White Collar (2009–2014): Season 5, Episode 12 - Taking Stock - full transcript

When a corporate espionage case has personal ties to Neal, Peter recruits Diana from maternity leave for an undercover sting on a rogue stock trader.

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Previously on White Collar...

The Burkes are going
to Washington.

[Cork pops]

- Good! Here it comes!
- [Breathing heavily]

[Baby cries]

The Mosconi codex...

if this book is a puzzle,

maybe these are the pieces.

Take a look at the pages.

- Rain Man it.
- I got it.

This is the idol of Sita.

The idol had eyes made out
of rare diamonds.

The Hope diamond...
we're looking for its twin.

This is Rebecca's apartment.
Who is she, Neal?

Her real name is Rachel Turner.

she was one of their agents.

The prime suspect
in the murders

of Curtis Hagen
and Agent David Siegel.

We have full video
of her apartment.

Neal, she's in love with you.

You are under arrest
for murder.

Do you accept a collect call
from inmate...

Rachel Turner.
I'll see you soon.

You know D.C. was built
on a swamp, right?

Total myth...
it was all wetlands.

That's a distinction
without a difference.

Pack a mosquito net.

I'm from upstate.

Our mosquitoes resemble
small buzzards.

I'll be fine.

That experience
with bloodsuckers

will come in handy
when you start rubbing elbows

with congressmen.

Well, thankfully,
politics is only part

of my new job.

Gosh, you know,
these last few months

- have been...
- "Insane" will do.


Look, Rebecca deceived us all.

Are you holding up okay?

Rebecca's behind me.

Right now I'd rather focus
on what my future looks like.

Good, which is
why I've been giving

a lot of thought as to who
your next handler will be.

That's not the future
I have in mind.

The promotion at D.C....
your case history

was a huge factor
in that decision, right?

That's right.

It was based in part
on my successes

- as a field agent.
- Our successes.

No more handlers,

no more cases, no more anklet.

Neal, what are you saying?

I'm saying I want my sentence
to be dropped.

I've talked to a lawyer.

A recommendation from you
is critical.

Neal, you have time to serve.

Being ASAC doesn't mean
I give you special treatment.

It has nothing to do with rank.

It's because you're
my supervising officer.

I'm asking you
to do what's right.

Oh, I have spent
a lot of my time with you

thinking about what's right.

And what I've learned is that
there's never a simple answer.

Hey, I just got off the phone
with the prosecutor's office.

You know the print on the bullet
inside Rebecca's gun?

They're moving to indict?

Yeah, first thing
tomorrow morning.

[Sighs] It's over, Neal.

Yeah, it's over.

Listen, they want
the evidence boxed up

and shipped immediately.

You want me to round up
a couple of probies?

You know,
on my very first case,

Hughes had me bag and tag
all the evidence myself.

It's only fitting that I do it
on my last case.

Come on, Neal,
let's box it all up.

All of it?

All of it.

Ready, Neal?



- Beers at work?
- Yeah.

I know you're
a stickler for rules,

but if was ever there was
a time to break one, it's now.

Besides, we are officially
off the clock.

[Cell phone vibrating] Mm.

That yours?

- No, I thought it was yours.
- No.

[Vibrating continues]

It's one of Rebecca's
burner phones.

Her voice-mail access
will be password protected.

The tech guys unlocked
all her phones.

It should be as simple as...

Rebecca Lowe, I got this number

from one of your associates.

I'm in need of your...
services immediately.

Call me back.

We need to see
where this leads.

If Rebecca's other clients
are anything like Hagen...

Someone could end up dead.

The caller got her name
and number secondhand.

We could send someone
undercover to meet him.

If he knows what
she looks like, he'll bolt.

- But if he doesn't...
- We have a case.

Now, normally, I'd send you
in undercover

- for something like this.
- This isn't Some Like It Hot.

You have someone good in mind?

