White Collar (2009–2014): Season 1, Episode 10 - Vital Signs - full transcript

When June's granddaughter Samantha needs a donor organ, Peter and Neal stumble on the trail of illegal organ trade. Neal approaches Dr. Wayne Powell, the ringleader, posing as an 'approachable' doctor. That leaves only Peter to seduce his female cahoot. Finally an elaborate 'Indian' trap is set.

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Previously on
White Collar.

Ellen agreed to help me
look into my father

before she disappears
into WITSEC again.

They found me.

- Who?
- Trust Sam.

I was undercover
with the Flynn organization.

They were a local crime family
with some P.D. on the payroll.

Including my father?

His testimony brought down

almost the entire organization.

I'd really like you to meet Peter.

No feds, or I'm gone.

You investigated me.

I investigate anyone
who comes into Neal's life.

Did he send you?
He doesn't know I'm here.

I don't know if he was followed

or his investigation onto me
raised a red flag.

Whose investigation?

Peter from the FBI.

They found him because of you.

They found Ellen because of you.

- Neal.
- We are done.

♪ I love coffee ♪

♪ I love tea ♪

♪ I love the java jive,
and it loves me ♪

♪ coffee and tea and the java and me ♪

♪ a cup, a cup, a cup,
a cup, a cup, a cup, ahh ♪

♪ I love java, sweet and hot ♪

♪ whoops, Mr. Moto,
I'm a coffee pot ♪

♪ shoot me the pot
and I'll pour me a shot ♪

♪ a cup, a cup, a cup, a cup, a cup ♪

♪ waiter, waiter, percolator ♪

♪ I love coffee ♪

♪ I love tea ♪

♪ I love the java jive,
and it loves me ♪

♪ coffee and tea and the java and me ♪

♪ a cup, a cup, a cup, a cup, a cup ♪

♪ boyyyyyyyy ♪

Fixed the coffee machine.

I didn't know it was broken.

Been pouring mud
for the last two weeks.

So sue me for wanting
a better cup of joe.

Here, take a sip of that.

Thanks, but I'm cutting back
on my caffeine consumption.

So, the panel -- I thought
we'd lead with the Dutchman.


Dutchman's good.

Our first case together.


Can't go wrong with the Dutchman.

No. No.

Well, we better leave soon.


You want a ride over?

I'll meet you there.

Thought you were cutting down.

Oh, I passed a syphon-brew place
on the way, couldn't resist.

See your I.D.s, please.

Go ahead.

This is the 53rd Annual
Best Practices Conference.

They only invite the top agents
from each district.

This is the first time
the FBI has featured a panel

on the handler / C.I. relationship
at this conference.

It's a big deal for us.

You mean for you.

No, for us.

We have the highest closure rate

of any C.I. team
in the country.

They want to know what makes
our partnership work.

I've been wondering
the same thing lately.

All right, enough.
I know you're upset.

We'll find Sam again.

You shouldn't have run his name.

The moment
you contacted him --

Yeah, he disappeared.
I know.

After someone ransacked his place.

Look, I'm sorry that happened,
but I did the right thing.

They're expecting a team
out there on stage.

And because you're such
a damn good con man,

that's exactly
what we're gonna give them.

That's the Neal Caffrey
I know and love.

Let's go.

When did you two realize you'd
make such an effective pair?

Oh, right away, would be my answer.

I mean, we've always
worked well together,

from our first chase...

To our first case.

Well, can you elaborate
on that first case?


It started when...

Peter needed my help.

I needed your advice.

I-I was pursuing a counterfeiter
named Curtis Hagen.

Ah, the notorious Dutchman.

Yeah, that's right.

And Peter didn't know his name

until I identified Hagen's initials

on a bond that he'd forged.

Well, like Neal, Hagen had
the hubris to sign his work.

Fortunately, my C.I. could
recognize a kindred spirit.

