I have to say I'm jealous.
I love a good stakeout.

Well, you're welcome
to join us.

Oh. I wouldn't mind
if I do.

That'd be great, but come on,
you have the Yankees game today.

I do. I do.

- Maybe tomorrow then.
- Sure.

Stakeout approved.

Good luck, you two.

Won't be the same
without you.

Hey, Peter.

I have more forms
for you to sign.

And I'm gonna have carpal
tunnel by the end of the month.

I don't know how Hughes
handled all this paperwork.

He had a stamp
with his signature on it.

With Caffrey around,
I'll risk the carpal.

- Is it strange?
- Hmm?

Yeah, I mean, seeing Caffrey running
around on cases with Siegel,

and you're sitting up here?

It is.

It is, but there are a lot of changes
going on around here.

I mean, your promotion,
Diana's baby, Siegel...

Change is good.

- Yankees tickets good.
- Yes. Yes, Yankees tickets.

Which reminds me,
I have to get going.

I've got to jump on our underground
street to beat traffic.

Long story.

When's the last time
you checked Caffrey's anklet?

- Oh...
- Peter...?

- Ten minutes ago.
- Hmm.

He's home, probably painting something
he shouldn't be.

Ah, baked parchment.

Just like mama used to make.

All right, the book is attached
to an A90 pressure plate,

so I won't be able
to remove it.

we only need chapter 13.

How frustratingly intriguing
of him.

Well, at least we know
where the chapter is.

13 gilded pages
means 13 chapters.

Let's hope Mosconi
didn't write a foreword.

If all Hagen
wants is the chapter,

then it's not about
the value of the book.

No. It's about
the information on the pages.

Moz, you can leave
those pages blank.

Nobody's going to see them.

Uh, not soon. No.
But eventually, they will.

And when that day comes,
my manifesto

will finally get the attention
it deserves.

Uh-huh. Do you think Zev
took the bait?

I followed him this morning.
He's already prepping for it.

The museum closes at 5:30.

I said that I was turning off
the security cameras at 6:00 P.M.

And that I was breaking in
15 minutes later, just to be safe.

Which means Zev
will break in at 6:00.

In reality, I'm doing
all that at 5:50.

That's when you go in.

All right, so I got ten minutes
until Zev gets there,

I'll steal it, get out, and then
arrest him with Siegel.

We know Zev will find
a way in.

What's yours?

You never gave me
your name.

- Hi.
- Hey.

Didn't I?

- Rebecca.
- Neal.

I was hoping
I'd run into you.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

I was also hoping I'd get here
before the museum closed, but...

One out of two isn't bad.

It's definitely not.

I always forget
to take this thing off.

I swear I think I... I think
I even wore it to dinner last week.

I have something here I thought
you might be able to help me out with.

What is it?

Well, you tell me.

How old is this?

I mean,
it looks Mid-Renaissance.


But there's a rhythm
to the language that's...

If I didn't know better, I'd say that's
the President in a flying saucer.

Okay, whoever did this
is either brilliant or insane.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Oh, my gosh, I, um...

- I have a thing that I am late for...
- Yeah.

That now I really wish
I didn't have...

- I understand.
- But I am.

I better...

- Rebecca.
- Yeah?

I need that back.


Right. Sorry.

- Bye.
- Bye.

- Hey.
- Get in.

Let's set up our post
across the street.

Showing up early.
I like that.

I wanted to get a quick look
at the museum beforehand.

But you knew that
from checking on my anklet.

Didn't check.


I was too busy apartment
shopping over in the Village.

What'd you think?

You may be a con man, but you
were right about that pizza.

What'd I tell you?

So I got you something.

Aw, man.
You didn't have to.

Thank you.
I didn't get you anything.

You catch me a bad guy,
we'll call it even.

All right.

Well, I have to say, the owner's box
has officially spoiled me.

That's the only way to watch
a ball game from now on.

- You and me both.
- Oh, really?

I didn't think you were watching
the game half the time.

Well, all that glad-handing
can be a bit distracting.

Wasn't what
I was talking about.

I mean, yes, Peter Burke
was there watching,

but it seemed like your mind
was somewhere else.

Could it have been
a stakeout?

I used to live
for a stakeout.

The radio, deviled ham
from my wife,

good conversation,

and then arresting
the bad guy.

And now you're stuck
eating amazing food,

watching your favorite
sports team

with the most amazing seats
in the house.