Yeah, one
of the best agents I know...

smart, relentless, tough.

Able to leap tall buildings
in a single bound?

Wouldn't be surprised.

[Knock at door]

Hey, boss.

Let's get to work.

[Baby coos]

[Rock music]

So let me get this straight.

After we find out
the client's identity,

I have to impersonate Rebecca,
who's really Rachel,

hoping he doesn't know that
she isn't a biracial woman

who has to pump
every three hours?

- Pump?
- I'm a fantastic multitasker.

I'll do it on the fly.

Then I determine what the job
is, pretend to carry it out,

and deliver evidence of
completion to our mystery man,

which, given Rebecca's history,
might include murder.


Look, Diana, truth is, who knows
if we even have a case?

You know, I just wanted
to bring you up to speed.

Tons of unknowns, and I'm not
sure if we'll pursue it.

Peter, I'm in.

A bad guy
wants to hire a bad girl

to do some really bad stuff.

I'm the best person
in the division

to keep that from happening.

- You know that.
- I do.


Now, I got to go change,
and so does he.

You know your way
around a dirty diaper, right?

Neal, the damn codex...

you have any idea what happens

when you commit something like
that to memory?

It haunts you.


Try to sleep...

Sit down to a delicious bowl
of muesli...


All these signs and symbols
floating around in my head,

combining, separating,
recombining, mocking me.


Now that Rebecca is gone,

we can take a breath
and go at this the right way.

Think about it.

Nobody is looking
for the diamond except us.

You're right.

This could be it.

Everything we've always dreamed
about...it's within reach.

With the money
from the diamond,

we could build
a small consortium,

a network of associates,
properly financed cons.

Maybe even a few small drones.

Drones? Ah, I see you've
really thought this through.

It's perfect.

An illegitimate empire

paid for
with the legitimate proceeds

from the diamond.

Neal, it's our cotillion.

[Cell phone chimes]

Oh, that's Peter.
I got to run.

We're tracking someone
who contacted Rebecca

about doing a job.

Diana's coming off maternity
leave to go undercover.

What will she do with Teddy?

You mean Theo?

Well, like most women
from Gloria Steinem on,

she'll probably hire
a babysitter.

I've never even met
my namesake,

yet some stranger is gonna mold
his young, pliable mind?

I delivered that child, Neal.

How about we channel
that righteous indignation

into finding the diamond?

Welcome back, Agent Berrigan.

Thank you, Agent Jones.


- what do we know about this guy?
- Nothing.

We've got a short voice mail
and a phone.

Yeah, no I.D., no location.

Whoever he is, if he doesn't
hear back from Rebecca Lowe,

he'll find someone else
for the job.

- We can't let that happen.
- I agree.

If this is all we've got,
let's use it.


[Line trilling]

I was hoping you'd call sooner.

I call when I call.

What's the assignment?

All pertinent information

will be left at a drop site
this afternoon.


I was given to understand
this is how you did things.

Then you understood wrong.

We meet in person in public.

Those are my rules.

If you don't like them,
too bad.


Crawford Plaza,
tomorrow at noon.

My associate briefed me
on your signal.

I'll be looking for it.

[Phone clicks]

Any bright ideas on what
Rebecca's signal could be?

There's one way to find out.

She may not have
much to say, Neal, not to me.

Well, I'm sure you have ways
of getting her to talk.

Are you in contact
with the van?

Up and running.

I'll try to make it fast.

Agent Burke...

I never thought
I'd actually look forward

to a trip to the FBI.

Didn't feel like coming down
to the correction center?

Don't like seeing what happens

to the stuff you flush down
the drain?

I like to control
my environment,

which makes two of us.

I could have killed you,
you know.

I had you in my sights
several times.

But I never would have done
that to Neal.

It would have torn him up.

Why am I here?

To strike a deal.

Don't suppose
you could help me with these.

Your cell right now...
I hear it's pretty grim.

