White Collar (2009–2014): Season 3, Episode 4 - Dentist of Detroit - full transcript

When a mobster from Mozzie's Detroit childhood surfaces in Manhattan, Neal and Peter must help their friend rework a scam from his past to take down the ruthless gangster and prevent a mob war.

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I think
I would like to take

the ushanka hat spy cam.

- Oh.
- It's good for the New York chill.

Well, in that case,

may I interest you
in this nuclear-winter lantern?

It generates vitamin "D."

Always good to be prepared.

I'll take it.

Thank you so much.

Please tell all of Byron's
old friends.

I need as many buyers
for my sleight-of-hand-me-downs

as I can possibly get.

You know I will.

Thanks, dear.

- Send them?
- Yes, of course.

- Thank you.
- Bye, June.

- Bye, darling.
- See you at home.

You know
she doesn't actually need

a Russian-surplus
spy-cam hat.

She's a wonderful woman.

Are you sure you want to
sell everything, Moz?

I mean, I know how much
some of this stuff means to you.

Well, can we sell our treasure?

We know it's from
Russian museums.

It's not tainted.
It'll sell quick.

With the sub's manifest
locked away at the D.C. bureau?

You know we can't risk it.

Well, then, yes, I'm gonna sell
all of my treasures.

Oh, come on.

Is it really that dire,
Oliver Twist?

Oh, it's worse.

Remember I told you
about Mr. Jeffries?


Your old headmaster
from the group home in Detroit.

Yeah, well,
they lost all their funding

because of the economy
in Detroit.

I'm sorry, Moz.

I sent an anonymous donation
last month,

but that's not gonna last
very long.

The orphanage
is Mr. Jeffries' entire life.

Those kids need him.

All right, I will spread
the word about the sale...

And I'll buy the banana.

Excellent choice.

Guys, quiet down.

Quiet down.
Let's get through this.

Blake, follow up with Bellevue

about those fake insurance cards.

Jones, stop texting.

Put a smile on your face --
another IBF.

I'm smiling.

Diana, copyright infringement.

Not another one.
What was that?

Yay, another one.

That's what I thought I heard.


...Help Diana
if she needs it.

All right,
I saved the best for last.

Organized crime is asking us
to keep an eye out

for any financial movement
from the motor city.

the Detroit mob's in town.

This guy, Frank de Luca,

has been spotted poking around
our local criminal hot spots.

Organized crime thinks
that he's looking for somebody.

Do they know who?

No, but last night,
this numbers runner

met with an unfortunate accident

after somebody tried
getting information out of him.

O.C. suspects it was de Luca
doing the asking.

We got Al Capone on tax evasion.

Maybe there's a financial angle
that we can play de Luca.

That's it.
Meeting adjourned.

Sounds like
we've got an easy day.

We do.
Please don't complicate it.

I would never.
Can I take an early lunch?


Something wrong, boss?

Neal just complicated my day.

Have organized crime get those
files on the Detroit mob.

You got it.

Okay, you degenerates, listen up.

There are great
opportunities here.

We've got ultrasonic
stun-gun binoculars,

cane swords, cattle prods,
morning-star maces.

This iron do anything?

Oh, you ever need
a multi-directional mike

with optional tear-gas
dispenser valve?


Who's this little guy?

Oh, no, no, no.
No, it's not for sale.

Can't have that.
Here, uh, try this.

No, don't eat this.
Trust me.

Moz, I need to talk to you.

Not now, Neal.
This is important.

Did you talk
to a numbers runner recently?

Uh, yeah, Eddie Nine-Ball.

He's dead, Moz.

Hey, listen up,
New York underworld.

I'm Frank de Luca Jr. from Detroit,

and I'm here looking for a man

who's known as
"the Dentist of Detroit."

So you think the Dentist
is a myth, huh?

No one man could
do everything he's done.

Well, I'm here to tell you --
the Dentist is real,

and I have good reason to believe

he's right here in New York City.

And so, surely, one of you
knows who the Dentist is.



