White Collar (2009–2014): Season 5, Episode 11 - Shot Through the Heart - full transcript

When Neal and Peter go after an assassin, the stakes are raised even higher when they realize this may be the same person who has been pulling Neal's strings.

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Previously on White Collar...

- They want me in D.C.?
- The job's yours.

I can't leave
until I know the whole truth,

until I really know

what happened
to David Siegel that day.

I'd like to request
a book for study.

Mosconi claimed that
the greatest wealth in the world

was within its pages.

You're gonna steal it for me.

There's something
you should know about me.

I'm not an FBI agent.
I'm a criminal informant.

All the pages
held hidden symbols,

culminating with a picture
of an idol.

This is the idol of Sita.

The idol had eyes
made out of rare diamonds.

The Hope diamond...
we're looking for its twin.

It's a forgery.
It's a good one.

The initials C.H....
Curtis Hagen.

We're going
after the Dutchman again.


I found this in Hagen's wallet.

Hagen was watching someone
all day and taking notes.

It could be whoever shot him.

That's the same block
where we found Siegel's body.

Neal, who's listed
in apartment 3?

Electronic trip wire.

- Someone has been studying you.
- Not just me.

This is everyone
who's in my division.

Whoever murdered Siegel
also framed Hagen.

Probably killed him as well.

This is Rebecca's apartment.

Who is she, Neal?

Let me guess...
she never invited you over.

It's outside my radius.

I bet that's why she chose it.
Who is this woman?

I have no idea.

We have to leave, right now.

She doesn't know we were here,
and we need to keep it that way.

I'm staying here.

And then what,
you'll confront her,

convince her
to tell you everything?

You could bring her in,
question her.

On what grounds?

I don't have a warrant
or hard evidence.

We don't know
what we're dealing with here.

We leave, regroup,
and figure out what to do.

Siegel died
six blocks from here.

Somehow, he must have been
onto Rebecca.

- Talk, now.
- I told you...

Hagen was threatening her.

At least I thought he was.

he was working with her.

Siegel must have found out
about it and followed her here.

She sees Siegel,
realizes her cover's blown,

shoots him on the way
back to his car.

She killed him.

Neal, we will not let her
get away with this,

but you need to tell me

I mean everything.

Hagen was looking
for a lost treasure

that Mosconi hid
a hundred years ago.

The same Mosconi
from the Gershon exhibit?

Where I met Rebecca.

I approached her
for information on Mosconi...

exactly like Hagen
wanted me to.

They played me from the start.

What's so valuable
that they went through all this?

The lost twin
to the Hope diamond.

The motion detector at the door

is an electronic trip wire.

It's a custom job,
from all appearances.

The windows are wired too.
It's professional work.

We don't know much
about this woman, Rebecca Lowe,

but as of now,
she's the prime suspect

in the murders of Curtis Hagen
and agent David Siegel.

Neal, you want to give us
a minute?

- I'm fine.
- Come on, Caffrey,

grab a cup of coffee with me.

She was my girlfriend,
all right?

Peter, I appreciate you
trying to protect me,

but I can handle this.

I know what you're thinking,

and I want you
to stay away from this.

You said it yourself...
she can't know we were there.

If I don't act
like everything's normal,

she'll get suspicious.


Okay, but we use it
to our advantage.

While you're keeping
her occupied,

we'll search her home.

She was so sweet
and thoughtful...

so normal.

We were supposed to go
shopping next week.

Well, it's safe to say
that's canceled.

I kind of feel duped,
and I barely know her.

I can only imagine
what Neal must be feeling.

I'm just worried whether
he can keep up appearances.

Don't you feel bad for him?

I do, but...

he lied to her
about who he was too.

You know, hon, you should be
a little more understanding.

You know, what I understand
is that a life of lies

catches up to you,
and it did for Neal.

Hey, find anything?

Oh, a dusty earring
behind your dresser,

predating Rebecca, but no bugs.

Cubic zirconia...

could explain
the lack of follow-up.

As Oscar Wilde said,

"A woman's face
is her work of fiction."

Well, everything about her
was fiction, Moz.

If it's any consolation,

I didn't see it coming,
and I vetted her.

That worked out well.

She had us all fooled,
and that's not easy to do.

The truth is...

I was excited about someone
for the first time in a while.

I know you cared about her.

I cared about the person
she pretended to be.

- If only it were that easy.
- It has to be.

We're having lunch tomorrow

while the FBI
raids her apartment.

If Rebecca killed Hagen,
there's a chance...