Well, is that why Mr. Caffrey
works so well with you?

His insights?

He works well with me

because I set effective boundaries.

Oh, yeah.
So true.

For example,
the first time we met Hagen

was actually at a church
that was under restoration,

so the priest wouldn't let us in,

that is, until Peter
gave me the green light

to feed the priest a story.

So Peter authorized you
to mislead a priest!

- Yes.
- No, it was --

it was a harmless story.

Basically, I just suggested

that agent Burke was struggling
with issues of fidelity.

I wasn't.
I wasn't.

We have an all-systems
security breach.

We need to clear the conference
halls immediately.

I hate to cut this short,

but we have technical difficulties,

so, schedules permitting,

we'll try for a follow-up
conversation tomorrow.

Thank you, agent Peter Burke
and Mr. Neal Caffrey.

Thank you.

Everything okay?

It appears that we have
a security breach.

What's the matter?

Somebody sabotaged the meeting
hall's central security room.

- Really?
- Yeah, I'm headed there now.

Mind if I join?

This is New York City --
my jurisdiction.

It's this way.

Thanks. You can head home.
I'll call you if I need you.

See ya.

I demand an answer.

Moz, what's going on?

You have an intruder,
but he isn't talking -- yet.

I was here waiting for you
when he showed up.

Okay, calm down.

I will calm myself
when he's given me a name.

Not until you give me a name.

Might I remind you who has the
upper hand in this situation?

Moz, this is Sam.

I knew that.

I didn't want to have to use this.

Neither did I.


Great. I brought a corkscrew
to a gun fight.

This is Mozzie.
You can trust him.

Just like I can trust
your friend at the FBI?

Oh, sticks and stones, pistol man.

He's not a fan of the FBI.

Or law enforcement

or government or
corporate-sponsored governance.

But there's no one I would
trust more with my life.

Your apartment was ransacked.

I thought you'd go underground
for good.

I'm not stopping till these guys
are taken down.

It's just a question
of whether or not I work alone.

I think we got everyone we need
in this room right now.

No suit?

No Peter, but we still need the FBI.

And not in the way you think.

You were found because Peter
put your name

in an official report.

There no way to trace
who saw that report.

Whoever's behind this has access
to the FBI's files.

You're right.

And they'll be waiting
for your name to pop up again.

So we make Samuel Phelps
resurface but on our terms.


And we draw out whoever's after me.

At the conference this morning...

Glad you could join us.

Glad to be here.

...someone sabotaged
the security system

and erased all
the camera footage today.

There is a new
technologies display

with plenty of
state-of-the-art equipment,

all of it valuable
on the black market.

You think a thief is casing the place?


So why are we looking
at the conference registry?

Because I flagged an irregularity.

This lists everyone who scanned
their credentials

at the conference today.

An agent Bradshaw checked in twice.

I spoke with him earlier today.

He confessed to having
a few drinks at the hotel bar

and misplaced his credentials
for approximately 20 minutes.

Someone lifted them.

That's more than enough time
to clone credentials.

He later found them on the floor

and, out of embarrassment,
kept it to himself.

How many agents
are in attendance this year?

About 500.

And one of them is an imposter.


Someone brazen enough to pull a heist

in a room full of FBI agents.


I like him already.

Vested Interest

These are the newest
high-tech gadgets

being unveiled at the conference
this week.

Now, which of these would be
worth forging your way

past 500 federal agents?

Those mini motion detectors
would appeal to a cat burglar.

Cams would cut the risk on a bank job.

Oh. Is that
a digital tracker?

Got it. The conference
is a candy store to thieves.

So, never mind the "what?"
Let's talk about the "who?"

Well, nothing's been taken yet,

so the imposter
could still be in there.

So how do we spot him?

We have over 500 people to consider.

I'm convinced there's
a secret FBI handshake,

and now is the time to use it.

There is no secret handshake.

Of course that's what you'd say.

