White Collar (2009–2014): Season 3, Episode 3 - Deadline - full transcript

When a magazine journalist's life is threatened, Diana goes undercover as her assistant to protect her while Peter and Neal investigate the subject of the journalist's story: a crooked pharmaceutical company.

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This is the original
art manifest from the u-boat.

I need you to translate
these 22 paintings into English.

I can do that.
Not here. Do it at home.

How long will it take?

A few hours.
Don't use the Internet.

I don't need someone
piecing this together

from your
Google translation page.

You're getting as paranoid
as Mozzie.


A cup of tea,
a German-English dictionary,

and I'll have it translated
in a day or two.


Your copy

goes to agent Melissa Matthews
from D.C. Art Crimes.

She leaves New York
in the end of the week.

You got it, boss.

You know what they say.

When they're out to get you,
paranoia is only good thinking.

Working late?

No, just wrapping up paperwork

on that black-market

See you tomorrow, Caffrey.

See ya.

Hold the elevator.


You dropped this.


Looks good on you.

Was that a present?


It's nice.


Neal, this is my girlfriend,


It's so nice to finally meet you.

The infamous Neal Caffrey.

I think his smile's
more charming than devious.

Thank you.

Trust me, it's devious.

We should go. We'll be
late for our reservation.

Date night, huh?

Oh, excellent.

Their truffle risotto
was the inspiration for mine.

You cook?
I dabble.

The secret's the cheese.
I use raw-milk pecorino.

You see? Unpasteurized dairy
is illegal.


Illegal to sell.
Mine was a gift.

You're a chef.
I, uh, attempt desserts.

Oh. Well,
we should combine forces.

Let's have a date night
this week. I'll bring Sara.

Sure. We'll put it
on the books.

You ready?

Good to meet you, Neal.

Good to meet you.


By Ms. Lady Suit.

Dr. Lady Suit.

Any idea when our Art-Crimes
agent is heading back to D.C.?

The bureau travel department
has her flying out on Friday.

Dare I say,
our target has shifted.


Assuming the list
is in that briefcase,

we need to get a look
before Diana delivers it to her.

I'll follow.

Thanks for coming, Jones.

Sure, Peter.
What's up?

You know who Helen Anderson is?

Yeah, executive editor
at Circumspect.

Wrote that killer expos?
on big oil.

That's her.
Take a look at these.

Ah, someone's following her.

Someone's threatening her.

Wow. She call us in?

Her boss did -- Leland Shelton.
He owns the magazine.

And the paper I read

and the news channel
I watch every morning.

Leland's golf buddies

with the head
of the white-collar division,

so looks like we're helping out.

Got to love
country-club politics.

So we're here to find out
if the threat's

coming from someone
she's digging into.

That, too.

When was the last time
you were on protective detail?


I'm the one that pulled
Helen out of the field

and onto the masthead
of this magazine.

I appreciate your help.


Do you have a minute?

4,320. That's how many minutes
I have till my deadline.

Not now, Leland.

Oh, this won't take long.

These are agents Burke and Jones
from the FBI.

What are you doing with these?

They got them from me.
I'm concerned, Helen.

And I know where you got them.


I told you to throw these out!

She was worried about you.

You're done.
You're fired. Now.


And don't interfere
with my staff.

Ms. Anderson, our job is to
figure out who made the threat.

Could it be related
to a current story?

Current story.


Stuck in my door in Kabul.

This grenade thrown
in my camera bag in Chechnya.

This effigy burned outside
my door in west Virginia.

I write stories
that make enemies.

If I share my information
with you and you screw it up,

it all falls apart.

All these pictures mean
is that I'm on the right track.

Whoever took these photos
knows your routine.

They got close.

All they had to do
was pull the trigger.

But they didn't.

I'm not asking you
to drop the piece, Helen.

Just let them protect you.

You won't even know I'm there.

Oh, really?

I won't see your black S.U.V.
parked a half a block away

or your wingtips following me
down the hallway?

I don't need a government shadow.

If you'll excuse me, gentlemen,
I have a deadline.

Keep her alive.
Do whatever you have to do.

I'll help in any way I can.

So we're supposed to
protect someone

who won't let us
within 100 yards of her.