That she has
the blackmail video, yeah.

[Knock at door]


This is unexpected.

I couldn't wait until lunch.

Hope you don't mind.

Why would I?

[Rock music]

What's the surprise?

For my hero.

Nothing says
"Thanks for saving my life"

like vanilla bombolini.

You okay?

No, I'm not.

I shouldn't have left
you alone yesterday,

after everything
you went through.

It's okay. Really, I...

I needed some time alone.

Well, I should have been there.

But no time like the present
to make up for it.

- What are you doing?
- Calling the FBI...

to let 'em know I'll be late.

[Cell phone ringing]

Hang on, hang on, hang on.


- Neal, talk to me.
- Morning, Peter.

- What's wrong?
- Listen...

I'm gonna be a little late.
Rebecca's not feeling well.

I'm gonna make her
some chicken soup.

She's there now?

Okay, you caught me.

I ordered it
from 2nd Avenue deli.


Are you okay?

Oh, Peter says hi.
Feel better.

- Uh, tell him I say hi.
- Rebecca says hi.

We'll head to her place now.

I see I've come down
with something.

It'll buy us
a little time together.

You are an awfully good liar,
Mr. Caffrey.

- [Chuckles]
- Should I be worried?


No more lies.
I promise.

With that in mind,

there's something
you should know.

What's that?

Curtis Hagen,
the man who kidnapped you...

- he's dead.
- What happened?

He was shot by a sniper,
killed instantly.


That's horrible.

He did kidnap you.

Still, no one deserves that.

Any idea who shot him?

I was hoping you could tell me.

Did you see who was holding you?
They might have been involved.


He only spoke once or twice,

his voice was muffled,
he wore a mask.

I'm sorry.


Just admiring you.

It's impressive how well
you've handled everything.

Peter, do you want us to scan
all the rare-book research?

I mean, she's got
drawers of it.

Yeah, photocopy
and replace everything.

She has an entire folder
on Neal's childhood.

I mean, we don't even have
that kind of intel on him.

- Make an extra copy.
- Yeah.

I know you had to destroy
the codex,

but yesterday you said
there was still a way.

What did you mean by that?

I shouldn't have said anything.


I can't involve you
in it anymore.

Neal, this all leads
to the twin of the hope diamond.

We can't stop now.
We're so close to finding it.

You were kidnapped
because of the codex.

I can't let that happen again.

This can't be halfway.

We can't be halfway.

If I'm gonna be in your life,

it has to include
this part of it.

Well, then maybe
it's time I step

away from that part of my life.

- [Laughs]
- What?

Come on, you don't actually
think you could do that.

If it came to that...

to us...

yeah, I could.

I got to say...it's
kind of weird seeing my life

summed up in a file.

And, damn, she is thorough.

Anything you want to admit to
before it goes into evidence?

There's nothing illegal
about having

three different profiles
on okCupid, all right?

- This has gone too far.
- What'd you find?

I've got to get my wife
out of the city.


[Cell phone chirping]

[Sighs] I have to go.

What's wrong?

I forgot
a doctor's appointment.

- I'm sorry.
- Wait.

We need to finish
talking about this.

Oh, we will.
Um, dinner? Tomorrow?

- Rebecca...
- Yeah?

I think I'm falling
in love with you.


Neal, I-I-I don't know
what to say.

You don't...you don't have
to say anything.

I just...
I needed you to know.

[Chuckles] Dinner...

- [Sighs]
- Tomorrow.

- Yeah, I'll see you then.
- Bye.

You sure
you don't want to stay?

I can't.
[Both laughing]

That one goes on the top file.
[Cell phone rings]

How much time do we have?

Not much.
She's on her way there now.

I stalled her
as long as I could.

Someone tripped the sensor.
Meet me back at the office.

- Almost done...ten more minutes.
- Make it five.

- Be right back.
- Where you going?

I saw a Chinese place
down the street.

Gonna check out their menu.

[Cell phone chirping]

You're here.

You guys were able
to set everything up on time?

Yep, we have full video
and audio of her apartment.

Just in time to watch her pack.

- You think she's onto us?
- No, my menu trick worked.

She hasn't looked
for bugs or cameras,

so I don't think
she knows we were there.

She's calling someone.

[Cell phone ringing]

Let it go to voice mail.
Jones, turn up the volume.


We're gonna hear it eventually.

Hey, Neal, it's me.

Um, look, I've been thinking

a lot about what
we talked about earlier,

what you said to me, and, um...

I love you too.

