White Collar (2009–2014): Season 5, Episode 6 - Ice Breaker - full transcript

Neal and Peter look for a U.S. passport forger from Russia.

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Previously on White Collar...

The Mosconi Codex.

This is no ordinary book.

- Neal.
- Hello, Rebecca.

You two know each other?

I swear, I had my key card
when I left work.

We figure out
what's hidden in those pages

and get to it first.

I'm the reason
the thief got in.

My hope was that the owner
would let us study

and look at the Codex,
and now it's gone.

David Siegel.
Cause of death

was a gunshot wound
to the sternum.

And we're no closer to figuring
out who did this and why.

Dr. Summers,
I need your help.

Just because a person
starts doing good things

doesn't mean he wants to stop
doing bad things.

I've been serving
too many masters.

I'm through
being everyone's puppet.

Which strings, exactly,
do you plan on cutting?

All of them.

[Seagulls squawking,
background chatter]


Even the chip
in the cover works.

How'd you pull that off?

I don't make them.
I just sell them.

You son of a bitch.

Hands in the air.

FBI! Don't move!

He's all yours.

- What?
- Don't "What" me.

You know what. I gave you
specific instructions.

"Sit down, make the deal,
get arrested."

Three out of three
not good enough for you?

I don't remember
mentioning anything

about follow-up questions
or interrogating the suspect

- before the arrest.
- Interrogating the suspect...

What are you...
What, the chip?

- The chip.
- I was gathering information.

- For you or for us?
- If I were up to something,

you really think I'd do it
when you had ears on me?

That's exactly
when you'd do it.

I have a feeling this
is about more than passports.

Oh, it's about passports.
Also about the $2 million

that went missing
in the last case.

Oh, Dr. Summers
might have some insight

- into its location.
- Dr. Summers had a tendency

to take bad guys
who wanna be good

and turn them into worse guys.

What exactly happened
during your therapy session?

She encouraged me to be
the man I really am.

I think Lucy
told Charlie Brown that

and only charged him 5¢.

And what kind of man
might that be, exactly?

We were gonna discuss that
at our next session.

Now I have to wait 20 years.

I think these belong to Jones.

Hey, where'd you get all these?

Confiscated in various busts
around the city.

Most in the last few weeks.

It's first-rate
and identical.

These were all made
by the same person.

- You're sure about that?
- Yeah, the eagle's eye.

There's a tiny dot
in the center of this one

and in the one I bought
from Ivan.

That dot is as good
as a fingerprint.

So we're looking at a fairly
large forgery operation.

You think Ivan's the artist?

No, he says he only
sells them, and I believe him.

Anyone this good
would take credit.

Think this has something to do

with the uptick of crime
in Little Odessa?

I don't believe
in coincidences.

Ivan's parking tickets.

Ten so far this year,
and they're all

in the exact same spot.

I want
traffic surveillance video

for the past six months
on that address.

Already on it.

- Really?
- Really.

Same spot, day after day.

- Right in front of the hydrant.
- Mm-hmm.

There's plenty of metered
parking down the street.

Why risk another ticket?

Doris Day parking.

I'm sorry.
Doris Day what?

Spot right in front.

The kind of parking Doris Day
miraculously finds

- in all her movies.
- I never knew you were a fan.

Oh, I love 'em.

Place looks abandoned.

Yeah, not a bad spot for
a passport forgery operation.

Let's get a warrant
and check it out.

The history of cryptography...
oddly cryptic.

Any luck finding out
what type of code this is?

Oh, I've ruled out
transposition and Caesar shifts.

Oh, and Sudoku and Kenken.

Well, in a happy accident,
you may have proven

the Riemann Hypothesis.

The only thing I've proven
is that we need help.

I've studied every pattern,
every symbol.

I can only conclude
that it is of alien origin.

I think you're right.

Finally, you've come around.

I think you're right.
We need help.


Well, I do know a monk
in Berlin

who dabbles
in quantum mechanics.

You think Hagen's using monks?

I think Hagen is using you.

And me.

The only chance we have
of getting a leg up on him

is by deciphering
the Codex first.

Until then...

It's ticking clocks
and phone calls.