Tell the Dentist
that I'm making an appointment,

and if he doesn't keep it...

...He can say goodbye
to his friend.

That's Mr. Jeffries.

What's going on, Moz?


I'm the Dentist of Detroit.

This everything
from organized crime?

Including a map of de Luca's

suspected movements
around the city.

What do you know about him?

De Luca Sr. was gunned down
five months ago,

leaving his son Frank to
take over the family business.

Leo Mazzera -- drives the car,
scares the people.

We got Caffrey's
tracking data cued up.

What did he do now?

Took an early lunch.

Yeah, remind me to stay
on your good side.

You notice him perk up when
Peter mentioned the Detroit mob?

Yeah, but we've been tracking
Caffrey for seven years.

He has no Detroit ties.
But Mozzie does.

Jones, overlay Neal's
tracking data with de Luca's.

De Luca's in red.

Look at that --

Neal's movements,
de Luca's movements.

Looks like de Luca
found who he was looking for.

You're not meeting
de Luca.

I'm not going alone.

I'll have this in the sky
to scan the area's weak spots

while you go
to a higher-ground position

with your laser --

Are you actively trying to die?

You can't take on de Luca.

Neal, I'm on a rescue mission!
Mr. Jeffries is in trouble.

Let's keep talking this through.

How did de Luca find you?

Well, he knew I was connected
to the group home.

He must have tracked my donation.

Did you shore up your account?

I had to transfer the cash
immediately --

Only had time
to dummy back one account,

not my usual four.

Mm-hmm. There you go.

What are you doing?

In case it's de Luca.

I'm gonna stand behind you.

That's wise.

That looks remarkably like Peter.

Hey, guys.
What you doing?

Oh, just being oppressed
by the man -- the usual.

Something for the crazy man
who has everything?

Oh, that's Sweet Darnell,
my taste-tester.

You can never be too careful.

You in danger, Mozzie?

I live in danger, Suit.

This wouldn't have anything to
do with Frank de Luca, would it?

Come on, guys.

Organized crime's
been following de Luca.

I know he was here.

He's forcing a meet with Moz
using an old friend as leverage.

Why? What does he want with you?

I-I'm a man of many secrets,
but I am going to that meeting.

Absolutely not.
De Luca's dangerous.

I-I'd like to see you
try and stop me.

Consider yourself a protected witness.

You can't do this!
- Oh, I can.

What does de Luca want with you?
He wants --

Don't say it, Neal.

De Luca wants Mozzie

because he's
the Dentist of Detroit.

Et tu, Brute?

Et tu?!

I'm sorry.
It's to keep you safe.

Mozzie is the Dentist of Detroit?

I know. I'm still trying
to wrap my head around it.

You know, I resent your judgment

and your misguided

of things
you do not understand...

Neal, the Dentist is linked
to hundreds of crimes

going over decades --
some really bad stuff.

Mozzie's a lot of things,
but he's not bad.

Can you protect him?

I can...

But I can't ignore
what he's done.

Yeah, boss?

Diana, get me everything
you can find

on the Dentist of Detroit.

We've got our next case.


Hunger strike!

What's going on, Neal?
Vow of silence!

It's not what you think.
He got on the bad side of the mob.

I didn't know he did it
as the Dentist.

I didn't.

He told me some of the story.
Let him tell you, too.

I know why the caged bird sings!

How many suits do you have
hiding out there?

I ask the questions.

Did you find
Mr. Jeffries yet?

Does he even hear me?

Detroit Police
searched his home and office.

They didn't find much,
but his car is missing.

It's a good thing, Moz.

De Luca probably came around
asking questions,

and Mr. Jeffries fled.

The Dentist of Detroit --
suspected mastermind

in at least three
major securities frauds.

I've also got a litany
of violent crimes --

assault, battery,
aggravated assault,

assault with intent to intimidate --

page after page of this stuff.

Are you the Dentist?

No comment.

Neal's convinced me
to hear you out

so I can decide whether or not
to book you.

