White Collar (2009–2014): Season 1, Episode 9 - Bad Judgment - full transcript

Peter Burke accepts to help David Sullivan and other victims of a plot in which people are forced to take and pay off a second mortgage due to wrong foreclosures. Neil finds out those are all signed by federal judge Michelle Clark. Mozz helps him collect evidence from her chambers, but Fowler helps Clark turn the table on Burke who tried to trick her into bribing him. Neil must turn the tables on both the fiends.

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I found my ring. It's peter.

I saw your ring. What?

I know you've got Kate!

A lot of us have those rings.

Hello, Kate. We need to talk about Neal.

Neal stole a piece. This one is special.

It's a music box.

You have the right to remain silent.

I didn't do this.

I was set up by someone very close to you.

Now I'm positive it's fowler.

Fowler? My god, they tapped my phone.

Found this stuck on my home phone.

I'm not done with this investigation, Burke.

Neither am I.

Kate! Kate: You can't trust anyone.


She wants this music box.
There's something inside it.

It's holding some secret.

I want to see it.

I'm gonna need some time.

Good weekend? Great.

New York won 4-3 in double overtime.

How was the Guggenheim? Excellent.

I saw a rumination on
the physicality of space

And the nature of sculpture.

Glad I missed it.

Back at you.

David Sullivan is waiting for
you in the conference room.


Perfect. What's wrong?

He's been calling all week
about a mortgage-fraud case.

It's a pretty cut-and-dry foreclosure.

I don't know what else we can do for him.

He brought his little girl.

Ah, geez. He's playing the sympathy card.

Is it working? Yep.


Come on. Let's go talk to him.

What, you need me for this?

You're uncomfortable around the 6-year-old.

I don't speak that language. I do?

Yeah, you do, peter pan. Come on.

Mr. Sullivan.

And this must be...


That's a 515 form, not a coloring book.

I'm sure the bureau will get by without it.

Encourage that artistic ability.

What's going on, Mr. Sullivan?

The bank forecloses on our home in a week.

Mr. Sullivan's father recently passed.

I'm sorry to hear that.

He left him his home.

And before his death,

He took out a second mortgage on it.

He didn't take out a second mortgage.

He would never do that.

Someone cheated us.

I looked at your case, Mr. Sullivan.

I'm sorry, but things like this happen.

Was your father in debt?

He wasn't in debt. I know him.

Do you?

Last three years of his life,

He was in an extended-care center.

You only visited four times.

I told you -- I looked at your case.

Look...My dad was a hard man.

Near the end of his life,

He wanted to get to know his granddaughter.

She got us past our differences.

He wanted to give her a home to grow up in.

That's how I know

My father wouldn't take
out a second mortgage

To play blackjack, okay?

you're our last chance.

That's you.

We'll look into it.

No promises.

It's pretty cut-and-dry.

The bank has paperwork
signed and notarized.

I can see why you didn't
want to take this on.

maybe I'm glad I changed my mind.

You find something?

I tried to call the NYPD detective

Sullivan spoke to originally.

Yeah. Turns out he's retired.


How many detectives you know retire at 35?

It's worth looking into.
Think we should ask him to coffee?

I never say no to coffee.

Mr. Herrera? Thanks for coming.

I'm agent Burke.

Who's this?

I'm with the FBI.

Uh, no.

He's with the FBI.

Fed couldn't afford those cuff links.

For a retired detective,
you don't seem out of practice.

You didn't answer my question.

He's my consultant.

We're investigating the Sullivan case.

Really? Why?

Mr. Sullivan has a daughter,
and Peter's a sucker for kids.

You know, you cleared
over 90% of your cases.

If you don't mind me asking,

What made you all of a sudden
turn in your resignation?

Well, I...

I got tired of the grind.

Look, I, uh, I swung an early pension, okay?

I don't know if you're
recording this conversation,

But I don't have anything to say.

I appreciate the coffee.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

You burned your career for this case.