All right, I gotta go.

Peter and I are headed
to Little Odessa.

I do the talking.

We're just here
on a routine visit.

Nothing more.


doesn't look abandoned.

Looks like someone
brought it back to life.

Wow. Every time
I see ice like this,

I'm ten again.

[Orchestral music
over speakers]

- Oh, she's good.
- Yeah.

First Doris Day,
now figure skating.

It's nice to see
your softer side.

Who are you?
What do you want?

We just have a few questions

for the owner of this building.

Put that away,
or you'll get all of us killed.


[Skates scrape]

This is private facility.

You're trespassing.



We just have a few questions.

Questions for Katya,

the talk of Little Odessa.

Neal Micali, sports agent.

I represent some
of the world's top athletes.

This is Peter Nevins,

figure skating coach
to the stars.

[Rock music]

Peter Nevins, coach?

Never heard of you.

You ever heard of Tara Lipinski?

Or Michelle Kwan?

They would be ushers
at the ice capades

if it weren't for this man.

[Chuckles] Oh, yes.
He's just...

he's just... I simply
help them harness

their own natural talents.

Sorry to be wasting your time,

but Katya has no interest
in competing.


Thank you for your interest.

- Now, if you'll excuse us...
- It's not a problem.

We got another 20 girls to see
by the end of the week, so...

- 27,
- Is it 27 now?

- It's 27.
- Listen...

you're talented.

Very talented.

Don't give up on your dream.

Sorry we wasted your time
and ours.

This is not the right time.

But don't choose
another girl yet.


We'll be in touch.

- Figure skating coach?
- What?

You've been skating
since you were a junior G-man.

But that was hockey.

We're talking body checks,
not twirls.

Oh, come on.
It's a good cover.

I don't need a cover.
I could go in there

with a tac team
and turn that place upside down.

Yeah, you could if you wanted
to scare off the guys

we're really after.

Just admit it...
best way into this case

is on skates.

You got a ticket.

Come on, this is for your bio,
not a mug shot.

- Come on.
- Oh, you're killing me.

I don't have time for this.
I've got ASAC work.

- I can't play dress-up.
- Just smile.

[Flashbulb pops]

[Clears throat]

From the Gershon Museum.

Neal, from the FBI.

- Hey.
- Hi.

- How are you?
- I'm, uh...


The museum world,
it's really small.

I can't get another job.

I'm sorry to hear that.

Is there anything
I can do to help?

You? [Chuckles] No.

You've done enough.

Whoa. Wha...

- I've been thinking
about that day

that I lost my key card,

and you're the last person
that I remember having it with.

What, you don't think
I stole it, do you?

Why would I steal your key card?
I had full access to the museum.

Nothing about that day
makes sense.

I'm just here
to get some answers and...

I was hoping to get a letter
from Agent Burke

stating my complete innocence.

- There he is.
- Uh, yeah, that's...

that's a really bad idea.

He is swamped
on a new case right now

and just not in a giving mood.

Anyway, he wasn't even in charge
of the Gershon investigation.

- Then who was?
- That would be Agent Gruetzner.

Art Crimes.
He's not at these offices.

So where do I find
this Agent...

- Gruetzner?
- Gruetzner.

Uh, he is in the field today.

But I could set something up
for tomorrow.

- All right.
- All right?

- Tomorrow.
- Okay.

Let me give you my number.

You can text me the address.

We're the FBI.
We have your number.

- Ha.
- I'll get you that letter.

What's the story?

Sergei Turgenev.

Our smooth-talking friend
from the ice rink.

Got that from a friend at FAPSI

- That's Russian intelligence.
- Russian intelligence.

Yeah, this is the Crime
And Punishment of rap sheets.

And this guy... is worse.

That's Sergei's cousin Nikolai.

Wanted for murder in Russia.

Money laundering,
drug trafficking,

arms trafficking,
human trafficking.

any kind of trafficking.

- Yeah.
- Nobody knew he was

in the country until now.

We don't give visas
to criminals,

so either he snuck in
on a tuna boat...

Or he flew here

using one
of Sergei's passports.

Question is... if Sergei
can bring Nikolai in here

without us knowing, who else
is he planning to import?

