White Collar (2009–2014): Season 3, Episode 5 - Veiled Threat - full transcript

Peter and Neal are investigating a woman who's been married several to wealthy older men who died shortly after their weddings. They hope to get her by sending Neal into a bachelor auction hoping she'll get him. Peter goes with him and it's Peter whom she bids on. And when they learn that she has a partner, Peter has to keep seeing her which doesn't make Elizabeth happy.

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Pick a card.
Any card.

What does this have to do
with our property-fraud scam?

You'll have
the whole thing cracked

before I can say "ta-da."

Pick a deed.

Now what?

Now I take these 51 deeds

and figure out
which one you took.

It's not magic.
It's math.

We go through
the title company's records,

match them with the realtor's,

and figure out
which one is missing.


Nice work.

But here's another case
we need to make disappear.

Selena Thomas.

Who's she?

Devoted serial monogamist

who marries wealthy men
right before they die.

A black widow.

Could be.

She has four rich late husbands.

She gets around.

And now she's finally
getting around to New York.

Quite the Queen of Hearts.


You like that?

Move it, Copperfield.

Their deaths are listed
as natural...

heart attack, embolism,

skydiving accident.

What about the fourth guy?

We're waiting on the L.A. Bureau
to send their report.

Four husbands, four dead bodies.

We think she's killing them,
but we don't know why.

They're not leaving her
all their money?

That's what you'd expect.

But she's not collecting on
any of the insurance payoffs.

We flagged her name on this.

It's an application

for the Manhattan Millionaire
Society Bachelors Auction.

That means I need
three volunteers.

Neal, raise your hand.

Do I have to?

There's our first lucky bachelor.

Come on.

We'll create very irresistible
identities for you guys.

Yeah, then hope she doesn't
kill her latest boy toy

before we find the money.

That's a hand.

Jones is number two.

No, Peter, I didn't...
One more.

Come on.
It's only a cover.

Who's number three?

How about you, Peter?

I mean, you seem like
the marrying kind, right?

I am married.

It's only a cover.

Be nice to give her some variety.

Guys, guys,

unless, you know,
you need permission.

I don't... I don't...
no, I...

O-okay, fine.
I'll do it.

All right.

Let's set it up.

Are you scared to tell Elizabeth?


My role in
the assignment's minimal.


You're playing
Piece of Meat Number 2.

You're gonna flirt...

I'm gonna talk to them.

And then you're gonna walk
across a stage

while these women
are bidding on you.

El, my chances of being picked

are slim to none
between Neal and...

Wait. Hold on.

Your chances are not slim.

Honey, look at you.

I'm holding poop.

And you look damn sexy doing it.

You know what?

You're gonna win this thing.

I am?

I'm gonna make sure of it.
Come on.

What's the grand prize on this?

I get to take a very lovely,

very dangerous woman
out on a date.

Hmm. It's nothing
you can't handle.

Thanks to you.

Uh, we, actually,
have never been on a date.

Peter and Elizabeth's house.

Dinner date.
Not date date.

Define "date date."


What about lunches?

Lunch is not romantic.

Lunch is lunch.

We've never been on a real date.

It's okay.
What's your cover?

Playboy son
of a Texas oil tycoon.

Oh, well!

I like the accent.

I'm glad you do, ma'am.

There's gonna be
a very big problem, though.

What's that?

All the women are gonna want you,

so what happens
when your killer gets outbid?

I see your point.

You're gonna have to throw
your meetings

with all the other women.

How do I do that?

Well, we are
very shallow creatures,

but there are things that even
beautiful men like you do

that drive us nuts.

Oh, you're good.

All right, honey,
let's go over this again.

You are...

Peter Williams,
U.S. steel magnate.

Mm. And tell me more
about the steel industry.

Well, it began
as a family business.

Boring, boring, boring.
By then...

What did we discuss?


Uh, you don't want to hear
about what I do.

I really want to know more
about you.

Mm. And why are you
still single?

Haven't found
the right woman yet.

Mm. Who might
this right woman be?

Oh, well, she's about 5'5",

brunette, most beautiful
blue eyes I've ever seen,

smart as a whip,

and gorgeous as hell.

