White Collar (2009–2014): Season 1, Episode 8 - Hard Sell - full transcript

Neal and Peter go undercover to take down a corrupt group of Wall Street brokers. If the mission fails, Neal's deal with the FBI could be negated.

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And gets busy with her
disappearing act.

Missed her by two days.

Where'd she go?

She's a ghost, man.

She did an outstanding
job of melting away.

Kate! Kate!!

She's being held by someone.
She's too scared to say who.

Interpol told me the man who
has Kate is with the FBI.

- You think it's Fowler.
- I do now.

What's he want from you?

Could be anything.

I'm not done with this
investigation, Burke.

Neither am I.

Neal, Neal, he's close.

- The man with the ring?
- Yes.

He wants something.

- Who is he?
- I can't tell you.

Please just tell me
where you hid everything.

Hello, Kate.

Hello, Peter.

We need to talk about Neal.


If only there were some way

to compare this to your life.

I get it, Moz. I'm a pawn.

Your analogy lacks creative thinking.

You're upset because it's accurate.

See, Kate has reign over
the entire board

while your movements are more...


Fowler has to be lying about Peter.

There's no way he has Kate.

Neal, everyone has a price.

And Peter's been in
the perfect position

to control everything.

I hate to give the suit credit,
but he's smart.

I know him.

There's no way he could do it.

If you're so sure, then prove it.

Find the ring...

...you find the king.

That's if he has it.

I'm the bishop, if you were wondering.

- I wasn't.
- Oh.

Do you trust him?

Look, he's the guy you want for this.

Well, you didn't answer my question.

Morning, Peter.

Morning. Agent Landry,
meet Neal Caffrey.

The con man turned FBI consultant.

My reputation precedes me.

Well, you're hard to miss.

You took a swan dive out
of a judge's chamber

into a bakery awning.

I really don't like that picture.

But they do have the
greatest cake in town.

What's up?

Agent Landry is here from
the Dallas Field Office.

He's following a boiler-room case.

Actually, I'm just still
catching Burke up

on the details.

Nice to meet you.

Oh, yeah.

You think Caffrey is the
right man for this job?

Oh, yeah.

He's a criminal.

So are the guys in the boiler room.

Look, I busted him for bond forgery.

I know the story.

Then the guy breaks out of prison.

Three months left on
a four-year sentence.

Then he's an idiot.

No. No.

It was for a girl.

Well, it looks like
he could have his pick.

Yeah, well, there's something
special about Kate.

Point is, she's no longer an issue.

You got a tracking anklet on him?

How's that work?

We can pull a map on his
movements at any time.

When he's working or with me,

we don't worry about it.

When he's off the clock,
he's on a two-mile radius.

He goes outside that, we get an alert.

Look, you need somebody who
can sweet-talk their way

into a high-pressure sales environment.

He's your guy.


Got some rangers tickets... box seats.

You guys interested?



This is a boiler-room scam.

We've got an office full of
junior Gordon Gekkos,

selling bad stock.

It's a classic pump and dump.

Guy in charge buys half a
million shares of dollar stocks,

gets his boys to inflate the price

by selling it over the phone,

then dumps his stock when it peaks,

leaving our buyers
holding worthless shares.

People are losing their homes over this.

Guy last month got taken for $50,000.

He's got three kids

and no roof to put over their heads now.

The average victim of this
scam loses nearly 30 grand.

So we need to shut this room down.

Room is mobile?

They've run this operation
four times now.

Every time they dump the stock,
they pick up,

move to another location.

Who's the guy in charge?

That's what we're trying to figure out.

Landry has got somebody on the inside,

a female informant.


How did she work her way
into the boys' club?

She hasn't.

That's why we're sending
in someone who can.

Someone who can hustle
with the best of 'em.

I guess we won't be drawing straws.

All right, you're gonna interview
with a guy named Brad.

Of course his name is Brad.

You think I can keep up
with these guys?

- Peter, I'm flattered.
- Oh, give me a break.