If I had known about this,

you could be playing hockey
with Sergei

instead of learning
the difference

between a lutz and a salchow.

All right,
don't you worry about me.

You just focus on becoming
a top sports agent.

Con men taking 10%?
I think I can handle it.


Okay, let me get this straight.

You need to become an expert
figure skating coach in a day?

No, I just need
to look the part

and learn enough
to pass muster.

So... what can you
tell me?

- Me?
- Yeah.

You want me to coach you
to become a coach?

Yeah. Honey, you have
watched enough figure skating

to do color commentary
on the next world championship.

Yeah, that's what we call
an armchair expert.

Honey, that is a world away
from actually doing it.

You remember...
first time I was on the ice,

- it was our second date.
- Hmm.

How could I forget?

You were supposed to teach me.

Well, how could I?

You were sprawled out on the ice
like Bambi...

and looking just as adorable.

Good save.

All right, this is
what we're gonna do.

We're gonna start
with the basics.

Then we're gonna move
to Tonya Harding

and Nancy Kerrigan,
hopefully by midnight.

and then one day,

I will finally teach you
how to skate.

Oh, no, you're gonna
teach me how to skate

as soon as this case is over.

How do I look?

Like an FBI accountant.

Agent Gruetzner's
conservative attire

is just an attempt to disguise

his subversive
and bohemian proclivities.

Ah, don't overplay this, Moz.

It is not dinner theatre.

You just need to answer
a few simple questions.

I'm a master improviser.

I will be
the perfect exigent supervisor.

That sounds familiar.

Yeah, it's not the first time

the suit's gotten
under my skin.

I just heard
from the exigent supervisor.

Looks like Sergei wants to meet
at a vodka bar tomorrow,

and that's a problem.

I need to be in Little Odessa
at the same time

I promised Rebecca
a meeting with you.

You say problem,
I say opportunity.

You'll be off leash.

You can slip away, and big
brother will be none the wiser.

Do we have an office yet?

Yeah, and it's not far.

Dr. Gravich,
my former chiropractor

and hero to ambulance chasers

takes his entire staff
out to lunch

from 1:00 until 2:00
every day.

A chiropractor's office?

With some posters
and sundry accoutrements,

it'll look the part.

And to keep her
from asking too many questions,

we can show her the Codex.

She is a Mosconi expert.

That's why she started
working at the museum.

- Until you got her fired.
- Maybe she'll forgive us

if we give her a little peek
at our chapter.

So you can reward her
for your misdeed

by having her reward us
with her information.

- Hello?
- Oh!

Here comes
one of our accoutrements now.

Say hello to the Art Crimes
Division's comely receptionist.

FBI. May I help you?

All right.

All right,
Jones and the tac team

are in a van a few blocks away.

Any closer
and I think it'd be too risky.

Yeah, no riskier than you
after half a bottle of vodka.

- What?
- Which is why I made these.

No, look...
no tricks.

- I can handle myself.
- What?

- Really?
- Yes.

When was the last time
you did a shot?

I don't... It was Hughes's
retirement party.

- We did three of them.
- Ooh, three? Three.

- Yes.
- Well, in Russia it's customary

to drink
until the bottle is empty.

Okay? This will keep us sober
without insulting Sergei.

I don't need
your trick glasses.

No problem, but, uh,

I probably shouldn't
walk in there with this.

[Latch clinks]
Thank you.

He isn't here.

Neal Caffrey!
You bastard.

I dated his sister.
The ballerina.

Why does your love life
always end up affecting me?

Get him out of here
before he blows our cover.

- And wait for me right outside.
- Hey!

So good to see you.

You never call my sister.

- I should kill you.
- All right, okay.

Take it easy now, all right?

You and I both know
I was one of many.

What do you mean,
"One of many"?

My sister is a saint.

- How was that?
- It was perfect.

- It could not have gone better.
- Was the accent too thick?

No, it wasn't.
It was great.

You're gonna nail that
Fiddler On The Roof audition.

- Thanks.
- Break legs, kid.

[Cell phone ringing]

Hey, I ditched the anklet
and Peter.