Aww. Perfect.

Okay. Remember,
this is a conversation,

not an interrogation,

so you got to move away
from the "where are you froms"

and "what do you dos,"

and, honey, don't make that face.

What face?
That face.

Right. Yes.

Be yourself.
You're gonna be great.


Thanks, hon.

See ya.


Have we, uh, met?

I don't believe we have.

Arthur Fort, pastry baron

to a multimillion-dollar
dessert empire.

Ladies love the sweets.

You ready?
Are you?

Gentlemen, we are about to begin.

I will make the announcement,

and when I give you
the go-ahead,

you just take your places
on the stairs, okay?

Good luck.

Okay, ladies, I have only
one question for you!

Are you ready to meet your men?

Why do I feel like
I need a pike and sword?

For those about to date...

We salute you.

Sync for web-dl: corleone

Okay, ladies, you'll have five
minutes to talk to each man.

When the bell sounds...

...you simply move on
to the next.

Now, why don't you go ahead
and check your invitations

for the proper rotation.

You ever done anything
like this before?


What do you look for?

Mm. Tall, dark, and handsome
is fine with me.

You can also tell a lot
about a man by his smile,

how confident
or counterfeit he can be.

So what's your plan?

I'm gonna bomb every meeting
except Selena.

Mm. You're afraid
you'll cause a frenzy.

I'm narrowing the odds.

What's your approach?

I'm going for the frenzy.

I'm gonna try to charm
every one of them.

I want good word of mouth.



I'm gonna maintain eye contact

and remember it's a conversation,

not an interrogation.

That's all good,

but what you want to do,
you want to keep it up here

when you talk, right?

Down here, this is all
second-date territory.

Okay, so be yourself.

Just be yourself up here.

And if you're holding a drink,
keep it in your left hand.

That way, when you shake
her hand with your right,

your first touch won't be cold.

Yeah, it is cold.

One final reminder...

Some of the men
have been known to propose

on the very night of the auction,

so, please, don't forget
to check their pockets

for engagement rings.

Okay, millionaires,

the moment all these beautiful
ladies have been waiting for.

On your marks, get set...


Hi. Where were you
before New York?



Tell me more about Cleveland.

I-it's in Ohio.



I made my first batch
of chocolate-chip cookies

when I was 5 years old.

I've never looked back.

You seem passionate about pastry.


I'm passionate
in everything I do.

Nothing compares to it.

Hunting deer?

Fawns, actually...
the babies.

Are you serious?

Yeah, there's a certain thrill
in the kill.

And... Oh. Oh, one second.

What are you doing?

Oh, ho.
Hey, buddy!

What's up?

Hold on. I'm on a date.
Have a nice day.

Say hi.

And switch.

How are you?

Oh, I want to hear more
about you.

Okay, um, well...

Oh, it's gonna be cold.
It's cold, isn't it?


So, I spoke with Selena.
Didn't get much.

She likes
tall, dark, and handsome.

Well, how dark are we talking?

Excuse me.

One more minute.
One more minute.

I'm looking for that...
the right person.

And what does she look like?

Hi. How are you?
Ah, tsh, tsh, tsh!

Just one more minute.

I'm just checking
the mavericks score.

They're losing again.

It's not good.

She's looking for someone
she can manipulate,

someone who comes across
as sincere

but less
than self-assured.

How am I doing?

You're great.

Basically, she wants someone
with an honest smile.

A smile.

The "honest" part
went right by you, huh?

Pleased to meet you, miss...

Oh, call me Selena.

Mm. Selena.


I've got to admit,

you caught my eye the minute
I came down the stairs.


That is a lovely dress.

Oh, thank you.

Girl has to make
an impression, right?

Oh, you do.

Tell me a little about yourself.

Well, fortunately,
I've done well...

Well enough to devote
the majority of my time

to a few nonprofits.


Are you...into nonprofiting?

Well, with the right person,

Yeah? That's nice.

And switch.

Well, uh, I hope
we get to continue

this conversation another time.

Yeah, me too.
All right.