I can talk to the warden

about getting you
some southern exposure.

Not interested.

An extra hour or two
in the yard every day?

You know I only want one thing.

But what is it that you want?

I want to know
the signal you use

when first making
contact with a client.

Just to quench your curiosity?

Something to put
in the scrapbook?

Or did I get a job?


It's good to feel wanted.

Your signal...
what is it?

I'm not telling you.

But I will tell Neal,
after I've had a chance

to talk to him
about a few things.


No can do.

I'm sure glad I didn't waste
a drive down to the MCC.

Enjoy your view
of civilization while you can.


Okay, I will tell you.

But then I want to see him.

Those are my terms.

How's that sound, Neal?

[Knocks twice]

Looks like we have a deal.

The signal is a watch,
worn on the left hand,

banded upside down.

What time?

It should be set to 10:20.


That you'll soon be serving
two consecutive life sentences?

Yeah, I'm ecstatic.

I gave you what you wanted.

Now it's my turn.

You're not going in
until we know the signal works.

And if it does...

just in case I need to be
in contact with you.

You sure you're up for this?

I wish I could say

absence made
the heart grow fonder.

Jones, how we looking?

We've got eyes and ears
on Diana.

- Diana, you with us?
- Copy that.

Ah, it looks like somebody's
approaching...here we go.

Lovely day.

I like your watch.

You want something
taken care of?

You tell me
what you want me to do.

I do it, you pay.

That's the deal.

I don't discuss the job
till we're safely indoors.

Given my line of work,
you can't be too careful.

Peter, we've got a hitch.

Diana's following our suspect.

- No clue where they're headed.
- Did you I.D. him yet?

Conrad Worth.

He was a suspect in an S.E.C.
investigation a few months back.

Never did pin anything on him,

but he's looking really shady
right about now.

Peter, I don't like this.

Someone backing her up?

Yep, I am.

Diana called an audible.
She's following the suspect.

Make it quick in there.


I hate for you
to see me like this.

Do you remember what
my last words to you were?

- "I'll see you soon."
- [Chuckles]

Here you are.

It's like something
out of a novel.

Yeah, the kind
you buy in an airport

and then leave
in your seat-back pocket.

Come on, I'm still me.

I'm still Rebecca.

Don't you see that?

When I first met you,

what I saw
was the innocence of Kate,

the wit of Sara,
the allure of Alex.

I'm the perfect woman for you.

No, you made yourself
into that,

into something you're not

'cause that's the job
you were hired to do.

What you are is a murderer.

You can't separate the woman
you fell in love with

from any of my identities.

It turned real.

You saw the true me.

And I know you.

I can tell you still
have feelings for me.

Rebecca, Rachel,

and whatever name
you decide to call yourself

in the cafeteria line...

it's over.

See, I can see
what you're doing.

That slick facade...

it means you feel threatened.

Neal, I can see
right through all your lies.

I admire the minimalist touch.

We just moved in.

My partners and I...
we come and go as we please.

And besides, this day and age...
what more do you need?

It's lovely.

Now, can we can get down
to specifics?

It's funny.

With all I've heard about you,

I was expecting
someone different.

Please, sit down.

Talk to me, Jones.

I've got eyes on Diana.

They're on his terrace.

First sign of trouble, I'm in.

You're not the only job
on my horizon.

Please tell me
I'm not wasting my time.

When I first heard about you,
it was only in whispers.

Your exploits
are the stuff of legend.

There was one story.

You couldn't forget it
if you've you heard it.

Some friends of mine,
they saw it with their own eyes.

Caracas, May 2009...

remind me...

how did that go down?

Enough with the closure, Neal.

I need you to ask about...

Caracas, May 2009...

I want to know what happened.

Neal, are you helping
Agent Burke

make sure some bumbling agent
is safely vetted?

That's so beneath you.
Come on.

Then I guess we're
out of things to talk about.