I'm on my way.

Where is
your fast-talking friend?

Oh, something urgent came up.

You know agents...
always putting out fires.

Uh, bring us the caviar,

and a plate
of pickled mushrooms.



[Both chuckle]

- So, Peter Nevins.
- Yeah?

Figure skating coach
to the stars.


There is just
one little problem.

What's that?

You don't seem to exist.


Now, how can you be famous

if you don't exist?

That's true.

Peter "Neevens" doesn't exist.

But... Peter Nevins...


he does.



It's an understandable mistake.

If I were put in front
of a cyrillic alphabet keyboard,

I'd... Well, I wouldn't...

I wouldn't be able
to get past na zdorovie.

Na zdorovie.

You'd think Art Crimes

would call for a more
aesthetically pleasing setup,

but we take a backseat
to Wall Street.

Good afternoon, Agent Caffrey.

And this is June.

Our office couldn't
function without her.

- He's not exaggerating.
- Ms. Lowe.

Agent Gruetzner.
We've been expecting you.

I filled Agent Gruetzner in
on our talk.

I'm sorry for any problems
the Bureau may have caused.

I have the letter
you requested,

along with my card,

in case any potential employers

need to call to verify.

Thank you.

but I'm still looking
for closure.

I have some questions.

Could we, um, speak privately?

Actually, there's something
we'd like to talk to you about.

[Glasses clink]

You're married, yes?

- Yeah. Happily.
- That's good.

Because Katya is a woman

many men desire.

She once had a coach
who was single.

They would spend hours

often late into the night.

Very late.


He no longer skates so well.

[Both laugh]

Well, you should see
what my wife does to me

when I miss dinner.


- That's good.
- Yeah.

- Well, sometimes.
- Yeah.

Oh. [Laughs]

But the Codex
has been hidden away

its entire existence.

The owner strictly forbade
anyone from opening it.

How... how did you
get a copy?

That's classified.

I'm afraid
you're on a need-to-know basis.

As in, we need to know
what you know

and not the other way around.

If you're willing,

the FBI would
like your assistance

deciphering its meaning.

It could help us solve
a very serious case.

There is one small matter
that you need to be

made aware of.

There's a dangerous criminal

who wants the information
in the Codex,

and we need to figure out why.

And time is of the essence.

- Mmm!
- Ah.

You know what?
You drink like Russian.

- Thank you.
- Well, almost.

You start tomorrow.

Tomorrow's good.

- Good. Good.
- [Laughs]

Now, let me give you
some advice.

Stay on the ice
and out of my business.


So a dangerous criminal
is interested

in the Mosconi Codex?

We just wouldn't want
to put you in harm's way

unless you knew
what you were getting into.

The FBI will protect you.

Look, I know
I might just seem like

another bookworm to you guys,

but I can hold my own.
[Elevator bell dings]

I just need time
to think about it.

You have my card.
Call with your decision.

Just make it soon.

- Every minute counts.
- I'll go down with you.

Thank you.

We got two minutes!

Hmm. Neal?

[Seagull squawking]


How'd it go?

I told you to wait
right outside.

Yeah, I figured
you could use some coffee

after all that vodka.

I found a great little place
down the street.

Amazing Tula gingerbread.
[Peter stumbles]

- Are you inebriated?
- No, I'm not inebriated.


Get the car.
You're driving.

You know how alcohol
tends to amplify

certain personality traits?

- Get the car, Neal.
- I'm on it.

Good work
on that Peter Nevins bio.

It's a good thing they didn't
check five minutes earlier.

We were still uploading.

Neal took off, didn't he?

Yeah, he sure did.
I wanted to follow,

but I didn't want to leave you
in there with Sergei.

Find out where he went.

Will do.


- Time for breakfast?
- Uh, I'm running late.

I've got a stack of ASAC files

the size
of an oddly shaped child.

You know, when we, um,
we talked about this job,

I was actually thinking,

"Predictable schedule.

Reasonable hours."

And now it's back to late nights
and early mornings

and vodka rooms.

To say nothing about the figure
skaters in short skirts.

Well, she's not my type.

I'm more
into the Bambi kind of thing.