It was a little too fast.

It was lovely to meet you.

Great to meet you.


I'm Peter.

Hi, Peter.

You're very beautiful.

Aw, thank you.

So, why are you here, Peter?

To find someone special.


But most of these women

are only interested
in small talk, so...

Well, what are you interested in?

Being caught off guard.

Having a conversation

That goes beyond
the "what do you do?"

And "where are you from?"

Selena, there are a lot
of nice guys here.

I truly hope you find the one
you're waiting for.

Sold for $8,000!

Next up is Mr. Arthur Fort,

the pastry baron of Brooklyn.

Shall we start the bidding
at $5,000?




He seemed nice.

He was charming.


A little too charming.



Sold for $11,000.

Our next bachelor
is Mr. Nicholas Munroe.

Nick has been making the rounds,

but now he's ready
to take you ladies

on the date of your lives.

Shall we start the bidding
at $5,000?

Do I hear $5,000?

He's gorgeous.

He's young.

Do I hear $3,000?

Well, you can get him
at a discount.

Don't let me stand in your way.


1,000 bucks?


Okay, sold!

What happened?

My plan worked.

Too well.

Our next bachelor
is Mr. Peter Williams.

We'll start the bidding at...


Any other bids?

Sold for $15,000
to the woman in red!

Okay, $15,000
has to be the record.

Here you go, Tex.

But it was the second-highest
bid they've ever had.


There was a Kennedy last year.

Was it one of the good-looking ones?

Guys, let's talk
about what's next.

Where are you taking her?


I'm gonna go to her place,
drop a bug,

plant a keylogger,

and figure out
what she has planned.

And how she plans to murder you.

That, and how she's angling
for my money.

Is this date gonna be dangerous?

Peter is not dating her.

I'm occupying her.

I'll have an arrest warrant
before dessert.


This is Peter.

Hey, Peter.

It's Selena.

Great to hear from you.

We still on for tonight?

We have reservations
for 8:00 P.M.

at the Griffin.

It's downtown.

It's delicious.

I'll pick you up at 7:00?

I'll meet you there.

No, no, no.
I-I-it's no trouble.

No. The trouble is you
disagreeing with me.

Well, what kind of gentleman
would I be

if I didn't pick you up
on our first date?

I'll see you at 8:00.

See you at 8:00.

No trace.

Ugh! Great!

We don't know where she is!

If I can't pick her up...

You'll have to drop her off.

You're gonna have to
seal the deal.

No... no, no!
No deal sealing.

You don't want her dumping you

and going after another victim.

Diana's right.

You need to impress her enough

that she wants to take you home.

Elizabeth got me into this.

Yes, she did.

So, technically, it's okay.



I'm gonna close the deal.

I'm on point.

Target's not here.

Relax, commando.
It is just a dinner.

I got eyes on Selena.

She'll be inside within a minute.

Target sighted.

You look even more
handsome tonight,

if that's possible.

So do you.


Shall we?


Wonder what's on the menu.


Or ours?


It's a very nice Halibut
with a mango chutney.

Why are you doing this?

You helped me save face
at the auction.

The least I can do is offer you
a decent meal.

A candle!


Something to drink?


May I recommend our Merlot?

A bottle of your Vino del Diablo.

How adventurous.

I'll take a risk once in a while.

Like the auction.

Like you.

Oh, so I'm a risk?

I feel I don't need to hide
anything from you.


Maybe that was
a little too forward.

No, Peter.

There's nothing more attractive
than the truth.


He's doing good.

Well, he's gonna need
to step it up

if he wants an invite back
to her place.

You ever cook like this for Sara?

I thought about it.

Well, do more than think.

Insurance investigator Barbie
would be thoroughly impressed.

Oh, I love this song.

Oh, me too.

Shall we dance?

Oh, uh...

You've been adventurous
with the Merlot.

Why stop now?

Is that a tango?

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Peter, Peter,
there are certain things

you cannot recover from.

I can handle this.

I don't hear any screaming.

Let's go back
to my apartment so that...

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Did you get that?

The first part loud and clear.

The second?
Never to be repeated.