I can't believe I just said that
into your voice mail.


I guess I just couldn't wait
to tell you.

Okay, I'm gonna hang up
before I embarrass myself worse,

but, um, I'll see you tomorrow.

So you told her you loved her?

I had to buy
you guys some time.

The question is,
what angle is she playing?

That's why she was packing.

You think she's moving on
to her next target?

I think you're the only target
she cares about.

Yeah, she's packing up

from before she became Rebecca.

Because she wants to stay
as Rebecca.

Neal, I think she meant
what she said.

She's in love with you.

She profiled my exes
to handcraft a persona

I would fall for...

the perfect girlfriend.

I think she built it
a little too well...

fell for her own con.

You really think she
would have thrown it all away

and settled down with me?

It explains why Hagen
turned on her.

He lost control.

And it also explains
why she turned on him.

Maybe she got a read on me
and decided to play along.

let's assume you're right.

What reason would she have
for telling you she loves you?

Keep me around,
help with the diamond.

It's a possibility,
and in that case,

she still has no idea
we're onto her.

Or I'm right, and she means it,

and we can use it against her.

You know, your relationships

aren't the only ones
that are under her microscope.

You have to get Elizabeth
out of town.

Already did...sent her
to Bruce's in Washington

until it's settled.

- So let's settle it.
- What are you thinking?

If she's fallen for you
or not, she needs you.

We know that much.

So let's see what she does

when we threaten
to take you away.

Thanks for coming in
on such short notice.

I, uh...I hope we didn't mess up
your day.

There's not much to mess with.
I still don't have a job.

Oh, well, I bet you're
wondering why you're here.

I'm assuming
it has something to do

with the Gershon Museum robbery.

Is there new information?

This isn't about the museum.

Oh. Now I'm wondering
why I'm here.

It's about Neal Caffrey.

- What about him?
- We have reason to believe

that he's been engaged
in illegal activities

behind our back
for some time now.

What kind
of illegal activities?

Does this man
look familiar to you?

N-no, who is he?

His name is Curtis Hagen.

Has Neal ever mentioned
that name?

I don't believe so.

He was murdered yesterday.

Neal Caffrey
is our prime suspect.

- You see what she just did?
- Pretended not to know Hagen?

Her fake concern

to the news
that I'm a murder suspect.

Nah, looked like
real concern to me.

It was real,
but it wasn't for me.

It's almost impossible
not to react

to unpredictable news
in some way.

A good con knows how to turn
those tells into an advantage.

You play poker?

Ah, I host the occasional
Friday night game.

You'll never be invited...
no offense.

In poker, it's too obvious
to act calm when you're nervous,

but when you see
that fourth ace drop...

- The blood pressure spikes.
- Yeah.

A good player knows
you can't control that,

but you can hide its meaning.

She's hiding her own concern
of getting caught

by acting concerned about me.

Or maybe you want her
to be lying.

I mean, it would be easier,
wouldn't it?

Neal isn't here today, is he?

No, we assigned him
to another case across town

so that we have the opportunity

to interview
his known acquaintances.

I'm...I'm sorry,
this is just a lot to process.

I know Neal.
He's not a murderer.

No, no, he wouldn't get
his own hands dirty,

but he's not
above hiring others.

There's a lot you don't know
about Neal Caffrey.


He's told me
about his criminal past,

but he says
that's all behind him now.

He says that a lot.

Neal had a history
with this man.

He also had a strong motive
to want him dead.

Which is?

I'm afraid I can't say.

So what am I supposed to do?

If I were you,
I'd keep my distance.

I think that went well.

She should consider
a second career on Broadway.

Yeah, so should you, Peter.

I think I sold a complete
distrust of Neal pretty well.

All right, we showed our hand.

There's no way
she's sticking around

after the FBI calls her in
about a murder she committed.

She's gonna run.

Unless she has
a reason to stay.

[Cell phone beeps]

It's her.
Madison Square park, one hour.

I'll assemble the team.

All agents maintain position
until my word.

Rebecca's in the park now...
sending Caffrey.

I got here as fast as I could.

- You okay?
- Walk with me.

- How's the audio?
- Five by five...

as long as Neal keeps the pen
pointed in the right direction.

Becca, what's going on?
You're starting to worry me.

I was called into the FBI
this morning.

- What?
- They were asking about Hagen.

Neal, I had to warn you.

They think you hired someone
to kill him.

Me? That's insane.

I didn't do it.
You have to believe me.

- What are you gonna do?
- I have to run.