Talk to him, Moz --

If not to help yourself,
then to help Jeffries.

Just tell him the story.

We talk about Jeffries first.


Start talking.

Detroit, 1969.

We just put a man on the moon,
gas was 35 cents,

and I was orphaned.

Hey, there, little man.

Isaac Jeffries found me.

Shh, shh, shh.

It's okay.
It's okay.

Hey, there.

You want your little friend?

He was the best thing
that ever happened to me.

I see his name is Mozart, huh?

Shh, shh, shh!

You're gonna be okay.

As you can imagine,

growing up an orphan
in 1970s Detroit

wasn't all gumdrops and unicorns,

especially for a small kid
with thick glasses.

Don't let him get it!

Throw it in the mud!

Look, his eye came off.

Now he needs glasses like you.

That bear was the only thing
I had left of my real parents.

You're having a hard time
with the other kids, aren't you?


Well, they're intimidated

'cause you're smarter,
and they know it.

"There is no knowledge
that is not power."

You know who said that?

Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Now, you strive for knowledge,
use what you learn,

and you'll always stay
ahead of them.

Mr. Jeffries fixed it.

He was the one person
who looked out for me.

There you are,
good as new --

Well, maybe
with a bit more character.

Character defines personality,

and in that department,

your cup runneth over,
little man.

From that day on,

I read everything
I could get my hands on --

Emerson's "Self-Reliance,"

Thomas Pynchon's "V.,"

Erich Fromm's
"Escape From Freedom,"

Du Picq's "Battle Studies."

I took Jeffries' advice

and used that knowledge
to fight my own wars.

Seriously, I don't have
any money for you, Billy.

Try Kenny Nussbaum.

I saw him stealing a $20
out of locker 9.

Oh, wait.

Locker 9's yours,
isn't it, Billy?

Let go of my hair!

Or you'll do what?

Those with no eyes
to read readily

are doomed to the worst errors...

To paraphrase Du Picq.

I didn't take your money!

Jeffries saved me.

He gave me a life,
and he told me how to live it.

Do you have any idea
where he might be?

Well, we exchanged secret
messages over the years,


Wait, when they searched
his house,

did they find
any stuffed animals?


Yeah, they, uh --
the cops thought it was odd

until they realized
he worked at a group home.

Right here --
elephant, tiger, bear.

The -- the bear!

The bear is me.

It was holding an apple.

He's coming here to warn me.

You're...sure about that?

I think I am.

The FBI will find Jeffries,

and we'll put him
under protection.

What if they find him first?

I have to go
to de Luca's meeting.

No, Mozzie, de Luca may have
already killed one man.

We don't want to add you
to that list.

They don't know
what the Dentist looks like.

I could go in Mozzie's place.


You'll never pass as the Dentist.

I could be his assistant.

This isn't your fight.

No, it's not.

But you are my friend.

Stay put.

North sniper team set.

Ground unit
moving into position.

South sniper team set.

All right,
snipers are in position.

We have Jones standing by
with S.W.A.T.

You'll be transmitting
through this.

Any problems,
Mozzie's waiting by the phone.

Got it.
Don't worry, Peter.

I'll be watching from the car.

All right.

Mr. de Luca?

We've got eyes on de Luca.

You -- I remember you
from the warehouse.

You're too young
to be the Dentist.

I'm not the Dentist.
I'm his lip man.

Oh, you're his lip man.

He's his lip man.

Well, I do my own talking.

And my message goes directly
to the Dentist,

not to some flunky,

so no Dentist, no deal,
all right?

He's a no-show.
Jeffries will be mortified.

Hey, hey,
all right, all right, all right.

The Dentist is here.

Neal, what are you doing?


Black sedan,
north side of the street.

Well, that could be anybody.

I'll need some proof.


Ask him a question.

Diana, have Mozzie
take over this call.

The Dentist is in.

Mr. de Luca
has a question for you.

Ask him...

...what's his favorite
ice cream?

Mr. de Luca
would like to know,

what is your favorite ice cream?