Nice work, agent Burke.


Remind me to thank El
for the dance lessons.

Neal? Neal?


I don't think he can hear us.

She must have blown the receiver.

Why don't you make us a drink

while I change
and put on some music?

Is she actually slipping
into something more comfortable?


I don't like this woman.

Hey, Jones.
What's up?

Come on, Peter.
Plant the bug and get out.

If you can hear me,
I don't see a computer,

so the keylogger
isn't gonna work.

I'm going for the bug plant
on the purse.

Thanks, Jones.

L.A.'s autopsy came in.

Selena's fourth victim dead
of a stab wound to the throat.

Street mugging.

Selena was the only eyewitness,

and they never caught
the assailant.

Well, that's convenient.

The murder happened

while they were out to dinner.

Maybe she is a serial killer.

Or he caught on to her plan.


What are you doing?

Thought I saw a bug.

I'll call the exterminator
in the morning.

How about those drinks?


Surprise me.



Oh! Oh!

Oh, oh, I just spilled it on me.

Oh, I'm so clumsy.

He needs help.

All right, I'm gonna call him.

Can you generate
some sound effects?

A steel mill,
people yelling, something.

The Bureau can, and I can patch
it through to the call.

You mind if I use your bathroom?

Oh, no, I can help you with that.

Oh, no, no. That's okay.

These buttons are difficult.
Let me...

Uh, here,
let me get the...

Oh, oh...

No, no... I can get it.
That's not a problem.

Peter Williams' phone.

Where's Mr. Williams?

Who is this? You know what?

It doesn't matter.

We need him here, pronto.

Hamilton Mill is getting lit up
like a Christmas tree.

We have an induction furnace
that is ready to blow.

Sounds important.

This is Williams.

Hello, Mr. Williams.

I'm looking for Phil...
Phil Landerer.


You know him?

Okay, on my way.

We're good.

I got to handle this.

I know it.

I know.
Selena, I had a great time.

I'll make it up to you.

Oh, you'll make it up to me
tomorrow night.


Gotta go.


Selena made a call
after you left.

I'm pulling up the audio now.
Hang on.

It's me.

He left early,
but I think I got to him.

Did you spook him?

Not at all.

I'll have Williams
down on one knee

by the end of the week.

After that, you finish the job,
and it's payday.

She has a partner.

Whoever her partner is,
they probably run the endgame.

You're gonna have
to keep seeing her.

Is there another option?


I'm sure Elizabeth will be


We'll find out
when we talk to her.

Yes, we.

Oh, come on.

Why do you have to see her again?

We've run into
some...complications, but...

Elizabeth, this...
this woman is a murderer.

Another reason I don't love this!

She needs to be taken out.


She needs to be taken down.

El, I want this over with
more than anyone.

Is she...attractive?

Not really.
Define "attractive."

You know, I'm gonna...

I'm gonna take Satchmo
for a walk,

get a little air.


See ya, honey.

That wasn't a complete
train wreck.

But that's as far as it goes.

You're seeing Selena
again tonight.

What's your plan?

Well, I'm gonna try
to get to her cellphone

and find out
who she's talking with.

The sooner this ends, the better.

Then propose.
Right. What?

Well, you said you want
to speed things up, right?

Nothing says "enamored" like...


"Marry me."

No, the cell is a good start.

All right, it's your operation.

And I'm not changing it.

Diana has already
prepped the team.

She's following me in the van.

Sounds like you got it covered.

Do you mind if I take off?

Where you going?

Sara's coming to my place.

You're not the only one
with dinner plans.


Hey, I got your message.
Is everything okay?

I don't know.

You tell me.

You're trying to impress me.

Well, look, I know you said
I didn't have to, but...

Whatever makes you feel better.

Wow. Look at you.

No purse?

I was in the mood for something

a little more private tonight.

Let's go to your place.

My place?


Sure. Sounds good.

Oh, it will be.

Neal, change of plans.

You have 15 minutes to clear out
of your apartment,

or my cover's blown.

I'm commandeering your date.

It's very lovely
for a first date.

Don't expect this every time.