All right.

You want to know some things?

I got some questions too.

One for one, we answer
each other truthfully.

- Okay.
- But if you lie to me,

I lie to you.

And besides, lovers are experts

at sniffing out
one another's deceptions.

You know, what you're
asking me to admit to

could get me thrown in jail.

Are you wearing a wire?


Then let me be blunt.

I don't discuss past jobs.

Well, let me be blunt.

I'm not sure you are
who you say you are,

so tell me what I need to know.

The story, Neal...

we're running out of time.

How about I go first?

Something light to warm us up?

Do you think you're smarter

than your old friend
Peter Burke?


And Peter thinks
he's smarter than me.

Well, you can't both be right.

Which has resulted
in years of debate.

Now, one for one,
truth for truth.

Tell me what happened
in Caracas.

May 21, 2009.

An opera
at the Teatro Teresa Carreno,

tight security...

I snuck in, removed a wire

from the orchestra's piano,
and slipped it...

Over the lead actor's neck
as the first act was ending.

He owed a very large debt
to the city's mayor

and refused to pay,

so I left his body onstage

and left his head
on the mayor's doorstep.

That's the short version.

I left out the '54 gullwing

and the bridge jump
over the Guaire.


nice to finally hear it
from the source.

This is the address
of an R&D facility in midtown.

I need what's in vault 23,
compartment 3.

The haul is tiny,
but its importance to me is not.

And what is it?

It's a thumb drive.

I need it Friday morning,
9:00 A.M., period.

I expect my compensation
upon delivery.

See, this R&D facility...

it's not like slipping
into an opera house.

It's incredibly secure.

I mean, maybe we should bring
along some...I don't know...

muscle in case you
get into trouble.


One thing I forgot
to tell you about Caracas.

Someone got in my way as
I was leaving the opera house.

So I snapped the tendon
in his middle finger.

Tendons are elastic,
like rubber bands.

I later heard
his doctor had to fish

for the severed end
deep inside his elbow.

That enough muscle for you?

You'll have the drive
by Friday morning.

Not a bad story, huh?

What's your professional
opinion, one thief to another?

You're not a thief.

Admit it...
you still love me.

I wouldn't call
what we had love.

I disagree.


you and I belong together.


And how would
that work exactly...

conjugal visits
every third Thursday?


Circumstances change.

Come on, four years ago,
would you have guessed

that you'd be a snitch

for the very people
that were hunting you down?

That's it, Neal.
We're done.

So you going after the diamond?

Who says
I don't already have it?

I do.

That little thing you just did
with your eyebrow...it's a tell.

Maybe I'm working on it.

Or maybe the diamond
doesn't even exist.

Oh, it exists...

and you're getting close.

What are you gonna do

if you find it
with that thing on your ankle?

What then?

I don't know.

But I do know
that whatever happens next

sure as hell
doesn't include you.

Good-bye, Rebecca.

[Door opens, closes]

I think you invented
a new sport in there.

Psychological judo.

Well, they say throwing
salt on the wound

is the quickest way to heal.

- I don't think they say that.
- You sure?

Yeah, they say something
about time.

Well, time to move on.

I plan to...

while she spends
the rest of her life in a cell.

Hey, about me saying that
I'm smarter than you in there...

Oh, I know you think you are.

- That's why I always catch you.
- [Chuckles]

Good work.

The Caracas story
did the trick.

- Diana got the assignment?
- And then some.


Looks like Worth is targeting
the offices of DCFI.

It's a hedge fund
run by Ian Dybek.

Ivy League, Upper West Sider,

golfs at clubs
that don't allow women.

Dybek and Worth
managed the fund together.

Until they were investigated

on suspicion
of market manipulation.

Yeah, a bunch
of strange activity

from the company's server caught
the attention of the S.E.C.

It turns out Worth ran the
high-frequency trading division.

The S.E.C. shook him down

but didn't get enough
to press charges.