That gives me an idea.

Jones, Diana,

I assume you have your badges.

Of course.
Right here.

That's how we ferret out the imposter.

We hit the most
well-attended panels.

Identity theft's in an hour.

It's always packed.

They pass out cookies.

Are we all set to record this?

All good.

This panel is about identity theft.

If you think you're immune
because you're trained agents,

think again.

I think you all know Neal Caffrey,

a C.I. for the bureau.

Thank you, sir.

If everyone would please stand.

Now, I am a convicted bond forger,

but I'm also known,

allegedly, for being pretty good
at something else.

And a few minutes ago,

I pickpocketed one
of your bureau I.D.s.

So, who's missing an I.D.?



All right, no takers.

Oh! Agent Furlong.

Think this belongs to you, sir.

You're kidding me.
I'm not.

That wasn't the deal.

While I distracted you

by picking a piece of lint
off your suit.

A valuable lesson.

Thank you, Mr. Caffrey.

Oh, it's my pleasure, sir.

Enjoy the cookies.

Let's bring up the panels.

Nicely done.

I always love a chance to scare
a roomful of FBI agents.

Back in a sec.
I'm gonna thank agent Furlong.

That was a pretty bold move.

Somebody had to do it.

Anybody look suspicious?

No, nothing yet.

Thanks for being a good sport, Walt.

You could've told me
he was gonna steal my I.D.

Yeah, I apologize for that.
He didn't tell.


I've got a favor to ask you.

Another one.


You've been in the D.C. area for quite
a while now, haven't you?

Going on about 30 years.

I'm looking into
a retired cop -- Sam Phelps.

Worked undercover for Metro.


I don't know him,
but I could ask around.

I owe you one.

I owe you two.

All right, well,
how about you and Caffrey

finish up your panel, we call it even?

Everyone wants to know more
about you two.

Although, uh, maybe you skip
the rest of that priest story.


Good idea.


Gordon's birthday party --
are we going to this?

The Big "Lebowlski," again?

You love bowling.

No, you love bowling.

Well, that's because
I'm inexplicably good at it.

Come on.
It'll be fun.

Eh, maybe.

My conference was supposed to be fun.

The panel with Neal not go well?

We pulled it off.

Oh, honey, I'm sorry.

I really thought reaching out
to Sam was a good idea.

I thought Sam did, as well.

I don't know how they caught on to him

or who caught on to him,

but he could've handled it
better before skipping town.

Do you know where Sam went?


I've got Walt Furlong
asking around in D.C.,

see if his contacts can find him.

Well, if Walt finds anything,
you need to tell Neal.

I will, but I don't think
he'll want to hear it.

You didn't want to hear
about the bowling party,

but we are going.

And we are gonna bring home
that trophy again, right?





Here you go.

So, how did things go
at the suit convention?

We're back to a status quo
I can work with.

Oh, so he's suspicious
you're up to something,

and you're aware he's watching
you like a redtail.

Hell of a dynamic you got there.

Well, it has its perks.

I could slip out with one of these.

What is it?

government tracker.

It embeds in the skin like a tick.

The subject is completely
unaware it's there.

So we bait whoever's after Sam,
then plant that in them.

How do we bait out our target?


We plant information to lure out
whoever came after you,

only this time,
we control the circumstances.

We need a secure location.

We can use Friday,
my third-favorite safe house.

All right, it takes eight hours
for this form to be processed.

If we file it tomorrow morning,

our surprise guest could show up
before nightfall.

Won't a couple of agents end up
sitting on the safe house?

If Peter doesn't know he's authorized,

then he won't assign anyone to it.

So, forge his signature.

Unfortunately, I can't forge it.

It's not quite that simple.

See, first thing
every Thursday morning,

Diana readies a stack
of surveillance requests

for Peter to sign.

Once he finishes,

she takes them directly to the agent

in charge of logging them.

No weak links in the chain.