Bubble gum.

Bubble gum.

Dentist pulled a con --
a big one -- on my father.

I want him to pull
the same hustle

on this guy here in New York

who, uh,
wasn't so friendly to me.

Who's the mark?
Patrick O'Leary.

Irish mob.

All the details are in there.

De Luca thinks
O'Leary's responsible

for his father's death.

Rule number one --
don't mess with the family.

He came all the way here

to put the Dentist
in the middle of a mob war.

Mozzie gets caught
in the crossfire.

Two birds, one stone.

What sort of con did Mozzie pull
to have de Luca so pissed?

I don't know, but it involved
stealing 500 grand

from de Luca's dad.

No wonder they've got it out
for the Dentist.

Who they think is you.

What's that look?
I don't like that look.

De Luca wants the Dentist
to run a con.

If you go through with it...

And put the cash
in de Luca's hand,

we got him on extortion.

De Luca goes down, and Mozzie
and Jeffries are free.

That's why we pay you
the big bucks...

...if we paid you.

Think we can get Mozzie
to tell us how he did it?

You threaten him
with a future of toilet wine,

and he will sing like a canary.

I can scare him pretty good.

Before I tell you anything,

I want complete immunity

- and the truth behind DARPA's --
- No and no.

You are still a suspect
in a dozen other crimes.

Start talking.


But the statute of limitation

protects crimes
committed by a minor.

How long ago did this happen?

When I was 12.

You were 12 when you stole
500 grand from the Detroit mob?

Gifted child.

There's your immunity.

Look, when you're an orphan,

a-a family is like
your holy grail.

Mr. Jeffries worked really hard
to find me one, and he did,

a wonderful urbane couple
from Sterling Heights.

They taught me about
all the finest things in life --

music, art.

They were quite decent...

...for people who wore suits.

What went wrong?

They had a son --

an only child.

Their son --
he got jealous,

so he stole a priceless
family heirloom

and pinned the crime on me,
and I got scared...

Ran away.

I hit the streets.

I got a job making book
for a numbers guy.

Before long, I knew the
business better than he did.

I'm tellin' you, Biggie,
if we open a policy bank,

we can centralize
where runners report bets,

we can hire more people,
and we can triple our profits.

Ah! Get lost, kid.

Biggie? Seriously?

Problem was,
who's gonna trust a kid?

Adults like to feel superior.

They want to think they're
smarter than everyone else.

So I learned the art of the con.

Dang, Bruno, six in a row!

Sometimes I wish
I worked for someone

who knew what he was doing,

someone with some brains,
you know?

Like you.

Oh, Bruno, not the hair, man.

You got yourself a patsy.

You use what you learn.

I talked Bruno
into opening a back office

in a betting parlor.

He was the public face
of the Dentist.

I was the brains.

Why "the Dentist"?

I was 12.

A Dentist was the scariest thing
I could think of,

and...it worked.

Together, Bruno and I

ran the biggest
street lottery in town,

had runners working for us
all over the city.


The Dentist is busy.
Come back later.

People loved us...

Except the ones
who owed us money.

That's when de Luca came in.

He didn't like me cutting into his profits.

Frankie Jr., stay by the car.

De Luca caught wind
of the Dentist,

threatened Bruno
into closing shop.

What are you looking at?

I wanted payback,

so I got de Luca Sr. on a wire con.

He went in for 500 large.

How'd he find out you were
the kid behind the curtain?

Bruno sold me out.

He told them I was the Dentist.

I had to retire the moniker --
no more Dentist.

I took the money,
left for New York,

and became a new person.

All right, what about everything

attributed to the Dentist
since then?

De Luca didn't want
the world to know

he'd been taken
by a prepubescent grifter.

He started the rumor
that the Dentist was Superman.


The Dentist
became the perfect patsy

for every criminal
in the northeast.

You're a living
conspiracy theory.

They do exist.

Ohio turnpike
clocked Jeffries' car

running a toll
a couple of hours ago.

Mr. Jeffries
would never run a toll.