Oh, there's gonna be
a second date?

Guy can hope.


I could be talked into it.

Neal, go check your phone.

Thank you.

Who is it?

We got to get out
of here right now.

Peter's undercover.
He's coming up the stairs.

I'll explain everything later.

No, no! Not that way!
The closet.

Uh, new bottle.

Through there.

I got it, I got it.


Ooh, grab me a quiche.

Just let me make sure
we're all set.

Here we are.



Oh, Peter, you shouldn't have.


What is going on?

Remember that case
I was working on?

The killer bride?

Peter's dating her now.


So what are we doing?

This apartment
was a backroom speakeasy.

And this was
the observation room.

- Oh, wow.
- Very eclectic, right?

Peter, you didn't tell me
that you were an artist.

I dabble.

I wouldn't say
I'm any good, though.

Oh, don't be modest.

You know,
this may sound silly, but...

...would you draw me?

Oh, I'm sure
that we could have...

You mean right now?

Yeah. Why not?

I-it would take time
to do it right.

We have all night.

It wouldn't do you justice.

Oh, but you will.
I won't take no for an answer.


But, uh...

You should know
that I'm experimenting

with some very, very
primitive styles.


Can Peter draw?

Unless she's expecting
a breathtaking stick figure,

he's in trouble.


Does he know that you're here?

Unfortunately, yes,
he knows about this room.

All right.

Let me make sure
the light is right.

Okay. All right.

Hold this.

This is not how I saw
the night going, by the way.


I mean, any guy
can make a girl dinner.

Only you could sketch
a black widow

from a hidden back room.

Is the pose okay?

Yes. That's perfect.

But, remember...
no peeking.

Peter, I have to ask,

how did you...

set this...all up so fast?


Hey, do yourself a favor.

Never try to send a grappling
hook through the post office.

I-I mean, that is, if...

you ever needed to send...
a grappling hook, that is.

Perfect timing.

This is my...man...

He made the arrangements.

Haversham, everything is perfect.

Thank you.

You may enjoy your night off.

So sorry to interrupt...

Such a suspiciously
amorous evening.

Haversham, do you mind?

I'll need my suit for tomorrow.

A suit.


I'll be right back.


How handy.

Yes, he's...one of a kind.

I should have known.


It looks good.


Something's missing.

Neal, are you sure
you want to do that?

Well, Peter said he wants
this case closed fast.

This should help.

Okay, but Peter
is gonna be really mad.

But she won't.

All right, Moz, get this to him
without her seeing.

Oh, sure.

I'll hide it under
my gargantuan clown sleeve.

Oh, come here.
Try this.

Oh, I'm more of a spring.

Moz, we don't have time.

Okay. Oh. I got it.

Your turncoat for tomorrow, sir.

Ah, yes.
Thank you.

That is exactly what I needed.


Good work, Moz.

Oh, I'm gonna need some...

cash for the dry-cleaner.

Of course.
$50 should do it.

Don't know what I'd do
without you.

Oh, I might need more.

Ah. Good evening...


It's great to meet you...

He's curious.

Very high-functioning,
considering his condition.



That looks amazing!

Yeah, it is.

Peter, what's this?

Oh, that?

I wanted tonight to be special.

Are you asking me what I think
you're asking me?


Peter! Yes.

Yes, yes.

Best date ever.

She said yes?!

You could look at this as
another victory for Team Burke.


Eh, El,

I'm putting my life at risk here.

Yes! You are.

I mean, this was...
this was supposed to be a date,

not a "save the date."

The investigation's almost over.

Yeah, I recall hearing that
after the first date.

Now you're engaged?

All I need is to find out
who her partner is.

That means contacts,
figuring out who she's close to.

Maybe you need a guest list.

Guest list?

For the wedding.

You want to wrap up this case?

You need an event planner.

Look at you two.

Peter, you didn't tell me
she was so beautiful.

Thank you.

Mm, you're so welcome.

Now, I was thinking of setting
you guys up by the gazebo.

Oh. That sounds great.

I'll need a head count to make
sure we have enough room.

Did you bring your lists?