You're just gonna walk away?

Like I said, I got nothing to say.

Sullivan's a dud. Let it go.

Thanks for the coffee.

You know what?

Let me leave a tip.

No, I got it. I insist.

It's the least I can do.

That was cryptic.


For three cups of coffee.

Pretty generous for a retired cop's salary.

Very generous and very specific.


Could be an area code.

Not in America.

Badge number?

I don't think so.

For a dud case, Herrera
generated a lot of paperwork.

Yeah, he did.

Wait, what have we got here?


What is it?

It's an I.D. Number for a
federal district judge.

They stamp these on the files
for every case you preside over.

Judge Michelle Clark.

Do you know her? No.

Herrera said he was leaving a tip.

Yeah. Maybe her honor's not so honorable.

One cop already lost his job over this.

You sure you want to go down this road?

Yeah, I do.

White Collar - Season 01 - Episode 09


Find anything on judge Clark?

As your legal counsel,

I advise you to peruse
the following exhibits.

Hey. Court orders, search warrants.

This is everything fowler used

When he arrested me for the diamond heist.

Check out the fine print.

She was fowler's go-to judge
while he was investigating you.

What's her name doing on search warrants?

Peter and I are working
a mortgage-fraud scam.

Warrants which,

If they'd been reviewed by
an impartial judge,

May have been thrown out.

So fowler's got a judge in his pocket.

That's handy.

Peter's gonna love this.

Have I taught you nothing?

Fowler's got Kate.

If his pet judge is dirty,
I can use it against him. Right.

You tell the suit, he files a report,

And fowler sees you coming.

Secrets are safer.

And when you say fowler's got Kate...

He does. What does the suit think?

Your keeper and I actually
agree on something.

What if she's working with fowler?

Look, I need to talk to her. Then I'll know.

Do you trust your FBI buddy?

Yeah, I trust him...

Until I can't.

Vague... In a Zen kind of way.

Look, he met with Kate.

He must know how to get a hold of her.

Do you trust him enough
to deliver a message?

Her honor, judge Clark.

How does this nice face

Get a detective to take an early pension?

She must have a lot of pull.

Clark deals primarily in probate law.

Her last case was...

The Sullivan house. Look at these --

Nine properties over the past two years

Taken by various banks.

she presided over all of them.

Hey, hon.

Hey. How would you like
to come home for lunch?

I'd like that a lot. Good.

I'm trying out a new caterer
for an upcoming event.

I would love your opinion on the food.

Oh. What's the menu?

Well, uh, samplings of , couscous --

A lot of fancy stuff.

You know how much I love... Stuff.

And feel free to bring Neal.

Oh, that's why you're calling. You want to
borrow him.

I want to borrow his palate.

And yours, as well.

My wife's inviting you to lunch.

The good thing is I get to come along, too.

Stop playing with the buttons.
I want to get the map --

Blind spot.

I got it.

I need to ask you about Kate.

I told you everything.

You didn't tell me how you contacted her.

I'm a fed.

If I want to find someone, I do.

Can you get a message to her?

I can try. What do you want to say?

Tell her I'm starting to wonder

If the bottle really did mean goodbye.

Hey, honey.

Elizabeth, thanks for the invite.

Oh. Foie gras?

Yeah, I have a lot of it.

Um, I want you guys to try this
one first, okay? Looks great.

I haven't had time to try them,
but they look yummy.


yeah. Delicious.

Okay, that's why I wanted
to invite Neal.

why, because he's a good liar?

No. Because he appreciates fine cuisine.

Which this is not.

No one could lie that well.

Oh. Yeah, that does smell bad.

Thank god you guys tried it first.

Okay, this caterer is off my list.

So, who was the other
unfortunate guinea pig?

No one.

Well, then why are there two
coffee cups on the table?

Oh, I made coffee for the cable guy.

It went out this morning,
so he came by to fix it.

They got someone out here fast.