Sorry about that.

Don't be.

Been here a month,
and I've aged 10 years.


Well, good luck
to her next assistant.

I love Helen Anderson.

She'll take on Wall Street,
big oil. She's fearless.

Great, because we're
sending you into the magazine

to keep her safe.

We can investigate the threats,

but we can't interfere
with her story.

So I need you to keep an eye
on any leads

that you might see
while you're there.

Got it.
One other thing.

Helen refuses FBI protection,

so she can't know that
that's why you're there.

How's that gonna work?


Well, how many words
can you type per minute?


So I'll be an
undercover bodyguard/assistant.

As in dry-cleaning
and dog-walking?

We made you
a bulletproof r?sum? --

graduate of Helen's Alma Mater,
impeccable work experience.

Now all you need to do
is nail the interview.

I have to interview?

When your dad worked
at the Embassy in England,

you had a British nanny, right?

She was a regular
Mary Poppins. Why?

So you got the accent down.

Just brush up on this.

A dialect?
Are you joking?

No. Helen lived
in Northern England

when she wrote for the Economist.

She has a soft spot
for Manchester.

It may give you an edge
over the other candidates.

Anything else?


Working for
a Pulitzer prize winner.

How great is that?

Yeah, yeah.
Uh, nice offices.

A juicer.

Juicer's awesome.

What's with the hard sell?



Driven's good.

She's a little...



She puts the "hell"
in "Helen."

In order to protect her,
you can't get fired.

She's gonna keep you
on a tight leash,

ask you to do things
that are way beneath you.

For the length
of your assignment,

your life is not your own.


So, I'll be at the absolute beck and call
of my tough new boss.

What's funny?


If you ever need any advice...

It's me. Sorry. Snuck out
while you were sleeping.

Oh, I heard you.


You know, if you'd stayed over,
I'd have made you coffee.

Mm-hmm. I had an early
client call,

which is kind of why I'm here.

I need --


I'm working a recovery,

and I'm up against
a tech 98 alarm system.

Full video, remote monitoring.

Can I beat it?

You need to get to the control
panel and take out the wi-fi.

You have bolt cutters?

Small, medium, and large...

...But that's assuming
I can dodge the guards.

- Well, you find a partner, you could run
a Wally Burns. - What's a Wally Burns?

One person distracts
while the other gains access.

Oh. You think I could
go it alone

with a stun gun
and a D.O.D.-grade router?


Normal people don't talk
about this before work.

No, they don't.
We can try normal.

Yeah, let's try it.

Great. Sweetie?

Yes, darling?

Did you take out the garbage?

Honey, I shredded the garbage.

You know the feds
love to rummage.

They're not the only ones.

You know, I once tracked
a Rothko to the Hamptons

using a jitney receipt.

Okay, that did not work.

Um...All right,
how's this for normal?

We are invited to my co-worker's
house for a dinner party.

I will whip up some canap?s.

You're being serious?

Diana's girlfriend
thought it might be fun.

Yeah, I think so, too.

What's behind that tech 98?

I can't tell you.

What are you doing today?

Helping Peter find out who's
threatening to kill a public figure

while Diana goes undercover
as her assistant.

Same old, same old?

Who is it?
Can't tell you.

You can't name the parent
company of this magazine,

yet you want to work with me,
covering the world of finance?

Dawson, Diana.

Shelton Global Media's

the parent company
for this magazine.

Leland Shelton is the founder,
chairman, and C.E.O.

Where are you from?

Didsbury, in Manchester.

I lived in Manchester for a year

when I wrote for the Economist.

I know.

So, why do you want this job?

I've followed you since
you were a foreign correspondent

for the Times.

Your interview
with the Secretary of State

was the best thing
I read last year.

You're overqualified and too old.

That means you can go.

Little Miss Headband out there?

She won't last
a week --

Because she doesn't know who
she is or where she wants to be.

I do.
I want to work for you.

And your piece
in last month's issue --

that arms dealer
had corporate backing.

You didn't go for the throat.

the geopolitics involved,

your conclusion was my intention.

You start now.

Your job is to take care
of everything in my life

so that I don't have to
think about living it.