With my lovely wife.

I was wondering if you
were gonna put that part in.

They said I could join them.
It's not that late.

I mean,
you definitely could.

Or you could rip off
the band-aid.

Elevator buttons.

Really? Wow.

Well, someone's
gotta make 'em.

My grandfather realized that,
created a monopoly on the business.

Probably because
nobody else wanted to.

Their loss, our millions.

Why the FBI?
I mean, you come from money.

There are a lot of things
you could've done.

I grew up knowing bankers and
stockbrokers, trust fund kids.

Just got to a point where I realized
I was surrounded with criminals,

only they wore suits
and had great lawyers.

So you decided to do
something about it.

Well, you could argue that the elevator
button kid never really fit in.

- This is all petty revenge.
- Ah, okay.

I get bored easily. I like
to keep things interesting.


It's a riot around here.

We are sitting outside
a museum right now,

and we're waiting for a guy
to steal a painting.

Come on, tell me
you don't love that.

It was just
a lot more exciting

when I was the guy
doing the stealing.

Yeah, that's why I like
being your handler, Neal.

You're either gonna make
my career or you're gonna ruin it.

There's no middle ground
with you.

And you find that exciting?

Beats making buttons.

Hey. 11:00.

What am I looking at,
besides a bad hairstyle?

That guy's gone around
the perimeter two times now.

Could be just a guy
taking a stroll.

Come on, how many guys you know
take a stroll with a bag that big?

One that's big enough to carry
all the tools he'd need to break in?

All right.
I'll call it in.

No, no, if I'm wrong,
we're gonna spook the real thief.

- All right.
- Let's approach him.

Wait, no.
One of us should stay here.

In case it's a false alarm,
we can keep an eye out.

that's a good idea, Neal.

Stay put.

Eight minutes, Caffrey.

- What are you...
- Did I miss anything?

Neal, where are you?

You're supposed to be
in the museum by now.

Nothing like a stakeout.

- What are you...
- Aw...

You could've saved me
a slice.

Yeah, well, I didn't know
you were coming.

El went out
with some of her friends.

Thought I'd check in.
Where's Siegel?

He just saw some movement,
so he went to go check it out.

Oh, well, I'll keep his seat warm
until he comes back.

You shouldn't be here.

Hughes used to join me
for a stakeout or two back in the day.

It's not about whether
you can be here.

I'd figure you'd like one last
stakeout for old time's sake.

Yeah, and then
what, Peter?

One last undercover job?
One last case?

It's always gonna be "one last"
something with you,

but the truth is
this is not your life now.

- Neal...
- You and I aren't partners anymore.

And you wanted to go.
You should just go.

You're right.

- Are the cameras off, Moz?
- Yeah.

Sir. Hey.

- What's your problem?
- I need to see inside the bag.

Keep going.

There something wrong,

No, no, no.
No, there's nothing wrong.

I'm sorry.
Go ahead.

Barry the decoy worked.
Siegel's heading back to his car.

You got kind of a late start.

I ran into
a Peter-shaped problem.

Well, you're gonna run into
a handcuff-shaped problem

if you don't get back
to the car soon.

Keep Siegel occupied
a little longer.

There's only so many times

he's gonna chase
a head of hair.


What's uh-oh?

Zev's here.

Siegel's heading
in his direction.

All right, do not let Siegel see him get
into the museum or none of this works.

Well, what am I
supposed to do?

He'll recognize me
from little star.

If he sees my face,
then I'm going to the clink.

Then don't let him see it.

Zev's inside.

Fortunately or unfortunately,
I've got Siegel.

Lose him, Moz. I need
a couple more minutes.

Well, I'm not sure
you'll have it.

Like I said, Zev's good. He'll make
quick work with the security.

Neal, your new suit
can't make me.

- You have to do something.
- I know, Moz. Hang on.

I didn't mean anything
quite that drastic.

It wasn't me.

I thought you said
he was good, Moz.

I may have let
my desire for revenge

overstate his skills.

Come on, Caffrey.
Pick up the phone, damn it.

I need backup.
Did you see him?

Well, the alarm's going off.
He must be inside.

All right, let's go.

What do we got?

He escaped
with the painting.

Damn it.

All right, Baker, report in.


I didn't expect you.

How you doing,
Sarah, Rachel?

I ripped off the band-aid.

How's it feel?

It smarts.

But you're right.
It's for the best.

- You want a drink?
- I'd love one.