When did you call them? Actually,
they called me.

They accidentally cut a
power line down the street.

They were fixing the cable,
so they sent someone.

I thought it was a little strange, too,

But I actually asked the neighbors,

And their cable went out, as well.

Why? What's wrong?

The number you have dialed is
not in service at this time.

So, um...

Where's the gala your new client's hosting?

It's -- it's at the met.

It's next week. I love the met.

They have this fantastic
Matisse I've always admired.

It's on the second floor,
right near the fire exit.

Now -- now I am pissed off!

You suspected something

The moment she mentioned the cable guy.

What aren't you telling me? Is it fowler?

I don't want to talk about it here.

You think there could be more inside?

I'll take care of it.

No, you can't go through
the normal channels.

O.P.R. has too much reach inside the bureau.

what do you suggest?

I know a cleaning guy.

Does a great job on my place.

No way. Not him.

Honey, we have to put a stop to this.

All right, fine. Call your guy.

But I want someone I can trust watching him,

In case he -- whatever he does.

"in case he" -- in case he what?


In a good way.

Who is this guy?

S. Suit, I take it?

Honey, this is --

The cleaner.

What, are you selling vacuums?

I do not take your assumption as an affront

But as vindication of
my ability to blend in.

So, uh, what are you doing?

He's taking care of our bug problem.

Is that a night-vision spotting scope?

Oh, $50. Russian military surplus.

Why do you have it?

Well, the real question is, why don't

Well, in any case,
we really appreciate your help.

Hey, Jones. Hey.

Thanks for coming. Yeah.

All right, listen -- that's him.

Make sure Elizabeth is safe.

You got it.

Hey, Moz.

I'm clean.

Thanks, Neal, for walking Satch.


So, um, you sure he won't try anything?

Do you have any rare paintings or coins?


You'll be okay.

Is this Gorham silverware?
It's rather unique.

Maybe you should keep an eye on him.


Oh, a baccarat vase.

Well, I don't know what case
you guys are working on,

But wrap it up fast, okay? All right.

Come on, Satch.

See you, buddy.

Think they'll be okay here?

I don't think he bugged the dog.


I don't want to stick around
to find out. Me either.

Besides, you have some explaining to do.

So, fowler's trying to
protect his pocket judge

For operation mentor.

Why didn't you tell me? I was getting to it.

He knows I pulled our detective's file.

He realizes you're on his trail.
He comes after you.

Us. He comes after us.

Maybe we can get to him
first through judge Clark.

This thing fowler wants from you,
the music box --

Better play one catchy tune.

It's worth it.

Why are guys like you

Always interested in antiques
with a dangerous history?

'cause they have a lasting impact.

Look at how they're affecting us right now.


We are about to go after a federal judge.

It's worth it to take down fowler.


We stop the judge from
taking the Sullivan home,

Then we get her disrobed.

You know what I meant.

If we lean on her hard enough,
she'll flip on fowler.

You know what I meant!

That's not what I meant.

I got those files you
requested on judge Clark.

Good job, price. Get the crew together.

We are gonna pore over everything.

Scout for any discrepancies

On every deed and foreclosure
notice we've got,

Starting with the Sullivan home.


What is it?

Good to see you again, agent Burke.

What are you doing here?

I'm working on a project in new York.

Operation mentor?

I can't comment on that.

In fact, I would say you're not
supposed to know it even exists.

You can pin this one on me.

You like pinning things on me, right?

Agent fowler.

Received your request this morning.

We'll set you up in one of our offices.

You're working out of here?

Oh, relax, Burke.

Just borrowing your
phones for a little while.

All right, everyone. Take five.

We'll reconvene later.

You got something?


Sullivan's father, Michael,
signed the original mortgage

In November of 1962.

This is his signature on the second mortgage

He supposedly took out.


Yeah. There is a mild hesitation
mark in the loop of the "l."

It's a forgery. You're sure?

Yeah. Forging a signature
is all about confidence.