- He's good.
- Two can play at that game.

Run? Neal, there has
to be another way.

The feds could have
followed you here, all right?

They didn't.
I made sure of it.

- You wouldn't know it if they...
- Trust me, I would.

I can't trust anyone right now.

Look, I hate to say it,
but this is good-bye.

I can go with you.

Living on the run isn't a life
for someone like you.

You're not that kind of girl.

Maybe I'm not the girl
you think I am.

Neal, there's something
that I have to tell you...

about who I really am.

Something's wrong.

Let's see
if Caffrey can save it.

That's what all this is about,
isn't it?

I have to hand it to you...
almost worked.

What are you talking about?

Letting me make the decision
to come clean to you...

that was very clever.

Rebecca, you're not making
any sense right now. What...

I didn't see the feds earlier.
I must be slipping.

If there are feds here,
they're here for me.

They think I'm the one
who killed Hagen, come on.

There's no more point
in lying, Neal.

We've been made.
We got to grab her.

But we don't have
anything on her.

If we don't go,
she's gonna run.

You're right.

On my signal.

Let's start telling the truth.

- Did you kill Siegel?
- Where's my diamond?

Tell me if you killed Siegel,
I'll give you the location.

We're done playing games, Neal.

I was gonna give
everything up for you.

I don't know
what I was thinking.

Jones, cut her off.
Move in now. Move in.

Come here!

Go! Go! I got him.

All agents
head towards north exit!

Suspect headed west on Fifth!

- Hi.
- Hey.

[Tires screech]

All units,
subject heading south

on Fifth Avenue
in taxi number 86z5.


We've coordinated
with NYPD and state police.

All eyes are on train stations,
buses, airports.

There is no way
she's leaving this island.

We need to go
back to her apartment.

We made copies
of everything there.

But we only had time
for a quick search.

We looked in the bag
she dropped.

Nothing in it but a burner phone
and some cash.

- Where are we on the cab?
- We got the license number,

but it was already found.
Ditched on 13th and Broadway.

Check all traffic cams and
surveillance within a half mile.

Already on it.

Now that our cover is blown,
let's tear her apartment apart.

Maybe we can find something
that tells us

- who we're dealing with.
- Excellent.

Pull up all the floorboards

and check for any hollow spots
on the ceiling.

Make sure you take
the back off,

check between the cardboard
backing and the picture.

Talked to the landlord.

Said she was a loner...
never had anyone over.

Any references?

He didn't bother to check.

She paid six months cash
up front.

Six months.

She even knew
how long it would take.

You think I deserve this,
don't you?

No one deserves this.

I always prided myself

on being one step
ahead of everyone.

Always the con man,
never the con.

Look how far it's gotten me.

Maybe there's a lesson
to be learned in that.


Shot fired!
Everybody down!

[Siren wails]

- Peter?
- Yeah?

We scoured the area...
so far, no sign of her,

but we've got units
canvassing the neighborhood.

What about where the shot
came from?

It looks like a rooftop
from across the way.

She didn't leave
anything behind.

How is he?

He's all right.
Keep looking.

- Well?
- I'm fine.

- This is unnecessary.
- Just sit still.

She ruined my jacket.

Yeah, and we're gonna
make her pay for that,

- but you're going home.
- I told you, I'm fine.

- She shot you.
- She shot at me.

She hit Hagen
square in the heart.

She doesn't miss.

If she wanted to kill me,
I'd be dead.

Fine. It was a warning shot,
and I'm taking the warning.

Why take the shot
in that moment?

Maybe you looked
especially smug.

Or maybe we were close
to something

she didn't want us to find.

You had just finished
searching this area.

About to turn...

The radiator isn't an ideal
place to hide something.

Once the winter comes,
everything inside it

would be destroyed.

But she only paid
for six months.

She wasn't planning
on seeing the winter.


[Hollow knock]

[Object rattles]

There's a seam here.

It's her go-bag.

With this,
she could go anywhere.

Without it, she's stuck.

We've got her trapped.

Jones is running every alias
we have on her

through the system.

I'm hopeful
something will ping,

give us some clues
to who she is.

You don't seem very optimistic.

We still can't prove
she took a shot at you,

and we didn't get a confession
at the park.

The most we can get on her
is stalking

and possession
of fake I.D.s.

We need more proof than
Siegel's Cooper 3 connection.

That's true.

He was standing
outside her building.

Then he walked to his car,

where she got a jump on him.