The two of you
sat outside the Gershon

and let a thief steal a painting
right under your noses.

- There's no excuse, sir.
- We're gonna find him, Peter.

How do you plan to do that?

You have no evidence,
no positive I.D.

You are lucky
that I have something.

I spoke with museum security.

There's a chance that our thief
didn't work alone.

There may be an accomplice.

Security clocked an employee using
her I.D. badge right before the robbery.

I'm hopeful that after I talk to her,
we'll get to the bottom of this.

My first Peter Burke lecture.
I feel 2 inches shorter.

Yeah, well, I used to be 7'4".
You'll get used to it.

not too used to it.

You coming?

Yeah, of course.

You understand
how this looks.

I-I don't understand
anything at all.


- Neal.
- Hello, Rebecca.

- You two know each other?
- I'm sorry you had to come here.

- Did you know about this?
- It's news to me.

When I heard the museum might be
a target, I did a little reconnaissance.

You flirted with me.
We talked about...

A lot of things, I know, and
I'm sorry for the deception.

But I needed to see
if it might be an inside job.

Look, I had nothing
to do with this.

I believe you.
But it doesn't look good.

Look, I-I swear I had
my key card when I left work.

I didn't even realize
it was missing

until these guys with badges
showed up at my apartment.

Did you encounter anyone
who might have stolen it?

A new neighbor,
or a stranger on the subway?

I can't think of anyone.

Agent Siegel will continue
questioning you.

Neal, come with me.

We'll figure this out.

- I'm taking over this case.
- What?

I screwed up. I showed up
and distracted you...

When you should have been
watching the Gershon.

- This is my fault.
- Peter...

And it's gonna be a mark
on Siegel's record.

I can guarantee you
this is not your fault.

Either way,
I'm gonna fix it.

- You think she's involved?
- No, I don't.

I checked her out when I went
to go visit the museum.

She has no real motivation
to do it.

Just the bad luck
of catching the thief's eye.

Well, yeah,
looks like it.

Then we need to find out
who's really behind this.

They have to catch Zev.

This is the second time
he's stolen something from me.

Well, technically,
we were trying to trap him.

And he got away.
That only makes it worse.

An innocent woman is being questioned
by the FBI because of me, Moz.

Yeah, there's that too.

On the upside, you did
steal the right chapter.

And surprisingly, sometimes,
the reality surpasses imagination.

- Any idea what it means?
- No clue yet.

But I made us a copy,
so we'll be able to figure out

why Hagen wants it
so badly.

None of this matters
if they don't catch Zev.

The longer he's out there, the closer
they're gonna look at the museum.

They might realize there's more
than just a painting missing.

So solve the case.

I did solve the case.
I created the case.

Pretend that you didn't.

Do what you and Peter
always do.

Solve it.



"One last case," huh?

Look, about that,
I said things I shouldn't have.

No, no, you should have.
I-I'm glad you did.

I'm here because I owe it
to agent Siegel.

Where is he?

I figured it'd be best
if it was just the two of us.

One last case.


What's going on here?

The owner of the collection asked for it
to be returned following the break-in.

Just going through it
before it gets shipped off.

What, you think our thief stole
something from the collection?

No, but you
can never be too safe.

You can't open that!
You can't open that.

The owner has left strict instructions
that this cannot be opened.

Hey, sorry.

You really think
he left something behind.

Well, an alarm went off.

That can cause the best
of us to slip up.

All right.

Let's say
you were the thief.

You got a ski mask
for me too?

What would you have done
if you were here?

All right, I've just stolen
this piece of art,

and suddenly
an alarm goes off.

You're sweating.

Even though I'm a professional,
yeah, I'm scared.

Security response time
isn't that great here,

but still, caged in.

The main security door...

Fall roughly here.

Peter, don't scuff up
the floor with your shoe.

Oh, they've got machines
to clean that.

You're caught.
What now?

I'd examine the security door
for a weakness.

It's a mark x2 security door.

Well, if I've done my research,
I would know that.

And I'd have tools with me
for the art.

I'd use them to pry
the panel open.

And then I need to get to
the wire to short the circuit.

What are you doing?

I took my gloves off.

Which means
they're might be prints.

Unless you were smart enough
to wipe it.

No, there's adrenaline
rushing through my body.

- Guards heading my way.
- Sloppy work.

- Well, nobody's perfect.
- Let's hope not.

Get me an E.R.T. in here,

and someone from the museum
to lower the security doors.