But Dybek fired him anyway.

I think he needed
a sacrificial lamb.

I let Ian Dybek know

that there's a security threat
on his facility.

He want protection?

No, he thanked me,

then proceeded to bolt
out of the building.

It looks like he tucked
something small in his pocket.

Looks like a thumb drive.
Where was he headed?

I bet he had a reason.

Like hiding the drive
from the FBI.

Firms like DCFI pay a fortune
for their trading algorithms.

Yeah, a millisecond
means the difference

between gaining
and losing millions.

If there's an algorithm
on that drive,

it makes sense that Worth
would want to steal it.

But not why Dybek hid it.

It's not illegal
to use an algorithm.

Unless it is.

The scene today as the market
plummeted 1,000 points...

That's a 1,000-point
dead drop,

all because one fund moved
a large amount of stock

- when the market was vulnerable.
- Indeed, the broader market...

It started a chain reaction by
high-frequency trading servers,

which caused the market
to crash in seconds.

Like high-stakes jenga.

Yep, but it's more like, um...
like throwing a banana peel.

You're saying that
what tipped off the S.E.C.

might have been Worth and Dybek
testing their algorithm

to see how many ones and zeroes
they could make slip and fall.

There are billions to be made.

Sell short
before the market dives.

Be first in line
when it bounces back up.

The perfect crime,
executed by computers.

And Worth knows
if he steals the algorithm,

Dybek can't report the theft
without implicating himself.

If we're right,

the only way to stop it
is to get that drive.

- We'll need a warrant.
- That takes time.

Worth wants the drive
by Friday.

What happens Friday?

Uh, the new Woody Allen
comes out.

So does the jobs report.

That means the market
is primed to be volatile.

Jones, reach out to friendly
judges for that warrant.

- Yep.
- I've got a briefing

with the cyber division
first thing.

So, Diana, be ready
to move on Dybek.

- Take Neal.
- I have one child.

Another won't be a problem.

First day back,
feels like old times.

Play nice, you two.
Play nice.

Do you remember
when we first moved in?


We ate off a crate
for three months.

Let's not buy a table
for the Georgetown house.

Save some money.

You okay?


Yeah, we just have
a lot of memories here.


- [Sighs]
- We'll make some new ones.

I know.

[Clears throat]

Does that have something to do
with opening a can?

Mm, no, I think
it has something to do

with pitting a mango.

Never used it.

[Chuckles] Do you think Neal
would want it?

I don't know,

but I do know that he doesn't
want a handler anymore.

Neal asked me to recommend
that his sentence be terminated.

- Really?
- Yeah.

- Neal?
- Yeah.

Off anklet?

Free to roam the world.

- Imagine the trouble he'd find.
- Hmm.

Or not.

I don't know.
Maybe Neal's changed.

We have been known to be
a positive influence before.

Yeah, but Rebecca
not only conned him.

She broke his heart.

What Neal needs
right now are rules,


Or what he needs
is to figure out

what he wants in his life.

I don't know.

Maybe this was
a wake-up call for Neal.

Peter never makes me
work this early.

I've been awake since 5:00.

Sleep means nothing
to a hungry baby.

Drink your coffee.

Where are we going?

I'm undercover as Rebecca Lowe,

and my assignment's
to steal that flash drive.

You're gonna help me.



We're here.

Congrats on surviving
the most epic break-up ever.

Oh, thank you
for not asking how I am.

Two things we have in common...
hating that question...

And being fine going it alone.

Listen, as your C.I....

- You're not my C.I.
- You're handling me.

Ugh, that sounds
all kinds of wrong.

Well, so does this plan.

Peter wants to go in
with a warrant.

Best case, he gets one.
Worst case, he doesn't.

In which case,
we'll have the drive in hand.

Motherhood's made you
kind of badass.

I was always a badass.

There's Dybek.

That must be his wife, Iris.