Mm, the uncoordinated
limbs sprawled.


You okay?



every day
you're in the field...

every day, I...

I can't exhale until I hear you

walk through that door
at night.

And I don't like that feeling.

Agent Siegel's murder
was a random act of violence.

Could have happened to anybody.


But it's not gonna
happen to me.

I promise.

We good?


Can't wait to hear your notes
on how to improve that.

I don't have to give notes.

I only have to pretend
to give notes.

Mm, kneeling at the anklet
of the master

has taught you well.

The master is chewing gum?

I'm getting into character.

- Oh.
- I'm Neal Micali.

He chews gum when he's nervous.

I don't need a backstory.

I'm gonna go try to find
Sergei's passport workshop.

Hey... make it quick.

Sergei doesn't like
anyone nosing around.

Save your coaching for the ice.

You ready, coach?



You can trust us.

But you have
to tell me everything

about Sergei's business.

All I know is that
he brings terrible people

to Little Odessa.

He wants to control it.

Everyone is scared of him.

Then why are you with him?

In the beginning,
he was a good man.

I moved from Moscow
to be with him.

Now he treats me
like possession.

Last week, he thought
I cheated on him.

So he... hit me.

[Scoffs] And the next day,
like nothing happened,

he asks me to marry him.

What did you say?

If I say yes...

I'll be miserable forever.

And if I say no...

I'm dead.

[Indistinct Russian chatter]

You're my coach.

You have advice?



I didn't expect you here
so early.

You think I could just
let you coach

the love of my life
without a little observation?

I'm curious to know
what you think.

So Katya's had trouble
executing her salchow.

In my opinion, the problem
is her center of gravity

when she lands
on the inside edge.

Well, that would be a problem.

The salchow always lands
on the outside edge.

All she needs
is a slight adjustment.

The extension of her free foot
on the three spin

tends to be a bit shallow.

Work your magic.

Now, listen, make sure

that you keep
that extension long.

Think long.

Go skate.
Trust yourself, all right?

Don't forget to keep
an eye on this guy.

And push.

Not bad.
Not bad.

But not perfect either.

In competition,
you gotta be flawless.

We'll keep working on it.

Don't go easy on her.
She needs to learn discipline.

[Speaks Russian]

Uh, Sergei.

I got my hockey skates
in the bag.

Katya can take a break
while I give you a few pointers.


That's why you Americans
are losing your edge.

All play and no work.

Oh, okay.
I get it, I get it.

You don't want a repeat
of miracle on ice.

The US kicks
Russia's ass again.

That's an open wound for
many of my countrymen, Peter.


Get my skates.
See you on the ice.

- Excellent.
- [Sergei laughing]


[Printer whirring]

[Approaching footsteps]

Jack, that is the same line
that you sold Katarina...

- Hey!
- ...in Brussels in '97, all right?

- Hey, you.
- Hey, my cell phone died.

All right?
Can I... Do you mind?

Hey, pal, listen,
I'm jetlagged, all right?

So let's close this out,

or I'm gonna have to call
your competition.

[Bangs wall]
Out. Now.

Do you know what this is?

It's a deal memo for Katya.

A generous salary,
bonuses and bumps,

travel, food,
lodging, wardrobe.

Now, get lost.

Or you can explain to Sergei

why Katya will be crying
into her sequins all night.

Yeah, I'm back.


Hold on, Jack.

Two minutes.
I come back, you be gone.

All right.

Yeah, I'm still here.

Just, uh, cleaning my ears out
from all the manure

you've been shoveling into them
for the last ten minutes.

Oh, it's nice
showing you how it's done.

[Cheers and applause]

Four out of five, Peter.

I wish you good luck.

Thank you.

- Whoa!
- Aww.

Keep your eye on the puck.

That's one.

- [Chuckles]
- Not too bad.

But we're playing
best of three.

Oh, let's make it best of five.

- [Whistles]
- [Speaking Russian]



[Both speaking Russian]

[Both speaking Russian]

[Both laughing]


What the hell was that?

That one got away.

You know what?
You're a crazy person.

But I like that.

I'll finish with you tomorrow.

I have business
to take care of.