He's a very conscientious driver.

That's another clue!

Do they have a photo?

It's on its way.

Look, Mozzie's given us
everything we need

to run the con on O'Leary.

What are you gonna do
with him now?

I'm gonna check and recheck
every case in this file.

Your story better hold up.

It will.

You're in danger,

and you're a liability
to us on the street.

Jones, take him to a safe house.

An FBI-monitored
safe house?

That's legalized torture!

It's that, or I set you in
lockdown until this is over.

Ah, safe house it is.

But -- but I have demands.

My atopic eczema requires
custom-made silk pajamas.

Reading glasses, slippers,
sleep machine -- all vital.

Oh, and -- and
I have soft gums,

so I'll be needing
my electronic toothbrush.

Do we look like your errand boys?

Then no complaints

when I'm forced to sleep
in the nude tonight.

Make a list.
I'll make a list.

You're giving me
a headache.

This isn't exactly the Plaza
of safe houses, is it?

The mattress
isn't hypoallergenic.

I saw a dead mouse
on the bathroom radiator.

Ah, lucky bastard got out
while he could.

All right, here are the items
you requested, Moz.

Oh, great.
Right here.


Oh, you touch anything,

and you'll be hearing
from my lawyer.

You are your lawyer.


Got pictures of Jeffries
at the toll.

Oh, let me see that.

Look what's on the dashboard.

Yeah, a book, a CD.

A particular book,
a particular CD.

"Escape From Freedom."

A masterpiece.

And the CD --
"La Femme."

Freedom. Femme.

Lady Liberty.

He'll be going to the Statue of Liberty
when he gets here.

I-I guess it's worth
checking out.

You guess?

You see what I have to
put up with because of you?

How long do I have to stay
in this Stygian limbo?

You won't be safe
until we run the con

and get de Luca in cuffs, okay?

I beg of you, hurry,
for the sake of my sanity.

And mine.

This is our mark --
Patrick O'Leary.

Those of you from
organized crime know him well.

De Luca plans to scam O'Leary

for half a mil in a wire con

and pin it on the Dentist.

This is our chance
to take them both down

and stop a mob war.

De Luca is coercing the Dentist
into running the con for him.

Now, unfortunately,

de Luca wants his guy
present at the scam

to make sure things
are running smoothly.

Which means we'll have to
go through with the wire con

if we're gonna put the cash
in de Luca's hands.

I'll need a half dozen
flat screens,

professional satellite equipment,

and video-delaying software.

We're gonna build a betting site
to rival the competition.

How do we get O'Leary there?

Eliminate the competition.

Come on, guys.

Enjoy your ride
downtown, gentlemen.

What's this --
some kind of bust?

Illegal off-track betting.
Site's closed.

Anonymous tip was called in.

You a customer?

Innocent bystander.

your car looks filled up.

We can make some room.

It can tow up to 5,000 pounds.

Come on, big fella.
Watch your head.

Sorry to hear about your place,

If you need something new...

You're the rat
who probably called the feds.

That would be my boss.

He's trying to
drive business his way.

Those were my friends.
Tell your boss he'll be sorry.

Sure thing...

Or I could help you send
a stronger message.

What does that mean?

My boss has me picking up strays
on the sidewalk

like a bench advertisement.

We have our differences.

So you're on the outs with your boss.
What do I care?

Because I can help you
take him down.

Who are you?

A lip man trying to move up
in the world.

How 'bout we take
this conversation

somewhere a little more private?

I still can't believe
you've got Mozzie

in an FBI-monitored hotel.

We call it a safe house,

and Diana's headed there
for company.

Ooh, muffins.

Ah, ah, no.
These are for Mozzie.

Oh, seriously? You really
feel that bad for him?

Him, Diana cooped up together
in that room...

You're amused by all this.

You just want to go there
on your own, don't you?

Can you blame me?

No. But you'll need permission
from the head agent

if you want to see him.

Oh, really?



Permission granted.
Thank you.