They practically
are each other.

[Cell phone rings]


Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Slow down.

Is Theo all right?

- What's going on?
- Okay, okay.

Stay calm.

Go home.
I'll take it from here.

Come on, I got this.

Do it.

Karen, I'm home.

- You!
- Shh!

He said there was a gas leak.

A ruse that Karen accepted
without question.

You're wearing
a gas-company uniform.

He showed me credentials.

Which is more
than I can say for you, Karen...

if Karen is your real name.

Do you hear this?

He keeps saying my name
over and over again.

Karen, Karen, Karen.

He refuses to leave.

And he insulted my baby food.

Peas are patently uninspired.

Are you aware
that she is a Ferberizer?

- Ferberizer?
- That's it...I quit.

- I can't take this.
- Shh!

No, Karen. No, no.
Please, I'm begging you.

- I'm sorry, Diana.
- [Sighs]

Do you have any idea

how long it took me
to find that nanny?

Oh, please.

She was one step away
from Louis wain cat drawings.

Mozzie, how can you
do this to me?

The real question is,

how could you let this baby
sit in a wood-paneled nursery?

A black and white
chevron pattern

would be much more stimulating
to his burgeoning neurons.

Okay, here's the part where
I arrest you for home invasion.

That hurts.

You know, it's not too late

to build a small
geodesic dome in here.

It will really aid
in his spatial skills.

When would I build a dome?

I'm a working mother with
no child care now thanks to you.

[Baby coos]

He likes you.

Of course he does.

I literally pulled him
with these...

We do not need to relive that.

All right, he's yours...
for the day.

If he gets fussy,
that mobile my mother bought him

- calms him down.
- Nap time?

- Every three hours.
- Okay, Teddy.

It's Theo.

[Baby coos]
Buh buh buh!


[Door opens]


Love bun?

Bunny, where are you?


I'm wearing
your favorite outfit.

Ian, my love bunny...

I'm coming.




Oh, God.

- [Screams]
- Hey!

- I am not afraid to use this.
- I did not mean to scare you.

I think I know what happened.

- I think we were double-booked.
- What?

I'm here for Iris.

You know, we spend time together
while her husband's at work.



You mean Iris has a...?

Mister, although
that is a very coarse word

to describe
what she and I have.

Oh, I know, right?




All right, just hold him off
until I can get out of here.

I'll call Iris
and suggest a hotel.

Your secret's safe with me.

We both have so much in common,

- beyond looking great in silk.
- Thank you.


Ian? Bunny?

Ian, hi.

I got a meeting in ten minutes.

Oh, but I want a cha...
I want a change of pace.

I want a change of scenery.

On the couch, please?

Oh, I just want you.
I want you so bad...right now!



Oh, eyes on me.

Do not look away.


Neal broke
into Dybek's residence,

cracked his safe,
and stole this,

with no proof
that the man is anything

but the target of a heist,

- and you sanctioned it.
- Correct.

I told you to wait
until we have a warrant.

Did you get one?

Not yet,
but that doesn't mean...

By tomorrow morning?

Look, if the algorithm's
on that drive,

I couldn't risk Dybek using it.

You put me in charge.
I made a call.

You've let Neal
cross lines for years.

Diana, trust me.

Do as I say.

Actions make us who we are.

I stand by mine.

[Knocks on wall] Guys...

I confirmed
what's on the drive.


Now we know what
an algorithm looks like.

Right. Just a complicated
series of commands

to buy and sell,
but when I applied it

to a simulation of the major
stock market indexes,

the market
goes into a nosedive.



with catastrophic consequences.

In eight hours, our economy
would've been in chaos.

And Worth would've been
richer than Scrooge McDuck.

Wall Street's a game.

He's got all the pieces
in place...

the algorithm, the capital,
and the jobs report.

And he won't stop
till he pulls it off.

Then I say we let him win.

If it's a game,
we can all play.