You could sell light
switches to the amish.

Madison Cookler...
That's our girl on the inside.

Yeah. Exactly.

She won't know who you are.

What's her role in all this?

The guys transfer the calls,

after they make a sale, to her.

She takes down all the
buyer's information.

But thanks to her, we know
exactly what kind of stocks

the guys are looking to hawk.

We went fishing with several
of our ownfront companies.

They took the bait on that one.

Rhymer pharmaceutical.

And you got a tap on
every phone in the place.

Yep. We're recording every call.

But the sales are real.

We just want to know
who's behind it all.

So do I.

What's that?


For me?

Peter, I didn't get you anything.

Neal: For me?
Peter, I didn't get you anything.

We call it an eagle.

Recorder, transmitter, GPS.

Keep it on you at all times.

Love it.

We need to cut your anklet on this one.

Love it even more.

No, you don't.

After your last escape,
we need a home run.

A lot of people think I made a mistake.

Well, let's prove them wrong.

Yeah. Or else you're headed
back to maximum security.

Glad some things never change.

Of course, I want to make
this money for you...

more than anybody.

Madison, give me some good news.

Two closes, 3,200 shares.

Yes, that is what I like to hear.

Yeah, don't get your hop up.

I already got dibs on that one.

Does she know that?

Since when does that matter?

I'm Brad.

You must be, uh... Nick Halden?

Guilty as charged.

Hey, uh, your U5 says
you were terminated

from Lehman Brothers.

Yeah, the market crashed.
Haven't been feeling the love.

Oh, you couldn't find a job
working anywhere else?

Wasn't interested.

You want to make some real cash.

Listen, our turnover rate is huge.

High volume, high money.

You make sales, you get paid.

You know what?

Don't waste time taking down
client information.

Just transfer it over to
the girls over there.

They mop up.

It's women's work, anyway, right?

Yeah, okay. Let's do this.

Hang on a second.
I haven't hired you yet.

You, take a break.

Let's start your interview.


You gonna give me some numbers?


Take your pick.

This 216 area code feels lucky.

You got that? 216.

Cleveland. Getting ready
to reroute the call now.

Is there anybody in particular
you want me to send it to?

Come on, newbie.

Mr. Charles Fairweather is waiting

for the deal of a lifetime.

What am I selling him?

The dream, which today
is rhymer pharmaceutical.


- Mr. Fairweather.
- Speaking.

My name is Nick Halden,
and I want to be your broker.

I've already got a broker.

Really? How's he doing for you?

He make any money last year?

Nobody made any money last year.

That's not true.

If you were with me,
you would have netted 3%.

That's after the crash.

I don't believe you.

Well, you got an e-mail address.

I'll send you my
earnings report right now.

Biotech and alcohol were up.

How did you get my number?

Your old broker.

He's not smart enough
to keep you to himself.

What do you do for a living, Charlie?

I'm a history teacher,
but I'm not interested...

the only history that's worth a damn

is the history we make today.

You know who said that?

I believe Henry Ford said that.

Yes. Yes, he did, and he was right.

Have you heard of
rhymer pharmaceutical?


Of course you haven't.

'Cause your job is to teach,

and my job is to know
about companies like rhymer

before everyone else.

You know when you don't buy a stock?

When your cab driver
tells you about it.

Now, if you'd known about IBM

before the invention of the microchip,

would you have bought in?

Of course.

Well, rhymer is poised for
a breakout on the same scale.

Monday, the FDA will approve
them to begin clinical trials

on a quantum confined nanotechnology

that has the potential

to transform cancer medicines.

And I can get you in
on the ground floor.

That sounds like insider trading.

Not at all. No, it's completely legit.

Look, pore over a thousand pages

of scientific technical BS.

So I can make you rich
at 3 bucks a share.

Let's start small, okay?
A thousand shares.

I double that for you next week,
and then we get serious.

Sounds nice,
but I'd have to ask my wife.

Oh. Your sale just died, rookie.