All right, now,
on a serious note,

this case that you're doing
with Neal -- is it dangerous?

No, it's more fun than dangerous.

You saw "The Sting," right?

Yeah, something to do
with horses and betting.

- Mm-hmm. - If the mob's involved,
how could it not be dangerous?


Door's open, Neal.

Hey. Hey.

Who knew the ball and chain
cleaned up so nice?

Ah, you don't look so bad

So, who's Newman
and who's Redford?

I'm Newman.
He's Redford.

Did you talk to de Luca?

Yeah, he's dropping Leo
at the parlor in an hour.

We should go.
Oh, wait. Before you go, hold on.

I got to get this.

All right, prom picture.

Say "cheese."


Be safe, please.

We will.

What do you say, Newman?

You ready to scam half a million
dollars for the Detroit mob?

Let's go, kid.

Not a bad setup.

Glad you like it.

Building it
was like pulling teeth.

Dentist humor.

You're enjoying yourself.

Looks like we got company.

There's de Luca's guy.

All right, I'm on it.

Looks like the kind of place

someone could lose a lot of money.

O'Leary close?

Yeah, our guys clocked
him leaving his office 10 minutes ago.

Well, by the time he gets here,

there's gonna be five races left
on the card.

That's five chances
to get the money.

Can you do it?


You know, you could have at
least baked a file into these.

Oh, please.

I don't think they have
love seats in the joint.

Oh, the joint?

Oh, do you know your way around
the big house, do you?

I may have spent some time
in jail once...

Or twice.

A repeat offender?

The first time,
I got caught with a fake I.D.

Never confirm.

And the second time?

Second time, I allegedly
streaked across campus.

Mrs. Suit!

Well, it was college.
I lost a bet.

Does the husband know about this?

He might know about one of them.

I'll let you guess
which one he knows.

All right, so, tell me...

About these de Lucas that my
husband's meeting with, huh?

He's a killer.

I-I was 12,
and I can only imagine

what they would have done to me,
given the chance.

That's why I left Detroit
and changed my name.



So, you just kept running
from the de Lucas?

I mean, have you thought
about confronting them?

Putting an end
to this whole feud for good?


I hadn't.

But now they're threatening
people I care about.

If anyone should be taking
a bullet from de Luca,

it should be me.

I miss anything?

He set the bed on fire?

No, no.
He behaved.


I'm gonna --
I'm gonna get going.

Elizabeth, um...

Peter will be fine.

Yeah, I know he will.

Bye. I'll call you.

I need some fresh melon.

Mr. O'Leary,
delighted to have you.

My regular place was shut down.


We'll need to check
your briefcase.

My associate
will show you around.

Have a good time.

So, walk me through this.

I installed a worm
on the central computer

that delays every feed.

We'll get the race results
three minutes before my boss,

giving us a small window
to place the bet.

He's bound to realize
the feed's delayed.

Yeah, which is why we have to hit it
hard and fast if we're gonna do this.

Desktop Dan's about to make
a break in the final furlong.

It's Turncoat Jenny in the lead,

with Jackboot Bob hot
on the heels of Desktop Dan.

And Desktop Dan's
making a break on the inside!

Turncoat Jenny still out front,

but here comes Desktop Dan.

They're one, two.
Now neck and neck.

And it's Desktop Dan for the win!

Second place goes to Turncoat Jenny...

The hatchet to win
at Finger Lakes

with Poinseddia coming in second.

A straight exacta bet
of 20 G's will net you $600,000.

Five races left and counting.
Are you in?

Finger Lakes, seventh race,
straight exacta.

Hatchet to win,
Poinseddia is second.


$5,000 wager.

All bets are closed.

5 grand's the minimum bet.

You got a lot more
than that on you.

Slow and steady
wins the race, right, boyo?

And they're off!

Any word on Mr. Jeffries?

We've got agents
continually checking

the Liberty ferry --
nothing so far.

My melon's late.

Yeah, well,
we've got better things to do

than worry
about your scheduled feeding.

I need my afternoon respite.