Your first task --
get rid of the girls out there.

Thank you.

Ever talk to me like that
to me again,

and you'll find out
what it feels like

when I go for the throat.

Diana's in.

She picked up two clues
that might point us

to the threats
against Helen Anderson --

Two names -- P. Sullivan
and Prager & Vaughn.

My buddy at the FDA
gave us his files on P&V.

Pharmaceuticals --
multilevel company,

probably responsible for a third of
the stuff in your medicine cabinet.

Oh. Product recalls,
rumors of bad manufacturing.

Not sure I'd trust these guys
to make me feel better.

Paul Sullivan is the head
of new-product development.

He was called in to clean up

P&V's most recent
cold-medicine recall.

He pulled the company stock
back from the ledge.

If Helen's investigating him,

there could be a problem
with one of their new products.

With his track record,

Sullivan might have
a lot to hide.

Yeah, or a lot to lose.

By the time P&V
puts a drug on the market,

they've invested
a billion dollars in it.

That much at stake, someone
might kill to keep a secret.

Neal, let's go talk to Sullivan.

Peter, we start
flashing badges at P&V,

we're gonna crash Helen's story.

Depends on which badges we flash.

Ted Brown, FDA.
We're looking for Mr. Sullivan.

Don't bother checking.
I'm not on his calendar.

He's unavailable, sir.
You can't go up there.

I'm calling Mr. Sullivan.

Thought I was the only one

who could impersonate
federal agents.

I'm authorized to go undercover.
There's a difference.

And the glasses?
I use them to make a point.

Looking for Paul Sullivan.

Paul Sullivan?

Got a plan to go with that badge?

We're flushing, like with quail.

I fire off shots,

and then you keep an eye out for a reaction.
Got it.

Excuse me.


Put it away.

I'm looking for Paul Sullivan.

I'm Paul Sullivan.


I've asked my counsel,
Mr. Carter, to sit in.

What can we help you with,
Mr. Brown?

We met with the FDA
two weeks ago.

That was a scheduled meeting.

Today you thought
you'd surprise us?


Who's this?

My associate.

Hey, Blake, who's at extension
2614 at Prager & Vaughn?

Company directory has her listed
as Amy Sawyer, R&D.


She lives at...
4258 West 79th Street.

She's cute.
Yes, she is.

No dependents.

Unless you count
Sir Boots Barkley.

You got her cellphone?

This company has had a bad run
under your watch.

It's my personal mission

to make sure you've cleaned up
your practices.


Yes, Ms. Sawyer?
I live in 6A.

I found your dog, Boots,
in the hallway.

How did he get out?

I have no idea.
But I got to get to work.

Can you please come
and pick him up?

Yeah, I'm on my way.

Should we start with
offshore marketing or recalls?

I need to take this.

Uh, will you be all right
without me?

We'll be fine.

Gentlemen, if you'd take a look
at this number right here,

that one puzzles me.

What's confusing,
Mr. Brown?

The FDA operates
under the information we have.

Your company's not known
for its transparency.

Mr. Brown, despite what
you're insinuating,

we're in the business
of helping people.

P&V's the reason
you're gonna live long enough

to find yourself browsing
the aisles for adult diapers.

And you'll thank us for it.


Nice speech.

I want Q.C. reports,
stage-four clinical trials,

and R&D for all products launched

within the last
six months --

All of it --

We'll ship it over.

Are we done here?
I got a thing.

We're done.

You got me
a blank sheet of paper?

Most high-quality paper stock
can be split in two.



Let me try that.

You need the right touch.

A little fingerprint powder.

And there you go.

They redacted the drug
after the document was printed.

That's why I had to
get the original.

Can you tell
who signed the report?

No, I couldn't make it out
on the original, either.

But the drug name is clear.

Never heard of Zybax.

Good thing you demanded
all that product information.


Need the right touch.

Where's the research
I asked you for?

I'm almost finished.

Well, you said for me
to stay at my desk.

Would you like me to make copies
or answer the phone?


There's a stain.
Get it out.

Set up dinner with
Salman Rushdie tonight.

It's 1:00. Vitamins!
I've had malaria twice.

Are you trying to undermine
my immune system?

Copies. Now.