[Both speaking Russian]

Ivan made bail.

Why wasn't I told about this?

The court dropped the ball.

Someone didn't get the memo

that we've got
an open investigation.

By the way, Gretzky,

did you mean
for the puck to hit the wall,

or were you trying to hit
Sergei and missed?

You should come
to the firing range.

Trust me.
He never misses.

Thank you.

The names on the printout
Neal grabbed

match fugitives
on the Russian intel watch list.

Calls between the ice rink
and Moscow

shot up in the past week.

Looks like Sergei's
bringing in new recruits.

They'll be untraceable

the minute they get through
customs with new identities.


So if we don't crack
Sergei's network soon,

a bunch of hardened
Russian criminals

will go into the wind
on US soil.

Seems like enough of them
already have.

Come on.

Ivan was pulled out
of the East River this morning

by NYPD.

They didn't trust him
not to talk.

Russian intelligence agreed
to extradite

all of Sergei's men
who were already in New York.

With the clean passports,

they're gonna be
almost impossible to find.

We've dealt with
money laundering before,

but Sergei's laundering people.

So... how do we round up
a bunch of fearless Russians

who are scattered
throughout the city?

Before they tip each other off.

It's gonna take
a lot of manpower

and a lot of preparation,

and we're running out of time.

What if Sergei
brings him to us?

I'm listening.

Well, what's the one thing
his guys can't resist?

An excuse to party.

So let's give them
something to celebrate.


Maybe provide Sergei
with the answer

- he's been waiting for.
- Katya?

What kind of fiance would he be

if he didn't throw a party
to celebrate

- the happiest day of his life?
- Nice.

He would not be a good one.
That's excellent.

We put them all together
in one place at the same time,

and we put an end to Sergei's
grip on Little Odessa.

[Shouting in Russian]

I'll do it.

All right, Katya,

I will make sure that nothing
happens to you.

But I need to know from you

if you are really up for this.

I woke up at 5:00
every morning as a child.

Walked to the gym
in the snow six miles away.

At practice,
my toes bled in my skates.

But I put on a smile every day.

This is nothing.

[Continues shouting in Russian]


Peter helped me see
how stupid I have been.

[Laughs and speaks Russian]

I can't believe
it has taken me so long.

Yes... I will marry you!

[Both laugh]


Tonight, we celebrate.

[All cheer]

[Russian folk music]

[Overlapping chatter]

- He has a lot of friends.
- Mm-hmm.

They can't all be criminals.

We'll do some weeding
at headquarters.

Peter! Hey.
Come here.

I'm so glad you could make it.

I was hoping to meet
your lovely wife.

Ah, she sends her regrets.
She came down with the flu.

Ah, too bad.
Maybe at the wedding.



Your cousin isn't sticking
around for the celebration?

"Life is a place
of service."

Do you read Tolstoy?

Ah,War And Peace,
one of my favorites.

Ah, enough talk.

Let's celebrate.
[Speaks Russian]


Nikolai's leaving.
Stall him.

I want him to be here
for her engagement present.

But I'll miss your speech.

I'll make sure
somebody records it.

You better.

Uh, excuse me.

Excuse me. I'm sorry.
Excuse me.

[Piano stops]
I'm Peter Nevins.

None of you know me,
but I am Katya's coach.

And I just want to congratulate
my new friend Sergei

and his lovely,
talented fiance Katya.

Aww. Oh ho!

Hey, buddy!

It's Neal Micali.

Come on, the party's
just getting started.

Where's the fire, my man?

Hey, I feel like
we got off to a bad start.

How about you and me
go back up there,

have a shot or three...
What do you say?

So what I'm really
trying to say is,

it's good to put
all these names to faces.

So raise a glass.

Oh, one other thing.

You're all under arrest.

FBI! Nobody move!
Hands in the air!

- Get down!
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

You're no sport agent.

Yeah, and you're not
"Sammy Jordache"?

Whoa, hey!

- Uhh!
- Don't even think about it.

- Back away.
- [Gasps]

- Just put it down right now.
- Back away.

Put that knife down right now!

I'm taking her with me!

You got five guns on you
right now!

- Put it down!
- Aah!

