When a Man Loves (2013–…): Season 1, Episode 8 - Episode #1.8 - full transcript

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[Episode 8]

[Director Jae-hee Lee]

This one is reasonably priced
and delicious.

I have something to say.
Call me when you see this.

"I remember the winter
I spent in Mu-ju."

"It was unbelievably cold."

Keep reading.

Close your eyes.

You stopped talking mid-sentence.

It's nothing, never mind.

I went to meet my boyfriend.

Sir, who's wearing the matching ring?

It's a secret.

The past three days spent with you
were the best days of my life.

I laughed a lot, it was thrilling.

I felt totally carefree,
like I didn't have a sad past.

Thank you for retrieving my rice.

Sorry for the dart to the forehead.

Congrats on graduating
from a great school.

I'm returning to reality now.

Farewell to my carefree days.

I was all ready to pack you
a late-night snack.


Not really.

Have some fruit.


Eat well and work hard.

Tae-sang says he really feels
that he can rely on you.

How did you two become so close?

Well, it was fate.

I'm serious.



Truth be told, I didn't work in security.

I was a fist-swinging loan shark.

With no education
and only my bare fists,

there wasn't much else I could do.

That's when I met Tae-sang,
who didn't belong in that business.

He was quiet and smart.

He was upstanding
yet uncompromising.

So how'd you get close?

We both needed a friend.
He has no family, you know.

I heard.

Once he decides you're family,
he protects you with his life.

Those are the scariest kind.

He'd drop you in a heartbeat
if he lost faith in you.

He's not like that, kid.
Know what I thought?

Mom and Dad must've sent him to us
to make up for their absence.

I'm sleepy. I'm gonna turn in.

Finish the fruit first.

Go on, eat.

Bye, good night.

Careful, don't trip.

Good night!


I have something to say.
Call me when you see this.

You're in early.

I am.

Have some coffee.

Are you buying this
out of your own pocket?

We have an office pot
for coffee once a week.

Did you use that free coffee coupon
I gave you?


You don't remember? Forget it.


Take this home,
it's everything in the deli downstairs.

And drop the bravado act.

Lift your head up high.

Did you cry?

Have some coffee.

I wasn't asking you on a date.

Wait until you're less splotchy.
Shouldn't worry your parents.

Oh, I remember.

I kept that coupon, I didn't use it.

Why didn't I ask you out then?

Thanks for the coffee.

I didn't see the missed call
and the message until late.

It wasn't important.


Good morning, you're here early.

Good morning.

The coffee smells great.

Yours has an extra shot of syrup.


Thank you.

I found a great place
for our department dinner tonight.

You won't be disappointed.

We should focus on the meeting
before anything else.

You can dance along during a concert
or hold a dance competition.

The survey shows high interest
in this recreational area.

Particularly the dome-shaped ceiling
and the overhead water-spraying feature.

Take a look at this video.

Holding a flash mob here
could be great publicity.

It will be the only place in Korea
where you can dance in the rain.

This is my favorite area, too.
Can't wait to dance while wet.

But you're terrible at dancing.

Don't ruin the mood.

Sir, that really hurts.

I'm practicing.
From tectonic to the shuffle.

Want to see?

Go ahead.

Alright, this is what we'll do.

We'll give Mr. Yun's picture
to security and ban his entry.

Director Lee, something on your mind?

No, nothing.

You look discontent about something.

Must've been Mr. Yun's dancing.

Fine, fine, I won't dance.

Let's try to come up with more ideas
for the theme park event.

I went to one yesterday,
and there was a lot going on.

You went to a theme park?

Uh, for research.

You should've sent us instead.

Did you go alone?

That's a secret.

He totally went alone.
Rode the Viking alone, eh?

No one took your picture
for looking out of place?

Let's end the meeting here.
Good job, everyone.

The stock market is driving me nuts.

I told you to get out of it.

I found a good place for our dinner.
You better come.


Are you crazy?


Did something upset you today?

No, why?

You seem different
from your usual self.

In what way?

You seem more subdued than usual.

Does it make me seem cooler?

You wish.

Nothing happened.
Must be because I didn't sleep well.

We have to do a final inspection
of the site this week.

Okay, prepare some ponchos.

Where are you going?

Gonna go get some fresh air.

You wanted to do event planning
for exhibits and concerts.

I wanted to go abroad
and study art management.

That's why I was so envious of you.


I received a package from the States.