Sign this.

How'd you do that?

Well, your hand is programmed over years

To write letters a certain way.

You try to mimic someone else's,

And your own style will always creep in.

But turn the signature upside-down,

And it becomes nothing more than a drawing.

All you have to do is copy the lines.

Your preconceptions about letters go away,

And you have a perfect signature.

It's a neat trick.
Don't ever copy mine again.

Never again. You have copied my

Let's just focus on the crime at hand.

Hey, guys.

Whatcha doing?

You need something, fowler?

All right, I'm gonna get
clearance from the bureau

To talk to our judge.

You need clearance?
To talk to a federal judge? Yeah.

And you're gonna stay here.

Last time you were in a judge's chamber,

You jumped out the window.

Agent peter Burke is here to see you.

Judge Clark, thank you for
taking the time to see me.

Please have a seat.

How can I help you?

I'm here investigating a foreclosure dispute

Filed by a Mr. David Sullivan.

You were the judge
overseeing Sullivan's estate.

I'm sorry. I don't seem to recall that case.

Maybe these will refresh your memory.

I thought this case was settled. It was.

By you.

But we've found some
discrepancies in the signatures.


Forgeries. Enough for me to reopen the case.

Good luck, agent Burke.

Handwriting analysis
won't have enough weight

To restart the investigation.

You got more than this?

I've got you.

Nine suspicious foreclosures,

And you're the common denominator.

What sort of salary does an FBI agent make?

Excuse me?

I'm curious.

An agent of your stature -- $140,
000 a year, at most?

Why do you ask?

It's a shame you don't make enough

For the services you provide.

What you do, the risks you take --

I think you deserve double that.

What are you proposing?


I'm simply suggesting that you
should make a lot more money

For the work that you're doing.

Or not doing, for that matter.

I think you deserve a bonus, agent Burke.

What kind of bonus are we talking?

Quarter of a million.
Does that interest you?

It might.

Perhaps we should continue
this conversation next week

Somewhere... Less official?

Perhaps we can.

Good luck on your case.

I hope you don't run into a wall.

I'll be in touch. Okay.

Hey. I miss anything good?

She offered me a bribe.

Really? How much you worth?

Quarter million.

That's it? Yeah.

If I had known you were that cheap,

I would have bribed you myself.

No amount of money would
have been as satisfying

As catching you the first time...

Or the second.

No one likes a bragger.

So we have ourselves a dirty judge?

I think we do.

I'll put in a request with
Hughes to authorize a sting.


It's me.

What happened?

Agent Burke came to see me, like you said.


I offered him the money.

Did he say yes? He didn't say no.

Send me the tape. No.


That tape is my "get out of jail free" card.

I want the mortgage
e-fraud files sealed first.

I can't do that. Yes, you can.

You want Burke, seal my files.

They won't be processed
till tomorrow morning.

Well, then, that's when
you'll get your tape.

Oh! I got it.

Thank you.

All right.

Whoa! Old investigation?

Uh...More like Peter's surveillance photos.

I used to work as an assistant manager

At an art gallery downtown.

There was a theft, and peter
was the lead investigator.

You were a suspect?

I was a witness, but he wanted
to know if I had a boyfriend.

More like add you to the list
of corporate, government --

I mean, how charming.

Anyways, he kept droning on
about this Italian restaurant

But didn't have the courage to ask me out,

So I -- well, I gave him a hint.

Misappropriating FBI
resources to follow a girl.

That's been known to happen.

The suit is sly.

He's a bit of a bad boy.

what's going on here?

Oh, we -- we were just
wrapping up for the night.

"we"? What are you, a team now?

Will you be finishing up soon?

Oh, I'll need a few more days.

The downstairs is clear,

But the upstairs is still
a potential minefield.

So you're telling us

That we shouldn't sleep in our own bedroom?

Do either of you talk in your sleep?

No. He does.

Jones, drive him home.