I can't sleep
without partaking of melon.

Then you can't sleep.

Please let that be your melon.


Sorry I'm late.

The first two places I went
were out of cantaloupe, so...

For the love of God,
I need a coffee.

You're on watch. You got this?
Yes, ma'am.


Of course, mein Kommandant.

It's time for my nap.

The, uh, mating call
of the beluga whale --

helps put me
into a deep R.E.M. sleep.

Thanks for the update.

Here I come, Peter.

Wish me luck, melon me.

It has been a long time since
I had a clandestine meeting.

Here are the things
that you've asked for.

You are a beacon
in a storm, June.

You bet your ass.
How did you escape?

Let's just say I used my head --
Well, a version of my head.

I think I bought enough time
to get a jump start on them.

All right, yes. I'll see you, darling.

I'm still reposing, fed.

He even sleeps annoying.

And it's Raincloud Jim by 3 1/2 lengths,

followed by my ex-best friend
and Goldhoarder's folly!

Four in a row.

Must be the luck of the Irish.

Must be. I think I'll put
another $5,000 down.

O'Leary's still betting
the minimum.

Can you blame the guy?
He's cautious.

Mm. Mm.

One race left.

If O'Leary doesn't bet big,
the FBI's out 100 grand,

de Luca won't be happy...

And Mozzie will never be safe.

I'll talk to O'Leary, see if I can --
You're fired.


By me, right now.

Look, I-I don't know

who is stealing the money from
the registers, but it's not me.

No, it is you.
It is you!

You know what?!

Come here! Okay?

You were trouble ever since
you came to work for me

with your glossy smile
and those annoying little hats.

You love my hats.

The hell I did!

All right, you're insubordinate,

you never do
what I tell you to do,

and every time I turn my back,

you're off doing who-knows-what
with God-knows-who!

I'm sorry, folks.
I'm sorry.

You know, you ungrateful bastard.

I have had your back
since day one,

and anytime anything goes wrong,

I'm the first person you blame!

'Cause you're a con!

It's who you are,
and it's all you'll ever be.

No, no, no, no.
Hey, hey.

You're fired!
Get out of my sight!

You know what? With pleasure.

And the next time
your hot wife gets lonely...

...tell her to call me.

You know my number.
Whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa.

That's it?
You're just gonna walk out?

What the hell was that?

You heard the guy.
I'm done here.

There's one race left.

I can't take this guy down
without you.

You can't take this guy down
with a minimum bet.

All right, all right,
I'm all-in.

It's too late.

I cut you in 30%.

All right.

Saratoga, ninth race.

$800,000 --
Soverow's Shame to win.

Yes, sir.

♪ Thug life ♪

♪ bitch life, ho life ♪

♪ tell me now, which one of you
living a straight li-- ♪

Hey, I'm sleeping in here!

♪ Thug life ♪

♪ bitch life, ho life ♪

Um, agent Berrigan?

Damn it, Mozzie!

Hey, Diana.
Everything okay?

Mozzie pulled a Ferris Bueller.
He's out?

Yeah, that's not the worst of it.

Soverow's Shame in the lead,

but coming up on the outside
is Amazon Eddie!

Amazon Eddie moves into the lead!

Now might be a good time
to slip out.

Tell de Luca I'm ready.

Nice work.
He'll be expecting you.

Now two lengths!

Soverow's Shame trying her best
to make up ground,

but it's too little too late.

It's Amazon Eddie for the win!


I was set up.

This whole damn thing
was a setup.

You did this.

Hey, is there a problem?
There's a problem.

He had his guy lure me here
to get my money with a delay.

I don't know
what you're talking about.

You're damn straight you do.

You know who I am,

and you know
what I'm capable of, okay?

So you tell your associate --

My associate is a con artist,
which is why I fired him.

So listen -- I don't want to
cause another scene here.

So how about I just give you
the money that you came in with,

you walk out of here,
and we'll call it even?

Hey. You get O'Leary
calmed down?

He went for it.

Jones is escorting him
and his money out back.