Mr. Fairweather, if you invest with me,

the only question you'll
have to ask your wife

is what kind of hardwood floors

does she want in her new house.

I don't know.

Life comes down to a few moments,
Mr. Fairweather.

This is one of them.

He's good.

I'm in.

But let's make it 5,000 shares.

Thank you.

I'll transfer you over
to one of our girls,

and she'll take your information.

So, how did my interview go?



Yes! Yes?!

Believe me, I wouldn't be
giving you this information

if I didn't feel confident enough

to own a few thousand shares myself.

What do you mean you don't
invest over the phone?

Look, the Cuban missile crisis
was solved with a phone call.

We have to move on this right now.

You don't get rich
buying into a high market.

The market is down.

What do you need,
an engraved invitation?

Look, you want the good things in life

what are you gonna do?
Are you gonna work harder?

No, you're gonna invest smarter.

Oh, Jones, turn that down.

The college tuition is
gonna be covered.

See, now you're starting to
talk like a smart investor.

Look, this is a stepping-stone
to your first million.

All right, I appreciate your business.

Come on, crazy eight, let's go.

Crazy eight?

- No?
- Eh.

You land close to
eight whales in one day,

you can buy your own nickname.

Time to hit the bars!

Oh, no, we're not going with them.

Why not?

He wants to meet you.


The man behind the curtain.

If Caffrey goes out of range,
we'll lose his audio.

That's okay. He's still recording.

That's him?

That's Avery. The guy on the left.

He is the youngest guy

to have a seat on the New York exchange.
He's the man with the the plan.

He finds the stocks, fronts the cash,

we do the legwork.

Who's he talking to?

His business partner.

He looks upset.

Usually they work together.

Our room is all Avery,

which is why they're not
exactly simpatico right now.

Keep that to yourself.

You must be my new rainmaker.


I see you're having problems
with your associate.


I don't want to get pinched

because you're having
domestic troubles.

You've got balls.

I like that.

What my business partners and I discuss

isn't of your concern.

So go relax. Have fun.

Not cool.

It's a little early for you

to be calling it a night, isn't it?

Yeah, well, I got the
man behind the curtain.

Name is Avery Phillips.

All right, I want to
get moving on this.

Meet me in the office in an hour.

I'm in your neighborhood.

Why don't we meet at your place?

My place?

Yeah, it's a little late
for the Bland Bureau walls.

Besides, you have better coffee.

Yeah, I do.

Coffee, my dear.

- Oh. Thank you, Mrs. Burke.
- You're welcome.

I was gonna be up in... what?
Six hour anyways.

Thanks, honey.

That's him?

That's Avery.
The guy on the left.

...to have a seat on
the New York exchange.

That's a good start.

- Jones?
- Hmm?

Lauren's pulling up intel on Phillips.

- Check your e-mail.
- Got it.

Well, Avery's been very busy.


I'm gonna go rummage
through your drawers

and steal your most
precious belongings.

I'm kidding.
I need to go to the bathroom.

Upstairs. First door on your left.

Leave the seat down when you're done.

I'll be damned.

Everything all right?

Never been better.


First door on the left.

Find anything?

Oh, hey. Uh, maybe.

Avery's credible on paper.

He runs a separate legit brokerage

with this man, Daniel Reed.

I saw them arguing.
They're partners.

Yeah, but they don't trust each other

sounds par for the course.

Checked with FINRA.

Their business is profitable,

but something tells me that
Avery's trying to push out Reed.

They've run the
boiler-room scam together

on the side in the past,
maybe for startup capital.

But according to your new Buddy Brad,

this current shop is all Avery.

He's planning something on his own.

So, let me wrap my head
around this for a second.

Let's just say I'm Reed.

You're Avery. You're trying to screw me.


- Money.
- It's that simple.

Isn't it always?

So you manipulate your friends
and the people around you.

Yeah. All to get rid of you.

And I never saw it coming.

What's with you?

I found my ring. It's Peter.

I'm so sorry, man. I truly am.

I don't understand why.