Oh, nice try, suit. Nice try.

Haversham out.

Don't forget the

Already packed.

Did he do anything suspicious?

More amusing than anything else.

Thanks, Jones. Get some rest. Yeah.

Good night. Good night.


Where are we gonna sleep tonight?

Who says you can't camp in new York city?


I owe you for this, el.

Well, you can start with dinner.

Saturday night? Italian?

It's a date.

It is like grand central in here.

Hughes? Come on in.

Peter. Evening, Elizabeth.

Hello, Reese.

Oh, you're camping?

Long story.

What's wrong?

I need to speak to peter.

Of course. Yeah.

Thanks, el.

I'm not here in an official capacity.

I'm here as your friend.

O.P.R. has launched an investigation into you.


Did you take a bribe from a judge?

I spoke with judge Clark today.

Did she offer you money? Yes.

Did you say no?

I went to her office,
told her about our investigation,

And she responded with a bribe.

I wanted to play it out, see where it led.

You'd have done the same thing.


O.P.R. got you on videotape.

Fowler's presenting it tomorrow morning.

I can't protect you, peter.

This is serious, isn't it?


Hughes could lose his job
for what he just told me.

This guy -- um, fowler.

He's not gonna stop?


I'll fix it.


He's got me on tape.

Honey, I -- I've got to go.

Don't apologize.

The last clue I had led me to Seville.

Then nothing.

Has your federale contacted Kate?

Nothing yet.

Or maybe... We have something.

No name. Return address is a p.O. Box.

It's a chess move. Could it be from Kate?

She doesn't like chess.


They open with black. Unusual.

Symbolically making you virtuous white.

Who do you think it is?

I don't know.

All right.


Um, it's -- it's peter.

Um, he needs your help.

What are you doing here?
Just catching up on some work.

You heard about the O.P.R. investigation.

Yeah, well, it might have gotten around.

Look, with all that's going on,

I figured you could use some extra hands.

Thanks, Jones.

I'm just gonna make a fresh pot.

Let me help you out.


We might want to put on more than one.

You want us to break into a judge's office

And steal a videotape?

Yes. Do you have a better idea?

Do you have any idea how dangerous it is

To break into federal property?

A judge's chambers, no less?

You broke out of one.

But if you don't do this,
peter could go to prison.

And if I do, I could go back.

You owe him.

All right, why don't you get some rest,

And...We'll handle it. Okay.

Handled. Right. Like a doorknob.

Thank you.

Thank you both.

Get home safe.

Do you have any idea how
we're gonna do this?

Okay, fowler is sending his private courier

To pick up the tape at 8:00 a.M.

All right. You got the approach?

Don't I always?

The courier truck will pull
up to the front entrance

And check in.

When the driver steps out of the truck,

I will stall him.

This one's me. I figured.

How you gonna stall?

With my obvious charm, of course.

Do we have a backup? Ha.

I scouted the building.

There's a security
camera blind spot over here.

So, while I stall...

I come out of the blind spot
dressed as the same courier.

Exactly. All right.

Any luck getting your hands on a uniform?

It's oddly difficult

To find a tailor in the dead of night,

But I did the best I could.

Is this a park ranger uniform? Maybe.

With an iron-on?

I couldn't find a thimble.

Oh, don't -- don't forget this.

Oh. And a BB gun.

Would you prefer a real one? No.

All right.

Now, you go into the office as the courier

And pick up the tape.

Then you use this.

What's the refrigerator
magnet supposed to be?

A refrigerator magnet.

But it's actually a high
grade degaussing magnet.

Which will erase the tape.

Yes. Thoroughly.

Then you change clothes,

Hand over the newly blanked
tape to the actual courier.

No one knows I was there.

And everybody stays out of jail.

You think this will work?

All nine of judge Clark's
suspicious foreclosures

Have the same criteria --

The target is a recently
deceased elderly person

Who has lost contact with their family,

Primarily middle class.

What about the banks and loan officers?