Oh, that? It finally came?

I asked a friend for a favor.

Back when I was just Jae-hee
and not your boss.

Took long enough.

Thank you, but you shouldn't have.


I would be grateful if someone
helped me achieve my dream.

Because it's nothing but a dream.

You want to pursue it,
yet you're scared, right?

You're right.
I have too much on the line.

Like your boyfriend's permission.

If I was your boyfriend,
I'd encourage you to study hard.

Try to persuade him.

Or just give those books
to someone else.

Director Lee.


What's with you today?

What do you mean?

Because I didn't ask you to lunch?
Want to have lunch?


Jae-hee Lee.

Nice, super cool.

Hi, Chang-hee.

What are you doing?
Can I stop by your house right now?

Not now. Come after eight.

Okay, bye.

The building owner is willing to sell
if the price is right.

And the tenant contracts
for both floors?

They're both ending soon.

So I can raise the rent
and force them out?

You should let them stay.

Unless you have other plans
in mind for the space.

I'll contact you. Thanks.

No, sir, thank YOU.
Have a nice day.


Come in.

Let's dance.

- Nah.
- Come on.

I have to go to work.
Don't forget my favor.

Okay, see you later.


Sir, lunch?

Lunch? How about bean sprout soup?


Two bean sprout soups
with extra eggs, please.


Jae-hee's team is getting together.
Why don't you join them?

Can't, I have a prior
engagement tonight.

You have a date?
Would you like some dating tips?

No, thanks.

Sir, do you know
why I look older than my age?

Because I stole the hearts
of so many women.

They sucked me dry.

Want some tips?


Know any good places for dates?

First you have to decide on a goal.

Do you want to cross any lines
this weekend?

How about an overnight trip?

Is that possible?

No, you're a total newbie.
You need to start with baby steps.

Lunch is on you, right?

Of course.

You've got strong hands.
You'll be good with them.

Thank you.

Why do you prefer your nickname
to your given name Young-seok?

My mother called me Ddol-yi
before she passed away.

When people call me that,
makes me feel like she's still alive.

Do you live with your father?

No, my aunt.

I see.


Mi-jun's not here yet?
I came to take pictures.

Shh, they'll be here soon. Sit down.


- Hello.
- Mi-jun!

I brought Black Machine,
like you asked.

- Hello.
- Hello.

These guys are a famous singing group.
How about we post up their autographs?

Ddol-yi, I want to run
a quiet neighborhood restaurant.

This place will become
a Black Machine shrine.

Ask them not to take pictures.
I don't want my restaurant known.

Why not?
You'll have more customers.

Can't you see she's uncomfortable?
Send them away.

Who are you?

Excuse me, sorry.
We've run out of ingredients.

How about having lunch
somewhere else today?

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Try the Chinese restaurant next door.
They're pretty good.

I'm really sorry.

- Let's go.
- Good-bye.

Bye, bye.

Good day.

What's her problem?

Dunno, she's just a customer.

- We're playing all these games.
- Yup.

Mr. Yun, as our special guest,
you have to be the life of the party.

Don't worry, that's my middle name.

Here, let me carry that.

No, no, it's heavy.

I'm the youngest, it's my job.

It's really okay.



Are you off work?

I was in the area and parked
in this building's lot.

What an obvious lie.

She's forgiven because she's pretty.

I have a company dinner.

Can I tag along?

Sorry, but not today.
I'll call you sometime.

It IS heavy. It'll stunt your growth.

Where's your lady friend?

Why would she come
to our team's dinner?

Who is she?

No idea.

Everyone, cheers!

For our new director
and Golden Tree's prosperous future!

- Cheers!
- Cheers!

The female employees voted you
as the most eligible bachelor.

What about our CEO?

He has a scary image now
because of the office skirmish.

If genes mean anything, Director Lee
probably packs quite a punch.

Who was that woman earlier?

Just someone I had lunch with once.

She was pretty.

Are we going the whole nine yards,
from karaoke to soju shots?

Our CEO doesn't approve
of those kinds of get-togethers.

We always stay in one place.

But we make that one place matter.

For sure.

Heads! Tails!


Heads! Tails!


Heads! Tails!

There we go, five and five.

Palms are one team.

- Yeah!
- Let's do it!


Next up is our dear Director Lee.

Director Lee, you can do it!

Miss, miss!

Totally awesome!

Next up is me!

- You can do it!
- Go for it!