That means you're gonna
have to con Peter.

Yeah, which won't be easy.

Surveillance authorizations --
must be Thursday.

Now, Diana preps the forms,
but Peter scans each one

and double-checks the count
when he's done.

Eight of them this week.

Can you replace one of
the forms with your fake?

I could, but Peter likes
to switch up the color of ink

he uses when he signs his name.

It's a habit of his since
we started working together.

Incredibly paranoid
and presumptive of him.

I respect that.

The only way to pull this off

is to trick Peter into signing
the document himself.

You're gonna need a distraction.

Any leads on our FBI imposter?

I'll let you know when there is.

What's the one thing that can
infiltrate anywhere in New York,

including the FBI building?


Keep going.


May I borrow Percy?

My pet rat --

he eats all the fancy cheeses
that I...can't.

In many ways, I live through him.

Many ways?

Don't get him started.

Once Peter's scanned the last form,

but before he signs it...


Rat! Rat!

Can I get a little help here?!

What is going on?


Please tell me that's a chihuahua.

Look at the size of that tail!

I'm not going there.

Wait a second.

All right.

Somebody call the exterminator?

For every one you see,
there's about 10 you don't see.

Hey, I saw "Ratatouille."

Anybody got eyes on that thing?!


And if all that works...

Six, seven, eight.

There you go.

...the bait will be set.

Any luck finding our mystery guest?

Four agents didn't immediately
pat their pockets.

Oh, that's Bob Sanders.
He was hung over.

That guy's busy
checking his BlackBerry.

And she's yawning.

- And the fourth?
- Not an agent.

I just got the
facial-recognition results.

Meet Ted Anderson.

He was a force reconnaissance
marine in the Gulf war.

After that, he did five years
in Iraq -- freelance security.

Lately he's been consulting

with some well-known
tech companies.

Private security?

It doesn't say.

Why hide the fact
that he's working security?

Because he's engaged
in corporate espionage.

Sounds right.

The only question is,

which of the items is he after?

Let's talk to him and find out.

But I don't want to spook him.

Yeah. He might already recognize
us from the panel.

Jones and Diana will do the meet.

Let's get eyes on Anderson
and make this happen.

Furlong e-mailed me
Sam's retirement information.

Let me guess --
shuffleboard after breakfast,

chess at 2:00,
dinner at 4:00?


All it shows is that he retired

on a boat in Southern Florida.


Yeah, when Neal
first reached out to Sam,

he was in D.C.

Now Furlong is telling me

that Sam retired
to the sunshine state.

You want me to look into it?

No, I want you to get ready
for the Anderson meet.

I'll reach out to the people in Miami,

see if they can tell us
what he's been doing down there.

Without making an official report.

Maybe I'm interviewing FBI retirees

for an alumni newsletter.

Agent Burke, the writer.

You buy it?

But you could sell it.

Checked Anderson's credit cards.

For the last week, he's been
hitting up a coffee shop

across from the meeting hall
at 10:00 A.M.

Probably doing his recon.

That's in 30.
If he's there,

try and get him to talk
without knowing we're onto him.


Hi, this is agent Peter Burke,
New York White Collar Division.

How are things in Miami today?

Thank you. Take care.

What do you think you're doing?

I'm taking my break.

Have you seen this?

No, I haven't seen this.
What's going on?

Some sort of security
screw-up yesterday.

Now they're rearranging
security protocol

and shifting panel times!

This is your job.
Come fix it.

Hey! Fine.
Can I just finish my muffin?


Can I help you?

Well, I was really hoping

I could, uh, see
the Hudson Group panel.

Maybe you could tell me
what time that's at.

Your break is over!

Yeah, she's a real charmer, isn't she?

Maybe you should get a nicer boss.

You know what?
I would if I could.

Hey, man, maybe you could help me out.

Yeah, look, I don't know, man.

It'd piss her off if I did,
you know? I...