He's a suit.

This is what they do.
Are you gonna play it out?

What choice do I have?


They've got you off
your anklet for this one.

You could run.

I'd need some cash.

We can get cash.

So, what are you gonna do?

Get the money.

We know who we're after.

Now all we need is proof

that Avery is getting a cut
of the profits from the room.

Well, can we get the boiler-room books?

We make that request,

we tip our hands, and they close shop.

No, we need another way in.

We already set up a
company they're exploiting.

How about we set up a CEO
to exploit them?

Where you going with this?

Well, let's say that the owner of
rhymer pharmaceutical

is onto the scam.

So he walks into Avery's
office with a proposal.

Earning reports and
a share of the profits

in exchange for silence.

We create the right backstory,

give this CEO a working history.

It could fly.

Question is, who do we send?

How about you?

You look like a guy people can trust.

But I'd also believe
you could be bought,

for the right price.

If you played it right, I mean.

All right, that's all.

Do we have a problem?

Why would there be a problem?

No, I'm just excited to
see you go undercover.

It doesn't happen very often.

It happens more than you think.

I still have some active aliases.

You're a man of many faces.

I appreciate your business, ma'am.

I'm gonna transfer you over
to my associate Madison.

Will you hold on just a moment?

I'm about to close a sale.

That's cool. Just don't transfer
the call to Madison.

- Why not?
- Just do what you're told.

What am I, an intern here?

Look, I have no idea
what's going on, all right?

Avery says freeze out Madison,
that's what we do.

- Just go to Linda for now.
- All right.

And, by the way, uh,
Avery's having a party

at his place on Saturday.

Clear your calendar.

You hear that?

Yeah, sounds like
they're getting suspicious

of our inside man.

- "Woman".
- Yeah. "Woman".

I need that eBid analysis Tuesday.

Jason. Tuesday.

Mr. Edison.

Glad to meet you.

No, you're not.

Direct. I like that.

I know what you're doing to my company.

Rhymer pharmaceutical isn't
worth all that attention.

Tell me why a guy like you
is buying all those shares.

You have proof I bought any shares?

We both know how
these games are played.

I may not work on wall street,

but that doesn't mean
I can't smell a shark in a suit.

You're making a move,
some kind of a move,

and you're setting yourself up big.

That's what guys like you do.

Why are you here, Mr. Edison?

- Bottom line?
- Yeah.

I want in.

The money you stand to make
from taking over my company

means that you owe me board
membership to your firm.

I'm not talking about
controlling interest,

just a taste of the profit.

Or what?

Or I talk to the feds.

Or I talk to the shareholders.

Do you know who I am?

Yeah, I'll give you until Monday

to give me your projected earnings.

You know what you stand to lose.

I want to know what I stand to make.

Tell you what.

I'm having a little
get-together this weekend.

I'm not here to be your friend.

If we're gonna do
business off the books,

we should discuss it off the clock.

Fair enough.
What do you have in mind?


Whoo. Yeah.


Hey, what's going on over there?

Avery's doing a little business.

Maybe you should mind your own.

You know, you're a little psycho.

I'm just playing, dude.

Come on, crazy eight,
you're on deck, man.

No, no, I'm cool, man.

You already loaded it.
You take that shot.

All right.


Nice place.

Well, what can I say?

I'm a boy with my toys.

What's life like without
a little fun, right?

How old are you, anyway?

25 this month.

But just because I'm ahead of the curve

doesn't mean that
I can't enjoy my success.


You want to see something really cool?


Come with me.


My prize possessions.

I've been collecting since I was a kid.

You still are a kid.

- Guilty as charged.
- I'm Peter Pan in the flesh.

Every kid needs inspiration.
These are mine.

This is nice.

I could trade that for your car.

You like superheroes.

Those that go above and beyond

what the ordinary human can do.


That's you... minus the cape.


You'll love this.

This vault is completely tricked out.

If there is a fire,
the room clamps down,

the air is sucked out in 10 seconds.