- All the security doors?
- Come on.

Even I don't go shopping
when the alarm goes off.

Just the ones
at the Karen Kates display.

- Let's catch a thief.
- Let's do it.

- Come on, get 'em up, boys.
- Huh?


Zev Demetrius,
you're under arrest.

For what?

You held to your word,

- What was that?
- I got you pizza.

You got me a bad guy.

Can we keep that arrangement

Well, you make it a dinner at Masa,
and we might have a deal.

You and me, we're two sides
of the same coin, Caffrey.

- You and me?
- Yeah.

- How so?
- We're both self-made men.

- Just in different ways.
- You came from millions.

I did.
And then I was disowned.

See, arresting your family's
friends will do that.

I guess that explains
the phantom ring.

Well, not exactly.

She missed the life. I don't blame her.
She thought she was marrying a Siegel.

She got agent Siegel instead.

You gave up all that for long hours
and little reward?

Yeah, I did.

You gave up the exotic locales and
exciting capers for the same thing, Neal.

- I didn't have a choice.
- Oh, come on, Caffrey.

We both know you can ditch
that anklet any time,

if you really wanted to.

I gotta ask you something,


- Good work, you two.
- Peter, I read your report.

Your name wasn't anywhere
in there, and it should've been.

It was your case.

I stepped into it, and it was
only fair that I stepped out.

Either way,
I appreciate it.

I look forward to what
you two bring me next.


What were you gonna ask me?

You want to get a drink?

Ah, I can't tonight.
Next time.

Right, next time.

Good work today.

I made a mistake.

We all make mistakes.

Including Zev,

You should have seen
the look on his face.

Yeah, it probably matched
the one on mine.

I took off my gloves, Moz.

When the Navajos make a piece
of art, they always add a flaw.

Only the great spirit
is perfect.

Humanity should not
try to be.

That's a little grandiose,
don't you think?

All I'm saying
is that we are mere mortals.

We all make mistakes
now and then.

Lately, I've been
making a lot of them,

and I'm starting to think that
delivering this chapter is another one.

Hagen is a forger.

If we gave him a fake,
he'd know it.

We need a game plan, Moz.

In order for Hagen's plan
to work,

he had to give us access
to the chapter first.

That was his mistake.
We'll use it to our advantage.

We figure out what's hidden
in those pages and get to it first.

You and me
decoding a puzzle,

never bet against the house.

Oh, by the way, I think your mistake
was that wig, MacGyver.

you're just jealous

because for once, people
are staring at all of this

instead of staring
at all of that.

Okay, they're staring,
all right.

Do you think
if I find a paper clip,

some silly putty,
and a rubber band,

you could make me
an 8-track player?

- I could make a wine opener.
- That, I believe.

Knockoff suit
has already seen my face.

- Hagen doesn't need to.
- Thanks, Moz.

You caused quite a ruckus.

You got what you wanted.
That's all that matters.

This is the real thing?

You know your forgeries.
You tell me.

I will.

See, this relationship
is working wonderfully.

When does it end, Hagen?

I'm a fair man.

I won't hold this
over your head forever.

When I get what I want,
I'll leave you be.

But you won't tell me
what that is.

Come on, Mr. Caffrey.
I know you love a mystery.

Don't spoil it for yourself.

Shouldn't somebody else be doing this?
I mean, you're the acting S.S.A. now.

And returning
a multimillion-dollar

piece of art is exactly
what an acting S.S.A. does.

And it feels damn good
doing it.

What I don't get
is why you're here.

Well, I mean, it's rare for someone
like me to be able to return something.

I just thought
I'd try it on for size.

You could've told me
it was about a girl.

- Why can't it be both?
- Mm-hmm.


Neal, is it?

I never lied about my name.
About anything, actually.

You sure did
leave out a lot.

I did.
I heard you were cleared.

I was.
Just in time to be fired.

The painting was returned.

You had nothing to do with
the theft in the first place.

From your lips
to my boss's ears.

But I'm the reason
the thief got in, so...

Because they stole
your key card.

So I'm gone.

It doesn't matter anyway.

My hope was that the owner
would let us look at

and study the Codex,
and now it's gone.

I'm sorry.

It's not your fault.

- See you.
- See you.

Initial report
is a mugging gone wrong.

No known acquaintances
in the area.

We're not sure
why he was here.

- Think he was looking for an apartment?
- He was, but not here.