Helen Anderson's office.

One moment.

It's the financial analyst
from Channel Nine.

Put him through.

Helen Anderson's office.

I dialed your FBI phone.

I forwarded
Helen's calls to my cell.

Oh. Good.

Hey, the accent sounds
pretty realistic.

How's it going over there?

I have so many paper cuts,
I need a blood transfusion.

It is impossible to remove
wheat grass from Chanel.

She made me go to her Brownstone
to give Prozac to her parrot.

How was that?

It shrieked at me
about deadlines.

Is that a personal call?

Document storage. The files you asked for.

Was that her or the parrot?

I don't know
how long I can do this.

She wants to have dinner
with Salman Rushdie tonight.

How am I
supposed to f--

Wait, you can find
Salman Rushdie.

Oh, I'd have to
pull some strings.


Why isn't
my mail open?

I see why she gets
so many death threats.

What is it?

They got inside Helen's place.

The FBI is sweeping my apartment now.

Charlie's on the way
to his dad's,

and he'll stay there
until things settle down.

Have you arranged for security?

NYPD will monitor

your ex-husband's building
and Charlie's school.

Would you like me to book you
into a hotel for tonight?

I spent years sleeping in tents
and bombed-out hotels.

One of the perks of this job
is frette sheets in my own home.

They can't intimidate me
with this crap.

- That was evidence. - Then tape it
back together. I have to make a call.

I'll dial you in.
Should I take notes?

I'll dial myself in.
Go do your job.

They got into my home.

This is getting dangerous.

If we want to stop this,
I need more.

You're right.
People are dying.

I'll give you what I have.
I'm ready to meet.

Good. Where?

The place you suggested.
8:00 P.M.

Let's take them down.

What we have here
is a cost-benefit analysis

for the recall
of a drug named Zybax.

Do we have anything on Zybax?

We've got everything
on Zybax.

It's a new antibiotic designed

to combat
drug-resistant infections.

Sounds like the next big thing.

Marketing report says

they rolled it out in New York,
Boston, and Philly.

They're going national
this month.

Passed clinical trials,
got FDA approval.

Looks perfect on paper.

P&V wanted to know
how much it would cost

to take this drug off the market.

We need to find out why.

What's going on?

Helen has a source at P&V.

Peter, this is serious.

He mentioned people
are dying over this.

They set up a meet.

Where? We can secure
the location.

I didn't get an address.

I want you there.

It's not a personal call.


Ms. Anderson's
looking forward

to seeing
Mr. Rushdie tonight.

Cancel the dinner.
Tell my driver he can take the night off.

I'll take a taxi home.
And this doesn't fill itself.


You're meeting with a source
tonight, aren't you?

You're asking a wildly
inappropriate question.

I know how important
that dinner was to you.

And I know you'd only take a taxi

if you didn't want anyone
to know where you were going.

And this is your
third cup of coffee.

You're gearing up for a meeting.

You should take me with you.
I can help.

I'll tell you
how you can help me.

It's my child's 6th birthday.

It's not on your calendar.

That's why I have a Pulitzer

and not
a "Mommy of the Year" mug.

Now, my last assistant

arranged for Charlie's party
at my apartment,

which is currently a crime scene.

Okay. When is the party?
Today at 4:00.

That's why I need you
to move everything --

the cake, the decorations,

And you need to call
all the guests

and tell them that I'm sorry
that I'm not there.

If this threat's real and I went,

I would be putting Charlie
and all the children in danger.

New party.
Got it. Oh, damn.

I fired Melinda before
she could get Charlie's gift.

There's a robot that he loves.

She wrote it down somewhere.

And I want new locks,
the kind the White House uses.

If I get all this done,

can I come with you
to meet the source?

Finish it all,
and I'll let you drive me.

Oh, and make sure you translate

the Lisbon communiqu?
into English by 6:00.

Peter, if you want me there

when Helen meets the source,
I'm gonna need some help.

I'm e-mailing you a list.

Listen up.

Diana needs to be within
20 yards of Helen at all times,

so we're gonna lend a hand.

First up, we need a lock
for a residential door --

state of the art.

I got a guy.

He'll even do the road work for you.

I want the master key.