In the center. Aim for the bullseye.

Win over the girls!

Back of the hand team, next up.

It's two to two.

Will Mi-do pull through?

Was that on purpose? To be funny?

She totally did that on purpose.
To be funny and lighten the mood.


Next up is Pink Panther.

- You can do it!
- Go for it!


- Yes!
- We won, we won!

How did she do that?


Different from
store bought kimchi, right?

It's so good. Teach me the recipe.

Why, you're gonna make kimchi?

I want to invite someone over
for dinner.

Come on, just order in.

I want to cook a homemade meal
for this person.


Her who?

You tell me, Bro.


Yum, wow.

Huh? Wow.

You bought a piano. Is she a pianist?

You're dying of curiosity, huh?


This is her, huh?

Yeah, and that's that.

About the bookstore owner's daughter.
Is she really working to repay you?

Did Dong-gu tell you?


What do you think?

I think...

...that she happens to be
your special person.


It's a bit unexpected.
I would've guessed Seong-ju.

She's so much younger.

You don't approve?

Doesn't matter,
I'll support anyone you choose.


I want you to marry
and have your own family.

You'd make a great husband,
an awesome father.

I'll tell Jae-hee myself later.
I don't want him uncomfortable at work.

I think Jae-hee has a girl.

I know he has someone.
Did he tell you himself?

He had a woman's gift under his desk,
a pretty pair of heels.

Maybe he has a strange shoe fetish.

It was a woman's size seven.

I was kidding.

Gonna ask annoying questions
like a pesky mom?

I have better manners than that.

Come on, write down the recipe.

Drop me some stock tips.
Let's make money together.

Don't ruin me like last time.

Gonna help me make up
for my losses or what?

Slowly, Mi-do. Take it slow.

You're good, take it slow.

Good, good, good.

Perfect. Okay.

Next up. If it falls, it's the lie detector.

Fall, fall, tumble down.

Next, Director Lee.

- Oh, oh!
- It's shaky, shaky.

- Wow!
- Yay!

- It fell, it fell.
- Lie detector.

Get ready for the lie detector.


I'm going to date
that woman from earlier.


That's too bad.

There's someone in the office
I want to date.


- You totally do!
- What bad taste.

I think I'm handsome.


Humble to the bone.

Mi-do, your turn.

Something upset me today.

Jeez, that's a boring question.

I like Mi-do Seo.


It keeps flashing the lie button.
Let's try it again.

- I like Mi-do Seo.
- Yes.

It can't make up his mind.
Throw it out!

Let's try it on Mi-do.

- No, thanks.
- Do it!

Come on!

I like Director Jae-hee Lee.


- Lie.
- You like him.

You're the honorary couple
of the night.

Director, you have to drop
Mi-do off at home later.

What's with all the stuff?

It's the package from earlier.

You don't need it anymore.

Are you okay?
You took a lot of shots.

I'm drunk.

Hi, I'm headed home.

You should've called me.
Are you taking the subway?

I'm in a cab.
I'll call you when I get home.

You should take that cab home.

I want to walk a little.

I can take care of myself.

Thank you for dropping me off.

And thank you for this.

How's my forehead?

Looks perfectly fine.

My forehead...

...keeps throbbing.

Got any pain relief patches?

The herbal patches sold
in front of our office.

My brother needs some
after his dance practices.

What are you doing? Take that off.

It's stronger than it looks.

This saying has been
up here for a while.

My father wrote it.

Did you come recently?

I should go.


Ahem. Sleeping?


Can you give this a read?

Wow, Dad!

I haven't written in twenty years.
I absolutely hate it.

But I wanted your honest opinion.

I'll read it.

People have to do what they love.

Sometimes it's necessary to be selfish.

Please, that's what rich people say.
Go take out the trash.


Good night, sweetie.
I'm gonna write again.

Sorry, I was about to call you.

How was the dinner?

Yeah, we played fun games.

You were in the cab
with someone else?

Director Lee had to drop me off
as punishment for losing a game.

I'm glad someone escorted you.


You there?

I miss you.

I'm coming over to see you
for ten minutes.

Right now?

There won't be any traffic right now.

My dad's in the bookstore.

He'll disapprove of you
coming this late.

So what?

You like listening to him nag?

I'm heading over now.
I'm on my way.

Sorry. Is it your bedtime?

It's fine. Want something to drink?


What's so funny?

Know what I thought as I drove over?

No, what?

I must be crazy.