That's pretty cool.

Damn right.

You steal from me, same thing.

The door shuts,

you'd die with no air
to hear yourself scream.

Yeah. Good shot.

Mr. Edison, these are the guys.

Guys, this is Mr. Edison.

- Who's up?
- Nick is.

No, I'm good, man. You go ahead.

Dude's been
passing on us all day.

Not really a gun guy.

That's alright.

Let the grownups play
with the big-boy toys.

I know you?

No, I don't think you do.

Nick, back off, man.

It's all right.

Is there a problem, Nick?

Just take your shot.



Just 'cause I don't like guns
doesn't mean I can't use one.

Damn. That was crazy.

Why don't you boys
keep this party going?

You can have a cocktail...

Shoot something.

We've got some business
to take care of.

Hey, man. Why is Madison here?

Just shoot some birds, man.

They know she's a mole.

Damn it. This is gonna go bad fast.

Back my play.


Neal, what is wrong with you?

- I saw your ring.
- What?

I know you've got Kate!

A lot of us have those rings.

Not now. Back my play.

Hey! Avery!

This guy's been playing you!

You got yourself a spy!

What, are you selling me out now?

Trust me. I'll explain it later.

I knew I recognized
this son of a bitch!

What do you mean?

Search him.

Check everything.

What is that?


What is this?

Avery: What is this?

Who are you?

Like he said...

I'm a spy.

Two years ago this guy tried
to extort me on insider trading

You can't trust him.

I'm the one you can't trust?
That's a good one.

Who are you? SEC?


You really think the FBI could
afford a gadget like that?


He's a corporate spy.

Who do you work for?

- Your partner.
- Daniel Reed.


You think he doesn't know
what you've been planning?

He's been onto you for months.

Take Madison home.

Put her in a car,
give her a bottle of wine,

tell her she's employee of the month.

How do we keep this quiet?

We're gonna put him on that trap,

and we're gonna launch
him off the front lawn.

You really gonna play
the whole bad-guy thing?

No. You buy him.

Flip him on Reed.

What's Reed planning?

He knows you're gonna
cut him out of his half.

He hired me to find out how
so he can cut you out first.

How am I supposed to flip him
if I can't even trust him?

Pay me in stock.

I help you, I get rich.

I screw you, I get nothing.

I want 5%.

Got cojones on this one.

I'll give you 2%.




Neal, are you out of your mind?

Peter doesn't have Kate.

You sure about that?

Yes, I am.

How often is he gone, Elizabeth?

How many late nights when
you don't know where he is?

Okay, stop it.

Peter is the best thing
that ever happened to you,

and you're smart enough to know that.

Yeah, well... He has the ring.

That's your evidence?

Here's the ring.

It's a 10-year FBI pin.

Put in 10 years, you get one.

Most of us have them made into a ring.

Well, I've never seen you wear it.

It's a fraternity thing.

Come with us to the next
bureau accommodation dinner.

You'll see hundreds of them.

Will I get one?


I'm sorry, Peter.

I promise you,
we'll figure out who it is.

Whoever it is is with the bureau.

Yep, that is a problem.

But I need you to
help me get Avery first.

Go in and play Reed against him.

Make him think his
partner's betraying him?

Maybe he'll do something stupid.

Thank you, guys.

It's all right.

You gonna tell him
that you met with Kate?

I don't think he'd trust
me enough for me to tell him

what happened that night.

After the case. Then I'll decide.

Now what?

I want you to tell Reed

that we're gonna dump
the stock next Friday.

When's the real dump?

This Friday.

While we're celebrating,

he'll get to watch his stock
become completely worthless.

This is Brett's hot dogs,
from, I guess,

wherever they make them...
I'm not sure.

Um... and that's all we do
all weekend... eat hot dogs.

Excuse me.

Could you give us a minute, please?

Yeah, go ahead.

Thank you.

This better be good.

- It is.
- You know who I am?

Yeah, you're Avery's new "rainmaker".

Your partner's cutting you out.