That's one problem down.

We have another problem?

I got your text.

You'd better have a damn good
reason for changing the meet.

As my moniker suggests,
I'm a big fan of bridgework.

I don't have time for games.
Give me O'Leary's money.

Frank de Luca Jr.

We meet again.
Long time, Frankie.

Who the hell are you?

I'm the man your father
spent 30 years looking for.

I'm the real Dentist of Detroit.

S.W.A.T.'s still five minutes away.

I want a perimeter
around the bridge.

What the hell
was Mozzie thinking?

No clue.

All right, so the guy from the
meeting a couple of days --

Works for me.

I'm the man
who scammed your father.

No myth -- the legend of Detroit.
Guys, guys.

It ends here, today,
on this street.

Seriously, who the hell are you?

1981, Brush Park.

You knocked my bubble-gum
ice-cream cone onto the ground.

That was you?

You made a fool of my father?

And your father had a thing
for blood feuds,

and he ended up six feet under
because of it.

Yet here you are,
doing the exact same thing.

I thought you wanted to be
your own man, Junior.

Can't make out a weapon
on de Luca.

Should we move in?

We've got nothing on him

unless de Luca picks up
that briefcase.

That O'Leary's cash?

But we both know
this isn't about the money.

This is about taking me down,
only it didn't work.

Well, I can take care
of that right now.

Yeah, you could.

Come on, Moz.
Give it to him.

And then my people
could go after you,

and your people
could come after mine.

You see where this is going?

What the hell is Mozzie doing?

Fighting his own war.

We can end this.

You could just walk away,

and the suits can't touch you.

What do you mean -- the suits?
You talking about the feds?

Yeah. Only you know them
as my lip man and his boss.

You set me up?

You set me up,
you freakin' weasel?!

Aw, someone
got double-crossed in this?

We should all be shocked.

That's what happens.

I'm gonna turn and walk away.

You can be smart
and do the same thing,

or you can make the same mistake
your father did.

Your decision.

Pick it up.
Pick it up.



My father would have
wanted it this way.


Drop your weapon!
Drop your weapon!

Drop your weapon!


Drop it, drop it!
Drop it! Freeze!

Drop your weapon!

Now I've got you on extortion
and attempted murder.

You should have listened to him.

Hope it was worth it, de Luca.

Please don't go rogue
on me again.

What the hell is wrong with you?

You should have let me
handle this.

De Luca's always armed,
and he's good.

S.W.A.T. or not,

he most likely
would have shot you, Suit.

And if we hadn't shown up?
I knew you would.

Thank you, Peter.

You guys ever tried
bubble-gum ice cream?


You got your stuff from the feds.

Yeah, complete with FBI taint.

You doing okay, Moz?

I know how hard it is
to give up everything.

I-I couldn't do it.

I kept a part of Jeffries
with me,

and I know I'm lucky
I get to do that.

And I know your connection
to the FBI,

but it's not who we are.

When we do finally
get to sell our art,

we really have to remember that.

What are you saying?

Oh, you and Peter --

Enjoy it while it lasts.

Hope you don't mind --
I brought a friend.

Mr. Jeffries?

You're okay!

Your FBI friends found me
at Lady Liberty.

I'm glad you got my clues.

I told you, Suit.

You haven't changed at all,

except for a bit more character
up there.

Oh, well, father time
has a cruel sense of humor.

How's everything
down at the group home?

I know my donations
weren't much, but...

They were enough.

The smallest good deed

is worth more
than the grandest intention.

Oh, Duguet.

Good deeds are the seeds
to good actions.

"Action is eloquence."


"False eloquence
is exaggeration --

true eloquence is emphasis."

Good one.

Are they really having a quote-off?
Oh, yeah.

My goodness.

Is that Mozart?


He loved this little bear --

Couldn't pronounce
his name, though.

Kept calling it "Mozzie."

A sentimentalist.


I can't believe Mozzie

kept tabs on Jeffries all these years.

Sometimes it's hard to say goodbye.