Different in every case.

The judge is the only constant.

These cases originally came to her court

As standard estate litigation.

She's been in a perfect position

To scout out the weaker families.

Since the families are estranged,

They have to assume that the
additional mortgages are legit.

And even if they didn't,

They wouldn't have enough money
to fight the banks in court.

So either the family pays
up or they lose everything.

The average price tag of
a bogus loan is $350,000.

So where does the money go?
That's the question.

David Sullivan's foreclosure
is still in progress,

So let's follow the money.

What? What?

Someone just sealed the judge's files.

What now?

We go back to the source.

Officer Herrera.

What do you want, Burke?

I got close to Clark,
and now I'm about to lose my job.

You tried to warn me.

I didn't do anything.

If I'm going down, Clark's coming with me.

Whoever's giving this judge cover,
they won't stop at you.

You understand that, right?

They're gonna go after
your friends, your family.

That's why it's got to stop.

I need the evidence that proves she's dirty.

I need to find the money that
she got from the Sullivan loan.

I got shut down when I...

When I requested a search warrant

For the judge's chambers.

Start there.

It'd be nearly impossible to get into

But a great place to hide it.

I owe you one.


You're ray, right?

Yeah, I'm ray.

I thought it was you.

I figured you'd have the
face of a mouth breather.

Do we have a problem here?

You're damn right we do, tiny!

You were supposed to deliver

A very "sensitive" package
to me at my house.

Instead, you gave it to my mother!

You know what kind of trouble
I'm in because of you?!

If she sees what's in that package...

What was in the package?

That's none of your business!


I'm here to pick up a package from,
um, judge Clark?

Yes. Just a sec.

She's gonna take everything
from me, man!

The -- the free dinners, the free laundry,

The free basement.

Is that what you want? No.

You want me penniless in the
street without a shirt?!

You want me shirtless?!

No! God, no!

This is to be handed to
agent fowler personally.


Nobody but him can sign for it.



I'll take care of it.

You got the wrong guy here.

Oh, I do, do I?

You -- you're gonna tell me
that you are not ray Collins?


See, I'm ray Hofmeister.

Oh, man.

I'm so sorry.

Wrong ray.

I-I'm sure this happens to you all the time.

Actually, no.

Well, if you see Collins,

You tell him I'm coming after him, okay?!

Yeah, sure.


About time you got here.

I almost had to deliver this thing myself.

Make sure agent fowler
receives this personally.

I will. Uh, just sign right here, please.

Give me that.

I'm sorry for the delay.


I spoke with Herrera.

He thinks the judge keeps the
cash evidence in her chambers.

Do you know where, exactly?

Not yet. Meet me in the office.

On my way.

Court's adjourned.

Clark should be back any minute now.

Did you find anything in her chambers?

No. I made it look like someone tried to.

You good to go?


She doesn't seem happy.

What are they saying?

"someone's been here."

"what did they take?"

"I don't know.

It -- it doesn't seem
like they took anything."

"the safe hasn't been touched."

There's a safe in there,
and you didn't even try to --

I didn't have time. Stay focused.

"we're compromised.

I need to move everything."

"today -- today's no good. Tomorrow's clear.


"at noon."

Sometimes it clicks. I don't know why.

I modified it myself. Focus.

"get me a deposit box at
certified national immediately."

All right.

And...They're gone.

You gonna tell the suit?

As soon as he's out of his meeting.

Fowler requested a tap on your phone.


So what exactly do you want to show me?

I'll let the evidence speak for itself.

Is there anything recorded on this?

They must have sent the wrong tape.

Until you have the right one,
stop wasting my time.

I don't suppose

You had anything to do
with fowler's blank tape.

Blank tape? Thanks.

I have no idea what you're talking about.

Oh, but you should thank your wife.

Okay. That bought us some more time.

We need to make sure the money
is in the judge's chamber...

It is.

...And get her to move it.

She will. Tomorrow at noon.