Yeah, it would, wouldn't it?

Gonna stick it to her, huh?

Hudson panel.

You're lucky.

Hudson Group
is the same time -- 2:00.

Thanks, man.

Appreciate it.

Any time.

I like you all fiery.

Me too.

Looking for this?

Thank you.


Couldn't resist?

You caught me.

Doesn't have that rusty chalk taste.

That's a vinegar
decalcification --

Ah, no spoilers.

Let me enjoy it.

So, we may be able to get
to finish our panel.


Think we can skip my blasphemy

and disregard of
the seventh commandment?

Are you sure?
Because I have a great joke

that starts with you and
a priest walking into a bar.

All -- all right.

We get to finish the Dutchman story.

We'll do it right.

You ever wonder what would've happened

if I hadn't made you
my C.I.?

I'd still be in jail,

and your arrest rate
would be in the low 70s.

High 80s.

Why did you take my deal?

I told you --
your expertise.

That's all?

I realized all those crimes
you were committing,

they were never about money or greed.

What do you think they were about?

The challenge.

That's what we have in common.

I love the challenge.

I know you do.

And after all those years
of chasing you,

your cryptic clues,

your late-night phone calls
from international numbers.

All the cookies and birthday cards.

I realized I liked you.

That's why I took your deal.

Any word from Sam?

Well, he said he's leaving town.

I'm sure he did say that.

We'll find him.


Anderson is targeting
a cutting-edge bulletproof vest

from the Hudson Group.

Word is, this will be the best
protection on the market.

My favorite kind of protection

is avoiding situations
where people might shoot at me.

The Hudson Group is unveiling
its sole working prototype

at the conference today.

If Anderson gets his hands on it,

whoever hired him can
reverse-engineer the technology.

Could be worth billions.

We can grab Anderson for
impersonating a federal agent.

I'm sure he's disposed
of his fake credentials by now.

Yeah, if we can't prove
that he used them,

the most we have on him
is trespassing.

We'll never know who hired him.

We'll wait until he makes
his move on the vest.

Then we can add several felony
counts, including espionage.

If we're gonna use the vest as bait,

we should contact the Hudson Group.

And get their presenter to come in.

Worked like a charm.

The guy was a trouper.

He returned to the briefcase
and everything.

Ah, because I had
some Caciocavallo cheese

waiting for him.

It was as good as we hoped,
wasn't it, Percy?

Hey, if you start acting out
scenes from "Willard" again,

I'm leaving.

That the safe house?

Like I said --

private, secure, controlled.


When our guest shows up
looking for Sam,

we'll claim ignorance, tag him,
and send him on his way.

Okay. So,
do you have the tracker?

Not yet -- Anderson's
gonna try to steal

a different piece of technology
from the conference.

When that happens, I'll seize
the window of opportunity.

Mm. Piggybacking
on a fellow thief.

Taking advantage of
a craftsman's hard work.

Okay, you're only saying that

'cause he's going up
against the bureau.

One against 500. I like those odds.

Hey, can you get me Anderson's
thumbprint for my collection?

Yeah, I'll work on that.

Did you miss me, Percy?

Talked to the Hudson Group.

The inventor of the vest
is in town for the conference.

He's coming in.
That's good.

Everything okay, boss?

Florida confirmed that Sam Phelps

was a resident of the state.


Sam Phelps has been dead
for three years.

If Sam's dead,
who's Neal been dealing with?

A non-office meeting

this is mildly ominous.

I know the last thing
you want to hear right now

is that I looked
into Sam again, but...

Why would you do that?
We just --

Sam Phelps is dead.

July 17th, three years ago.

He suffered from a heart attack
in his boat in Key West.

- What are you talking about?
- He retired in Florida.

None of this sat right with me
from the start.

He didn't want us vetting him
with FBI resources,

and now I know why.

Sooner or later,

we'd find out that
the real Sam Phelps was dead.