You okay?

[Handcuffs snap]

You were right.

Peter Nevins doesn't exist.

By the looks of it...
neither do any of these people.

Remember my face.

Get him out of here.


- off to Innsbruck.
- Yes.

[Chuckles] That should
be an adventure, huh?

- Oh, I hope so.
- Hmm.

Any last advice, coach?

Watch your leading edge
on the double axel

and be sure
to not lock your knees

on the Biellmann spin.


Oh, you have no idea what
any of that means, do you?

No. A commentator once
said it on my research DVDs.

It sounded good.

Thank you.

[Elevator bell dings]


Good luck.

- I'll walk you out.
- Thank you.


What'd you find?

Surveillance cameras
a block from the vodka room

led us to a cabbie.

He picked them up
and brought them in.

Anything special
about the place?

Nah, it's just
your average office building.

Accountants, therapists,
nothing out of the ordinary.

Is there any reason
he'd slip away to come here?

Neal always has a reason.

- Oh, hey.
- Hey.

You can pull the ripcord
on your safety chute.

Rebecca just called
on the burner phone.

What did she say?

Do I detect a lilt
in your voice?

Agent Gruetzner sees all.
You like her.

What is this, sixth grade?

Personally, I don't see
the attraction.

She doesn't want to rob you
or arrest you

or charge you
with insurance fraud.

Just tell me what she said.

She wants to meet
at the Rare Book Room.

You know, there's nothing
more enchanting

than a beautiful woman
cradling a classic opus

in her soft, gentle hands.

Would you like to take
the lead on this one?

No, you're the front man.

I'm merely rhythm guitar.

Yeah, well, so was John Lennon.

Thank you for that.


Leave your heart
off your sleeve.

- Can I help you?
- Yeah.

Uh, just a routine call.

We're checking all the offices
in the area.

Anything unusual occur here
in the last couple days?

Not unless you consider a room
full of herniated discs unusual.

Mind if I poke around?

Honey, you go ahead and poke.

[Phone rings]

Hello, Dr. Gravich's office.
How can I help you?

Well, what seems
to be the problem?

Um... how's Thursday?

He's here from 10:00 AM
till 5:00.



You mind if I read
over your shoulder?

Uh... it's not exactly
light reading.

- Oh, Mosconi.
- Yeah.

I figured we could, um,
start our research.

Does that mean
you've come to a decision?

Yes, it does.

I will help you with the Codex.

Um... but...

I should tell you
something first,

- just so you know.
- Tell me.

I, um...

I did time.


- Wow.
- I was 19.

It was a semester in Marrakesh.

So I'm in the Menara Gardens,

and there was
this beautiful green tile.

What, in the Saadian Pavilion?


So it had fallen off the roof,

and I pocketed it.

And I always meant
to take it back,

and then when I tried...

You got pinched.

It was the scariest night
of my life.

Um, I'm sorry, "Night"?


- Believe me...
- One night in jail?

One night in a Moroccan prison
is enough.

All right.

Look... we've worked
with ex-cons before.

Even seasoned,
hardened criminals,

like yourself.

Did you have a prison bitch?




And, in the interest
of full disclosure,

I... Look our copy
of the Codex is incomplete.


How much do you have?

A single chapter.
It's chapter 13.

Does that mean anything to you?


- You know what?
- What?

I'm done with games.

What are you talking about?

I... Did I say...
What did I say?

Go ahead.
Open it. Chapter 13.

No luck?
Try this one.

Mosconi was incredibly

In all the books
he ever produced,

he never wrote a chapter 13.

That's it.

You're getting
your sea legs back.

Frozen sea legs.

[Both chuckle]

Is it really okay
that we're doing this?

Well, technically,
it's a crime scene,

so don't touch anything.

Okay. All right,
tell me how to turn again.

Uh-oh. All right, just put
pressure on the outside blade.

- Yes.
- And lean.

Oh! Oh, like that!

- There you go.
- Yeah!

- Good.
- Whoa. Wait, wait... whoa!

I got you.
I got you.

- [Giggling]
- Whoa.

- Okay.
- I got you.

You always do.


Kind of like our second date.

Little better.