I even got the name of the
bank where she's dumping it in.

We can take her down there.

Your information on the judge and the money

Wasn't obtained legally, was it?


We need probable cause
for search and seizure

On whatever's on her person.

You're telling me you can't arrest her

With a briefcase full of money?

That's right. I can't.

But maybe someone else can.

How do we let fowler know the
judge is moving the money?

He's tapping my phone.

Agent Burke's making a call.

If it's his wife, I'm not interested.

It's Caffrey.

Should we be talking
about this on the phone?

This is my cell. We're fine.

Listen, judge Clark says
if I don't pay her soon,

She'll send the real tape to fowler.

What are you gonna do?
Get the money together.

She wants it by noon today or no deal.

I'll need your help with the drop.

Where is it?

Certified national on 51st and 2nd.

Okay. I'll be there.

I'm sorry about this, peter.

Why are you sorry?

We both know why this is happening
-- the music box.

We got everything we need.

Let's mobilize a team.

I'm first on scene when we
take down Burke. You got that?

By the way, it's quarter to 12:00.

Then I better get there.

Give me the tape.

What are you talking about?

You think you can double-cross me?

I know what you have in here.

I didn't double-cross you.

It's a setup.

What's going on, fowler?

Don't say a word.

Just let me handle this.

What the hell do you think you're doing?

Assisting you.

You're about to close a high-profile case.

You're arresting judge
Clark on mortgage fraud --

Cash in hand.

Unfortunately, this means no more pet judge,

No more rubber stamps on your warrants.

You have no authorization for this.

Of course I have. You gave it to me.

This is your signature, isn't it?

Because if it is, you're a hero.

If not...

Well, I'm not sure how to explain
what you're doing here.

Judge Clark, you're under arrest. What?

You have the right to remain silent.

I highly recommend you exercise that right.

This is a big win, Garrett.

Great work.

Yeah. Great work.

Hey, how's the interrogation going?

You looked really mad in there.

Was that good cop, bad cop?

No. You need a good cop for that.

She's plea-bargaining out

And confessing to mortgage fraud.

Just mortgage fraud?

I wonder who helped her arrange that deal?

Doesn't matter.

She gave up her sources at the bank,

Even the clerk that was
helping her launder the money.

She's gonna get a reduced sentence.

She's taking advantage of the system.

I hate when people do that.

Now that I work for the system, of course.

I appreciate your cooperation
on this one, peter.

Next time I'm in from d.C.
, I'll give you a call.

All right, it'll take some time
sort out all the paperwork,

But no one's taking this from you now.

This is where she'll come home
from her first day of school,

Maybe her first date.

Your dad would be happy.

Yeah, he would.

Thank you.

Color on this.

So, the rest of the house is clear?

Yes. But your wiring belongs in a museum.

You're living in a fire trap.
The future is in copper wiring.

I know a guy --

You've done more than enough.

Thank you.

Moz, I'll walk you out.

Oh, thanks, el.

"el"? "Moz"?

He trusts her. Guess they were okay here.

Mixed victory.

Lot of those lately.

You should be happy.

Caught a dirty judge, got rid of fowler.

He won't stay away as long
as I have the music box.

As long as he thinks you have it.

Okay, I don't have it.

Oh, look at that --

Telling the truth.

Did it hurt? Little bit.

Your turn.

Hear back from Kate?

I did.

Just two words --

"see Robert."

Does that make any sense?

Yeah, Robert's her father.

Want to talk to him?

That won't be easy.

He's dead.

Kind of macabre for a meeting place.

Sends a certain message.

Yeah -- "all hope abandon,
ye who enter here."

I called him.

Consider this your Kate intervention.

It's time to think about
giving up the chase.

No thanks.

There it is.

Robert Moreau.

Kate's father.

Flowers are a few days old.

She's been here.



Maybe you guys were right.

Abandon all hope.

Does that flower mean what I think it means?

I think it does.