Get lost, kid.

I want you to tell Reed

that we're gonna dump
the stock next Friday.

When's the real dump?

This Friday.

While we're celebrating,

he'll get to watch his stock
become completely worthless.

That son of a bitch...
I'm gonna kill...

No, you do something,

you lose your chance
to win the upper hand.

Why are you telling me this?

I figured it might be
worth something to you.

Why do I need you?

Because Avery trusts me.

I'm trying to make a profit.

We can take him down,
make some money in the process.


And what do you need?


I want his financial records,

proof he's been running these rooms.

We can hold that
information over his head.

The problem is,
I couldn't find anything on his home

or office computer.

Avery doesn't trust computers.

'Cause they're too easy to hack into.

But he has a ledger.

There's no paper trail

because he literally keeps it on paper.

Find this ledger, and we got him.

We need to figure out
where he keeps it.

I know exactly where he keeps it.

This has got to be where
Avery holds the book...

with his comics.

It's a perfect location.

Yeah, according to the
company who installed it,

we're dealing with

a state-of-the-art
fire-suppression system.

It's the same kind they use
in the top museums.

When triggered, a polycarbonate
glass wall seals the room,

and then a hydraulic vacuum
sucks out the oxygen.

Fire dies, no damage to what's inside.

And if I'm in there, no air to breathe.

Well, there is a kill switch.

But we don't know where it is.

Wonderful yeah.

Tech lab has another
cool gadget for you.

This mini breather.

It will give you five minutes of air,

just in case the system is triggered.

It'll fit perfectly in one of these.

Cigar tube... Nice.

FBI's been watching "Thunderball".

Breaking out all the
toys on this one, guys.

Anything happens, Jones and Lauren

will be stationed with a unit
right outside the property.

- Veinutes' worth of air.
- Yep.

What's your response time?

Roughly five... minutes.


I'll be at the house to back you up

in case anything goes wrong.

How are you gonna pull that off?

They're dumping the shares on Friday,

so everyone's having a
little party to celebrate.

We're both on the invite list.

So just ... just so I'm clear, um...

If anything goes wrong, I suffocate.

Then we'll make sure
nothing goes wrong.


Or I can practice holding my breath.

You got the new Ferrari yet

I do.

Twin turbo V8 with
adjustable rear spoil

quite a piece of metal.

Once this deal is done,

you won't settle for the street model.

You'll be able to get the
design of pre-release from Italy.

Ever been to the factory in Maranello?


They've got their own wind tunnel.

It's unreal.

What are you gonna do with your money?

Put it in a secure
401k and mutual funds.

It's all about security, bro.

I'm just messing with you, man.

I'm gonna buy a cruise ship,
hollow it out,

and turn it into a floating mansion.


How about you?

- I'm gonna buy an island.
- An island?

Yeah, then I'll learn
how to play the guitar

and just chill.

You don't need an island for that.

Don't kill the dream, broheim.

I got dibs on that one.

Oh, yeah, does she know that?

Since when does that matter?

Hey, you're gonna be back in time

foe celebration, though, right?

Couldn't want this to go to waste.



Trip wire

must be a pressure plate.

Hey, Cruz.
Move your team into position.

Get ready on my mark.


We got a problem.
That's Avery's partner.

10 more minutes before we're rich.

We're already rich.

- Billionaire rich, man.
- Hmm.

Buffett rich.

Think I might want to go to space.

Catca ride on one of those
Russian rockets

up at the space station.

You do that.

Excuse me.


Yeah, heads up.

Reed just came though the front door.

All right, hold your position,
but be ready to move.

You got it.

All agents, hold your positions.


Reed. What's up?

You're a son of a bitch.

Why don't you ease back
on the hostility?

What are you celebrating? Huh?

We don't have anything to
celebrate for another week!

Uh, we're just relaxing.

I figured the boys
could use a little reward

for all their hard work!

No. I couldn't let this go.

I know what you've been up to.

Don't you come into my house,
bringing all this chaos.