This doesn't necessarily mean
Sam isn't who he says he is.

Death certificates
don't issue themselves.

No. Coroners do -- for around
$500, in my experience.

I may or may not have faked my death

on multiple occasions --

Panama City, Bangalore.

Monterey Bay.

I remember --
gored by a great white shark.

Thought you might appreciate that.

Who doesn't love a good shark mauling?

Are you telling me
that Sam faked his own death?

Come on. He's had a target
on his back for over 30 years.

He was an undercover cop.

I'm sure he has a long list
of enemies.

He retired in Florida.
Bought a houseboat.

Okay, then what's your theory?

We've both been alone with Sam.

We're still standing here.

If he's an imposter,
what's his end game?

He wants the evidence box
that Ellen showed in the video.

Take down the corrupt cops.

Maybe he's one of the corrupt cops.


You have to consider that an option.

Take your time.
I know it's a lot to absorb.

Just don't --

Do what I normally do.
I got it.

You were right to think
Neal was up to something.

What'd he do?

Technically nothing.

You, on the other hand,

authorized a surveillance
request on Sam Phelps.

I don't remember doing that.

And yet here's my signature.

The rat.

Oh, he drives me nuts.

No well,

I'm talking about the rat
in the office.

That's when he swapped the documents.


He spent all this time making sure

we kept Sam's name
out of the official files.

And now he's put it in himself.

Neal's setting a trap to lure
out whoever has bureau access

and is trying to get to Sam.

What do you want to do?

Find Sam.
Bet he's back in town.

I'll be there to see if Neal's
trap catches anything.

What's our E.T.A. on Drugov?

His security detail's
escorting him in now.

I want a security detail.

You should've invented a vest.

Dr. Drugov,
thanks for coming.

I know that you rarely stray
from the Hudson facility.

Well, I've been out there.

"Facility" doesn't do it justice.

More like a stronghold.

They keep
our research well guarded.

Which makes today's unveiling
a rare opportunity for theft.

Nearly six years
and over a hundred million

went into the design
of this little accessory.

That's a lot of money
for a bulletproof vest.

For the bulletproof vest.

The TGV-6 can withstand
a greater projectile impulse

than any body armor on the market,

including full-metal rounds.

It disperses the force of the slug.

Like no vest before it.

Being shot in my vest

feels not radically dissimilar
from a nice, firm hug,

and it's slim enough to fit
under your suit jacket

without a bulge.

Well, Diana doesn't like bulges.

Doctor, we have reason
to believe this man,

Ted Anderson, may attempt to steal it.

We'll make sure that doesn't happen.

Tell me about your presentation.

I was hoping to demonstrate
the vest's capabilities

by placing it on a live volunteer.

What, and shooting him?

But they wouldn't let me.

Well, I'm sure it will still be fun.

Hey. Has the piggybacking

Soon. But I want to plant
the tracker on a new target.

And that target is?

Peter has intel that Sam
isn't who he says he is.

Okay, is this good intel
or government intel?

Do you know where he is?

Yeah, he's on his way here.

We're waiting for you to show up
with the tracker,

and then we're gonna go
stake out the safe house.

Stall until I get there.

Don't let him out of your sight.


Still no sign of him on the monitors.

Nothing here, either.

See anything interesting?

I see a lot of interesting things,

but no Anderson yet.


Our team lost Anderson.

Just now.

Anderson just slipped our tail.

I came to this country
only six years ago,

and the Hudson Group
gave me my dream --

a lab to create
life-saving devices

rather than life-taking ones.

And the results?

The best protective body armor
on the market today.

I give you TGV-6.

Never before has there been body armor

designed to ensure your safety

as soundly as you ensure
the safety and freedom

of every American.

Within 24 months,
God and congress willing,

this will be standard-issue
for each and every one of you.

I still don't have eyes
on Anderson.

I'm checking
through the stairwells.