Selena, friends and family?

Oh, no.
I'm new to the city.

I don't know many people here.

Plus, I have all the family
I need in this man.

I understand.
You want to keep it small.

Weddings can be so chaotic.

In the end,

you're making a schedule
instead of a-a memory.

Sounds like
you've had experience.

You know, my husband and I
wanted to keep it small,

but somehow our wedding ballooned

into this massive event.

You didn't enjoy it?

Oh, it was lovely.
It was really lovely.

But I think
if I were to do it again,

I'd keep it a little more
intimate, simple.

Just us.

Well, hopefully,
ours will be more special.

Mm...We...have to get going.

We have reservations for lunch
in a half-hour.

Oh, Peter, do you mind if I
borrow Selena for just a moment?

I would love to go over
invitations with her.

I'll go get the car.

Thanks, honey.

Now that we're alone,

I wanted to ask you something,

and I didn't want to do it
in front of your fianc?.

Um...Have you been
married before?

I have.

How many times?

What business is that of yours?

Oh, I was just asking
to make sure

that you have all
the proper legal documents

for the marriage license.

That way, we can avoid
a lot of questions.


I'll have my lawyer
send over the papers.

So, we'll be in touch.

Thank you so much.


Ready as you are.


Did you, uh... did you get
a look at the license plate?

Uh, no tags.

All right, thank you very much.
I got it from here.

Thank you.

Wow. That car
came out of nowhere.


If she hadn't warned me,

Oh, I don't want
to think about that.

I-I don't know what I would do
if anything happened to you.

And if something did?

How close was it?

Got my heart pumping.

But then Selena and I
had one of those

"should anything ever happen" chats.

Oh. That's
a pretty good scam.

Car nearly runs you down,

which prompts a discussion about
what happens when you're gone?


She told me
if worse comes to worse,

she wouldn't want a dime
of my money.


She'd prefer I leave it
to charity.

One of her choosing?

I went through the wills
of her victims.

Each one left
a significant contribution

to a charitable organization.

I'm guessing
these don't exist anymore.

So where'd the money go?

This may tell us.

We got something
from the legal papers

Selena gave Elizabeth.

The lawyer's name was a bogus I.D.
We tracked to this guy.

Look familiar?

It's the emcee from the auction.
Gerald Jameson.

Yeah, he hosts
dating events worldwide.

Never stays in one place
for more than a year.

Always changes the name and
charity of his latest auction.

That's a great setup.

He puts on these auctions,
lines up the suitors...

She knocks them down.

We need a concrete link

between these two
and the charities.

I'll talk to him.

What are you gonna say?

That my date didn't work out.

She was a nice girl who prefers...
Nice girls.

I was gonna say "blondes,"
but we can run with that, too.

Should give us enough time
to case the office.

Who is "us"?

Why'd I ask?

All right,
we're looking for safes,

vaults, and locked cabinets...
Keep an eye out.

Hey, hey.
Great to see you again.

Ah, yes, Mr. Munroe.
How can I help you?

Well, I was just wondering
about your next event.


I take it...yhings didn't work out.

Well, you know, some guys
propose on the first date.

Some don't make it to the second.

I see.

And with regards to your
little friend over there,

we have a...

A certain height requirement.

Oh, no, no.
He's, uh...

He's all set with the ladies.

Oh, yeah.

Well, I'm sorry to say
my next event

won't be for two months,
and that's in Florida.

I love the Sunshine State.

Am I still tall enough to fill
out an application, or...?

Yes, of course.

I'll go get it from the back.


Standard Banks-Smith
security system,

but it's gonna be hard to get in
here with him hanging around.

Then we will have to
get to it later.


There you are.

Thank you so much.

One more thing.

I love this space.

Do... do you love it?

High ceilings!

Do you rent it out?

Yes, it is possible.

My friend, Mr. Williams...

Uh, we attended
your last auction together...

Of course, yes.
He's our big winner.

Yes, he had better luck
than I did.

And he asked me to help him

with a...certain celebration.



Welcome to your bachelor party!

Can't believe you did this.

Oh, you're welcome.