Yeah, she tossed Siegel's gun
and badge in the trash,

but she wouldn't be
so careless with her own gun.

What's the best way
to get rid of it?

Drop the gun in the river.

But it'd take 30 minutes
to get there by foot.

That's too far
to carry a weapon

that could get her
life behind bars.

Mm, she wouldn't have hailed
a cab...too close to the scene.

On the video,
she was headed north.

Towards her home.

Did you find any equipment that
could have melted the gun down?

Unless you count
her hot plate, no.

All right.

So either she ditched the gun

in the sewer grate
and kept moving...

We checked all of them.

Or she went home,
waited for the heat to die down,

then disposed of it.

Eh, it could be anywhere.


It was raining
the day Siegel died, right?



What if she hid it somewhere
where it would never be found?

This is dappled.

The day this was set,
it was raining.

She could've tossed the gun
in here, smoothed it over,

and no one would ever know.

Construction should have
been done months ago.

I never would have
thought of it.

- Thank God for bureaucracy.
- Mm.


X-rays showed
something metal,

but with all that rebar
in there,

- it's hard to tell what it is.
- Let's hope you're right.

Otherwise, the city's gonna be
pretty pissed at you.

The ballistics were a match,

and we found a fingerprint
on one of the bullets inside.

It matched Rebecca's.

Now we just have to find her.

Well, we're one step closer.
One of her passports pinged.

- With who?
- MI-5. I sent you the file.

MI-5 is serious business.
How'd she get on their radar?

She was one of their agents.

Her real name is Rachel Turner.

Her father was American...
colonel in the U.S. army.

Her mother was British.

She moved around
her whole life,

constantly uprooted,
starting over,

never learned
to form attachments,

but got very good
at faking them.

She was a perfect shot,

great at developing
underground contacts.

Turns out
she used those contacts

to sell
confidential information.

That's when
she went underground.

Every time
they get close to her,

she reinvents herself
and disappears.

Not this time.

You were right.

I'm not sure about what,
but I like to hear that.

Rebecca fell in love with me.


It should be comforting.

It means what we had
was somehow still real.

But it's not.

I wanted it to be.

And she's a murderer.

You didn't know
who she really was.

If I'm the only thing
she's staying for,

let's use it.

I'm not using you as bait.

You already did.

When she didn't know the truth.

Now she does, and need
I remind you, she shot at you.

- I'm still here.
- Let's keep it that way.

Go home, Neal.

I'll call you
if I hear anything.

[Line rings]
Hey, this is Rebecca.

Sorry I missed your call.

Leave a message.

I know you have
Hagen's blackmail on me,

and I have something you want...

the location of the diamond.

Let's talk.

This is ridiculous.

Indian food is traditionally
enjoyed on the floor.

I'm not gonna hide
in my own home.

You have an ex
with a sniper rifle, Neal.

Bare minimum...we have
to stay low and avoid windows,

which is no easy task
with this open-concept design.

I offered her a trade...

the location of the diamond

in exchange
for Hagen's blackmail video.

We don't have
the location, Neal.

What we have is
a nearly indecipherable equation

locked up in the steel trap
of my mind.

But she doesn't know that.

Hand me the gobi.
I'm stress-eating.

It was the only way
to draw her out.

So best-case scenario...

you meet with her,
she brings the video.

The feds show up, arrest her,
and find the video.

All the blackmail
Hagen has on me is exposed,

and I go back to jail.

the best-case scenario.

Worst-case...she discovers
I don't know the location,

realizes I'm trying
to pull one over on her...

And I find myself
reciting Proust over your grave.

Looks like I need to find
a third scenario.


[Cell phone beeps]

Should I be brushing up
on my Proust?

No FBI outside?

You know
I don't want the bureau

to get ahold of that video.

Regardless, as long
as you're on that anklet,

I'd rather not linger.

- Where's my diamond?
- Location's in here.

Your turn.

Giving up millions
and millions of dollars

for this one little video.

You must really want it.

Looks like we both got
what we wanted.

Come with me.
Let's get the diamond together.

Why would I do that?

Because you want to be with me,

and you know
I want the same thing.

I know you want that diamond.

It stopped being just about
the diamond a long time ago.

We can have everything we want.

There's nothing
in our way anymore.

Except that I can't
possibly believe you.

Take it.

I don't care anymore.

Just come with me.

The FBI is on the way.

You called the feds?

You killed my new handler.

Don't make me do this, Neal.

Too late.

It's over.

You're an idiot.

We could have had everything.

- It wouldn't have been real.
- You're a con man.