Wait. He's here.

Stairwell "D."

Is that Semtex?

Boss, you have to evacuate
everyone now.

Anderson's planting
plastic explosives.

Thanks very much.

Thanks, everyone.
Quickly as possible, everyone.

Walt, make sure they leave
the building.

What about Drugov?

No. No, no, no.
I want you out of the building.

Anderson is in here now.

My vest.

I'll take responsibility for that.

Go. Go, come on. Quickly.
Stay with him.

we're in the stairwell.

No Anderson, no explosives.


Anderson faked
the security footage. Why?

He must have hacked into the system

to clear out the building.

The vest is here.

The room is empty.
Where's Anderson?

Think --
what the hell is he up to?

I don't know.
Maybe we got the wrong target.

What the hell's more valuable
than the vest?

The mind that created it.

It's got to be.

This isn't a theft.
It's a kidnapping.

I'll catch up to Drugov
at the back exit.

Drugov, get in the van.
Get in the van!

Anderson, drop your weapon!

Down, Anderson, down!

Get out of the way.
All I want is Drugov.

I can't let you take him, Anderson!

It doesn't have to be like this.

Drugov, just come with me
and you won't get hurt.

You're not leaving here a free man.

Diana, Anderson has me pinned,
and I'm running out of ammo.

Seventh-level parking garage.
I need backup.


I'm out.
Throw me a clip.

Keeping an eye on the clock, Anderson?

Probably thought you'd be
out of here by now.

I know I would've.

I'm not leaving without him.

What are you doing?

Getting you to safety.

Well, right now,
I got 50 guns coming for you.

It is not gonna be pretty.

All available units
to level seven

of the conference hall parking garage.

Anderson, come on!

All right.

Hey, hey, they're back here!

Go! Go, go, go!

Diana, where's my backup?


FBI, guns down!
You're surrounded!

Hey, you -- gun down.


Nice shot.

Yours, not his.

You were wearing the vest.

I thought you avoided
these kind of situations.

He shot me in my favorite tie.

Maybe Drugov can make you one
to match the vest.

Did it feel like a hug?

Not a gentle hug.


More like a Russian bear hug.


Moz, listen,
there's been a complication.

I didn't get the tracker.

Oh, I can beat that.
Fake Sam's gone rogue.


He said he didn't want to involve us.

He left, I assume for the safe house.

What, you didn't stop him?

Um, he carries a gun.

And all I had was the corkscrew.

All right.
I'm going to the safe house.

Neal, he said he wants
to handle this himself.

Well, what if he can't?


I'll --
I'll meet you there.

That's Sam.

Yeah, or so he says.

Well, we're never gonna find out
unless we do something.

I'm going.


The man who did this is on
the other side of that wall.

He's armed.

I'll go around outside

and see if I can get a look at him.

Diana, I need local backup
in Greenpoint.

Suspect heading on a rooftop,
southbound, by the east river.

Sit down here.

Aah. Ah.

Why did you come alone?

I got tired of waiting for answers.

I thought if I threatened
whoever showed,

he'd tell me everything.

And I didn't want you getting
hurt if things went bad.

He got the jump on you.

Oh, man.

If you hadn't have showed,
that would've been it.

Who is he?

Oh, I don't know.

He thought I had Ellen's evidence.

I couldn't convince him otherwise.

He's gone.

You and Mozzie head back to my place.

I'm gonna check on Peter.

Hey. Hey.

This guy doesn't know about you, Neal.

Keep it that way.

All right.

Come on.


Did you get
a good look at him?

I didn't see his face,
but I saw his tattoo.

You put Sam's name on one of
my surveillance authorizations.

Hey, it worked.
We almost caught Ellen's killer.

Where is Sam or whoever he is?

Mozzie brought him back to my place.

He's gonna keep him there
until we know.

Sam's blood.

Run his DNA.

Then we'll know for sure.

Peter, I've got some info.