All right,
who here speaks Portuguese?

Good. You get to
translate a communiqu?.

What's a supaiku-bot?

I don't know.
Some kind of robot hedgehog toy.

I'll get that.

Jones, you're gonna run point
and handle decorations.

So, streamers
and a couple balloons?

No. No, no, no.


No. No. We are in
way over our heads, aren't we?


We need a ringer.

Okay, so the sugar-free cake,

the nut-free cake,
and the dairy-free cake --

They go on that table over there.

Got the goodie bags --
table over there by the cactus.

Okay, we've got the cowboy hats
and the cute little aliens.

We're gonna put those out
on the tables over here.

Hey, Jones.

Cowboys in space?

I want you to plan
my birthday party.

Do you want a moon bounce,
as well?

I want to be a cowboy.

Oh, well, there you go, Jones.

Giddy up.


The Zhviegel Millennium?

I won't even need my picks.
I'll just bump it.


But with my modifications,

it is unlike any other Zhviegel
on the market.

Tension's unreadable.
I'm impressed.

That lock is so complex,
it is only rivaled by my mind.

Oh, I used the hook.
It was tough, though.

If you added
another pin --

Ah, a bluff inside the cylinder.

This and a wedge under the door,

and Helen Anderson's townhouse

will be more secure
than Fort Knox.

Which, as we know,
has its own weaknesses.

Speaking of,
where's Diana's briefcase?

Oh, she took it back
to the Sheagle's nest.

We've only got two days
to get it.

Don't worry, Moz.

I'll cook something up.


Heard you guys got a shipment.

Special agent Peter Burke, FBI.

I'm commandeering
a supaiku-bot.


The party was a hit.

Your jacket's clean, research
is categorized and collated,

and I canceled
the Rushdie dinner.

What about --

Your 5:30
wheat-grass smoothie.

Keys to your new locks

and the translation
of the Lisbon communiqu?.

I'm driving.

What are you doing?

I thought I was coming with you.

No. This is the first time
I'm meeting the source.

I said you could drive me.
That's as far as you get.

There he is.

You want to do what I do,

you need guts, good instincts,
and patience.

Work on that.

We got to make this quick.

All right.

There's a whistle-blower
protection. Tell me...

This didn't come from me.

We both know what happens when...




Ugh! Why did you do that?
You scared my source!

Someone followed you.

He gave me
this flash drive.

All right.

The source
didn't give Helen a name.

At least,
that's what she told me.

I dropped her home.

You want me to double back
for a stakeout?

No need.

We've got an unmarked car
on her house.

Good work today.
Get some rest.

If you insist.
Good night, Peter.

What smells so g--


Hi, honey.

People always say
they're gonna get together,

and they never do,
so I called Christie.

And here we are.

Here we are.

Neal, this risotto's delicious.
I need one more bite.

Contraband cheese.

Caffrey, I should fine you
and confiscate the dairy.

Hey, don't take your day
with Helen out on me.

Oh, don't get me started.

Actually, I could use
your help with this.

Her source gave her a flash drive

with these numbers on it
and no explanation.

Oh. Patent I.D.s,
formula files?

Nope. They don't correspond
with Zybax or any P&V product.

Maybe samples.

I could check in the hospital
pharmacy tomorrow.

Thank you.

How about you, Sara?
What do you do?

She is in insurance.

Oh, the kind that sends me
mountains of paperwork?

No. No, no.

Um, but if your Rodin
goes missing, please call me.

Oh, insurance recovery.


Wait a minute.

That means that --

That's right. He steals 'em.
She gets 'em back.

Wow. I've got to know
how you both met.

She has been after me
for a long time.

Oh, my God!

He stole a Raphael.
Conjecture, Your Honor.

And I pursued.

And I haven't forgotten
about the Raphael.


We're boring.

Anyway, how about you two?
How'd you two meet?

It's a really cute story.
Oh, they don't want to hear it.

I want to hear it.

I'm good.
We --

I'll just be -- No, I'm good.
I'm just gonna...


You know, you are just like
my friend Wally Burns.

It took him forever to tell me
how he met his wife.

You remember Wally, right?
I told you about him.

Yeah, I remember Wally.

dinner-party rules.