Not what I meant.
Come on.

Now we have the entire night
to get into Jameson's office.

The Harvard crew is all over
the place for backup.

This is business.

It is not pleasure.

What is he doing here?

I love National Geographic.

"The Mating Habits of Midlevel
Government Employees"...

Totally captivating.

Well, I'm not on duty.
I'm going to get a drink.

This anything like
your first one?



All right, I'll distract.

You get in the records room.

Got anything?


I'm gonna get a drink.



I don't know
who's gonna kill me first...

my wife or my fianc?e.

What if I told you there's a way
to spook your lady

into leading us
straight to the money?

Use what we got.

Neal, what we've got
are strobe lights, probies,

women, and booze.


Have a probie grab a camera

from the surveillance truck.

We're taking shots.

Mr. Jameson!

Come on, join us for a drink.

Oh, no. No, I really need
to keep an eye on the space.

Oh, come on.
I owe you one.

We owe you one.

Yes, none of us would be here
if it wasn't for you.

Well, if you put it that way,

I guess one little drink
wouldn't hurt.

All right.

Gentlemen, cheers.




Aah! That burns!

Delicious. Thank you.
You guys have fun.

No, no, no, no.
Hold on.

Bartender, another round?

No, no. No, really.
Come on. I disagree.

This is my best friend's
bachelor party.

Let's make it...

a night to remember.



Have a wonderful life.


Okay! Oh, God!

Yeah, that's delicious.

Yeah, it is.
One more. No, top shelf.

And cheers again.
And cheers again.

Aah! Ha!

You know, it does go down easy.
Four, five, six times...

You can barely taste it.

You beat us on that one!

Much happiness.


Thank you.

What are you doing here?

Miss Thomas?

What can you tell me
about this man?

You're FBI?

I was undercover at
Mr. Jameson's last fundraiser.

We believe he had
illicit financial dealings

prior to his death.

His death?

What happened?

We're waiting
on the toxicology report.

I'm here because I need
to question everyone

affiliated with the
society house's recent auction.

I'm sorry. Um...

This is a shock,
but I don't know anything.

Looks like Diana got to her.

She's heading towards the bank.

She'll be clearing out the money
any minute now.

Good. Give Jameson
his wake-up call.

Peter, you're on standby.


I got a ping from the bank.

Why did you drain our account?

Wait a minute.
They told me you were dead.

Who told you I was dead?

We did.

Wait a minute.
What's going on?

You two are under arrest.

Wait a minute.
You're FBI, too?

Yeah, let's just say
I'm the adventurous type.

Uh, speaking of,

I think we were all

a little adventurous last night.

Further incriminating evidence.

Should we give him
a little slide show here?

Yeah. Yeah.

Here's you on shot number eight,

having a good time.

Here's you on shot number 12
having a great time.

This is when you told us
you had a big payday coming up.

Great. Good job.

And that's when you told me

I should enjoy
the honeymoon phase while I can.

Oh, here's where you said
you were tired

and wanted to go to bed.

Something about having to tie up
loose ends in the morning.

They say that alcohol's
a truth serum for some people.

You are definitely one of them,
my friend.

And, in case you were wondering,
we got it all on tape.


I actually thought
we had something.

It wasn't real.

Not even our tango?


You know, they say
that breaking up is tough.

For what it's worth,
it wasn't me.

It was you.


That's a shame.

Would have been a nice wedding.


Elizabeth ordered most
of the arrangements already.

I'm sure she did a great job.

It's too bad we'll have to
ship them all back.

Or ship them somewhere else.

Is everything okay?

Peter needs your help right away.



Hey, beautiful.

What is this?

I'm sorry for what you
went through on this one.

So, to make it up to you,

I'm giving you the wedding
you always wanted.

Small, simple.

Just us.

Will you marry me again?


As many times as you ask.

Preacher's here.

That was fast.

Sorry I'm late.

Don't tell me he's been ordained.

Tax dodge?

Oh, yeah, like I pay taxes.

Will you bear witness?

Of course.

Dearly beloved,
we are gathered here today

to celebrate the union

and Mrs. Suit once again.

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