Wait, so I'm with
a crazy person right now?

I've turned into a fool.

You're not a fool.
You stopped maturing at seventeen.

Actually, it's more like
ten than seventeen.

Like you stopped growing emotionally.

I could be your older sister.

Keep up those jokes,
and you'll be in trouble.



Go to bed.

Don't you have an important meeting
in the morning?

I'm full of energy
even if I don't eat or sleep.

Maybe you ARE crazy.


I'm glad to have you, Mi-do.

I'm sorry, but our bank is against
investing in your multiplex resort.

I'm sure you have an idea why.

We provided a sufficient explanation
of the situation.

Being swept up in the situation itself
is enough to damage your reputation.

Even if you're innocent.

Don't expect any help
from any savings banks.

Mr. Gu met with the representatives
and warned them against investing.

I understand.
Thank you for making time for us.

Things didn't work out?

Let's go somewhere nice
and have some coffee.


The coffee tastes great.

Yeah, nice and sweet.

I can't drink anything besides
Kenya Ay-Ay Premium Coffee.

You mean Double A, not Ay-Ay.

Same difference.
Gosh, you're awfully laidback.

Why wouldn't I be?
Is there a problem?

No problem.

It's inconsequential.

So good.

How are things
with your girl, Jae-hee?

She's pretty.

Why haven't I seen her yet?

That woman wasn't my girlfriend.

Jae-hee, have you ever
proposed to a girl?

No, never.


Me neither.

I have. She spit beer in my face.

When you proposed?

I was super cool, saying, "Only I would
take someone so short and ugly."

You deserved the spitting.

You're going to propose?

I want to, but I don't have the guts.

Are you really dating someone?
It's not some elaborate scam?

Nice weather.

Let's go meet Mr. Gu.


Hey, Mr. Han.
Aren't you busy cleaning up your messes?

You've brought someone new.

Not going to invite us to sit down?

Where are my manners?

Please, sit.

Sit back, relax.

What brings you here?

It's not like you to space out.
Got a lot on your mind?

"Tae-sang, Yong-gab makes up
for his lack of smarts with sincerity."

"He's petty and he holds grudges."

"Be careful how you handle him."

"Watch out for the guys
who are all brawns and no brain."

That's useful advice.

"He writes his bribes down in a ledger.
So I stole one of them."

"He doesn't know."

I did lose a few ledgers
seven years ago.

If that's your blackmail material,
the statute of limitations ended.

All the men you bribed
have made names for themselves.

What's the statute of limitations
on accepting bribes?

I'm not sure, but there's an exception
for anything over $30,000.

The statute increases
to over ten years.

For $100 grand or higher
it's fifteen years.

You look like the type to backstab
the men you once bribed.


And then there's the $3 million.

Dong-gu, your turn.

Huh? Right.

So Big Boss left behind
a memo in his office.

"$3 million for Yong-gab Gu.
Check the IOU first."

Oh, that $3 million?
He was paying me back.

I lent him cash.

Three million dollars.

You must've paid a lot of tax on that.

If you didn't, it's tax evasion.
I could give the IRS a call.

What's your point, Mr. Han?


We made a copy of your hard drive
and found this.

We kept it a secret for seven years.

Weren't you in the hospital
with a gaping stab wound?

Gaping wound or not...

It didn't affect my smarts.

Scroogey Yong-gab Gu
won't want to cough up $3 million.

People will write about you snatching
your dead friend's money.

Are you ready to be famous?

Get to the point.

Stop using lowdown attacks.

My, I've really made you mad.

These kinds of things can happen
when you do business.

No reason to barge in
with your employees.

Shut up.

Before I snap your neck.

Let's go.

We're moving stuff in next week,
but I don't see a single promo leaflet.

We need to focus more on publicity.

I'll get right on it.

And contact a tour agency
about attracting group tours.

I didn't realize you were into
the cosmetics business.

It's never too late to start.

Do you get along with Director Lee?

What do you mean?

What do you think?
Your employer-employee relationship.

I'm in no position to say.
I'm just another employee.

He pays particular attention to you.

Why are you telling me this?

He seems like a good boss.
You should work hard.

Why the sensitive reaction?

How strange.

Who was that man?

Someone to watch out for.

He has no pride or shame.
He's dangerous.

I think he'll try to hit you back.

Don't mind him.

You're running a large business now.
He worries me.

I'll look into trustworthy investors
in Hong Kong.