You guys cooked, so Diana and I --
Get dessert.

And more wine.

Thank you so much.
Thank you.

I have to tell you,
I love your place.

Oh, thanks.

So, you and Diana --
Come on.

You were her doctor?
Krav Maga?

I'm not gonna tell you.

All right, fine.
How was dinner the other night?

Oh, it was great.

When I eat at Babbo,

I like to go to this bar
around the corner after --


I love Simone's.

We came straight home.
We both had work to do.

Oh. Laptops in bed?
Sounds romantic.

Very --
I researched Stents,

and Di finished up
for a morning meeting.

A meeting before her day
with Helen?

Sounds like a busy day.

She had to drop something off.

You told him, didn't you?
Told me what?

Yeah, nice try, Caffrey.
How we met.

I didn't tell him.
I thought it was cute.

There's nothing cute
about pottery class.

Yes! Pottery class!

- So much better than I ever
could have imagined. - Oh, no.

And that would have explained...

Yeah, well, I made that.

Oh, uh, I mean,
I think that it's lovely.


Oh, yeah. All right,
let's get all the "Ghost" jokes

out of the way --
Hum "Unchained Melody,"

slide a penny up the wall.

Uh-huh. It's supposed to
be round, right?

It's absolutely hideous.

Yeah. Yeah.

So, why did we run a Wally Burns
on Diana's girlfriend?

Oh, I can't tell you.

Oh. Okay.

Hold on.

Ah. Oh.

You don't give me details
about your job.

Yeah. I could probably live
with a secret or two.

I could handle that.


Did you get it?


Get a room!

We are in a room.

My room.

That hurts.

Next time I make a lock,

I guess it should be
for "your" door.

Or there is this thing
called knocking.

Wait, wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait.

You're leaving?

Mood sufficiently killed.

Call me later.
Or come over.

Not you.

Seriously, just put
a sock on the doorknob.


Any leads on the list?

Diana met with agent Matthews

She gave her the list.
Ah, fair Melissa.

She's an easier mark
than badass Berrigan.

You realize that list is
on lockdown in her hotel room.

Yeah, we just rip out a page
from our own playbook.

We know when Melissa
is heading out of town.

We swap the briefcases
when she leaves for the airport.

Difficulties mastered
are opportunities won.

Some of us have work
in the morning.


Christie called.

Oh. She run the numbers
through the hospital pharmacy?

She wanted me to ask you
if and you and Sara

want to play doubles
next weekend.

Yeah, Caffrey,
when you gonna cook me dinner?

I like risotto.

Look at the two of you,
trying to be funny.

Don't we have a case to work?

We do.

Turns out the numbers
the source gave Helen

match serial numbers
of the sample packs of Zybax

in the hospital database.

But here's the thing.

None of the samples are stocked
in the pharmacies.

P&V reps came in
and swapped them out.

Swapped them for what?


Same drug, different packaging,

different serial number.

So what if Sullivan
found out about a bad batch

and did an undercover recall?

He traded dirty samples for clean ones.

To cover their tracks,
P&V said it was new packaging.

But even if the reps cleared out

all the doctors' offices
and hospitals,

there's no way
they got it all back.

This is what
Helen's source meant.

There are people out there
taking bad Zybax.

It could kill them.

But all of this is just a theory.

P&V will bury us in a lawsuit
unless we have proof.

Then let's get proof.


I'll be done
fact-checking in five.

My source
just e-mailed me.

He's got my smoking gun.

What is it?

A memo.

But after what happened
at the park,

he's afraid to move it
out of the office.

He's worried they're
going to search him.

Where does that leave you?

Walking into a lion's den
of corner offices

and corporate hubris.

He's going to guide me to it.

You're supposed to just show up
at P&V and get the memo?

No, we are.

There's a launch party
for Zybax this afternoon.


Don't make me regret this.

According to the source,

the memo authorizes
Zybax be repackaged

as part of a covert recall.

It's signed by the head
of new products.

Paul Sullivan.
We get the memo, we get him.

You know, Helen never invited
an assistant anywhere.

This is like
an unofficial promotion.

You realize you don't
actually work for her.

Oh, but I do.