- He just won't know it.
- Exactly.

Jones, contact the tech team.

We've got
until the market opens.

- Test.
- Yep, you're live.

- You got me?
- Yeah.

So that's identical
to the one in Dybek's safe?

On the outside.

On the inside, it's
a high-bandwidth wi-fi receiver.

Once Worth plugs it in,
we'll control his computer.

He'll apply the algorithm,
and if it works...

He'll be fooled into thinking
the market's tanking.


And when he uses
his firm's clients' money

to make his trades,

we got him on wire fraud,
conspiracy, money laundering...

Intention to disrupt
the U.S. economy.

And hiring
an international thief/assassin

to do his bidding.

Ah, bring it to me.

You get the drive
when I get my money.

And you'll receive payment

when I know that those aren't
Ian's snapshots from Augusta.

We're in?

We're in.

There she is.


there she goes.

Is that what's
supposed to happen?

It's a little difficult
to explain to someone like you.

[Cell phone chimes]

I could explain it to you.

Keep it simple so I understand.

I just made a killing.

Your turn.

Explain that.

Or I could tell you

what happened to the last guy
who pointed a gun at me.

- Her cover's blown.
- Let's move.

Who the hell are you?

I'm Rebecca Lowe.

Who referred me?

- An associate from Zurich.
- I'm not a fed.

Yeah, that's not a bet
that I care to hedge.

Do you really think
the government

would let millions of people
lose billions of dollars

to sting one man?

You're not that special.

Now give me my money.
We're done.

Have you ever held
a gun before?


You're under arrest.

Hands behind your back.


You okay?

Of course you are.

Let's go.

Who the hell sent that text?

What do we have?

Tracing the SIM card
from Worth's phone now.

Peter, you won't believe where
that text message came from.


The Metropolitan
Corrections Center.


Warden Maxwell,
how the hell did she gain access

to a cell phone?

One of my best agents
was put in harm's way.

You and me...we're gonna get
to the bottom of this.

Peter, cell phones
are currency in prison.

It happens.

Not with cop killers
it doesn't.

- If anything had...
- Well, it didn't.

We're not going there.

What do you say
we both go home?

See, they want you to think
the Apollo landed on the moon.

What they don't want you
to know

is that the "spaceship" landed
in our own backyard six times.

[Baby fussing]

Come on...

what's more interesting
than a good lunar con?


[Baby coos]

Kid... you're kidding me!

Of course.

Every symbol
could represent a number.

Mosconi's symbols
aren't a message.

They're numbers.

Numbers we understand.

Numbers we can work with.

Don't let anyone tell you
you'll never use math.


You're really good with babies.

Oh, hairline.

And your timing is impeccable.


We have Dybek in custody.

And just like any criminal,
he lawyered up.

I wouldn't expect any less.

All these times,
I not only allowed

but encouraged you
to break the rules...

hell, the law.

It was never lost on me

that the actions I took
were sanctioned by the FBI.

I was focused on closing cases.

And I let you scratch an itch.

I have a great dermatologist.

Actions define us.

I made sure yours did.

Got one question for you,
just one.


Do you think
you can go straight?


Peter, I've never lied to you.

Neal, you've double-talked,
omitted, and bent the truth.

One word.
No loopholes.



I want to believe it.

But after all you've done,
I'm not sure I can.

If you can't...

I'll have to do it on my own.

[Telephone rings]

[Telephones ringing]

- I'll get it.
- FBI.

[Ringing continues]

[Cell phone vibrating]

This is Agent Burke.



Peter, what is it?

Rebecca escaped.




[Line trilling]

This is Neal.
Leave a message.

Neal, where are you?

It's 4:00 A.M.
I've been calling all night.

I have glorious news.

Thanks to baby Teddy...
I'll explain later...

we know that Mosconi's
last clues were numbers...

numbers that,
by the time you get home,

will lead us to the diamond.