Shut up!

I've been talking to your spy Buddy.

My spy?

Um, my spy?

You hired him.
I'm just flipping him back on you.

What are you talking about?

Now you're gonna play stupid with me?

You thought he worked for me?!

I never hired a spy!

Where is he?

Brad, where's Nick?

Crazy eight?
He's getting busy with the...


He knows about the ledger.

Suit up. This is about to get ugly.


Suspect is in the house.
All teams move in.

All right, we need to
find the kill switch.

Take this.

No. No.

We look together.

We share the oxygen until Jones comes.

There's not enough time.
Five minutes for one person.

2 1/2 minutes for two.

No! Neal!

We're wasting time.

Peter, I trust you.

If Caffrey's in the vault,
he's got five minutes of air.

The clock is ticking. Let's move.

- We should go.
- Hold on.

I've never seen anyone die before.

Drop your weapon!

Drop your weapon!!

Hands in the air!

All right. Come on, Neal.

Come on.

That was a long five minutes.


What you did in there...

Ahh, I knew you'd take care of it.

You're crazier than I am.

You got my back, right?


There's something I need to tell you.

And I need you to listen to
everything before you react.

I don't like the sound of that.

- I know what he wants from you.
- Who?

The guy in the picture with Kate.

You call him... "The man with the ring"?

How could you know that?

Kate told me.

And now... I'm gonna tell you.

You talked to Kate?

The night you confronted Fowler.

Yeah, he said he was investigating you.

He is.

This picture was on my desk
the same day that you had it.

And you never said anything.

What was I gonna tell you?

I recognized the ring.

This guy with Kate is with the Bureau.

I started poking around,

trying to figure out who it is.

- It's Fowler.
- I think so.

Of course. Yeah.
You start digging around,

that's when he bugged your phone.

Yep, the phone, the OPR investigation,

operation mentor... all it.

He wanted know what I was onto.

And that was Kate.

I passed word to her
saying I wanted to meet,

talk about you.

What happened?

Hello, Kate.

Hello, Peter.

We need to talk about Neal.

I guess we do.

Kate, put the gun on the table.

You recognize this?

Yeah, I've got one, too.
Just like Fowler.


Shoot me or put the gun on the table.

It's been a while.

Five years first time I caught Neal.

What do you want?

Leave Neal alone.

I can't do that.

Why not?

What does Neal have that
you so desperately want?

I can get it for you.

Why would you do that?

Why? Because he's good.

Because he's the
smartest guy I've ever met.

And I'm tired of watching you
twist his heart around.

He's my friend. Let him go.

Neal stole a piece.

He's stolen a lot of things.

This one is special.

It's a music box.

That my price.

Did you ever love him?

Tell Fowler I know,
and I'm not backing off.


Don't push him.

He's controlling her.

I don't think so.

She's not working for him, Peter.

Neal, when are you gonna
face the facts here?

She may not be on your side.

You're wrong!

Oh, damn it, Neal, come on!

I looked into her eyes!

I didn't see concern for you.

No. This is an angle.

She wants this music box.
Do you know where it is?

I might.

Come on, you're gonna cut me off now?

I know where it is.


So what is it?

Catherine the great had
a room in her palace

in St. Petersburg made
entirely out of Amber.

You've heard of it?

Yeah, it was dubbed the
eighth wonder of the world,

but Nazis looted it in World War II.

Yeah, well, one of the things they took

was an Amber music box.

It's got to be worth a few bucks.


But not enough for all this.

There's something inside it.

It's holding some secret.

I want to see it.

I'm gonna need some time.

Well... It's ready.

Are you ready?

You folded. You're back in chains.

Ah, I have to see this one through.

Okay, so, Fowler wants the music box.

Let's give it to him.

Where is it?

I don't have it.

What? You told everyone you had it.

I never told anyone.

Everyone assumed I took it,
and I never corrected them.

It did make you appear... superhuman.

Image is everything.

Now what?

Now I find the music box.

And steal it?

Welcome back.