Just swung by to drop that off.

Natural honey.
You sounded like you had a cough.

Good day.



What's wrong? You cried?

I had a huge fight with Madam Choi.

Where does Mi-jun work?
Near your house?

Why do you ask?

I'm going to go to an audition.

My dream is to be a singer.
I'm going to become a trainee.

Snap out of it.

Mi-jun can teach me to dance.
I'll get vocal lessons.

I'm going to try.

You mean it?

Very much.

Mi-do, we're still in our twenties.


It's warming up my entire stomach.

Ddol-yi packaged some for me.
Tastes even better here.

Would you like more soup?

Oh, yes, please. Thank you.

Your son?


He brought me here
to soothe my hangover.

What a great son. Enjoy.

I'll come by often.

Please do.

She's not strange. She's sweet.

Man, I'm starved. I want double.


What have you been up to?

What did I do? What did you hear?

The police stopped by.
Did they come about you?

The police? Why?

Wait... jeez.

What, what?

Why else would the police come by?

Are you still gambling?

Come on, Hong-ja!

I wish I were good enough
to have the police chasing me.

I didn't do anything.

Then why'd they come?

Maybe you're the one in trouble.

Still got something going on
with that other man?


Maybe he used your name
to scam someone.

He's not like that. He wouldn't.

Still taking his side?

Of course you're still hung up on him.
You gave up everything for him.

I should've just died.
Don't ever come back here!

The police visit
has nothing to do with me.

Hong-ja! I'm hungry!

Keep treating me this way,
and I'll tell Tae-sang everything.

About how his mother
is living a pathetic life.

Are you okay?

Yes, it's no big deal.

I'm sorry.

What's her story?

Strange, right?

I'll come often to keep her company.

This is the right person.

I see he was adopted.

Where is he now?

You found out where he's living,
didn't you?

There was a phone call
three or four years ago.

His adopted brother said
that Tae-min Han is dead.

He wanted Tae-min's family in Korea
to know that he died.

He died? How?

We don't know.

What's the contact number?

We don't know.
His brother didn't tell us.

I think he led an unhappy life.

Tae-sang missed his brother
more than his mother.

Oh no. What now?

Want a late night snack?

The others went to buy some.

They did? I'm late.

Looks like you guys work late
for the snacks.

How did you know?
You should join us.

Let's eat in the conference room.

Shall we?

Pigging out this late at night?

We can finish all this.

Director Lee, you're pretty thoughtful.

He has great manners.

A lot of female employees
come to work because of him.

Does your girlfriend know
how popular you are?

I hope she knows.

I heard you bought heels for her.

Pink, size seven, right?

I noticed she wears a worn out pair.

This is a secret from the girls
We need to keep our popularity.

I should take a few tips from you.

You're not a thoughtful boyfriend?

I try my best.

When are you marrying
Ms. Seong-ju Baek?

- You're dating her?
- What?

No, not her. She's just a friend.

She brought you honey for your cough.

They're business partners.

It's only natural to take care
of your people.

Would you give me honey
if I started coughing?

Of course.

Enough. I'll give you honey.

When viewing flowers,
wear something unusual.

A suave suit that you'd wear
to an engagement party.

Darn it.

Don't you dare wear sunglasses.

You should appeal to her
with your clear, kind eyes.

You need to move in for the kiss.
Or have you already?


For you.

What's this?

Open it.

You didn't have to.

Girls like gifts and surprises, right?

Try them on. Go on.

Want me to help?

No, it's okay.

I'm a size seven. This is an eight.

I'd like you even without the gifts.

I should've asked you.

It's the thought that counts.


Ten bucks.

- Have a good day.
- You, too, sir.




What the--?

So pretty.

- Is it pretty?
- Yeah.


How many more springs
will we experience?

We're living longer now,
so many two hundred?

Two hundred springs.

Will we spend them together,
hand in hand?

Spend day and night together,
all year long?


I'd make a great husband, no?

Subtitles provided by MBC

My friend is interested in you.

- She's not my type.
- Who is?

A girl who looks good in pink heels.

You saw the shoes?

Are you free tomorrow?
I'll cook for you.

- At your house?
- I'm a great cook.

I also drive well in reverse.

What's the name of the man who had
an affair with Tae-sang's mom?

Find out his name,
and I'll tell you something interesting.

Did you wear pretty underwear?
Aren't you going to his house?

He's way more innocent than I am.