So, this is Caffrey's sketch
of that guy's tattoo.

And this is the match that it got us.

Dennis Flynn.

Yeah. It's a variation
on his ancestral crest.

The Flynns were
an organized-crime family

back in the Baltimore/D.C. area.

- Thanks, Jones.
- Thank you.

Well, if you need me,

I'll be meeting
with the exterminators.

So what's an Irish mobster
doing so far from home?

In Ellen's video, she said

my father turned state's
evidence after the murder.

But she didn't know
who he testified against.

Sam told me it was the Flynns.

My father's testimony put
most of them away for good.

Dennis Flynn Sr.
Died in prison.

This is his son.

Maybe he's here for revenge.

- If he is, he's got to be the one
who killed Ellen. - Maybe.

But how does a punk like him
have access to the FBI database?

Or the marshals' info on her?

Well, he had help.

Ellen and Sam collected evidence

showing that the corrupt cops
were on the Flynns' payroll.

If it is one of the higher-ups
in the bureau,

they convince this Flynn kid
to do it as revenge

in the name of the father.

Maybe they offered to help him

restart the family business
in exchange.

Ah, not now.

What is it?

Agent Furlong rescheduled
our panel for this afternoon.

I'll cancel.


Let's do it.


I could use the distraction,

and it'll take organized crime
all afternoon

to pull the intel anyway.

You sure?
I am.

This panel's a big deal for us, right?


So, what do you want to talk
about up there?

Mortenson loan scandal?

Loan scandal.

Peter, we found a Nazi submarine

dredged up
by an infamous Ponzi schemer.

That's a story.

Want to talk about what happened

to the contents of that sub?

Point taken.

Hello, gentlemen.

Everyone's excited
for your discussion.


Maybe the Yankee stadium job.

Mozzie was involved.


Ooh, I got it.

Ooh, the airless
comic-book vault.


So we're heading down
the hallway,

and we need to separate ourselves.

So then Neal trips the security system

to bring down the glass wall.

- Yeah, that protected Peter
from Avery's shotgun blast. - Yeah.

But the fire-suppression

sucked all the oxygen out of the room.

Neal refused to take any of the air

from the mini-breather
I was using.

It only gave us five minutes'
worth of oxygen

to find the kill switch, which I did.

And then you passed out.

He needed oxygen,
so I opened the glass wall,

ready to shoot it out with Avery.

Yeah, and then our team came in
from behind, and he gave up.

At least that's what Peter told me.

I was unconscious at the time,
so don't hold me to that.

Well, I assume that
there's an immense trust

between the two of you.


But even when there isn't trust,
there's always faith.


That whatever the other's doing,
it's for a good reason.

As long as Peter has faith in me,

I'll have faith in him.

Any idea who Sam really is?

Not yet.

Put a rush on his DNA test --
be back soon.

Are you going back to the office?

Yeah, too restless here.

I want to be there
when the results come in.

Which side do you think he's on?

I don't know.
His own?

I can't get a read on him.

That's not like you.

Yeah, that's what worries me.

Well, if you had to guess.

This damn evidence box has been
the focus of everything.

Ellen said that she found
a lot of dirt

on a lot of bad cops.

My gut keeps telling me
that he isn't here

to help Neal find the box.

I think he's here
because he's in the box.

One of the bad guys.

If there are things in there
that link him to crimes,

to murders...

If I were him, I'd want it.

Enough reason to pull a long con.

Yeah. It is.

I'll know soon.


See ya, honey.

Results of the blood sample?


It belongs to a D.C. cop,
all right.

It just isn't Samuel Phelps.

Hey. You holding up?

Trying to.
Any leads?

We'll know who we're dealing
with soon enough.

Excuse me.

Got the results back on Sam.

Peter, he's here.


There's something...

Something you have to know, Neal.

You okay?

Why didn't you tell me?

Tell you what?

That you're my father.