Well, congratulations
on your unofficial promotion.

Stay close to Helen.
Be careful.

Whoever had her in their sights
is still out there.

I won't let anything
happen to Helen.

Oh, I know you'll
take care of her.

I'm worried about you.

Don't be.

I'm gonna walk out
of the front door of P&V

with everything we need
to take them down.

My gut's bothering me.

Maybe you need some Zybax.

Think I'll pass.

By now, Helen's figured out

the serial numbers
are for the samples of Zybax.

She's on her way to get the memo.

She strikes me
as the type of person

who will do whatever it takes
to get what she needs.

That's what's bothering me.

Sullivan knows
she's looking into P&V.

And whatever he's hiding,
she's gonna come after it.

If a P&V employee knows
about the Zybax cover-up,

starts feeding Helen intel...

She picks up the trail,
Sullivan follows her

all the way to the source.

If the meet happens
at the launch party,

the source could be exposed.

Hey, guys,
we did some further work

on that redacted document

and were able to identify
the signature at the bottom.

We just found our source.
Casey Mendell.

Head of R&D.
Let's go talk to him.

Jones, call Diana.
Let her know.

The source thinks I'm alone.

You're here to observe.
Keep your distance.

I'll be at the bar.


I have eyes on Helen.

I got a look at the guest list.

Casey Mendell is not
at this party.

He's not in his office.
We're on our way to his house.

That's Mendell's building.

Hey, FBI.
What's going on here?

Lady got home from work,

found her husband on the floor,
called us.

It was too late.
Must've died this morning.

Casey Mendell?

Memo's in room 2642 on the desk.

Hi. Are you one
of our new sales reps?


Can I get you a drink?



It's a setup.
Mendell's dead.

Whoever contacted Helen
pretended to be her source.

Excuse me.

Damn it, Peter.
Helen's gone.

We're on our way.

Get out of my way.

It's loud out there.

Don't bother screaming.

An undetectable drug?

I die quickly,

you move my body and send a team

to wipe my computers
and destroy my files.

Something like that.

Drop it, or I'll put a bullet
in each kneecap.

I promise I'm faster.


Damn it.

Get the handcuffs
out of my purse.

Who are you?

Agent Diana Berrigan, FBI.

Damn right, I'm overqualified.

Talked to my buddy at the FDA.

Turns out the bad Zybax
causes brain hemorrhages

if taken
with certain medications.

P&V figured they'd shut down
Mendell and Helen,

then roll the dice on any
medication still out there.

Settling lawsuits would've been
cheaper than a recall.

Mm. Well, at least
the drug's off the market,

and we've got Carter and Sullivan

on conspiracy to commit murder.

Any chance of getting
that case report

by the end of the day?

If I can get it to you by lunch,

can I go to that
tech conference in Miami?

By lunch? Sure.

Miami's gonna feel so good
in November.

You know, just the other day,
I wondered,

"Where have
all the boy scouts gone?"

There are some
girl scouts here, too.

Diana, a woman like you
shouldn't be surrounded

by florescent lights
and old spice.

You are the best assistant
I have ever had.

I want you back.

Whatever they pay you here,
I will pay more than double.

I don't need a byline.

In my interview,
I told you I knew who I was

and where I wanted to be.

That's right here.

I dedicated my article
to Casey Mendell.

But I wouldn't be standing here
if it weren't for you.

You should hire
your old assistant back.

She's the one
who saved your life.

I have a deadline.

Goodbye, Helen.

It's amazing.

The love inside.

You take it with you.

Come on.
Who am I?

You in danger, boy.

"Ghost" quotes?

Neal, if you know
how Diana and Christie met,

you are officially
part of the family.

Caffrey was at my place,

but there was nothing
for him to find.

I talked with agent Matthews.

The list has never been
out of her sight.

So it's safe?

I made sure it stays that way.


we got a problem!

You at the airport?

Of course.

I said I'd follow Melissa,

and I did,
all the way to the airport.

She took an earlier flight!

You're saying the list is gone?

I'm watching it
take off right now.

All right, take a breath, Moz.

Breath? The list is
on its way to D.C.!

Neal, how did this happen?!

Neal...You coming?

I got to go.