You could have convinced

but instead, you choose
to stay shackled.

- And yet, still freer than you.
- [Laughs]

You're always running
from one identity to the next

because you can't face
the truth.

What's that?

That you hate
who you really are.

And I can see why.

You know me so well,

you know I never turn up
without a way out.

Actually, there are three ways out...

through the south window
or one of two doors.

You've always
underestimated me.

There's a fourth way.



Hold it right there!

FBI! Stop right there!
Stop right there!

Put your weapon on the ground!


Oh, look...

somebody already beat me to it.

Now you know why I didn't
mention the fourth way.

Rachel Turner,
you are under arrest for murder.

I gave you strict instructions
not to bait her.

It worked, didn't it?


How'd you know
she wasn't gonna shoot you?


Rachel Turner
has been officially charged

with the murder
of agent David Siegel.

I guess
that's what they call closure.

Look at it this way...

the next lucky woman
who comes along

is gonna seem
like a million bucks.

Either that,
or every relationship after this

is gonna seem really boring.

Well, there's a lot of room
between really boring

and someone taking a shot
at you.

It takes a damn good agent
to help solve his own murder.

Something else
I should tell you.

I'm not sure I'm up
for another surprise right now.

I don't think this will come
as a huge shock to you.

You're going to Washington.

They want me
as a section chief in D.C.

Well, it's been
a long time coming.

- You deserve it.
- Oh.

Uh, the job starts
in two weeks.

- Two weeks? Wow.
- Yeah.

Hard to imagine
not working here anymore.

Yeah. Poor Jones.
What's he gonna do?

Well, I'm hopeful that he will
keep you out of trouble.

In light of recent events,

I'm not sure
that's the best idea.

You helped
bring in Siegel's killer.

That's the only thing
you should feel responsible for.

If anyone sees it differently,
they should come talk to me.

She got what she deserved.
You, my friend, did not.

Not yet...

but the game's not over.

You want to go
after the diamond?

Well, look on the bright side.

Now we don't have to split it
three ways.

- Are you sure you're ready?
- There's no reason to wait.

Peter's on his way to D.C.
Rebecca's behind bars.

It took me longer

to get over my favorite barista
moving to Brooklyn.

I'm guessing
millions of dollars in treasure

would have helped speed up
your recovery.


So we have an equation
to solve.



I must summon the equation
from the depths of my mind.

I require total silence
and a sprig of rosemary.

- Rosemary?
- It stimulates the brain.

Well, I don't have
any rosemary.

Then total silence will do.

I really appreciate
the opportunity, Bruce.

Yeah, you bet.
Oh, I can't wait to get started.

Bruce, I have to run.
El just got home.

I appreciate you
keeping an eye on her.

- Thanks, bye.
- Hi.

- Hey.
- Mm, so good to be home.

Mm, good to have you home.

Both: Mm.
- Mwah, really good.

- How's Neal doing?
- Pretty shook up.

Did he learn something from it?

Well, I'm afraid to say it,
hon, but maybe.

- Well, for the better?
- We'll see.

Are we celebrating?

Siegel's case is closed.

Rebecca is behind bars,

and the Burkes
are going to Washington.

[Cork pops]

- Is it official?
- It is. I just spoke to Bruce.

Oh! [Squeals]
Mm, I'm so proud of you.

Well, this is actually
perfect timing,

'cause, um,
I have some news of my own.

When we first started talking
about Washington,

I reached out
to the National Gallery.

They just called me
and offered me a position.


I can't believe
you didn't tell me.

Well, I didn't want
to get my hopes up.

You know,
I thought it was a long shot.

- To us...
- Yeah.

And to our new life.

We're really doing this,
aren't we?

Yeah, I think we are.

- Wow.
- You okay?

Yeah, it's just, uh...

it's finally hitting me,
you know.

We're gonna be packing up
this whole house

and walking out
that front door.


- It's gonna be tough to leave.
- Yeah.

But then again, there will be
a new door we can go through...

at the National Gallery.

And the FBI headquarters.
[Both chuckle]

To new doors!

[Cell phone ringing]

- Hello?
- Do you accept a collect call

from the Metropolitan
Correctional Facility?

- Inmate...
- Rachel Turner.

Do you accept a collect call

from the Metropolitan
Correctional Facility?

- Inmate...
- Rachel Turner.


I'm impressed, Neal.
That was well played.

What's the threat?
You kept a backup of the video?

No, I didn't.

There's no threat,
just a promise.

I'll see you soon.